Coming Soon…


  1. A Zoella box …? Haha dont know but cannot WAIT for it :)


  3. Riia

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!! <3

  4. Aaaah I'm so excited!!! (a perfume and maybe shower gel and stuff like that??)

  5. ahhh how exciting!

    good luck!

    lisatakespictures xo

  6. Omg this looks v v exciting!

  7. OMG!!!!!! Love u zoe xxx
    Your own beauty range xxxxxxxxx


  9. Oh my god I'm so excited!!!

  10. Super excited! Can't wait for the perfume

  11. I think it's your own makeup line, one of the photos says beauty on it:) x

  12. Tara


  13. Gahahhh this is going to be so good! xxx


  15. If they're makeup bags then omg, they're cuteeee!

  16. Kim.


  17. Can't wait! Already looks perfect.

    Love, Elbrich

  18. Looks like a perfume! Can't wait for you to reveal it! xx

  19. is it a perfume with lotion ???????????????

  20. OMG getting this for Christmas!!

  21. This looks so exciting! Can't wait!

  22. Omg ahhh so excited! ❤

  23. I'm excited! Love the polka dots, lace, and color!

  24. Kim.

    I'm REALLY excited about this!! x

  25. Zoe got her own line.
    Freaking out a bit.
    Plus her book.
    I cant even right now.

  26. I can see a perfume!! They look so exciting and prettyy cant wait to know more about this

  27. This definitiv looks like a perfume, and maybe a body lotion, but I have no idea what the rest could be, but I can wait for it to be released ;) <3

  28. If I saw what I think I saw, I am waaaay too excited, can't wait!


  29. Omg! Is it a perfume? Or a collection of something 😍 can't wait whatever it is, it looks pretty :) x Rita

  30. OHMYGOOOOD! So excitedd #ZoellaBeauty ????!!!

  31. hey it's just amazing zoe :))) i really would like buying these beautiful things it looks so girly but i can't i'm from tunisia :((((((((( any way i love ur chanel :) thanks so much <3<3<3<3<3

  32. I'm literally sobbing and I don't even know anything about it omg

  33. omg, looks like a perfume among other things! can't wait! xxx

  34. Well done zoe, we are all so so so so so proud of you.I cant wait ! So ecited and will buy everythingggggg! xx

  35. I'm SO excited for this – and the sneaky previews seem gorgeous, I love the polka dots and lace detail!

    Frankie x

  36. Oh my goodness. That's so enthralling. It must be awesome to reach that next level in life. The packaging is super adorable. :] // ☼ ☯

  37. Zoe you little tease! You're making me jumpy! It looks so cute!!! I wanna get my hands on it right now!!

  38. OMG I already know that I'm going to need all of this..

  39. Omg! I can't wait! I hope that #ZoellaBeauty is also available in the states when it comes out! Ahhh!

  40. Niamh M

    make-up bags? perfume? I don't know but all I know is I want it!
    Congrats Zoe!

    niamh /

  41. Looks like perfume to me! I'm soooo excited AHHHHH

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  43. Abi S

    Eek this looks so exciting! Looks like your own perfume to me and maybe some other exciting beauty products! Well done! Abi :)

  44. Pippa

    This looks amazing!!! :) xxx

  45. Looks like a fragrance to me, how exciting!! xx

  46. eilis

    Wow Zoe that's incredible! I hope they won't be too expensive. Most of Zoe's viewers are young enough and they don't in most cases have a lot of money! Well done though.

    Hope Zoe won't get too stressed with all the book promotion, beauty promotion , editing and uploading videos. I wrote a blog post on the stresses in the lives of people like Zoe, I hope it won't stress her out.

  47. It's so crazy that I've watched you since you had 30 k subs and now you're doing such amazing things! SO happy and excited for you, Zoe <3 You're one of the reasons I've started blogging and you're such an inspiration to me!

