Some of you may know I’ve been working with GAP to help promote their campaign Girl, a partnership with Ellen Degeners (one of the most awesome people ever!), who has designed the cutest range of clothes for the GAP Kids line. I mentioned it in a daily vlog not too long ago which you can watch here!
The campaign itself is something that really resonated with me. The world that we live in can be a scary place for girls growing up. In this age of technology, it can be hard to get away from the media, which can be a negative place full of worrying pressures for girls growing up. Obviously I try to make to make my little corner of the internet a happy and postive place to be, so I thought the fact that GAP are doing this too was so lovely! It’s very easy to feel as though you SHOULD be doing something to please others, even at 25 I feel this way about certain aspects of my life. Do I do everything for me? Is every decision I make for me? Let alone when you are growing up and you feel the pressures of making decisions is even harder and your surrounded by people telling you what it is you probably should be doing. This campaign is about breaking that mould, and reassuring girls that they can do whatever it is they want to do. If they want to play the drums, they can. If they want to be a ballerina, they can. it’s so important to remember that the world is your oyster and you can go wherever you want to go, and do whatever you want to do. It doesn’t mean the road will be smooth along the way, but with determination and confidence, anyone can reach their potential. If you love something, do it.
When I first started blogging back in 2009, I didn’t know it would end up being my job (to be honest, it still doesn’t feel like a job), but I stuck at it because I loved it. I was passionate about it, and it was so much fun. I had people discouraging me along the way, some told me it was silly, some told me to get a proper job and that this would never amount to anything. There were times when I would listen to them, and I would consider stopping, but something in me didn’t want to give it up and I stuck at it. Every time from then on when someone discouraged my blog or youtube channel, it made me work harder. It’s so important to follow your heart in these situations, even if everyone else is telling you it won’t work, or you should be doing something different, that doesn’t mean theyre right. Only you know what feels right, and only you can act upon it.

The campaign says it better than I could, and I absolutely adore this quote, so I wanted to share it with you!


Taking cute puppy pictures is harder than it looks!

To find out more visit If you’ve got a story to tell, please share it on twitter using the #Heyworld, I can’t wait to read them!

[This post is kindly sponsored by Gap]

  • Kelsey Høwell

    Aw, I love this!!

  • Stevie

    Ah I love this post so much, I often get discouraged by people saying negative things about my ambitions but this has reminded me that I should do what I want for me and not listen to them!

  • Maggie

    I really love blog posts like these! So true! Never be someone your not to please others :)

  • That’s a great post. I live in Brazil/Sweden and I admire your job. You were one of the first Youtubers that I started to watch. Today I became one! You’re very inspirational and you’re an amazing girl! I’m glad to see people like you making the difference and treating people with respect. Every young person needs support and to be told that IT IS good enough to be exactly who you are.

  • Alayah Bibi

    Lovely blog xx ly

  • Maureen Mc Fadden

    zoe i just want to say thank you for being there when no one else was you really inspire me and even though you dont know im even on this plant thats okay because you make me happy and youve been the one who i could turn to even in the darkest of times and you taught me to love myself x i just want to thank you zoe because if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be here today x yourou here videos make me smile laugh and sometimes cry x i know you will notice me one and see how much you have helped me x i hope one day i meet you and i can tell you my story x i love you loads and dont make videos that you dont like make for us do what you love x love kayleigh from Ireland xx<3

  • evie hills

    I love you so much zoe! You inspire me so much and I LY! Don’t let any one bring you down because u are amazing woman who inspires many people around the world! Keep doing what u do girl!!!!!!!!

  • This for me just highlights how amazing your blog is!!! A lovely written post with a great and positive message!!!

  • Great article! As you say, even at 25 it’s sometimes hard to be who we want to be. I think it also affects boys in a certain way. I love this campaign! :)

  • Emily Kay

    You make this corner of the Internet happier and the world a hole lot brighter!
    I love you so much you are an inspiration! Xxx

  • Míša Gřešková

    It`s really inspirational. Thank you for this post. Most of my life I worry about all those stufs you are talking about, I hope the courage I get when I was reading this article is going to stay with me:))

  • Kira

    Zoë is such an amazing person she just inspires so many people including me! If you’re reading this Zoë just don’t stop being yoyamd don’t stop inspiring us! 😊

  • darjeeling tea leaves

    This is such a positive message, I love it! I think it’s so important to teach children they can be whatever they want to be regardless of their gender. Boys can be astronauts or dance ballet, girls can be engineers or nurses. I think it’s especially girls that are put under a lot of pressure but let’s not forget that boys can profit from stepping away from gender stereotypes as well!

  • Lilykath

    I am so glad you got back into blogging again.
    Love this post and it truly resonates!! :)

  • Emily Armstrong

    Zoe, thank you for being such a wonderful person. I hope this campaign really helps people realize their dreams and their potential.

  • TheLifeOfAGirl

    You and Nala are gorgeous Zoe! You’re such a kind hearted person and I love your blogs! Thank you xxxxxxxxxx

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    Zoe you are so beautiful and happy (late) birthday to little Nala! I love this post! Xx

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    I just love Zoe so much i just wish i was as pretty and funny and as nice as her ♥ But she also helps me A LOT

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    Nice post, be who you want to be<3 love you as alwayss zoe.

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    btw your blog is ON point<3

  • Macarena

    love your style :)

  • Emilybelleblogs

    I thought this was a good place for me to share things that I am proud of. I don’t often talk about it because I’m afraid people will take the mickey or see me as arrogant. But what I do makes me happy and that is important.
    I am the Chairperson at my local Explorer Scouts, and YES I am a girl! I was managing director for a company in young enterprise. I am a head student. I volunteer at a local Cub Pack and have my Silver Duke Of Edingburgh.
    I did all of these things because I love a challenge and they make me happy.
    I also love beauty and fashion and baking and playing hockey. Yes, all together I do a really weird mix of things. How is it possible to love beauty yet not be afraid to get a little dirty?
    But I want to break stereotypes! I am me! I am Emily!

  • The vlog of you talking about this is really inspirational! I love the message, and it’s really great that you are talking about such a great thing with your following.

  • Helen Yang

    I love the message of this blog so inspiring

  • I love your involvement with the campaign!Also I love that you’re using your platform to promote a good cause! Very inspiring!

