“Dribbling Sailor”

My Dad was searching through the attic a few days ago and he found some old photo albums covered in dust and very much un-loved. I went through some of them and found old baby & toddler photos of myself and my brother Joe. I thought some of them were worth sharing with you all, as they were too juicy not to. I post a lot of photos of me now, but I thought it would be interesting for you to see me before too. I always LOVE looking at friends’ baby albums and seeing the similarities in both personality and facial features. Plus, who doesn’t love babies? 

“Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?”                        Not sure what tickled me so much here!

“Fatty little ankles, teeny feet & blonde curly hair”                         “Chillin’ in the garden with my subtle hat”

“Oh hey, just chillin’ in my retro dolls pram like a little victorian child…”

                     “Apparently I was being a spaceman”                                   “Someone vomitted 90’s on me…”

Funky sunglasses and the beginning of my collar obsession?” “I was a thumb sucker and I wore jumpsuits and flatcaps”


“This made me chuckle, Plus, Joe looks like a Mitchell brother – Eastenders watchers will know what I mean”

      “Spots and Stripes and another collar”                               “Crazy face, crazy hair and crazy bubbles”

“Holiday snap! Joe is a sailor and I am..well…I’m not sure, but I’d wear those shorts now…”

“Saved my favourite until last, this is one of me and Joe in the garden. It just makes me smile so much”

I felt so nostalgic and happy flicking through lot’s of old photos, and it reminded me that we all take so many digital photos these days and leave them on our memory cards and laptops and never print any out! I love having them on there, don’t get me wrong, but there is something a lot more special about a photograph when you can hold it in your hand and recover it years later. I’m definitely going to be printing lot’s of my favourite photographs and putting them into albums and frames!

If you’re a blogger, i’d love to see old photographs of you too. It’s nice to see outfit of the days and know what we all look like now, but it’s even more exciting to see what we used to look like and what we used to wear. Plus, this brought back so many happy memories for me! Get scanning your old snaps and reminisce the old days.

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  1. kia

    i love looking through old photo's, you looked so cute!

  2. Joelle

    Whoooooooa your hair! Did not expect it to be blonde and curly. So sweet!

  3. This was so nice to see! :) When I go back home I'm definitely going to look through my albums! I miss seeing all my photos!
    Also you had such blue eyes!


  4. ADORABLE! :) We rocked it us 90's babies! xx

  5. OMG you were so cuteeee ♥ I love looking through my old photos too :) time flies.

  6. Now I know what you were talking about in your "Draw my life" with "curly crazy hair".

  7. Awwwwww!!! You look like a little Cherub in those photos!

  8. TSOH

    Adorable post and you have a remarkable fashion sense!

  9. These are possibly the cutest photo's i've ever seen. In the majority the photos of me and my brothers, I'm eyeing them up in total disgust, clearly I thought I was destined to be an only-child. Those short's though.. so fetch

  10. Taylor

    You and Joe are the cutest! Awh!


  11. These kind of posts make blogs feel so much more personal :) It'd be great if you blogged more often Zoe! Granted you're a busy bee, but I do ever so much enjoy your posts. The one about Paris was gorgeous – there's nothing like flicking through a post filled with photos that make you want everything! Hope you're well.

    Kerry | Kerralina x

  12. Sabina

    aww you were so adorable baby :)) and also joey :D and i definitely agree…everyone should print much more photos and not just share them on instagram,facebook etc etc :))

  13. Patch

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    You are the cutest baby! Such curly hair!

    And the photo of you and Joe looking like a Mitchell Baby….just reminds me of the faces you make in your videos. I love it!

    Old pictures always bring a smile to my face!

  14. maya

    My hair was blonde and curly like that too when I was little, unfortunately it's straightened out and is just wavy now.
    That last photo is absolutely adorable…


  15. I loved looking at your old photos. One of my favorite things to do is go through old photos of me and my family. I also like to watch old home movies that my mom filmed when I was little. I agree with you when you say that there's something special about holding a photograph in your hands. I feel like I appreciate printed photos more.

  16. You and Joe were absolutely adorable! I loved your hair. I wish I had curly hair. :) x

  17. Your so cute! You look really different x


  18. the sad thing is that most of what you wore then is my style now…
    Love the blog post as always Zoe xox
    Love, Lizzie


  19. That last picture is lovely! You both look captured by whatever it was you were looking at :) old pictures are the best!