    Lots of love, Kinza xx

  48. Lilla

    I'm so excited :) ♥

  49. Well done Zoey! For some really strange reason i had a strange feeling you were going too bring out beauty! I can't wait to buy this! Congratulations
    Ashleigh xx

  50. No waaaaay! Girl being busy! That's awesome Zoe! :D

  51. Abi S

    Actually it kind of looks like bath stuff! Like soap and bubble bath?! eeek! Abi

  52. So exciting I can't wait I hope everything goes well Zoe xxxx

  53. I'm so happy for you!! This is so exciting it better be available in America! That packaging is gorgeous :)


  54. Ahhh exciting times! Cannot wait to see more! x

  55. NO WAY! That's awesome Zoe! I am so happy for you!

  56. Rachael

    Sooooo exciting!! Can't wait to see more, I bet it will be beautiful x

    What Rachael Wrote

  57. your own makeup and perfume collection :) ? well, it doesn't matter what it exactly is, I'm way too excited to wait for it Zoe *-* I hope it will be available in Austria too :)!

  58. "Bliss something
    Mis something".

    That's about as much as I can make out for the name. Blissful Miss?

    Very exciting, I'll be sure to give it a sniff, maybe even a whiff.

  59. Yay !!!!! so proud of you Zoe . Can't wait !!!! I'll definitely be getting my hands on that. Sooooo EXCITED !!!!! x

  60. OMG SO EXCITED is it maybe a perfume or like a beauty box?! So proud of you Zoe <33

  61. Beauty products!! Aaah so exciting! Go you! :)

  62. This is such a tease! I like it. <3

  63. Omg can't wait zoe!!! Want that perfume!

  64. Vera A

    OMG YESS. So exciting! Proud of you Zoe, amazing :D

  65. Sarah

    Omg I'm so excited! It's hard to tell exactly what the products are but I can't wait! The packaging is soo pretty. I need to prepare my bank account for all the spending soon to come haha! Congrats!! Xx

  66. Amy.

    AHHHH! This is so exciting! Can't wait to find out about it all! x

  67. Mia

    Is it a perfume? :D

  68. Excited for you Zoe! <3

  69. That looks like a perfume and bath and body stuff to me, and make-up bags! I AM SO EXCITED! Congratulations!!! The packaging looks beautiful and I'm sure it will be brilliant, I can't wait to get whatever it is! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  70. Perfume!! Im so excited!! 😊👌💕

  71. looks like a perfme, body wash and soap to me? congratualtions zoe, youve done so well for yourself. i have a new blog inspired by your success, and i have just written about the hottest red carpet looks at the MTV VMAs! check it out,

  72. Oh my, how long have I waited for this! So exited!!!! <3<3

  73. Nia G

    wowwowowowoowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. You little minx…
    Can't wait to see the finished products!

  75. Ooh! Beautiful packaging, so far so good. Looks like it's going to be fab, well done Zoe. x

  76. This is an exiting new, so proud of you Zoe ❤️
    Xo, Elodie

  77. How exciting! So happy for you & proud of you beautiful girl!


  78. lovely

    OMG!!! Is it a perfume? I will so buy it!!! *-* Pls shipp worldwide :D <3

  79. So excited for you!! Can't wait to see everything!

  80. Chantal

    Omg this is soooo exciting!!! I'm trying to guess what they are. One of them must be a perfume/body spray cos you can see from the photo. I'm so happy for you Zoe, you have come so far and now you have your own range, it's amazing!! :) x

  81. This is so exciting! SO happy for you, well done x

  82. I think it's your own perfume ! If it comes out here in Belgium I will sniffle it and I will buy it probably hihi :D

  83. Sarah

    PERFUME SET!!! ??? :D

  84. OMG! So exciting! I look forward to see it!

  85. I am outrageously excited for this and am praying it will be available in the US or at least in a website that will ship to the US.
    Fashion and Happy Things


  87. Perfume? Makeup bags? Skincare? Beauty products? I CANNOT BE HAPPIER!! So excited, Zoe!! Yayyy! xx

  88. ahhhhhhhh, looks like perfume to me!!!!

