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Ever since visiting Mykonos, I have also wanted to visit Santorini. There is something I really love about Greek Islands with their winding little towns with cobbled streets and beautiful white and blue buildings. I visited Santorini last week with my friends Tanya, Jim, Marcus & Niomi and my boyfriend Alfie and we stayed for a week. It was absolutely stunning. The view we had from the hotel was honestly breath taking every morning I woke up and sat and had breakfast. It was so lovely to get away and have some non-internet time (the wifi was terrible – but that turned out to be a good thing for me). On one of our first nights we visited a little restaurant called Kathros Lounge which was rated very highly on trip advisor and we watched the sunset whilst eating amazing tapas style food. This was probably one of my favourite restaurants of the stay. 
The night after this we all headed into Fira and wandered around, where we happened to stumble upon a shop called “kissing fish” and yes, the fish kissed our feet. I’d never had this done before but I really wanted to try it, it was just that everywhere I had seen this being done looked very unhygienic but this however, was completely lovely. We washed our feet beforehand and the place was very nice and clean. I handled this better than Alfie who struggled to keep his feet in the water as the fish nibbled away at his toes. It felt like little bubbles or pins and needles, very strange but would totally do this again as I did notice a difference in my feet afterwards. The boys also managed to find some frozen yoghurt and greek gelato (personally one of my favourite things about being away – the gelato is AMAZING). Fira was a very busy town, with small streets and lot’s of people, but very beautiful all the same. 

  1. The food looks absolutely amazing Zoe! So do you Tan and Niomi!

  2. Amy B

    looks like you had a great time! It looks lovely there <3

  3. Looks like you all had a fab time! It looks beautiful there, would love to go sometime ❤

  4. Jo

    wow!! amazing!!! I soo would like to go there. The "kissing fish" thing seems so good! I would absolutely try it.

  5. Klar

    I love this post! Amazing photo <3

  6. Wow the view looks spectacular! Looks like you guys had lots of fun and you totally deserved it! xx
    Visiting Greece is now my number one aim!

  7. This looks like such a beautiful place – I haven't been to Greece since I was a lot younger, and can't really remember much about it! (That photo of you and Alfie is so cute!!)

    Hope you enjoyed your break away!

  8. Stunning pictures! ♡ Thank you for sharing your trip memories with us! I can't wait to see more. Lots of love from Romania x

  9. The food looks delightful! I love having gelato on vacation, makes it so much better!! :)

  10. WOWS

    I've just been there this summer and I have enjoyed it a lot! Amazing island….also Naxos is great!
    Have you seen my pictures from Santorini and Naxos that I published just few days ago on my blog?

    Kisses from

  11. Rosie W

    Looks stunning :) I am off to Zante in a few weeks, never been to any Greek island before so hope it's as lovely as Santorini

  12. Greece is SO beautiful. I was lucky enough to go a few years ago. Definitely one of my favorite places in the world! :) Did you see random cats everywhere you went, too?

    JB Itinerary

  13. Such beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a lovely time, I love Greece too, Santorini looks absolutely amazing!

  14. The views are beautiful

  15. Every single picture is stunning in this post! I really feel the need to go here now or just to go on holiday! Looked so amazing :)

  16. Stefany

    You girls are glowing! Everyone looks so happy and the place looks like from a fairy tale. So pretty!

    xx from Copenhagen
    Black Irony

  17. These pictures are so lovely and I'm glad you had such a nice time! :) I'm determined to visit Santorini (or Mykonos) some time in the near future, there's nothing like Greek food or Greek views!

  18. I have been dying to visit the Greek islands for a while and now definitely need to start planning. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  19. How lovely! I would love to go there someday!

