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  • abbie collyer

    Love your products

  • Aishwarya Gopal

    OMG Zoe! i know you’ll never see this but i just want to say that i love you and that you have been such an inspiration to me.. Thank You For Everything.

  • Katie

    I love you so much

  • Mimi Floss

    This is soooo amazing!! My mum is creating a skin care too, so this is amazing to see that you are! You are my idol and I love you sooooooooooo much!!!! Thanks for doing what you do and for making me happy!!

  • Yuli

    if someone is reading tthis, you could you tell me if her products are good? i really wanna buy them, but i wanna know if its good you know ! thanks

  • Sian Ashburn

    Zoe if you manage to read this I just want to say that, don’t stop what you are doing because you make every one happy and you extremely inspirational- someday I want to do vlogging and without you I will never forfill that dream so from me and quite a lot of other people THANKYOU !!!!!!

  • Maisie Gilpin

    Hi, i was so excited when your range came out and even more excited when i could actually buy them in Ireland (where i live) I love your blog and youtube/tumblr/instagram/pinterest! love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Alexa COONEN

    Love your blog so much😍😍

  • Harmonie

    Zoe ILYSM and you are such a BIG inspiration for me

  • Ellie

    amazing good quality products zoe x love you so much xx

  • zemb

    love the packaging of the products and the actual product love you Zoella xx

  • Monkey076

    I have panic attacks as well and you have helped me to understand them and I dont have them as much anymore. Panic attacks are the most horrible thing and lots of the time I faint as well. Thank you so so fricking much Zoe I love you so much

  • Orla :)

    Please bring back the candle because I never got the chance to get it as back then my parents wouldn’t let me have candles in my room! P.S Why was the candle removed?

  • Jade T-W

    I know you will probably never see this but I think I might have anxiety as recently I’ve had multiple panic attacks and I constantly feel trapped. I just got back from Florida and I found the busy parks so difficult because of the crowds. I’m really scared that if I do have anxiety then I won’t be able to do the things that I love. The way you cope with your anxiety is a real inspiration, what should I do? I love you so much xoxoxoxoxo

  • morgan hobbs

    i just want to say thank you ! you inspired me to make my own blog. I have posted 2 already. so thanks, Zoe.

    • kaitlyn

      whats your blog? i love reading blogs and id love to read yours :)

      • morgan hobbs

        really ! thank you for taking interest ! you can find it on gmail under [email protected]