This might not come as much of a surprise to you, that after so many fellow beauty fanatics raved on and on about this cleanser, I had to try it out for myself to see what all the hype was about. I ordered the ‘Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Professional Cleansing and Exfoliating System’ (that’s quite the mouthful). It contains the Moringa cleansing balm, aromatherapy infused rosehip exfoliating seeds and the buff and polish cleansing cloth. Being a complete lover and addict of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I considered myself quite brave for stepping out of my comfort zone and steady skincare regime to give this a whirl. Totalling at £33.60 for the whole kit, this cleanser isn’t cheap, but I also don’t consider that sky high for good quality skincare. After all, we have to spend a decent amount of money on our skin to enable us to have the perfect canvas for makeup.

   Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm 100ml £33.60

The cleansing balm itself is contains moringa seed extract, wild sea fennel and vitamin E to minimize the appearance of pores. Orange, Neroli and Mandarin extracts to rejuvenate and revitalise and Jasmine, Cedarwood and Rose to help re-hydrate and re-condition dry or dull skin. It also claims to be very calming on sensitive skin too. I really like the smell of the cleanser, it smells really fresh and natural (none of that strong artificial stuff). I actually prefer the scent of this to my trusty cleanse and polish as it is a lot more subtle. I wasn’t sure that I would get to grips with smoothing an oily balm over my face as opposed to a cream but it’s pleasantly nice. The balm breaks down all traces of makeup and is safe to use on eyes too (nothing worse than getting cleanser in your eye and hopping around your bathroom in pain splashing water at your face). 

When I first looked at the size of the tub, I was a bit apprehensive about how long it would last me, but a little goes a really long way. I find that a £2 coin sized dollop is enough to do a whole face (bearing in mind I have a pea head) and then a little extra swipe afterwards if my makeup is a bit on the heavy side. I can see this lasting a lot longer than I initially thought. I also really love the cloth that is provided with this. I thought I’d forever be a muslin cloth girl, but the soft, gentle flannel is so much nicer to use on my skin. Saying that, it’s not as exfoliating, which is where the rosehip exfoliating seeds come in. You can incorporate these into the balm, and gently scrub your skin with the cleanser to give yourself a pampering treat. I have also enjoyed using these, however I don’t use them very regularly as I prefer to just use the cleansing balm on it’s own. You can also use the balm as a face treatment when left on for 10 minutes and wiped away. 

Since using the Emma Hardie cleanser, I have noticed a difference in the overall appearance of my skin. As someone with combination skin (oily and dry in places), it has definitely balanced it out, and the dry patches aren’t as dry and the oily patches aren’t as oily. I also feel as though my skin is a lot more hydrated and looks a lot more healthy. I also just really enjoy using this on my skin, it’s a real treat when it’s the end of the day and I can use this to remove my makeup, I almost look forward to it. As this cleanser is so gentle and natural, I would say that it is suitable for most, if not all skin types. If you haven’t ever tried a balm, or the thought scares you a little, I really advise that you give it a go, like me you might be pleasantly surprised. 

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  1. Charli

    I really want to try this, although I fear there has been too much hype around it and I'll end up being disappointed.
    But then again, there has not been one bad review!
    Charli @

  2. Amie H

    I've definitely noticed this in the blogging world recently and I would love to try this out for myself, espeically if it's great for sensitive skins too! Lovely review and pictures Zoe :) Love your posts! xxx

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  14. I have never tried anything from Emma Hardie before although I was tempted this pushed me over the edge and know I'm defiantly trying this! I also wanted to thank you after reading your "just say yes" I am soo much happier and it know has become the first new years resolution I have forced my self to keep I found I missed out on so much and didn't really know what I was scared of one of those being to start a blog and was way too scared to put my thoughts out there so thank you so much. I just subscribed to your youtube too and yours and Louise's videos are my favourite again im so much happier and wanted to thank you!

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  16. Jordan

    Cleansing balms have always caught my eye! Shame about the price! I'd also think that I'd spill those exfoliating beads everywhere! I have oily skin as a cause of teen stage yet ok still have eczema, so confusing! I have a pea head too so I'm sure this would last me a long time,I might buy this I'm just waiting for no7 to bring out dupe! X

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    I have heard so much about this, but I've only just bought the Liz Earle cleanser which I'm loving. I'll keep this one in mind though, thanks for the review! :)

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    I really enjoyed it <3
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  32. I love your reviews! I have this cleanser (not the seeds) and I really love it! I love how soft the flannel is and the balm smells and feels amazing! I have also tried leaving it on for a little while as a face mask type treatment and my skin felt incredible afterwards :) xxx

  33. I can't wait to try this!!! I got the email to say it's back in stock, just waiting for payday! x

  34. I just purchased this the other day and I absolutely love it! I couldn't resist after all the hype and I was a bit dubius about buying it as I have quite oily/acne prone skin and I wasn't sure if a balm would work but it does and I'm so happy!