  20. Such gorgeous pictures! It looks lovely. Hope you had an amazing time!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  21. Goodness gracious, this sounds like it was an amazing adventure. Ahh, kissing fish, how cool! I always wondered what it would feel like to let them nibble on my feet. ^-^

  22. So painful to watch someone enjoying summer when outside your window is autumn and non-stop rain

  23. This looks like such a beautiful vacation! And ooooh I don't know how I would do with fish nibbling my feet :) hehe! Glad you did well! Cool that it helped your feet! I never knew if I should believe if it actually helps, but it sounds like it does! Those pics of you and Alfie are sooo cute! And you and Niomi and Tanya all look like you're having so much fun! It's great to get away sometimes :)


  24. Beautiful xoxo

  25. Patrisz

    Amazing photo.! :D You and Alfie look soooooooc cute.!


  26. I really want to go to Greece next year with my parents. It's their 25th anniversary and it would be a great gift for sure.

  27. I live in Greece and I am Greek and I feel so proud that you came here and you liked it because no one really recognises our country even though it's beautiful.I've been to Santorini too and it was the best holiday ever,I had so much fun.I hope you visit Greece again.Love you <3

  28. The Greek Islands are always so breathtakingly gorgeous and beautiful! What a source of inspiration! Love your photos and I am excited to see more from your trip to Santorini! <3

  29. Minnie

    Can't wait to read the second part of your vacation :) The pictures are so beautiful. Very well taken photos. You look absolutely amazing, Tanya and Niomi as well. THe View looks really nice and romantic. I don't know about the kissing fish :D I think I would be like Alfie ^^"
    Yor skirt is so pretty :) You have a great sense of style :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  30. That that looks like an amazing place, I love you, Tanya and Niomi all exactly the same. You are my idol and Example when posting my blog posts. Hope you had a fantastic time..


  31. I absolutely love the photos! I love to read about your adventures and I think it can be hard to put yourself out there so much :) I understand why you didn't want to vlog your trip, so I appreciate this post very very much! <3

    Berry The Blue

  32. This place looks amazing!!:)

  33. The pictures look so fun! I'm heading to St. Lucia tomorrow and your recap is making me even more excited! Greece is a place I've always wanted to go. Thanks for sharing!


  34. Your vacation looks so lovely! i've always wanted to visit Greece! You're getting such great color!


  35. Nadiaa

    That picture of you and Alfie, soooo cute <3

  36. Debbi T

    Wow, it looks like an amazing holiday!!

  37. Vera A

    Looks amazing! Beautiful pictures :)

  38. Anne

    Everyone sure did have a really good time! I broke into laughter at your photo with Alfie and the doctor fish. His feet were up! I've tried it before too and although it felt ticklish they did feel great. We even call it fish spa here in the Philippines. According to the posters I've read they nibble on dead skin and dirt on your feet.

  39. Amy

    Love these photo's! You look amazing

  40. I'm so jealous! Santorini looks like heaven on Earth, and you had the best company. Your pictures are amazing!

    Helen x // Beautiful Curiosities

  41. Emzi

    Looks so beautiful!

  42. I just read Niomi's blog post and yours too! I wish I could go there! Arghhh, it looks so gooood!!

    Love, Katrina

  43. Glad you had a great time, the view is breathtaking!

  44. Santorini haw been my dream holiday for a while now, I'd really love to go.
    If anybody is struggling with deciding whether to go to uni or not then please read my latest post :)

    can't wait for tomorrow' post Zoe :)


  45. Veru

    Ooou beautiful photos! :) I would like to try kissing fish :)

  46. Veru

    Ooou beautiful photos! :) I would like to try kissing fish :)

  47. Wow! That really looks like a dream holiday! I wanna go there! (:

  48. that ice cream though!! all the pics look amazing!x

  49. Sarah

    Awww, look at that cat! Adorable. Sounds like you guys had an AMAZING time! Lovely photos and as always you look beautiful :) xx

  50. Such a beautiful location!! You all look great & I really adore the photos <3

  51. beautiful pictures :)

    emily xx

  52. Santorini looks absolutely gorgeous! I've been to Greece every year for my whole life and I love it more every time I go, it's so photogenic and everything about it is lovely x


  53. Santorini looks like such a beautiful place, what a great to visit !

    Andrea //

  54. I was just saying the other day how much I want to go here! It looks so beautiful. Also, what a gorgeous looking lot you are! :)

  55. Jade W

    Aw some brilliant photos here – you all look radiant and so so content, beautiful thing to see!

