Back in January, I wrote about 2012 and how it wasn’t such a great year for me, I also wrote about all the things I wanted to achieve in 2013 and life changes I wanted to make. So far this year, I’ve done so many amazing things and reached some personal goals too. Let’s consider this my 6 month review as I fill you all in and reflect on the first half of the year.

The biggest of my achievements so far this year has got to be hitting 1 million subscribers on my YouTube Channel. On December 24th 2012, I remember hitting 400,000 subscribers and trying desperately to screenshot it as it hit that exact number and failing miserably but feeling so excited and happy that SO many of you had chosen to subscribe to my YouTube channel. On the 20th April, I hit 1 million subscribers. I’m not sure what happened in those 4 months for my channel to grow so quickly, but I think it was by far one of the best days of the year so far. I felt so emotional with everyone congratulating me and saying how proud they were. In all honesty, it never really sunk in how many of you that was, and with 1,600,000 of you now, it still hasn’t. I can’t quite comprehend HOW there are that many people watching me rambling on, but it’s so incredibly amazing and i’m so humbled by all your support. 

The other thing I wanted to do this year was travel more, and I think i’ve succeeded very well with that. I did my first flight after 7 years going to Florida for playlist live, which was so incredible. Getting to meet lot’s of you and also meeting other YouTubers was so much fun. You can view each day I visited Florida in video diary form on my second channel here. Once i’d conquered that plane I felt like nothing was holding me back anymore. The plane journey was my nemesis, and after confronting it through an 8 hour flight, I felt like quite possibly…maybe I’d be able to travel a bit more. I then went to Paris, Mykonos & have LA next week for Vidcon, which i’m really looking forward to, and hopefully my optimistic attitude towards travel and flying will continue, because i’m really enjoying making up for all the years I shied away from visiting other countries due to anxiety. 

This also brings me onto not “sweating the small stuff”. I agreed that this year I wouldn’t stress over the small things because life was too short. I’ve had a few stressful encounters so far this year, but I chose not to let them effect me as negatively as they may have done previously, and seen things in a much more positive light, however hard that may be sometimes. I’ve also tried to encourage a lot of my friends to stop sweating the small stuff too, because if we spend too long stressing over the smaller things, they then become bigger things, and it gets a lot more messy and hard to let go. If there is something currently bugging you, let it go, smile, every day is precious. 

I’ve enjoyed hanging out with friends new and old, and watching Darcy grow into a little lady. I have such amazing people around me, most of whom you may also watch on YouTube. I know you only get to see the videos they film, edit and upload of themselves in 3-10 minutes on the internet, but behind that, they really are AMAZING people with such huge influences on my life and happiness. 

I have also enjoyed spending quality time with my family and friends at home. Although this year is quite a whirlwind, and I have managed to travel a lot. It’s also important to spend days at home chilling, relaxing…shooting some b ball..ha! No, in all seriousness, with this beautiful weather I have been out in my garden at one with nature. I have even made friends with a hedgehog family.

There are also a few things i’ve not done very well so far and i’m going to tackle these things now, so that i have 6 months to rectify this. Drinking more water? yeh…i’ve not done that very well. I told myself I would drink from a two litre bottle every single day, but I definitely have not stuck to that (I can’t lie to you guys). I think setting myself the goal of drinking two litres every day was pushing it a bit, I may have been a little too optimistic when I decided that, but i’m definitely going to make more of a conscious effort to hydrate myself more. I’m one of these odd people that never feel thirsty and can go a whole day forgetting to drink something. NOT GOOD.

I also decided I would be a bit more organised. Organisation, requires time management and time itself to get organised, and time isn’t something I’ve had a lot of recently. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being busy, and I love having so many things to keep track on and keep up with, but it does stress me out to think that a lot of things don’t have their place and I can’t do all the things i’d like to be doing when I want to do them. I have managed to organise my calendar from now until December though, which is an improvement from not keeping a diary at all, and i’ve only turned up 30 minutes late to ONE doctors appointment! haha

This also then brings me on to my blog. I told myself I would blog more (good going Zoe, 1 or 2 posts a month isn’t that great). I’m not quite sure why I can’t sit down and write about all the products I love, or the makeup i’m wearing, or new collections, or my day out with Louise & Darcy. I think I have become a bit overwhelmed with the amount of you that read these ramblings, even when i’m not posting anything new! And it’s got to the point where I honestly don’t know how or where to start. I have all these blog post ideas swimming around in my head and in about 5 different note books. I have hundreds of blog pictures of products that I want to share with you. I will always see my blog as my little place to escape, to keep you up to date, to ramble on about everything and nothing and to share things with you, that’s how this all started, and that’s what it will continue to be. The second half of this year, i’m going to try REALLY hard to get my blogging back on track. I know I say this all the time, but it’s honestly something I think about a lot of the time. It doesn’t help that life has got a lot more busy, and i’ve decided to really push myself to do more and try new things, which takes up more time than I initially realised haha. Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck by me through my desert phases (This is what I shall call them as they are dry spells with…nothingness), also, hello to any new readers who might be here too. I appreciate that not all of you want to see me gassing on in a video about products, and secretly read about them during work hours, (or just don’t really like my voice haha), so i’m really going to try and make a conscious effort to get more content on here. I’m not saying after this i’ll bosh a post out every single day, it might take me a while to get back into the swing of it, but i’m going to put on my blogging cap and get blogging. 

This is also where i’d like your input. I already have a huge list of ideas and blog posts that I’d like to do at some point (I even have 3 giveaways that i’ve had planned for months and months that I went out and purchased and have just left lying around) but i’d like to hear any ideas you might have. I’d also like to know, if you have a blog yourself, do you ever get “bloggers block?”

So that’s it for now folks! My little life update and 6 month review of the things I wanted to achieve this year. So far it’s about 50/50 so I still have time to sort that out. What things are you going to try and achieve by the time the year is up? Let me know!

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  1. Kelly


  2. I was so upset the other day when i came on and saw you hadn't written in a while, i thought you gave up! So glad to see you back! I'm trying to learn how to dance. I want to do musical theatre when i'm older and i've got the acting and singing down but dancing…. lets just say at my last audition i head butted someone and they were concussed! NOT GOOD!!!
    Anyway, i'm glad you're back!

  3. I was just thinking this morning how you haven't posted in a while! How ironic. I love this post it seems like you've had such a great 6 months and all the stuff you've done sounds so fun! Such a nice post and lovely photos.

    Caitlin | Perks Of Style

  4. Merena

    So crazy seeing how far you've come! I spent probably a whole week (a year ago or so) reading everything on your blog – from start to finish. So amazed by your 'journey' thus far haha xx

  5. I couldn't even imagine having 1 million subscribers on my channel! wow Zoe! how amazing! :)xx

  6. Oh yes! Definitely. I have bloggers block all the time. It's quite impossible since there are so many things happening in my life right now and I can blog about it but once I get back home and sit in front of my laptop, I cannot blog at all.

  7. I get bloggers block all the time, I find writing down what sort of posts would be interesting for me personally to read is helpful, things like 'packing for a beach holiday' etc also don't put pressure on yourself (cheesy but true) you an always tell when a post is forced so its better to have quality over quantity :) xx

  8. Zoe I can't wait to see what's ahead :)

  9. I totally get bloggers block sometimes! I think the best thing to do is exactly what you've done – take a break and focus on 'living' – most of these blogs don't work at all if you haven't actually got a life outside of the computer screen!

    It's so wonderful to see you doing so well on so many of your goals and to be reminded that yes, you're human too, and there are some things you've been slacking on just like the rest of humanity! The best laid plans of mice and men and all that…

    I'd really love to see one of those 'A Day in the Life…' type blog posts where you take us through a 'normal' working day for you. I also really love posts that are just more personal to you – I'm sure it's no coincidence that one of your most-viewed posts is the one about anxiety and 'just saying yes!'. I know I can relate very much to a lot of what you say and it's really nice to be reassured by someone so many of us respect.

    Keep up the hard work and don't feel bad about feeling a little distant from your blog – it happens to everyone! xx

  10. Beth.

    So glad things are fabulous for you Zoe! This is such a great post, you really give a great insight into your life which is so inspiring for an 'aspiring' (Let's be honest, it might never happen) blogger. Lots of love!

  11. Love this post its been amazing to read and watch you grow in the beauty community as a fellow follower back a few years it is so great seeing you hit milestones in youtube and blogging alike .
    I tweet you on twitter @mystylewarrior
    You have been my true inspiration and i have re-started up my beauty and fashion blog!

    Eloise xo |

  12. Also i'd love to see you doing "top 5 products of…." A bit overdone but still awesome! I'd also love to hear about your days out and also fashion posts!

  13. This was such a chirpy uplifting blog post, Zoe. It doesn't seem like two seconds ago you were writing about all the things you wanted to do so it's awesome to hear about how you've succeeded in so many things. Don't stress about not blogging all the time. The people who love your writing have plenty of content to sift through and I'd rather you wrote when you really felt like it. No pressure :)

    Kerry | Kerralina x

  14. I definitely got bloggers block over the last few months, sometimes it can be so… competitive – though that isn't really the right word, but as a relatively 'small' blog it can be hard to find your place and your unique offerings to the blogging world. Ive decided to try and include a few more personal posts, outfit posts and things like that. I love watching your videos on Youtube and I think you're probably one of my favourite Youtubers actually, I think there's this expectation that Youtubers should have equally amazing blogs, but I think talents can lie in either or area, and you shouldn't feel pressured to deliver something specific :)

    I'm glad your anxiety is doing well too, I also had an awful year last year with anxiety and panic attacks and it nearly ruined my university experience!

  15. Sarah

    I've got serious bloggers block at the moment! I go through phases where I post a lot and them BAM nothing for months because everything I write just sounds silly so i disguard the post! I can't wait to see your future posts though, I have been reading your blog for years and I love all your posts, beauty, life or random rambly ones!

    Also I am really pleased you have met so many of your goals you set for yourself this year and you seem like a much more happy, positive and upbeat person! I hope the rest of your year is filled with as much fun as the first half! :) <3

  16. Zelda

    It's so nice to see you posting again, it's amazing seeing all the things you've acheived in 6 months!
    Oh, and I most definitely experience Blogger's Block! :')

  17. So nice to hear how your year is going Zoe. You should be very proud of yourself!
    I have recently graduated from University…so by the time the year is up I would like to be in my first "proper" job and enjoying it, and settled in to wherever this job takes me (hopefully London!)

  18. Hi Zoe, love the blogpost.
    I also have a blog and I totally get your bloggers block, some people don't understand it but it's sometimes hard to keep getting those posts out, so much so I've recently deleted my old blog and just started over because I wasn't happy anymore with my old blog and now I try to get up a couple of post per week.
    Good luck to you, I know you can do it :) x

  19. Your blog will always be one of my all time favourites and it inspires my own blog so much. So glad to hear you are back!
    I also get bloggers block now and again, I recently took a large break for my A Level exams and it was difficult getting back into the swing of things but once you start again you will be shocked by how many ideas begin flowing! I can't get enough of blogging since I have been back and am loving it :)

  20. I know "Bloggers Block" far too well! I usually just take a break from it so I don't feel pressured to HAVE to write posts and in that time I'll usually purchase a few products which make me want to write more stuff and I eventually get back into the swing of blogging. Whenever I'm on a role with blogging, I will write a few "back up posts" so I do have something to publish if there's a time where I have "Bloggers Block". Seeing people enjoy those posts and the views increasing, motivates me to write more; maybe you could try that!

    I'm glad 2013 has been a better year for you Zoe, it really is lovely seeing you get all the success you deserve.

    Charlotte x

  21. Zoe you are seriously amazing! I love your Blog so much xx

  22. Jenny

    Nice to see a post, Zoe! Congrats on achieving what you have done in recent months x

  23. Amazing post Zoe, you're such an inspiration to me:)xxx
    from Annie ToadRoad

  24. I've really missed your posts Zoe, I'm glad your back :) xxx

  25. you are truly amazing zoe! me and two of my friend run a blog ( PLEASE HAVE A LOOK!) and we always write out and plan future posts, but it is really hard to think in advance! hahaa, love you zoe and i look forward to your future posts! xxx

  26. Great blogpost! I always do little updates :) X

  27. Yes! Bloggers block seems to visit me all the time! I'm so glad that you've had a good year and I hope things continue to go well for you!:) xxx

  28. I too need to be much more organised! I live in New Zealand so my exams are coming up at the end of the year so I am horrible at organisation and studying and need to fix that! I also need to drink ALOT more water because like you, I just don't feel thirsty throughout the day. I really love your blog posts Zoe, especially when you ramble on about your life, experiences etc, those ones are my favourite, you really are an inspiration with your positive outlook look on life which is something I strive to have. Hope you have a good day and keep being awesome!!! :–)

    Emme x

  29. I love your blog so much. I especially love your blogs about the places you have visited like Mykonos as I really want to travel when im older so I love hearing about where people have been and what they think of the place :) I dont have a blog as i dont think I would know what to put, Im really into martial arts so i guess i could blog about that but i wouldnt know where to start. Oh and Zoe thankyou so much for telling us to say yes and for sharing your problems its helped me so much you are a big inspriration to me! :)- Elise East Midlands, England

  30. OMG! I missed your blog! :) Visit mine please: Please Zoe! :O
    Amazing post like always! Love you<3<3<3

  31. Kenza

    It seems like you've had such a great 6 mouths i'm really happy for you. My 6 months was SO BAD! A lot of problems happened in my life and I didn't know how to manage that, a lot of stress and all these bad things. But now i'm more happy, its holidays, the sun, family it's great! And oh yeahh I always get "bloggers block". Love your post.


  32. I get bloggers' block all the time, I thought when I started my blog I had loads of things to talk about but then as you go on it gets harder and you just freeze. I've only had my blog for 6 months now, starting from January 2013 and I have recently just hit 50 followers. Zoe, you're a massive inspiration to me and definitely helped me in starting my own blog. Keep it up Zoe, love what you are doing! And everyone please go and check out and follow my blog, I would greatly appreciate it!

  33. Holly

    Yes I definitely get bloggers block! I go through phases of wanting to write like 6 posts all at the same time, and phases where I don't know what to write at all haha. By the way, did you ever get your screen shot of 1,000,000 subscribers exactly? May sound odd, but I know a lot of YouTubers like to try and do so, so when I saw it I actually took one myself just incase haha, and then forget about it until you mentioned this :)

    Holly |

  34. Chloe

    With bloggers block I find making a challenge with yourself is a great way to get on track. See if there are any blogging challenges going around next month and start them. I also find reading other blogs regularly makes you want to blog more :) I really love your blog and hope that you do come back to it. xx

  35. I have a blog and nearly always get "bloggers block" but manage to write about 2/3 blogs a week. I'm not sure if this is a good thing because they may be really bad but I like that you put a lot of thought into your blog. I also need to get more organised with it!

    Congratulations with everything you have achieved

    Lauren xx

  36. Merena

    Oh! I forgot to mention, I'd love to see your take on DIY projects or any cool kitschy crafty things you do (similar to your post outlining how you clean your brushes – which isn't exactly crafty but nevertheless clever!)

  37. Zoe, I think it is incredible how far your you tube channel has come, I look forward to your videos every week! I honestly can't wait for you to start blogging more becasue you inspired me to start my own blog, thank you!
    I have the exact same problem as you with drinking, I just never feel the need to drink so I literally have to force myself to drink, it is so weird!

    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us for the rest of the year!


  38. I'm so happy that you're going to be back blogging more often. You've achieved so much this year! Even though i'm quite new to youtube and blogging but I also get bloggers block sometimes because I think more about what other people want to read, instead of remembering that it's my blog so I should post what i want.

  39. Love this post, you are so inspirational Zoe :) I get 'bloggers block' now and then and it can be hard to write something when you aren't sure exactly what you want to write. But I think it is important to choose quality over quantity and see blogging as something to make you happy :) Congratulationals on all that you have achieved this past year! xx

  40. Ally

    I'm so glad you did a new post! Thank you! And congrats on the youtube subscibers! (I am a loyal one btw…:)) I am so glad and don't know why but proud of you! haha. Can't wait for you to share one of those many blog ideas you have flowing through your mind. I achive to get more views and followers on my blog since I just started! I love and support you<3<3

  41. Noush

    This post make me smile ! I'm really happy for you :)

  42. Awww :) This is such a beautiful inspirational post! I'm glad things are going well for you and you are happy :) Achieving new year resolutions are always a bit tricky, but trying your best to be content and now work yourself up about small things is always a good place to start :)

    Ms Jelena xx
    Ms Jelena's Blog

  43. That was really beautiful! You deserve it Zoe!
    I should probably get my butt off the chair and start doing more creative things…
    Thank you for being an inspiration.

