I was tagged by “AbbieandBrian” (Make-up reviews) :)

Hhmm, I had NO idea how hard it would be to find 6 things i couldn’t live with out, I found out that really, i could live without alot of the things i’ve bought, which makes me feel bad that i’ve spent so much but good that i’m not as materialistic as i thought. :) I probabaly COULD live without all these things BUT these are the products i always repurchase and love.

  1. Satin Taupe Eyeshadow by Mac – I adore this eyeshadow. It’s definately my most used shadow, and goes with every look.
  2. Palmers cocoa butter moisturiser with gradual tanner – Love it. Love it. Love it. Smells of chocolate and leaves the skin a perfect colour.
  3. GOSH touch up concealer in no.2 – If you’ve read any of my previous posts you may have noticed me mentioning this? It’s the best thing since sliced bread. Need i say more?
  4. Lancome Hynose Mascara – UH-MAZ-ING! I’ve had compliments on my eyelashes SO many times when i’ve worn this mascara.
  5. Bare Escentuals mineral foundation – I know that bare escentuals is like marmite, some love it, some hate it. I really like this because i have dry skin, and sometimes i find that a liquid foundation just sits on top and makes this worse, whereas a mineral foundation sinks in and blends aswell as give a natural colour. I have tried SOOO many different liquid foundations, but i always find myself coming back to this.
  6. Carmex – I really don’t need to explain this one. Holy grail lip balm.

I tag everyone who hasn’t done this yet, please have a go, id love to know if anyone found it as hard as me to find 6 things you always go back to?

  1. i know exactly what you mean about it being hard to pick six things!
    and i think im gonna have to try carmex
    i’ve always used vaseline

  2. haha yeh! i was going through my makeup like “oh my…i could live without that…and that…and that..hm..” Yeh do try carmex, i put it on my lips before bed, and its still there in my morning. x

  3. Jackie

    I wish I lived in the UK so bad so that I can try Gosh (especially that concealer), Barry M, and Sleek products… I have a running wishlist of things I MUST check out if I ever visit there haha!

  4. Emz

    haha lip balm <3 I have this clear one from H20 it is AMAZING. and minty =)

  5. Ondine

    Love reading these. I’m with you on satin taupe and I’m just finishing up my favourite ever mascara – Lancome l’extreme – perhaps I should check out Hypnose next time though

  6. thanks for following! I think I’m going to go and try out that gosh concealer since you’ve been raving about it so much! I’ve just bought a bobbi brown one, but I really think I need to find a cheaper one!

  7. I have to check that gradual tanner out! I’m looking for a good one;))) Carmex is a must-have I think;D

  8. thank you for following!
    yeah its so hard just to pick 6… but i managed too narrow it down :)

  9. i am going to do this ;-) tags are fun!

  10. i love the mascara – i used it for a good 4 years, never fails.

  11. Hy hunn i know its nothing 2 do with the post but i was jsut wondering how yu came to be in the Harry potter movie. I’ve realised i want 2 be an actress but im not sure how yu get cast in movies etc ?? thanx 4 ur help :)

    love the blog ur doing way better than me lol


  12. I tried choosing just six thing & boy was it hard. Never thought it would take me so long. :D

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