Having never had a dog growing up, it hadn’t ever really occurred to me that dogs, much like humans, have birthdays. Maybe they only really have birthdays if you’re a crazy dog person, and on Saturday when my puppy Nala turned one, I realised I was just that.
I ordered bunting, napkins, party hats and helium balloons and it was only after I’d taken the photos that I laughed at how ridiculous it seemed, but I didn’t care. If you can’t go all out and celebrate a special occasion for your dog then what is life? Plus, although Nala looked less than bothered and probably hated me for putting a party hat on her head, she really enjoyed the pupcakes and I’ll always laugh and treasure the photos for ever.


Nala’s favourite part was the cream cheese frosting!


I decided to bake pug shaped cookies for the humans to munch on, and “pupcakes” (dog friendly cupcakes) for both Nala and Buzz (her brother, owned by Alfie’s parents).

You have no idea how difficult it was to get these photos!


Pupcake Recipe (Makes 9) :
¥ 1 cup plain flour
¥ 1/3 cup porridge oats
¥ 1 tsp baking soda
¥ 1 cup shredded carrots
¥ 1/3 cup peanut butter
¥ 1 banana
¥ 1 large egg
¥ 1/4 cup vegetable oil
¥ 1/4 cup honey
¥ 1 tsp pure vanilla extract


• 2 x Tubs cream cheese low fat
• smooth peanut butter
• Dog treats of your choice

Pre heat oven to 170 degrees celcius, line cupcake tins with paper cases (remember to take these off before giving to your dog if you have a bit of a greedy pup). Mix all ingredients in a bowl and distribute evenly between the cupcake cases. Bake for 15 minutes and leave to cool before icing. Using a spoon to dollop cream cheese on the cakes or as I did, use a disposable piping bag and smear two lines of peanut butter along the inside of the bag and spoon in the cream cheese. I used a large star icing nozzle and piped in a circular motion. I then popped a little puppy treat on top! Serve to your dog (preferably with a spotty napkin and a party hat) and enjoy!


Pug Sugar Cookies (Makes 10 Pug Cookies)
85 g of unsalted butter at room temperature
100 g caster sugar
250 g plain flour, plus loads more for rolling
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 large eggs
pinch of salt

Royal Icing

1.5 cups icing sugar (around 250g)
1 large egg whites
1/8 teaspoon cream of tar tar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons water (add more as you go along)
Black Wiltons Icing Gel

Pre Heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius and prepare two baking trays with baking paper for your cookies. Place butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat until smooth and fluffy. Whisk eggs and vanilla extract in a separate bowl and gradually add to the butter and sugar mixture. Sift in the flour, baking powder and beat together to form a soft dough (bit like thick cake mixture – don’t be alarmed). Wrap it in cling film and put it in the fridge cool for one hour. After one hour, roll out the dough on a floured surface to your desired thickness. Once cut, pop onto the baking tray and bake for 10 minutes, or until slightly golden and leave to cool before piping. Pipe the icing using a disposable piping bag and a small round tip nozzle. When mixing the icing, make sure that when you form ribbons in the mixture, they are dissolved back in within 5 seconds. This will ensure that when you flood the cookies (fill them in) the icing will be flat. When piping the cookies, start by doing an outline which connects, and finish by flooding the cookie with icing to fill it, using a back and forth motion with the nozzle. Leave to dry and consume with the knowledge that you may need to brush your teeth afterwards so you don’t look like your teeth are decaying due to the black food colouring.


Nala and Buzz absolutely loved their pupcakes and Nala even went in to finish Buzz’s off for him. The pug cookies went down an absolute treat with the humans too. I’m really pleased I went all out and celebrated Nala’s birthday like this. I can’t wait until I have children so I can do this all over again but even bigger! I was always going to be one of those mums, let’s face it. If I’d had time she would have also been wearing a handmade doggy birthday costume, and all her doggy friends would have gone home with party bags. Maybe next year…

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  • Aww! I can also proudly admit I am a dog mad person (although hopefully not too mad) but you have to celebrate your little doggies birthday! No one else will so treat them to something. Will be bookmarking this page for next year when my two little dogs turn 2 and 4. x

  • Aww! I can also proudly admit I am a dog mad person (although hopefully not too mad) but you have to celebrate your little doggies birthday! No one else will so treat them to something. Will be bookmarking this page for next year when my two little dogs turn 2 and 4. x

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    Mafer, Concientizando x

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  • The new blog design and colours are amazing, I am so proud of you Zoe! And Nala is just soooo cute!😘🐶💘

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    Hi Zoe! Love your blog post (as usual). My dog had her birthday recently. I love her lots! Here’s a picture of her on her special day!I’m not sure she was too bothered about it!