  89. How exciting!! I cannot wait to see/hear more!! xx

  90. I'm so excited, please let it be available in the US!

    xx Sierra

  91. Zojill

    Looks like a perfume, I love the design!


  92. Amy


  93. looks so pretty….excited for the big reveal! xxx

  94. Lauren

    This looks so exciting! Especially the perfume!!!

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  95. oh my goood, so exciting! Can't wait to see all the products and try them if I'm lucky! I love your blog and your youtube channel, just wanted to put that out there ☺

    would you guys maybe like to take a look at my blog? I'm a beginner and would love some tips and hear some of your opinions!

    xxx ♥

  96. This looks incredible !! I hope we can get it even if we live in France; I would love to see what it is !!

  97. AHH so exciting! The packaging looks so cute!

  98. So exciting, Zoe! Congrats! I can't wait to see the products, and buy them! I hope I can get them in the US

  99. Ah it's sooo cool! Can't wait to see more of the products!

  100. 😱😆 so excited !! Can't wait to see what it is but I bet it will be amazing!!! xxx

  101. They look so adorable! (:

    I just put up a new blog post as well (:

  102. Ps I commented on the wrong account so the links wont be onthat peofile soz xx


  104. Jen ems

    Love your blog! I think its going to be a perfume!!

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    Jenny x

  105. Oh my, i can't wait it looks amazing

  106. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is exciting! thanks for the teaser photos Zoella!

  107. Ramsh'

    Zoella perfume!?

  108. Ramsh'

    Matches her blog design :)

  109. Eloise

    Looks like perfume! Congratulations on all your success Zoe, I've been a reader since wayyy back and you deserve everything that comes your way : )


  110. Tay


  111. Helena

    Omg I'm so excited! They look so cute x

  112. So excited for you Zoe! Love how it looks so similar to and in theme with your blog layout! Keep your dreams alive and you can achieve anything~ I wish you all the best! ♡

  113. i know I'm so exited!!!!

  114. A soap, a candle, a perfume, makeup bags? :D ly x

  115. It looks great – very happy for you x !

  116. Chloé

    I hope that too… !

  117. Anyone else notice the packaging sorta matches her blog? (especially the lace) & The colour is sooo Zoella!

  118. I'm so excited for you, Zoe! Can't wait to see it

    Sophia |

  119. Super excited for these! The perfume looks lovely!

    My Blog | Wowbelwow

  120. Such a tease! :(

  121. Ooh this looks very exiting! :) xx

  122. oh em gee. I can't wait to find out what it is!!!!!

  123. Kiki

    If I'm right, I see a body mist, a candle, a soap and a lotion… couldn't be more excited to know what's coming up! (this and Girl Online) Really hope your new surprise be available in Canada when it's released, I'm so pumped :D

  124. Carla N

    I'm so excited!!! And so proud of you, you've been doing really great things lately :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

  125. Zoella perfume?! Yay


  127. Jules

    As a graphic designer, even though you can't see much, it looks quite exciting,
    can wait to see the full thing. Well done.


  128. nueyork

    I am so, so excited! I can't wait to see what you've come up with, from what I can guess from your sneaky photos I'm going to be in love with a fair few of these.

  129. I have no idea what this is, but I am so excited for it!!!

  130. A perfume!!??!!!! I'm so excited!!

  131. This is actually so exciting because I was just talking to my friend about how it would be so cool if you got your own range of makeup. So excited!!!

  132. Arianne

    this is so amazing, I'm so proud of you Zoe! I love every little detail – it totally represents you, from the lace, the polka dots, and the bright color of the packaging. I'm so excited for the release! *hugs*

    Arianne |

  133. I'm thinking maybe it's a Zoella beauty box with samples from your upcoming beauty line ;) haha.

    Check out my fashion and travel blog please :) Newest post is from Venice!



  135. Perfume and Lotion?! So excited!

  136. i spy a perfume/body spray bottle!!

