I get asked an awful lot how I do many of the hairstyles I wear on an every day basis. I don’t actually spend a lot of time on my hair if i’m honest with you, the thing that really takes the longest is washing and blowdrying, after that I lose any patience I may once have had to spend lot’s of time on the styling. 

I recently filmed this “How To” video on my YouTube channel, and wanted to post it here for those of you who many not have seen it or are interested in finding out more about how I achieve these different styles. 

Let me know if you found this helpful and tweet me pictures of your attempts!  


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  1. Love this video! So good!


  2. Yayy Zoe is back on her blog! :) i loved the video and i'm going to wear the fishtail braid every day and i combined it with securing the bang up with bobby pins :) didn't quite get how to do curls with straightners though :p


  3. This was really helpful thanks zoe!!! Please do an everyday makeup tutorial next!!!
    Alana xxx

  4. Alice

    SO helpful – you really do have the best hair!! x


  5. Yay. Love from Poland.
    My blog : www thickmadame91.blogspot.com

  6. you're such a cutie ^^ we defenitly got the exact same style :) xo

  7. thankyou zoe ! very helpful as we have a VERY similar hair style/colour :) x

  8. I really loved the video because it's something different than you've ever done :) I hope you're going to make more tutorials in the future because to me, they are the nicest things to watch. I enjoyed this video and you have really pretty hair! I hope my hair will be that long one day or just a tiny bit shorter :) Great post!

    X Valérie

  9. Sophia

    I love the high ponytail, soooo cute <3

  10. I'm going to watch this video over and over and over again until I learn how to do a fishtail plait haha! ♥

  11. Jenny

    Simplest fishtail plait tutorial I've ever seen! x

  12. I love all of your hairstyles! <3 I'm going to try the fishtail today :)

  13. Thank you my dear for this great video !
    And the so nice hairstyles you proposed us!
    Have a beautiful day!

  14. Love your hairstyles! You have such shiny bouncy hair!


  15. I love your hair!!! Just waiting forint to grow so I can do these gorgeous hairstyles!! Love your fish impression too


  16. Daria

    than you for the video :)

  17. Leah W

    I loved this! I tend to be the same when it comes to hair but never attempted a fish tail braid! I might just give it a go!
    I have recently started out my own blog and would love it if you could check out mine.


    thanks so much if you have read this!

    leah xx

  18. Jane

    Pretty cool hair tutorial, you look so beautiful !!

  19. Your hair does always look lovely in your Youtube videos!

    x x

  20. so helpful Zoe!!! You're so beautiful and such an inspiration xxJas

  21. Loved these tutorials, especially the wavy hair one, I'm definitely going to try that! I want my hair really long again so I can do the fish tail one! :(

    Millie xx

  22. Good video! I've always struggled with the fishtail braid, now I won't :)


  23. Molly

    I love your hair. This video was so helpful! Even though it was quite simple. Long hair is so difficult to deal with sometimes!


    xo Molly

  24. Seeing how simple this is, makes me want to make more of an effort to actually do something with my hair, instead of just whipping it back in a ponytail.
    Thanks Zoe! :)


    Beth x

  25. I will most definitely adopt these hairstyles from now on :) xx

  26. I've tried all of these their all so easy:-D
    – From Annie toadRoad

  27. Bella

    This is really helpful, I really don't like to spend ages on my hair and these are so quick and easy to do, also love the salt spray will have to try it out!


  28. Zoe C

    now i properly know how to do the fish tail braid!!! it was always a little too confusing for my little head haha thanksss :D

  29. vica

    Zoe you are so funny :D I laughed so hard <3
    and I wanted to tell, that I love those comment, where they share their blog, because I can find more cool blogs :)

    Xo , Vica <3

  30. Hanna

    This was a really helpful video! I love the fishtail especially. I'm looking forward to the day you do a makeup/face video! :)
    Hanna – Pink Delilah

  31. Ai

    Loved this video! I have curly hair but I'll be sure to try these out :)

  32. Huyen

    lovely video!