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  • Christine [PB][JZSC]

    awwwww this is sooooo cute!!!! and i am for sure going to try to make these pupcakes!!! ;p
    they look so freaking good!!
    but i have to do them when my mom is not at home because i will mess up the kitchen ;p

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    I go over the top to. For my sisters birthday It took me almost a month to do.

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  • Helena Santos

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  • Thats Life

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    • Άγνωστη Χ




  • This is just too cute, Nala looks so unimpressed at the table but then so pleased with her pupcake haha I didn’t realise you made the pupcakes yourself too, they look so good, well done! And happy birthday to Nala and Buzz :) x

    http://www.hollysparkle.co.uk | YouTube

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    Could I request to ask u that how is Alfie doing his 90 day challenge properly when he was resting yesterday and being lazy when u made him a cup of green tea…. Because part of his challenge is to stay active and use his time properly and productively
    But I love both of u !!!!💗💗❤️❤️🎈🎀
    Please please please please please don’t text me back I won’t be able to read it
    Please answer my question in yours or Alfie’s vlog…
    Thank u soooooo much u
    Please don’t take it the wrong way 😁😁😁
    Alisha thanks 😍😍😍😀😀
    Please don’t text me back
    Answer it in a vlog of yours or Alfie’s

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  • I love the second photo of this post! I would pay a million if my dog would sit still like that. However, you gave me a lot of inspiration for her first birthday.. pupcakes.. WHO knew?


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  • melina pena

    loving the new design!!!!!!its looks amazing👏🏼👏🏼💖

    P.S. I share a blog with my friend pls check it out https://melmar99.wordpress.com

    • Άγνωστη Χ



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    So cute! Saw your vlog about these! LOVE!!

  • Holly Eagle

    The food look treats look amazing Well Done the pic of Nala and Buzz is adorable

  • Alisha

    This is such a cute idea! These pictures of Nala are amazing too, I love them hahaha!

    Alisha x

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  • Pareen

    Nala is sooooo cute!!! The celebration looks super fun and festive!


  • Dina W

    Does anyone know what camera she uses to take these photos? They’re absolutely stunning! So excited to see more from your blog, Zoe :)

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  • Paige

    They r sooo cute Z

  • Paige

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  • Nibbles5542

    Oh you are going to be a perfect mum when you have a baby. And the children can enjoy nala as they grow up. I now can’t wait for nalas second birthday 😚

  • Rubi G

    I am a huge dog-lover and so I love that you are so excited about Nala and Buzz’s birthday!! Take pride in it!! These photos are just too cute!

  • Mitsuki Hayashi

    That cookies and cupcakes look really nice > < I want a bite now, hahahahahhaa XD
    My family and I always celebrate our dog birthday. We can't afford so much, but at least we give him a special treat and he's happy (I think) :)

  • TuttiFrutti Ellie

    I need to make them for my dogs bdy love you zoe

  • Nadinexo

    They look so good , yumm <3!

  • Jane Litsy

    I made these and they’re great for my boxers birthday! He loved them and I ended up giving them to friends dogs too! Thanks zoe these are great!

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  • Emily fearn

    these look amazing Zoe, I am defiantly going to try these for my two boys birthday coming up.

