I’ve never been to France before, and Paris was the one place I had always wanted to visit, so when I did get the chance to go, obviously I took some snaps to share with you all. I ate far too many crepes and macarons and came to the conclusion that Paris is very expensive. I also did a bit of sneaky shopping in Mac, Sephora and City Pharma which is the shop that everyone goes to when in Paris to pick up cheaper french skincare (which might I add, was an INTENSE experience – think smallest ailes in the world with double the amount of people for the available capacity). That was definitely a grab and run shopping spree. I got to see some of the main attractions of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower (which when seen in real life is slightly more disappointing than you might think, but still beautiful from afar none the less), the Notre Dame which was amazing inside and out, the “lovers bridge” across the river Seine and the Louvre Museum. I had an amazing couple of days & highly recommend that if you’ve not yet hopped across to Paris, please do (Although be reminded that the taxi drivers drive like absolute maniacs & I did think I was going to be involved in many an accident). 

Au revoir mes amis x 

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time, you look so nice aswell!x


  2. You look lovely! My boyfriend and I are currently tossing up between Paris and Rome and we just can't decide!

  3. I would love to go to Paris! Your photographs are fantastic by the way! x

  4. Those photos are so beautiful. I've only been to Paris once with my boyfriend and it was the most marvelous thing. We're planning to go again soon in a few months!!! One of our first stops is going to be the love bridge!


  5. Paris is amazing! I always take the metro whenever I'm in Paris :) cheaper and easier in my opinion.

  6. Karla

    Ahh! That looks beautiful. I'm so jealous. I can't wait to go to Paris. Interesting that you would say that about the Eiffel Tower, I've actually never heard anyone describe it like that after seeing it in person. I still can't wait to see it though. I LOVE your hair btw! :)


  7. TSOH

    I've been to Paris a few times and my best holiday was had there. It was only a 4 day holiday in a 2 star but we had the best fun there with a taxi driver in a neck brace kicking us out in the middle of nowhere.

    For anyone who's interested, I'm holding a MAC giveaway this week for my birthday. Keep and eye out! Loving your blog and vlogs Zoe!


  8. That looks so gorgeous! I hope I can go one day!
    xx whitney

  9. Ashley

    Looks so pretty Zoe! I think the Eiffel Tower looks best at night when it's all lit up like a big Christmas tree. I hope I can make it to Paris sometime soon! xx

  10. I especially love the pics of you at Eiffel tower <3

  11. I'm going in September after I go to the USA and UK. Cannot wait! :)
    Your photos are beautiful btw xx.

  12. Would love to go there – Looks beautiful :)


  13. Did you go with alfie?! lovely pictures too! xx

  14. I'm glad you had a good time! I love your boots!
    Becky xoxo


  15. Looks so beautiful – Really want to go someday :)


  16. I've been to Paris twice now and completely agree with you on the 'taxi drivers drive like maniacs' point – I was absolutely terrified for my life every time I sat in a taxi!

    I love what you're wearing too. :)

    Jodie xx


  17. Nice photos. I really dream to go to Paris. Maybe someday :)

    I love you Zoella :)

  18. Beautiful photos, looks like you had a lovely time :)
    I'm hopefully going to Paris for my 21st Birthday, Fingers Crossed!

    Charlotte x

  19. Steph

    Ahh you've made me excited to go travelling again!! I'm headed to London & New York very soon! So excited. I love your beanie by the way. So cute! x


  20. I love Paris so much! The culture, the shops, there's so much to do! I went there with my boyfriend last summer for five days and the weather was really good too, lucky! I love your pictures, they look amazing and so do you :)

    Great post!


  21. Paris is beautiful!

  22. It's so lovely that you got to go to Paris; it's such a a wonderful, magical place! <3 Can't wait to go back there, I love it! Great photos and you look incredible! ((:


  23. aw these photos are so lovely (:


  24. Klér

    Oh! One day I would like to visit Paris. It is my big dream <33.

  25. mabs

    I've been a week in Paris when the Playlist Live was taking place. It was my second time there, but it's always so beautiful! :] Too bad it wasn't when you were there.


  26. Plum

    Did you try escargot? Paris is so pretty! The lovers bridge is such a sweet idea, I remember I wanted to put one on with my friend though and there wasn't any places selling them nearby! ><

  27. Caz

    I'm so jealous, i've been wanting to go for so long! My friend is from Paris so I have managed to experience a few French foods when she brings them over so it's not that bad haha x

  28. Aimée

    Love these photos! Especiallly the lovers bridge – such a lovely idea. I've always wanted to go to Paris, one day I will have to pop over. I'm sad that the Eiffel Tower is slightly disappointing though – thats how I felt when I saw the Statue of Liberty!

    Aimee xx

  29. Lisa

    I've been to Paris ages ago and I really want to go again some time! I was 14 when we went and I feel like I didn't appreciate it enough, although I do have some nice memories. My favourite was Montmartre, I loved the Sacré-Coeur! Most beautiful church I've ever seen :)

    Lisa x // tubeandtram.blogspot.com

  30. Sandra

    Bonjour Zoe ! I live in Paris, I was born here. It's a beautiful place and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    I laughed when you talked about City Pharma :) This place is just a NIGHTMARE. But it's really cheaper than our others pharmacies.
    I hope you did not just tasted the Ladurée macarons, but also the Pierre Hermé ones, truly better than Ladurée !!
    Paris is full of treasures, and while you were there, you were definitely one of them :)
    Bisous !

  31. Lovely pictures:)

  32. Lúcia

    Love your outfits! And the photos are great!
    Hope you had fun!

  33. I went o Paris last year with my faily and i loved it! You are sososo pretty and i love reading your blogs and watching your videos <3

  34. Hi guys, Beautiful post, amazing photos, lovely outfits, jealous!! Okay, I know these comments are really annoying but i need to start some where so please if you have a minute could you check out my blog? I would really help!! a subscriber for a subscriber?


  35. Wow, you are really beautiful! xx
    Ter from terbrouckova.blogspot.cz

  36. Sally

    Gorgeous shots! And can you really ever have too many crepes? haha

  37. i have been to paris too. and i loved it. it was awesome weather and everything was just beautiful. i am glad that you had a great time and the photos are so beautiful i adore them. and i love the outfits that you wore. you really do look beautiful. and we do have a simliar bridge in cologne. there are almost as many locks as there are on that bridge.
    lots of love. xx

  38. Alice

    You look so gorgeous, looks like a great trip – I really want to go back, just for a day trip! x


  39. you look so pretty in the top picture! I would love to visit paris, it looks so beautiful:)


  40. I have always wanted to visit paris, sounds like an amazingly beautiful place! :) xxx

  41. What a dream trip….PARIS!!!! Awww….so glad you had a great time!!!! <3

  42. aw you look so gorgeous! and beautiful shots. :)
    so jealous tho!

  43. Megs

    Hi Zoe, ~I just got back from paris 4 days ago! I Loved it, I climbed all the way to the top of Notre Dame (that's 412 steps up and 412 down!)I only spent a couple of days there but I agree it is amazing! and I ate crepes to, with nutella! But the most exciting part was that I spent 2 days in Disneyland Paris too! :) I will be blogging about my trip on my blog soon, check it out :)



  44. Paris is amazing and at the same
    Time disappointing I agree. But I think the atmosphere the attitude is what makes the city so alluring. Hope you had fun :)

  45. LiLi

    your pictures are beautiful! when I went to London in the summer I took the chunnel to Paris and it was fantastic (:
    You look lovely!

  46. Jessie

    hope you had an amazing time! xx :) Looking amazing


  47. Beautiful pictures. Your fashion sense is amazing and I want it! You're so stunning. I've always wanted to go to Paris. I'm lucky enough to got to Rome though this year :) xx

  48. Hi zoe and her blog followers, i started reading this blog about a year ago and have now started my own and have been inspired by zoe! It would mean the world if you went over to my blog and see what you think :) i hope one day I can be writing my blog to as many as zoe does!


  49. great photo;)

  50. Great snaps! In front of the Louvre you look soo tall!
    Paris is sure a pretty place to go! x

  51. Wow!!! The places are amazing!

    you look super tall in the third photo. =)

  52. I'd LOVE to go there, may have to do some subtle hinting to my boyfriend!
    Gorgeous photos!

  53. You look gorgeous! <3 :)

  54. Lu.*

    do you have an original a. wang handbag ? love you

  55. Always love seeing the pictures you take, you're a really good photographer :) Hope you had a wonderful time there, apart from the crazy drivers and small isles haha x

  56. You look absolutely stunning (as always!) a lot of girls envy you and I am one of them.
    I have been to France and it is amazing, glad you had a wonderful time x

  57. I'd love to go there once! I really like your blog

  58. You look so chic! I want to go to Paris sometime soon. x

  59. Looks like you ha a lovely time, Lucky you Zoe! And you are obviosly crossing mile stone with you and your anxiety :) Congrats Zo, Making the most of saying yes :)

    Pipp xx

  60. awesome pictures! and I'd love to go to paris one day! lovely

  61. So beautiful!!! And you look adorable:)

  62. Anita

    I love Paris <3 it is very beautiful :) I love all of the pictures :)

  63. I love Paris. It is not just a city, it's a world. I was there and I want to go again. :)
    The picture from the lovers bridge is nice.

  64. Your blog never fails to make me smile/inspire me to do stuff. Your videos never fail to bring me a hearty chucklefest. I think if we were ever to meet we would become the finest of chums.

    Glad you had such an amazing time in Paris! It looks like a cracking place!