  • Emily Smith

    Hi Zoe I love your blog post they are so insperational

  • I love the message behind this campaign and I definitely agree with your writing!

    Sarah |

  • Willow Brown

    Zoe, I just want to say that your such an inspiration, not just to me but everyone who follows you through your journey.I love all your blog posts and videos and I haven’t missed a single one. I love you so much and this blog post post has helped alot, thank you. Also I cannot wait for your next book!) love you!

  • this is a really inspirational post Zoe, I love the positive message and it’s a great cause!

    Megan x /

  • Simply Soph

    Aw this is a lovely cause! Also im so glad your back! ❤️

  • Lia

    Is it just me or does anyone else really want to have that little mission statement printed onto a canvas in really pretty writing?!

    I really love it! x

  • Erika Isme

    Beautiful campaign. You are a great representative.

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    Check out this amazing blog inspired by zoe!

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    Honestly love you’ve got your blog back up and running Zoe! Congrats!

    If you have time please check out my blog; I’m hoping to grow as a blogger. :) Thank you! <3

  • Alexandra Richards-Jones

    TOTALLY agree with everything this post and campaign stand for! Go Girls! <3

  • Peace Firestone

    I loved this post a lot! I’m actually posting one that is similar to it tomorrow hehe x You’re such a great example of a unique harworker whose dreams came true. I love the positivity that always oozes out of your work. It keeps me smilin’.
    Peace xo

  • I completely agree and love the strong and powerful message behind the campaign, I also love how they have used the Shakespeare quote “though she be but little, she is fierce” as that is my favourite quote plus who doesn’t love a bit of Ellen!


  • Kaymarla

    So happy for you to be teaming up with them! Your and independent and kind woman, you will sure help raise a good cause. Many people do look up to you, i’m one of them. Good luck :)

  • Rebecca

    I love this post. I’m at the point in my life where I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. And I have no idea what I want to do because of what everyone tells me what I should and should not do. I’m confused and stressed, but this post reminded me that I need to do me. I need to do what I want and not what others want me to do. I love all your posts and videos. You might not have asked for it but you are my role model, and you’re so awesome. I’m so glad you start your blog and YouTube channel because you have helped me so much in my personal and social life. You have no idea. Love ya Zoe, I hope you read this and I hope that one day I will be able to meet you and thank you in person:)

  • Lyssa

    Hello Zoë,
    Loving the reboot of your blogs! I have to admit that I did quite miss it and so glad you’re back and running on it again!! Looks lovely so congrats! Thanks for being such an inspiration and amazing person! So glad the day that I found out about this blogging channel, your vlogs and main channel videos! Love you lots!! So proud of you! :) <3

  • Fashionista Era

    Zoey thanks to you I have been inspired to start a channel!! and thank you for that…i can now capture my memories! would love it if u would let me know what you think zoey! :D

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    ZOE!! You always made my day, you always make my smile , youre the best idol in the world!!♥ youre soooo important in my life ! Ily!♥

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    This is such a great campaign and this post is well writen :)

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    this post is just so well timed i needed some support i am 13 and your posts on youtube and on here always seem to help me. zoe thank you for being you because i wouldnt know what to do without you!! lots of love maggie.E xxx

  • Naimah

    I love this post! The daily vlog gave me information on being who you want to be! I am a shy person but i try to put my hand up and speak without getting embarrassed, so far it has gone well. But, I do need improvement. Thanks for this post, it is going to help others who have same. x

  • Sammy van Trigt

    So much inspiration! Not only this post but also your new look of your blog. You always seem to cheer us all up. Just to escape the real world and watch youtube is great. We love you no matter what!
    Xx Sammy

  • Really love to see you’re active in blogging and spreading more positive vibes! x

  • maaike dekkinga

    this kind of made me cry, its so just so true and being yourself is just so hard in this world. zoe i just simply love you and your blog. you make me smile every day again and when i’m feeling down i just think about you and how even your life isn’t perfect. thank you so so much zoe<3

  • Alex

    This is my favourite blog post! be true to yourself ;)

  • Kayley

    Always Be Yourself, Not An Image Of What A Girl Is Supposed To Be.

  • Laura Mareno

    This post was so inspiring! Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something! kisses:D

  • Kirsty Nicholson

    I really loved reading about this because as a young girl myself I felt like I really needed something like this to make my day Xx

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    Truth this blog.posts always get me inspire

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    Spreading the positivity again and again and again! I really love that you do these sorts of blog posts, because they are true to all hearts!

  • gtbeauty5 [PB] [SG]

    Love Love Love :)

  • John Stephens

    New website for buying and selling women’s used fashion –
    It’s really fun to use, not backed by any money, we built it ourselves over a period of 1 year, hand coded! So please check it out, we want to help people to buy and sell used clothing and help save the planet!

  • Lily H

    im so proud of you zoe. i have been reading your blogs since the first ever one, i cant beieve you have come this far xx

  • I loved the blog you featured it in! <3

  • Love the post and your involvement in the campaign! And the message is very excellent.

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    i love you zoella

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    This reflects my first blog post perfectly!

  • What a sweet post! I love the message of this campaign, so important xx

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    This is such an important message for girls to hear and the way you express it is so heart warmingly wonderful. Thank you for being there to inspire so many people, Zoë xoxo

  • Sharmi Shah

    This is such an important message to be able to convey to your followers.
    Always have been proud of your achievements and you’re the reason I started my blog in the first place.
    So thank you for being such an inspiration, Zoe! :D

  • Me♥❤

    I wish I could meet u Zoe I’m an 11 year old and I’m so inspired people are always telling me too be a doctor because you earn a lot of money but I want to be a singer!And I will be a singer!

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    Love the new look of the blog Zoe. So pretty! X

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    omg Zoe you are such a wonderful, beautiful and amazing person! you’re my actual role model, I want to be as positive & confident as you are<3

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    great campaign!!!!

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    i love everything u have to say it makes me feel inspiered to be more like u xxxxx

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    You go Zoe. Whenever you meet discouragement like that now, just remember the huge positive impact you are having on girls all across the world 🌎🌺👓 xx

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    This is such an inspirational post Zoe. I have been reading/watching you since 2009 and you are my complete and utter role model

  • Haley Jones

    I love this post. You are such an inspiration Zoe! You stay so positive and are an incredible example for our generation! Being a subscriber to both your blog and your YouTube channel have inspired me to pursue my passion in blogging as well. I hope one day that I can be half the inspiration that you are!