  33. I know exactly what you mean Zoe. The washing and styling process afterwards, if so timeconsuming itself that I just cannot be arsed to do anything else with it than that!
    Oh well, that's the bad side of having long and insanely thick hair! xD
    Maria xx

  34. Everyone seems to have blogs!!
    Love the high ponytail look!


  35. Julie

    beautiful hair tutorial! :)

  36. I love your hair and your videos ;*

  37. Thanks for these! Its good to see you sporting colours :)

  38. Thank you so much Zoe! Finally somebody was able to explain how to do a fishtail plait! I will now be wearing one almost every day :P xx

  39. The video was so helpful! Thank you for sharing it :)

  40. I used to have really long hair as a teenager but chopped it because I could never find anything nice to do with it. Wish I'd seen this video all the way back then! I'm on a mission to grow my hair out just now though!


  41. I wore a high ponytail for the first time in YEARS yesterday after watching your video! I didn't think it'd suit me any more but I love it :) xo

  42. Love the video :) xx


  43. SO easy, yet looks like you spent ages on them. Love itttt! xx


  44. You seriously crack me up. Maybe it's the accent. I wish I had one. lol (: I think your hair length has me beat by 6 inches or so. Your hair is rather amazing, but I think my fave is when you pin it back on the sides. I guess it's sort of one of your standards. Happy Friday love.


  45. Maky

    I love it soo much!

  46. Lenn

    I loved this video and your hair looks amezing.

  47. I have always wanted to know how you achieve your daily hairstyles ^^ Thanks Zoe !

    Melanie ♥

  48. Zoe,

    Thanks for the tips! The fishtail is a favorite of mine as well…unfortunately I have never figured out how to do one with only two hands. Haha



  49. Keri

    I love how simple these are! You are great at tutorials, it was super easy to follow your steps. Thanks so much for sharing!
    – Best Wishes, Keriann


  50. Sanja

    I love your hair! Mine frizzes up after blow drying too though, do you use any product or have any to recommend for calming that down?
    Love the vid! xo
    Sanja | SvnnySkies

  51. Your hair always looks effortlessly beautiful..

  52. I like all of these hairstyles on you!
    Now i feel like i should do my hair different more often too. LOL
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  53. why does my hair never look this good when its up, looks so beautiful on you!!!

  54. the commentary on this video is hilarious! love it :)

  55. Ayesha

    I've always wanted to know how to do a fishtail ponytail *yey* thanks Zoe! Ayesha xoxo amadoloves.com

  56. Amy B

    This was a really helpful video thank you for sharing it :)

    -Amy x

  57. Meri

    I have been watching your videos for a long time, but i just discovered this blog and I absolutely love it!

  58. Mona

    I love your videos so much. You are such a amazing and inspirng person <3

  59. Mandy

    I'm so happy that you are regularly posting now :) I love your hair styles because your ombre hair gives the style an extra plus!


  60. I loved this video and the tutorials were really helpful :) I love your hair so much <3

    Charlotte xx

  61. Conny

    I couldn't hold myself anymore at the part where you pretended to be a fish haha, it was just too funny :')

    I love this video, quick hairstyles are perfect for school as I can't really make a lot of effort in the morning, so thank you! :)


  62. Such a lovely video! It's really nice being shown that everyday hair isn't that hard to do and it looks really good – especially for long hair!

    Thankyou for that!

    Alice :) xx Silent Noon

  63. I wish I had hair as thick as yours so I could rock these hair styles. You looked gorgeous!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  64. Gema

    I absolutely loved this video. I actually got really excited when I saw it! It was also very helpful and really cant wait to attempt these!

  65. loved this video! I can't wait to grow my hair out as long as yours o m g. I really love your high ponytail and how messy/pretty it is!