  65. Sheen

    you have gone to all the places, i want to go some day:) the bridge is just beautiful though, so are you too:)

    new blogger, wheresheen.blogspot.co.uk

  66. I had the same experience in City Pharma, it was like grab as much Bioderma as possible and run! X

  67. Wow lovely pictures!! I only been to Paris once when I was 5 we went Disney land not sight seeing! I would like to go again though x


  68. You look so beautiful in your photographs! I've been to France but not to Paris. This post has made me want to go! It sounds like you had a lot of fun :)


    Jamie ♥

  69. I want to go to Paris someday. I love the pictures that you take, so beautiful as you are.


  70. I would love to go France someday.. In fact i really want to travel to quite a few places around the world!^_^ Hopefully i'll be able
    to in the future:). I'm glad you had a great time!<3


  71. Monica

    The Eiffel tower is so hyped up, even if it didn't impress thaaaat much.. I'd still love to see it one day! The Lover's Bridge would be great to see, too.
    I love your studded hand bag!


  72. Hi Zoe,
    I'm going to Paris in July. This will be my 7th time. I'm absolutely in love with the city (think i might be a parisholic) : D
    Where about is Lovers Bridge? I have never been able to find this before.
    Hope you enjoyed Paris.

    Emily X


  73. Hannah

    You're so gorgeous zoe! I went to Paris when I was little and am absolutely in love with it, I'd love to go again soon! You're such an inspiration to me zoe, I love you <3 xo


  74. Jordan

    Your hair looks lush Zoe!I would love to go to Paris one day!xx

  75. Kelly

    From your Instagram picture I thought "that doesn't look as magical as other pictures.." Haha so it does appear to be a little disappointing. I would still love to go someday though!

  76. Mona

    wow your pictures look amazing. never have been in paris, but def. want to go there someday :)
    Hope you made a video in paris :-**

  77. Such pretty pictures! I've always wanted to go to Paris <3

  78. Paris looks so stylish.. I don't know, why, but more than Paris, I want to visit London…

  79. I have just got back from Paris and done a post on my blog about it! sounds like we did some similar things :) was hoping I might bump into you, no such luck :(


    B xxx

  80. Chloe

    Looks like you had a lovely time, you look gorgeous in all your photos too! I so so want to visit paris! xx


  81. Noush

    I'm glad you had a great time here !
    Paris isn't really expensive, it's just necessary to know where the good places are ;)
    "From Paris with love" :)

  82. Kelly

    Your blog and photos are beautiful :) x

  83. I love this post, not only because it's made by you, but because I'd love to visit Paris one day! :) Zoe, you're my inspiration! You always remind me to do more fashion posts! xoxo


  84. Zoey, sorry for asking if you had answered this question already, but where is this beautiful coat of yours from?

  85. Julia

    Aw lovely! This makes me want to go so badly! x

  86. Gorgeous pictures! I wish I could go to Paris again….

    Olivia xxx

  87. Wow, amazing pictures. I want to go to Paris!

  88. Parisian drivers in general can be pretty crazy, crossing the road is terrifying.
    I'm in love with your coat, your hat too, but especially your coat – it's gorgeous!
    Lovely photos, I haven't been to Paris since college now, so a long long time ago.


  89. You look so tall in these snaps! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  90. I love Paris! Sounds like you had a lovely time :)

  91. You are so lucky to have gotten to go to Paris! I would love to go there one day. You look adorable in these photos, hope you had the best time xxx


  92. You look beautiful in those pictures! Where is your coat from?:)
    I went to Paris nearly 2 years ago and it was amazing, one of the best experiences in my life. I went with my friends so we had so much fun!
    When we went to the Eiffel Tower I thought it was quite ugly looking up close, it was fun to go up though!

    Beauty/fashion blog

  93. Paris is beautiful i'd do anything to go back one more time! P.S. Did you grow or something?!



  94. Wish I knew you came! I live in Paris, could have shown you around.

  95. I haven't been to Paris since I was much younger and I would love to go again! Your photos are making me so jealous!! Glad you had a nice time :) x

  96. I love Paris! I went there last year but it snowed the whole time! you look like you had good weather! (hahaha im so english.. talking about the weather!)

    http://www.cherrytruth2.blogpsot.co.uk xx

  97. Gorgeous! I love the edit on these – so pretty! I would LOVE to go Paris!

    xx GirlMeetsGlamourWorld xx

  98. Anna

    I was just in Paris a few days ago! What a silly coincidence. I was there on a school trip, though (I've been living in France since February). I've been to Paris twice in the past two months, and I'm going again next weekend xx Gotta love France.

  99. Tara

    sounds like you had an amazing time… you look super tall in yr picture


  100. Paris is beautiful.. just like you! I love your style so much! :)

  101. I've always wanted to visit Paris – or at least France. Actually I might do it in a few months! ;-) x

  102. Love this post! Mainly because I adore Paris but I love what you're wearing! I especially the bit about the Taxi drivers, I've been to Paris a few times but one I went on the school trip, driving round the Arc de Triomphe in a coach is something I advise people don't. Truly petrifying!


  103. Lisa

    Nice pictures :)

  104. I am so jealous! I really want to go there! :) Would you mind checking my March Wishlist out? It's on my blog, I did it in a hurry, because I have a lot to do! Love you, Zoe! xx <3

    – Victoria

  105. Love your outfit :)


  106. Looks amazing, I wanna go back to Paris! When I went I was too young to appreciate it and just wanted to spend all my time in Disney Land!

    lisatakespictures xo

  107. Phoebe

    These pictures are soooo cute! I've been to france quite a few times.. but unfortunately still not Paris :( I LOVE your outfit too!! :)


  108. you have been doing sooo much traveling lately!!!!! i totaly wish i was as lucky as you !! Im supprised you have time to blog and make videos !!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  109. you have been doing sooo much traveling lately!!!!! i totaly wish i was as lucky as you !! Im supprised you have time to blog and make videos !!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  110. Oh, Paris ♥
    Une ville que j'aime beaucoup, mais je préfèrerais aller aux USA ou au Canada… :D
    Personne n'est jamais content de ce qu'il a, de toute manière !
    Bref, j'espère que tu viendras nous rendre visite un jour, à Rouen. Nous t'attendons !

  111. I really want to visit the Lovers Bridge looks so cute! Glad you had a good time there :)


  112. Ine

    I love Paris!! And your pictures especially the first 3.
    Lots of love

  113. ooh Paris! You are so lucky :)


  114. Love Paris!
    Love this pictures!

  115. Lovely!!! I love your bag and makeup!!! *_*

  116. Great post lovely, i do also agree about the Eiffel Tower.
    As always you look beautiful! I can never seem to make disco pants into a day look, but you've done it flawlessly! Looks a bit chilly!
    Glad you finally experienced Paris.

  117. Id love to go to Paris :)



  118. Your pictures are amazing! Paris looks so beautiful, I would love to vist it :)


  119. I love your outfit :D Could you do a blog or video on how to style your hair when wearing a beanie, or if you have send me the link :)
    Thanks a bunch

  120. Sofie

    Love the pictures you shot!

  121. Looks amazing! x


  122. I went to Paris this time last year – it's so beautiful and amazing! You're so right about the Eiffel Tower though. The Seine is beautiful and seeing all the padlocks is quite emotional and very sweet! Love the post as always.
    Sassy x


  123. Such pretty pictures, I really need too get that boyfriend coat,so gorgeous! x

  124. Becky

    Gorgeous photos, I need to go back and visit lover's bridge! xo

  125. So incredibly jealous that you got to see Paris!! I would love love love to go one day – but it is a bit farther of a trip for me. Do you think you had enough time there or could you have spent weeks? :)). Great pictures!!


  126. Brilliant post once again. I really enojoyed reading it ! :)

  127. Looks like you had a great time Zoe. And yes, French do drive like maniacs x)

  128. So glad that you spent such a good time!!:3

  129. Next time you come with Louise tell me. Unfortunetly poeple that never been to Paris don't know that there is much more than the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame. I know a lot of places that are incredible and completly Mind blowing. Only the good ''Parisien" knows it. It's a secret that we want to keep for ourselves.
    Give me a call ;)

  130. i love Paris so much. i've been there three times.
    you look gorgeous Zoe!

  131. Conny

    I can't get over how beautiful you look all the time, like seriously there is no picture on which you don't look absolutely stunning!

    I love Paris, I've been there in february, it is such a lovely city!


  132. I really like the picture of you in front of the Louvre!

    xx Julia

  133. Ive always wanted to visit Paris (mainly to pick up some skincare bits i must admit) but haven't got around to going yet :(


  134. Ooh I have always wanted to go to paris, it just looks so beautiful and romantic! Love your hat too, its super cute! X

  135. Hello you probably get this a lot but I just wanted to let you know that I have featured you along with a few other bloggers in my latest 10 Things post (a weekly segment I have on my Blog) and thought you may like to take a look.
    I hope you don't mind and that you like it.
    Sarah oxox

    Fantastic Pictures and you look gorgeous as always x+

  136. Nina

    Oh wow I was there last weekend… at the exact same places with the exact same hat haha. x from Germany

  137. Hinna

    Hey Zoe, looked like you had an awesome time, I might have to take a day or two off to visit Paris!