  20. These pictures are so cute! I love the one of you and Joe sat on the bench in the sunshine :)
    It us great to see you blogging again, I love your blog and have missed your updates :)

    Rebecca xxx

  21. the last picture is absolutely adorable!
    you've always had beautiful, bright blue eyes i see!:)
    missed your posts!xx

  22. Chloe

    I love finding old pictures of my family & me :D i found a box of old pictures in the garage ages ago & then i found old pictures on cd's so i'm happy that i've got my past on my laptop now :D but i love when i find developed pictures that have something written on the back of it :)

    lovely pictures Zoe! :)
    you & joe are sooo cute :D <3
    glad you posted again :) missed you popping on my dashboard :)

  23. Anna

    Lovely post Zoe, how adorable are the pictures! It's lovely looking back at old pictures & realising the memories & times from the photos :) hope your well Zoe! Xx

  24. Awhhh Zoe, you were sooo cute! Now, you're just a beautiful lady! :)

    Have a lovely evening, <3

    Boonya – theartywardrobe.blogspot.co.uk

  25. Becca

    You look like the sweetest happiest child :) I think I may put this post on my schedule…

  26. ivy

    your hair was so curly and blonde! so adorable! haha i recently went looking through old albums as well, so so cute!

  27. These are some really cute photos!
    You've changed so much!

    Tara- mylittlebeautycorner180399

  28. sini

    Hii!! Just found your blog (I've been watching your videos on YouTube already for a while)and I just LOVE this!<3
    But yea, I just wanted to say that you are amazing<3

    xI'm from Finland and I have a blog (www.livingjustdreaming.blogspot.com) so it's in Finnish but if you (or someone else) is intrested in my pictures or Finnish, go and theck it!~x

  29. I saw you posting these photos on your instagram! So cute!

    Also, is there any chance of you fixing your photos from some older entries? They don't show up because the bandwidth has been exceeded and I would very much like to see them!


  30. You look so cute, I love your curls!


  31. Noush

    Oh you were so cute :)
    I love the last one, with you brother !

  32. Huyen

    so adorable, that last picture is just about the cutest thing ever!


  33. zoe u were soooo cute!! love the pics! x

  34. Katie

    I was looking at old photographs not too long ago and it really seemed like yesterday than I was in one of my moms christmas knitted jumpers.

    Properly laughed at the Mitchell brother reference!

  35. VP

    Oh your eyes were so blue!

  36. I was looking through old photos the other day as well its funny how much we change yet you can still see a resemblance :)

  37. Maddy

    You were so cute, love all these photos! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  38. Awww too cute! I love looking through old photos. X


  39. What happend to your curls? they were adorable!

  40. This was so sweet I loved it :-) your so pretty, amazing eyes too! I have so many old photos in massive albums and love looking through them all as its nice to have physical memories especially photos as it brings joy to re discover them years later xx


  41. I love looking through old photos, At least you was some what the stylish little one, flatcaps and mixed prints. I have too many photos of my wearing bonnets or shower caps should I say ans too make it worse they all matched my dresses. Quite funny to look back on mind x

  42. Amie H

    Your hair was so curly! Lovely photos Zoe :) xx


  43. Such a lovely post :)


  44. Aww, you both look so cute! And I feel your pain with the 90s outfit, my mum dressed me in quite a few (understatement) velvet poofy dresses. Yes, velvet.

  45. I really loved this post, you and you're brother are so cute in those pictures! Definitely, a great original post:)
    Idoia, xxx

  46. Awww this is an adorable post! You and your brother were absolutely adorable.

    I've recently started up my blog and decided to do a 50 facts about me. Before I decided to plunge into the post I included a couple of old baby photos of me that you should check out :) here is the post


    Look forward to reading more of your blogposts in the future as you're the reason I decided to get a blog so thank you! xx

  47. Ai

    Omg these photos are SO cute! It made me smile so much :) I really love the last photo of you and Joe. Just so so so adorable!!! And your hair was so curly! Do you straighten it now? Or did it just become straight as you grew up??

  48. Jen27

    Adorable photos, Zoella! I'm super nostalgic as well, so I always love flipping through old photos. I had that same Fisher Price phone! It was awesome :)



  49. I laughed at Joe looking like a Mitchell brother haha! you're hair was crazy, so sweet X


  50. Miglė

    Oh my God, you are so so sweet! And very beautiful just like now. xx

  51. cute pictures!! i love looking at my baby pictures too and my scrapbook i made when i was 10. Thanks for sharing! :)

  52. very very cute! I love your curly locks :D xx

  53. So wonderful photos!
    Nostalgy and love in those cute children s face…
    I love thhsi post!

  54. The last photo is incredibly cute, this post has put a little smile on my face :)

  55. Eliza

    Such cute pictures, makes me want to dig out my photo album too!
    I recently started posting on my blog which is focused on makeup, hair, and fashion but also has music, books, and random photos of what I've been up to (much like this blog) and would love it if people were to check it out!