  66. I literally love you Zoe; you're just so cute! I really want my hair your length now as well… Better buy my new set of longer extensions soon! Lots of love x x x


  67. I got really excited when I saw this video in my subscription box! Ive always loved your hair and its really interesting to find out how you do them :)
    Jessica xx

  68. I really love your hair!

  69. Me and my friends did fishtail plaits on eachother during break at school because of your video :D thanks for teaching us!! xx

  70. Jessie

    Thanks to you I can finally do a French Braid! Thanks! :) xx


  71. You make wearing a simple pony tail look sooo beautiful! oh my gosh! soo gorgeous x

  72. Your hair is gorgeous, and the video was really helpful. I wish mine was longer so I could pull these looks off better! x

  73. really amazing blog ! I'm in love with it !
    I'd love if you can check out my blog you too, and if you like it, what about to follow each other?
    New POST

  74. Olivia

    Finally learnt how to do a fishtail plait from this video so thanks, Zoe!! Your hair is always stunning!



  75. love the fishtail plait, wish my layers would grow a bit more so it would stop falling out all the time! definitely using the salt spray idea for the high pony!



  76. Kate A

    Even though my hair is completely different from yours (African hair) I've got it in braids, and I plan to do the high ponytail when I go out tomorrow! Your videos are actually great


  77. Great post, i wish my hair would style this easy though i feel like i have to spend ages even on the most simple styles :)


  78. love the different hair styles!!!


  79. I do the third hairstyle really often! But I don't have that much of volume because my hair isn't thick :( I love the fishtail it'S really cute! I might try this one out but I need my hair extension for that hair style haha and the high pony tail suits you sooo much, i mean with your personality and stuff! Love it :)
    You're the best Zoe :) xxx


  80. This video was great! Very helpful tips :D xx

  81. Love it! Those hairstyles are all adorable :)
    I am seriously considering do ombre hair…nerous though haha

  82. cute.wish i had my long hair back…..!yeah i got it cut……so r u following me on tumblr yet?

  83. I love your videos!! you are so adorable!

  84. Love it Zoe!

  85. I've been wondering for ages how you got your hair to be like that. As it turns out you're one of the lucky ones that just has amazing hair :) Thanks for showing the styles :)


  86. Laura

    i wish my hair was as long as yours zoe!! its abosluley gorgeous! you could do anything with your hair and it would look gorgeous! xx


  87. I love the braid! so cool! thanks for sharing!

  88. eme.

    this is awesome, you're such an inspiration for me.


  89. Alex

    I love you're post's Zoe!!! but how do you follow?

  90. Maria

    You are so gorgeous, and I really loved the video! Xx

  91. ♥Kay

    I Envy your long hair!! I have recently cut mine and now it's just past shoulder length and I hate it! Do you know of any products that can make hair grow faster??

  92. Sheen

    could never do the half up half down one properly but after watching your video, my hair is always in that style from now on!


  93. seriously zoe , i cant stop looking at your face *_* so beautiful ! i love british woman :)

    kennydjo.blogspot.com xx

  94. Thanks for posting this. It's so helpful. xx

  95. Nisha

    love the hairstyles


  96. This video was so helpful! I tried out all the hairstyles, and really liked the one where you pulled pieces from both sides up. I wore my hair like that to school and it's really pretty (: Thanks you! ~kaylahardy120.blogspot.com

  97. I wish I could fishtail braid my hair but it's far too short! Your hair always looks amazing Zoe!

    Love, Beth
    Beth Blogs Beauty

  98. I have got to practice a fishtail braid, it looks great!

  99. ah I've been wondering how to achieve your high pony for ages! Thank you Zoe! P.S. Your hair is looking very healthy on camera!



  100. Another very helpful video ( & blog post). Thank you.



  101. love this … Hii everyone im new to beauty blogging… i hope you all visit my page and subscribe support me and i shall surely return the favour .. thank you luv roxc :)

  102. I wish I could do a fish tail braid, every time I try it goes wrong x

  103. Bhavna

    I tried the fish plait and failed miserably :(


  104. Anna

    Zoe you make this all look so easy!!
    Anna xx

  105. Haha, my 'braid' attempt was a fail… you make it look so easy! I don't know if you'll see this, but it would be really cute if you used the picture you took for your high ponytail as your pic, rather than the one covering your mouth. I mean, the one you have currently, you look beautiful (when would you NOT look beautiful?), but I just love the picture of you with the ponytail and your head tilted a bit! <3

    Stay amazing,
    Avalon xx

  106. Magda

    wow, i'm so jealous of your hair, they are so long and look really healthy and shiny!