  • Pareen

    This is such an inspiring post :)

  • Tiffany

    Following your dreams and know what you want to do in life is never a bad thing. Even through tough times I believe it is fully worth it.
    I believe it gives you the right to say just how far you’ve made it or saying you made it through everyone elses negativity. Thats what really makes it worth it.
    I heard alot of negative things when I wanted to follow my dreams to be a photographer and I did it anyways.
    Now that I have started my own blog and youtube I will not let anyone or anything stand in my way and neither should anyone else.
    Thanks for the awesome blog post.

  • Hannah Kim

    Thank you so much you are my motivation and inspiration I hope you know this (:

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    I’m basically in love with that quote…

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    not only is my idol absolutely stunning, she is incredibly inspirational too :) i feel like a proud mum.

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    Zoe is my idol and she writes some really inspirational posts! Keep doing what you do Zoe! xx

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    I love posts like these! Glad you’re posting again Zoe :)

    Jemima x

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    I’m so proud of what you have achieved, Zoe. You’re one of the reasons why I started blogging :) and thank you for that.

    All my love. Celeanor ❤️

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    thats beatiful i love things like that it makes me feel better about myself :D thanks zoe i love you !!!!

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    My ‘Epic’ daughter Honor who is 9 and loves watching Zoella with me on YouTube and even made funfetti cupcakes recently. Thank you for being such a good role model,
    Jude x
    (I thought I’d put a photo up but it doesn’t seem to have worked…)

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    zoe i just read this post and i just ended reading your book girl online in brazilian and i really got involved in the story i even cried soo much on that part when penny thinks noah is dating somoene and when i finished reading thid post i rememberd the book

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    What a beautiful post! Thanks for spreading positivity around! :)

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    This is truly a lovely site to be on. It is such a positive place and it amazes me the difference watching one of your videos can make to my mood. I have never watched one of your videos I didn’t like.

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    I love these blogs I am new to and I am enjoying reading these blogs #Zoella4Eva!

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    This is a fantastic and inspirational campaign to get involved with! Well done Zoe, keep up the amazing work!

    Motivation to be truly who you are

    Emma x |

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    I love this so much!! Also ever since I read girl online all I can think about is how happy these comments probably make you and that makes me so happy!!! ❤️

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  • This is such a lovely post Zoe!! Such a positive message :)

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    You just inspired me to start a blog tysm Zoe <3

  • This is such a nice campaign! :) I think it’s nice to see big bloggers/youtubers working with campaigns they actually seem to care about!
    Keep on being awesome!

  • I think the fact that you said it doesn’t still feel like a job all of these years later means everything. <3


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    Thank you so much for your post <3 You' re great person for me <3 Greetings from Poland :)

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    You’ve really made my day

  • Such a fantastic and lovely campaign to be part of. It’s great that we can help and encourage girls (and boys) to be true to their self and we need to spread that message.


    Kelly’s Journal

  • I absolutely adore this post. I watched your vlog where you were talking about this campaign and fell in love with this quote! Thanks for sharing, Zoe! And thank you GAP & Ellen for creating this campaign!

  • The fact that a campaign like this exists and is receiving so much support speaks volumes about where we’re heading as a society, and it makes me SO happy!


  • Ioana Tommo

    Oh my Gosh I needed this so much. I have a blog but I’m not sure about it. I don’t post it anywhere because I’m ashamed and afraid of bullying. Love you Zoe for everything that you are and do !

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    This is so amazing! <3

  • This is amazing Zoe! What a really good campaign this is. Also, all the photos with Nala are so adorable.

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    This is such an important campaign and I think it’s great that people like Zoe are getting behind it! It’s such an inspiration!

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    I’m Loving your new blog! Your posts are so interesting and the pictures above are also so cute!! ly xxxx

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    <3 I love your blog and you are amazing please check out my blog (I am quite young so it's babyish, and by young I mean I'm a young teen) It is
    I love you so much Zoe, you are truly inspirational

  • This is perfect! I’ve struggled with this myself, not daring to do what I’ve wanted to, and you’ve been such an inspiration to get me out of it! When I’ve actually told people: “I like taking photographs” (which for some reason was really hard, I just thought people didn’t see me as that kind of a person that likes to take photos so that it would be this big coming out with “I’m not the person you think I am”) This honestly makes no sense to me right now, what did I mean with “not being that kind of person to photograph”, that’s just crazy! And after everyone thinking it was awesome and great that I’ve found an interest I liked, it just seemed a little bit ridiculous. However, this doubt is there with a lot of other things, and that I’ve actually been scared of doing what I wanted is what’s crazy, therefor it’s so amazing to see one of my biggest inspirations work and engage with this to inspire and help others as well!

  • Fien V.

    This campaign is amazing!
    Don’t let anyone change you and don’t try to follow your friends because you have to do what YOU want to do. Everyone is different and we have to accept that

  • Amber Williams

    I always find these posts so motivating! Ellen has to be one of the coolest people ever I’m so envious Zoe gets to work with her! :O

  • Amber Williams

    Does anyone else find this extremely motivating? I would love to be able to do campaigns like this when I’m older. It’s one of the things I really like about Zoe!

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    I love your blog so much. You are such an inspiration to me!

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    Hi Zoe I’ve just seen your tweet and I understand in going through a bad patch with my panic attacks I was wondering if you had any tips that could help me I’ve only just started to have these it’s new to me and it’s scary do you have any tips that could help me? ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hannah Skinner

    It has anyone got any tips that I could use

  • Keely

    I love the positive message going along in this blog which shows me that I can be anything I want to be. In class today we were talking about what jobs we want to do when we are older. The teacher picked on me and I felt a bit embarrassed because I want to be a baker and start a youtube channel. Even one of my best friends said that being a youtuber is silly because its not a proper job. But now I’ve read this inspiring blog and I’ve seen the campaign every time someone asks me what I want to be and do when I’m older I’m going to tel them, and if they don’t likr that then I don’t care because its my desicion.

