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Haute Lips Full Colour Lip Trio
Daring By Day Eye & Cheek Colour Palette
Kiss Of Colour Lip Glace Collection

Laura Mercier’s Christmas offering is a really impressive one this year! I picked up 3 of their sets, but they’ve actually released a huge range this year covering bath, body and beauty, so you’re bound to find the perfect present!

The Kiss Of Colour Lip Glace Collection is a cute coffret of 5 mini lip glosses in very wearable shades. It’s a great way to try out some new lip colours, with two bold pink and reds, a lighter pink and two gorgeous nudes, there is a shade to suit a wide range of styles. Next up is the Daring by Day palette, and probably my favourite. Featuring six gorgeous eye shadows, a blush and a highlighter, it contains all you need in a neat little palette to create the perfect festive look. All of the shades are gorgeous, there are some lovely nude, brown and bronze shades to create a subtle smokey eye, and the most stunning dark plum which could be used as an eyeliner, or to create a dramatic dark look. The blush is a lovely soft pink, and the highlighter is a really pretty creamy pearl shade to add just a little bit of sparkle! Finally, the Haute Lips Full Colour Trio has everything you need to create the perfect pink lip. With a lipstick, gloss and liner all in complementary rose pink shades, it’s the three ingredients you’ll need for a long lasting look.

I think any of these gift sets would make a lovely present for a beauty lover, so Laura Mercier is definitely one to have a look at if you’re shopping for that perfect gift!

  • Chloe

    looks lovely

  • These look beautiful!


  • Rebecca Fletcher

    This collection is so pretty! I want it all! Lol x


  • Klaudia.

    The entire collection is beautiful! I wish I could try some of these. Love you so much Zoe, have a lovely day! xo

    Klaudia // klaudiam96.blogspot.com

  • Zoel

    I may buy this to someone! Thank you Zoe, nice post!

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

  • This is so beautiful Zoe! I swear you have the best job hehe. These all look so perfect, love your photography <3
    Steph | Misc. Bliss

  • That palette is gorgeous! Love Laura Mercier.

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • Those lip colors are stunning and that palette looks amazing! Do you like taking samples like these on the go with you when you go out? (PS are you doing a what’s in my bag because that would be awesome) <333


  • Amy

    Really good looking products for a nice price too! I hope to do some nice beauty shopping in London next week, I can’t wait :) Gorgeous pictures Zoe, love you Christmas posts, vlogs AND video’s! Keep up the amazing work!

  • I love how pretty the palette case is (and the colors inside too!). I have yet to try anything by Laura Mercier, but have heard such good things!

    Meghan | http://measmeghan.blogspot.com

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    Another post that never fails to amaze me and put a smile on my face, Zoe! :”) This was such a nice read!!! I’m doing Christmas posts on my little teeny blog too at http://www.natplant.wordpress.com , and it’d mean so much if you’d check it out. I know this request is wishful thinking on my part but i thought i’d give it a try anyways. Love ya :) <3

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  • Paula Charlotte

    The lipstick looks so pretty! And the colours of the palette are so beautiful. I am really loving those products. <3


  • These products look so nice! X


  • Everything looks so pretty! I’d love to get one of the products for Christmas present, haha x

  • Daring by Day. That definitely bought me. Loving the Haute Lips Full Colour Lip Trio more than the Kiss Of Colour Lip Glace Collection, tbh. Anyways, would Love to try them out soon.

    P/s: I just saw the FLUFFIEST christmas blanket and IMMEDIATELY thought of you. :)

  • I love this post, Zoe! Those Laura Mercier lip products are absolutely gorgeous.. the palette too! Love that you’re back on the blog.

    xoxo Mollie

  • Sarah Speeckaert

    Indeed their holiday range is quite impressive this year! :) I got myself the matte-to-metal caviar stick set and I really love it! Formula of the Caviar Sticks is superb and the colours are so beautiful.

  • Looks amazing! I already have the laura mercier brightening powder the products are amazing!


  • The palette looks so pretty, perfect for this time of year!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Madalena Dantas

    I want to try this Laura Mercier stuff so badly!!!! Great stuff!!

    Have an amazing day,



  • Aimee Budge

    The color choices are wonderful. They’re all so pretty! I’m loving your ideas so far. Too many to choose from!