  56. 90's outfits, I love it! I have one where i'm in a knitted red and black mickey mouse jumper with a bowl cut – horrific! you and joe both look so adorable though:)

  57. Monica

    Aw, you and joe were so adorable!
    I need to do this on my blog, too :)


  58. Awwww you were both so cute! You even have the same smile as you do now in some of these :') xx


  59. Such cute photos! I love the outfits! I've put a couple of photos of myself and my mum on my blog recently you might like to see :)



  60. Vivien

    You just can't hate childhood photos!
    Lovely you!

  61. Zoe – what an excellent point you make about actually HOLDING the photos in your hands. We all need to go through our thousands of digital images and start PRINTING the keepers! Instead of just watching tv at your friend's house, wouldn't it be nicer to flip through her photo album!

  62. Oh my god… these photo's are so precious! What a gorgeous baby you were :D <3 <3 <3 xxx

    Gemma | ♥ International MAC RiRi Woo giveway on my blog!

  63. such a very cute baby face <3 love ur special photos <3

  64. Alix M

    Oh my goodness, you're so adorable! Haha I think I may have to do a post like this too! :) I love rifling through old photos, I always find the most hilarious things! Mind you, I had some very questionable hair styles and outfits back in the day… but hey, gotta embrace the awkwardness!

    Definitely going to print off some of my favourite photos too :) Like you say, nothing beats holding the photo in your hand!


  65. Em Eff

    I love the last photo! It looks like you and Joe are best friends having a little conversation going on in the sun. I think it's also the picture that it's easiest to see your current personalities in. So adorable!

  66. Aww you were very cute back then and you're so pretty now :) Your last photograph is my favourite, just like how you described. Love this post so much <3


  67. I love that last picture! Just gorgeous.

  68. love the last one!

  69. The polka dot dress is amazing!

  70. You were such a cute baby! The spaceman (woman?) photo made me laugh haha. I quite often go through our old photo boxes, it's so much fun!

  71. Aaaahw I love it! So cute!

  72. Maky

    You was soo cute!!

  73. Nadya

    OH MY GOD <3

  74. Nora

    Soo cute and lovely!

  75. This is such a great post idea Zoe. I will definitely have to raid my old photo albums out from when I was a baby ^_^

    Although the picture of you in the blue dress on the stairs, I thought that was baby glitter for a split second. Someone may want to tell Matt that Darcy may possibly be the creation of you and Louise. Dun dun duuuuun! Haha.

    The last pic of you and Joe is adorable, he looks like he's watching your legs and trying to copy what you're doing. Bless him.

    Juyey xx

  76. Klér

    Woho, sweet Zoella <3 :D.

  77. Klof

    oh, sooooo cute!

  78. So cute and adorable! :)

  79. Wow you're so cute when you was little :)! Turned into a beautiful young woman! I love flicking through old photos, especially if you remember the time you start chuckling away to yourself haha! I have some outfit of the day posts on my blog if you want to check them out! :) http://www.siansational.co.uk

  80. On the beggining I just wanna be sorry about my English 'cause I still learn English. ;)

    Okay, so I think all photos are really cute! You were (and still are xd) really cute! Wow, and your blond hair! :) Little blondie. ♥ Sometimes it's nice to look at the old pics. Then memories are backing to us and remind that one day when we were children, everything was diffrent, easier. :) Such a GREAT idea with this post!


  81. Katie

    The funny thing is I have the exact sale photo in the same position with that pully phone… Just replace you with me!!

    Katie <3

  82. Conny

    Omg zoe you were the cutest child ever! I love the last picture sooo much, you two are so cute :)


  83. so cute!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  84. nena.

    If you showed us all of the photos but the last one and didn't say it was you I would have never guessed it. The last one however looks just like you now – mini you that is. :) Your smile is the same – so cute. :)
    I have done a similar post on my blog with me through the ages and here is the link if you fancy seeing it :) – http://alice-in-wonderland22.blogspot.com/2013/03/following-breadcrumbs.html


  85. I totally agree with you when you say that there is something special with the printed photos. I mean… It's hard to explain but you feel kinda nostalgic when you go through your old photos albums. I really like it. When I came back from my semester in Canada (last year) I decided to print a lot of the pictures I took during this semester. Now when I am watching at this photo album I feel soooooo nostalgic (more than when I just look at them on my computer) !

