xmasscan1 xmasscan6 zmasscan2 xmasscan7 xmasscan8 zmasscan3 xmasscan4Christmas for me is definitely about family and friends and being around those you love at this time of year. Having a brother very close in age meant that every Christmas was filled with such amazing memories that I now get to share and reminisce over with him. It wasn’t really about the presents I received, but the 5am delirious and overexcited conversations we would have in our bunk beds whilst we waited until we were allowed to open our sacks of presents from Father Christmas. My Grandad used to build us things out of cardboard. One year we were sailing the living room seas in a cardboard boat and the year before that, we had our very own playhouse equipped with carpet and window! I don’t remember what I got for Christmas that year, but I do remember how much fun myself, Joe and my cousins all had playing in my Grandads cardboard creations. One thing that made me smile, was noticing in one of the photos above (the one with Joe sat neatly in front of the tree) that I’d helped my Mum decorate the tree (there is actually home footage of this somewhere), and although all the wooden decorations i’d put on the tree were lining the bottom because that was the only part of the tree I could reach, my mum had left them there! Having my own tree to decorate now, I can imagine how the adult in her probably wanted to move them and neaten up my 3 year old attempt, but the mother in her was probably very pleased with the outcome! For me, Christmas is about spending quality time with people that are very special in your life, making them smile with a thoughtful gift, but most importantly creating memories that will stay with you as your grow older! 

I really hope you all have an amazing Christmas, eat lot’s of chocolate, cuddle up and watch as many festive films as possible and most importantly, relax and have a happy day with whoever you are spending it with. To all my readers and viewers who have supported me this year, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016 and i’ll speak to you again in the New Year! *all the love and squeezes* xxx