Sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while. My boyfriend came home from Uni so i’ve been enjoying his company. :) But also work has been utter poop and stressful and i’m probably going to quit.

I received my LUCKY CHARMS from Sierra. And a surprise box of reeses cups cereal too. Which look tasty! I am already trying not to munch them too quickly as i really want them to last. Thank you so much Sierra, I was like a child on Xmas day when i received the package. haha

Okay so…Like most of you, I have very mixed opinions on CHI. There are some things in the range that are a necessity…and others that could do without. So to save you all the hassle of buying it all i’ll give you my opinion on what’s worth buying and what isn’t.

Chi Collection… (Me and Mum went a bit crazy when everything was under half price in Sallys)

  • Silk Infusion – This was what drew me to CHI, I’d heard so many amazing things about this product i had to have it. And I’m glad i bought it. I put a small amount in my hair when it’s wet then blowdry and use a smaller amount to smooth down frizzers afterwards. When i say small…i mean SMALL. So many times i’ve put a little too much in, and it instantly makes your hair greasy. Be cautious with the amount. Obviously if you have thicker hair you’d use more but i would experiment with that before you are planning on a night out. :)
  • Infra Shampoo – To be honest, i wasn’t too impressed with this shampoo…It doesn’t lather much. And i’m a complete weirdo when it comes to that as i think that if it lathers more it means my hair is cleaner and i know i’ve got every hair covered. It also made my hair EXTREMELY knotty. I get a headache brushing the knots out seriously. It did make my hair shiny-er i guess…but that could have been the silk infusion.
  • Keratin Mist – Hhm…to be honest..i rarely use a leave in conditioner unless i’m letting my hair air dry…which takes years and makes me cold and shivery so i don’t do that too often. I can’t see the point of this product…I think it just does the same job as silk infusion but not as well…I’d advise you get silk infusion over this.
  • Infra Treatment – Again…makes my hair knotty but it is a great treatment. DO NOT get this ANYWHERE near your roots or apply too much silk infusion after this as it just goes greasy and kindof stiff…i think its overload of silk build up? haha Good think about this is it doesn’t need to be left in too long for it to do it’s job. I would recommend you use this with your normal shampoo over the Infra shampoo though. As i do think “Too much” silk can make the hair heavy, greasy and kindof lifeless.

  • Nourish Intense treatment – I think i prefer this to the Infra Treatment. It has a nicer consistency and a nicer smell. Doesn’t leave my hair as messy and again doesn’t need to be left in long. Would recommend this for dull, thick, dry or damaged hair, followed with silk infusion.
  • Nourish Intense – The one thing that bugs me about this is that it doesn’t really say what it is? A shampoo? A conditioner? hmm…Just “Nourish Intense” then? I used this with the Infra shampoo…so like a conditioner i spose…and it worked well. But i also used this as a shampoo with the nourish intense treatment after…and again worked well. This lathers alot more than the infra shampoo and i really like this…hence why i’ve used alot. :)
  • Curl Preserve System – Alot of you commented on my last post that you liked my hair..and how i did it…all down to the magic of this beast! Well…don’t expect a miracle as my hair is naturally wavy but not as “preserved” as this usually. I have tried absolutely everything to get my hair looking like it does in that picture and i am truely amazed at the outcome this spray gave. I LOVE IT! Just so you all know…Usually, if i wash my hair and don’t brush it…go on a beach and get it wet…and leave looks like this…

It’s kindof…wavy/curly/messy…. But in order to get hair like i had in the previous post, i scrunch it, and sometimes tie small messy buns to the side of my head and blow dry on a low heat for a long time…usually with a diffuser. This works pretty well. If you try it please show me your results. Oorrr if im lazy and the house is nicely warmed, i just scrunch it, spray on the curl preserve and leave it to dry. :)

Forgot to mention (Saskia the Salsa Fairy’s comment reminded me) DO NOT USE CHI OVER AND OVER like you would a normal shampoo and conditioner. The silk will build up in your hair making it dry and lifeless. I use this when my hair needs a boost or before i go out. It never has quite the same effect if you try using it on a regular basis…which is so crap because it’s expensive! Orr, try combining it with your regular shampoo or conditioner. :D

Hope this has helped a few of you. I know i was a bit overwhelmed by what to try from the CHI range, and if you don’t have the money to spend on all of it then at least you know the select few that are worth the purchase.

It’s my birthday on Saturday (19 years old :O) and my boyfriend has bought me a huge goody bag from LUSH so i can share that with you when he lets me have it. :D

I am currently running a bath with MA bar bubble bar and i think it’s my favourite…*sniffs manically* yum.

  1. Thanks for the review – and happy early birthday love!

  2. denise

    nice review….everytime i see a silk infusion i always think twice if i should buy it or not. that’s why i never really bought one but after your review i think im going to give it a go…thanks gurly!

  3. Sofee

    thanx for the tips…ur hair looks pretty the way it is…

  4. Meya

    thanks for the review! your hair looks really pretty =]]

  5. Chi is ahhhmazing. I am dying to try Chi Silk Infusion.

  6. i just thought i’d tell you i really love your blog! :) xx

  7. Happy Birthday for You. Great picture about you as always…love: Evi

  8. i live near Street, if you know it! xxx

  9. Love the silk infusion ;) cute pix girlie !

  10. FANZCY

    you ARE just TOOOO about CHI crazy darling…I LOVE IT

  11. Hey there! I just came across your blog and I adore it ! I am now a “follower” :)

  12. chau

    ooh me too! ^^ just came acorss your blog also! hehe! dang i can’t even decide to get ONE chi hair thingy’s and you got a bunch! :)

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    Great blog! Loving your reviews…

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    Look forward to hearing from you.

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  14. Emma

    I received a few chi products in a set for my birthday and I haven't touched them – i'd never heard of the brand before and instantly thought they'd be shit, I'll try them asap!!

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  16. Can't believe how short your hair was, wow! xxx

  17. Alice Wensington

    Are they affordable?