    Jade x ♡

  56. Looks amazing :) Would you mind telling us how your hotel was called? It looks beautiful there :)

  57. Beautiful photos! Wow, now I want to go there so badly!~ :)

    ieyra | babysoulz

  58. Amelia

    I'm very envious, Santorini is somewhere I've wanted to go for years. It looks absolutely stunning, almost magical.
    Lovely photos :) Glad you had a nice break.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  59. LOVE the pictures there so pretty!!!

    Such a good blogpost!!!

    I saw you had a chill box I love chill boxes I had one when I went to Greece.

    I love your blog its so inspiring!!!!

    Mia x

  60. That looks amazing! Santorini is now on my travel list.


  61. I envy you so much!! I've been to Athens but never to the Greek islands. Every picture is gorgeous. I guess you had lots of fun. I'm glad :)


  62. these pictures are gorgeous, i'd love to go to Santorini!
    s x

  63. What apartment did you stay at? :)

  64. This is absolutely beautiful!!! I really do hope that I have this much fun and get to experience things like this when I'm older, I can't wait till tomorrow to see part 2!!!! Ps. To anyone that might possibly be reading this comment I have a blog with my best friend (Chloe) and its we have something exciting that we are announcing soon and we love to check out other people's blogs that read ours! We only have a few posts up but that's because we are just starting and we will be moving onto something a bit bigger ;) love Ran from Ran and Chlo

  65. you trip looks magical!
    I just got back from Germany – Europe is such a beautiful hunk of land!
    from Marlee and You

  66. Looks amazing !

  67. Wow! this place is just absolutely beautiful! I'll be waiting for more photographs from there!



  68. Glad you had a nice time away Zoe. I visited Santorini a few years ago and absolutely loved it! It's such a lovely little island. Thanks for sharing some of your photos with us, it looks like you had a fun time! :)

    Joanne |

  69. does anyone know what kind of camera she used?

  70. Those pictures make me want to fly to Santorini now! Wonderful :) Lucky girl!
    I'm also new to this word of blogging, so it would mean a lot to me if anyone checked out my blog and followed? Thanks:))

  71. Such a beautiful place! I just love the friendship you guys have, it looks like you had a great time!

    Messing With A Dreamer

  72. Amazing photos!

  73. Andrea

    Beautiful pictures Zoella :)

  74. The pictures are amazing!

    I also started a blog since i loved yours zoe
    I'm still a newcomer but I love it
    check it out if you want? any tips or criticism would help hahaha x

  75. Every time I see photos of Greece, I want to book a one way ticket and spend a few years on the islands! I think I would eat the greek gelato for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Monica @ Mocha and Moccasins

  76. Look at that sunset! Absolutely beautiful.
    I'm going to Santorini next summer so I'll definitely check out the "Kathros Lounge" – I love tapas!
    Fab post Zoe :D
    ~ Laura x

  77. I'm Greek so one of my life goals is to get over to Greece! Living in the States makes it hard, so I'm totally jealous that you all can head over there so easily! It really is a gorgeous place and our food is the best. :)


  78. Amazing photos :) You and all of your friends are gorgeous. I have been to greece twice! Please follow me on twitter @laurenevepickin. Thanks :D

  79. Great pics, Zoe!
    I tried the "kissing fish" thing last year in Thailand, there they called it dr. fish. It was the most ticklish thing in the world! I am very sensitive on my feet and it took me pretty long to get used to it.
    A friend of mine took a picture of me while doing it and it became one of my favorite. Just me giggeling and laughing. I love how a moment in my life was captured in such an "honest" situation.
    Am I making any sense? Probably not..