    Maria xx

  44. Congratulations on the 1 million susbcribers Zoe! And yes…we've all missed you in the blogging community:( pleas get blogging more as we all love your posts;)

  45. Hi Zoe! I'd like to thank you for being such an inspiration! This year I wanted to make new friends and trying new things, and by now I think I've done it and I've also started a blog, yay!I'm really enjoying it although I have a few views(any tips?)
    So happy to hear that you'll be blogging more frequently^^
    Kisses from Spain♥
    PS. Here's my blog if you want to have a look

  46. I see that the hedgehogs also got a spot :D Good luck for the rest of 2013, Zoe. x

  47. That are some great achievements! I truly missed your blog, so I'm glad you're back and hopefully you'll stay for a while. And yes, I have a writers block now and then not because I don't enjoy it anymore, but simply because I have to many ideas and don't know where to start. It's kind of an organising-issue, I just have to make it work!

    Can't wait to hear more from you!

  48. The blogger block curse. I haven't had it in a while, it definitely happens though. Also the opposite can happen, in that every little bit of your life becomes a blogging opportunity. Sometimes its nice to just sit back and enjoy yourself, without thinking 'I must blog about this'.

    Blog when you want to Zoe, no one will love you any less :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  49. I have gotten bloggers block before, and you probably think you've disappointed us by not writing, but I think we'd all prefer if you put your time and effort into posts like this one, instead of just writing a naff post every single day, as we'll get bored! As for suggestions I'd like to see some tags on here, like you used to do.

    Cheyenne xxx

  50. So happy that you're back zoe, we've missed you in the blogging world haha!!
    You are one of the reasons why we started this blog, because you are such an inspirational person and from reading your posts or watching your videos, it really makes us happy :)
    You are truly amazing Zoe!! x

  51. Amelia

    This is so lovely, it's amazing the opportunities you've had and the friends you've made through YouTube.
    You seem so happy and it's much deserved :)


  52. Sara

    I get Blogger's Block quite often. I put out a new blog post every weekday, so it's especially hard for me. I find that writing a more personal post (I do a Story Time series, and an Ins & Outs series) helps give me a break from all the beauty stuff floating around in my head. Hahaha. Also, because I give myself the weekend off, I can use that time to brainstorm that week's posts, take the photos, etc. I found that it is super beneficial to stay on schedule. Once you get going, it feels really bad to miss a day.

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished so far! Your travel pictures are so pretty!! I hope my advice for your Blogger's Block was helpful. :)


  53. I'm so happy to see you're back! I always watch your videos and come here to see if there's something new :) I'm blogger too and I understand that sometimes your head is just not in place or the time is just no right to sit down and write, but that's something we love :) xx

  54. Love your blogs and your YouTube channel! There are plants of things I wanted to achieve this year, but so far the majority of them have been unsuccessful haha! It's so difficult to become motivated and get out of daily routines and habits! I've been trying to get a job since the start of the year, but nothing's come up yet. Still, as you said, just keep smiling and make the most of each day!

  55. I have a YouTube channel and a blog, and I always find that I get YouTube block more than bloggers block. I post quite often and usually have a lot to say, but I can rarely think of what to do on YouTube. I think it's because I'm naturally a quiet person so I prefer to write rather than talk.
    I'm super glad you've posted today as I've not had much to read recently :')

    Beverley xx

  56. congrates on all the good things that you have achieved so far :)
    I'm also guilty of not blogging as much as I should be or getting into blogging… opps :/
    but it's nothing to worry about, the best blog posts are the ones the ones that you a passionate to write xx

  57. What a lovely post to read :) thanks Zoe!

  58. I love reading your blogs Zoe, I get to know you more through writing I think. I have the same problem with not drinking. And it too was on my goal list for Summer, the get fit goal is happening, but I need to motivate myself a bit more with the drinking 8 glasses of water a day :) I feel bad saying that I'd love more blog posts, because I don't want to stress you (seeing as you are a busy person)
    Also it would be amazing for you to do a post of your most favorite Summer outfits so far :) xxx

  59. Zoe, you're such an inspirational person and I'm glad that you're having an amazing year so far. You are wonderful and I hope you don't forget that, and that you deserve every wonderful thing that has come your way! You are my inspiration and I am really sad that I won't see you at Vidcon, but I will be sending a little gift with my friend! You really are a marvelous and lovely person and I love you no matter your faults.


  60. I'm actually suffering from "bloggers block" right now :( It sucks 'cause I've gotten used to posting at least once a week, and right now it's dwindled down to a paltry 2 entries a month. Sheesh! I'm a classic film blogger and, just like you, I have hundreds of blogging ideas swimming around in my head or on paper, but I just don't feel like WRITING right now. Here's the link if you feel like checking it out:

  61. Lois

    So good to have you back in bloggingland! :) xx

  62. Don't worry about too much stuff! If you can't find inspiration to blog, just don't! (As long as you record videos anyway :))
    Loved reading this post, goals are good for everyone.
    Btw, Zoe, are you exited about the royal baby? I'm a bit of an Anglophile and I loved the whole thing, how do you see it from your perspective?

  63. I always love reading your blog posts Zoe!
    And definitely these type of posts, It's nice when you look back on what you've achieved and It makes me happy to see you've done so much! …time to take some inspiration from you and try my best to do the same.

    -Sarah xo

  64. what a great post idea :)
    In 2013 I wanted to achieve so much, I think now is a great time to focus on what I have done and need to do for the rest of my year

  65. Zoella, your so inspirational! I have been so inspired by your youtube videos and blog which has really encouraged me to create my own.<3

    I would be so happy if you could possibly check out my blog called Bethany Blue Eyes, that's if you have time!

    Bye bye! x

  66. Congratulations on 1 million subscribers!!! <3
    I always get bloggers block every now and then i plan to do more with one every day next month! The best post are the ones that take a while because though have gone into them. :)


  67. Sofie

    You're doing so well Zoe, can't believe how far you have come – just like you said from december to april, it's crazy! You're truly and inspiration, just keep going! <3

    I know everything about bloggers block, i even deleted my blog at some point. Getting back on track is hard but it feels amazing!


  68. I absolutely love reading your blog and still discover old posts that I have't read yet or want to reread again! You are my favourite blogger and YouTuber! Thank you so much for the endless hours I have spent reading your blog posts, watching you videos or laughing at a vlog or colab. :) We all get writers block sometimes, today I deleted all my old posts and have started again as it had been months since I had blogged. And I am very happy that I am getting back into it again :)

  69. It happens! I would much prefer you blog about things you feel passionate about, than blogging for the sake of it. :)

    I would love to see a morning/night time skin care regime? Or more make up tutourials! Or d) all of the above!

  70. i've been waiting for this post for so long! i've recently started blogging (about 2 months ago) and a friend recommended following you, you're the first blog i ever followed! i spent ages looking through your blog reading most of your posts and i've been anticipating your next post all this time. youtube isn't really my thing so i havent watched any of your videos unfortunately but it's so inspriring to see how far blogging has got you, i hope i get the same recognition for mine. so excited to see you get back into the swing of things xxxx

  71. I think it's normal and ok to have blogger blocks ;) I enjoyed reading your post so much! I'm from Germany and even if I don't understand every single word you always make me happy! Doesn't matter if it's a blog post or a video. You're so inspiring and beautiful (from the inside and outside). You even made me start off my own blog. Thanks for your beauty tips and making me smile several times! You are an amazing person! (sorry if my english is not quite correct)

  72. such an amazing and inspiring post zoe! i'm so happy that you have achieved so many of the things you wanted to and even if you haven't blogged in a while, at least you've been having a good time! i regularly get blogger's block and end up not blogging for weeks at a time but i take a break and then come back with a new spirit! i'm really looking forward to your new blogposts but for now, i'll just carry on watching your wonderful youtube videos! :) X

  73. I love your blog Zoe, you inspired me to start my own! Anybody who follows my blog I can GUARANTEE you I will follow you back :-) and if I don't feel free to un follow me :-) Please help me put my blog out there! xx

    Emiluy oxo

  74. Well done on all your achievements, you have a great blog and youtube, I think bloggers do get blogger block at sometime, I would say use the ideas you have and just look at your surroundings, magazines, ask people or other blogs for inspiration, I'm sure whatever you decide to post will appeal to people to read, just keep at it.
    Ashleigh :) xx

  75. I always get bloggers block! <3

  76. Stella

    Congratulations Zoe!
    Yes I had some periods that I didn't feel like blogging but after a small break I continued!

    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  77. Hi! I've followed your blog :-) x

  78. Congrats zoe!! you deserve it <3

  79. Ramsh

    Your hair always looks so amazing!

  80. Mia

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I love your blog and you. ♥
    xoxo, cheers! – Mia from Kissbook

  81. you're such a huge inspiration for me ! Thank you for your positive fiteling you share with the world cause you make my day EVERYDAY! :) ♥ I'm so proud you hit 1000000 subscribers and it makes me even more proud to be a part of it (not really a part but you know. …like a fan and I love watching/reading what's going on with your life)

    I also want to thank you for your motivation!
    'Just say yes' has become the most important sentence in my life! I'm really shy and I'm not a 'party girl' …..but I'm more open minded now and I love to meet new people and try new things and travel. …..
    You're videos and posts pushed me :) . I was too shy and had too many self doubts to do something different with my hair or putting some eye shadow on or wearing more dresses.

    I live healthier now and intensive :)

    This year I decided to start a blogging project: littlerandomsparks.
    it's a german and British blog I created with my new friend bethany :)
    she's also a fan of yours and we decided to use this blog as a place where we can share beauty and fashion stuff with the world but also it's perfect to get to know each other cause beth and me we'd never met before. I'm the German part and it's quite interesting to see what British girls do and I'm proud to show how german girl survive at school or on holidays haha :D

    All in all I just want to say : thanks for making this happen. You're the reason little random sparks comes to life. You're the reason for my new confidence. you're the reason for my life change.

    THANK YOU ZOE! ♥♡♥

    ~ Lena

  82. Great post Zoe, I think everyone who reads your blog or watches your videos would definitely agree that you have come such a long way this past year and even in your videos you just seem so much happier <3
    I know exactly what you mean about bloggers block as even though my blog is fairly new it does take me quite a while to put ideas from my head actually on the blog hahaa ;)
    I would love to see some more lifestyle post from you or maybe something about fashion as I love your fashion sense :)
    Lots of love
    Lia xx

  83. Hi Zoe! So I am a blogger too, and I have so many things to thank you for! First at all, I live in Poland. Here, you can speak English fluently (if you study English only in school) when you're around 20. Now I am 16 and when I started watching your videos I thought it'd just teach me something new about makeup, but now, because of you, in the next year I'm moving 600 kilometers away from my town to study for IB! I'm a little bit scared but also excited. You motivated me to start my own blog and to think about myself a bit more positive – though I still cannot consider myself in "pretty" categories, my self-esteem is a bit better. You are my inspiration to set my own goals and to live the life I want to live! I don't know if you'll read it, but I love you and I wish you all of your dreams come true, because you're amazing :).
    xxx, Alice from
    P.S I named my cellphone Zoe! Haha

  84. I think the most important thing for any blog I read is get the personality of the person who's writing. You can always tell when someone has written something just because they feel like they have to. I blog (it's only small but I heart it), and I keep thinking I should write more but I don't want it to become a chore – it should stay fun!

  85. You are a true inspiration to me, in some way you really encouraged me to be myself and acknowledge the fact that I needed to do something about my anxiety. I'm working on those things and every post that you write or video that you film inspires me :)
    I wish you all the best and hope that you can continue doing what you do for like ever ;)

    Thank you so much Zoe, it means a lot to me (and a great bunch of other people) !


  86. I love that although you have as many subscribers as you do you still like to stay grounded and think where it all started and how you want to improve.

    I get bloggers block when I'm even writing posts. Not something I like to admit sure but it happens to the best of us (or so I like to believe)

    I also understand the time issue. Where do the hours go? I may have to petition for 48 hour days! But work hours dont change?? Hhhmmmm

    Keep smiling. You have no idea how much of an influence you really are.

    oOo Becky oOo

    BKY Bubble oOo Beauty, Life, Baby, Bits & Bobs

  87. I get bloggers block all the time hun so don't sweat as I'm sure we are not the only 2. I have a few days of none stop inspiration and loads of posts and then I can't get my head around it for a few days and then back and forth, back and forth. Its really annoying and I know for a newbie it's not helping myself but I can't help it. I'm sure I can say for everyone that we would rather wait for an epic post you have been really excited about than get a post everyday that you're not too fussed about. Its supposed to be fun after all.

    We are all human, just remember that :)

    Much Love
    Topazstarz xxxxxxxxxx

  88. i completely agree zoe! i recently started a blog and at the time i had so many things to share with people but i just don't know how to write it in a way that will make sense to people! ahhh dilemmas! in the long run i hope to have a successful blog but my main goal is for it to just be my happy little getaway place! :)

  89. I always have so many ideas in my head for my blog but I never know which one to do first and finish doing nothing! haha and sometimes I don't know what to blog
    I started reading your blog since january, and I love it since then.
    You are such an amazing person that I'd love to meet someday!! you are my favourite blogger and youtuber! lovee you Zoe! ♥

  90. Glad you're back! I love decor posts, DIY's and Make up reviews! x

  91. Aw you've achieved so much in such little time but still manage to stay true to yourself and not let all the subscribers get to your head, hats off to you zoe!:) You've really inspired me to make the most of life while I can and I can say on behalf of all your readers how proud we all are of your successes!

    Hope those things you want to achieve this year work out :)

  92. Great to see a post up :) congratulations on 1 million subscribers- you deserve it! x

  93. Great post Zoe!:) I've been following you and everyone else in your kind of online friendship group for a long time and you're all such big inspirations with how much you've achieved and really make me want to make the most out of life.

    Good luck with all your future goals and successes!

  94. I'm your new reader and I'm glad you're going to write more often because I really like you and the way you write.;) And I just recently started writing a blog (though not good as you write it) and I hope you will, if you have time read it! :))

  95. Zoë O

    Great job Zoe, and what a fabulous year it's been! xx

  96. What a coincidence this post is! Just two days ago I posted "Blogging block – 20 post ideas" on my blog!
    I think every single blogger gets 'bloggers block' at some point or another. I also the think the faster your audience grows the more pressure you feel to write quality posts, which in turn drives you into a block more. I think many bloggers should stop worrying about what makes a good or bad post, since followers don't just follow the text and the topics, they follow the blogger – The person. Readers are happy to hear from you whatever it is you have to say, and while I know we don't want to post utter rubbish, sometimes the simpler of posts are a lot more personal and unique :)

    It's really great to hear from you again though, Zoe! Just yesterday I was browsing through your blog and reading any of the posts I've missed over the years. While I love your videos, I really like your style of writing, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you pop up in my blog feed more often! :)
    Congratulations on all of the achievements so far! too It's really inspiring to see that you have the drive to overcome your anxiety and consciously make positive changes in your life, it's made me realise I need to give myself a kick up the bum now I've seen all you can do in six months!

    Lots of love
    Floral and Freckled
    Beauty, Lifestyle, Creativity xo

  97. Hi,

    I'd love to see a blog post with lots of photos in, as you said you had lots you'd like to show us!! I love lifestyle posts as well!! I only started my blog recently, and only have 1 follower, but I really do get bloggers block!! Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed it :)

  98. So glad youve blogged, missed your posts so much. Its awesome to see how much you've acheived in such a small amount of time, you should be so proud of yourself :)


  99. I get bloggers block, too! Usually, I'll just ramble on about something random when I don't know what to "talk" about. It helps me get through the block and I think of new ideas, too.

  100. It's really amazing what you have achieved in the last year! Currently, it's a time in my life where i'm at a changing point, too. And your story is really encouraging!
    I'm trying to deal with my anxiety and that's why i started a blog. I just said "yes" to a blog ( ;-) ) and with that i hope i'll be able to overcome some insecurities.
    I really like what you're doing.
    Lots of love from Germany :)

  101. Daria

    Hey Zoey :) I really hope you get to read this comment; even though I'm currently writing this while there are already 107 comments I remember you saying that you read every single comment which makes me hope you'll read this too. I'm so glad you wrote this post because it made me relax a bit about my life and made me realize to enjoy the 'little things' a bit more and to set myself goals without stressing too much! Also, yea I've had a blogging block and the solution to me was that I had to focus less on the others and more on me and if I just wanted to post a picture of my tea and write 5 words about it then it'd be okay because it's what I wanted :) So genuinely write as if it was your diary! ;) lots of love xx

  102. This is a lovely post and I know what you mean about bloggers block, I get it all the time and trying to find ideas to write about. You're such an inspiration, love your Blog :)

  103. You have no idea how happy seeing this post made me. I love it when you blog as your blog was the first one I ever followed and it inspired me to set up my own three years ago.