  • Ellis

    I agree these would be lovely to ask or give as a christmas present! Beautiful pictures by the way and I want to say I really like the snow on your blog :)


  • Fabulous colors….a great present for Xmas!

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com
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  • Love the look of that eye and cheek palette. I’m adding this to my list of things to buy in the US next week! x


  • Chantal

    I’m loving the packaging of these palettes, it makes them look very glam! x


  • Looks marvelous! Love the colors. The lippys are so pretty

  • Looks good! Never tried the Laura Mercier before!


  • Shannon Sage

    Wow! This looks amazing! I don’t usually pay too much attention to laura mercier products but I’m thinking that I should start! The colors are beautiful and those eye shadow colors! Wowza! I’ve been looking for a good lip gloss so I may have to take a peek next time I’m out shopping! Thanks for the post Zoe!


  • emily couture

    The palettes looks amazing :)

    emily xx


  • i love the lipsticks!

  • The mini lipglosses are so adorable! i love when they made beauty products in miniature x


  • absolutely love this post Zoe!! i am myself stocking up on some brands which i want to try..!!

  • The products look amazing! I would quite happily receive any of these! xx
    ps. I love your vlogmas!

  • Laura Mercier is THE brand that I’d love to try out at the moment! Their products always look amazing, and I hear so many good things about them all the time. The Lip Glace collection is dreamy, all the colours look nice!

    Julia x
    My last post: a Christmas cards DIY! | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2015/12/easy-christmas-cards-diy.html

  • Your recent product flatlays are looking absolutely gorgeous Zoe! All those lip colors look pretty and would make for lovely presents!


  • Love, Love, Love!! <3 xxx


  • Candypop

    I love your photos and this blog is so elegant. Please could you or anyone tell me what camera Zoe use in her blogs? I’m looking for a really good camera and the quality of these photos are amazing!!! Thanks :) p.s. sorry if she has already mentioned it somewhere in this blog (but I can’t find it)

  • gorgeous shades!! Amazing photos Zoe :) x


  • Oh, love the lipstick and the nail polish!

  • Aburstofbeauty

    Those lipsticks look really nice!<3

  • Kayla

    I love Laura, but not as much as I love you. Her products are just so bold, its amazing!
    [my blog] kaylaloureiroblogs.weebly.com you should join my girly squad 920! It would mean the world :)
    also, comment your blog adresses, I love checking out other people if they complete my survey!

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      Thanks, Frankie xx

  • Pareen

    Beautiful shades and photography!

  • These would be amazing christmas gifts! Loving the 24 days of Zoella x


  • Claire Allan

    I would love to get some of these xx

  • Brynn King

    I have never tried this brand before but it looks like I need to try it out!!!


  • I would be super happy to receive any of this for Christmas! Plus I would really love to get some of your products as well doll. :)))))

  • Erica White

    These look amazing! I will definitely need to go check them out! xx

  • Joycebox

    The palette and lip glosses are gorgeous!

  • I bet all the colors there would suit on you Zoe!
    Looooved your latest vlogmas xx

  • Your vlogmas is one of my faves. Drunk Joe was amazing! These products look amazing. Definitely going to give that palette a try.


    • Pareen

      I agree! Her vlogmas series are awesome!

  • I’ve never used Laura Mercier but these look like such pretty and classic colours. I especially love the pinks!


  • Great love the colors so much! Perfect for winter and an sexy look :) xo Katie http://whatskatieupto.com

  • Candypop

    Does anyone know what camera Zoe uses in her blog? Thanks :)

  • These look so lovely! Especially love the eye and cheek colour palette x

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • Francisca

    She’s such an inspiration to me… I love you Zoe! xx

    P.S: I have a blog something like hers, if you could check it out, it’d be great! :) i-am-francisca.blogspot.com

  • Zoe Adams

    Never tried this brand as it is a bit on the pricey side but would love to give them a try one day. Xx

  • Laura Mercier products are just so dreamy! The lip glosses are one of my favourite formulas!


  • I love this beauty products! Laura Mercier is one of my favorite brands! love it! xoxo

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  • Jen

    OMG The pinks in that lip trio are definitely up my alley *heart eyes* haha

  • The daring by day palette is so gorgeous! I really want to try it out :)


  • Ooo these look so cute. The perfect stocking filler!
    Hannah | Oh January

  • they all look amazing! please check out my blog http://www.justaddgloss.blogspot.co.uk

  • Lou

    These are such beautiful make up sets.