    Anyways.. Hello from Austria!

    – Viennaroo

  80. Looks like you all had an amazing time! The pictures are beautiful! <3

  81. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, it looks like you had an amazing time! Santorini is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. Looking forward to your next instalment! :) xx

  82. Your pictures are lovely Zoe!! Also, I am very glad you and Alfie are together because I ship you both as hard as the first time you made a video together :')

  83. Aww the pictures of you all together are so cute<3

  84. - Karen

    You all look so happy! I'd love to visit Greece one day :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  85. I was lucky enough to visit Santorini this summer as well and I know what you mean! The Greek islands have a way of leaving you speechless and turning you into a storyteller afterwards. It was by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, I'm glad you enjoyed your stay! You look amazing and happy in every picture and that's the most important part.
    The Hopelessly Optimisitc

  86. Going here next week as my brother is getting married out there, it's such a beautiful place, seeing these pictures has made me even more exited :) xo

  87. Oooh, it looks beautiful! Santorini is on my wish list of places to go, possibly next summer…

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  88. It makes me sooo happy watching you be happy:-) I love reading about your life and your adventures, it seems like you're one of my friends:) xxx

    Charlotte x


  89. bee.

    All my favourite youtubers together :D I love you pictures, they're awesome :3

  90. Abi S

    Such lovely photos! The ice cream looks amazing and the sunset does too! I've always wanted to have those little fish nibble my feet haha! Abi :) MyW0rldMyView

  91. Ruth

    Wow, is this life, or is this a dream? So nice to see such young beautiful people. I just wish I was there too (creeper!). :)

  92. Sounds really lovely and your pictures are amazing! I'm glad that I've already visit Santorini eventhough I was a little bit younger and probably didn't aprpreciate it as much as I would now…I would really like to go there again.

  93. Soantorini looks AMAZING!!! I wish I could visit the Greek Islands someday. You look so happy and beautifull :)

    Debasree // All She Needs

  94. It looks beautiful! Hope you had a fabulous time. I would love to go here after seeing your photos.x

  95. Looks like such a beautiful place and like you had such a good time!

  96. Santorini looks so beautiful, I'd love to go. And you look gorgeous! xx

  97. Dorota

    sooooooooo beautiful!

  98. Amanda

    This looks incredible!!! I want to go to Greece so bad! & eat all the hummus ever, haha.

  99. Completely ADORE the "family photo" – so much warmth and happiness radiating out of it.

  100. Can't wait to hear more about your trip! I'm going to Santorini for a week in a couple of weeks with my boyfriend and I just can't wait. (:

    xo, Liina

  101. This looks so stunning. Definitely going on my places to visit in the future list!x

  102. The photos are amazing. Actually, I live in Greece and I've been to Santorini, the place is amazing. And I can't help but fangirling knowing that you guys visited my countly, I love you all xx ☼

  103. Sophie

    You and Alfie look soooooooo beautiful together <3

  104. Hope you liked my country ♥♥ Love you

  105. ZOE OMG!! You and Alfie are cute as hell together, and the pictures you have taken are gorgeous!!! I know that you probably won't read this but I would love it if you did! I just wanted to tell you that your vidoes/blogs etc have literally inspired me so much ever since I have started following them, you brighten my day every single time!! I feel like we would genuinely make the best of friends, and get along so well, and if i ever got the chance to meet you it would make my life!!!