  137. "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it…" I am literally singing that right now

  138. I'm so excited to see what #zoellabeauty is all about! Ahh, lovee!

    ieyra | babysoulz

  139. oh…perfume, soap…whatever it is I hope is out by October and available in stores :-P I will visit England and London and I want to be able to buy them :-)

  140. ooohhh this looks exciting! the packaging already looks spot on and i haven't even seen the whole thing!
    Congratulations!! – you must be super happy and proud xxx

  141. Yay! I'm super excited! Is it a perfume?

  142. zoella perfume? :)

  143. Love the super cute packaging! SO excited! A perfume even! A book and now this? Can't wait! ☺️

  144. actually said 'OH MY GOD' as i scrolled down!

  145. literally just cried when I went onto twitter seconds ago! eeek, so excited and happy for u zoe xx ^_^

  146. Exciteeed!!!!

  147. OMG it looks amazing congratulations it looks so good!x

  148. Astrid

    Your own parfume? So excited!!

  149. Lora

    I bet it's going to be amazing :) can't wait <3

  150. I think this is going to like me

  151. I'm so excited!!!!!!! Can not wait! Love you!

  152. Ah Zoe I'm so exited for you!! The packaging looks gorgeous and I'm sure it'll do just as well as Tan's makeup range is doing, congratulations on everything x

  153. awesome shoots!

  154. Looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I can tell I'll buy EVERYTHING

  155. Gaby

    Soooooo exciting! These sneaks look so freaking cute too! Congratulations :) <3

  156. Zoe Cat

    Zoe is that perfumes? Maby you wont to wisit my blog? If you do please leve me coment and then I will now that you wos there. LOve YOu

  157. I am TOO excited for this!

  158. Hahaha Zoë i can't wait to buy it, but i live in canada :( when do they come out and are they pricey or can u get them in drugstores?? they look beautiful, good on you

  159. Cant wait!! Do you think it will be available in drugstores or do you think it will be really expensive?

  160. Sounds very exciting! Love the packaging xx

  161. Cool… Girl you rule! Comgrats! :)

  162. Debbi T

    So excited!

  163. kitkat

    The excitement!!!

  164. I'm so excited for this Zoe! The detailing on all the products looks so pretty, I can't wait to find out more! :)

  165. I love it to It so Zoë i can't wait either :)

  166. Yay!! How exciting! The packaging looks lovely too!! <3

  167. Yayy can't wait :)!

  168. Are you launching your own brand? *__* I can't wait!!

  169. I'm excited!! :) xxx

  170. First a book and now this! You've definitely been working hard ;)
    Bella XXX

  171. OMDSSS! Are you coming up with your own beauty brand? xxx

  172. Colab with Forever 21???????????

  173. The packaging is adorable! Can't wait to find out more about Zoella Beauty; soo excited! xo

  174. Louisa

    Looks very nice! Need to safe money ASAP. Can't wait!!

  175. Could they be some kind of mix & match gift sets? I've got one from my aunt – Sakare Pure Passion Indulgence gift set containing lovely products, exactly the ones I need:)) Can't wait till your secret is revealed. xoxo

  176. I cannot wait to see what they are!! Congrats Zoe!!!!! :D this is so exciting for us, cannot imagine how much you must be bursting with excitement too! xx

  177. Kay

    I am so BEYOND excited! Whatever Zoe comes up with will no doubt be absolutely FANTASTIC! I cannot contain my excitement oh my goodness! Congrats Zoe, I cannot WAIT!!

  178. MEM

    I can't wait until the products have launched, this is so cool!
    Please check out my blog if you get some spare time, I have always loved yours :)

  179. Tahina


  180. How exciting!!!!! Cant wait to see what this all entails, zoe!

  181. Ahhhh please tell me this will be available in the US!! This is so exciting though – I'm so happy for you Zoe!

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  182. Rosie K

    so excited the packaging is adorable! I went to brighton yesterday and you are so lucky to live there, its beautiful!! x

  183. This looks amazing!

  184. Honey

    They look gorgeous just like Zoella!
    So excited!!!