  107. Your hair and makeup look flawless in all of your videos! Love these fun summer-y hairstyles and tried to do the fishtail along with you but I am no good at braiding my own hair. Must practice. Your videos and posts make me want to try fun and new things style and make up wise! Thanks for the tips, girl!



  108. Maja

    oh girl, your lovely blog always make me smile <3

  109. Absolutely love this!


  110. Love the ponytail and how simple it is! Will be having this all the time now!


  111. Ila

    the waves look sooo cute! Thanks for the tutorial :)


  112. I used to have ombre hair but I got rid of it, now that I've been watching your video I just want it back </3
    I tried to beach waves look last night and got so many compliments because my hair is usually very flat and limp!
    Thank you so much! Definitely one of my favorite bloggers!

  113. Bocia

    I love your hair! It's beautiful!!

  114. You're inspiring me so much!

  115. Ginny

    You have such pretty hair! Really like the video!

  116. Love the fishtale braid :)

  117. Great! Justneed one more thing… Long Hair! #smallproblem #gettingthere!


  118. This is the best explanation for a fishtail I've ever seen! :) Thank you <3

  119. Chris

    Hi Zoella, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  120. Hey Zoe! My name is Elly and I'm 12 years old. I've just started high school and I've made a lot of great new friends. One night I was texting one of those new friends, Jade, and she sent me a picture of one of your videos and then we started talking about how amazing you are and we became the best of friends. Both of us always watch your videos and read your blog post all the time and we love you so much. It would honestly mean so much to both of us if you replied. You are unbelievably amazingly pretty and smart and you make our day so much better :) Thanks for being so so so amazing xxxx

  121. To be honest, this video was great even though you yourself thought most of them were simple! I had no idea how to do these hairstyles myself without much trial and error. This video saves people from plenty of hair-pulling and knot-causing experiments!!

  122. Such a great post, really looking forward to trying these out!
    I've just started my own blog hunting down high street beauty bargains as doing product reviews
    It would be amazing if you could check it out -x-


  123. Hi Zoe, I really enjoy reading your blogs. Yes, even in Belgium we read them :) You inspired me for making my own blog, although it's still under construction… But in the meantime I'll keep on reading yours. Zoe, you are amazing!


  124. Anne

    Nice post, I really love your blog! Would you like to follow each other with bloglovin'?
    X Anna


  125. I am so happy you made this video! Since you made it I have used these hairstyles for school and they have all worked out so well and people have complimented on them! Thank you x

  126. Lauren

    Your hair always looks perfect zoe! I am definitely going to try the fishtail braid :)

    I am new to blogging and would love for anyone to have a little look :)



  127. I love these hairstyles, need to try these soon :)

  128. Fishtail braid is always my go to lazy hairstyle!

  129. Loving all these hair styles Zoe! I am always struggling to be creative with my hairstyles!




  130. Great hairstyles :) Your hair looks so healthy! Thanks for another helpful video and also inspiring me to start my own blog.


  131. I absolutely love the video! And I love these hairstyles!
    Unfortunately I don't have as much hair as you have – but it works (somehow :D)
    So lovely! :)

  132. this video was super helpful I love, love, love your hair and the styles you do <3 also love your blog and youtube they are perfect <3


    (literally only just started my blog so excuse the lack in posts, quality and layout)

  133. Love that these hairstyles are quite simple and easy yet look so good. I have always wanted to be able to do the fishtail plait but never understood it but now I do thanks to you! :-) when my hair is a little longer I may try wearing it out.

    I have one question in that when you grip a piece of hair from each side up to make it look like a half up half down do… how do you get your grips to stay all day? Whenever I do mine they often fall out after an hour or two or go flat even with hairspray.

    I love your blog and channel!

    L x
    ♥lucylovehart – ♥life♥beauty♥thoughts

  134. My daughter was just asking for a fishtail pony-tail for her dance on Friday! Hmm sure hope mine comes out as nice! Thanks for sharing!