  • Thanks for the lovely blog post. Recently I stopped hanging out with some girls who I had to change the way I acted with for them to like me this reminded me I did the right thing. :)

  • Nicole Brooks

    LOVE this and love you!! You’re one of my favorite people I’ve never met! I love your new blog layout too!

  • Hey Zoe, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree, that we, regardless of whethe rwe are girls or boys should be able to do whatever we feel is right without feeling judged.
    I love your new design and I admire your Photography skills. Everything looks so classy and clean.
    I just recently started my own blog and I would be very happy, if some of you checked it out.

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    Laura x |

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    I’m so happy your blog is back! This is such a lovely post. I love Ellen and this is a great cause!

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    i feel like this all the time and ive always felt i still wasnt good enough even for my own friends but now i realise i only have to be good enough for myself thanks so much zoexx

  • Amy Lee Vass

    Zoe u are one of the most inspirational people I have ever know you are the one thing I can always rely on that will put a positive twist on my day if I have had a rubbish one when I get home from school everyday I look forward to opening up my laptop and watching u for hours on end I love u sooo much and keep on inspiring young people to live a positive life xxxx <3 :-*

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  • Really liked the idea behind the campaign! It’s not said enough that girls can do anything! I also think that this links well with Education, especially with Malala.

  • Karis Stretton

    This is a really thoughtfuk blog post, it’s amazing to see someone use their power to spread positivity and comfort throughout the world because everyone deserves the right to feel loved and supported! Love you Zoe keep up the good work! x

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    It’s always important to love yourself! :)

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    I absolutely love your blog, YouTube channel, and your personality. You are so inspiring to a girl growing up like me. It’s so weird to think that someone half way across the earth is the one who keeps me smiling, and saying yes. Thanks for being you Zoe! Love you lots! :)

  • Camille

    i love this post zoe ! i dont know what i want to do when i grow up bujth i feel like i cant do what i want bc poeple are always telling me you should do this or you scouldn’t do this i mean this really upset’s me and i don’t know what to do buth anyways love your blog!!!!

  • Mariah Campbell
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    I have been watching you for a while. I moved to a new state after college to be with my husband. It’s hard with the lack of friends to not be on the internet and I have found myself getting anxiety all the time now. There are so many negative spread everywhere. Anyway, it’s truly refreshing to read what you have posted it give me hope. I’m probably going to start vloging.. i’m getting a new puppy and I want to be able to look back at them! <3 Stay positive friends!

  • Emma Holland

    your blog is such an inspiration to me, you always have beautiful photos!

    I’ve just a started a blog so if anyone has any feedback Id be very grateful –

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    Hi Zoe my name is Hannah I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder and cancer in my brain your are my inspiration of my life and I wanna be just like but I want get the chance
    Thank u so much u made say yes and help not to try and commit suicide and I thank u for that
    Love Hannah xx

  • Kitsy

    This campaign is such a good idea ! I’m at uni right now and teachers put so much pressure on us that it is hard to truly know who we want to be in our future. The most important thing is to be happy with ourselves, so thanks for reminding me that Zoe.

  • Jordyn Trollip

    This is truly amazing! Recently I’ve also been wondering how I can help people, rather than myself. I am now going on a trip to Thailand and Cambodia with my school, where I will do a whole bunch of community service projects! I am so excited and this is such a lovely campaign. This topic is so relatable xx

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    Love this post! Its so true you must always do what you want to do.

  • So glad you restarted your blog Zoe and love this post! Always be true to who you are x

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    This post is really amazing, Zoe. Everyone should do the things they love and are passioned about. No matter what anyone else say!

    Please never stop doing the amazing things you do!

    xx Rebekah Wing

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    Zoe you are such a positive person you make me smile with joy cry with laughter and so much more I just want you to know I really look up to you like a little sibling looks up to there brother or sister you are so pretty nice funny creative but if I named all of them well we would be here for years I might live on the other side of the world from you but that dose not make me any less of how I want to meet you when I got back to England to visit I will be carrying Girl Online every where with me just in case I see you love you Zoe
    If you read this I would be so happy love you Zoe From Bethanyxx

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    PS: I have a blog –

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    I’ll give you an invisible cookie if you do (what a deal! what an offer! quick! snap it up! hehehe jk)

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    I am so happy and proud of you for launching back your blog. Despite living in the UK for about one and half year, back in 2011, I literally discovered your youtube channel about two months ago and I am addicted to it. You are a lovely and so down to earth person Zoe. Keep it that way! Much love

    Lénie xxx

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    This is so lovely! I’m a young teenage girl, and at times other students at school can be really harsh when someone is simply different, and why should we all have to be identical? Everyone is beautiful! Which is why i love this quote, and i hope everyone gets the pleasure of reading this, and embrace life, because really we cant waste precious time pretending to be someone we’re not. Great blog Zoe. Xx

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    thank you so much for this Zoe. You really helped me in a dark time, thank you for always cheering me up and being there xxxx

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    I love how Ur helping out Ur my inspiration and the reason I’m where I am now u help me through bad days and put a huge smile on my face (maybe to huge)and that’s why I love u I follow u even tho u barely know who I am but I know who u are and that’s all I want!

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    Dear Zoella, You are so inspiring to me many people including me mainly because your so full of joy and happines and you spread it like conffeti,and when I have bad days I watch your videos and they usually either make me either cry with laughter or smile with joy even if you don’t ever read this and you probably think who on earth is she I want you to know I love you and your amazing XoXo love from Elina

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    I hate to do a bit of self promotion but it would mean so much if you could check out my blog. I started quite recently and have been updating as often as possible. Please check it out I you have time thank you!!!

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    Sara – She Who Is Short

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    This blog is amazing Zoe, well done, totally worth the wait! I just wanted to tell you that you have been such a huge inspiration to me over the years you’ve been on YouTube. I’ve been subscribed for a while and I always watch you videos. At the end of the day you are just an average person doing something not so average, but I love you for it so much because you have helped me through some tough times and helped me deal with a lot of tough things. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and all of your subscribers and viewers and followers. It means the world to us and I hope you know how much you help us with things that happen in our lives xoxoxoxo

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      You are beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Have confidence in ewho you look as one of Zoe’s good friends would say (Tyler Oakley) DARE TO BE YOU BE UNAPOLEGETIC OF WHO YOU ARE

    • moe.

      omg for a moment i though you were gabby!