  35. Chloe

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  41. That sounds a really great product, a bit more than I'd like to spend but you do sometimes have to spend a bit to get the best results and there's nothing better than soft smooth skin. I get oily skin with some dry patches so maybe this will work for me too. Thank you for a brilliant review! xxx

  42. I love this but a £2 coin blob is way too much! I use the tinest blob and it works perfectly, my current tub is on its 3rd month you just have to give it a really good massage in!

  43. I think I'm going to be needing to try this! I've recently bought the Liz Earle cleanse and pollish and I have the same type of skin as you so maybe I'll enjoy using Emma Hardie's products as well if not more!
    Thanks for the review:)
    Sophia xx

  44. I've never heard of Emma Hardie but this might be a pretty good product! I don't have oily skin though but rather very dry skin. It's a little bit pricey and I was a little disappointed by the last hype (Bioderma Micellar Water haha), so I'm afraid that I'll be disappointed again. Maybe I should give it a try! I like to spend a little bit more if the product is really going to work but I'm afraid to take the risk :)

    Great review and pictures! We've missed your posts :D

  45. Tania

    Great review, I might have to look in to invest in this. I have really dry skin at the moment (darn Winter) and my Nivea products just aren't cutting it any more!! xx

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    This was a great review by the way! I loved how indepth and honest it was! xx

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  51. Shauni

    Great review first off.
    I personally think that its rather expensive for what it actually is, I really hate parting with that kind of money for a small tub, maybe it's because I probably couldn't afford that kind of money.
    Could you maybe try a cheaper option & then write a review?
    I would love to hear what you would think of a cheaper one.


  52. Lovely review Zoe – I've seriously heard nothing but good things about this cleansing balm. I currently use the Eve Lom cleansing balm which is a whopping £55 per 100ml pot so I will definitely be giving this a go as soon as my current tub is over.

    Can't wait to read your next post!


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    I just HAVE to try this out. I don't know if it is because of the photos, that make it so compelling, or the description of the product, but I am really impressed. I am heading to feelunique now, to check if they have the set :) x

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    If you ot anyone wants to enter the Stila Giveaway I'm doing heres the link:

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    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  73. cardiac

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    Another lovely post Zoe, glad to see you having so much fun and enjoying life.

    Also crazy to see you with Casper! I was in school with him here in South Africa way back when :)

    Your words are addictive and your blog is delightful – hope to see more posts soon.

    Much love from sunny South Africa!

    Jade –

  77. When my mum and I saw these in Space NK, we were so excited because emma hardie herself used to do my mums facials and talk to her about emmas new company. It's so lovely to see her and you get so far in life xxx

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    Great review, Thanks Zoe:)xxx

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  82. My next purchase for skincare is Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish as I've heard such good things about it and my current face wash seems to have turned on me recently :-( ! If that doesn't work, I think I'd give this a go. I like the idea of skincare that's a bit different and natural ingredients is always a bonus. I have a problem though, I like to try and use my clarisonic at least once a day, is it possible to use it with any of these products?

    Maisy xxx

  83. Amelia

    I might have to try that when I have a bit more money, I have however got some cleanse and polish on it's way to me which I'm excited to try :) x

  84. This looks great! anyone know does it cause breakouts due to the oil?

  85. I've tried it and I can tell that it's AMAZING! It's a bit pricey but it really works for the skin!
    ps: I LOVE your blog xoxo

    love from Italy

  86. No it doesn't cause break outs for me… it's so good, I got it as a present from my auntie and when I found out the price I was a bit like mmmm… but it's so good its worth it… :) x

  87. I now want to give this a try. I converted the 33 pounds to dollars & its about $52 dollars. I don't think that is soo high for a skin care treatment. Expect of course, if it's a total fail. But I think there is a reason for the hype. I'm definitely going to look into it :)
    Plus, I trust Zoe's reviews!

  88. Have you tried mixing the tiniest bit of water with the balm before using it on your face (like a Lush cleanser). You should get more bang for your buck that way and use less. <3

  89. Natalie

    That looks/sounds like a real luxury treat! I want to treat my skin more, but can't quite afford that much luxury right now! I'll need to wait a few months until after I graduate and get a super high-flying job! haha ;) x

  90. That sounds great, you've got me thinking about making an investment myself, been thinking about it for a while, and you've got me pretty convinced…


  91. Aimée

    The balm sounds really intriguing! I really love the photographs!

    Aimée X

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    I absolutely love this product. I usually remove my makeup before hand in the evening with an oil cleanser and then use this afterwards which means I use less of the product. Given the price I want it to last as long as possible but its definitely something I shall be re-purchasing!

    beckys makeup

  97. Oh, i really wanna try ! I'll try to find out if they deliver and those things! Also, loved the pictures, amazing! Hope you're ok, lots of love xxx

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  101. Faria

    Looks great would love it if you checked out my blog it would mean so much! I live in Myanmar so I love reading blogs because it loads faster.