  185. AAH! I'm so excited for this too come out! They look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!

    Karis x

  186. I'm excited!!!! Even though these products probably will not come to Brazil..
    I want to buy everything already and I don't even know what they are! hahaha such a fan..

  187. Baby things… oh my god zoe youre pregnant?????

  188. Perfume inspired by Zoella? I can already smell what it'll be like! Subtle, feminine, floral, crisp. Gorgeous! So exciting! :D

  189. definitely a perfume and make up bags, and maybe soap or bath products?

  190. Kristel

    There is just one thing to say about this. OMG! And another thing, YAY :-) <3

  191. I've been following you for a couple years (since I looked up how to do my own ombre) and it's amazing… the transformation that I have watched you go through! What an exciting adventure for you and best of luck!

    Lisa Linsey

  192. I'm so excited! When are we officially going to find out what you've created for your line?

  193. ~Katie~

    Sooooo excited! Been following you for ages now so I'm delighted to see you doing so well for yourself! Onwards and upwards :)
    Katie x

  194. Hi dear Your blog is so lovely and stylish. Would you like to follow each other on GFC/ FB ? Let me know and I am instantly follow you back. Have a great day :) xoxo

  195. This looks very exciting!!!! Congratulations and good luck! can't wait to see more!

  196. This is so exciting, Zoe, I can't wait to see all the products, let alone try them out if I get the chance. So proud of you, I'm sure they'll be amazing!
    Love, Jo.

  197. Can you imagine how amazing it will smell? So exciting! xoxo

  198. OMG!! My friends and I always said we would buy everything if you ever came out with your own line. I know I'll be staying true to my word. Congratulations!

  199. So excited !! Can't wait :$ it looks amazing

  200. J'ai pensé exactement la même chose ;)

  201. I'm expecting your own fragrance,or a zoella box or EVEN BETTER your own beauty line. I wish you the best and I can't wait to see what your project actually is

  202. Can't wait! Would you guys mind checking out my blog?


    Congrats lovely <3

  204. Omg perfume? Lotion? wowww zoe the packaging looks so cute and vinatage

  205. Woaahhhh, this is huge Zoe! I'm excited for the release (:
    Lots of love. X

  206. Its definitely a perfume, shower gel, body lotion and maybe soap…. ? Im not sure about the green and pink things. Maybe its some homeware ahhhhhh so excited !!! <3

  207. Even the packaging looks beautiful! Can't wait to see what it all is :)

  208. Lxdia

    This is so exciting! Everything looks so perfect.

  209. Ruth

    Oh, my goodness! This looks so beautiful! And exciting!

  210. This product looks amazing and extremely cute. I can't wait for when it is available to buy!

  211. oh wow! your own range!

  212. OMG these photos made me soo excited! They look so perfect! ♥ Can't wait for more details about your products <3

  213. Olivia

    I'm pretty sure its perfume!!! I'm so excited!!

  214. Awesome and Congrats!! I can not wait to grab a few goodies!

  215. Congratulations Zoe!


  216. Oh my god ! This is super exciting ! I can't wait to see more… Anyway, I can already say I love the lace and polka dots <3

  217. i think it must be Zoe's own beauty products, they look really fab and if they are then i am really looking forward to it but i'm also really proud of you

  218. Laura.

    Oh Zoe this is great news, you're really coming on in leaps and bounds! Can't believe you're bringing out your own beauty range. I'm very excited to see what's coming and hopefully be making some purchases myself! x

  219. tooooooooooooooooo excited for this!

  220. Sad it probably won't be a worldwide releasing.

  221. Kayla B

    Oh my god I'm excited beyond words!!!

  222. Oh my gosh! I'm guessing make-up, make-up bags, skincare and perfume! You've made me really excited :O
    Nicole♥ | Just a bit of Nicole

  223. This is so exciting!! The packaging is awesome as well.
    Can't wait!

  224. catzoel

    Eeeeeeeep! I'm so excited – I can't believe you managed to keep something a secret for so long, I wouldn't be able to contain myself!
    The packaging is amazing!