    Peace and Love,
    Hinna x


  138. Holly

    I went to Paris on a school trip 2 years ago this summer – such an amazing place to be with your friends! It is so not fair though, I didn't look as gorgeous as you do… :(

    Holly x
    Latest post: Spring Wishlist

  139. sounds like you had so much fun! Also loved your boots, havent seen a pair quite like them, wonder where they're from, have a shirt that's calling their name! x

  140. Your photography is amazing. The picture of the locks is so beautiful, I was in France just last week as well and although it wasn't Paris it was still amazing. Your hat is just the cutest thing ever! xo

  141. aawww you look so cute, gorgeous pictures – seems like you had an amazing time! :) i love paris – my sister lived there for a while so i've been a few times! <3

  142. I want to go to paris so bad, and england. Im from southern cali in the us. One day i will go.. I always planned on going in my early to mid 20s, but i had my daughter, who is the best little thing to ever happen, so now i will just have to take her with me one day. Which i know she will love it because she loves to explore and learn, and see things. Amazing pictures, what is the wall with the locks? does anyone know? Im very curious about it, its so cool.

  143. I love Paris! I've visited this city a couple times now and I really can recommend it! The monuments but also the lifestyle in Paris is very exciting and fascinating. But if you want to go shopping there do some research before, because in Paris the really good shops aren't easy to find and are mostly located in tiny little branch roads.

    I love your pictures by the way, they look fantastic and made me want to go to Paris again:)


  144. Salut Zoe! You look stunning in front of the Louvre pyramid!
    I've heard of City Pharma (very little though), but when I visited Paris I was around 13 and didn't care much about those product back then.
    You just reminded me that I need a trip, quickly!!

    xx, Athena!

  145. Love the pictures and your outfits are gorgeous as always. I've only been to pars once on a college trip and I'm determined to go back there before I'm thirty!
    Rosalie x

  146. Rachel

    aww lovely pictures! i agree the eiffel tower was somewhat of a let down but the louvre for me was the big pleasant surprise. i sat there for hours just taking in the view!!! and you look adorable as always, love your outfits :)

    rachel x

  147. I'd love to go to Paris one day! You look beautiful as always xx


  148. Paris seems like such a beautiful place, I'd love to go some day! It looks like you had such an amazing time x

  149. Lovely photography, Paris is one of those places I feel a bit meh ish about, there's nothing that really screams out at me and makes me really want to go.. You look like you had a great time though :)

    Charlotte xxx

  150. could you be any cuter? no.

  151. Eep! I have always wanted to goto Paris. Your photos make it look amazing! Glad you had a great time. I also adore your boots, I need them. :)
    Luci xo

  152. These snaps look lovely! Makes me want to go even more this year, keep putting it off!xx


  153. Miglė

    Oh, Paris is amazing… You look so so so nice as always. And your hair.. amazing! xx

  154. Sarah

    I went to Paris last year. But unfortunately never got the chance to vist the attractions up close like you did. Or go in Sephora or Mac:(

    Lovely photos as always, your hair looks so pretty!:) xx

  155. You are soo pretty! I love you.
    This outfit is amazing! :) xx



  156. Zoe you hair in this first picture looks incredible! How did you get your curls like that? It looks sooo pretty! I love your new ombré, its gorgeous :)

  157. Ah! I was just in Paris a month ago! It was beautiful, but yes, very expensive as well! :)

  158. I hope you had a lovely time sweetie, and I'm very glad we didn't lose you in a crazy taxi driver incident! ;)

    Pip x

  159. Love this blog post! your so pretty! I would love to go to Paris! This post has just made me want to go even more! Your such a cutie!
    I am quite new to blogging and your blog gives me so much inspiration to make it the best I can!


  160. Clem C

    I love your outfit :)
    Paris is on my list of places i hope to visit one day.

  161. I would LOVE to go to Paris, it all looks so pretty!

  162. I would LOVE to go to Paris one day, it all looks so pretty!

  163. This makes me seriously want to go back to paris!

  164. Ginger

    Looks absolutely beautiful! Your photographs are great!! Makes me want to go to Paris again! Such a fantastic city – and so beautiful!! Been there a few times but not seen everything Paris has to offer. The Louvre would be my first port of call!

    Great post!! :D Love ones like this!

    Ginger x


  165. Awesom pictures, Zoella!

  166. Emma

    Great to see you posting again on your blog!! Paris looks so beautiful, I really want to visit and see the bridge with locks as well! I love our handbag(:


  167. Steph

    Lovely Post you photos make me want to travel to Paris even more!

  168. I already lived in Paris, and it was an amazing experience… I loved your pictures, and I have to tell you that if you haven't been in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) yet, I'm sure you don't know what's driving like maniacs. By the way, I would love to know which website or editor you use to make your picture look so pretty an with a different "texture". Oh… and I love your blog and youtube Zoe!!! I would love to meet you one day :)

  169. so cute, france is fabulous x


  170. You're beautiful as usual. I love your photography. They are amazing. One day I am hoping to visit France, too.

  171. I love your blog! I wish you had time to post more, but I know that your super busy with all your YouTube stuff. I'm really jealous that you got to go to France. I live in the US, so it would be quite the hike for me to get there, but I'm definitely going to visit before I am old and decrepit. I would imagine that the Eiffel Tower is a bit of a let down once you get there. I feel like it's one of those things that you build up in your head.

  172. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    <3 Carolyn

  173. i'm so excited for a new blog post! I was lucky enough to go to Paris for my 21st birthday its so pretty and i had such a good time, i went with my mom and it was a really great bonding experience :) i can't wait until i can go back, i think it just might be my favorite city

  174. Glad you liked Paris. I loved it when I visited during the summer(: Are you wearing your Disco Pants? Are they worth the price? They look lovely no matter if they are or not. ahaha.

  175. Well you are just perfect! I'd love to spend even a day in your shoes! Xx

  176. I love your outfit! Especially the boots :) x

  177. loved ur photographs …hey im kinda new here…i need some followers
    please do follow me will follow u back thanks

  178. These pictures are beautiful, you're so lucky to get all of these amazing opportunities!
    Lots of love from New Zealand,

  179. I absolutely love Paris, and you look gorgeous! xxx

  180. So amazingly envious that you got to see Paris!! I would really like love really like to go one day – but it is a bit further of a journey for me. Do you think you had plenty of your efforts and energy and effort there or could you have invested weeks? :)). Excellent pictures and thanks for commenting. finish line coupons codes

  181. Ohhh, everyone seems to be going to Paris at the minute! I so want to plan a visit!


    Keyta x

  182. Emily

    Wow, gorgeous photos! I love France so much, and have always wanted to go to Paris – very very jealous! Looking lovely as always Zoe :)



  183. I love your photos! Paris looks so beautiful! Loving your ombre!

  184. so cute (:D) !!
    There is a new post that wait for you!!
    Federica smartchicdietreadbooksandfly.blogspot.it

  185. Mazi

    Au revoir!!! Paris is one of the favorite place I have been. The place is perfect, and the people were very friendly. Gonna visit again next year!! And hopefully I can take amazing photos like yours!
    Grow Eyelashes

  186. I love your blog zoe! also i wanted to ask if you would mind checking out my blog and all of your readers. I am inspired by this blog and it would me a lot to me :)


  187. So glad you had a good time! I live in paris at the moment and the drivers scare me so much, I've lost count of the amount of times I've nearly been run over when crossing at a green man too! Other than this it's a beautiful city and it never fails to impress me xx

  188. Stunning photos as ever, Zoe!

    Paris is beautiful but yes, it is expensive! I had a chance to go last year but gave it a miss and went to Barcelona instead!



  189. I've been waiting for a post forever from you! Looks like you had a fab time in Paris! I really want to visit there x

  190. Some beautiful images :)
    Looks like you had lots of fun!

  191. Paris sounds amazing. Would love to go if I had the money…and the time…..and the permission. Wow, being a 16 year old is tough! xx


  192. Rachel

    Looks beautiful Zoe! You look gorgeous, and your photographs are lovely, especially the Lovers Bridge :)

  193. Your outfit is so lovely and your photos are just amazing I really love the last photo, I've only been to Paris when visiting Disnyland but hope to one day go for a weekend break or something to explore the city itself

  194. I'm going to paris in May and would love some more tips on shopping and sightseeing. Do you, or anyone else that reads this, have any or can post some?
    But the photos are amazing, really can't wait to go now. xx

  195. The first picture looks like you should be modelling in a magazine, you're so pretty!
    I really want to go to Paris again and actually appreciate it more than I did 6 years ago!
    Hope you had an amazing time! xx

  196. Please check out my blog would be amazing, hoping to do similar things as Zoe
    Zoe xx

  197. Zoe, you look absolutely stunning! x I am going to Paris this winter hopefully, i am heaps excited! x

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    Awhh Paris looks so nice I really want to take a visit there one day! And you look so pretty in all the pictures I especially love your bag with all the studs on the bottom! <3


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    And you look like a giant on the third pic! ;D


    ♥ My Blog ♥

  202. I was there to… :'( I did not see you! What a shame :'( now i am crying! Lots of love H.

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    Those pictures are just amazing! You look like a model in front of "le tour eiffel" xxx loved this post!


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    Beautiful pictures, you look gorgeous! I love to go to Paris I've been there one time before, it's beautiful! xx Christel

  207. I went to Paris with my school 4 years ago, all I remember is feeling extremely tired since we drove the whole way there. All I have wanted since then is to go back. Hopefully in the summer my mum will go with me ( shes a HUGE fan of paris)

  208. Such beautiful pictures! Paris is definitely on my bucket list :) so glad you had a good time, Zoe
    Lucy xxx

  209. Love paris, you are so lucky to go visit! x

  210. Beautiful pictures :)
    I'm currently in France as an au pair and since I'm only about one hour away from Paris I go every now and then.


