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Ever since visiting Mykonos, I have also wanted to visit Santorini. There is something I really love about Greek Islands with their winding little towns with cobbled streets and beautiful white and blue buildings. I visited Santorini last week with my friends Tanya, Jim, Marcus & Niomi and my boyfriend Alfie and we stayed for a week. It was absolutely stunning. The view we had from the hotel was honestly breath taking every morning I woke up and sat and had breakfast. It was so lovely to get away and have some non-internet time (the wifi was terrible – but that turned out to be a good thing for me). On one of our first nights we visited a little restaurant called Kathros Lounge which was rated very highly on trip advisor and we watched the sunset whilst eating amazing tapas style food. This was probably one of my favourite restaurants of the stay. 
The night after this we all headed into Fira and wandered around, where we happened to stumble upon a shop called “kissing fish” and yes, the fish kissed our feet. I’d never had this done before but I really wanted to try it, it was just that everywhere I had seen this being done looked very unhygienic but this however, was completely lovely. We washed our feet beforehand and the place was very nice and clean. I handled this better than Alfie who struggled to keep his feet in the water as the fish nibbled away at his toes. It felt like little bubbles or pins and needles, very strange but would totally do this again as I did notice a difference in my feet afterwards. The boys also managed to find some frozen yoghurt and greek gelato (personally one of my favourite things about being away – the gelato is AMAZING). Fira was a very busy town, with small streets and lot’s of people, but very beautiful all the same. 

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  • Naamah

    I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
    it looks so amazing!
    and you have no idea how much I want to meet you and you are such an inspiration<3
    everyone knows how much I love you xx
    so just keep being your amazing self :)
    please reply!!!!!!!xxxxx

  • ValkyrieXMystique

    sounds like an amazing time

  • Molly

    I’m so happy that you are back!! Since you’ve been gone, I’ve been struggling to find quality blogs to read.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and my friends.
    You are beautiful and keep doing what you love.

  • Elizabeth Tear

    I love this! Its great to see you all being able to relax, I’m sure it must have been amazing!❤

  • Your hair is soo long! Love the photos!

  • Lola Lincoln

    when are you going to visit your po box

  • Evdokia Samara

    Zoe maybe next summer you can visit an island of the Ionian sea!!! Zakinthos, Corfu or even Kefalonia! They are all something more then beautiful!

    • Maria Morearty

      Yeah, the beaches in Zakinthos are beautiful

  • Katie Ralston

    Next summer you should go to Rhodes, it’s absolutely gorgeous and the people are lovely xoxo

    • Katherine Raynor

      Yes definately Rhodes. I’ve been to greece twice and both times we went to Rhodes.

    • Booklover Kirsty

      yeah definitely its beautiful

  • Katja Roth

    lovely pictures! wish we were there… we love ur new design!

  • Leah B

    Such a good photo <3

  • paris strong

    that place is almost as amazing as you are ILYSM

  • Emma

    Gorgeous!!! :D

  • simplyella

    zoe you are so beatiful and i love you so much i watch all ur vids and i love them if yu read this message then can you mention it s a video luv u

  • Rachael

    I’m going to Edinburgh in November the German markets are always busy, I love it thought as its getting near to Christmas 😊

  • Crystal

    I wish I was there

  • Carly Setzer

    Definitely want to go to Greece!!!!!! It looks so beautiful!!

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  • AnibaeAsh

    I adore the photo of all of you together! You have such a lovely eye for photos Zoe x

  • Naksha Ram

    Adding this place to my bucket list now. These pictures are amazing! Absolutely love them!:)

  • It’s hilarious looking through these pictures of sunny Greek islands while the snow falls on your blog!

    • hahaha I was thinking the exact same thing whilst reading this post :D

    • Thea

      hahahah same

    • Frances Gail Gurrea

      Haha. True.

  • anyone know which camera she uses? im going on holiday soon and would like a good camera as these photos are gorgeous xxxx

  • Frances Gail Gurrea

    I always wanted to go to Greece but that would cost a lot of money so congrats on getting to explore the Greek islands, Zo!! :) ;)

  • Cara Curtis

    Lovely photos! maybe check out my blog? xx

  • Bethany Irwin

    This post makes me so happy

  • The views were all beautiful.

  • Michaela Sigourney Manning

    Ummmm, that second picture?!? That panorama is something out of dreams!

  • Joyce Gabriel

    This place is too beautiful for words! We picked Santorini as our wedding destination Everything was great. Island is truly amazing and our photos are unforgettable)) Hope you enjoyed your holidays too!

  • Shibby Sparkles

    Looks like the most incredible trip, Santorini has been on my list of places to go as well as mykonos for ages now!