    Catzoel | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  225. Is this a perfume I see?!?!

  226. I'm pretty certain that Zoe is bringing out a Makeup range,a perfume and maybe some Polka dot makeup bags! =)

  227. So exciting, Zoe! I can't wait to see the products! xxx

  228. Zoe

    Ohh how cheeky, I'm excited already. Congratulations! xx

  229. I am MORE than excited. :D :D
    I cannot wait!

  230. Eeeeeeekk I'm so excited, I think I'll have to buy one of everything, packaging looks super cute, and a perfume! Gongratulations Zoe x

  231. Po

    I wish it'll be available in the Philippines!! :)

  232. YES GURL YES!
    Super duper excited! My bank account is ready ;) Hopefully Aussie fans will be able to grab a hold of some of your awesome products :) <3 Congrats.

  233. I'm super excited! I think its a makeup line omg!!

  234. OMG that looks amazing (if I think what it is)
    Looking forward to that!!!

  235. Omg how exciting, congratulations at how far you've come!!

    Love Ana,

  236. Alicia

    Zoeeeee I swear I'm gonna have to get a loan shark or something girl! so proud of you, hope you're doing things like this to keep you happy and not use happy <3

    I did a new blog post, you inspired me to start my blog :) xxx

  237. Katie L

    These looks amazing, Zoe! So excited to see them all for real! x

  238. Is that perfume? :3

  239. they look perfeeeeeect xxx

  240. Ooo the packaging is so you <3 loovvee it.

    Also if anyone wants to see a summer lookbook, check out my blog, but only if you want too. :) Thanks

  241. Im so excited, this looks so cute🌸

  242. wow! looks amazing!
    I just started my blog- do check it out
    also want to know will your perfume be launching in dubai?

  243. mimi

    I'm waiting for the product so badly😍😍😍

  244. ahhh so excited! would be really grateful if some of you guys checked out my blog? xxxx

  245. Wow! They look great, I'm so excited! xx


  246. #CurrentlyCrying !! So happy!!! I'll buy it :) Follow me /Join me :) :3

  247. can't wait! =)

  248. I'm dieing I neeeeeed them for Christmas

  249. Jo


  250. The packaging is adorable!

  251. This is so exciting! I cannot wait to get my hands on them. Well done Zoe :D you should be super proud of yourself
    rachel xox

  252. Congratulations Zoe! I'm so proud of how far you've come and I'm sure what looks to be like your very own beauty range is going to be a success! <3

  253. EXCITING!

  254. Jenna

    SO freaking exciting!!!!

  255. I am so excited for ZoellaBeauty!!! You've come so far Zoe! Congrats!! :) x

  256. Looks so cute!! Excitedd!x

  257. they look amazing, can't wait! Also, please check out my new blog, I am looking for support in order to carry on…

  258. This is so exciting! I think it is like a Candles, Maybe perfume, Bath bombs etc. I can't waite.

  259. definitely a perfume and make up bags and maybe a soap and shower gel kit? so excited!

  260. OMG Zoella Perfume .. Woooooow


  262. Her own beauty range for topshop???

  263. I think it's skincare? and maybe something for the bath, like Lush or something haha


  265. i think its soup and shower gel as she hinted in her vlog!

  266. ooh yes! Maybe something similar to Ispy? So excited for it!!

  267. This is so so so so so so so so exciting! I'm loving the polka dots and I'm super excited for you to reveal more Zoe! <3
    For more beauty , fashion & lifestyle posts visit:
    I did a Style Icon post of Zoella!

  268. Eager to find out more a abt it!!!

  269. Pauline

    definitely a perfume and it looks so gorgeous!!

  270. Α zoella beauty package.. sooo excited!!!!!

  271. Nejoud

    zoella beauty ? your own line ? omg i can't wait !

  272. your own beauty product?? oh my i can't wait!