    You've accomplished a lot this year and I have to say even though I don't personally know you, I'm incredibly proud of you. And I'm very happy that you've allowed us to be a part of your journey. Your YouTube accomplishments are outstanding and you deserve every single subscriber and every single view that you get.

    As for what I'd like to see more of on this blog… I guess I'd love to see product reviews, outfit of the days and lifestyle posts. I know it's pretty hard considering you do those on your YouTube channel but I seriously love your photography and I miss seeing it often.

    Bamboozle Beauty xx

  104. It's always nice to hear people achieving their goals, it spurs the rest of us on :)I love your videos and your blog posts and think that you're a really kind, funny and a generally amazing person.

    I'd like to see a summer make-up or just general life updates as I love looking at your photos :)

  105. Im so happy that you are feeling more positive about things! im really looking farward to you blogging more :) I too am stuck in a rutt of bloggers block at the minuet (its driving a bit insane to be honest!) Take care x

  106. So after slowly enjoying your youtube videos more week by week, I decided to take a look on your blog
    I guess I've chosen the right time. A few weeks ago I made a post on my blog about opimizing yourself to be more happy. I've been writing on my site since last november, every week having no problem to find a topic. Lately has been harder.

    Like you I have loads and loads of ideas, especially since I've never limited myself to a special type of posts, but words don't come that easy. I've been getting better again though, so I hope that I might find back enough creativitiy to make mor posts, and even trying on youtube again (another thing I started but had to abandon. Writing in general to me is more important. I'll follow you around on your fight against bloggersblock and lool forward to your ideas. I won't five you any though, I need to keep them to myself ;)

    Good luck and I hope you have a lovely day

  107. I'm always so inspired by you Zoe, I love the out look that you have on life and want to make mine similar! Your right, there is not point in 'sweating the small stuff' at all! Cant wait for some more blog posts in the future! Maybe some about going back/starting college (beauty/fashion wise)

    Love you Zoe!

  108. Don't stress, Zoe! I've definitely had bloggers block before and sometimes I think you just need to try something new. It's also helped me to get inspiration from other blogs that you enjoy. I'm glad to see you'll be posting more- I'm absolutely in love with your photography. And congratulations on the success of your Youtube channel! Keep being amazing, Zoe! :)


  109. This post has, in a way, given me a boost to blog more and really find a place for my blog. I just started a few months ago [] and right now it is just sort of lifestyle ramblings with no real direction at all! I am in the process of filling a notebook with ideas and I suppose the 'bloggers block' has its phases! Keep writing – you have such voice! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  110. Well done Zoe for all you're fabulous achievements so far this year :)
    I have probably a far fetched suggestion but… I'm going to go ahead and explain it :) Being so popular on youtube and blogger you must know how difficult it is to get followers, subscribers and people noticing you, and it can be disheartening. Now I am coming up to almost over 50+ followers on my blog since starting in late February I have said to myself that perhaps once a year I will list some blogs which only have a small amount of following that I think are super great. I think it would be a good idea for you to list perhaps 10-20 blogs which only have a small amount of following.
    As for other blog posts… perhaps more DIY's? a bootsale post ( How to survive in a bootsale?)
    Well done Zoe, and congratulations!
    Becky xoxo

  111. Aw, I keep a good tab on your blog and was so happy to wake up and see this post! There's a reason 1,600,000 of us are interested in you: the things you write are good and interesting and I know I trust your opinion. I'd really love it if you were able to blog more often because your content is fab and you're just a fab person.
    Stay beautiful!x x x

  112. I would love to hear about your journey as a YouTuber/blogger and how you taught yourself the ropes! As someone who would someday like something to come of her blogging, It is always really helpful and inspiring to hear how other got started – about their struggles and epiphanies! Much love from across the pond in the states!

  113. I too get bloggers block sometimes. I have been writing on my blog since April ( not very long) and try to post regularly but if you don't really want to post about something, then don't. I always think that my post are better and more honest when I really want to write about something and share my opinion. I wouldn't worry too much about your blog and how often you post, just remember that it is your blog and you make the rules! Xx

    Molly Moo x

  114. This post was a great distraction from work this afternoon :) I have set up a blog this year but with moving house about 3 weeks ago there has been a massive bloggers block and I am as we speak writing up a draft so I can get it sorted this evening!

  115. lovely! I'm so happy that you hit 1 mio subscribers on youtube:) xx

  116. I only discovered your blog/youtube page about a month ago and i'm obsessed already! I find myself watching your make up videos for hours at a time without realising the time has passed!!

    Being very new to the world of blogging myself, i'd personally like to hear about how you started and how you got to where you are today :)

    I only started my blog 3 weeks ago, so i'm really really new to this, but i'm loving it! If anyone would like to check out my blog and help me get a few more followers that'd be great :)…thank you!!
    Follow me on Bloglovin x


  117. Sheen

    you have travelled so much and i think by the end off 2013, you will have 2 million subscribers on youtube! my favourite parts are always the bloopers at the end but i get blogger block too, never know what to actually what to write even though you have a head full off ideas!:) love you zoe!

  118. I'm so glad the traveling to Florida went well. I know how much anxiety can hold you back. I've had it too but I've definitely made more of an effort this year to do things I wouldn't. It isn't easy but so far I've had one of the best summers I've had in a long time.

    And yes, as another blogger I too get bloggers block. Currently going through a (long) phase of it myself but I'm hoping to get back into it soon.


  119. I have started reading blog when I was in 9th grade and now I am in college..That is how long I have stuck with you..I hated seeing you not posting anymore..or just posting random posts with an undertone of sadness in them..Like the Say yes post back in 2012..But i have seen your videos this last year of going to more places and seeing all that you have wanted to see..

    Some people have to fight their own minds to follow their hearts..but somebody like me who comes from a traditional family in a developing country has to fight her dear and near and fight against her norms to chase her dreams..But no matter what..we are fighting to be reach better heights and your posts have always inspired me..and you again did that today..


    I missed you and your ways with words..

    I know this is weird..but I think i love you..For being you..for being so open and so genuine and for being your true self even after gaining popularity as a blogger and vlogger!
    Keep being This..Truly and Genuinely YOU!


  120. You're such a nice person! Now you're almost going to LA could you do a video about how to pack and be organised and stuff! I would really like that! Thank you! Xxxx

  121. Yay! I'm so glad you're back on your blog Zoe! I watch your youtube channel religiously, but I have been disappointed that you haven't been around on your blog for a while.. You're one of the bloggers that inspired me to finally create my own blog (, and I really love reading your posts! I'm so glad that 2013 has been a better year for you so far, you've achieved so much! As for me, I have a long lists of things I would like to achieve myself.. I would like to discover and decide on a future career and what I'm going to do with my life now that I've finished my A levels, I would like to save up and purchase a new car, to travel more (UK and abroad!), to try new things, new foods, new places, to get fit and healthy, to develop my blog etc etc etc haha! I hope 2013 is the best year yet for you!
    PS don't stress about how much/little you post on your blog, your blog is for you as much as it is for us readers!

  122. Erica

    Totally! I've been having "bloggers' block" all year… Last year I was ON IT, blogging at least 10 times per month. This year I'm lucky if there are even 4 posts per month. Anyway, I hope you read all the lovely comments on this post because maybe they will be encouragement to start blogging again :) Best of luck!!

    XO, Erica

  123. I just started. So I never had one obviously ! I'm full of ideas and I'm trying not to have more than one blog post a day hahaha. But Zoe you've been doing this for so long, I understand how this can be hard !


  124. OMG I get terrible writers block I think that's why I have a couple of regular weekly post which I can easily write I do a weekly post on a Monday called 10 Things which play to my love of lists, I basically have a different topic each week and list 10 things about it eg
    Favorite Blogs,
    ( your freatures here )
    make-up products,
    reasons you wish you were 7
    I also do Throwback Thursday where I tell you a little story behind one of my old photos.

    I'm glad you gonna try to get back to blogging you blog is one of my Favorites and I have missed you posts

    Sarah oxox

  125. Sarah

    Yay! I'm glad to see you back!
    I watch your videos (and your YouTube friends videos) ALL the time! It's adorable how you are all such close friends and go travelling together. 1 million subscribers is amazing and you deserve every single one of them! I think we all get writers block from time to time but I find it a lot easier to write down blog post ideas as I get them, maybe improving your organisation will make you do that haha! I love watching all of your videos but my particular favourite are vlogs of you travelling! It's like us getting to see the world while were sat at home haha. I want to travel the world A LOT more, there's even places in the UK that I want to see. But I'll keep saving and see what next year brings haha.
    Don't stress, upload/blog at your leisure, all of us subscribers will still be here :-)

    Sarah xx

  126. Karmen

    Bloggers block is something I think every blogger deals with! I think the best way to deal with it is to take a break and resume when you're feeling passionate again. Sometimes it takes being away to make us realize what we really want to focus on! Can't wait for your future posts!

  127. Oh Zoe I'm so happy that you're back from your desert phase haha. Anyway this post just made me glad to see how far you've come this year. You've been through a lot of obstacles and you deserve all of your 1.6 million subscribers. Almost close to 2! You're such a genuinely nice and funny person and I think that's one of the reasons why people love to watch your videos and read your blog posts. Okay well keep doing what you're doing and have a splendid day. :) xx

  128. Sybil

    I'd like to see more fashion posts, your style is awesome!!

  129. What a great inspirational post! Makes me want to go out there and get things done and make things happen!
    Your hair looks gorgeous in that first photo too :)

  130. For this summer I promised to myself a lot of things. You know like " I'll playing more on my guitar" or " I'll learning more english " and " I'll writing more on my fanfiction blogs" and I don't really do this things yet, or just a little bit. I'm so angry to myself for this, but I keepin' try to reach my plans. I hope I don't write lots of stupid things, you know I said, I just now learning english. :) x

  131. Eva

    I can't wait for your new blogposts! I'm sure they will be amazing.

  132. Anne

    Zoe you are one of the people who've inspired me to start blogging. You've been an inspiration to many. Thanks Zoe! Continue to be awesome! I'm looking forward to more of you these coming days!

    Lots of love,
    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  133. I would definitely love you to post more here because I love reading your blog! You truly are my inspiration xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  134. When I first started following you're youtube channel and then you're blog I knew that you had a talent for greeting people with warmth and happiness every time you uploaded a video or wrote a post. I think you have found what you're destined to do Zoe congrats love continue to make the world smile :)

  135. Nina94

    1,6 million subscribers?? That's amazing! I think there were only between 1-10 thousand subscribers when I found you.. :) I want to know what camera you are using, since I am an on the hunt for a good one :)

  136. Laura

    Zoe, you're such an inspiration! Just watching the pictures of you and your friends puts a stupid big smile on my face, seeing how happy you are with each other! I genuinely wish I could be part of your little group of friends…. :) can't wait to meet you in summer in the city in August, i'm gonna give you the biggest hug ever! you're absolutely amazing! <3

  137. I would love if you would do a post about how you edit your photos. They are always perfect. I know you did that a while ago, but maybe you could write some more about this topic. Good luck and I hope your future months will be just as great as these past six ones.

  138. Miglė

    Zoe, I missed your blog updates so much! Yours is honestly one of my favorites. I get really excited to see your new videos on Youtube and I get really excited when I get to read your blog.
    2013 hasn't been the best year to me so far and I really got bloggers block this year, I can't write anything there. Of course, my blog isn't as popular as yours, I wonder if anyone reads it at all.. :)

  139. I am very pleased to see how far you have come! Congratulations on all your achievements and hope to read more posts very soon.
    I love reading your blog

    Madeleine In Wonderland

  140. Your posts are always so inspiring! Even though you're not here so often as some other bloggers I really don't mind it because every time you write a post it is so well written and it has lovely photos! You have my attention every single time I come here! I just wanted to tell you that you are one of my favourite bloggers EVER (and I've been reading blogs for already 10 years and had a few myself)! I just love the way you reveal yourself completely and you are honest and sweet and I just want to give you a bunch of compliments! I'm looking forward to anything you have to bring! And I'm super proud of you! xx Kat

  141. I love you Zoe! You really are such an amazing person and an inspiration :) I love reading all of your blog posts and watching your youtube videos. I hope you enjoy your summer and I look forward to your future blog and youtube posts xx

    Charlotte |

  142. Ah Zoe, you have been missed! … just jeep doing what you enjoy and what makes you happy, all you followers love everything you do so you don't have to worry about that! x

  143. Sofie

    Hi Zoe, I just wanted to let you know that you are a true inspiration for everyone. To me, you are a celebrity. I don't want you to feel bad about having a bloggers block, we still love you!


  144. Love you Zoe. And yes, I'm secretly reading from work. :)


  145. Hello Zoe, I think you're amazing and so is your blog and your youtube channel! For me, this year hasn't been the best but I think over the next few months it will start to get better! One of the reasons is because I have just created my own blog and hope to make youtube videos, too! You have inspired me to do so. Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to your future posts and videos!xxx

  146. Aw, Zoe! I'm so proud of you! I remember you were one of the first people I followed on Twitter and I just fell in love with your blog! It has been so cool to see you do so well. Congrats on overcoming your fears to do the things you want, I should take a leaf out of your book! I'm also really bad at drinking more water, and like you, i go somedays without drinking any (but i don't realise it until the end of the night!). I don't get thirsty, which is wierd! Hope you're well, super girly! xxxx

  147. I definitely get bloggers block haha. It'a really frustrating as you want to get your words down but you physically can't.

    I like reading haul posts, so maybe you could do a few of them? I know you do them on youtube but it'd be great to read about it too :)


  148. Bea

    Hey Zoe! You may not post everyday like some bloggers, but when you do they really are lovely, I put a lot of thought into this, type posts! I get bloggers block all the time and quite often I have little inspiration! When that happens I like to see what's most popular on my blog and look through past posts on other people's blogs for ideas! It always brightens my day when you post a new video or blog post! Have a nice day xx

  149. Yes a new post! I was very excited to read on twitter that you are writing on a new post =) glad that this year went better and I hope it stays this way=) I hope that maybe one day I am a little bit more successful with my blog because that's what I absolutely love doing.

    All the best,

  150. I too, get "bloggers block". I also experience times where I think everything I have to say is rubbish, or ask myself why anyone would read what I have to say. But it's important – to say what you want and when you want. Isn't that the best thing about blogging?
    Anyway, I love reading yours so do keep it up!

  151. Your life looks so interesting! I've only just found your blog/ youtube channel but I am obsessed! Its so lovely. :)
    Love, Natasha x

  152. Taylor

    Well done Zoe for all of the things you have achieved so far this year and I hope that you continue to achieve things that you want to. This was a lovely post to read. I have a blog and I often get ''bloggers block''. I have all these ideas but I am never sure if people want to read them or if they'll be good enough but I really do need to make an effort to write more posts! Even though you don't write posts often, I always enjoy reading them when you do write one :) All the best to you Zoe xxx

    Taylor Lou-xo | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  153. I think you are one of the most inspiring people to me. I really enjoy watching your videos, they are very helpful to me and I think to all of your subscribers. Every week I can´t wait for your new video and also I love your hauls so much. You are responsible for all of my shopping splurges :D I am also sometimes dealing with anxiety issues and every time I have them I channel my inner you :D I hope to be at least half as much inspiring to people as you are.

  154. Zoe, you're a wonderful blogger! I know what you mean, sometimes I write a review and wonder if anyone is even interested in the things I have to say. Never doubt yourself, I'll always want to read. Xx

  155. Kajal

    I'm so glad to see you back and I am really excited for whatevers coming up next..
    I am a new blogger and would love it if some of you guys checked me out?

  156. I'm so proud of you and how far you've come! :)

  157. so glad to see a new post from you!- it just made my day! :) i always find myself with bloggers block and try to force something when it just doesnt feel right… you have to remember that you're doing this for you too – not just your readers. don't feel obliged to post if you're not inspired… but also, don't feel as though every post has to be a review or full of pictures or anything, i like just sharing music, links and photos that i enjoy too – way less pressure!!

  158. Julie

    I'm really glad to hear you've achieved so much already in 2012 by travelling! Also you really do deserve all your subscribers on youtube, your channel is fab! I know what you mean by bloggers block, it's hard to write about something when no products or event has inspired you much.. I love all your posts so i'm sure whatever ideas you have they're great!!

  159. It's so awesome to see all of the things you're achieving! I get bloggers block too and it's no fun.

  160. Even though my blog is only small and I don't even have 50 followers yet I seem to always get stuck on what to blog about even though I have ideas!!


  161. wow its been a great 6 months for you and I've seen it too watching you on youtube. your jolliness comes through so nicely and honestly with your videos and they are a pleasure to watch thanks for sharing this! xx. gigi.