  • Great blog!

    My christmassy blog http://davidtofie.com

  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・❥∵。✧

    amazing! i love you zoe! your blog is absolutely amazing

  • I love them all, i wish someone could give them to me this xmas ;)

    Kisses Zo ! x

  • AmyLRoseBeauty

    Aw, such cute packaging and the size looks so good for travel! Might have to look into Laura Mercier a bit ;) I swear Zoe’s blog is the reason I’m poor, aha x



  • Jacob

    I love your blog posts! Always so wonderful to read

    Whoever sees this take a look over at my blog, feel free to comment your blog addresses somewhere too, I’m looking for some more to read: Thank you x :) http://jacobblackwell.blogspot.co.uk/

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  • Love them all but if I had to pick one it would be the daring by day eye and cheek colour palette. The packaging is also to die for

  • Saz

    These all look SO lovely! I’ve never tried Laura Mercier before.. might have to pick something up soon!

    // Oh Dollymix

  • OHH Tempting! I’m not really a fan of Laura Mercier lip products but all the colours look great and beautiful. I definitely lusting over the Daring by Day palette. :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  • I’ve only ever tried ONE Laura Mercier product and I loved it.. I HATE glosses with a passion (I wish I didn’t!) but that pallet looks amazing so it might have to be my next purchase :)


  • Ruby Cadence

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  • SavBanav

    Looks absolutely stunning- the eyeshadow/ face palette looks amazing!

    Savannah xx

  • izzy
  • Kati

    Love them all and the pictures are amazing, as always! <3


  • Wish my blog was as good as Zoe’s! Never fails to make me smile x


  • The lip gloss shades are so lovely! It’s so adorable that they’re mini sized too!
    The Daring by Day palette is amazing as well! I’d love to receive these as gifts this Christmas!
    Great post Zoe! :)


  • Emily

    This would be such a lovely Christmas gift xx


  • BraeShea

    I love this! I’m not much a lip gloss type. but I love the colors! And that palette looks amazing!

  • AnibaeAsh

    That pearl highlight is stunning!

  • Sarah Murgatroyd

    Love this post Zoe, great content as always :)

    If anyone would care to check out my YouTube channel it would be much appreciated:



  • Those products are looking amazing♥


  • These products look sooooo cute

  • Chloe Walling

    Love you Zoe you are such an inspiration
    ⛄ hope u have a good Christmas

  • michelle jane

    They are all so pretty! I love the lipsticks – need some of them!


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  • Anja

    That’s so lovely ! I mght get the 5 lip glosses for my sister this Christmas. Thanks for sharing that m´with me, I was searching for exactly something like that , but couldn’t find anything good.
    Thank you xx

  • Ayre

    the palette looks gorgeous and the lip glaze collection is so cute! I love mini versions of products.

    Arianne | Ayre

  • From Girl C

    I have never bought any from Laura Mercier before…they all seem to have such beautiful colors and quality

    girl C

  • Angelica P

    I love Laura Mercier products, and these gift sets look lovely. I was secretly hoping that some of them would be reduced in the Boxing Day sales like last year, but so far no luck!
    One Little Vice – Beauty Blog

  • I always look for your recommendations when it comes to makeup/beauty tips! Absolutely gorgeous Zoe! <3

  • MatemyM
  • Rosie

    amazing photos!! x

  • Anaya
  • Alice hill

    They look so nice love them especially Te lip liner and steel pink eye-shadow love your sets all so pretty love ally <3

  • Chunyi Monaghan

    I really love the packaging of the eye and cheek colour palette! 100% wish my friends and family would solely give me beautiful makeup as gifts, 20th birthday fast approaching… hahaaa.

    Love to watch your blogs and videos! You’ve inspired me to give it a go, I’ve just started up a lifestyle, food and beauty blog with my older sister!


  • Sophie Robinson

    I really enjoyed this palette.

  • Sophie Robinson

    I am missing Christmas! X

  • FeFes Beauty Buzz

    I’m a little late for Christmas 2015 but will definitely be keeping my eye out for this year’s Christmas sets.

    [email protected]

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  • La-Tattva

    Nice colors..

  • beautysorted

    For more Laura Mercier blogs and vlogs, click here:

  • these would be GREAT gift ideas! love you so much zoe! your blog inspires me so much and i just cant thank you enough for that!

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