  211. Emma

    ohh my god you were in Paris! I live here!! If only I could have met you in the streets

  212. YOU ARE SO PRETTY ZOE!! and I LOVE the way you dress!! I've been to Paris but not to stay, I only stayed in the airport :/ but the pictures look great!! I always wanted to see the lovers bridge, i think the meaning behind it is so adorable

    Greetings from Ghana

  213. Havent been to Paris is so long and your pictures are making me want to book the Eurostar like NOW! I love what you wore as well :)

  214. Nev

    you are so perfect Zoe!

  215. Absolutely love your style and im jealous of how photogenic you are!

  216. cool pictures i have a photography blog for my school and i would love if anyone checked it out thanks love you zoella

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  219. You're so beautiful! I love the pictures :)

  220. I completely agree about the Eiffel tower- when I went to Paris I was slightly disappointed by it. Definitely still pretty from afar though! You have inspired me to go back to writing my own blog. Have you ever done a post on photography? I love the way you capture your life- you make even the simplest photos interesting!

  221. Hey Zoe could you please please please tell me where those shoes are from!??

  222. Zoe can you please do a Paris haul:)? You look amazing in the photos! Loving the boots!x

  223. Awww Zoe, I was JUST there. Two days after I got home I saw all of your pictures on Instagram… :( My one chance of probably meeting you and it didn't happen. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Hope you had fun! Love you lots!! :)


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  226. Absolutely can't wait to visit there! Thanks for the honest opinion – I'm aware many people make Paris sound like it doesn't have a single flaw.
    Lovely post as always xx


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    I really want to go to Paris! I love your hat, I want one!

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  230. Wow, why are you just solo pretty!? Your an amazing photographer! Hope you had a great time, love you Zoe :)


  231. I am from french so i usually go to Paris and I totally agree with what you say (mostly about the taxidriver who are really "mad" but all of the parisians are.) I find your photos really beautiful. Hope seeing you once in France, in Normandy particulary. xx

  232. I sat on that exact same bench once :D And you took such a beautiful picture of the locks! The way I remember it, there were a lot less locks on the bridge though… And maybe you should go back there when it's summer, it's all even more beautiful in the sun :)

  233. I went to Paris when I was 13 but haven't been back since, it looks so gorgeous! Definitely want to visit again soon :) xx

  234. Your photography is amazing the padlock picture is beautiful you are AMAZINGG !!! xxx

  235. Really good photos, what camera do you use? X

  236. I love Paris. Not Paris from the main attractions, but Paris from a local point of view. You know the simple things that make it so beautiful.

  237. I love little updates on life! It's like you're talking directly to me.. Its great! I always wanted to do YouTube and Blog…. well I'm blogging now and we'll see what happens in the near future!-
    Check out my blog!-http://majotron.blogspot.co.uk/

  238. Lovely pictures as usual! I'm going to Paris this summer and I'm sooo excited! Did you consider the metro? It's quite confusng to start with but it's quicker and cheaper. Hope you had a good time! xxxx


  239. Emilia

    Love the bobble hat! Where is it from?


  240. I love Paris! I think the Eiffel Tower is so much prettier at nighttime, especially if you catch it when all the lights flash :) Definitely going to plan another trip there soon.

  241. You lucky things! So pleased you had a lovely time lady xo

  242. Cristi

    I want to go to Paris so bad! It looks so lovely and pretty, but is it sad that i want to go there to try the food? haha Lovely pictures! It sounds like you had a great time! x

  243. you are so pretty, you inspired me to start a blog and i know these are annoying but i need to start somewhere i would love it if anyone would stop by and share it with their friends it would mean the world to me xxo
    http://rochella11blogs.blogspot.co.uk/ xoxo thanks xoxo

  244. Amanda

    Went to Paris in 2010 with my boyfriend. We're engaged now and I so wish we had put a lock on the bridge! I remember walking past it and being like what's with the locks how strange.
    When we make it back we will be adding one and I demand to date it from 2010 :)

    Amanda | http://mandasmooments.blogspot.co.uk/

  245. lovely photography. Always wanted to go to Paris, so beautiful x

  246. Looks like such a lovely getaway! Beautiful photos as always :) X

  247. SARAH

    you look lovely as usual, Zoe! it looks like you had a wonderful time. i've never been to Paris too so hopefully i may someday!



  248. Lauren

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! Never been to Paris, but I would like to


  249. I've been to paris 3 times nowand ive still never seen the lovers bridge, im desperate to travel over there for more than just a day and visit all the beautiful little boutiques and do a bit of shopping! Unfortunatly when ive been its been a single day thing with my family and brothers dont like shopping xx

  250. sounds like you had lots of fun enjoy it lovely

  251. I visited Paris when I was 7 so I don't have many memories left to reminisce on other than being chauffeured around by my parents to go visit countless art galeries and monuments that I had absolute zero interest in, pretty sour memories for such a beautiful city. I'd do anything to go back and visit now!

  252. Love this post!!

  253. I am french and I love Paris! I am happy if you like this town because it is so cool if you like France!
    Au revoir Zoella , je t'admire beaucoup !
    (I hope that you understand hahah)
    Kisses, xo


  254. Je suis contente de voir que tu as aimé Paris autant que nous les française l'aimons. Je pense que tu as du bien profiter de chaque moment mais aussi du shopping parisien qui est génial.
    Je te rassure les taxis parisiens ne sont pas les seuls à mal conduire, tous les parisiens sont comme ça ^^
    J'espère que tu reviendras chez nous <3

    I am happy to see that you love paris as mush as French girls like it. I am sure that you enjoy every moments but also shopping which is awesome.
    I would like to rassure that taxi drivers are not only one to be bad with their car, every parisians are like this ^^
    I hope you will come back <3

  255. So cool! I love all the travelling you get to do! Would love if anyone wanted to check out my blog! I follow back !!



  256. Hi Zoe ♥
    I love your pictures, they look so awesome!!! I drived through Paris one time and saw a tiny little bit of the Eifeltower…what a pity that we didnt go there for a while :/
    I love you and your blog, keep on being wonderful ♥
    XOXO Abby

  257. your photos are amazing! you look so pretty! i love your boots!x

  258. Amazing Photography and love your outfit! :) Love Paris!

  259. I went to Paris when I was younger and I don't think I fully appreciated how beautiful it is there. I would love to go again and explore it properly. You looked like you had a fabulous time the pictures are beautiful.



  260. where are you boots from ?? :) x

  261. Wow, so lucky. I have always dreamed of going to Paris. Love your style Zoe, so cute.

  262. Zoe, you look so sweet in the City of Lights. Sneaky shopping – tell us what you bought. Hope you do a vlog of your Paris trip. And another hair vlog – you have the best hair and we're looking for new styles!

  263. For more fun stuff, check out my blog!

  264. I think you and Finn are dating :)

  265. Aw I really want to visit Paris again…the last time I went there I was 3 so I can't really remember anything!!

  266. I love Paris, it's one of my favourite places that I've been to and I have to say – i agree about the Eiffel tower :)

    I don't mean to be annoying but I have just started my blog and would love if some of you guys could check it out :) I've jus done a haul and I am doing a review soon.

  267. Loving the pictures, you're absolutely stunning!

  268. It's always been a dream of mine to go to Paris! Hope you had fun. You're pictures are amazing!

  269. i love your photos! your such an amazing photographer! i was wondering what camera do you use? and where would i be able to find it? im in love with all you outfits, so cute! and your hair is just so beautiful! but then again so are you. i love your style aswel xx

  270. Beautiful pics Zoe! You look soo glamorous <3 I absolutely Paris! It's soo stunning there, although I'm a bit gutted I didn't get to visit the lover's bridge! Definitely need to visit that and put a padlock there soon hehe :) xx


  271. Your photo made me miss Paris so much. I love the editing.

  272. Another great post Zoe! You always look so beautiful! Can't wait for the next one! <3

    Hope you can stop by my blog.. it will mean so much to me.

  273. im so jealous, i want to go to paris so badly! it looks beautiful!


  274. im so jealous! i've always wanted to go to paris!!!


  275. Zoe!you are the cutest ever!
    I particularly love the bridge photo! I love you!
    For more stuff make sure to check out my blog!

  276. You look gorgeous and your photographs are amazing. I was just wondering about how you got famous with your blog and youtube videos? Did you advertise on other blogs or..? :) xx

  277. You're gorgeous and your photographs are amazing. I was just wondering how you got popular when you first started your blog, did you advertise on other blogs or..? :) x

  278. Bea M

    I absolutely love your topshop coat! xxx

  279. I have visited Paris for Christmas a few years ago and it was delightful. The Eiffel tower really is slightly disappointing … but only during the daytime. When it's lit up at night, it looks gorgeous. Lovely post and amazing photos, as aways!


  280. Hi Zoella you are an amazing blogger and I really look up to you and louise! I have recently been creating a blog named General Bloggg (generalbloggg.blogspot.com) and I would love you and some of your viewers to have a look and maybe follow
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  281. You are so pretty Zoe! /O.0\
    \ – /


  282. Looks like you had a wonderful time

  283. Love your style Zoe! YAY- I love how you paired your grandfather coat and topshop boots! -Its so worth of Paris!

    For more great stuff, check out my blog!:

  284. I've always wanted to go too Zoe. I think it's just one of those places you have to go to. You look absolutely stunning in these photos and your clothes are lovely, like always.
    x :)

  285. Julia

    Oow I wish I had met you somewhere there haha. I spend almost all my days in Paris but it seems that I wasn't in the right place at the right time.
    Did you have the chance to go on top of the Eiffel Tower ? The sight can be quite disappointing from the ground that's true, but the view from up there is stunning !