  273. Oh my goodness Zoe! Congrats!! :) I am thinking at least some of it is bubble bath, it seems like something you would LOVE making!

  274. yessss this is awesome

  275. dhwdfuehfeufnejfknekfjefufbeiu! That is what's going on inside my head! i seriously cannot wait to see the whole range i'm so exciteddddddd. I have even seen on some youtubers vlogs the invitation to the Zoella Beauty Launch which was so beautifully done with balloons as well! so sweet! Really proud of Zoe and cannot wait, i just hope it can be shipped to Australia- fingers crossed!! xxxxxx

  276. Lora

    Nobody cares about Victorias Secret… we want to know Zoes Secret.!!
    okay that was a lame joke ;D

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  278. Zoella perfume :D

  279. Zoella perfume :D

  280. Eeekk!! I'm so excited!

  281. natalie


  282. Will They Be Out By Christmas? If So, I'm Buying Every Single Thing! Defonatly!

  283. JUST ME

    oh my gosh , i want itttt *___* ,

  284. Ahhhh this is sooo EXCITING!!! im sure you will birng out the best beauty products in the WORLD ;) and is that a perfume bottle i spy?
    xx I.

    -Please come over and take a look at my blog if you've got time, I'd really appreciate it!-

  285. oh dear this looks SO AMAZING!! i am more than excited, is that a perfume bottle i spy?
    I. xx

    -Please come over and take a look at my blog if you've got time, I'd really appreciate it!-

  286. legitimately canNOT wait! Ahhh!

  287. omg im so excited! can't wait :) xx

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  289. abbie collyer

    Love your products

  290. Aishwarya Gopal

    OMG Zoe! i know you’ll never see this but i just want to say that i love you and that you have been such an inspiration to me.. Thank You For Everything.

  291. Katie

    I love you so much

  292. Mimi Floss

    This is soooo amazing!! My mum is creating a skin care too, so this is amazing to see that you are! You are my idol and I love you sooooooooooo much!!!! Thanks for doing what you do and for making me happy!!

  293. Yuli

    if someone is reading tthis, you could you tell me if her products are good? i really wanna buy them, but i wanna know if its good you know ! thanks

  294. Sian Ashburn

    Zoe if you manage to read this I just want to say that, don’t stop what you are doing because you make every one happy and you extremely inspirational- someday I want to do vlogging and without you I will never forfill that dream so from me and quite a lot of other people THANKYOU !!!!!!

  295. Maisie Gilpin

    Hi, i was so excited when your range came out and even more excited when i could actually buy them in Ireland (where i live) I love your blog and youtube/tumblr/instagram/pinterest! love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  296. Alexa COONEN

    Love your blog so much😍😍

  297. Harmonie

    Zoe ILYSM and you are such a BIG inspiration for me

  298. Ellie

    amazing good quality products zoe x love you so much xx

  299. zemb

    love the packaging of the products and the actual product love you Zoella xx

  300. Monkey076

    I have panic attacks as well and you have helped me to understand them and I dont have them as much anymore. Panic attacks are the most horrible thing and lots of the time I faint as well. Thank you so so fricking much Zoe I love you so much

  301. Orla :)

    Please bring back the candle because I never got the chance to get it as back then my parents wouldn’t let me have candles in my room! P.S Why was the candle removed?

  302. Jade T-W

    I know you will probably never see this but I think I might have anxiety as recently I’ve had multiple panic attacks and I constantly feel trapped. I just got back from Florida and I found the busy parks so difficult because of the crowds. I’m really scared that if I do have anxiety then I won’t be able to do the things that I love. The way you cope with your anxiety is a real inspiration, what should I do? I love you so much xoxoxoxoxo

  303. morgan hobbs

    i just want to say thank you ! you inspired me to make my own blog. I have posted 2 already. so thanks, Zoe.

    • kaitlyn

      whats your blog? i love reading blogs and id love to read yours :)

      • morgan hobbs

        really ! thank you for taking interest ! you can find it on gmail under