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    Hope you had a lovely weekend Zoe!


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    I'm hoping this would have the same affect on my skin, as I know you used to use Liz Earle which I'm currently using!

    I've just started blogging, so it would be amazing if you could look at my blog and perhaps give me some pointers :)

    Love your videos and your blog posts!

  107. Lexiaa

    As much as I love makeup, I also love taking it off, which is where my love for cleansers comes in! :) I've tried a few different cleansers from time to time from Liz Earle, Philosophy and Elemis etc but this one looks a little different. I'm intrigued! Thanks for the post Zoe, just wanted to say also…I love your photos. They always look so pretty, like you put a lot of effort into taking the shots.


  108. Hey Zoe, I love all of your blogs and I'm currently about to read your "Fringe Dilemma: To cut or not to cut" right now because I'm actually debating that question myself right now haha
    I've actually been breaking out alot recently idk why :( but maybe I'll try this and see if it helps :)
    You da best!
    And it would mean soooooo much to me if when you're not busy you could maybe take a look at my blog :)
    it would mean the world to me!

    Thank You <3

  109. Hallo Ms. Zoe, i love all your videos and blogs, they're all so helpful and absolutely lovely! I dont do as much beauty and fashion stuff as i would like but i when i need advice about it i count on you ;)
    I just started a blog, that will hopefully be as loved as yours!
    Oh and thanks for the advice about blogging, it was very helpful :)

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    have a good week x


  112. This is a really good review I just might have to get myself some of these x

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  114. Sounds like an expensive yet worthwhile investment!
    Defiantly going to consider this once my Liz Earle cleanser has run out (yes, recommended by you as well)

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    Sophs x

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    Quite honestly, this cleanser seems perfect. Really wanna give it a go! Do they sell it in the US? Xx

  123. hi zoe i watch both you youtube channels and now read your blogg i just started mine a few dats ago you FAQ about people not reading your blogg at fist really helped me have more patience about the whole thing im from South Africa i live in Eastlond Ask caspa if he has ever been here hahaha all my love kelly

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    Hey Zoe thanks for the reviewing this product, I just might give it a go :) beautiful photos as always too :)

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    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  133. Jhelisa

    Now I'm doubting if I should go for this cleanser or for the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. Which one do you prefer?

  134. Jhelisa

    Now I'm doubting if I should get this cleanser or the Liz Earle one. Which one do you prefer? I have dry skin in winter and normal in the summer

  135. Alright, alright! I've read so many wonderful things about this balm. I'm throwing in the towel and giving it a go! Can't wait! Love your blog & videos!!


  136. would love to see how the cleansing balm works on our skin, its popped up on lots of blogs and great things have been written! Great post! Would love the whole EH collection really hehe
    Becki & Jess


  137. Chottsy

    That balm looks amazing! I've been using Liz Earle for a little while and have loved it on my skin! From the sounds of things we have fairly similar skin types! Out of interest, after the EH balm, are you still using the Liz Earle toner or moisturiser? Or have you changed your skin routine completely? Just interested! :D
    Love your blog!

  138. I'm looking for a good cleanser at the moment, so this is definitely going to be one I try!

  139. Great review. Will have to take the plunge and try it out myself :)


  140. could you do a update skin care routine please with these products x thanks zoe.

  141. This sounds like a great product, although a little on the expensive . I am always looking to improve my skincare routine and I guess I could get over the price and give it a go, especially now that I have read your review !

    obagi nu derm starter kit

    Alison Clarke

  142. The best balm cleanser I've discovered is Hush & Dotti's hot cloth balm cleanser. OMG my face within one week was so perfect I nearly cried. My mom noticed a difference and my friends as well. We're now all using their products. Balm cleansing is the way to go!!!!! Why aren't more woman aware of this?

  143. I absolutely LOVE this!! I only wish I could find a list like this of information. Do you happen to know of any lists like that?

  144. I really would like to try this balm but it's (for me) really expensive and it has to be shipped over here to Germany.
    Sad :(

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  146. QVC – buy when it's TSV or special price. Worth every penny!

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  148. Great blog! There is lots of good information, not only me but also everyone can understand it easily. anti wrinkle creams

  149. Oh, man! I've been looking into alternative makeup remover for a while, since the makeup remover wipes I'm using now both hurt my eyes and take forever. This review makes me really want to try out this balm. I wonder how it smells? I guess that doesn't really matter though if it gets the job done haha. Great review Zoe!

  150. Clara McCullagh

    This is very helpful Zoe😘Your blog is beautiful and your an inspiration😌💓ilysm

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    Emma Hardie is a beautysorted favorite! Check out all our vlogs that feature the amazing skincare line on