    Glad you liked my city though :)


  286. Katie

    Love the beanie in the first pic! And all the other photo's are beautiful!

  287. Just fabulous zoe, your post is amazing and I love all the photos :) keep it up!
    Much love xo


  288. lovelovelove the photos!

  289. I love how I am not the only one anymore that thinks the Eiffel Tower is disappointing! Seems like you've had an amazing time, really glad you loved it.

    :) x

  290. I absolutely love Paris, it is by far one of my favourite places in the world! Your photography is amazing and I love you jacket, it really suits you!:D xx

  291. Zoe, your photos are beautiful! You really captured the beauty of Paris :) xx


  292. Wow that looks incredible! Would love to go to Paris mostly for the perfect landmarks that I could take some photos of!

    If anyone gets the time,check out my blog! rebeccamgb.blogspot.com

  293. Follow me ! :DDDDDDD

  294. Y.A

    love your look!!

  295. I LOVE your photography Zoe. You captured Paris in all its beauty! You have a fantastic blog and I love your you tube videos and of course your sense of humor! :-)

  296. I thought I'd just say, I love your blog and photos so much!

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    I love this post. You look amazing !


  298. great post! Going to Paris is on my bucket list! I love your bag, bw!

  299. Komal

    You're so beautiful!!! <3


  300. I'm going to Paris really soon for a school trip and I'm sad that imwill miss you. I also went to universal exactly a month before you were there so I missed you there to. I hope to one day meet you though because you are such an inspiration!

  301. I love how you paired yout boots with you grandfather coat! yay
    For more fun stuff, make sure to check out blog!:)


    YAY! so much great stuff!!

  302. You're so beautiful and your videos are amazing ! Paris is such a gorgeous city… *sigh*

  303. PERFECTION! <3

  304. I love your Photography! I'm thinking of choosing Photography for A-levels!
    for more great stuff make sure to check out my blog:

  305. KiaraC

    Paris is so pretty:)

  306. Wow, your photos are seriously good. Like, I'm talking really really professional good. Paris sounds so amazing, I want to go!
    If you, or someone, has time, visit my blog?
    Thank you and love you x

  307. beautiful photos ! glad you had fun , i live in france though it's not paris it's more like the middle of nowhere but yeah :).
    looking stunning as always, you're hat is so cute where did you get it ? xxx

  308. Omg, I saw you at the Louvre! Wanted to say hi but was rushing :(
    Love your videos! xoxo

  309. I laughed when you said that the Eiffel Tower was a bit disappointing. My history teacher used to call it a « wart » in the french landscape (though I think he exaggerated). I hope you'll get to visit some other french spots :).

  310. wow! your trip sounds amazing! your so lucky that you got to go to paris! love your blog! your a huge inspiration <3

  311. I love your blog. You have got really nice hair and you are so much beautiful.

  312. What is the bridge with all the locks on it?

  313. Wow those pictures are lovely. I love Paris so much I went there this summer :)

  314. Aww i love your hair so much!! my aim is to grow mine your length and have the colour like yours i love it <3 xxx

  315. Lara

    Wow Zoe! You are really looking so beautiful xxxxx Paris seems like the most incredible city. I am actually visiting there in the middle of the year. I am super excited! It looks like you have had an amazing time.

    Keep up the good work! You are a true inspiration <3

  316. That coat/blazer is amazing, pleeeeeaaasse someone tell me where it is from, i have been looking for that exact style for like years now and can now find it anywhere! please someone!xx

  317. You inspired me to create my own blog :) And I'm so glad that I did! It's so fun to just write whatever comes to mind :)

  318. Omg, I went to Paris too last month, I loved it, that's gorgeous. I miss it already :l

  319. We visited Paris right after visiting London. Although Paris was lovely, I much preferred London. Paris was quite expensive and difficult to navigate around. I wasn't really at an age where I was fascinated with fashion and makeup yet but I loved the art.

    xx Allison

  320. I would love to go to Paris it looks so amazing. Hopefully one day I will. Your hat is so cute, where did you get it from?

    Your blog inspired me to start my own blog.


  321. Zoella, you are so beautiful! I would pay a million pounds to look like you! Could you email me all of your skin care products, because my skin is disgusting…. (Shameful)
    Please follow me?
    – ameeliaaakirbyy and -amelioharries

  322. ania

    i love Paris (and your coat)

  323. That sounds so amazing :)! Glad you had a good trip Zoe xxx

  324. Jane

    Cute <3

  325. You are so pretty Zoe !
    And I love your hair xx

  326. Jewel

    Why didn't you com visit me :(
    I love you zooee

  327. Huhu … Spring is back. I welcome and enjoy a good banana juice.
    Great look in spring passage.

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


  328. What gorgeous pictures Zoe! Looks like you had an amazing time in an amazing city! xx

  329. It's crazy how addicted I've become to your blogs Zoe, your writing style is so natural and honest and I really look up to you!
    Claudia xx

  330. Your outfits are so nice!! You're so beautiful zo and these pictures are great!
    I've just made a blog and I would love if some of you lovely people would help me out and follow me. That would be great :)



  331. How do you get your picture on the cover of your blog. It looks amazing!

  332. Bonjour Zoella!

    Fantastic photography! You captured the Paris vibe well!

    Taxi drivers driving like maniacs. Didn't you watch the french movie franchise called Taxi? ;)


  333. I absolutely love these pictures Zoe! amazing

  334. Love the photography, it's so creative <3

    beaheartstheworld.blogspot.co.uk xo

  335. ohlia

    This looks absolutely lovely! I love seeing your travels and outfits! I get so excited everything you make a new video or post! xx

  336. Zoe, in the very first photo you look so chic, so Parisian!! :]]]] I'm really glad you liked it and had a good time xx

  337. Zoë

    Love your bag Zoe!!

  338. amazing photography. love this post just for the pictures. they look stunning!
    i only came back from paris a few months ago and it just makes me want to go again.
    majorly jealous, x

  339. I think your blog is amazing! Your content is great and your photography is amazing! You have inspired me to set up my own blog with similar content to you, beauty, fashion and Lifestyle,. I would appreciate it if you all came along and had a look.



  340. Wow the amount of messages you get lol :)

    So what was your favourite place?? Are the macaroons the same or better?

  341. We had a day trip to France in year seven then a longer stay one in year nine but could only go on the year 7 one as I opted to not go because I was saving up for a laptop. Though we didn't even go to Paris?? It was kinda a fail though because we spent the whole three hours we had shopping trying to find the McDonald's to find out it had closed. By your post I can see your trip was more successful than mine :). Oh and you were right about the grandma styled jacket being an odd buy that would look great on, it really suits you! And goes well with the disco pants. Love the pictures xx


  342. Zoe! you are such an inspiration to me! you have really helped me come to terms with my anxiety and panic attacks. you are so beautiful and so true! its amazing what you do!

    Lots of Love,
    Amalia xxxx


  343. I absolutely love Paris! I'm going to travel a lot so mabe I'm going to write about Paris and other cities on my blog some day!

  344. You look so pretty in these photos! Love your blog Zoe, would love it if you could check mine out x

  345. I've been to France before, but never had the opportunity to visit Paris :) I did go to Venice though at the beginning of this year and I think you would love it there. Such a beautiful place. You look so classy in this outfit, I love it! xx

  346. Emily

    Sounds like you had a brilliant time and your photos are amazing. Makes me miss Paris, I will need to go back soon! Also I am in love with your coat, need one like it in my life! xx

  347. You are unbelievably beautiful (: Your hair and make-up are always on point! Love reading your blogs and of course, watching your videos! :D xo

  348. Your photos are amazing. Paris looks amazing would love to go one day :) love your blog xo

  349. im going to paris in June! I cant wait!

    Ive just started a blog so please come and check It out! I have just posted my Favourite MAC shadows.

    thanks x

  350. Alice

    Your photography is fabulous & I love your outfit in the pictures where you're sat on the bench. Hope you had a great time <3

  351. I love your different angles in photography! Very thoughtful and beautiful xoxo

  352. fadiahmix.blogspot.com It would mean so much to me. :D

  353. Olivia

    Ahhh I want to visit Paris so much!!

  354. Such gorgeous photos, by far my favourite is the picture of all the locks! This photography is definitely making me excited for my upcoming trip to Europe and especially Paris!

    Sounds like you had an amazing time!


  355. i'd love to visit paris! :)


  356. Alia

    J'aime Paris!

  357. Your photos are amazing!
    I go to Paris everyday (to go to school) and there are a lot more places that you can visit! I totally agree, people around here drive like maniacs and there are too many people in small places but it's still beautiful!
    I love this city and I'm so glad that I get to go there everyday. I also wanted to meet you when you were out there but I had no idea where you were so I gave up. :(
    But I was wondering, how did you imagine the Eiffel Tower to be like? x

  358. I think the most enviable thing about the Europe is how many adventures you have just a train ride away :)

    New York is lovely but popping over to Paris for the afternoon would be amazing!


  359. I like your hat!
    and i remember seeing the locks in paris on kourtney and kim take my miami this season haha

  360. I know what you mean about the drivers. I was there in October on a day trip and still can't believe the driving, and we were on a coach…..

  361. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  362. Your blog is gorgeous!

  363. I love Paris! Looks like you had fun, I went to see most of the places you went to with My best friend on a school trip, best holiday get- so many memories! I would be awesome if you could look at my blog! http://summerrosesandautumnleaves.blogspot.co.uk/
    Love Charlotte

  364. paris is so lovely! i became engaged to my boyfriend there :)

  365. Ugh, I've always wanted to visit Paris. It looks like such a beautiful place, especially from your pictures. It's a shame you said the eiffel tower doesn't look as great as it does in all the films. xx

  366. Ginny

    oh so nice! I've been to paris about 4 years ago and I want to go back again! I really like your pictures, you always look so happy.