  • Zoella you are my inspiration! :) You are very brave and nice person!

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  • this was very inspiring! I myself struggle a lot so i’ve decided to create a blog to kind of express myself! I would love it if you could check it out! :) It would mean a lot and i’ll sure check yours out too

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  • Great organization to be involved with! I can’t wait to get my hands on the line – I’m fortunate enough to be able to squeeze myself into kids clothes still at 20 :P

  • This really reminds me of the Dove campaign recently but this feels so much more ‘real’, its not just a marketing ploy to gain kudos as a brand or boost revenue. Both Zoe and Louise have made such a massive difference to my sister(and me!) when she was going through a really difficult time and I can’t thank them enough for making her see herself as the beautiful, strong young woman I know her to be!

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    I think this is a great campaign, I am a figure skater, and I start at a very young age, and I know that so many people don’t understand why I did it and if it was really worse it, but I had my amazing coach who supported me and never said that I couldn’t give up, she always said “You don’t have to skate and you don’t need to to skate, but you personal want to, because you love it. So if you get the opposite to do it, to do want you love, why would you stop.” and that always help be because none of my friends did it and my parents didn’t want to get up at 5am every Saturday and Sunday morning to drive me there but they did because they knew that ice skating was want I loved to do, and if I hadn’t have had such amazing support from the people who let me be me, I wouldn’t be the same today.

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    This is so sweet Zoe, your amazing person you deserve every good thing coming your way xox

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    This has made my day, feel much better about myself :) x Its so true social mdia can make you feel so down but pls Ive learnt that if you take in the good stuff and forget about the bad stuff life gets so much easier ❤

  • Such a great post. It’s so easy to get bogged down into worrying about what you think you SHOULD be doing instead of doing what you WANT to do!

    Feet Meet World |

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  • I love this post. I love when people point out that you should try to not be pressured by the media and that you have to work hard for things you want. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

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    I have a blog myself that I have just started, You don’t have to but if you wanted to check it out its this link
    I haven’t posted a lot and thank you

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    your blog is literally #goals

  • Renata de Camargo

    Never have I ever commented on here before, but here’s something I thought would be important to share. Back in February I got to meet you, Zoe, at Playlist Live. You were the sweetest person and your meet-up was the best part of my weekend, if not my whole life! Everything was set up in such a relaxing an intimate mood that it did nothing but make me feel all warm up inside (And bonus! Made a few new friends that were sitting on the table with me). I had traveled 13 hours from where I live in Brasil to see you and everyone else there. At the time I knew about your anxiety and panic attack situations. I felt for you but I did not understand what that meant. A few weeks after I came back to my country, I started to feel weird, sad and completely not myself, until I was in the living room with my family and completely panicked, could not feel my stomach or fingers and had to rush to the hospital, where they had to calm me down. I did not know what I was going through and I had never felt like I was about to die or pass out the way I did. For a few months I felt like that all the time, imagining always the worst in situations and feeling afraid of going out and having that feeling again. I never really related what was happening to me to what happened to you, until I did. I have read your book recently, Girl Online, for the first time and I felt like I was reading about myself. The way you described panic attacks and vision towards life in general is the way I have been feeling for so long now. I never went to a doctor to check this because I thought I could handle it myself. The fact is that I couldn’t. But your book did. I have nothing else to do here but THANK YOU for saving me. I always thought I was strong enough alone but for a few months I was not, and now I finally am again because of YOUR words and what YOU (and Penny) went through. Thank you, thank you, thank you (I could keep writing it all my life and it would never be enough)! I am not completely healed, of course, it is a long journey and I don’t think it will go away completely, but I have learned how to control it and now I can finally go out again and not feel like dying. I never say these things to a person “I don’t know”, but I can honestly say I love you. You gave me my life back and that I could never repay you for <3

  • ella soady

    nala is soooooooooooo cute!!

  • Danielle Bell


    I know this has like nothing to do with the blog post but I suffer from self harm. nobody knows i cut apart from a few school friends but i haven’t told my parents or anyone because i’m scared of what they might say if they find out! I cut almost everyday and its really bad I know but I am being bullied for being who I want to be. as crazy as it sounds but its true. I get told I cant do my make up and I need to fix this that and the next thing so as a result I cut. I cut my wrists and thighs using a maths compass or a knife if I can get a hold of one. please Zoe if you read this, please help, I would love if you made a youtube video about this and maybe it would help a lot of other people as well. if you ever read this please, I need help!

    Love Danielle xxx :'(

    p.s I am 12 years old x

  • Tia

    Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say that I’ve just finished reading your book and I found it really enjoyable and pleasant. I must say you did a really good job with your first novel. Even if I’m not a teenage girl any more (sigh!) I keep on struggling with doing things just because of myself and not because of others. I must remind myself every day that I got only one life to live. And if I didn’t live it the way I wanted till now, it’s the very best moment to change it right now. Not next year, not in a week, not tomorrow, NOW!!!
    Please keep up your good work and inspiring other people.

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    Yeah, the world is a scary place for girls to grow up. It hits me right in the heart.

    All the love, Eiren. xx

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    Hey zoe, just here to tell you, all of us support you and we all know that your life is just like anybody else’s and anything YOU post will be greatly appreciated by everybody do vids and things rhat make you!!happy and remember the whole world practicly loves u!! Dont change for anyone else.
    Love you over the Australian rainbow and back ,lizzy☺☺😙😘😚😎😸💪be strong.

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    It’s very close to my heart, so if you’re feeling low or just need some motivation, then you can check out my blog

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    Really love this blog post, but could you do one on starting your own blog maybe? I’ve been really considering starting a blog for a long time now and have really wanted to but just don’t have the confidence and really struggle with caring about what people think about me. Any tips you have for dealing with this? :)

  • Peach

    I absolutely love this sort of post.ive always been big on feminism however I always get a tingly feeling inside me telling me I’m going to get rejected and I’m not good enough.thank you Zoe for showing me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

    Peach xxx

  • This is an amazing cause Zoe! This is going to help so many people including me. Thank you so much!

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  • best smile

    I blog about living with mental health conditions at I’d really appreciate it if you popped along to check it out. I wonder if campaigns like these were around when I was younger, if that would have made a difference to me and my mental health.