  162. You have made incredible progress this year, Zoe! I remember seeing your YouTube channel with you have 2,000 subscribers (I was one of them :)!!), to see how far you've come and all the excitement happening with friends and family, is so amazing to experience with you. It's such a pleasure to follow you and watch what you experience. ***Non creeperily of course***
    <3 Carolyn

  163. we love u Zoe!!!!

  164. Bella

    Zoe I love reading your blog and watching your videos, you have inspired me to create my own blog and do more things! I also get bloggers block too sometimes! I like to read outfit post and see how others put different pieces together :)

    Pretty Miss by Bella

  165. Hi Zoe! I am so glad to hear that your going to be writing more! I think it would be cute to have possibly DIY posts or just more about product information, I just love hearing about different things before I decide to go out and buy them! Even though I have only been blogging for a few months, I totally understand how you feel about writers block! I try and make the focus of my blog beauty, but I feel like lately I haven't done a "real" beauty post in a while, just because I'm stumped on what to say! I do really enjoy reading your blog, your's is one that has inspired me to write my own in the first place! I'm not sure if you'll see this, but know people love to hear what you have to say, no matter what it is! Thanks for the cheery post, it has brightened my day :)


  166. Sarah

    Can't wait for more blog posts! It definitely looks and sounds like you've had an amazing 6 months. I hope the next 6 months are full of just as much traveling and fun!!

  167. nice photo :)

  168. Amy

    HUGE blogpost but well worth reading! I love watching your YouTube videos and reading your thoughts on your blog. I'd like to see maybe a few reviews of products you've been using or some handy little tips that you use on a regular basis? :)
    Amy |

  169. Jess

    Hey Zoe, I am so glad to hear that your year has gone well so far compared to last! I too am suffering from blogging block, however I really want to try get back into it, same as yourself! It would be cool if you could do a 'make up for beginners' blog post/video because I don't wear makeup and I'm 16 and want to start trying it out properly :) x

  170. Hello Zoe!
    I am new to your Youtube and Blog (and new to blogging myself) and I absolutely love them both. I think both of them give different sides of you. I love being able to watch your videos and then read your posts, seeing which events you chose as most important to take pictures of and post.
    Congratulations on reaching over 1 million subscribers! And on all that you have accomplished in the past 6 months! Thank you for making videos and blogs, they are such a pleasure to watch/read!
    I hope that you can succeed in meeting more of your goals!

    -Jamie Lyn

  171. Hi Zoe! So glad to hear from you again! Yeah I know what writers block is like…


  172. Hey hey hey! I really enjoy reading posts like this one where you just talk, they are honest and very relatable :)

    As you have been very busy, maybe you could pick a monthly favourite to review so you don't give yourself unrealistic targets to meet!

    With the writers block, I do too. I think its just having so many different ideas and things you want to share its hard to know where to start. Just write a big list in a book and choose one at a time.

    You've come so far over the last few years, just enjoy it :)

  173. This post is brill Zoe :) So happy to see you're achieving your goals! Id love to be more advanced in film and photography by the end of the year. I have one more year of uni left and this is what i want to do :) I've also set up a blog so will hopefully have some content on there soon with regards to getting out with my camera!

    lots of love :) xx

  174. So glad to see a new blog post!!! but don't worry about not blogging enough because each and everyone of your blog posts are always thought out and its clear how much effort you put into your blog which is wonderful :)

  175. YyB

    Hi Zoe!
    Nice to read such a great post.
    I'm happy for you that things are getting better.
    Keep on blogging :)
    XOXO from Germany

    BTW: Love the Disney Land picture. I went there three weeks ago. Such a lovely place to be :)

  176. Hey there! I'm so happy to hear your blogging break has been due to good things! Real life is more important than a blog, don't worry too much about it. Live a little!
    Hoping the good things continue,

  177. Aww Zoe, I really enjoyed reading this post! Is it sad to admit that I've missed reading your posts the past couple of months? Can't wait to see more Blog posts from you again. Well done for the travelling as well. I suffer quite seriously from anxiety disorder too and really understand how hard it is. But this year I went to Turkey with my boyfriend and I feel like it's opened up the whole world to me! This post really made my day!


  178. Hello Zoe:D

    I am so happy to hear that you are doing better and also have achieved so many beautiful things this year! I do have a blog ( -> the link to it) and yeah, sometimes I do go blank blogging because I want the post to be amazing.

    I'm seriously looking forward to your new blog posts because I simply love them. I check your blog daily haha

    Much love! Keep going this way!

  179. you inspire me! Love your hedgehog friends haha. BTW you hit 1 mil. subs on my birthday! :D

  180. Grace

    I get writers block when I get really stressed out. It is like my head is focusing on too many other things to focus on writing a blog post. I just go on a walk and relax myself before I start writing, or I just end up frustrating myself even more :) xxx

  181. Klára

    I love watching your videos, you always make me smile and I feel so much better after them. Greetings from Czech Republic! :))

  182. Awesome post!

  183. Well first of all; i loved this. This is so personal and honest that i couldn't help but smile the entire time i've read this. My goal for this year is also to hydrate myself more, i keep getting these terrible headaches and i know it's from not drinking to much water. I also have a blog and i don't really get 'bloggers block' but i do find it difficult to start a post. I don't want to start the same way every single time, i want it to be different and interesting to read and that's what i'm struggling with. I loved this update and i hope you have an amazing time at Vidcon!

    Love, Kimberly

  184. This is such a great idea for a blog post. You have a achieved so much. Well done :)


  185. It's great to see you blogging again! I am looking forward to your future blog posts :)
    Ruby Manuela

  186. I'm so glad that you have started to blog more now Zoe and im really proud of you and what you have achieved. If you don't mind I would love for you to check out my blog because you were the one who inspired me to start my own little rambles.

  187. Really liked this post Zoe, i'm going to make sure I stop sweating the small stuff too, this would always be a problem for me but reading it made me realised that it's stupid, thanks for this :)


  188. Amara

    Hey Zoey!

    Over the past year I have found your blog and Youtube, and I enjoy all the content you produce. I commented on your last post and said it would be nice if you posted more than once a month (it was not intended to be rude, it was just that I love what you write!), maybe it was just you that thought it was a good ideas, but it makes me feel like you listen to your viewers/readers.
    You are an inspiration to me, and I have tweeted a couple of times out to you about it. I want to be as happy as you are and embrace my flaws and hardships like you have. I just wanted you to know, and even though I'm all the way in America and we may never meet, I'm glad that you have shared your stories and your life to everyone to me. You are such a big inspiration to me I printed out a picture and put it in my thoughts/ideas book because you are a great reminder of what an amazing and accomplished person you are and what I would like to be.
    It's still in the process, but I might make a response blog post to your anxiety and saying yes post, even though I have not been through panic attacks, you just made me feel good after I read that particular post. I even voice recorded the panic attack video as a little podcast when things aren't looking that bright. I'll just lie in bed, put my earphones on, and go to a different place, and more… happy place.
    And I'm jealous, in a good way. I'm jealous of how accomplished and everything you have done. You make me want to seize opportunists and (i know this is cheezy) but just say yes. I hope this comment reaches you and hope you read it. Thanks for everything, and making me feel good on a down day. I think you have changed my life.

  189. Zoe you are so adorable. I always get "bloggers block" and sometimes it's the most random things that inspire me. I'm so proud of you and everything you have accomplished.
    Katie x

  190. Amara

    and yes sometimes i do get bloggers block. you know just trying to formulate a sentence and get my thoughts on paper/computer. you and i and everyone are human, and sometimes we need to think before we do. in my opion thats what writing is, thinking, and then describing your thoughts and trying to reach to your auidence. its just like talking, it happens, you just cant explain. thanks for everything.

  191. Absolutely loved reading this post Zoe! You have such an incredible six months and im so proud of you and also a little bit jealous of all the exciting things you been up too ;) I have a blog too and i know how easily you can be struck with Blogger Block – it's such a pain!

    I have a notebook filled with ideas so i just refer back to it when im really stuck for ideas or browse others blogs and see if inspiration strikes.

    Natalie xx

  192. I love your videos, your block<3 you are my favourite blogger!
    with love, from Slovakia! :)

  193. I always get bloggers block and then if i get an idea i wait till the last minute to do something about it and then i get more bloggers block and its just a never ending circle. I also plan to drink more water the rest of the year. I'm really happy you have started blogging again I was getting worried because you had been blogging recently. I'm really happy you've started up again.

  194. I really appreciate you updating your blog, which has definitely inspired me to start my own! Even though you are so successful on YouTube, your blog has been growing and one of my favorites to read!!!

    Your Friend, Jess

  195. Yeah I have a blog ( ), and yeah I do get bloggers block sometimes.. I always think to myself; "Why should I write about such a useless thing like, which song I like at the moment, or what I've done the last couple of days." But I it's MY blog, and write what I want to write about, but I forget that sometimes.. So I don't know if your afraid that you can't please such a huge amount of people, but as I say to myself; it's MY blog, MY opinions and no one else's. – Even if you put up a post 2 times in a month, I enjoy to read it and get to know you better, like who you are as a person. I'm glad you've achieved so much through the last 6 months, as long as you do things to make you happy and no one else. I don't expect more of you.. – Oh gosh that was a looong comment, but all I wanted to say with this stream of words, is that I love to read your blog, and watch your videos!! You've helped me on the bad days, and made me smile when I was down! Thank you Zoella :)

  196. Wow zoe! You should be incredibly proud of yourself for what you have accomplished :) 400 000 to 1.6 million subscribes in just 6 months is amazing! I found you sometime last year and am so pleased that i have been able to join you on this journey :) I love your look on life and how you set goals for yourself to complete :) I'm so happy you are going to try and write more posts because i love to read them :) maybe you could do some DIY posts or perhaps monthly updates on life just like this one :) I have just started a blog and haven't done many posts but feel free to take a look! Keep being yourself because we all love you just the way you are :)

    Georgie xxx

  197. I'm so glad you're back. I think I became a subscriber at the beginning of your hiatus and I was just waiting for you to return. As a blogger, I know how it is to take breaks and always have your blog in mind when you do, but the important part is always coming back to this platform at the end of the day.

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments and I hope you have an even more amazing rest of the year!!!!

    -Chymere A.

  198. You are a huge inspiration to so many people zoe! you deserve to be happy and all the things that you have achieved :) well done hun :) keep at Youtube and blogging because you have a real talent for it :)

    I have a small blog that I enjoy to run and recently not known what to blog about! :)

    big hugs :) xxxx

  199. Well done for completeing so many goals! I actually had simular gosls like drinking water ect -, also but my main did not turn out well –but my main goal was to start a blog! I have but it needs work,
    i cant wait for you to start blogging more.
    From florence xxx

  200. I love that you are so open with your blog zoe it's amazing the hability you have to write and to tell everyone what you think and like

  201. zoeoe

    Happy to hear you're coming back into the blogging world! You're an inspiration to me as a blogger and it was sad to see only a small amount of posts, but atleast I still had your Youtube videos to keep me amused;]

    I get bloggers block quite alot as I'm only 14, and don't have many interesting and exciting life stories or makeup to review!

    Hope you are well:] x


  202. Blythe

    I think you should blog about whatever you feel like blogging about! Even a couple sentences' update with a photo to let us see how you are doing. So glad to see you are happy and well :) Here's to another 6 excellent months in the year <3


  203. I love how inspiring you are to new bloggers… And we'll that's what I am so I would appreciate it if you all came and a sleek peak at my blog, and come on an adventure with me!?

  204. I've been so busy finishing uni etc in the past few months that I've struggled loads in keeping up to date on my blog too, and that's with my tiny audience so I can't imagine what it must be like with so many people reading yours! x

  205. I love your blog and youtube and everything so much Zoe! You're actually the main reason I created a blog because I got so sucked into yours it just made me really think how interesting and great it looked! Mine like any others is a working progress and it may not be great but considering how little I've had it going i'm actually secretly a bit proud haha! my blog is – http://magic– just incase anyone is interested :-)

    Jess x

  206. Hi Zoe! To be honest a blog is literally like an online diary so write whatever you want! It is like you said, a place of freedom and expression and literally treat it like a place to get thoughts down, or worries that you've been facing…because you know there will be many of us here to support you! Also it is a nice place to write about those joyful times of days out or hauls, makeup etc that you can look back on in years to come and reminisce on the good days..I hope this helped.. x

    MagicalFairyGlitter xx

  207. I absolutely get bloggers block, and I've only had a blog for just over a month. Even if you aren't on here lots though I'm still happy cuz I love your videos too! Keep being you :)

  208. I love how much time and effort you put into your videos Zoe,you should be SO proud of how far you've gotten in the whole world of YouTube. Proud to say I've read all your blog posts, and watched all your videos (proud moment). Your a perfect inspiration to thousands, well millions of people!! I've even gone and got myself a Blog after I watched your video you done ages ago with Louise, Thankyou. I love you!! Keep going girl :)

  209. So happy to read such a great update. This is my first comment on your page as a blogger myself. I'm shy and also suffer with anxiety… I've been reading your blog and watching your videos for a very very long time, but I've only just started my tiny blog… :) thanks for the inspiration

  210. I really want to get as good at rowing as I possibly can. I'm a rower but I had to stop for 3 months and now I'm coming back to life. You help me a lot!

  211. Mana

    I adore your blog and get excited whenever I see a new post, whether it's been a month or only a few days.

    I'm so happy for you and all the positive things in your life right now, and only hope for many more positive things in the future.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  212. I constantly have bloggers block. I have all these ideas at once and then right a post about them all. Then I have nothing left to right about. Now, when I write a load of posts instead of posting them all over a period of 2-3 days I save them for a dry spell. How you manage to have ideas for blog posts and Youtube videos, I'll never know!

  213. Hehe.. one of my new year's resolutions was to drink 3 litres of water a day. Well… I've failed quite miserably so far!!
    Laura xx

  214. Can you do a post reviewing some of the products you have blogged and youtubed about recently. I would love to hear your opinion on them.

  215. I really loved this blog post zoe:) I have only just started my blog not long ago and sometimes I never really know what to write about too! I mainly just blog about my random life, but i fear that no one really wants to read my blog because it's to boring! Oh well, i really enjoyed this post and I'm happy that you may post more:)

    Freya xx

  216. Payal

    Whoa, big post, nice treat Zoe! :) I'm so glad a lot of things have worked out for you these past six months, a wonderful person like you deserves happiness.

    I also suffer from a bloggers block now, haha. :) I haven't posted anything in a few months, and although I really want to, I also know that if I start posting again, I have to keep it up. I love blogging, but it's also a commitment and I'm not sure if I'm ready to do that now.

  217. Bloggers block? Oh yes, definitely! I only started making a blog at the beginning of this year with the aim to post something every week and have failed at this so hard. I suppose life gets in the way which is a good thing ;) I don't know… I really have to be in a creative mood or a "YEAH I am going to write on my blog" kind of feeling which obviously does not happen all the time. It's good to see that you have held up to so many of the things you wanted to achieve. Very inspiring!


  218. So happy for you Zoe, it seems you are accomplishing lots of your goals already this year! You actually inspired me to start my own blog a few months ago ( i'm very excited to see what's ahead with you on this blog! <3

  219. You are such a strong girl. Facing your fears. I adoore you blog!


  220. Ida

    Hey Zoe! I absolutely love your videos and your blog !

    I'd love to see more Outfit Post's of you, I really love your style! So I'm always so inspirated by what you wear :)

    I also really liked your anxiety and panic attacks video- I had a panic attack once at the London Heathrow airport. It's a quite long story, but I understood what happend to me there afterwards. I like to thank you so much, because you made me understanding what happend to me that day. Your video and your blogpost you made relating to that issue made me thinking in a more positive way and also made me to say 'yes' to things which are normally out of my comfort zone.

    I'm actually from Germany (so excuse me for every grammar mistake I made haha) and I have a blog as well, i love to take pictures of nearly everything like fashion, travelling and stuff like that… :)

    Zoe, keep on what your doing on your blog and on youtube a lot of people appreciate of that :)
    Greetings from Germany
    Lea Ida

  221. Hey Zoe!!! Can I just say your blogs are amazing and really inspiring, and I'm one of those keenos (keenoes? keen bean? you know what I mean;)) who would watch your videos/read your blog as soon as you tweet about it because they're just so good! I love your vlogs too and especially love your bloopers ;) I absolutely love your 'say yes' attitude and I think everyone should have that attitude!!! I also love your best friend louise and think she is amazing as well, and the videos you both do together have got to be my favourites!!!! I basically love everything you do and cannot wait for your upcoming videos/blogs!!!! Shanuka xxxx

  222. Well..hello! I actually never read such long blogposts, but I really enjoy reading yours! They are so positive and energetic and I just love those ramblings! I really hope you are going to make more articles on the blog in the future..and don't forget to drink more water :) X

  223. I have to admit I am one of the one who discovered you after Christmas,but your blog and your youtube channel make me so happy and I wish I was one of the one's following you from the beginning! Thanks for a fab six months, you've so inspired me :) x

  224. Terri

    aww this was nice and uplifting :)
    recently got my own blog, and i don't blog that much, just now and then, but i stumbled across a very very old video today of you and Louise giving tips and advice for new bloggers – and your main tip – don't feel that you have to blog every single day, don't force it, do it when you feel passionate about something and it comes naturally!