  367. The photos are amazing! I've been to Paris twice and I absolutely love it. I'd love to go back! :)



  368. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to go back to Paris one day x

  369. Gorgeos pictures! Why you gotta be so pretty? I would love to go back to Paris one day *sigh* x

  370. wow the pictures are so pretty! i want to go now:(
    i know this is annoying but if anyone has a spare minute or two, pleasee go and check out my blog i have just started http://thatpricklyleaf.blogspot.co.uk/
    thank you so much if you do
    once again i loved this zoe!:)

  371. I went to paris last year with my school it was amazing! I love your photos! Your a great photographer!!! :D xo

  372. Hi Zoe!!! I just wanted to say that you are amazing and really beautiful and just a huge huge inspiration! I watched your draw my life video recently and was so shocked when you said that you had social anxiety problems. I have had social anxiety problems all of my life and it was just so inspiring to see how you overcame yours and became such successfull youtuber and blogger. So I decided to make my own blog and youtube channel and it would mean the world to me if you could see them. <3

  373. These pictures are gorgeous!x

  374. You take amazing photos!

    Ive just stared a blog and would really appreciate if you all came and had a read and followed it. Ive just posted a review about John Frieda's Daily Miracle


    Lara x

  375. very cute photos!! i am always commuting to different countries!! i hope my blog can inspire you as much as yours has inspired me !

  376. I love your beanie! the colour is too cute! boots and the grandfather coat goes amazing!

    for more great stuff check out my blog!-

  377. Wow I've always wanted to go to Paris and your beautiful photographs have made me want to go all the more, absolutely stunning. I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

  378. Zoe!!! Come back! I miss your face! & you're the only you tuber / blogger I am completely addicted to!

  379. Beautiful pictures, Zoe! I love your blog!

  380. Really loving the pictures you took at Paris, Zoe! I really hope to go there some day, it seems amazing :-)

  381. domi

    I went to Paris in march and this makes me want to go back again! Glad you had a nice time. :)

    Also makes me wish I bought this coat when I had the chance to, it's so nice *sobs*. :')



  382. Molli

    I love Paris, it's such a beautiful place. You look so gorgeous! And you look like you had an amazing time :) xo

  383. Paris is so beautiful! I want to go there too :)

  384. Haley

    I thought I was the only one who wasn't that impressed with the Eiffel Tower! Would love to see a vlog about your first time in Paris!

  385. I went to Paris on a school trip, amazing experience, if you have time in your, what must be, hectic life, please check out my blog: claytonevans.blogspot.com

    would be nice to get some feedback from someone who has been blogging for a long time, only just started :)

    Thank you x

  386. Oh La La Paris! Me with my imaginble French accent

  387. on the Louvre Museum are you standing on those white block things to get a good photo ahahah i had to do that >,< love the photos makes me wanna go back there !!!!!

  388. You are incredibly photogenic! So beautiful! I really hope to get to Paris in the next few years, you're pictures are very inspiring!

  389. I was in Paris last summer! Had the most amazing pizza. You should check out Normandy, France! There is some beautiful sites to see and it's relaxing on the coast. If you like the beach!

  390. can i just be you, that'll be all kthanksbye


  391. We're incredibly jealous of your travels! Next time, won't you take us with you?

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  392. thanks zoe for this post though not long or as in depth post it really brightens up my day and I see what you mean about the Eiffel tower I thought the same xox

  393. You look gorgeous :) I am so jealous of you! I have always wanted to go to Paris!
    So Lucky <3 xxx

  394. This just makes me want to go to Paris even more now… so jealous!

  395. Alykay

    your photos look amazing!! I have always wanted to go to france!! If you see this I just want to say thankyou for being you, your amazing, you inspired me to do so many things and start my own blog/online journal :) x


  396. you're so talented at photography zoe, looks like you had a great time :) xx I went to Paris a few years ago and I'm in love with it!

    Please check out my blog, I'm new :) xx

  397. Loved this post zoey, looking gorgeous as always!

    I'd really appreciate it if any of you guys could come take a look at my blog… http://nayyarrr.blogspot.co.uk/ its a work in progress (: xx

  398. I think the world of this girl! I really do haha. She's soooo lovely and she's too cute!
    She's pretty too and ah I just want to gush over her all day haha!

  399. Zoe, you are beyond pretty. I LOVE the bobble hat, I shall be investing in one for winter or summer if the weather doesn't pick up!!

    I've just started a blog, if anyone would like to check it out I'd be so happy. I'd love some feedback on my first post. morethanpinkglitter.blogspot.com


  400. Love your blog! Your photos are amazing! I actually went to Paris too last year when I travelled some other parts of Europe. It's so beautiful there, although I totally get what you mean about it being a bit disappointing though x


  401. Hey, I actually went to both last year. Paris is more romantic, but Rome is a lot more interesting! x

  402. Paris is the second place I would love love love to visit, just seeing these pictures makes me want to visit this extraordinary place even more. The locks on the bridge are just amazing, such a creative idea! I'm loving the hat and basically everything, very very very jealous:)x

  403. Gorgeous photos xx

  404. Hey come check out my blog. Its about photography, music and life!!!!!

  405. DaNnI

    I really love these pictures! I'm glad that you had a good time!! I really would love to go the Paris one day! :-)

  406. I love Paris! This is such an adorable outfit, you have a wonderful fashion blog and a fabulous Youtuber!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post. I would really love too read your feedback.



  407. i love your pictures! there are always so nice! dont know how you d it! ahaha

  408. You look so pretty – a Paris backdrop is all I ever need to feel happy about life! Supposed to be going there in the summer, can't wait to take some snaps. Gorgeous post.

    Love, Megan xxxx


  409. I love these pictures! So cute. I've been to France but to Paris I am desperate to go though!

  410. Love your outfit! and i want your hair!
    would love to go to Paris one day :)


  411. Love your blogs, I've just started my own, so if anyone could check it out that would be great:) ps you're boots are so cute xo

  412. Anna

    Zoe, I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to start up my own blog. I recently did my 200th post!!
    So to help out any newbies i have done a BEGINNERS TIPS AND TRICKS FOR BLOGGING.
    I hope you have a lovely day xx
    Well done on a million subs
    Anna :)

  413. I'm so glad you have had such a nice time in Paris. I love Paris♥ I leave Paris with pain in my heart after every time I visit. Your photographs are very beautiful!

  414. Nazee

    Why have I only discovered you now?? I absolutely love reading your blog posts and the pictures you have taken are amazing, Paris looks like a beautiful place! And congrats on getting 1 million subscribers on Youtube!

  415. I stumbled upon your blog today and loved it! It's fun and refreshing and real. :) Love your Paris pictures! That would be a dream come true for me! Check out my blog if you get a chance, I just started it a few months ago… http://www.livelaughlove-brianna.blogspot.com
    Can't wait to read more of your posts!

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  417. What's the brand of that purse? Alexander wang? Thank u!!!

  418. gaah.. i love your hair

  419. Your photography is amazing! You are so beautiful :)

  420. Looks amazing! Ive always wanted to go. Its a long way from the US haha! Im new to the whole blog thing so anybody who reads this please take a look.

  421. where did you get your jumper and shirt from in the third picture down?

  422. wow zoe, you look so unbelievably gorgeous! I went to Paris with my family when I was in year five and no matter how my mum explained it to me,I just couldn't grasp the concept of the lovers bridge! :P ahh what an innocent soul I was many many moons ago :) I would love to visit Paris again now that i'm older, do less touristy things and more just kind of live in france for two weeks. Eating at different little cafe's you come across and just kind of explore the place.

    p.s It would really mean a lot to me if you could check out my latest blogposts. I've been putting loads of effort into them :)

    all my love, Alex xx


  423. Rosie

    aw Zoe! is that the blazer from the topshop haul? you look lovely anyway:). you are so beautiful! glad you enjoyed Paris!xxx

  424. Wow I'd love to go to Paris!! I cried when my art teacher said we get to go for our art gcse!!

    For beauty, fashion and general thoughts, please check out my blog:

  425. Never visited Paris, the photo of the locks reminds me of Italy, there are loads near 'juliets balcony'. Great post :)

  426. Sarah

    I really like your blog! You're amazing :) Are you going to do a haul about what you bought in Paris? I hope so. I'd like to watch it :)

  427. Hey Zoe! So guess what? I created a blog and I just wanted to thank you because your the one who inspired me to do it. Hope you can check it out

  428. Great Post…I have a channel and if you know how hard it is to break out into this beauty community I feel for you. Please check out my channel and tell me what you think. Like what you like that I do and where I can improve! Thank you



  429. Looks like you had a lovely time, Zoe! You look gorgeous as well xo

  430. The photos are amazing, France is such a nice country and Paris is so magical. Love the post.

  431. Alix M

    Oh Zoe, I love your outfit!! :D Paris looks dreamy, I have always wished about visiting there one day! And I think, fingers crossed, I will soon, as I'm moving to London and it's a looot closer to Paris than where I am now! :) Wonderful photos, I'm glad you had a nice time!


  432. Love the photography! Looks like you had a beautiful time!



  433. I love these pictures, you inspired me to take up photography, i even went out and bought a cannon 600D and then i saw you have the same one! It was clearly fate!

