I love reading blogs. There is something very special about being submerged in someone else’s words and photos. Of course I also love watching videos and catching up on people’s lives through their daily vlogs (I’m an absolute sucker for these) but sometimes it’s nice to read words, just like when you’re in a bubble filled bathtub and you want to read a book. It’s also so nice to see other peoples photos. Being a huge sucker for photography, my eyes absolutely love scrolling through blogs where people share the same passion. Imagine me looking through blog posts looking like the heart eye emoji.

It’s so good to be back!

It suddenly dawned on me that other people may have felt the same way about my blog, and there was nothing new for people to get lost in. Having had my blog for 6 years now, it’s been one of those things that I go through phases of loving and then despising. My schedule over the past six years has definitely got a lot more hectic, I’ve become much busier and have my fingers in plenty more pies than just this original space. I’m not the best at multitasking different social media platforms, especially when they involve a bit more time and creativity. It’s very easy to put a lot of effort into one thing, and one falls behind without really noticing. Which as time went on, meant that this blog became more and more neglected and tired looking.


I’ve been working on redesigning this website for so long now, and I’m so happy to be able to reveal it to you and to tell you that I’m back to posting blogs of things I’m loving, things I’m feeling and places I’ve been. Sometimes I feel like my life is a crazy whirlwind and I’m flying through the centre of it, but one thing I do like to do, is stop and document it. Looking back through this blog as I’ve been editing the old posts (and removing some that made me facepalm so hard I almost broke my nose) I noticed how much has changed and how lovely it was to read back on the little things I’d almost forgotten but was so excited for at the time. My blog is like an old diary that I’ve dusted off and cracked open and I’ve found myself smiling at all the old memories I’ve uncovered. If you’ve been here from the start, then welcome back and my blog has missed you. If you’re new around here then hello, take a seat, grab a hot drink and enjoy the original source of all things “Zoella”.


Funfetti Cupcakes!