So, If you have an ALDI shop near you, you’re in luck. ALDI is a gert cheap supermarket with imported food produce (thus making is so cheap, but cheerful none the less). I was helping out with the weekly shop (as you do) when i came across their makeup section…i used to whizz past this…but on this ever so boring day I decided to have a little look. I was seriously amazed by the quality and price of the makeup they had. I bought a lipstick for £2, an underye concealer pen £2 (comparable to Yves St Laurant “Touche Eclat”…no joke) and lipgloss, an eyeshadow duo (which is so pigmented i swiped it and couldnt get rid of the colour on the back of my hand…like NARS) Then i spotted the blusher…This particular one is called “Sunset”. I noticed it looked alot like NARS blush, so as it was only around £2 i thought “Oh eck..whyever not”.

This blush is amazing…When i have it on my cheeks, i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and NARS Orgasm, and this is the tinyest fraction of the price. They don’t look identical in the pans…but on the seriously wouldn’t be able to tell any difference. It comes in a cute compact with a mirror and a brush (Although i wouldn’t advise you to use the brush for application)

PLEASE go and buy it, you’d be stupid not to. :)

Sorry, swatches are a tad rubbish..but you get the general idea..both give off the same effect.

  1. Ondine

    High time I went to look up where my nearest Aldi is I think.

  2. Olivia

    Wow i have never looked at there makeup. Could you do a blog on all the aldi branded makeup you have?

  3. I never would have thought to look in Aldi for makeup! Think i'll be having a look next time I pop in! xoxo

  4. Wow, thank you for sharing this! What a fab find!
    Thanks Zoe!

  5. Conny

    6 comments, it's unbelievable how your blog has developed! (stalking your old posts a little bit hehe)


  6. lorelai

    zoe i love and admire you so much! i hope that my blog and future youtube channel will be as successful as yours :) one can only dreeeaaammm. xx

  7. Even though this is a quite old post… I need to go to the next Aldi, tomorrow… :D Thank you, Zoe!

  8. Hi Zoe,
    First of all, I'd just like to say thank you for your videos. Knowing that someone that I look up to has panic attacks and anxiety and shiz, really helps me, especially because I suffer really badly with them. so thanks…
    I have in the past few years gone to lush on the odd occasion, and I recently used dragons egg. (you know, the one with all the petals inside it) and it made my skin really sore and dry. I am generally quite good with their products, but I was wondering if their were any particular products that you wouldn't use on your skin. I have strawberry-blonde hair and my skin is VERY sensitive as it comes with the hair colour.