I get asked an awful lot how I do many of the hairstyles I wear on an every day basis. I don’t actually spend a lot of time on my hair if i’m honest with you, the thing that really takes the longest is washing and blowdrying, after that I lose any patience I may once have had to spend lot’s of time on the styling. 

I recently filmed this “How To” video on my YouTube channel, and wanted to post it here for those of you who many not have seen it or are interested in finding out more about how I achieve these different styles. 

Let me know if you found this helpful and tweet me pictures of your attempts!  


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  • kacey smith

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  • Katie

    I wan your hair

  • Katie

    I love your hair 😍😘

  • Joni

    im getting really stuck on my hair x

  • Sarah Maryja

    I love your hair so much and I’m actually quite good at styling mine, but atm it’s so short I only put it in a ponytail or leave it like it is. Recently I seen a hair video of yours, and you showed how to do a ponytail with a dutch braid and it has become my go to hairstyle, it’s hella cute!
    Thank you!

  • Catlin

    Zoe I would love if you replied or put this in a video saying whatever you thought but I think you should do a giveaway of a few signed books just because I was just on water stones waiting up for 5 and I was so exited but as soon as I clicked London they were sold out and I even clicked the rest to see if I could travel to you but every single one was sold out. As you would of thought my face dropped I nearly cried I was so excited and have been waiting all day x I would appreciate if you could but hey ho everything happens for a reasonx 😀 all the best you no1 viewer and subscriber Caitlin ps. I know this is completely irrelevant to be on this post but I didn’t know any were I could get my voice heard. Hope to here back xxx kind regards Caitlin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ilysm

  • Molly Parker

    I love the fishtail plait one

  • Molly Parker

    I’ve only just learnt how to do it

  • Molly Parker

    I love your hair so much!!!

    • Mila S

      Awhhh I remember when a video of this just came out! I’ve been following this blog for SO long how hahah <3

      x M
      my blog ☞ || http://www.topknotkindaday.com ||

  • Naomi Sophie

    love the look, shame I’ll have to wait till next year to wear it. i have loved reading your blog so much i decided to start my own if you’d like to check it out here’s the link, ur such an inspiration to all. http://www.naomisophie.weebly.com

  • Soomin

    Zoe I love your hair, look and everything! It’s surprising finding out that you dont spend much time on your hair! It still looks GORGEOUS!!! Loveyou and I will always be a massive fan of you xxx

  • Amber Cavanagh

    Im so jelous of your hair zoella! I just get my older sister to do mine. Yours is gorgeous xxxxx

  • J.Jblog

    I have loved Zoella since I turned 8 and have been watching her none stop! But to be honest, I never knew she had a blog blog… so now I’ve discovered it, I will be reading this too! <3 Zoe, you are my ideal idol and I am so proud of you for receiving that reward recently. Thank you for the hair tips, I will be trying this out soon. :) xx

  • shumaiya

    I love her vids

  • shumaiya

    Me too i love her hair amazing

  • Polly

    Hey, Zoe! Just wanted to say that you blog looks very good now with the new design, and can’t wait to waste some time reading it, I don’t mind reading it for hours in fact! Your pictures are always so stunning, loved the hairstyles too!


  • Alice Wensington

    I’m still having a bit of trouble with the fishtail braid, but the video was enormously helpful. Thanks.

  • Elin

    I love this one so much! I love the fishtail! Check out my blog if you like lifestyles, fashion and beauty! https://lifestylebyeblog.wordpress.com

  • Love these!
    Aimee X aimeeandlucas.com

  • Aisling

    Now you have short hair can you still do fishtail

  • Rebecca Hammett

    OMG love the pics and the YouTube video! Have tried all the hairstyles and plan to wear the fishtail braid to school on Monday – super cute! You are an inspiration Zoe and I love everything you do – this blog is my favourite and I read it each night with a hot chocolate and marshmallows…Lush!
    If you wouldn’t mind please visit my blog on http://2bestiesblogging.blogspot.co.uk – thanks! X

  • Terri Taylor

    You literally have the most gorgeous hair ever!!


  • Alice hill

    I love your hair it looks so nice before and after you got it cut XXX <3

  • Keira Teale

    You are so insparational i cant even tell youxxx

  • Lucy Davies

    You are do pretty zoe never forget that!!!! X

  • Katherine

    Love her hairrr

  • Umea

    I didn’t know that they were that easy thanks zoe 😅 😲😘

  • Liv

    Hello Everyone! :)

    I am starting up a brand new Food, Fashion, Beauty and Mindful Living blog and would appreciate any tips and tricks or advice anyone would like to give!!

    Please put the date April 20th 2016 in your diaries for the sites launch and subscribe to be notified when its ready if you want!!

    You can subscribe or contact me at livlively.co.uk

    Any help is very gratefully appreciated! Thanks guys :)

  • RainbowSHAKE
  • DượcPhẩm Trang Minh

    wow, my girl friend love it


  • River Strong

    Ever since I have seen this blog post all I have bin doing is putting my hair in these styles. Thanks so much
    p.s. Please make another one of these!
    p.p.s. You’re hair is so perfect!

  • Evi Cairns-Johnston

    My hair has finally reached my waist, and as much as I love having my hair down, it’s a nuisance. I tried everyone of the hairstyles in that video, and it really helped keep my hair out of my face. Can you please do more of these, because I could do with a new hairstyle for a change! Oh by the way, Zoe, I find your blog inspiring and it gives me new ideas. I literally only just started following you, and I’m already inspired. Carry on doing what you do best!
    Love from one of your newest fans,
    Evie Xxx

  • Sophia Dickson

    All these hairstyles remind me of u zoella!! (And i’m obsessed with them!!)

  • Laura King

    your hair is sooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mechael

    Your hair is so beautiful, I want to know how did you make it?
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  • Live,Laugh and Love

    Zoella you are so amazing, you inspired me to write my own blog, please check it out

  • Your hairs look healthy and beautiful. Don’t go short.
    Loved these hairstyle btw.

  • Maria Kazi

    I tried the other tutorial, the bun one and to be honest it did quuite turn out well but (of course) yours was 10 times more better cos like, you’re Zoe (duh!)

  • Kira Walton

    Thanks!! Lovely!! I am a ballet dancer and just started up my blog of all my traveling ballet adventures and the inside scoop on a ballerinas life..check it out if you would pretty please!! http://www.vintagevelveteen.wordpress.com
    Kira Renee😘🐭😺

  • Afshan Mubashar

    luv the hairstyle trieded them out they work great. My BFFs loved them
    thanks ZOE

  • The sparkle Sisters

    Your hair is sooooo nice :)

  • Brigitte Evans

    Gorgeous hair! It really shows that you take good care of it. I had wavy long hair for most of my life, and a few months ago decided to cut it to a long bob. Really regretted it after just a few days :D
    So I am using hair growth products https://bondiboost.com.au/ and it is growing nicely so far :) Kisses!

  • Casey Livingstone

    These hair styles are beautiful! I have quite short hair and I tried recreating them with my Minque Hair Extensions and they worked out beautifully! I get my extensions from http://www.minquehair.com