    You said it yourself, so don't fret!

  225. Zoe, you deserve all those subscriptions because you're literally one of the best vloggers on youtube. I love your videos and blogs <3 :)

  226. After months of contemplating setting up a blog and youtube channel I finally did it this week:)! I plan to blog regularly and also hopefully start making videos/vlogging on youtube! And you were one of my inspirations to start this Zoe, I get anxiety too, but your videos have helped me think differently – more positively! I'm just starting out but if anyone wants to check out my blog, that would be great x

  227. I love how you said the thing about secretly reading these blog posts at work because that is what I am doing right now. Come to think of it, every time I've read your blog I've been at work. Woopsies! :) I'm really happy to hear that you are going to be blogging more. I really enjoy reading them.

    On the topic of VidCon.. I am going to be there too and really hope I get the chance to say hello in person!

    Safe travels!


  228. Zoe, i was (still am) a huge fan of Caspar Lee, and I met you trough one of your videos on youtube with him.
    Honestly, it must have been one of the luckiest thing that happened in my life.
    I started from watching your videos, and having fun with your second channel, until I found out that you actually started with a blog, so now I'm a usual reader.
    This week I finally decided to create my own personal blog, thanks to you, and all your honesty while saying that you were too shy to start at youtube at first, and etc.
    You are a HUGE inspiration for me. The way you dealt with your anxiety, you being too skinny, and all of that, really pushed me up to do something about my life, because someone had done before, I was not alone.
    I telll you, after near 6 months «with» you, that must be difficult having all this kids looking up to you, but I think you're doing a great job.

    I became a «youtube crew» Addicted, and I made my friends turn into crazy fans too :)
    Thanks for being real.
    (sorry for the bad grammar :x)

  229. Hey Zoe:)
    I love your life updates and it's amazing how much you've achieved! Good luck on your next big plane journey to LA btw. the weather must be so awesome right now though. as with "bloggers blog" i do sometimes get that too. i got to a point where i was stressing out so much about what to post next. i felt a great amount of stress to post every single day. in the beginning I suppose it felt like a new thing so it was exciting and i did want to do it every day but after a while it began to feel like a chore. once I had learnt to allow myself to have a break (a few days… a week… 20 days was the longest) I began to regulate blogging around my time, rather than my time around blogging. Enjoy the rest of your 2013 months – i'm sure there will be so many great things for you :)

  230. It is so nice to read about how well you are doing and how happy and content you are. It would be great to read more posts from you, although I am a huge fan of your youtube channel! And I know I'm not the only one who says you have inspired me! But yep thats right I'm one of those people, hehe. But honestly keep up the amazing stuff your doing. You deserve every single on of those subscribers on youtube and the thousands on your blog, you have helped and inspired so many people. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months, the next year, the next 5 years bring you! And I dont know if you will read this or just take a quick glance, but I hope that it makes you smile!

    Emily x

  231. I'm sure all bloggers have the "bloggers block" every once in awhile – I do myself sometimes, although, mine only last a week maybe.. since my blog is so new ^_^
    – I love your blog and your youtube videos Zoe! You are such a sweet, positive and bubbly person. You always cheer me up! Just thought I'd let you know!
    Maria xx

  232. I feel pretty much the same way. I have like 7 posts all lined up but they all sound stupid and they're half done, and I don't want to take the time to post them… pretty sure that could be called blogger's block. It's hard to find something that nobody else has posted, or coming up with new ideas. Actually, that makes me sound pretty stupid, but oh well it's true. :)
    Anyway, I'd love to see one of those 'a day in the life' kind of posts; what you do in a normal day or something. And maybe DIY or anything really. Everything you post is great :).

  233. I was so happy to see a new post from you waiting on my dashboard! I have really missed your posts! You should be very proud of what you have achieved this year so far! It really is inspiring. I need to get on with making a list of things to achieve for the next 6 months lol. I really hope to see more posts from you soon! xx

  234. Great post Zoe, always look forward to reading your blogs, I always seem to prefer them more over your videos as they have more of a personal touch.

    I'd like to see more OOTD or lookbooks from you as you dress quite casually and effortless, I think people will relate to this much more and find these very useful

    Sending lots of love!

  235. It's lovely to hear from you Zoe, glad you're doing well and achieving the things you set out to. I myself have had a really bad first half of 2013, and I really hope I can rectify it and make the second half much better. I've stopped doing a lot of the things I love doing, and that makes me sad. Seeing that you are achieving your goals makes me want to work harder to make some that I can achieve…. I'm one of those "sneaky read blogs at work when there is nothing to do" people hehehe.

    I've only just recently started my own blog, I am so overwhelmed by all the pictures I have taken of FOTD's and outfits and different things that I want to put up but haven't yet. I'm loving it though, I'm learning so much.

    I'd love for you to check it out if you have a chance..

    Ang x

  236. I guess I didn't really have a blogger's block, but I did have times when I didn't feel like posting, even though I just started this blog. I was thinking whether or not I should make a blog about my religion, Catholicism, too. I did that, but it didn't work out and I guess I didn't have many ideas so I just deleted it :( For my current blog, I keep a list of ideas and try to make sure I don't run out.

  237. I loved this post, Zoe. You inspire me so much (even to start blogging myself!) and I love watching you and your friends go out and enjoy life.

    Lots of love xx
    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  238. I get blogger's block a LOT and always have. I've actually just started a new one that I really want to stick with. Ironically, I wanted the video you and Louise made ages ago giving new bloggers some tips! It actually slightly encouraging to know that even really big, popular bloggers like you get stuck sometimes, just like new people.

    I really would like to see loads of new posts from you! I'm sure you wouldn't disappoint! However, as a personal suggestion, perhaps you could do more bloggy things? Not necessarily more Blogging Tips.. but.. I don't know! Maybe your top 10 blogs?

    Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  239. Kayla

    Great post and I really enjoyed reading it. You've had some really great milestones! I look forward to reading your future posts :)


  240. Hi Zoe, I'm a massive fan. I have a blog, actually reading yours and Louise's blog are the reasons why I started up my blog. I was so inspired by the two of you and I continue to be inspired.
    But I know what you mean, there was a period at the end of June/ beginning of July, I got overwhelmed with my new job and my summer course starting that I found my blog started stressing me out.
    I wanted to post every day, but I just wasn't able to balance it yet!
    Fortunately, I've learned to balance all of it & I'm able to find time to blog!

    Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

  241. Even if don't have something productive to say, I often just go on a website with quotes and sometimes that inspires me to write. I am not entirely sure if writer's block is quite the same as blogger's block, but that's what helps me! Usually a quote just strikes something in me that gives me a ton of ideas and a lot to say, even if I have to go through about 20 of them first =)

  242. I was so glad to see that you had a new post, because you are such an inspiration to me! I love reading your blog. You could blog about any books you've read recently or any that you love (I love reading haha that's always my go-to). And outfit of the days are always nice because you can take a quick photo and upload it to a post! I recently just started a blog as well and it's hard to come up with ideas to blog about sometimes, especially when schedules are hectic!
    It's so cool you're going to Vidcon! I really want to go, but tickets are sold out ): It would be so great to meet you and all of your friends, but maybe next year! Haha the ironic thing is, I was in Florida and at Universal the same time Playlist was going on! It didn't fit into our schedule to go unfortunately. I'm always so close yet so far! :P
    Anyway, I hope you come up with some ideas and continue to have a great year!


  243. Ur blogs give me inspiration yes I had a bloggers block n I stopped blogging for almost 6 months but when I came across ur blog I got so inspired that I jumped back n start blogging again n I have improved a lot u r such a inspiration for me whatever u will blog it going to be inspirational for me love u u r such a sweet person.

  244. Monchi

    I know you may not read it, but i dont know. Its worth the try. Im from Argentina, and i love your blog and your YouTube channel. You are a real inspiration. I even started a blog . Its amazing how "happpy" you make me , its weird i know, but i like watching you, you look always so happy and cheerful and lovely that is nice to see even when im down you cheer me up, in some way.
    im very glad youre doing well, and getting through and being happy. I know i dont know u but u really deserve it. you are such a sweet person! I hope u read this and think "hey im being watched all over the world" haha cos its true.
    anyways, sorry if my english is kinda lame.
    congratulations and be happy!!


  245. Great progress Zoe! From one blogger to another I totally understand the 'blogger block' I had to take a break for about two months after many dry spells, before I could truly turn around and get back into blogging again and I have truly started to enjoy it again.
    Bee You


  246. Awesome post! So inspiring! Made me think about my 1st half of 2013 and I must say I am quite pleased :) Hopefully I'll do just as good in the second half :D Good luck to you too and have tons of fun at Vidcon! Kisses! :)

  247. Aw this makes me so happy!

    Check out my blog please guys – I'm just starting out so there are only a few posts but would love some feedback :)

    Thanks guys :) xxx

  248. Fawna

    I'm a new reader of your blog and a new viewer of your Youtube channel, and I have to say, I really love your sunshine point-of-view. Even though I've only just started my own blog, I'm already struggling to make posts in a timely manner as I just want everything to be perfect and polished. What a process! You're one of the inspirations behind me starting up a new blog, though, and I'm glad to see you've not abandoned your own.

    Have a great time at VidCon!

  249. You are such an inspiration, Zoe! And I understand you, I had a block when I first started my blog, but it's been easier this summer because I've been doing a "Summer Bucket List" series. It really encourages me to post more often!


  250. Lilly,

    Hi Zoe,
    I am so pleased to read how well you are doing, all the things you have achieved and your future goals :) I just wanted to leave you a comment to let you know how much I appreciate your blog (also you YouTube channel, of course). I have had a really hard time these last 8 months with some really horrible anxiety issues/over thinking/feeling lost in my own life and your anxiety vlog really helped me feeling a little less "alone" in my own case.
    I am trying slowly, but surely, trying to make some changes in my life to improve it and reduce my anxiety. I am currently trying to battle and finish my uni degree, I can't give up on it.
    I have also started a blog that I think help me to ventilate some of my thoughts and also talk about stuff I love like beauty stuff and all sorts really. I am struggling to keep going and make my posts regular as bad days still occurs a bit too often. And sometimes it's so hard to take on yourself and find the strength to jump out of it, have a good shower, some good food and try to sort yourself out. It's never all black or white, never easy.
    So I'm gonna try to take on the movement and try to make more changes like you :)
    I hope you keep on being as happy as you are now and enjoying yourself!
    Bye Zoe xx

  251. Yeah I get bloggers block all the time! It's so annoying because I'll have it all planned out in my head but then won't be able to write it when I sit down.
    I love seeing your posts and videos about high street products, I always watch them before I go shopping to see if there's anything I want to buy!
    Perfect post!

  252. Gloria

    hey zoe! i hope you read this! I just wanted to say how much i love everything you do and that you inspire me a lot! i know many people say that but i mean it. also you acieved so much in this year already and you should really be proud of yourself. you deserve every single one of your subscribers!!!!!!!! you put a smile on my face so often and i just wanna ask you to stay the way you are because that is how i love you. and your hedgehog family looks amazing but i really do think you should name them ^^

    Gloria xoxo

  253. I love reading every post you do and love watching every video you put on Youtube! I'm a massive fan and that's coming from a boy! You are an inspiration to all in so many ways. Keep going!

    Be sure to check out my men's fashion blog I've recently set up and tell your brother Joe all about it :)

    Martin J James

  254. Hi Zoe you have made such progress this year and I love you for that!! I have a fashion blog and my goal is get it more well known and to get back on youtube!!! Do you have tips on how to get so well known and to get the confidence for youtube!! Love you and your blog and youtube.xxxx

  255. That was an honest post and has inspired me to set myself goals and personal challenges.
    I also have a blog and only started t a few months ago but love it and would love to know if you have any tips or ways you like to blog to help a newbie like me. – my blog xx

  256. VickyB

    I also have a blog and a lot of ideas to blog about and I just barely blog about it. So that's one of the things I want to achieve, blog more. And I get a 'bloggers block' from time to time but yeah I let it rest and work on it later ;) I really love your blog and it gives a lot of inspiration :) Also well done with all things you achieved, I also like the idea of you more blogging :D
    Please check my blog:

    -VickyB xo

  257. You've had a great 6 months and I hope you have fun at Vidcon in LA! Thanks for the photos of the hedgehogs – they look so sweet

    A La Mode Avec KJ Blog

    Feel free to follow my blog
    K xo

  258. So thrilled you are back to blogging (or attempting to be anyway!) I missed your blog! I still come through and read some of your old posts every now and again because you have such an awesome blog.

    I've been experiencing a bit of writers block again recently… its not nice but the only thing you can really do is just keep on writing… writing anything… and overcome it! Not all writing has to be good. In fact, we should appreciate the bad writing because it helps us to realize and see when something of ours is GOOD! Blogging and writing would never be fulfilling if it was always easy and good! So embrace it :)

    Glad you're back! <3

  259. You are such and inspiration Zoe! I love how honest you are, I just set up a blog and you were one of my main inspirations to make it. I look forward to seeing some more blog posts from you soon. Well done in the progress that you have made this year so far :)

    Amber x

  260. Conratulations Zoe! You are such an inspiration and inspire me to achieve my goals. I have just started a litle blog myself ( ) and have yet to gain my first follower but I am loving the experience. I get 'Bloggers block' quite a lot but I just try to write ideas down when they first come into my head!

    Emily xxx

  261. Hi Zoe! I'm soooo glad you're back! I love reading your blog and I've visited your blog every day for the past month, hoping you would post something.
    I've just started a blog myself (, and even I sometimes don't know how to start writing a new post. I make lots of photos and have so many ideas for new posts, but I think I'm just afraid that I won't be able to write a good article about it. But that's ok. We're all human :)
    Anyway, I've really missed your blogposts and I'm super happy that you're back! :)

  262. I know exactly how you feel, Zoe. I'm new to blogging and I'm already finding it a struggle to be able to sit down and write. I have to be in the right frame of mind, and feel I have to be passionate about what I'm writing about – even though I have 0 followers! :(

    Don't feel pressured into writing blogs, and feel like you're letting your fans and readers down by not posting them as often as you maybe could – only post your best work, because whats the point in posting something you've quickly put together and you're not happy with?

    Glad you pushed yourself into travelling more, all your pictures look amazing and you're so lucky to live the life you do!

  263. I love how you always look on the positive side of things, really inspirational!


  264. You really are a great example for all those taking their first (or second, whatever^^) steps in blogging. It is always interesting to read your posts and look through all of the photos.

    Anyway, congratulations on your million subscribers, hope you'll gain even more of them soon:3

  265. Can you film the 'What's on my iPhone tag'? :

  266. I would like to have more readers on my blog, cause i always find it hard to keep on writing when so little people read it. But on the other hand a blog is something for yourself to keep all your memories and pictures collected together with your own story that goes with it.

    xoxo Anne

  267. Hi Zoe! I found your channel this May and the first video I watched was the "Just say yes". I found it so helpful and inspirating! I have quite bad anxiety and there was a time when I felt really miserable and I didn't want to do anything. I also watched the "Dealing with Panic Attacks & Anxiety" and after that I realized everything could be so much better if I said yes to more things. I then decided to try that. I was amazed by the fact how much it helped me. I'm really glad that I realized that everything could be better and that I'm not alone. I can't even describe how much the videos helped me. Now, few months later I'm so much more positive and every time when I feel anxious, I say: no, I don't want to feel this way. And it really does help me alot! Even though you might never see this I just want to say thank you. You really helped me alot. I also want to say that I love your fashion sence and I really enjoy your videos. When I went to London in June, I was really glad when I found something you've mentioned in your videos or in your blog. I have learned so much from you!

    -Sara xo

  268. I love reading your blog zoe and I'm so glad you've decided to post more regularly! I have exactly the same thing sometimes, when I have no idea what to write! I also fnd time flies away and suddenly it's been nearly a month since you last did a post haha! I'd love to see some more OOTD posts, because I love your style!

    hannah xxx

  269. Well done with the progress Zoe, you're such an inspiration! You've achieved so many things and you should be proud of yourself. I know this progress will continue, you're getting bigger and bigger everyday and I don't think that's going to skid to a halt anytime soon :)


  270. Thanks for the update! It's great to hear that you are in such a good place now :-) And one million subscribers? Holy cow, congratulations ,that is amazing!