  135. Lo M

    This was a perfect video! I did the high pony and the half up / half down styles this week and loved them both! So glad to have found your blog and your youtube channel!

  136. How is your hair so long:0 my hair is quite long but not like that:) great blog post definitely do more like these <3

  137. I loved this post, and the video did help me when learning how to do the braids, thank you so much!
    hope you can take a look at my blog, you inspired me to start one.


  138. Melane

    Your hair is absolutely amazing! Love the fishtail, looks cool with the ombre (:

  139. I didn't expect your hair styling to so simple and short zoe..^^

    definitely gonna master the fishtail braid now..haha
    and didn't know that you can curl your hair using a straightener..lol thanks
    will be waiting for your 'face' tutorial x

    ps ah..so that's what salt sprays do, I've always wondered what they do to the hair..ha x

  140. I wish my hair was as long as yours! I love it so much!! xoxo

  141. Great blog. I'd really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing, noted and appreciated.

    Virgin Hair

  142. I always have trouble curling my hair but doing it the way you do it with the straighteners seems to work more better for me.
    Thank you.x

  143. Hey Zoe,

    I love your blog and your vlogs and they inspired me to start my own. I've wanted to do it for a while so finally just joined yesterday.
    Also, thanks for the fishtail tutorial, I did it for today :)
    Please check out my blog


  144. Kaili

    I really really like the high ponytail.. It's kinda fun and casual but kinda professional at the same time.
    *The blowdrying your hair upside down worked sooooo well for me! Thanks so much!!!


  145. I just LOVE your videos, I'm a broadcast journalism student and have recently really got into youtube!
    My hair is so long and thick like yours, so is nice to get some ideas for new hair styles!


  146. Seriously the cutest and most convenient hairdos!!

  147. Hello!! Sorry to disturb you but please could you check out my blog as I've just started it it would mean alot and Zoe I love you!!! Sounds about creepy but you know:) thank you xxxx http://lishaa999.blogspot.co.uk

  148. Hey Zoe!
    Just popping by to sound how much I LOVE your blog, and how much it has inspired me to make my own. I love your fashion, your makeup and your all around personality. thank you for being my inspiration :)

  149. Excellent hair tutorial! And you are very funny :)
    Love your blog.
    Now following you!


  150. Your hair looked amazing from the start LOL! Even when you didn't do anything!
    I love this video, definitely do more!

  151. Hollie

    FOLLOW FOR AN ALEXANDER WANG ROCCO REVIEW! I hope you like my layout and random posts i do enjoy a blog post or too! love you zoe you inspirational little bean xxx

  152. Thank you, this has really helped me as I always get confused with the fish tail plait and you explained it really well! I watched the video you and Louise made about blogging tips as I have just started my own blog and would love for you to check it out.


  153. Wow, I'm going to try these hairstyles now!

    By the way, I was wondering what lip color you're wearing in this video?

  154. I love these hair styles! Absolutely stunning.
    My goal is to master the fish braid ;)

    Follow me!

  155. Zoe you are amazing, you pretending to be a fish was the best thing I've seen all day thank you and the hairstyle were great, I will definitely trying those, you're fab keep it up :)

  156. There so easy and pretty!

    Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog!

  157. Hey
    I've just started a beauty blog and I need some help promoting it because it only comes up if you type it in on google. So could u please mention it in your next video. You have to type in to google larasbeautydiary.blogspot.com.

  158. Embur

    Just found your blog! I love it!! Excellent little corner of the internet ;). Im trying to get my blog up and running again and would just love it if you could swing by and have a nosey xxx

  159. I LOVE your hair and i now do my own version of your ponytail almost everyday for school

  160. The number of days I don't bother with my hair because it's just so much effort to style… Great tips Zoe, also I love the yellow top :)

  161. Really love this post! Will definitely be giving these hair styles a try and will let you know how I get on. Also, would just like to say thank you as you have inspired me to make my own blog (mostly beauty related) which is something I wouldn't have ever done before but thought why not as I've just completed my HND in Beauty Therapy!



