The last time I went on any sort of relaxing holiday was when I was 16 and I joined my friend and her family for a week in Portugal. Since then, there has been Playlist in Florida, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it wasn’t the sort of holiday where you lie by the pool, listen to music and take afternoon naps on the sun beds. Over the last couple of days, I joined a group of friends on a trip to Mykonos in Greece. I’d been to Greece before, Rhodes to be exact when I was 13, so I knew it was a beautiful country, but I had no idea how utterly breath taking Mykonos would be.

Bikini: Asos – Top: Zara – Shorts: Zara – Sandals: Primark

We stayed at a boutique suite hotel called “Bill & Coo” which, depending on the time of year you visit and the sort of room you require can be in budget or very expensive, so if you’re looking into a holiday there, check the prices online with the different seasons and months. 

I can safely say that this is the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in abroad. I had a suite with a hot tub on the balcony and private sun beds (perfect if you are one of those sorts of people who prefer a little *ehem* naked *cough* private tanning (trust me, some people did do this). The rooms were so clean and modern and had everything you could ever need. I was like a child on Christmas Day entering the room. 

Dress: River Island – Bag: Zara – Lipstick : Rimmel Kate Moss 107

Here’s a familiar face, it’s my gorgeous friend Tanya, and here we are all glammed up for a meal out in the town of Mykonos which was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. We are also seen here, pretending to drive one of these bad-ass quad bikes. I don’t quite think we fit the “bad-ass-quad-bikers” category. 

This is by the port where a lot of the restaurants and bars are situated. It looked so beautiful as the sun was setting and with all the little (and large) boats bobbing on the water.

Dress: Ted Baker

Here we are again on our last night heading out for dinner in Mykonos. There are so many cute and quaint little restaurants there, it’s a shame we didn’t stay longer than 4 days as it would have been amazing to have been to many more.

There were lot’s and lots’s of stray kitty cats in Mykonos that would just sit elegantly on stairs and shop doorways as people passed through the town.

The restaurant we visited on the last night was called “Interni” (pictures below) and it was honestly one of the nicest places i’ve ever eaten. I ordered a cherry tomato and basil pasta and it was the best pasta i’ve ever had my life, alongside a delicious virgin mojito (my current go-to beverage)

Here’s a snap of me on a wall at sunset with the sea and beach behind me and another shot of Tanya and I on the stairs that led down into the Interni garden restaurant. 

Just generally walking through the town was one of my favourite parts of the holiday, besides great food, sun and amazing company, the streets were so clean, white and fresh and everything looks so idyllic and beautiful (especially at night). 

This is the section that could quite possibly make your mouth water. We found a cute little ice cream and crepe shop called “Trio Bambini” and they had the most amazing selection of ice creams and crepes. I am a HUGE sucker for crepes, they are my absolute favourite, and there was a crepe shop round every corner in Mykonos. (This is one of my many reasons for wanting to live there haha)

The hotel pool at night was one of the many highlights of staying at “Bill and Coo”. It always looked amazing. There were little twinkling lights at the bottom of the pool making it look so magical, and then candle lit lanters surrounding it. It was nice to lie out after being out for dinner by the bar and just gaze at the stars on the sun beds and chill out by the pool.

 Top: Zara – Shorts: River Island – Blazer: New Look – Sunnies: Ray Ban

On one of the days we were there, we popped to Nammos beach which was incredible. The beach was so pretty and the water was so clear. The only thing I will say, is that it’s not really somewhere to go and relax (unless you pick a sun bed towards the right of the beach) as there is quite loud music and cocktails being poured and served every 3 seconds. It’s a very glamorous place to go with your girly friends to get quite tipsy, but not so much for a relaxing afternoon. We still made the most of it and dipped our toes in the sea :)

The hotel was the nicest place i’ve ever stayed, all the staff were so polite, accommodating and friendly and the food and service were both impeccable. There was not one thing I would have changed about my stay there. The views were incredible, the rooms were amazing and the Island itself was so pretty. I would definitely go back. I am now writing this blog post with post-holiday blues and wish I could live there forever and ever. I can’t wait to start planning my next visit. I had the best 5 days ever!

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  • Ellie

    Wish i could be there right now!!
    And yes my mouth did water when it came to the crepes & ice cream :0

  • Alexia Psalti

    Hello Zoe! I live in Greece and I go to Mykonos every year. I actually went there one week after you left :(. I recognise a lot of the places you you went to. I’m really glad you enjoyed your trip and I hope you could come back to Greece again some time soon! Love you lots :) <3

  • kyra frey (weirdwhirlwind)

    A week ago I was in Mykonos and I stayed in the same hotel! It’s sooo nice and omg I loved the sunsets you could see from there! xx

  • Lucy CATastrophe

    I wish I could go to Mykonos, Maybe I will try to get my family to let us go… Wish me luck!!! :)

  • Zuzanna Olechno

    Oh my! I want be there right now! In Poland we have totally autumn weather :( so rainy and so cold!

  • Xmas.sugg

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    Xx ilysm

  • Cara Curtis


  • Peggara S.

    Hi Zoe! I am from Greece and i am so happy you enjoyed your holiday in Mykonos. I actually live in Athens but i’ve been to the island and is really amazing and breath taking so as other islands in the country!! I hope you visit again this year!! I love you so much Zoe and lots of kisses from Greece ♥♥ :)

  • Taylor Fernandes

    oh my god!! This place goes on my bucket list…HOPEFULLY I get to go here someday <3 :)

  • Scarlett Flynn

    OMG I am there right now and I am over the moon that you went here!

  • Lisha Lingesh

    I’ve always wanted to go to Mykonos and now I definitely need to…