  271. Anna

    I loved reading this post and I like your blog so much! Hope you'll post more often.

  272. Jess

    i remember when you only had 300 subs on your youtube and only 1000 followers on this blog. it's crazy to think how far you've come. i'm so happy for you zoe and everything you have achieved.x

  273. So glad to hear that you're back to blogging! I do love your videos too :) Product reviews and clothes hauls are always winners for me. I've also had a bit of blogging block recently, even though there's tons of things that have happened I just don't think that people will be that interested in my life! Hopefully it's just a spell :) Hope you get back on your blogging horse soon! xx

  274. Tas

    It's so nice to hear that you're doing things out of your comfort zone. For some people, just the thought of doing something that makes them feel uneasy is avoided completely. There are so many opportunities out there and if you just let your guard down, who knows where it can take you. Thanks for sharing this post, it's super inspiring and honest. Congrats on the subscribers! :)


  275. Glad you're back Zoe. You should be so proud of how well your blog and YouTube channel has done! I only found it this year and loved it straight away – you've just got such an infectious, bubbly character, you can't help but be drawn in :)

    The perks of being a hipster

  276. Laura

    Helllooooo Zoe!
    It's so great to hear that you've managed to achieve half of your goals so far this year with another half of the year to get through the rest of them and it's lovely to know that you're in control of your travelling anxiety- You'll be flying your own plane next- WHOA!
    I'm looking forward to more regular posts and you getting your blogging mojo back.
    Hope you're well?
    Laura x

  277. Ookaze

    Such a great post, Zoe, I was really happy when I saw that you blogged again because it actually was you who brought me into the world of British YouTubers/bloggers. I like your reflecting posts, I can imagine it really helps to look back on what the year has brought so far to help get in line for the rest of it.
    Also, it's really comforting to hear even the great bloggers as you have their desert phases because I'm going through one myself at the moment and I'm struggling desperately to get out of it.
    What I'd really love to read is something like your favourite skin care products or the ones you actually use at the moment or (if you'd like to do some such) your favourite books are the ones you've read in the last months and particularly liked :)


  278. Was so excited to see a new blog post by you:) This was the first blog I ever read and kept going back to (When I read a post about you having a middle parting or something) And now I'm really getting into blogging :). I keep getting writers block recently, there's things I want to write about, but then I keep chickening out. HAHA

  279. Wow Zoe! You are so beautiful and you inspire me everytime I see you. thank you Zoe for letting me decide that I can write my OWN blog.
    Fizz xxx

  280. I am the same with drinking. What I found used to help me drink more when I was little was a polar bear backpack that was the perfect size to put a bottle of water in. I used to wear it on my back so that it would incourage me to drink and not forget. Perhaps you could do something similar but less childish?

  281. Aw yay! A Zoe update! Glad to hear that your year is going so well and that you're doing well at not sweating the small stuff. I'm trying to do that. I recently let a lot of stress get to me and it just blew my anxiety up by a ten fold. I'm trying really hard now though to not let my stress or anxiety rule my life so kudos to you girl for doing what you do!

    Also, I get bloggers block as well. I also get really intimidated by blogging. So I take a few extra days off from writing and then I give it a shot again. I mostly space my posts out 3 to 4 days apart. That makes it less overwhelming and that way I can work on a post slowly through out those 3 or 4 days.

    Carol | Bitten Glam

  282. I'm so happy that you posted this. I discovered your youtube channel just a few weeks ago and I immediately became a huge fan. This will sound bit like a cliche but your videos really do make my day whenever I watch them. So uhm thank you for that !
    Bloggers block ? Actually I've been having one for about 2 or 3 months now. It's just I'm still thinking how to make my blog better or what could be readers interested in.. then I just end up with posting nothing. And same as you – I still have many ideas but I just don't know how to write about them.
    I'm looking forward to new posts ! x

    (PS. I'm not a native speaker so I apologize if you find any mistakes in my grammar.)

  283. I've had a massive bloggers block this past month but finally managed to post last night! Feels so good to upload a post after such a long time. I have my all ideas for blog posts written down in a notebook too, I'm definitely going to start blogging a whole lot more in the next couple of months.

    Love your tip about not stressing over the small things. I can let little things get to me way too much sometimes, but I'm slowly learning to just let it go and not worry, life's just way too short!

    Hope the second half of your year is a good as the first :) x

    Samuel James Morris

  284. I love this! I follow you on YouTube as well and you have really been an inspiration for me. Also your YouTube video regarding panic attacks I really liked because I have suffered from an anxiety disorder since I was 13(it is a lot better now) and the fact that you have been able to not let you be held back by it anymore was really nice to see. I think we actually have a lot in common so I always love seeing all the things you do! Btw, the hedgehogs are so cute! xoxo


  285. I love reading your blog and watching your videos! I would love to see more reviews and product recommendations maybe? Or even life posts as I love seeing what people get up to where they share lovely pictures of beautiful places! I'm a blogger and some days I get blogger blog and find it difficult on what next to write, I don't force ideas, I'll just wait for them to come! :) xxx

  286. Frankly, if you don't have time for blogging that's ok. I'd rather read one post in a month that's really interesting or where's a lot of work behind it, than one short post everyday just to say "I have new post". But I'd love to read more often from you :-)

  287. I'm glad you're back!
    With big big love, from Czech republic :)

  288. I'm happy to hear that you're happy! It's wonderful to be surrounded by people you care about and that care about you too. I hope your year continues to be wonderful and I look forward to more blog posts! I don't know if I really get blocks quite yet for my blog but I write fiction and I've had plenty of writers block! Which brings me to what I'd like to accomplish; at some point I'd love to finish a novel.
    Congratulations on all your accomplishments, you're such an inspiration!
    Lovely Notions

  289. Two words—EDITORIAL CALENDAR. You can set Blogger to hold your post until a specific day and time so you can write posts ahead if you get a huge burst of inspiration and have enough material automatically going out according to your set schedule to cover those periods when inspiration isn't so abundant.

  290. so excited for future blogs, inspiring me to blog more!!

  291. Gema

    I honestly got so exited when I saw you posted a new post. I honestly get exited every time you post anything really even in your YouTube channel most of all. I definitely cant wait to read more post from you. You're my favorite and kind of my inspiration for me to start my own blog,and totally understand about the bloggers block. I believe it happens to every blogger.


  292. Vera

    Zoe, you are truly my greatest inspiration. The fact that you managed to look past anxiety and all the negative stuff makes me feel like I can do so too ^.^ And though I don't know you personally, I can just see from your videos and posts that you're an amazing person. I really hope the next half of the year is going to be even better! Thanks for this happy post, and for being such an awesome person :)

  293. Bexx

    Hi Zoe! I loved reading your post :) I have a little blog, and although I haven't been doing it for long, I still sometimes get stuck for ideas! I do outfit/dfashion posts mostly, so when I get 'bloggers block' I just look around my room or my wardrobe, find something I absolutely love, and blog around that – so if you get stuck, just pick something random that you can rave and ramble about! :) xx

  294. fantastic post Zoe, such a great read, you really are achieving a lot of your goals so far, you should be very proud of yourself :D also great photos, really shows how much fun you've been having :D xx

  295. I'm so excited to see more posts from you, and I'm really happy for you since it sounds like 2013's been treating you well so far c:

    Maybe you could do a post every Friday or Sunday that's like an outfit roundup where you show us all what you've been wearing each day (because we're all a little nosy hehe).

    You could also show us how you look after/store your makeup and brushes (it could help you be more organised too c; ) x

  296. I always forget to drink water as well, I've found that if i remember to drink I make myself drink a lot at that moment to make sure I get the liquid intake :) Those hedgehogs are so adorable, there is one around mine but I haven't seen him in a while (well I'm assuming he's a he because he doesn't look extremely feminine :) x

  297. S.

    Hi, Z!
    i want say i meet you just a month ago (almost 2! and i really feel the time past so fast)i want say i'm proud of you and i'm SO happy for meet u,seriously you've helped me many things,things that have to do with all my life and without you i NEVER been resolved or understood, i want say you so many things but in person. And thank you because the next August 14 is my birthdayyyy! and i'll be happy because for you! , i decided to be very happy and try new things for my own good so he begins a new year very well. I'm from México and i hope you one day come to México city i promise is awesome! ho:)

    (really really wish meet u ahhhhh) love! xxxx susan. (@unatacitadecafe) :)

  298. Seems like you had amazing 6 months! :)

  299. So much love for you Zoe!


  300. Finally! Zoe I love your blog so so so much! I am very happy to hear that you want to focus more on your blog again because I would like to know about the stuff you purchase – I often sit and think after your video hauls – well was that product than any good or not? Where I would have LOVED a review on it after wards ^^ x
    Other than that I enjoy these little update posts on your life you have a really great writing style (if you can say that?)
    I have a blog as well (psst check it out: ) and right now I'm really busy in my life and I'm quit overwhelmed and I can't really find the time and write as much as I'd love to but my blog is my little escape and I love it so so very much!
    Well enough of my rambling – just very excited for you to start blogging again xx

    Lots of Love
    Christina xx

  301. Would love to see you blogging more Zoe, but I totally understand the impact a tough schedule can have on the brain juice. It was beautiful reading about your successes especially since we knew you were scared of flying. I'm so happy you got over your fear and are beginning to explore the world more. Sending good vibes your wave, darling!

  302. I have bloggers block at the moment, I'm struggling for things to post about even though I have so many ideas! It's so frustrating! I think it's good about what your saying not to let the little things get you down, as people always say you only live once so live it well!


  303. All the pics are superb.
    You have manage & compiled really a unique & real information. Its really very helpful for us. You've made some great points and it’s written really well.

  304. Hi Zoe. I've had bloggers block for ages, but just decided to start writing when I felt like it! It shouldn't be a chore, and if you aren't thinking of doing it, it means you have more exciting things in your life at the moment. Eventually it will come back to you and you will regain your love for blogging, but don't stress about it. Just keep doing what you're doing, and you'll be fine!
    I have my own blog if you would care to check it out. I think it's pretty great :)

  305. I hope you'll do everything you are planning :)
    So glad about your progress on YouTube!

    I have a fashion blog and I know there are some moments I don't want to write.
    I need a break but then I come back. You will too!

  306. Bormon

    With all the bread-maker models at stake emphasizing extravagant accessories that you need to pay exponentially for, you may be searching for something that is a little more savvy. In that arena, one of your options is a Breville bread-maker about this details

  307. Zoe Zoe Zoe Zoe Zoe I ADORE you if that i not creepy :3

  308. I was just about to sit down and write a new post about lipsticks I’m loving for Summer, when I stumbled across this post in my feed. I completely understand what it’s like to have hundreds of ideas floating around for potential posts, yet no motivation, or creativeness, to actually convey them. I’m going to try and write more on here. YouTube has sort of taken over but I miss being able to just ramble on about nothing and everything at the same time on here. I’m making it a “half-year resolution” to write at least once a week on here. No all I need is the time and motivation to do it! haha

    -Lucy xxx

  309. Jessie

    Zoey, I am so glad you're back xx :D I just love your blog..

  310. Aw this is so lovely! Doesn't everyone get bloggers block?!
    Frankie xx

  311. Wow I didn't realise hwo quickly your YouTube has grown :) I love your channel and your posts that you do :) Love that you did a little update and sounds like you've been up to loads! Don't worry about bloggers block, we all get it :P

    Katie xx

  312. hey zoe, and to any one else that may be reading this. I have a blog (if anyones interested)and I love thinking of new things to write about. I love to read other peoples blogs for ideas and product suggestions and your blog allways inspires me to do stuff!!!

  313. you've had such an amazing year so far – hope it all continues!x

  314. I absolutely love reading your blog and am so impressed with everything you have achieved so far.

    I started my blog last month, thinking I'd have a million things to write about, but I've already started to suffer from Blogger's Block! I have created a list of 101 things I want to achieve in the next 1001 days ( though, so hopefully this will help to inspire me and will push me to do more things

    Lucy xx

  315. you're amazing and you inspire me so much.
    never stop what you're doing, you were born for it!

    xx chloe

  316. Congratulations on all your success! I agree I am a newer blogger and at this point in my life I have been a bit stressed and have had a hard time putting more energy and time into my blog. I really want to change that so this post has really inspired me to create some goals for the rest of this year!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  317. Hi, Zoe!

    I've just recently discovered you, your blog, your YouTube channel and I have to say, I fell in love instantly. You are beautiful, you have such an adorable smile, I love your positive outlook on life, I love your videos, I even love your voice… hope I don't sound too weird, haha. Anyway, just had to get that off my chest. Love you ♥

    Secondly, I do have a blog of my own, I started only about two months ago and I already have a "blogger's block"… Not a very good idea, starting a blog at the beginning of summer break, I guess… But I'm hoping the weather will get worse for a bit, then I can start blogging more frequently again, haha.

    Good luck with achieving everything you want to achieve in the next 6 months, good luck with the blog posts, with your videos, with everything! ♥

    Love from Slovakia! (:

    ~ T a m m y
    v i n t a g e • f r e a k

  318. pleease do day out blogs with other youtube friends (louise,alfie,tyler)x

  319. Banubi

    Yay so happy you've made another post but I'm glad your not forcing yourself to do a post your so true to yourself!

    Banu xxx

  320. Maud

    Zoella was the first ever blog I started reading and loved it so much I have recently set up my own blog and although I sometimes think I am the only one who reads it I figured that it is a personal escape anyways. You're and inspiration keep blogging!
    Maud x

  321. So happy for you and all that you've accomplished this year. Was so excited to see a new post from you on my blog roll! :) I've been loving your favorites videos lately- You have been using lots of things that catch my eye! Would love to hear all of your reviews on your blog, too!

    Have a great trip to LA! :)


  322. Katja

    Yup, bloggers block is getting pretty big for me! But on your Everyday Makeup Tutorial, I heard you say that you had a notebook where you keep video ideas! So I did that as well, and now I'm planned for the next couple of months. :) So I just want to thank you for that! I love reading your posts, no matter how rare they might be.

  323. I actually do have a blog! :) I was nervous to get back into blogging (I used to have a family blog), but a sweet friend convinced me to start a beauty blog and I've been having a lot of fun with it! I'm usually pretty busy, but I have days where I just sit down and type up a few new posts and schedule them for future dates. That little feature has made blogging so much easier for me!

  324. Weird…blogger wouldn't let me finish my last comment. Anyway, just wanted to say that having a blogging day where I can sit down and bang out half a dozen posts helps me not get so overwhelmed with the whole thing.
    You're such an inspiration and I truly love your blog & videos! Really looking forward to some VidCon Vlogs! (Hopefully!) Thanks so much for being you! I think you and Louise are so lucky to each have the most awesome best friends in the world! :D


  325. I love your blog and youtube I have subscribed to your youtube for a while and I was so addicted that I forgot to check out your blog but now I have!!!You're my idol and I check if you've uploaded or posted anything everyday. :-) And when I'm older I wish to be like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) XD

  326. I loved this :) as someone who has followed you pretty much since the beginning, it's amazing to see how you've grown and all the positivity that has come out this year. You've made so much progress, it's so lovely to see.

    Shannon Marie xx

  327. I started a blog just this year actually and I too have really struggled to find the time to post anything. I even tried making a schedule but I keep missing days even though I have pages of ideas! 2013 is going way too fast and I just can't keep up. I get what you're saying about never finding the time but I really look forward to you putting more up!

  328. Meeting all those YouTuber's at the playlist live conference does look like it was a lot of fun. Congratulations on acquiring so many followers, subscribers, commenters and views here on Blogger, on YouTube and on Twitter. I love the pics of the Hedgehogs. I've never seen one before and don't even know if we have them on this side of the pond (U.S.). I love reading and watching fashionista and Beauty blogs and videos – your channel was recommend to me on YouTube. I've had a bit of Blogger's Block myself – my last post was totally off topic for my blog. I admire your positivity and will look forward to reading or seeing something about your experience at Vidcon. I only manage about one post a month myself but failed to do one the month before last. Maybe you'll inspire me.

  329. Bloggers block is something I get from time to time or I just have so many ideas in my head, I don't know where to start! But I find inspiration from other Bloggers and YouTubers,(like yourself)can really encourage and help get past the block! I really enjoy reading and watching your posts/videos and can't wait to see some more blog posts!

    Kat xxx

  330. Congratulations on your well deserved popularity! I love the positivity of your blog, YouTube and Twitter. Meeting all those other fashionista and beauty YouTubers looks like it was fun. The pics of the hedgehogs are great. I haven't seen them before. Yes I have a lingerie fashionista blog myself at and I do get Bloggers block (and procrastinate) averaging only about 1 post per month. I'm happy to have found your blog. It's uplifting.