    I'll try to upload some old pictures of me on my blog !

    Christie, xx.

    PS : Really sorry if sometimes my english isn't really good !

  86. B.

    Those are the cutest childhood pictures I've ever seen! :)

    Breathe Me

  87. Very cute! x


  88. The last picture was just so adorable! x

  89. Jordan

    You were such a cute baby! I was such a fat baby ahaha

  90. Awwww so cute Zoe!! You have always had amazing hair, with some pretty funny ones of Joe too! <3


  91. you were so cute! aw, and your hair was and still is amazing!x


  92. Your eyes are so gorgeous! Yay!
    my favourite picture is the one of you and Joe on the bench!I love it!

    Check out my blog! New post every Sunday!

  93. such a lovely post ! gorgeous photos xo

  94. These photos are so cute! It's funny how you had such curly hair when you were younger and now your hair is basically straight. I wish that happened to me, but I still have those bouncy curls and I can't work with them argh! Buttt, I will definitely post some "baby" pictures of me on my blog as well. I've been wanting to do that for a while now, but you just made me more excited to do so because of these lovely pictures.

  95. This is adorable! ahaha typical 90s get up;) How on earth did your hair change so much.. crazy?!xo

  96. I love looking at old pictures and videos of when I was little. It's kind of bitter/sweet. Sweet – because of the happy memories but bitter because it reminds me of how old I'm getting! You and Joe look so cute here! It's so 90s – I love it! :) xx

  97. Awww you both were adorable! :)

  98. maxiwi

    Soooo cute! Reminds me of me and my brother when we were small. I am the older sister as well. ;)

  99. Awww your baby pics are so cuteeee!! I also rocked wayyy too many 90's fashion disasters when I was small…gotta be proud really :p

    Holly Mixtures

  100. Nikki

    That's really cute!

  101. This is a cute post! I want to do one like this now, have no idea where my family albums are though :( lovely post xx

  102. Maisie

    So adorable :') your hair is so cute, mine was exactly the same except for it's still curly now :)

  103. Aww.. that is so cute!! I really love reading you blog and watching your youtube videos Zoe!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration and such a lovely person. Keep up the good work!(:


  104. you look so cute i love looking though old photos it makes me happy! :) x

  105. Rachel

    I love looking at old family pictures and videos, I could watch them all day :)

  106. I've always loved looking through old photo albums, i don't know why I just love it!


  107. OMG my mom also put me into these kind of clothes, lots of collars and sailor dresses! haha I'd wear them again! xxx

  108. thats so adorable!
    thinking-like-a-doll.blogspot.com x

  109. These photos are so cute! I couldn't spot smiling! The last one is also my favorite! My mum was actually very stylish with what she made me wear, thanks mum! <3


  110. Aino

    So cute photos!

  111. Ginny

    So cute! I also love to see old pictures from my childhood.

  112. Aby

    OMG!! You are so cute! And your brother to! Lovely memories, I always print my favorite digital photos on paper :D

  113. Komal

    OMG! You and Joe are so adorable!!!!! <3

  114. so so cute :) xx

  115. Sheen

    you are such a cute baby! im in love with your curly blonde hair!


  116. Ahhw the last one is absolutely adorable! Thanks for the idea, maybe that I'm gonna share some on my blog as well, always so cute to see others! X

  117. you look like a little bouncing ball of sunshine! glad to see a little'un with hair as mad as mine when I was a nipper! Lisette Loves xx

  118. This is such a good blogger idea! I must do a post similar ;)
    You and Joe were and are so cute together! Your hair is so luscious and curly!
    Becky xoxo

  119. Those are so cute! you're so lucky you were a gorgeous baby/child and are still gorgeous now!

  120. hahaha this is sooo cute!!! i love looking through old baby photos of my brother and me too like i wish some of those styles way back when were still in but maybe i'm just crazy and babies can just rock things better than adults do. but anyways, i love it when i see you post something here and youtube, i just love your persona/voice when you write and speak.

    and if you get a chance, please check out: http://WWW.SCHNAZZLEDAZZLE.BLOGSPOT.COM


  121. Ashley

    you look so adorable! I love the one where your are all in retro outfit! So cute


  122. This has made me want to go looking through old photo albums so badly, I always love doing that.
    That last one is so cute, I couldn't help but smile either!