  434. Hey, welcome to my country :) Paris is amazing indeed, but so expensive. There are also tons of beautiful places in France that are a lot cheaper and a lot more serene. For example, Lyon, where I live, is one of the prettiest places I've seen so far :) (I have tons of pictures of Lyon on my blog if you are interested)

    I love your blog and I enjoy watching your videos, you are such an inspiration Zoe :) Have a nice day !


  435. Hi Zoe,I'm Teona. Looks like you enjoyed Paris very much its definitely a beautiful place to be. I go to France every year as we have a house there I live in a tiny medieval village called Monflanquin its so peaceful and there's medieval festivals on each summer and you can get beautiful bracelets with your name carved in! (which is lucky for me as I have an unusual name!) You should go there *wink wink* haha! and I was also wondering how old were you when you started your blog?:)
    Love http://bowspearlsandribbons.blogspot.co.uk/

  436. I would truly love to go to Paris, seems like such a love feeling place. You're so pretty Zoe, it isn't fair:(

    please check out my blog guys:) – i'm kinda new and getting started i guess:)

  437. I love you blog! Your photography is amazing. I recently started a blog (as in yesterday) after wanting to for absolutly ages. I've honestly been too scared to but I finally decided to take the plunge thanks to you! Your blog has really inspired me to just stop being scared and do it so thanks. Mine is not like yours, as I am interested in music so I write about new artists and bands that I am enjoying. If you'd like to look at it it is – http://www.livlikesmusic.blogspot.co.uk/ but if not don't worry. Thanks for inspiring me to go for it!

  438. You're an amazing photographer Zoe, the pictures look amazing! :)

  439. Beautiful photography, of a beautiful girl, in a beautiful location! Love your boots!

  440. Emma

    Hi Zoe! Your pictures are so lovely! Amazing :3 I love reading all your blogs, they are awesome, thankyou! The picture of the locks is beautiful, I love it. I want to visit Paris, France so badly. It looks stunning. I love what you're wearing, too cute! Thankyou for making fabulous videos, and blog posts, keep it up! :D xx



  441. Hey pretty lady! You're such an inspiration <3 you are the reason I'm giving this blog thing a whirl. Hope you update your blog some more soon! :) xo

  442. Great photos! Does anyone know where her coat is from??

  443. I wish I had the courage to get on a plane and travel. Paris would be one of my first stops!! Im new to blogspot/blogger and loving it so far. Just started up a blog of my own. Hate to be the smoocher but if your interested in lifestyle/beauty review/vlog hauls then check me out:)

  444. Jodie

    the picture with those candles are stunning!

  445. Such a beautiful place. I wish I'd go there too. By the way, your photography is amazing.

  446. hi zoe loving this blog post i would love to go to Paris I bet it was be magical for you and if you have any time i would love for you to check my blog out at http://fullofjoyx.blogspot.co.uk/ and my first ever video at FullOfJoy2405 thanks x

  447. I have always wanted to go to Paris, not because of the Eiffel Tower, okay maybe, but the main reason why I want to go there is because of the Love Padlocks at Pont des Arts.. Did you leave your own padlock in the lovers bridge, Zoe?

  448. The Eiffel tower is more disappointing when your there on New Years eve waiting for some sort of big celebration and instead nothing happens… I think when I saw Paris it didn't give me a very good idea of what it's really like, I need to visit again when it's a bit warmer

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




  449. i love your blog i am constantly reading it.the pictures you take are amazing and it looked like you had a good time in paris. i love your blog so much that it made me want to start a blog. its not very good but i would love for you to have a look and give me some advice.
    thank you xxxx

  450. ur amazing with photography i'm trying to be a good photography and i really like ur blog and u have an amazing youtube <3 love you

  451. I absolutely love these photos! It is so amazing to see just how far both you and your blog have evolved over the years :) Keep up with the inspiring posts.

  452. all of your pictures look amazing! love you hair as well, the ombre looks great on you!


  453. alicat

    So jealous! Paris is a gorgeous city – cannot wait to go again.

  454. Your photography is absolutely amazing!x

  455. Love love love! Zoella your style is just adorable! And it looks like you had an amazing time! I've just written a throwback Thursday post of my time in Paris on my blog.

    Love Cait


  456. Hey everyone, I am Zoella from three/four years ago…well kind of..I love fashion/Media and it would be amazing if you would check out my blog! Please comment so I can read your feedback, it would mean a lot (x1000000) :D


  457. Lydia

    Beautiful! xx

  458. Omg you are so amazing, mean the word to me if anyone checked out my blog because I would love the be even a 10 th as famous as you <3 xxxxxxxx

  459. I love those pictures! They're amazing and makes me really want to go to Paris! I especially love your outfit – so gorgeous! Apparently there are still roman ruins in Paris – learnt that in Latin. XD

  460. Zoe, you're an inspiration! hehe
    And you're right about the Eiffel Tower, sort of felt the same way. But then again that's how it works with almost everything in life once you take a closer look, right?

  461. Hey everyone! It'd mean a lot to me if you'd check out my blog! It's a collaboration of fashion, beauty and my life. Make sure to check it out!




  462. I love this, your photography is amazing! Paris is beautiful, I love the typical french fashion style too! xx

  463. Miuw

    Paris is amazing! Your pics make me miss going there so much


  464. when will you do a next blog x and for ur other video please do a makeup collection

  465. Oh, it's so beautiful. Paris is stunningly beautiful city. As the whole of France.
    The photos are stunning. It is very beautiful. :3

  466. So jealous you got to see the love-lock bridge! Paris is lovely and your photos are really good!

    I've written about you on my blog on the 'bloggers I love' page and would love you to look at what I wrote about you!

    Lou xxx

  467. Helena

    I love your shoes! I'm going to Paris this summer and I'm super exited :).


  468. this looks like such an amazing trip!!! who did you go with?!

  469. Paris looks gorgeous! Always wanted to see the lovers bridge because it looks so amazing and to think about all the couples that have been there,oh it looks lovely! glad you had a good time and loved your little hat:)x

  470. I really want to go to Paris. After I visit China. This post makes me all more exicted for traveling!!

  471. Zoe you're such an inspiration, I loved paris when I went there!! x

  472. I love reading your blog everyday, it just inspires to carry on with my own, especially watching you develop from using a digital cameras to DSLR – I hope to be like you Zoe <3


  473. I love all the photos. Sounds like you have so much fun!I never been out of my country before but I'm sure if it happen one day I'll tour across Europe. So Paris, London of course will be in my way. <3 I really do love your blog Zoe!


  474. Next time please take me with you! Sound like you had a great time! By the way great picture.

  475. Tereza

    Makes me wanna go Paris again, lovely pictures Zoe! x

  476. Wow! You look amazing!…and the pics are awesome,,,Im dying to go to paris!…maybe at the end of this year! Hope to have a lot of fun, like you!

  477. Driing

    what brand are your boots? they are too good, I want the same. love zoe

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  479. Your shoes are fabulous, your outfit is fantastic and it's like you were made to be in Paris. The first pic's really good.
    I'd really kill to go to Paris even for a weekend, lucky you!



  480. I love this post! I have always wanted to go Paris! Your photos are especially amazing! :)

  481. I absolutely love this post, I love paris and it was lovely to read as i miss it loads! you have been an inspiration to me as i have always wanted to set up a blog but never really thought of anything i was really good at or found interesting to write about, til now, i read this and decided i would write about places I have been, ive only just started my blog but please take a look :) destinationdiary@wordpress.com :)

    thanks xxx

  482. I love Paris so much. Its one of the most beautiful places in the world. I just wanted to say I love your blog and your videos so much! Especially the ones with Louise!

  483. I made a deal with a friend when i was in high school that we were going to travel to France in the summer right in the middle of college.
    Can't wait to make the trip as well!

    xoxo, Carmen

  484. Lovely photographs!
    An old friend and i made a pact in high school to travel to Europe once we were done with our studies or mid-college.

    xoxo, C A R M E N

  485. odeta

    I would love to go to Paris, but I am wondering how to get from london to paris? in summer I'm planning to go to london so I want to visit paris a lot. Maybe you know some links to train station or anything else?

  486. love love love your blog and your channel! x

  487. love love love your blog and your channel! x


  488. i love the photographs too! and the outfits :)

    visitmy blog: annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com

  489. I LOVE you, your blog and your YouTube chanel your such a pretty, funny, sweet, down to earth girl!

  490. Simona

    Wow, your blog is really wonderful and you´re so pretty :)

  491. I can't get over how beautiful your photography is. Your camera is amazing. I am also insanely jealous that you have been to Paris!! I have been to France 14 times and never been to Paris! It is actually crazy! I miss your blog posts Zoe! I hope you write some more soon as you were an inspiration for me to start my own blog so thank you!

  492. Hi! Just want to say that I love your blog. (: I'm going international with my own again, and is hoping to get some more international readers.
    But again – love your blog. (:

  493. Your photographs from your trip are beautiful and you have captured such great moments. I would love to visit Paris and especially the Louvre. Did you find cosmetics were more expensive then they are in the rest of Europe? Thank you for sharing part of your travels with your readers!

  494. You are so beautiful in all of your pictures, you're such an inspiration!

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  496. Reece

    we all know you went with ALFIE ;)

  497. From one writer/Lucky Charms fanatic to another, you're blog makes my day.

  498. Hi zoella. This is amazing and i love you and all your blogs. Please mention me in a blog or follow me. I've just made this blog with you in mind and it would mean soo much. Thank you! I love youu<3 xxx

  499. You look so beautiful ! I come from France bur far away from Paris it's so bad I would love to see you ! I hope you enjoy your trip in France and will come back :)
    In Paris, that's true things are very expensive but it's only in Paris ! And every people who drive in Paris are crazy.
    Love your hair and your style !
    (sorry if my english is bad :s)

  500. I want to go to Paris so bad!

  501. These pictures are so pretty! Paris is an amazing trip and it looks like you had a fabulous time. Can't wait until your next post :)

  502. i love your outfit! i have a very similar style so this really gives me great ideas! looove it!