  331. This blog post has just convinced me that you are my new role model! :)

  332. I get blooger's block quite a bit as I never really find my life interesting enough to do a blog post about! Or I have school and I'm caught up with other things, and I'm working on a big blog post that will sometimes thake a while to do! But reading this made me think about it more and a notebook of ideas is, well, a good idea, so thank you :)x

  333. Yay for more blogging! And love the post; it's great to read about your life ^^ <3

  334. We don't care what you blog about Zoe!

  335. love your blog:-) what you write about is amazing and so inspirational
    Maia xxxxx

  336. Wow so im guessing lots of drama? hahaha

    Hope you had lots of fun x

  337. Hi Zoe, I know that you probably have not been able to read this as you have millions of comments on this post but I thought I wold give it a try anyway. Nothing wrong with trying. Anyway I have a blog of my own, that I have started not long ago, where I give advice to people about stuff and just do occasional blogs that are a bit random. I am also considering starting a fashion and beauty blog however I don't know whether anyone would be interested in reading it. I am not asking you to check out my blog if you don't want to. But here it is anyway just in case you do:
    You are a massive inspiration to me and I would just like to say thanks to you and sprinkle of glitter for giving me good advice and building up my confidence and starting my passion for make-up. You two are amazing x

  338. its great that you were able to accomplish so much in the past 6 months. one of my personal goals was being able to start a blog, only because I want to record my life and be able to look at it in the future. just like a journal. I recently started it. its really fun and you are one of the bloggers that inspired me to do it. Love, Des

  339. Zoe! I have been a fan of your blog and your youtube channel for years now. I always love watching fashion and beauty videos because those two things, fashion and beauty, are really big passions of mine, and I never had the courage to start a blog, but now, at the age of 19, I thought, what the heck! Why not just start one, and you played a really big role in my decision! Thanks for being such an inspiration. I know you get a ton of these, and my blog is just launching, but if you could maybe you give some tips to those who aspire to be like you, and those who wish to start a beauty blog, that would be great!

    Here's a link to my blog!

  340. Hey, Zoe! <3
    I'm from Brazil and I love your blog. I think that you're verry funny and nice! I love you so much ♥
    You are my inspiration and I always like you! Thanks for it, Zoe ♥ Well… I don't have many plans, but I would really like you to be a lovely blogger who managed all good with her effort! Congratulations! :D

    My blog:

  341. This is actually really inspiring <3

  342. Love reading your blogs, glad to see you back again after taking a little break, writers block can be so frustrating!

    Lots of love x

  343. Writers block can be so frustrating! Glad to see you back and are having a wonderful 2013. Well done!

    Lorraine x

  344. Hi!
    OMG I love your blog! more than 1 million subscrivers? God, I want that too :D
    You have a nice blog, and cool pictures!
    Can you follow my blog too?
    Visit, comment and share please :)

    Visit here my little blog :)

    Have a nice week,

    Post Scriptum: You may need to translate :X

  345. I get bloggers block all the time! Not fun aha :) xx

  346. Hi Zoe!
    Okay, you may or may not read this, but…I thought I would try!
    You are one of my biggest inspirations, not only in YouTube, but also in life; because you do not just talk about makeup, hair and clothes (which are very important aspects though) but you also show a…less produced image of you, the real you always shines no matter what you're doing, and I think that's what inspires me the most from you. You've been through things, like everybody, but I loved that you made a video especially to talk about "Panic Attacks" and how you deal with it, that's very real and is something that people can relate to, not only people who suffer from panic attacks, but also people with anxiety, depression and etcetera, and it's great that you chose to share that on the world wide web, so you can help more people, telling them that there is life and light after a dark dead end street.
    With all of this, what I truly mean to say is that, you inspire me Zoe, like truly inspire me, I've always wanted to get involved with YouTube or blogging, but I've always been too scared to do it, and it inspires me that…you did it! You put yourself out there just like I wish I could do.
    After 2 years and a little bit more watching your videos, I gave it a try with a written Blog and possibly later I'll start a YouTube channel if all goes well. Thank you Zoe, finally I've started with something I wanted to do years ago, and it's all because of your videos and your blog posts. I'm not trying to advertise myself on your blog or in this video either, but an opinion from you would mean the world to me, so I'll leave the link below if you want to check it out :)
    Thank you for reading.
    Lots of Love, M.

  347. YAY! I absolutely love your YouTube videos and I know those probably take up a majority of your time due to filming and editing, but it's also so great that you're coming back to your blog as well! I'm currently struggling to find a main central theme for my blog. :( I want to keep updating one so badly but I don't know what to write about! Maybe you can help?^_^

  348. This comment might get lost in the jumble, but I loved this post :) It is so nice to see people having such a positive outlook on life; we need more people like that in the world.

    As far as posts go, blog about whatever you want! Feelings are always a good place to start hehe. But in terms of beauty and fashion, maybe a "My Favorite Outfits" post! I love the way you put items together and would love to see what your favorites are :)


  349. Katie

    I started following your blog because I liked your fashion and your photos. Often when this is the case I sometimes skip the writing because the writers voice doesn't really connect with me. After reading this post, I have realised that I also like the way you write, it's real and personal. Yes, I get bloggers block a lot. And despite only having 43 followers I still worry that my content will be boring to them. It's always nice to know that popular bloggers go through the same thought processes.

    Katie xx

  350. I ALWAYS get bloggers block!! every post I write takes me ages, usually the best thing to do is walk away and grab a drink or something and go back to it a little later (it actually works!!!)

    Well Done Zoe! you have done so well with your youtube channel! Keep Smiling!

  351. Kate S

    You had quite an amazing 6 months. I think I started watching your videos about 6 months ago and you have just been an inspiration to me. I love your work and I hope to one day be as good in what I'll do as you. You're just so positive. I hope you'll keep on making videos, making me laugh and just inspiring me and others. Love you girl, oxox

  352. Hey,
    I love reading your blog and watching your YouTube videos and you have been a massive inspiration to me. Please come and check out my blog which is all about fashion and make up @
    Catherine xoxo

  353. I love this post, its so lovely and positive :)
    This year, I am too trying to be more positive and not worry or stress about little things and yes! I get 'bloggers block' or sometimes, I write a whole post then delete it because I don't like it!

    Jemima xxx

  354. I'm a fairly new follower to your blog. I think I found you on Pinterest months back and then somehow found myself watching your YouTube videos (Favourites & Hauls are the ones I watch).

    I think we all go through dry spells. I've learned that when life gets that way, it's time to self reflect and figure out what to let go of and make room. (:

  355. Zoe you are such an amaznig person. You make me smile everytime I see you :)

  356. Maren

    I love this post. I always thaught i'm the only girl in the world that can manage to forget to drink the whole day, but no.. obviously i was wrong. I so often tell myself to drink more but i'm just not thirsty… anyway your blog really gives me hope. I started my blog for like 4 or 5 months ago. I have soo much fun blogging about fashion, outfits and music but it isn't going too well. i have the feeling i'm blogging only to myself cause noone seems to like my blog, but your blog and even you YouTube channel gives me hope in reaching more followers one day!
    THank you for inspiring me.

    Lots of love from Germany <3 Xx
    My blog (

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad english :/

  357. Glad that you're back and feeling a lot more positive, you've done really well in sixth months. You've inspired me to go out and live my life to the full and not let my fears hold me back. Stay positive and keep smiling! xxx

  358. Congratulations, I hope this means more blog posts hehe :p My goals for the end of the year include me getting good marks in the A level exams xx Emmi

  359. Shell

    Congratulations Zoe, you've inspired me to change my life and be more positive, saying yes to more things for the last part of the year! Unfortunately I'm quite ill waiting on hospital appointments and have been for the past 3 months which has made this year less than good! I love seeing your blogposts, they really brighten my day! Thanks Zo!

  360. Yay! Your back! Congratulations on your achievements!
    I absolutely love your youtube channel but can't watch due to my internet very slow =(
    Your channel was the first that I found on youtube in September 2012 and watched most of the videos and started following your blog.

    The best thing to do start writing when you feel like, don't stress and don't push yourself too hard. After you can start posting once a week, and so on. Have fun in LA and at Vidcon!

    What things are you going to try and achieve by the time the year is up?
    I want to keep up posting 3 times a week on my blog, get a P/T job and learn how to bake.

  361. Niamh

    Wow Zoe ! it's great to see such an uplifting blog post ! i think it's inspired me to make the most of what's left of 2013

  362. Kelly

    i really do miss your regular post zoe! yours was the first blog i discovered nearly 2 years ago, and I've missed your regular advice and reviews. Glad you are feeling more positive, you have done so much this year!
    Kelly xxx

  363. Hello Zoe :)
    I found myself being in a bloggers block, it has been 4 months since my last blogpost. At first I didn't get the time to post anything and then I kept thinking it was too late to come back and ended up not taking the time for it. When I saw that you struggled with it too, it reassured me but I still haven't posted even when my mind is full of things I'd like to share with the blog community. Don't worry about struggling with it, I'm sure you'll get back to it with no problem whenever you feel ready for it. Your post inspires me to do the same sort of update on my life goals for 2013. I hope you have a great time in Vidcon :) Love xx

  364. this is such an inspiring and cute post :)

  365. I think I have bloggers block! My last post was just a small post about why I haven't posted in a while! I know what you mean by 'never know where to start even though i have ideas', I feel just like that, I have a notebook full of ideas and I just can never come round to writing a post! I better get started sometime this week! Nice to see your back again:) love reading your posts!! Keep em coming Zoe!<3

  366. I just watched your blogging tips video you did with Louise the other day and it really inspired me to start blogging. For years now I've dreamed of making youtube videos and actually blogging, and I'm now finally starting. You've inspired me to do so.
    Thank you!
    xoxo Cassandra

  367. That's a good one, don't sweat the small stuff. I always do and I get so stressed over nothing and it usually gets me all wound up with self-consciousness etc. It sucks.

    This year I really want to get used to myself and stop caring so much about what other's think of me, my actions, my opinions, my character. To learn what I am comfortable with and not comfortable with and say no when necessary and not yes all the time. haha

    I love the pictures you shared and what you thought about this year so far. It encourages me to keep pushing and hopefully by the end of this year I'll be happy too :]

    -Margaret, XO

  368. Please check out my new blog so i can get any criticism to make it better . I am new to blogging but i love make up and i would like to help people to understand the best products they can by for their money. Please take the time to read :) xx

  369. pplern

    I just love your video to Florida a bunch. :)

  370. Hey Zoe!

    I love how far you've come, you seriously are inspiring! It's awesome that you've accomplished a lot of things since the start of the year and that gives me motivation to start saying YES to things that I've thought I couldn't… But by realising how it will impact my life by just saying YES to things, will hopefully lead me to big and better places! …Anyways keep up the good work Zoe! I also have a blog & I've written alot of ideas down, but now-a-days I've got "bloggers block"… Eeep

    Ps. Hope you have fun at Vidcon!

    Kathy x

  371. Shyana

    hey zoe! if you do online shopping you should keep adding stuff to your wantworthy list. I understand you may not want to share everything you shop for with your viewers but I loved seeing what was on your list during the giveaway period. Congratulations on your progress and good luck for the rest of the year! I'm also going to start drinking more water – actually going to do it this time.

  372. Erin

    I'm so happy that you've had such a great year. You've really set goals for yourself and achieve them and that's so inspiring. I also have a bit of a blogger's block and I'm not sure why because a month ago I was really into it!

    I think as far as your blogger's block you just have to live your life and post things that you enjoy and want to post. Don't do it because you've written it in a schedule or feel like you need to please us because that takes the fun out of blogging.

    Erin //

  373. Happy to see you here again, and with so much rambling written that I have to get my cup of tea to read it all :) (cup of tea somehow adds that something to the mood, don’t ya think?)
    Anyway, girl you’re having such a fantastic year. So, so happy for you! You deserve it!
    As for that number that follows you – well, dooh, that’s what you get for being so fun, optimistic and hilarious :) I think a lot of us sort of try to live, experience things through you. Cuz some (me) are cowards and don’t say “yes” to a lot of things like you have started to.
    I hope you don’t feel pressured that you also have to devote yourself here as much as you do on youtube, because we all want you relaxed and enjoying life, but if you’d spend all your time writing the blog and making videos you would end up with nothing exciting to share with us ;) So take your time. Even one post per week/two weeks would be great. And they don’t have to be book long. And as someone already said it, you are so interesting to follow along that even a link to a song you enjoy or a book would be something. I think you have grown such a big audience that enjoy a lot of different things that you share, so you can explore more things to share with us all ;)
    As in for writers aka bloggers block – I think everyone has it who has a blog. And those who don’t, well then, good for them. But I think, that if you do end up getting one for a while, that means that you really care what you put out there and that you don’t want to put random things just in the sake of having a new post every day. Quality over quantity.
    Have an amazing rest of the year, dear! :)

  374. Tilde

    You took the words out of my mouth! I have all these draft posts, all these photos that need to be sorted, all these words that need to be written down… But it just takes so much effort to start. And once you're almost finished, you notice something; it's not perfect. It's not the way you thought and you get a new idea… And then all the ideas float around your head until you have to sleep. The next morning you wake up, and poof, what was I thinking about again? Now the ideas have flown away. And there is the unfinished blog post. Once you get a good idea, it was ages ago the post was written…

  375. im so excited for the next 6 months with you and your little insights on life! I noticed you slacked a lot recently but after reading this im less upset about it and just waiting for the stories of zoella;-) Xx

  376. Kinza

    Wow, you have come a long way love that you are going to write some more posts. Im having a bloggers block too and i just recently started writing my blog i just feel so uninspirational nothing to motivate me to write.

  377. Hi Zoe :) I love this little blog post, it's lovely to hear updates! I am the same with drinking water – I just never feel thirsty! Oops.. I also get bloggers' block, but more often I simply forget to post (not that I have any followers, but that doesn't matter). I'd love to see you blog more, all this positivity is so fantastic! We love you!

    Love, Aislin

  378. Well done Zoe, your such an inspiration and I have been subscribed to you for about 2 years! When your channel reached 1,000,000 subs I was so pleased for you, you really deserved it!
    You have inspired me to create my own blog-

  379. YOUR BACK <3

    Yay, I love your blogs and their just so positive (haha not always) but it's nice to see that you're gaining success!


  380. Holly

    Hey zoe!

    First and foremost, ive been reading your blog for a loooong time, i love the blog and i love how natural it is – dont force anything, its not your style! You got to this point being yourself, just continue to be yourself, people followed you because they love who you are and what you bring to everyone. Just continue being yourself, dont put pressure on yourself.

    Youve done something positive with your youtube channel and your blog, youve let everyone know that theyre not alone when it comes to anxiety, depression or any other mental issue. Not many people can say theyve done something so positive and for such selfless reasons. It must have been the hardest thing ever to tell the world about your anxiety and by doing that, youve genuinely helped people more than you could ever imagine and thats so admirable. As a blogger myself i know how hard it is to feel like you owe something to the people who follow us.

    Keep on being you Zoe, its good enough for us!


  381. Just starting reading this blog. And what's kept me reading is not the awesome design, creative posts, or makeup reviews. It's that you shine through everything you post. And that's really hard, and really inspiring. Keep blogging, and never lose touch with yourself.

  382. I always enjoy reading your blog, Zoe, and I just find you so inspirational! I've actually decided to start my own blog just yesterday because I've had a really up and down year, and the idea of starting a blog actually came around from reading yours! Don't stop blogging! "_


  383. Although you said you wouldn't stress out so much anymore, I feel like you do. You stress out because you feel like you should blog more, drink more water and what not, you should really try to relax Zoe. We know that you have other things to do and we won't hate you for not bloging every single day. We love you and support you whatever may come. <3

  384. What you've done is amazing Zoe! It's so easy to relate to you. I have a baking blog which I would love everyone to check out : I was wondering if you do any baking yourself Zoe? Perhaps you could blog about it if you do. I would certainly read it! xx

  385. How beautiful you look with this flowers and hairstyle in the picture 1, my darling ;* <3

  386. Hey Zoe! So this is really random and I guess has nothing to do with your blog post, but the layout of your blog is so pretty lol!

  387. I completely understand you! There are stages often when I have heaps of ideas for blogging but just am not really sure about how to get started with them or actually put them to action, so I end up blogging very rarely (unintentionally). I loved this life update, makes me consider how well I've done so far in 2013 too! Hope the rest of the year brings great things for you!