  106. I really love the photo's! Aaand..I absolutely love you and Alfie :)

  107. Chloë

    Wow, the photos look amazing! It looks like you had a lovely time :)


  108. OMG Me and my family have always wanted to go Santorini, but its always that bit more expensive! haha. We have been going to Crete instead, still beautiful and really good holiday, they have Chill Box too! I loved it soooo much, such a good frozen yoghurt store :P

  109. Looks like you had a fun time! I studied abroad in Rome last semester, and unfortunately, never made it to Santorini (or Greece for that matter). I'm living vicariously through your photos. =)

  110. anna s

    you all look so happy! lovely to see :) xo

  111. Looks lovely!!

  112. one of the country i want to visit someday! ♥

  113. Lucy M

    All your pictures are really sweet :) Glad to see you're having an amazing time.
    Lucy x

  114. Jana

    Beautiful little island. Would love to go there one time!
    The pictures really show that you had a lovely time!

  115. Wow, these pictures are breathtaking. One of my good friends and her husband are there right now. I've always wanted to do the Kissing Fish thing, they had it in London but I was too scared to try it. Maybe next time.

  116. Greece looks so beautiful. I want to go so bad! It looks like y'all had an amazing time

  117. beautiful photos ♥ You and Alfie are so perfect together

  118. ValKsiu

    Aw, looked like you had a great time Zoe! It is simply not possible to take a bad picture in Santorini, it is too stunning. We went to Santorini this summer too, check out the pictures on our blog :P X

  119. me

    Santorini it's a wonderful island!!!

  120. The scenery is soo beautiful, I'm utterly jealous! This has definitely reminded me I need to go on holiday before the winter months settle in <3

  121. Petra

    you guys look so great :3
    all these pics are making me want to visit Greece so much!!

  122. Rona

    Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun! x

    Rona from threepinkcats

  123. Santorini looks amazing ! :D

  124. Santorini is one of the places I would love to go with someone special :)

    Joanne Catherine, My Pretty Mess

  125. Lovely blogpost, Zoe! I love the pictures especially the second one, looks awesome. But my favorite is the one, where you and Alfie are laughing together, I love this. xx

    Also, I'd like to try out the fish thing, sounds so funny how you described it. :D

    Lots of love,

  126. I love your blog! I have a blog of my own but I don't know how to get more views 😓 any tips??

  127. The photo of the six of you together is so nice, looks like you all had an amazing time! Particularly love your skirt too :) xx

  128. if you like greece and greek islands try skiathos it is small island just off the mainland and it is just so calm and peaceful. it is my favorite holiday destination and it is just brilliant. i think from listening to you that you would find it just as amazing as i do. xxxxxx

  129. Ying

    PIctures look amazing :) seems like you had such a great time at such a beautiful place~

    Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a lovely day! ♥


    X x X x X

  130. Omg this looks amazing! I'm glad you had a nice time!
    I also have a blog where I talk about my life and stuff… take a minute to check it out??

  131. Everything looks so pretty and it looks like you had such an amazing time! It sounds like so much fun going on a trip as three couples!! (if that makes sense without sounding strange)

  132. Santorini has been on my list of places to visit and these photos make me want to visit it even more! It looks so beautiful :D
    I love all the photos, looks like you were all enjoying yourselves :D looking forward to part 2 :)

  133. The photographs are all so beautiful! It looks like you guys had an amazing trip; you all look so happy! I hope I'll get to visit Santorini some day as well(: xo

  134. What camera were you using to take such beautiful pictures?

  135. The photo's are amazing! Makes me want to visit Santorini so much. Hopefully one day I can!

  136. Beautiful photos! I am so happy you and Alfie are together, you deserve a good relationship and it seems like its amazing!

  137. these pictures are so gorgeous-you and alfie are such a beautiful couple!! i cant wait to see more :) xx

  138. Zoe I absolutely love you and well everyone else who sent on the trip ;). And these pictures are beautiful it is my dream to go to Greece! It is just so beautiful and I love it so much, and also I wanted to say how happy I am to see you are doing more daily vlogs!! I know you may not see them as interesting but I surely do! I can't wait to watch them everyda, how I wish I could meet you some day but I probably wont have the opportunity so I am glad we still have youtube where I can see at least 20 minutes of your life. I love you :) <3