    Mmm… I don’t normally do things like this but Zoe has inspired me so much to make a blog and I wrote my first post today so I would really like it if you took the time to have a look at it https://beautybyemilyblog.wordpress.com/ love you all xxxx

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    hello guys zoella is one of my idols along with taylor swift and audrey hepburn, i would live to become just like anyone of them. i know this sounds cheecky but maybe people could check out my blog. i kniw this is stupid but i would really aappreciate thi . thanks for reading…

    also dont let anyondoubtyou, you are amzing how you are , do t chwnge because of one person…

    love ya :) ut

  • Fien V.

    love the new design and I’m definitely gonna make these cakes for my dog Max :) They look so good!!! xx

  • Josh

    OMGGGG! Zoe your new design is amazing and suits your personality so much! I loved this post and so want to do this for my dog now!:)


  • The new design is so beautiful! & this is so cute! xo


  • HonorThePug

    As you can probably tell from my profile pic and username, I love pugs! I will have to try the cookies some time, and if and when I get a dog definitely the pupcakes! Love you Zoe!!! Honor xxx

  • eM Trchek

    Just watched your new vlog loved it, the pupcakes we’re such a great idea

  • eM Trchek

    Just watched your new vlog loved it, the pupcakes we’re such a great idea

  • Lala looks wonderful in our party hats! My young friend sent me the link. I can’t wait to share it with everyone in our studio. We actually make a set of mini hats for dogs and a very funny little paper Santa hat too. What fun you have! Meredithe http://www.merimeri.com

  • Meggy

    Nala looks so cute in the party hat and the cookies look tasty

  • Janeen

    I threw my dog a 5th birthday party at a dog park one year! Everyone thought I was a little nuts I thought it was cute. My friends with their dogs came. I made dog treats and handed them out as favors. What can you say when you love your dogs THAT much! :) Happy Birthday Nala!

  • Imogen Rogers

    saw the video and have been constantly checking your blog; love you SO much Zoe!! you’re an AMAZING you tuber and blogger, and really just flat out person!! Love ya!!

  • amy elyse

    This is cuter than I have ever been in my short existence

  • This is so so cute. I really like these pictures.
    I enjoy reading your blog posts. I feel it’s good for my english :)
    Welcome back on the blogosphere Zoe!

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    Love the new design. And these photos are adorable!

    Emily x

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    I love this post it’s just so cute. Your pictures are beautiful as well.
    The cookies look really cute and yummy !


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  • Holly Shannon

    It’s my cat’s 3rd birthday today, I wish I was as organised to give him a party! x


  • Gabbie.w

    Hey Zoe …this has nothing to do with nalas birthday(although I loved it ) can you and Alfie do sims videos I loved them (and I’m really sick so they keep me happy and entertained ) love you Zoe (this was a really weird comment but I was so upset that you two stopped ) 😘😚❤❤💚💜

  • Hazie

    Aww these pictures are absolutely adorable, you could make a calendar made up of pictures of Nala and Buzz. I really wish my own pup Cassie would sit still for cute photos, but apparently the thought of eating cameras has much more appeal to her then sitting and looking at it. I love the sound of the pupcakes as Cassie is 1 year in October. We’re both real cookie monsters so the pupcakes will make her day.;p
    Hope it was a fun day for you allxxx

  • Tenia Collins

    Oh my goodness,Narla and Buzz are so cute!🙈

    • Gabbie.w


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    Hey it’s me again just to let you know I made the cookies they were delicious. Keep up the awesome posts :-) :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Juliet Weatherstone.

    OMG! Zoeeeee! im soooooooo proud of you! Congrats on 9 Million!!!! I love you and please never stop doing what your doing. It means soo much to me! XXXXXXXX

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  • Kelsey & Kenecha

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  • Ciara

    The pictures of Nala and Buzz… OMIGOSH! Your Pupcakes turned out beautifully (the icing looks incredible!) and we’re obviously very yummy!!!! The Pug Cookies were so neat and tidy, if I had made them I’m pretty sure the pugs (cookies) would just be fat flat blobs (oops!) xxx

  • Ahhh those pictures of Nala in her little hat are amazing! She’s such a cutie :-)

  • Alexa Wilberding

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  • Chloe Nala fixter

    Such an amazing idea ❤️

  • Sarah

    i had the same problem i had all my nail varnishes and face paint and had 7 pass the parcels out and baked a three layer cake and 2 other thypes of cakes only to find 3 people came to her party plus my mam dad and my two sisters

  • Echo Lollipop

    They look so nice!