  162. I love how thick and long your hair is! I am looking for something to help grow my hair fast!

  163. I love all your videos and this one was just another amazing video to watch. Even though you don't spend a lot of time styling your hair, it still looks immaculate in any hairstyle you have. I don't have quite as much hair as you but still have a lot and therefore it also takes me a long time to wash & dry it! I don't usually like how my hair looks in a ponytail but since watching your video I've tried to do it like you explained and it has actually made it look better. I look forward to seeing your future videos! (P.S Sorry it's a very long comment!) xo

  164. Liina

    Can't wait for my hair grow this long! I've been admiring your hair for ages now, it suits you really well (:



  165. I watched this video when it came out and I was like yes yes yes, I can't wait to try it out! I haven't got long hair like your's but I love these quick hairstyles!
    I love your blog and Youtube channel, you've inspired me to make my own :)

  166. Hi Zoella, gorgeous photos. Love them all. i'm a first time visitor i'm embarrassed to say. You are the spit of Danni Minogue. Lovely blog xx Laura xx ❤ Scottish Lass ❤

  167. Your hair is amazing Zoe! I am currently trying to grow mine out as it's not exactly in the best condition! (I should probably stop bleaching it really!) I am definitely going to try to be more daring with my hairstyles as usually I leave it all down!

    Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Blog

  168. Great post! I'm you new follower! :) I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thanks! Kisses from VV!!

  169. Aimee

    Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to try a few of these out =)

  170. Love this post. It's going to be so helpful! Thank you :)
    Please check out my fashion blog, I would so appreciate it!
    Lots of love,
    Kiki Boho xxx

  171. Ever since I watched your youtube video I have done the half down/half up hairstyle every day! So simple and it allows the hair to stay away from my face but still frames it by leaving it half down! A bloggers dream come true :)

    Anne & Alie

  172. I'm definitely going to perfect the fish tail! I can do it but it's a bit harder to do with layers! Love your hair :) xx

  173. Your hair is so lovely, i'm jealous! x

  174. This is such a useful post! You need to make more 'how to' videos Zoe :)
    I wish my hair was long enough to try these though…
    I've literally just started my blog and you're the one who inspired me so… Thanks :)


  175. I love these tutorials, they really help when I'm stuck on what to do with my hair! I had no idea how to do a fishtail plait until I watched this, all the tutorials I saw either took ages or didn't turn out very well! This saved me a lot of trouble!
    It would be great if anyone could check out my blog :)

  176. Such good ideas! I'm not very creative with my hair, it's either straight or wavy. I'll be trying third one out tomorrow :)


  177. Sam

    I'm so terrible with hair, definitely appreciate the friendly, simple demonstration :P

  178. xoA

    Hey Zoella, I am a HUGE fan of yours, and after a couple of years of reading your blogs you have inspired me to write my own blog, so I just started one and I was hoping you could check it out and give me some beginners advice? Thanks :) http://anyasobsessions.blogspot.ca

  179. och, amazing color of hair ! i want it :)


  180. Kamila

    nice blog ! <3

  181. Thank you so much Zoella, has helped me tons, just wondering why you don't do your youtube videos as much anymore??! x

  182. Hey Zoe this post/video was really helpful :) I've always loved the way you style you hair, and now I can try and re-create these hairstyles at home.

    Thanks :)

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  185. Tried all of these out the other day after watching the video! they're great :D


  186. Kate

    I've been reading your blog ever since you started Zoe and I honestly aspire yo you. I've started a blog because you inspired me so much :) http://kkatetastic.blogspot.co.uk/

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  188. JoAnn

    Amazing video :) I love all of the hairstyles :)



  189. Mim Me

    Really enjoyed this video, really refreshing. Everyone loves a high pony!

