Some of you may know I’ve been working with GAP to help promote their campaign Girl, a partnership with Ellen Degeners (one of the most awesome people ever!), who has designed the cutest range of clothes for the GAP Kids line. I mentioned it in a daily vlog not too long ago which you can watch here!
The campaign itself is something that really resonated with me. The world that we live in can be a scary place for girls growing up. In this age of technology, it can be hard to get away from the media, which can be a negative place full of worrying pressures for girls growing up. Obviously I try to make to make my little corner of the internet a happy and postive place to be, so I thought the fact that GAP are doing this too was so lovely! It’s very easy to feel as though you SHOULD be doing something to please others, even at 25 I feel this way about certain aspects of my life. Do I do everything for me? Is every decision I make for me? Let alone when you are growing up and you feel the pressures of making decisions is even harder and your surrounded by people telling you what it is you probably should be doing. This campaign is about breaking that mould, and reassuring girls that they can do whatever it is they want to do. If they want to play the drums, they can. If they want to be a ballerina, they can. it’s so important to remember that the world is your oyster and you can go wherever you want to go, and do whatever you want to do. It doesn’t mean the road will be smooth along the way, but with determination and confidence, anyone can reach their potential. If you love something, do it.
When I first started blogging back in 2009, I didn’t know it would end up being my job (to be honest, it still doesn’t feel like a job), but I stuck at it because I loved it. I was passionate about it, and it was so much fun. I had people discouraging me along the way, some told me it was silly, some told me to get a proper job and that this would never amount to anything. There were times when I would listen to them, and I would consider stopping, but something in me didn’t want to give it up and I stuck at it. Every time from then on when someone discouraged my blog or youtube channel, it made me work harder. It’s so important to follow your heart in these situations, even if everyone else is telling you it won’t work, or you should be doing something different, that doesn’t mean theyre right. Only you know what feels right, and only you can act upon it.

The campaign says it better than I could, and I absolutely adore this quote, so I wanted to share it with you!


Taking cute puppy pictures is harder than it looks!

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