  • Anika.B

    i love the fact that you had decorated the whole place up, it looked really nice in both yours and Alfie’s vlogs. So don’t feel ridiculous about it :) I think the thing i enjoyed the best was the pupcakes and nala and buzz in party hats

  • Lina Strindlund

    haha you crazy ute doggy-mum XD My dog will turn 12 yeras at the 26th of september, thanks for the insoiration! :D // another crazy cute doggy-mum <3

  • Lina Strindlund

    although I think dogs should rather have meat or blood or raw bones for cake ;) seriously. :)

  • Sophie

    Your so loving zoe

  • Charlotte Crowder

    Hiya, loved the post so much! I made the biscuits/cookies today and in between homework and going out they basically took me the whole day haha but I enjoyed making them and they really are delicious! x

  • jaya

    happy bd nala i love your pupcakes and human cookies !!!! <3

  • Morgan McKay

    This is cute and the human cookies were a creative idea! :)

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    I love these blog posts and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got planned for the next puppy party much love , Jasmine-leigh xxxxxx

  • Jasmine-leigh Sparkes

    The food looks amazing and Buzz and Nala look so cute together xxxxx

  • Jasmine-leigh Sparkes

    Happy 1st birthday Nala sorry it’s late xxxxx

  • Imi

    I love baking but I have never, ever, tried baking for my puppy! My puppy is awfully fussy when it comes to food so I think I am going to give this a try! If she likes them than we might have found something that she can actually eat!

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    blog is beautiful loving the new design ,fantastic idea for nala and buzz birthday x

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  • This is the cutest thing. EVER. I would totally do something like this if I was allowed pets in my flat, I’ve been after a little puggy for yearsssss!!



  • I made these for my dog and she loved them! Thanks Zoe!

  • Соња Алексић

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  • Ruby Moss


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  • Izzy

    Also Zoe! Great design on the blog…I think I started rly getting into blogs after checking yours and Louise’s (Sprinkle of Glitter) blog. I luv both of your blog.A new design on Louise’s blog would be cool too.

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  • charlie.d

    Those pug cookies look delicious! Nala is so adorable! I hope she had a great birthday and enjoyed her pupcakes! :)

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  • This isthe cutest post! Totally adorable x

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    ps I’m so glad ur blogging Zoe ☺️

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    I’m definitely making some pup cakes and some cookies for my dog, Freddie’s birthday. I can’t wait!

  • Rachael Burrows

    The ingredients say baking soda but the method says baking powder for the sugar cookies? I’m not sure what to use! :) Such cute cookies though.

  • Rosie Nowosielski

    I am going to make the pupcakes for dog on New Year’s Day (my dog’s birthday!)


    So good:) I like your post:))
    I want to be like you and I begin to write my own blog.
    If you, who write this like books, music, movies and TV-shows, check out my blog:))

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    I tried to make those cookies. They tasted amazing. Thanks for the recipe Zoe. I absolutely love your videos. Anyone please check out my blog. http://www.thewatchfilter.blogspot.com . In my blog I write tumblr inspired DIYs, and things about YouTube. As Zoe is vlogger of the year, I did a post on my blog check it out please.

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    By Vienna
    Hey zoella I love and I really like the pup cakes and I might use them for my dog thank you from your biggest fan

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    I know it’s late but happy birthday nala

  • Vivi

    Hey I love you Zoe and can you post more videos on challanges with Alfie also I love pup cakes I might even use them for my dog thanks xxxxx

  • Roxanne Martin

    This is so funny because when my dog turned 3 I think , we make him a litlle party with our neighbor. We had a box of Joslouis with cake I think and a lot of present for him hahaha it look so ridiculous but when you love someone you will prove to him/her. Sadly, my dog died when I was in my third year in high school and we stop celebrating dog/cat birthday :( but we still give them gift at chrismas hahaha

  • eliska

    Very nice and cute :)