  123. All these pictures are so so so so adorable! :3

    x Elise

  124. Hanna

    Too cute! Love the little ringlets! ;) x

  125. It actually doesn't look like you! I agree with you, I have always loved digging up old photos and just looking at them. Its so nice to remember past memories :-)

  126. Brandi

    All baby pictures from around the early 90's look like that. It makes me smile when ever I visit home, and get to walk down memory lane from the pictures my mom has placed out. <3

    My Little Slice of Happiness

  127. Love this post :), i remember my 'sailor' style dress i had when i was young and your post inspired me to bring out the photo albums!
    Love how quirky the fashion was back then.
    Great post :)

  128. That is so cute Zoe! I love looking through old photos :) xx

  129. Jess

    You were such a cute baby! loved this post.

    jess xx

  130. You and Joe are so adorable as babies. Amazing to see how beautiful & handsome you two have become respectively ^_^ I love looking back at old photos of my family. Reminds me of times when which ice cream to choose was your biggest decision in life! xx

  131. These pictures are seriously adorable!!! Your curls remind me a lot of how mine used to look when I was little. I used to have crazy curly hair and when I look back at all my old photos, I seem to always have things stuck in my curls because they were so crazy! :)


  132. You were so adorable! All those gorgeous blonde curls! <3

  133. ruby.b

    OMD these are adorable i used to suck my thumb so much i had braces for 3 years!!!!!! I love them !!!!!!! x

  134. Aww you were such a cute baby, Zoe! And I definitely agree that photographs can be more special when being held and seeing them on your hands instead of having to look at them through your computer screen. I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

    I'm new at blogging so it would mean A LOT to me if you checked out my blog?


    It may not seem a lot but I promise that I'll be posting more blogs soon! My blog are all life, music, books, celebrities related! Thanks so much<3


  135. Aww you were such a cute baby, Zoe! And I definitely agree that photographs can be more special when being held and seeing them on your hands instead of having to look at them through your computer screen. I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

    I'm new at blogging so it would mean A LOT to me if you checked out my blog?


    It may not seem a lot but I promise that I'll be posting more blogs soon! My blog are all life, music, books, celebrities related! Thanks so much<3


  136. You and Joe were beautiful babies, awwwwww!

  137. Zoe, these photos are adorable! I was just wondering if you've seen The Great Gatsby yet? It's definitely worth it. I have recently started up my own blog and have done a review about the film. I'd love it if someone read it – at the moment I don't think anyone except me will ever see it – sad but true!





  139. I love your posts Zoe! Keep it up! :)

    I'm a new blogger so it would mean a lot if you could check out my blog? It's all life, music, books and celebrity related!

    Thank you so, SO much!


  140. Yay you're back! Lovely blog, I love looking through old pictures too, and I agree that we all should print out the pictures from our digital cameras, because let's be honest, cameras can break but photoalbums are there forever!!

    Megan http://daysofmeg.blogspot.co.uk/

  141. Aww.. you look so cute ! I especially love the photo of you and Joe on the sofa, pulling funny faces ! That pic made my day ! x

  142. Aw this is so cute! You both looked so adorable.


  143. adorable! :)

  144. Laura


    I've just posted a spring fashion haul on my blog, would love it if you guys could check it out! :)

    Laura xx – Black & Gold

  145. You were so cute! Can't believe how much your hair has changed! x

  146. those pictures are adorable zoe! i'm a blogger and really wish i had some baby/younger years photos to share but they all either got burnt or lost which is sad but hey, it's nice to look at others!

    have a good week lovely xxx


  147. Gema

    Love this post I'm definitely going to post some pics of when i was little on my blog. Personally i loved the last pic its the cutest thing I've ever seen. Funny that i was looking through old pics of me when i was little as well. My dad found them for my birthday recently. But really cute post :)

  148. So damn cute. The last one was so lovely.

  149. So happy to see a new blog from you!

  150. Char!

    How adorable were you?! X

  151. SUPER DUPEr cute pictures :D

  152. you look so cute!Please can you check out my blog called G.I.R.L.S

  153. You were the cutest baby ever!x

  154. Old photos carry some of the sweetest memories. I love breaking out the old photos when family is over. It's a good time for everyone to reminisce and share their favorite memories about a certain day. Lovely photos!