  • Olivia

    Zoe, you always brighten my day. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing things right, or if I should change. But then I see posts like these and I realise, all I need do is live life for myself. Thanks xxx

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    Love this. I happen to have played the drums and currently doing ballet haha :)

  • That is such a wonderful cause!


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    you’re so lovely! you are one of the most beautifull and loving person in the world! It should not matter what other people think about you because who you are is so pretty and a lot of people can learn from that. From al your video’s i’ve seen i think that you’re a hypersensitive person. You should look that up. It may help you with your panic attacks. Lots of love xxx <3

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  • Great positive message and it’s so wonderful that you are spreading awareness. And these photos are too cute! x

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    That is such a good saying Maggie because you should always be yourself and nobody else. You should always make an effort to be who you truly are :)

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    You are so inspiring and this post mad my day today. these days its hard to not be yourself so, so many people changes for the worst. I think you make people understand that its okay to be different an to just be them.

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    you inspire me and i wanna be like you someday (“

  • Olga Morderer

    Hi Zoe. I don’t if you will read this comment, but just in case you do I thought it is worth writing it. I also think, it’s sort of in theme with this post. I accidently came across a person who attacked you for not being vegan. Please don’t let it get to you, that is just bullying – you are successful and famous, and this person just using this to get their message across. I personally support veganism and thinking/planning to go in that direction, but I don’t think you can bully people into it. I don’t know much about you, aside from whats out there. Which is probably only a small bit of who you are. But based on all that I admire how you managed to get so far, on your own terms, by working hard and taking advantage of the right opportunities. You have a lot to be proud of, remember that. I also admire that fact that you are not commenting about this whole incident. I fully support you and think its completely right course of action. The less you get involved, the sooner they get bored and move on to bullying someone else… Stay strong! Hugs, Olga

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    Hi! I really LOve your posts Zoe! I have a blog please check it out:

  • Adrianna Johanna

    Love this idea, I wish they also did this for teens/young adults/18y olds and not just young girls because I love the clothes!

    P.s. I have just written a post about setbacks and how to have a positive look on them. Check that out if you need some help/advice :)

  • love these photos, and the campaign initiative too :)

    Mel x

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    Thanks for the inspiring post Zoe! :-) Made my rough day much better really, keep doing what you do! <3 love you loadss xxx

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    i really love this post! it just shows how much you actually care about your younger viewers. i wouldn’t consider myself to be on the younger side of your viewers because I’m 14 almost 15 (which is still really young). but you do inspire so many younger people and i would know because i started watching you when i was 8 or 9 and you are the one who taught me that i needed to stand up for myself. so knowing that you’re 25 and still do care and you understand when girls go through now is so important to me and I’m sure everyone else who looks up to you. :)

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    Your so inspiring, your thoughts enchant me. Your so thoughtful and caring And your the reason I want to start my own YouTube channel. Your amazing!

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    This was a really inspiring post :) I’ve recently been having to face some really horrible problems that I never thought I would have to face and some I thought wouldn’t happen the way they did. I’m not a very strong girl when it comes to dealing with things that worry me. I often watch your videos quite a lot, and I can’t begin to describe how much you actually inspire me. Both you and Alfie really lift my mood up. Today has been a really hard day for me, from waking up with stinging eyes to breaking down crying on the streets. This may seem like I’m writing this for attention but I just want to let you know that when I watch your videos and read your blogs. I stop crying, I feel better. You probably won’t read this and we don’t even know each other personally, but I’d just like to say, thankyou. For uploading videos and blogs and putting a smile on my face when I thought I couldn’t really smile again. You really inspire me and I think you’re amazing. Thankyou xxx

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    The way you write your blogs is inspirational. I hope to be the same! If you want more deep blogs and a deeper read, please head over and check out my blog : Thanks babycakes

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    This is truly very inspiring, I love just going over all your blogs with a cup of hot chocolate <3 Thanks Zoe for always managing to put a smile of my face

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    I like your blog a lot! This blogpost was really lovely and it makes me
    lucky to read it. I think you’re right. We all should be who we wanna

    I come from germany and I have a blog too ( ) It is very very unknown but I like to
    do this so I don’t stop it. The impotant thing is that I have fun with
    it and I like to do this.

    You are a really lovely person. I like it to watch your videos on youtube and read your blog! You are a very inspiring person! Thank you :)

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    how did you create this blog

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    zoella makes me feel proud just for who i am, thank you so much Zoe because I have a scar on my leg and i got bullied in primary school but im slowly getting better.

  • Alisha Batool

    Hey Zoe, I recently read your book Girl Online and I love love love it! Well, actually, I’ve read it several times now! I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a long time but surprisingly, this is the first blog post I’ve seen of yours and I now understand how Pegasus Girl felt about Penny’s blog…xx ;)

  • chelsea<3

    my dream has always been to be a youtuber, I wanted to make it in this world by youtube, and help people who watch my videos, just like watching youtubers did for me. youtube was my escape, my happiness. and I want to be a youtuber to have people be able to watch my videos and escape. lately, ive wanted to post my first video, but ive been very insecure, and also don’t have the right editing supplies for it. people have been bringing me down for wanting to be a youtuber and the negativity is getting to me, I really want to be a youtuber, but im not sure if id make it

  • Kaitlyn

    This is so true, Zoe! I think flaws are what makes us who we are, what makes us beautiful. The cracks within us need to have light shown through them.
    Your biggest fan,
    Kaitlyn. xx

  • Francessca137

    Zoella you are such a big inspiration to me. I love all your vlogs. I am reading Girl Online on tour, I absolutely love it.(BEST BOOK EVER!!). Is there going to be another?? 📚❤️ Thanks

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    Thankyou for always being here, when someone puts as much effort as you to keep the world smiling they deserve true happiness☺️

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    this is such an inspiring post i am in love, i am totally signing up to this campain x !!

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    Love the photography Zoe!
    I love blogging and I write about how to motivate yourself and how to look at things with a different perspective :D

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    I love Zoe’s blogs xx

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    I really love this post and I want to start up my own blog but I don’t think my mum will like the idea of my me writing my posts. She says I am an amazing writer and should try and use it a lot more but i don’t think this is what she meant. I really just want some one who understands what I am going through to help me I get small panic attacks every now and again and my life is a mess I find writing it down helps a lot so if anyone has any advice please share as it will make my life a whole lot better knowing I am not alone.