  • Gemma Sherman

    These are so cute! I think I’ll make them for my dog on her birthday. I think I will go with rice flour instead of wheat though, just because I know that my Bailey has a sensitive tummy and wheat can be tough for some dogs. Also, for any of you reading this with sensitive pups, low fat rice cakes are a great treat for them that is crunchy, healthy, and they love the taste (it might get a bit stuck to their palette, but they get it off in a few minutes and its actually kind of funny to watch). Hope this helps someone:)

  • Puppy parties are so cute! We had one for our little sausage and made him a doggy friendly Millie’s type cookie!
    FYI – Love the new layout :)

    Jess @ http://www.JuicyyyJesss.co.uk

  • Sarah

    The cookies are amazing! Ily Zoe!👑❤

  • Carrie

    LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I love celebrating our dogs birthdays and don’t forget Christmas for dogs! Some of the pressies for the festive season are just so cute! :)

  • Nele Noormets

    New design is really awesome, love it :)

  • esme proctor

    I soooo need to try this. I am loving your new blog set up. Love you sooooo much Zoe

  • Jaynaya

    I was just wondering where you got your jumper from in the vlog?

  • Ellie

    They look so tempting even though they are for dogs :) You should so some for Percy & Pippin, imagine how cute it would be!!! xxx

  • ImAGreenleaf !

    this is so cute! I really want to make little cakes for my guinea pigs’ birthday (I know I’m weird)! If you like guinea pigs check out my resent post http://www.a-bombb.blogspot.com Also, love you Zoe!!!! BTW your new blog design is AMAZING!!!!

  • thegli social

    Bala looks so cute! I m missing brandi (my lovely little Dalmatian) now 😚😐

  • Elle

    nala is so cute😍😍

  • alex

    i made the pug cookies they were really good i used the black frosting i did turn our toungs and mouth black

  • Erin Braithwaite Harrison

    Omg this was posted on my birthday

  • Charlie Rose

    Can i just say, now that is a pet lover! i am one too :) i have 4 dogs myself and will definitely be baking your ‘pupcakes’ for the next birthday! x

  • Lady Angelika

    Nawwwww! Nala is adorable <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • my dogs birthday is in November she will be 3 i cant wait to try these for her birthday!!!

    new baby blogger

    {blog} https://muchlovejos.wordpress.com/

  • EC Robloxs

    I’m going to try make these for my dog! Nala looks really cute in ALL of the photos!

  • Mynamesruby

    These are Awsome I love you zoella my sausage dog is called wally and his first birthday is in four days I’m definitely going to try these

  • Danielle Bell

    awww i think this is so sweet! the pup cakes are such a great thing and nala looks so cute in her little birthday suit lol! love you lots Zoe and Nala! xoxox

  • AHH ZOE this is so amazing. Nala and Buzz were having the time of their lives!


  • Zoe

    Buzz and Nala are so cute

  • Neve

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  • corale

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  • Alfie Deyes’s biggest fan

    Hi Zoe these puppy party treats were a great hit at my puppy’s party thanks

  • meg

    nala is so cute i want a pug so much

  • SimplyyHollyy

    I’ve missed reading your blog so much! even just looking at some of the photos you’ve taken so glad you’re back to blogging

  • ellaxoxo

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  • OceaMatthewBlog


  • zainab albeesh

    soooo cute

  • Emily kate

    i have no idea when my puppy’s bday is, but i am totally going to try this out! im in a baking mood so i may try the cookies out right now. love ur blog and channel zoe! by the way, those pictures are perfect!

  • Aoife Dupont

    Loved this! Just read some of your book and I am hooked! :)

  • Puppydawg


  • Millie Sunnie!

    Cupcakes, my mom is really awesome at baking! xxx I tried to make some before but the just sunk because I put 2 much baking powder in.Heres a picture of me!!! I am 10xxx

  • Millie Sunnie!

    i love these cupcakes! Tried making some by myself at home but they just sunk because I put too much baking powder in. Do u like the bake-off?

  • Stephanie

    I love you Zoe!

  • Pegasus Girl

    Nala is so cute!!!!! Live the post!