  155. you're adorable zoe :) love reading your blog it always so optimistic and cheerful :)xo

  156. Ellen

    Really enjoyed this post, I love looking through old family photos – they bring back such great memories

    Ellen x

  157. being an 80's baby I have some awesome piccies of me at about age 4 in bright leaf green short shorts with white piping and a pair of white sandles with frilly white ankle socks. Funny thing is that since then most of that has come back in fashion at least once. Which also sometimes makes me feel a bit old lol :P Also that tartan dress looks familiar I think I wore a similar dress when I was about 4 at a party and I had blonde curly hair too so its a bit eerie. you sure you haven't stole some of my childhood photos lol

  158. Aweh!! Love it Zoe! xx so cute!

  159. This is so adorable!!
    Have been looking for some old pictures and will see if I can make a smiliar post! Could be fun to see some old pictures of all of us :)


  160. Dear Zoe,

    i love reading you blog and watching your youtube video's(L) You are such a nice and beautyful person from the inside out (L) you insipred me to start my own blog in dutch. Your pictures are also so pretty!

    I just want to say that i love your blog&youtube chanel and that you often can make my day by looking at your viedo's and reading your blog (L)

    lots of love

  161. My brother used to love sailor hats too! Loved your baby curls and you rocked some outfits back in the day I've got to say x

  162. Kelly

    These are so cute! Especially that last one!

  163. The eighth picture down looks the spitting image of me when I was a kid, it's actually so weird! I showed my Mum and even she thought it was me haha! x

  164. so cute zoella! :)

  165. Hi!
    I work really hard to put out good quality videos, but competition is fierce and it’s hard to get any exposure.. :D

    I hope you can take a minute out of your day to check out my channel.
    Please thumbs up this comment to let people know that I exist!
    Thanks I really appreciate it!


    Sarah Louise xoxo

  166. Aww You were so cute!


  167. you don't look anything like you do today! i could totally tell it's you by your smile though! so very cute :)

  168. Woww your hair was so blonde, how cute!! :)

  169. aw, she's so adorable! :') i've recently posted about how she's been my fashion inspiration lately haha. she's gorgeous and i love her!! <33 helloooo zoe :)

  170. Awww the photographs are adorable. I am the same I love to look at old pics. I have been doing it alot lately as I have been packing my room up to move to my flat.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post.
    Jen xxx

  171. Awww I LOVE your curly hair!!! :D It suits you so well!

  172. You had the phone that's in the Toy Story 3 movie! These are so cute x



  173. I hate to be one of those people but please please can you just take a second to clcik thanks fir taking the time to read this … http://mylittlebloggi.blogspot.co.uk/ I am new so if you have any ideas or things i can improve please tell me

  174. Aww! Baby you and Joe are sooo cute!!

    I have just started a blog!

  175. I love looking back on childhood pictures. You can see how similar or different that person has grown. For my mom on Mother's Day, my brother and I recreated a baby picture where he was feeding me cake. She LOVED it! You and your brother should recreate your favourite picture.

  176. soooooooooooooo lovely <3

  177. You look so adorable, Zoe!

  178. You were and still are sooo gorgeous and cute! :) Adorable baby,aww: )

  179. Too cute Zoe! I feel your pain with some of the clothes; I want to know what my mum was thinking when I was dressed in clothes with bells on them and match hats! Since when was that ever a good look? Ahh, the 90's .. what terrible taste everyone had!

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    But I'm having trouble with what to choose and was hoping that you might wanna help me out.
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    I love you, your blog, your youtube and Twitter are my inspiration.
    Lots of love, Sofie from Sweden.

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    Loooove you!



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  225. It's nice to see outfit of old days.. lovely memories !!

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    The third one is extremely cute same as the ones with Joe :)! And the last one is by far my favourite – it is such a great shot!
    And well, your Outfits were pretty cool compared to what I had to wear. I always looked like a little bonbon :)! And since I always had really short hair like a boy everyone was thinking that I'm a boy and they were always like: "Ohh he is really cute!", "Is he allowed to do that?" Which is by now pretty funny :D:D

    By the way let me say that I do follow your blog for a long time now and I recently started watching your YT-Videos and then stumbled across your blog again and love to read it since then – you are so pretty and such a sweet girl and seem to be really good-hearted, kind and down to earth :)!

    Lots of love and many greetings from Germany {so bear with me, since English is not my first language}


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    But.. since I am in the US, I have to go back to my country to get some! ha
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    My US life ☆ http://smilewithvivian.blogspot.com/

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  257. Oh my gosh, I love the one of Joe channeling his inner Phil Mitchell! You were so cute! :D

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    LOL Elo Boost
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