  139. These were a lovely pictures of you guys! It looked like you had so much fun and a break that you really needed. plus, the place is SO beautiful. Love you all ♥
    x Rita ( A fan all the way from youtube to blogging haha)

  140. Perfect pictures! I loved the bikini photo you had on Instagram! Gorgeous!

  141. I am so excited about all the blog posts you will be posting about your holiday. I can't wait to see more stunning photos and hear what you got up to. I loved reading this post and looking at all gorgeous photos, every single one of them made me smile, especially the photos of you all. Can't wait for the rest! xx

  142. I really like how your pictures really capture the moment that you were in! The photography is gorgeous! One thing I really enjoy about this blog post and many others is how descriptive you are in telling us about what you experienced. Your writing is truly amazing! Although, it didn't seem you were descriptive in the #ZoellaBeauty post :) But that's ok because we know we'll find out about it soon! Haha!

  143. These photos are amazing Zoe ! Holy, I want your camera hahaha so jealous it looks amazing there… now I really want to go to Santorini too ahhh ! I'm sure you guys had an amazing time. That photo of you and Alfie cuddling is my favorite thing ever.


  144. OMG Santorini, my dream place to visit

  145. It looks absolutely beautiful! I will have to look into going there myself ! Xx

  146. Beautifull pictures! I also visited Greece this summer! I visited Crete! I love Greece, it is so pretty over there!

  147. You have made me want to pack up my bags and head to Santorini straight away! It'll be on my list for next year I'm sure!

  148. The pictures are totally amazing. Enjoy your trip with yours friends Girl !
    Love Ya. Xo, Elodie

  149. Looks so stunning! Definitely seems worth visiting, glad that you had a lovely time too, breaks from Wifi and life are definitely needed every now and then!

    <a href=">The Vintage Clothing Collection Blog</a>

  150. Wow! How amazing! Your trip looked incredible and especially shared with special people. Lucky, lucky girl!

    I can't wait to read your book!!! (and see more on the greek islands obviously!)

  151. nueyork

    Santorini is such a beautiful city. Everything about the Greek islands is magical!

  152. Nessi

    This post was really cute. Especially the pictures were so amazing. I loved the lovey-dovey pictures of you and alfie :) I believe that capturing these beautiful moments is very important.
    Take care, Zoe :)

  153. Zoe, I absolutely love your blog, youtube videos and your vlogs. You're such a down to earth girl and a inspiration. I've got my own beauty blog where I write my opinions on products as well as talking a bit about my little bubble. Please check it out guys and give me a follow!

    Lulu-Megs xox

  154. This place looks absolutely amazing! I went to Crete this summer and it was beautiful too. It would mean the world if you'd check out and follow my Fashion and Beauty Blog:

  155. i can't wait for today's, I'm waiting, and not particularly patiently

  156. It looks lovely there

  157. I just love Greece! This summer I did Naxos, Syros and Ikaria. Naxos and Syros are a bit touristic which I didn't enjoy as much as Ikaria. I know Santorini and Mykonos are very "famous" and Santorini is supposed to be beautiful but if you really want to discover what is a Greek island you should go to Ikaria. It's starting to get touristic, like, I went 7 years ago nobody knew english but this year some of them did (in restaurants/hotels mostly). And you need a car in Ikaria, it's basically a huge mountain. But it's so pretty and simple and relaxing. Their moto is "siga siga" which means "slowly slowly" ahah… Sorry if you don't care, it's just so amazing I made it my mission to talk about it whenever I can! Also Naxos is not that bad. The "big" city is absolutely amazing! Loads of small streets and even a small castle! ANYWAY. Greece yay! I'm excited can you tell ahah

  158. Zoe!! You're one of my biggest inspirations and the reason why I started my blog. I aim to help out teenagers with teen issues and would really appreciate it if you could take a look!
    Keep doing what you're doing :) xx

  159. Ahhh Santorini is my dream vacation destination! I really hope to visit Greece one day! Looks like you guys had so much fun, and how cute are you and Alfie together?? Can't stand it!! hahaha wish you both lots of happiness <3

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  160. Sofie

    I have been last year to Santorini. It's the most beautiful place I have ever been! I am hoping to go back there some day. It loos like you had an amazing time. Pretty pictures! I love the skirt you're wearing in the pictures with alfie it looks really unique and ballrinaish!