  • Amy05_xoxo

    Dear Zoe, all of my family are always confused what u are doing when you are vloging. I’m always trying to explain but I just give up in the end. When ever I’m upset or nervous your vlogs always make me think straight and help me block out the bad things in life. I’m so glad your vlogs are part of my life. Thankyou so much! I LOVE YOU!

  • Alanah Flint

    Omg need to do this for my pup xxx

  • Ellie Riches

    keep going i love you blog its soo pretty and interesting
    BTW me and my friends love you

  • Zoe these look amazing! I’m definitely going to try these out! Xxx

  • Hannah May ☮

    I have tried desperately to get the little peanut butter swirls in cupcake icing and with the exception of one photogenic cake the rest look like (if you’ll pardon the pun) utter dog shite :’) your video made it look too easy hahaha! love this blog always keeps me entertained at late hours when I cant sleep :p


  • Nala is the cutest pug I ever seen in my life!! Makes me want to have one as well! I’m so gonna keep tabs on this blog as well, for future knowledge for when I have my own pup! So adorable & creative, I love it!


  • Isabella Ambler

    ihi i think ur puppy party is so cool :) this is me! xx

  • Carly Setzer

    This is soon cute!! We threw a party for my puppy’s first birthday. I wish we would’ve had this pupcake recipe then. :)


  • Jewel

    So cute! My cat’s name is also Nala but she is much older.

  • AnibaeAsh

    This is so darling! And I have been doing photography for the local animal shelter for 3 years so I can totally appreciate how difficult it must have been to get these photos! Great post Zoe!

  • Monique Lim

    I had always been a MEGA Zoella fan but never read you blog. NEVER REALIZED HOW AMAZING IT IS! Its so well written and im now trying to fill myself in with what i missed out on! XD

    Zoella Fan

  • River Strong

    That’s so cute Happy Birthday Nala! I will be sure to try to make everything!

  • popsicle

    so cute!!!

  • OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG ! Very beaty …


  • Emilia

    This idea was so cute and I am definitely going to try making the cakes x

  • Seren Bartley

    These look so adorable, does anyone know if this is American measurement or British?

  • Brodie

    This is the sweetest thing ever I thought my dog (he’s a boxer) and we do sort of the same thing with him except we don’t bake our own stuff. Its such a good idea. Also HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY NALA! xxx

  • Keira Teale

    happy birthday Nalaxxx

  • Dfwarrior05


  • Lou Lu

    Nala looks so cute

  • storm

    made these for my pug today (it was her second birthday) she loved them ate one in like 1 minute!! Thanks for the recipe

  • Cowley Workers

    You need to be aware that the Pup Cakes can be extremely dangerous for older dogs. My daughter made these Pup Cakes for our dog and she has been very poorly with Pancreatitis the Peanut Butter in the cakes is not good for some dogs. Can you please make followers aware that these can be harmful and the fat content in the Peanut can be very harmful for some dogs.

  • Kaley

    i think this is so cute, i never really thought of dogs having birthdays, infarct i dont even know when my dogs birthday is really! love it!

  • julia peter

    woow..! cookies are really lovely.so good blog book.i just liked it.you can get more lovely food, just visit this EasyWayFinder and get much more food shop.

  • Megg Wongsinrung

    Nice, Thanks for your useful recipe.
    I’ll try to do it once. hahaha please keep updating your blog! I would definitely follow yours.

    ps. Nala is sooooooooo adorable. :p

  • Steff Jane Hedges

    i really want to start a blog but don’t know how to anyideas ???

  • Natalie Geo

    It’s my dog Snowy’s 8th Birthday today so I made him the Pupcakes can’t wait to see him eat them! 🎉

  • Rebecca Lyon

    I totally agree when it comes to throwing your puppy a birthday party! If i weren’t so busy with school, trust me, i would’ve done it. Def making these for my pooch! x

  • Sammi Xx

    Thanks Zoe! It’s my dogs 1st birthday in a few days and I really wanted to make him feel special. Recipe is very clear. Thank you so much!

    -Sammi (Samantha) Xx

  • Nala is honestly the sweetest little pup! Loving your blog so much!


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  • nala the dog xoxo

    lol thx babe xxxxxx

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