    Petite etoiles xxx

  • Ayra Farzana

    I really adore your blog Zoella!It’s so true that you can have your own choice and be yourself!You are really inspiring!!!Saltina Turquoise offline!(BTW I cannot wait to hear more about Alexiott!)

  • WG

    I am one of them people who are actually scared of everyone else’s opinion… I’m not popular, pretty or anything like that I’m far from it. But when I read your blog it makes me feel important and that I shouldn’t care of what everyone else thinks. But I find it hard as there’s always that one person that is the prettiest or the most popular. I know popularity isn’t something special but even in my own friend group I feel out of it.

  • Petite etoiles

    Zoella you are a. Inspiration wish I could blog anyone got some tips for me

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    I love your blogs and I love that you want people to be happy and my happy is when I’m reading your blogs or watching your videos your AMAZING and I hope you know that😄

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    I love this kind of post! Really shows your human side Zoe xxx

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    I really like this type of post

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    You’ve got a kind heart. P’s. I’ve never missed one of you YouTube videos and they’re always really happy and positive ( even when your sad 😊 )
    -Lydia online , never going offline 💜

  • A wonderful smile. I really love this!

  • Love this post!! It is such a powerful message! I think people want to pull you away from your dreams if they are too scared to persue their own dreams… it’s sad :( . Your blog is fun and inspiring! I love it!
    Danielle Greco

  • Really love the message of the campaing! Congrats Zoe you are doing great!!! xoxo

    NEW BLOG POST!! Today we´re back with FASHION: “THE KNITTED DRESS STYLES” – Learn how to combine the knitted dress in your daily life with 4 different style that will take you from day to night! More inspiration ready to shop in the blog!

  • Yes!! Love this post! Absolutely, do what makes YOU happy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise :) and as cliche as it sounds, believe in your dreams, there will always be people telling you that you can’t do something, but if you are truly passionate about it, you can really do anything! x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

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    really inspiring!

  • Only you know what feels right, and only you can act upon it

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    you are such an inspiring person Zoe

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    I always love your inspirational posts!! They always seem to come on at the perfect time.

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    xx :)

  • Rock-God-Tastic

    this is a very inspiring post i have had to be friend with people who wanted me to change i have come home crying because theyve spread rumours about me but i didnt tell anyone i told them my dream of becoming a professional dancer like the onces on the x factor stages and theyve just laughed in my face ive been going to dance classes for 6 years now and every time i go there i feel like its my safe place and i agree with you never let anybody tell you what to be and to do in life its not fair on yourself thx so much for posting blog xxxx

  • Dasha

    Zoella, hello. My name is Dasha and I live in Russia.I am currently reading your book”girl online” and I really like.Like any teenager,I had a difficult period in life. And your book inspires hope that soon everything will be fine.Do not pretend to be anyone,and is to be yourself. You inspire and I would like to thank you for this! Love you !!!

  • Amy

    Hi Zoe, someone is accusing me of being a bully and I don’t know what I have done wrong. He went and told my deputy head and I’m scared everyone is going to go against me and hate me! Guess what, I’ve only been there six days and already people hate me. What do I do? xxx

  • Lily Staines

    Hey I have a blog on Instagram and its private but I want to start like this I wanted to know how to do it! Love you you are such a positive person and you speak with power- I want to do that but like penny from girl online be anonymous I really love bloging it’s a good way to get rid of all the horrible thoughts! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sarah Buchanan

    I think the best bit about this and your blog and YouTube channel is the way that you inspire girls (and boys I don’t know!) to be their best possible selves, to be someone that they aspire to be and someone that they can be satisfied and happy with. I don’t know if you intended to achieve that when you first started your online journey but regardless, what you have managed to inspire within a very large group of people is extraordinary and I only hope that you can continue to spread your contagious happiness and joy to more and more people :) Thank you so much for your dedication to your channel and your sincerity to what you say :)

  • kribby jeanette

    Your are such an amazing person. you motivate me to do more than i can imagine, i would lie to start a youtube channel but i don’t know how to tell my parents and i don’t want to tell my friends they are going to be mean and be negative towards me..

  • Chloe Louise

    Zoe, you are an absolute inspiration and so many people look up to you! I loved this post :)

  • It’s so awesome that you continued working on your blog, even when you were discouraged — and now look where it’s gotten you! It’s so important for girls like you to speak out about pushing past negativity to work toward your dreams. Seeing your success after doing so is really inspiring (to girls like me ;)

  • Lucy Ninnis

    You are such an inspiration to loads of people all around the world.I reckon that some people are reading this in the U.K., some people in the U.S.A and loads of other places that you wouldn’t even DREAM of people hearing your name their. If you ever have another time like this then either tell someone or even blog about it if that’s what makes you happy and don’t forget that loads of people look up to you.

  • PetiteLady

    I love all of your blog post.All of them are so inspirational.Love you lots Zoe :)

  • I really needed to read this. I started my blog few months ago, and I am really unsure of it so I stopped for a while. But I really like to share my thoughts with someone. I would like to have an active communication with the readers…
    I am not confident at all about my posts, so I got discouraged. Thanks for this really inspirational post!
    Now I want to keep working on it and improve, maybe someone will read it and like it :)

  • Mia Clark

    Zoë your such an inspiration, thankyou and luv u xx

  • Alexa W

    Dear Zoella,

    About all of the things you described in your Youtube video about Dealing With Anxiety and Panic Attacks has happened multiple times in my life. I guess I just figured it was a panic attack, but I never did any research. I’m not going to tell you how I feel or when I get them because I don’t really think that it’s important for you to know.

    Here’s my issue; I get panic attacks weekly but my Mom refuses to believe me. Sometimes I will need to step away for a bit to regain control of myself and my Mom ends up angry with me. She thinks I’m just trying to cause drama.

    What should I do?

    Note* I wrote this comment on here because I felt like I might have a better chance of a response on here rather then on YouTube if that makes sense. Thanks!

    I understand that Zoe is really busy and has a full life, but if anyone else also has any input that could help me that would be great! I would seriously appreciate it.