  388. Ella

    Thank you so much for posting this! I've had a blog for about a year now and last Summer I posted quite a bit. I was waitressing and blogging for the Summer! Then school came around and I blogged less but was still motivated to get a few good posts out there every so often. This Summer is definitely my desert phase… I got a job in the editing field on top of my waitressing and my total posts for the month of July was ONE.

    Anyway, this post is making me want to manage my time better to get more posts up before I go back to school. AHHH! ok.

    Love your writing!
    My blog:

  389. Love this post and I love that you're so positive! I want to overcome my fears of moving on! You have encouraged me, thanks! I can't wait to read more posts! I wish I could see you at vidcon, have fun!

  390. Loved this post very helpfull!!!I hav had writers block a lot especialy with homework so in the end I just rest and it helps xx

  391. Joey

    Unitil recently I was one of those people who religiously watch your videos and read your blogs without subscribing – one of the silent followers! But you really make my day so much better when you put up something new, however rare that may be, whether it's here, on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter :) So now I've taken the plunge and started subscribing to you properly :)

    You're very inspirational. I don't think I suffer from anxiety quite like you, but I am always worrying and do feel anxious about a lot of things, and don't feel good enough an awful lot of the time – so knowing about someone who suffers with it as much as you do, but who still does some absolutely incredible things really makes me want to make more of my life. I also really, really want to start my own blog when I finish my Master's. I'm just not sure where to start!

    I'd love to read about your tips for getting started in the 'blogosphere', and basic tutorials like contouring and eyebrow shaping because I literally have NO idea where to even start (I love makeup, I'm just useless at it!) I'd also love you to do a budget buys thing, since I have been a poor student now for 4 years and expect to be a poor intern afterwards!

  392. Joey

    Until recently I was one of those people who religiously watch your videos and read your blogs without subscribing – one of the silent followers! But you really make my day so much better when you put up something new, however rare that may be, whether it's here, on YouTube, instagram or Twitter :) So now I've taken the plunge and started subscribing to you properly :)

    You're very inspirational. I don't think I suffer from anxiety quite like you, but I am always worrying and do feel anxious about a lot of things, and don't feel good enough an awful lot of the time – so knowing about someone who suffers with it as much as you do, but who can still do some absolutely incredible things really makes me want to make more of my life! I also really, really want to start my own blog when I finish my Master's. I'm just not sure where to start!

    I'd love to read about your tips for getting started in the 'blogosphere', and basic tutorials like contouring and eyebrow shaping because I literally have NO idea where to even start (I love makeup, I'm just useless at it!) I'd also love you to do a budget buys thing, since I have been a poor student now for 4 years and expect to be a poor intern afterwards!

  393. You're such an inspiration, over coming your anxiety to do the things you want to do! you're a great role model to all people suffering with anxiety/ panic attacks! Congratulations on them great achievements!
    I love how positive and happy you are about everything! You and Louise are the reason I started my blog and I love to blog! xxx

  394. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us! You have been such a great encouragement to me during a pretty difficult year! Love you Zoe!

  395. Hi Zoe! I love this post. Well not just this post, every single one of them. You really put a lot of effort into your texts. You can tell that and that's what makes them interesting. I'm so happy that you are going to blog more 'cause it makes my day every time i see there's a new post up. It's amazing what progress you've made so far and I'm absolutley sure it won't stop. You are so inspiring!

    Sara xo

  396. This is so inspiring :) I really love reading your blog posts every now and then and they always have such a happy and positive attitude towards life. This really inspires me to start trying new things and experiences and go beyond my comfort zone. I just wanted to thank you for doing this and changing my outlook on life. I love you


  397. Talking about the water my doctor just told me I need to drink alot more water than I usually do! Which sometimes can be nothing! But now I try to drink as much water as I can possibly can! Today was a nice start as I drank Nearly 6 Liters! Which is crazy but the doctor said it is fine.. The more the better! But no this is the must because I need to hydrate my self more and try and choose the more healthy life style! As I was really unhealthy and stuff.. Didn't drink water much, ate alot of junk! But now I decided I have to just stop this! But good luck on drinking the water!

  398. Congrats on your achievements Zoe! It's been great watching you videos and reading your blog as I feel like I'm living all these adventures with you!
    Loved this post, it was so lovely and positive!
    Laura xx

  399. Love reading all of your blog posts Zoe, and you're always so positive and brighten up my day! So pleased to hear about all the progress you've made and I'm ashamed to say my New Years resolutions for 2013 have gone out the window (to be honest, they were never really inside!) I often get bloggers block, especially since I recently took a 3 month or so break from blogging to focus on my exams, and I've decided that a new start, a new blog! Once again, thank you for the cheery & lovely post, it's really inspired me to keep on blogging – you're my "blogspiration"!

    rebecca-ella x

  400. This is another post that has made me think about my life and my dreams. Your positivity is reminding me that it can all happen. I just need to sit down and think of how I can make it happen. Thanks!

    Visit my boutique:

  401. Niamh S

    You are absolutely amazing Zoe!! xx

  402. butjibu

    Hey Zoe, if you need help with drinking more water I suggest gettin Water Your Body app for phone :) It will notify you how much more you need to drink and after some time you really start paying attention at your water intake :) worked miracles for forgetful me :D

  403. Zoe you are just amazing ! I have discovered your channel for some month now and you're such an inspiration to me; you always smile and make people happy, I loooove watching your videos because I learn things about beauty and laught a lot when you do videos with friends or just in your bloopers (+ it helps me working on my English comprehension, I'm french!). My "beginning" of this year was quiet good but I feel like the end is not going to be as (or more) well. I'm gonna trry make efforts to change things in my life, in the way I see myself in order to spend goo time this year, and all the next ones. Thank you for beeing close to us, your subscribers, you really help us and that's just incredible. Love from France (please come back to France, it's not that far haha), Chloé.

  404. Hey Zoe!
    I am absolutely in love with you: your YouTube, this blog, your twitter, your Facebook, your Instagram and your Tumblr!
    I have a photography blog but I can literally never be bothered to post anything because I am always so busy with school and everything, but reading this has inspired me to post more on it! (and it being the summer holidays, why not?) haha
    continue being wonderful and entertaining and just… you!
    Becky <3

  405. Paula

    I love the idea of this post. I think it's great to share your achievements and you did a great job! Really inspirational (:

  406. I get bloggers block! Yes I have only recently starting posting and you'd think 'surely a new blogger should have loads to blog about', but its daunting picking the best things to share on my little space! :) xx

  407. Olivia

    Zoe, after watching you on youtube and reading your blog for over a year now and i really wanted to say WELL DONE!!:) Its crazy that in the past year your youtube channel has gained 1, 350,000 subscribers and you deserve every single one of them! I notice that you are creeping towards 2,000,000 and i know you will do it easily! You have inspired so, so, so many people to start youtube and blogging (including myself, but like you i think it will take me a while before i can do youtube) and have helped people people with anxiety and panic attacks and help me understand more and gave more awareness. Your "Why are you so skinny?" post helped me personally out loads that someone else felt the same way as i'm petite like you too. I'd really love to meet you one day (i actually have that on my bucket list haha) please do a meetup in bristol! Please NEVEREVEREVEREVER stop doing youtube or blogging!!

    Olivia x

  408. You've achieved so much this year already! I'm so happy for you!
    Also super excited that you're going to try blogging more. Yours is one of my favourite to read!
    Caitlin x

  409. Your Hair is soooo beautyful !!
    Love from Germany ♥

  410. wow i wish more people read my bloggs if you could help me i would be ever so grateful and i love when you put up pictures of your everyday life they are so fun and lovely to see xx!!:)

  411. I'm really glad I found you a while back and I don't even care if you don't post anything for a certain amount of time because I'll just end up rereading your old post. I made an appreciation post about you, not to get attention, but just because I think you deserve the shoutout :).. I love every single one of your posts and videos <3

  412. I love this! I'd still read your blog if you only posted once a year but please don't!
    I've only just started my blog (which you inspired me to do) and I already feel like I have 'bloggers block' haha! but hopefully it'll get easier!
    heather x

  413. Im so glad and proud of yoouuu!!!!

  414. i know you probably get loaaaddss of comments zoe and that you probably wont even see this but i just wanted to ask how you got your blog so noticed and popular, ive just started my own and im not really sure how to make it appeal to people. any advice will be gratefully accepted.

  415. I love reading your blog and I am so glad that you are writing more. You deserve the one million subscribers, 2 million next!;)
    You, Louise, Tanya and Sammi have completely inspired me to write my own.
    stay positive, Zoe!
    Grace x

  416. Just descoved your blog. Love it.

  417. I totally agree with you Zoe, I get writers block so easily but what I do is refresh my layout, and snazz up my blog, always sparks ideas and thoughts. And then sometimes all I need is a bit of fairydust haha :)

    A Girl, A Dream

  418. Brooke

    What amazing memories you've already made this year. Thank you for being so positive and brightening up my day :)

  419. Kelsey

    This was a great post. Totally can identify with the block.
    Also it was really cool for me because you can see me and my dad (just so you know the guy in the picture wasn't some creep, my dad was helping me vlog :) )in the picture from Playlist!!

  420. Well this is very cool! Where did you start your webside through?

  421. I have always wanted to start my own blog, but I get serious writers or 'bloggers block'.. So I haven bothered starting one because I would post once a month..

    But you are so inspiring, my writing is getting better with each passing day. :)


  422. Definitely feel more inspired when I read a good Zoella post, need to get blogging more myself.
    Good luck with everything.

  423. Love the head piece! Where did you get it? :)

  424. I love how positive you are and i really look up to you in that aspect, and think that you should keep on influencing people.!!!
    Also i love your hair, i think its such a cute look!!xx

  425. i looooove your blog zoe and your youtube videos make my day! X x x

  426. Dawny

    Hi Zoe I love your YouTube channel and blog! keep up the great work! you are such an inspiration :)

  427. reading and watching what you have experienced! It feels like I'm with you :D

  428. Zoe I Love your vids and blogs and you ofc i was so shocked in a good way when i found out i have the same KIND of nick name as you please do check my blog if you have time and send out any feedback thanks xxx

  429. I'm so happy for you Zoe! Your such a sweet person, and i really want to meet you one day! I'm going to London oktober 23 and i was wondering if it is possible to meet you? I love you and your blog and videos <3

    Love from Frederikke from Denmark <3

  430. Debby B

    I ♥ zoella

  431. Such a lovely post. Your friendship with Louise is the sweetest. Reach for the stars x

  432. This post is awesome I really want to do some stuff now and achive something. Please do more of these. Love you <3

  433. Hey Zoella! Your blog has inspired me to start my own. It would be great if you maybe check it out….. :) I have been reading your blog for ages and I love it. I just wanted to say thank you, I've become more confident because of your videos and stuff. I'm so jealous of how pretty you (I'm really self conscious about myself… ). I know you probably won't read this, and just think it's some girl trying to get attention but I'm really not. :)

  434. Although beauty and fashion do interest me on a personal level and I read a multitude of blogs on such, I had and still don't consider writing myself about them. However this particular blog inspired me to write about the things I truly love- Literature and education, and for that I am very grateful! Both lovely and interesting to read- Lara x

  435. Hayley

    :( Don't forget to drink a lot of water. Trust me. I am the same way and can go days and days without water or any drink, and now am suffering from a kidney infection from it. You don't want to go through the horrible pain, fevers, not being able to get up, Being suddenly cold and then sweating. It's horrible. DRINK MORE <3

  436. Hayley

    :( Don't forget to drink a lot of water. Trust me. I am the same way and can go days and days without water or any drink, and now am suffering from a kidney infection from it. You don't want to go through the horrible pain, fevers, not being able to get up, Being suddenly cold and then sweating. It's horrible. DRINK MORE <3

  437. OMG i know what you mean! even though you may feel you have 'bloggers block', i just want to say that your previous posts have inspired me so much that i decided to start my own blog! i mean, it's not amazing yet, but i would love to have even half the success you have.i just think you're amazng :)
    keep smiling (and check out my blog)

  438. Love this post Zoe. Just keep moving forward. :)
    What app / How do you add those pretty banners to your photos? Can someone please let me know? :)
    Appreciate it. x

    Mary |

  439. Ally

    You`re so lucky! You`re life is simply amazing! Incredible how much youtube can change lifes! :)

  440. Wow you really have achieved so much in the first half of 2013… and we are now approaching the end!
    I am a new reader to your blog but have watched your videos for a long time, I love reading your blog and you inspired me to create my own so Thank you :)
    I find these sort of posts the best as you inspire us to do more in our lives and achieve what we may have hesitated at before,
    Molly xx (

  441. han

    i'm a newbie blogger and it's down to you and louise and alfie that I've been inspired to create my own blog, I haven't done that many posts yet and I already have bloggers block. I don't want to be repetitive or boring so I don't really know what to write about especially as I'm not sure if anyone actually reads it haha. If any of your followers or you could check it out that would be amazing,
    Thankyou so much xx

  442. GREAT ! ;D

  443. Hi Zoe,
    Me and my friend just make a blog because of your amazing inspiration and we would be absolutely heart warmed if you were to check it out. We have watched every single one of your video's and are so dedicated that it would be absolutely phenomenal if you could check it out.
    We understand that a lot of people ask you to do this and you have videos and blogs to post and edit and obviously you still want to have a life outside of blogging but whenever you get the chance please come to our blog:
    Thank You so much, all our love
    Emily & Emma xoxo

  444. where are you its not 2014

  445. I'm having writers block right now! Your blog always gives me inspiration and I just keep on looking back at some of your older posts, I have no idea what to write about..really :)

  446. any advice for starting a blog?

  447. i love you your ever so inspiring

  448. I love and have loved reading your blog as well as watching your youtube videos. It would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think, I think it needs improving to get anywhere near your standard and would love to know if you have any suggestions. Maybe one day I'll have a fan base like a tenth of yours, even then I would be overwhelmed.
    XO, Charlotte's Escape

  449. Hi, just desired to let you know, I enjoyed this blog post. It had been funny. Carry on posting! sydney closet

  450. This is so cute!

  451. Hey enormous stuff or pleasant information you are offering blog

  452. And now you have almost FOUR AND A HALF MILLION YouTube subscribers, that's absolutely insane but well deserved! I've watched your videos and read your blog posts for so long now and I'm so proud! Well done Zoe :)

    Tayla xx

  453. I honestly love your blog so much, I've read pretty much all of your blog posts and even thought i'm a guy and half of them don't have any relevance to me I still find them really interesting. In fact your blog was what inspired me to start my blog.

  454. Lovely post, as per usual! xoxo

  455. I am trying to look aster my skin more and try and decide what I want to do when I am older but I think I have a good idear on what I want to do

  456. It's so nice to read this post a year on, its crazy to think you now have almost 5m subscribers Zoe! Congratulations!

    I hope you continue to blog now and again! I can imagine it's quite difficult at times! xxx

  457. Very true! "Most of these blogs dont work if you haven't got a life outside of the computer screen!


  458. You are a true inspiration Zoe!

  459. yes! i definately have bloggers block i have so many ideas ut cant put them into words and sometimes have trouble coming up with blogable ideas :( i thnk my problem is a need a larger loyal following to get e motivated and i know thats not supposed to matter but it does :(

  460. Even though i just started my blog like.. one month ago, *Newbie* I feel i know what you are talking about. I get like that with everything, where i want to do it, but never get up and do it. Its an awful feeling in my opinion. I'm in love with blogging it makes me happy to know that somewhere at any point i may be helping someone when they read my blog and i think thats why i am liking it so much, everytime i get one more view i get super happy and excited! :)
    I actually had about 2 or 3 days where i just couldn't bring myself to finish a single posting. I would get hald way through and just not know how to finish. I dont know if thats what you are talking about but if it is then yes.. lol
    Even with my newbieness gets bloggers block. <3

    Sorry for the ramble!

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  466. Kasey

    first/only comment!? haha love you lots Zoe! (ps. i was just searching for your first blog post to see how much you’ve improved) (ALOT!) Xx

  467. victoria_clarkie123

    2nd comment !!!! I love u Zoe you have worked so hard to get to where you are today, and don’t listen to any of the haters because their not worth your time xx. Your doing so amazing on your channel and it will only get better. My insperation is you because you stay strong no matter what. I have anxiety too😋. My dream is to meet you and Alfie❤️!!! You are such a lovely girl because you always fight back and thinks positive about life. If you get a chance to read this please write back, also say heya to Alfie aswell please because he is such an amazing person like you!!❤️ Love you ❤️

    P.S my YouTube channel is called (vidswithvicky X) I would love for you to give me a shoutout in one of your videos. I’m going to try to upload stuff but I just don’t have the right equipment 🙁!!!


  468. Anna

    You are awesome and my idol!!

  469. David Taylor

    This is one of your best blog posts

  470. Now you have over 12 million suscribers! so happy for you! luv ya xxxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️