I’ve never been to France before, and Paris was the one place I had always wanted to visit, so when I did get the chance to go, obviously I took some snaps to share with you all. I ate far too many crepes and macarons and came to the conclusion that Paris is very expensive. I also did a bit of sneaky shopping in Mac, Sephora and City Pharma which is the shop that everyone goes to when in Paris to pick up cheaper french skincare (which might I add, was an INTENSE experience – think smallest ailes in the world with double the amount of people for the available capacity). That was definitely a grab and run shopping spree. I got to see some of the main attractions of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower (which when seen in real life is slightly more disappointing than you might think, but still beautiful from afar none the less), the Notre Dame which was amazing inside and out, the “lovers bridge” across the river Seine and the Louvre Museum. I had an amazing couple of days & highly recommend that if you’ve not yet hopped across to Paris, please do (Although be reminded that the taxi drivers drive like absolute maniacs & I did think I was going to be involved in many an accident). 

Au revoir mes amis x 

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