    Love Sofie

  161. Lovely photos Zoe! Santorini is really close to Turkey which is where i live and is on my list for places to visit :) So glad you all had a bit of relaxing time and had fun. Maybe your next holiday spot will be somewhere in Turkey :D


  162. Such a picture perfect place, it looks amazing! May I just add how perfect you two look as a couple, good on you and your happiness.


  163. Neonila

    She's using a Canon EOS 600D ^ x ^

  164. Gorgeous pictures Zoella! You really captured the Greece ambiance very well :)
    I've been on Crete this summer, they have the Chillbox there too!! Unfortunately I didn't try one.

  165. Perfect photos :) And you're so sooooo beautiful :3 and Alfie is very cute ;)♥

  166. That picture of you and Alfie hugging is so cute! ^_^

  167. I love your outfit! And that cat looks a LOT like mine, hehe x

  168. Laura.

    You look wonderful Zoe and the views look stunning, I am beyond jealous! What better way to spend your holiday with your closest friends aswell! Glad you had a great time and shared it with us. I look forward to Part 2! :) All the best xx

  169. Loved this post, I absolutely love your youtube channel and blog ♥♥

    It would mean a lot to me if you guys checked out my blog and followed? I feel so uncomfortable self-promoting but I'd love some people to share my thoughts with and chat/exchange thoughts with! It would mean a lot to me.
    Come have a look! ♥


  170. The post is really lovely. It sounds like you guys had an amazing time. Love the pictures of the wonderful nature of Santorini :)

  171. Saloca

    That looks like such a pretty and relaxing place, I'd love to visit some of the Greek islands some day, they just look so chilled out! Everyone needs a holiday like that once in a while when life just won't STOP and SHUSH! You all look so happy and chilled out! Holiday working it's magic!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  172. Beautiful photos! Looks like so much fun, makes me want to smile! :)

  173. Beautiful place and amazing photos!!! Thanks for sharing with us!! <3

  174. Ever since I saw Santorini on Keeping Up With The Kardashians I've wanted to go so badly. It looks incredible! x

  175. This was a great post. Beautiful pictures, looks amazing!! Greece is definitely on my list of places I want to visit, I hope to visit one day soon!

    I just started a blog too, check it out follow or comment! :)

  176. You all look amazing <3!
    Santorini looks like such a beautiful place!
    It's good that you all had a lovely break away :)
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  177. Brilliant photos – looks like you had an amazing holiday with your friends! I love the photos of you and Alfie :)

    Frankie x

  178. No way are fish nibbling my feet but the rest of the trip looked beautiful!!!

  179. It looks like you guys had a great time! I've always wanted to go to Greece – it is such a gorgeous country! Your view from the hotel definitely shows it! All of the food looks amazing as well, especially the gelato :) Lovely photos and post! :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  180. This looks like the perfect place to relax and let your mind run free. Love the pictures and your blog post Zoe !!!

  181. Love the photos…looked like a fun trip. I did struggle seeing them though, through the add banner that chose to stay in the middle of my screen :(

    Love to see all your smiling faces. They all look like such great friends.


  182. JenTea

    Ah Zoe, I always wanted to visit Santorini as well! I've just come back from a trip to Italy and I loved it! Venice was my favorite because of the canals and the small, cobbled stoned streets :) Beautiful photography by the way! You guys look lovely! Sorry if I commented twice, I don't know where my last comment went so I thought might as well comment again!

    Jen xx

  183. Where would you like to visit next? Xo

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