    • kaitlyn

      I know this is late to you but i struggle with panic attacks and have for years. I didn’t quite understand what my body was going through until i was 13 in school bathroom screaming and freaking the hell out with a supervisor trying to comfort me and calm me down. I then learned and was diagnosed with panic and severe anxiety disorder. i will be honest, my mother never and has not cared about my anxiety or panics. she will not ever care and I’ve learned to deal with that especially because I’m 21 now and live my own life now anyway. if you have a questionable relationship with your mother, or she really isn’t listening then i highly suggest you seek help in teachers, which is what i did, or counselors or some other trustworthy adult.
      You must learn to breath. Im sure you have heard this before but it is the one of most important strategies to cope. When your feeling chills, shaking, excessively hot, or anxiety coming on another way, pause and take deep breaths. keep breathing until your breathe finally slows and you retain some control of yourself again. Whatever is stressing you and causing your panic, Tell yourself you are okay. its just your ind playing tricks. you’re not dying. you are okay. it will pass.
      patience with yourself is very important. if you’re ever in a public setting have this, if possible go to the restroom or a quiet corner, or stand up straight and BREATH! i find crossing my hands over my chest helps me even more because then i feel the breathing coming in and out. no half assed breathing. make sure you breath through your diaphragm. it expends at every inhale and sinks in every exhale. sorry this is so long. if you have ANY question please just ask me I’m happy to help you. I’ve dealt with this problem for years without any family support and I am okay. Wish you best! If you want to, you can message me on my tumblr,, or just reply. <3

  • Mary

    Dear Zoe,
    keep writing and updating posts like that because they are inspiring and very helpful.All I want to say is a big ”Thank you” and you have to know that I will always support you with my way.
    P.S.sorry for my English :’)

  • MI AT

    zoee you have inspired me so much within the past few months,since i have watched your youuu

  • Maria Sugg

    Zoe, i love your blog so much! And i LOVE you too! <3<3 Like i want to make a blog too! juste for you to what! And i made a video on YOUTUBE. You chode go and which it! I love you so much!And your book is so cute i loved it!!! MY YOUTUBE: maria ceglia
    thank you so much ZOELLA for making me so HAPPY! xxxxx

  • Molly

    Hey, I know this is a post from a rather long time ago, but oh my god. Zoe. I don’t know what you did, but I’ve been feeling kind of down about myself, feeling like I’m doing things wrong. But just by reading multiple posts of yours, I just realised, my life is mine, I can be whoever I want to be. I don’t need to try to impress others, I can smile awkwardly if I want to, I can laugh when laughter isn’t necessary, I can just be me! Just now, I felt so happy. I didn’t know what to do! I turned my music up and sang and danced until I was exhausted. I was so happy that for the first time I actually shed a tear of joy! I’ve never felt like this before! Thank you so much, I think you’ve just turned my life around for the better! I honestly can’t thank you enough. Lots of love ~ Molly Xoxo

  • Taylor Rae

    Zoe, This is amazing. What an inspiring message for girls everywhere! It’s great that you’re using your voice to help charities and others and I think it’s truly the best thing you can do when you’re famous!

    P.S Tell Nala I said Hi! X

  • Very interesting collaboration!

  • Pegasus Girl

    You probably won’t read this, but here goes nothing.

    I’m 11. One of my friendships just died and (although I still have an amazing friend) I sometimes feel really lonely. My mum is a teacher and spends ALL her time at work, my dads hardly ever around because he’s on some kind of business trip and my brothers are too busy to care about what happens to me. I had nothing going for me, until I found your blog. Thank you, so much for reminding me that there is hope, and reminding me to be who I am. I can’t thank you more for that. – Pegasus Girl xxx

  • CuteSalad

    Zoe! You really are a true inspiration! I suffer from panic attacks and have had a rough time with bullies too. There is certain things that make me go “It’s your life not theirs” and one of them is you; your blog and your YouTube channels. TYSM! The content is so so helpful and you should be very proud of yourself. And the biggest lesson I learnt, ignore the negativity and don’t let it get to you. CuteSalad x

  • Aww, i love this post, you really hit the nail on the head! Thankfully i had wonderfull supportive parents growing up and the idea that i couldn’t be whatever i wanted to be just never even crossed my mind. Though not everyone is as lucky as me and a quick look around the various social media sites can bring a tear to the eye. It’s a wonderfull thing you are doing and i hope that it proves to be a mahoosive success, good luck!

  • Nadelle

    This is amazing! What am I saying they are all amazing!
    Please feel free to check out our blog


    Hey Zoe and anyone who reads this I am new to this blog but my friends think Zoella is a waste of time doing this with her life! But I think what Zoe is doing is great and I really take u as an inspiration! I hope you continue and I will continue to read! Any blogs anyone wants me to read I will! Xxx

  • Sarah

    Hi Zoe, I find this post really inspirational and feel as though I will benefit from it. I am always hiding behind a coating and not doing something because I’ve been discouraged. I am nearly thirteen and feel like I’m always known for my family or who I am friends with and now I feel as though I could be more myself and take part in more things. I feel as though your books and blog posts help me a lot because I can relate to them so much. I would have been so afraid to show my friends who I am under the coating before, but now I can go into school and be who I am without worrying because I know that my life is my life and if they don’t like that then they aren’t true friends. Thank you for brightening my day and showing me that I don’t have to be who people want me to be.
    From Sarah xx

  • Sabrina

    hi Zoe, I live in Russia, I read your first book “Girl online” I loved it, that girl penny is very much like me in her life, too, there awkward moments. Thank you for the blog and for the book do, you’re the best)

  • Shibby Sparkles

    hey guys , my new blog is up please check out

  • Zoe, you’re such a wonderful person and you deserve so much. You/re so successful, kind, beautiful and an inspiration to so many people across the world, myself being one of them. I love you and this post, thanks for being amazing xxx

  • Music Charm

    Omg Zoella, I can relate to what you said about people discouraging you. I am 11 now and well, I play the Steelpan and teachers in my school actually discourage me and try to prevent me from doing what I love. Even though they are my teachers, this post has encouraged me to not take them on and do what I love. Thank you so much for this post. Would it be too much to ask you to write a post about boys? Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

  • Nala looks so cute in these pics!! 💗💗 go girl power!!! 💕❤️