  190. Can you do the smoothie challenge?
    – a fan from Finland :)

  191. I've wanted to be able o do a fishtail plait for ageeees Thank you
    I aslo know know what to do with my straightners/ curlers instead of them sitting at the back of my draw
    Em x

  192. Can you do the smoothie challenge with your brother?
    – a fan from Finland

  193. These are my same go to hair styles that I use on an everyday basis! Im really loving the bed head chic look that really doesn't require a lot of time and effort! You're a great inspiration of mine so thank you for the great work you do!

  194. Zoee i love this so so so mucch
    i would appreciate it so much if someone looked at my blog and give me feedback?


  195. I love your posts, I can honestly say I've read near enough every post on here!
    Your an inspiration and a lovely girl. I'm looking forward to try out some of these hairstyles, I've just ombred my hair and thinking about going a bit more blonder at the bottom. Reading your blogs make me happy :-)

    Charlie xxx

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    http://lavndr.blogspot.com < if you wouldnt mind stopping by my little blog I'd smile. :) xxx

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    I actually just started my blog today. I'm a Canadian fan xx
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    I also mentioned you in my newest post about Youtubers, if you could check it out <3

    Thanks so much, and take care~

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    sara |www.late-afternoons.com|

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    I've been desperately trying to recreate these but my hair isn't quite long enough yet, boo :(


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    I shall be investing in some salt spray :3 my hair is naturally a frizzy mess so I use a hairdryer to prevent such a crazy frizz ball on my head, so it would be nice to be able to add some more controlled texture back into it.


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    I have my own blog too, all things beauty (from makeup to reviews to skincare and haircare)Please check it out and follow, it will be much appreciated, more blog posts coming soon!


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    Thanks for the mini tutorials. I definitely want to try out that fishtail braid tomorrow. Seems nice and easy and a good way to get your hair out of your face.

    Can't wait for your next video!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

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    Anyone bothering to read, I just made a blog! If you follow/subscribe to me then comment your opinion or whatever you like on one of my posts, I will check you out :) I'm http://daisylocks.blogspot.com/
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    I have serious hair envy! The fishtail looks great on you – it's one of my go to styles as well ;)

    Niamh x


  267. I'm the same! I love playing with and doing other people's hair but I just have no patience when it comes to my own. Tend to do french or dutch braids a lot, or just put it in a bun and dress it with a ribbon or flower. I like doing fishtail braids too though.

    Lydia x

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    From a huge fan, Amara

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    I've recently started my own blog, after being inspired by both you and Louise so thank you for inspiring me, as cheesy as it sounds :P


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    That fishtail plait looks so time-consuming and I have the patience of the annoying orange's best friend, so you can imagine it's so freaking stressful when my hair isn't that manageable anyway.
    I'd love it if you took a look at my blog, I've just done my first foundation review :)


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    -Georgia x


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  283. Hi Zoe, My names Lucy, i'm 14 and because of you i'm becoming more and more in love with make up and fashion. I think you are so pretty and i look up to you a lot. I suufer with panic attacks and i watched your dealing with panic attacks video and thought how brave you were, because i had trouble telling my friends so i can't imagine how hard it must have been to tell everyone on youtube your stories. But i'm so glad you did because it has helped me big time and i feel like other people understand aswell now so thank you so much. Every time you do a 'Favourites' video i always watch and buy all the products that you talk about – even if they are expensive. If you find the time would you be able to just check out my blog http://all-things-pastel1.blogspot.co.uk/ it would mean so much to me because i have only just started out and one day i hope to be just like you. xxx

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    So I know these messages are super annoying and I apologise for the spam but I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my new blog where I'll be posting lots of beauty and fashion things. Thank you x
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    xo kerker
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    I have a blog too if anyone would like to check it out, I've only got a few posts but I have a lot to share. If you have the time please check my blog out! :)



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  312. Hey Zoe!

    Thanks for putting up this blogpost. :) It really helped!