  503. I love your hair sooo much and your soo pretty!xo

  504. You look so gorgeous Zoe! Love those photos, Paris is so amazing :) xx

  505. Tanya

    love your hair.


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  507. I've been to France but not to Paris (not my fault lol), I'm seriously going to plan a trip soon, looks beautiful <3

    Please check out my fashion blog x
    Latest Post: Handbag Essentials

  508. wow! You've made me really want to go to Paris, I'm so jealous, it looks incredible! The first picture of you near the Eiffel Tower is beautiful! x

  509. Wow, I absolutely love your photography!
    Check mine out … naritasavoor.blogspot.co.uk :) x

  510. Love love love every picture. Paris is so beautiful; i need to go back.

    Love the shirt and jumper combo too!




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  512. jod

    Oh it looks amazing, you dressed so nice and you look so beautiful!
    I can't wait for your next post!



  513. Hollie

    Your trip looked so cute! I went to Paris in 2011 and it was amazing, I went to everywhere you went too, hehe. Your hat is so adorable and those candles look lush
    Hollie x

  514. You look so pretty here!! I really want to go to Paris! :(

  515. Janine

    I only knew you from YouTube so far. but damn .. your blog is great ^_^
    Well.. dearest Greetings from Germany. :}


  516. those photos are so so cute

  517. I love, love, love your blog Zoe! Your personal style is amazing and these photos are fab!

  518. Hey there! I'm your newest follower. I just watched your 'say yes' video and it was so inspiring! Thanks for posting it and being such a great inspiration for young people. Would be great if you took a look at my blog, Sarah x


  519. Sabina

    i´ve been in paris few weeks ago for two days and i really enjoyed it too ♥

  520. Aaaah, Lover's Bridge! One of my favourite places in Paris, such a nice atmosphere. Love this city! xo

  521. i love the pictures you've taken there :) the lovers bridge is beautiful isn't it! definitely one of my favourite places to go i haven't been there in ages but after seeing this i will have to persuade my mum to take me on a mini paris trip :)
    if you would check out blog i would love that http://thenachoconfessions.blogspot.co.uk

  522. Amy B

    Zoe im so jealous id love to go paris and you look stunning! xoxo

  523. you are soo pretty can you please spread the word about my channel on youtube please my name is rayofsunshine469. love you and thanks xxxx

  524. Zoe, your trip to Paris looks incredible! I have wanted to go since I was a little girl! Super Jealous.

    I did just blog about my trip to California!!! It was amazing. Of course, Paris is still on my bucket list. :)

    x http://mash-elle.blogspot.com

  525. Paris is such a beautiful place Zoe, I'm really glad you enjoyed it there. Also, the photographs you took are absolutely gorgeous! :) xx

  526. openid

    nice pics!

  527. I really love your blog Zoe !
    Next time you come to Paris don't forget to visit "Sacré Coeur" it's one of the most beautiful places in Paris… The view is just wonderful :) !


  528. I've thouhgt about this quite sometime, and it might be a kinda weird question but.. how tall are you? You look really tall!

  529. I cant wait to visit Paris later this year, looks amazing!

    Natalie @ secretsofahappygirl.blogspot.co.uk

  530. Your blog was pretty much my inspiration to start one…
    I love all the photos you post! Everything always looks so beautiful.
    I agree with you though, the Eiffel Tower is slightly disappointing when you see it up close. You expect it to be something amazing and romantic but… Oh well.

  531. you are a nice girl…and a lucky one who travel a lot..

  532. Your snaps are very good. I have never been to Paris still, not to France in general. So the photos gives a lite bit of taste of the city. Yep, the trip is still on my to-do list!

    Joanna Julia

  533. Does anyone know where Zoe's jacket is from? x

  534. amyy!

    you are just gorgeous! xoxo

  535. Oh.. The picture picture of the locks is so beautiful. Do you ever think you will come to Saint Tropez? I would love to meet you :) I love your posts and videos, keep it up ;)

  536. So jealous! Would love to go to Paris. Plus you look stunning. Not fair reallyx

  537. maria

    beauty ♥

  538. awww you look so pretty and very French in the photo snaps..Paris is a gorgeous city and there is so much to see that you will need to go back again and again and again … (and obviously because the crepes and the macarons too! :)
    Ila x


  539. How did you like Paris ? Please, next time you come, pleaaaaase do organize a meet up, I would have been so glad to meet you !
    Take care !

  540. Hi!Your photo-amazing!!!!


  541. Aaron.

    i love your blog!

  542. i love your photography, and paris is so amazing!

  543. Beautiful as always! Absolutely love your coat, does anyone know where it's from?



  544. Zoe

    I am so desperate to go to Paris, it looks absolutely beautiful! I'm so jealous, wish you'd put up more pictures! xoxo

  545. Beautiful!

    Check out my blog madeleineonthemachine.com

  546. I honestly believe you could be a model, you're stunning. All of your features are so strongly and prominently defined. I suppose I'm just saying you're gorgeous and trying to glamorise it aha :) x

  547. Woah, Can't wait to go to Paris now! Look's like you had an amazing time! <3

  548. I love Paris and your hair too :)

  549. Amie

    Your photos are amazing! I love your blog :)<3

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  551. I've always wanted to go to Paris. It looks so pretty!

  552. these photos are amazing, you are such a good photographer. I love your hair and that coat is amazing I really want one like that. I really want to go to Paris I have been to France a lot but never Paris it looks beautiful though! x

  553. Where is your coat from? It's gorgeous! This post has made me was to go to Paris so badly now! X

  554. I absolutely love your blog, and your photography skills are amazing! xo

  555. where did you get your beanie its so cute the hat.

  556. you had a wonderful talent in photography :)

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  558. Your hair looks amazing! I've always thought that ombre suits you very well<3 and Paris looks wonderful!

  559. Beautiful Paris :) I went last year with my boyfriend who'd never been before, his reaction to the Eiffel Tower was "Oh, it's brown." We did put a luck on Pont des Arts though :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  560. You should really try french castles, like Versailles, Chantilly, Chambord (all the castles next to the Loire) … and all those pretty little cities. Please next time you come to France, don't do Paris =)
    We have so much more than Paris to show !

  561. SO stylish, youve such a lovely figure

    Hope you didnt go alone! but that whoever you went with had as much of a lovely time as you look like you had

  562. I just got back from a birthday trip there! I miss it so much already! X pieceofmindbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

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  564. Lovely photos <3 I would absolutely love to go to Paris someday!

  565. really breathtaking. Paris is an amazing city!

  566. I'm going to France with my school at the start of July of 2014. Don't quote me on that time though, haha. Some of friends are going and we are doing a few different things in France, which obviously has to include going to Disney Land, and we are going to a lovely little chocolate shop. :)


  568. Does anybody know where Zoe's coat is from? I know this is an old post but I'm looking for something just like it!

  569. Love to see your hat and dress……you look very sweet and gorgeous too. I went to Paris on a summer vacation 2 years ago with friends. It is very romantic and amazing place to watch but especially with girlfriend. I think you enjoy every moment alone their and still searching for caring partner. Thanks to share some pics of beautiful attraction points of Paris.
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  570. you are very pretty and your picture is so beautiful too. One day I want to go to Paris and take picture beside Seine river..

  571. i love your outfits! I wish can go to france :c for anyone reading this I'm new and i'm trying to get more followers and views for my blog so please check it out if you can <3


  572. No doubt that Paris is one of the most enjoyable tourist cities in the world. I have been to Paris just once and it is my dream to be here to celebrate New Year Evening. Probably this dream will come true in Dec 2014. Please pray for it. By the way your post and images are awesome. Images reflect beauty of Paris and your enjoyment as well. I also have written some content about Paris City. Please have a look. http://www.joguru.com/paris-france

  573. This coat looks so lovely, does anyone know where it is from? I would guess Zara or Topshop but if anyone know's that would be great?

  574. Look prefect! Does anyone know where this coat is from?

  575. Look prefect! Does anyone know where this coat is from?

  576. Zoe you are such an inspiration to me, I read and love every single one of your blogs!xxxx
    I would love it if some of you guys could check out my blog http://teenytinygee.blogspot.co.uk

  577. lorelai

    Zoe, I absolutely love you! You're so fab and adorable! You're part of the reason I've started my own Blog..I hope to delve into the world of Youtube eventually as well :) I adore these photographs, and I enjoy photography as well! I am going to Paris in March (and of course I'll be bloggin about it)! Just so happens I'll be turning 18 there! :) so excited! Anyway, I love you and you're such an inspiration! -Laurie xx

  578. I leave really near Paris and I've done all my studies in Paris so it's always nice to see how much people like to visit. I think it's such a beautiful city (obviously I'm not unbiased lol). Personally I really want to visit England ; )
    Sonia xoxo

  579. we went to Musee d'Orsay This is an outstanding art museum. Not to be hurried through but so much to see there can be sensory overload. We thought we were done until we reached the top floor where the private collections were and wished we had started there first.

  580. This is an outstanding art museum. Not to be hurried through but so much to see there can be sensory overload. We thought we were done until we reached the top floor where the private collections were and wished we had started there first.