  313. I've tried these Zoe, but they didn't work out for me. You're lucky you have such lovely long hair, as mine is short and layered and refuses to co-operate in any way! I just wanted to say thanks so much for this post though, as it did give me inspiration and can I just say how helpful your Primark (or Penneys, if you're Irish)hauls are, because I live a half an hour away from my nearest Penneys and it's really nice to see what's in store before I drive for a half an hour and find nothing,haha! Okay, that was kind of irrelevant, but I just started my blog and thought I'd just comment and let you know :) I don't know if you'll even read this haha!
    Thanks Zoe for being so dedicated ;)
    Byyyeee xxxxx

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    Really good explanation of the fishtail braid, definitely cleared things up for me :)

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  319. Yes this was definitely helpful! Thanks Zoe! I am the same way when it comes to hair. After I take the time to wash and dry it I'm too lazy to do something fancy with it. I usually end up leaving it down or putting it in a pony. Thanks for some new and easy hairdos to try. :-) Love you by the way and your youtube channel! You're beautiful inside and out!! <3<3

  320. Hi Zoe! My names lucy, I'm 14 and thanks to you I've set up my own blog. I look up to you and think you're amazing, you're so pretty and you're hair is perfect all the time. Thank you so much for making YouTube videos because thanks to your panic attack video I feel like my friends understand me more. You Must be so brave to post a video like that to millions of people because I had trouble explaining it to my friends. Thank you so much zoella. When in down your videos always make me smile and laugh.
    Could you maybe check out my blog lucywoood.blogspot.co.uk you will make my day of you could check it out as one day I want to be just like you. Xxxxx

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    Você é linda! Beijos

    I loved your hairstyle !
    You are beautiful girl ! xx

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  324. Hello, I recently created a blog, and I just wanted to say I love yours! mine is about inspirational quotes and stories that I have been through to perhaps help you out with any problems! check it out if you like! thank you so much if you do x my blog is-http://thenotebook0.blogspot.co.uk/

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  330. Lovelly hairstyles!
    sending you lots of smiles from your newest follower!!

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  335. I never really was too good at curling my hair and it would always look too perfect and yes, I don't like the fact that I can make my hair look like that, because that used to be the ONLY way I could curl my hair, and now you've taught me how to curl my hair and make it messy without it being too messy… does that make sense? Anyway, this helped me a lot! Thanks sooooo much Zoe!

  336. You really suit all of these hairstyles! Whenever I put my hair up it looks quite short haha! Love your blog and ive been a fan of it forawhile!

  337. Shanty

    really great post thanks for sharing…….

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    Hi! I'm from Finland and randomly found your vlogs from the youtube and watched manymany of them. You are absolutely amazing and very lovely! :) couldn't stop laughing to the video where you're doing a makeup to your brother! So hilarious! :D

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    Will definitely come again to check out your blog and I like your writing style :)

    Come and check out my blog too if you have the time <3


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    I really like your hairstyles *-*

    I also have a new blog :) Maybe you could check mine out


    Thank You :) I wish you to enjoy the summer.


  351. Aww their so cute and quick! Thx for this! <3

  352. Great video! Could you do a tutorial on how you do the high bun you're wearing in your picture at the top of your blog? :)

  353. Great video! Could you show us how to do that high bun you're wearing in the picture at the top of your blog? :)

  354. I love watching your videos and I am mad about trying different hairstyles, products and other styles with my hair, gots no followers yet but hopefully it will pick up soon… really hopefully hehe.

    if anyone else on here is interested in hair products then welcome to check me out!
    (not me….my blog)


  355. I love the fishtail braid, its so pretty! I will undoubtedly be wearing it a lot in the new school year :D

    I just uploaded my first post if anyone like to read it, it would mean a lot x


  356. Hey Zoe, my name is Maria I'm 13 and I love reading your blog posts and really enjoy watching your YouTube videos everyday! I've just started my blog and was looking through all your YouTube videos when I saw a video on tips about starting a blog with sprinkle of glitter that video really help me out thanks! I would love it if you had a look at my blog also I have tried out all the hairstyles in this post and they actually went quite well! Xxx

  357. You are so pretty and seem to have a lovely personality :)

  358. ahh love every hairstyle you showed!,I'll definetly be trying some of these,my hair is long and straight,and sometimes I don't even know what to do with it..
    anyway, I love your blog x.

  359. Emily

    Hi everyone!
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