After giving you all a re-cap of my 2012 in my previous post (both good and bad), it’s only right now, to start the new year on a positive note. After a turbulent year, I am determined to make 2013 the best ever. I can’t say I have ever stuck to resolutions, but I want to make a list of things I’d like to do and achieve, and at the end of this year I want to look back and see which I managed to do. I think it’s important to set goals and aims to give you something to look forward to and strive towards. It’s also the best feeling once you actually manage to accomplish something.

♥ Don’t sweat the small stuff

Being a naturally very worried person (that’s anxiety and panic for you), I tend to get very overly stressed about very small and insignificant things. I’m the sort of person that sits biting their nails and the inside of their mouth over the fact they can’t park their car perfectly (parallel parking is not my strong point okay…). I need to learn that some things really don’t matter and that sometimes I really shouldn’t give a F…monkeys. 2013 is going to be the year of minimal stress and maximum enjoyment. 

♥ Think more positive

I would say that in a lot of situations, I am able to see the positive aspects but definitely not often enough. I will more than likely think of all the negatives of something before I even consider a more positive outcome. It’s mostly reflected in the mood I am in. If I’m feeling a bit down or anxious, I can be a right negative ninny. I need to stop finding things wrong with everything and start looking for all the great things in sticky situations and remember that it’s not the be all and end all if things don’t go as planned.

♥ Drink more water

I went through a little phase last year where I became slightly addicted to attempting to finish 2L bottles of water in a day. I remember that it was sometimes quite a struggle but also that it made me feel so much better inside and out. I felt a lot more healthy, a lot more hydrated and my skin was also thankful. It’s certainly not an easy thing for me to try and do as I’m naturally not a very thirsty person and being quite petite, it doesn’t take a lot of liquid before I feel like i’m going to burst from the inside out or wee myself. haha. I’m going to try and drink a lot more, whether I manage to complete a 2L bottle a day or just come close, it will be a vast improvement from “oh, I forgot to have a drink today…”. Oops.

♥ Be more organised

I am useless at keeping track of life events and juggling my days. I’ve already filled in all my dates etc in my new diary and I’m going to carry it around with me and continue to keep track of what’s going on in order to make sure I’m not on top of myself with not knowing what’s happening. Days all seem to blur into one nowadays and this doesn’t bode well with my messy organisational skills. I feel a lot more at ease when I have things sorted and filed neatly and I know what’s happening and when. 

♥ Blog more

Towards the end of the year my blog got left outside on the doorstep for a while. Myself and my blog have always had a very on and off relationship throughout the (almost) 4 years of us being together. It’s not that I decide that I don’t like it sometimes, it’s just that often I find writing it an unenjoyable experience when I feel as though i’m updating it just for the sake of it. I always want to produce posts that I love, and in turn, that I think you’ll love too. Because of this, I sometimes step aside for a while, just to get my creative juices back, then I reappear loving it just as much as I did before. In true Ross from Friends style “WE WERE ON A BREAK”. I want to spend more time creating blog posts this year, and really learning to love my blog a lot more. Call it lovers therapy…or bloggers therapy…

♥ Be the best version of you

This is one of my favourite quotes. I’m not sure where it comes from but I currently have this quote set as my desktop background (not the one below with me in it, that would be slightly odd…haha). I like that it encourages you to be the very best you can be, surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you and don’t be anything but yourself. It’s easy to lose who you are or to become a bit lost but this quote will always bring you back round and remind you just to be YOU and sod anyone that doesn’t allow you to do that . :)

♥ Travel more

I haven’t been on an aeroplane since I was 16. That is a LOOOONG time. I have completely forgotten what it’s like to fly and the concept kind of terrifies me, but I’m determined to step on a plane and go somewhere warm this year. I really want to go to Playlist Live and Vidcon, both in America (where I have never been before) so it looks like i’ll be dusting off my passport and getting my bikinis out. *dances* 

♥ Choose a healthier option occasionally

That title could have quite easily just been “eat healthy”, but I don’t want to set myself really unreasonable goals and ban myself from ever ordering a sneaky dominos every once in a while. I simply just need to eat a slightly healthier choice every now and then. My diet is pretty bad. I’ll wake up and eat a chocolate bar or make my way through a packet of biscuits for my breakfast. I’ll also drink my weight in hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows) when really I could have a glass of water or a nice fresh smoothie. I also think I need to lay off the pizza a bit, or maybe start making my own :) It’s not in order to lose weight (I am already a skinny minny due to my ridiculously fast metabolism) but sometimes I worry that the food I eat is doing no good for my insides and making me feel lethargic and I’d like to feel a little healthier.  

So those are my little personal challenges/goals I have decided to set myself. Some are working well already, my diary is full of goings on and I already feel a lot more organised. I’ve already written 2 posts this year AND thoroughly enjoyed writing them. I have also picked healthier options, and so far, I’ve gone a whole 14 days without ordering myself a dominos. HOORAH! I am going to really make the most of this year, and I hope you all do too. “Happily ever after starts here”. :)

What sort of challenges and resolutions have you set yourself for 2013?

Are you hoping to look back over them in a year and have completed a good handful if not all of them?

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  1. I hope 2013's your year, you deserve it :) x

  2. I love this post, it's so applicable to my own life! I've written down my resolutions on my blog, they're pretty much the same as yours :)!

  3. Oh and of course, I wish you the very best for 2013!! ♥

  4. Happy new year Zoe:-)X

  5. your photos are the best ! x

    greetings from ♥ x

  6. JT

    Love it. That's pretty much what I have planned too – be/become a better version of myself.

  7. ohh and excuse my shit youtube/google account name :P

  8. Claudia

    Great challenges you've set! Happy New Year and I hope it's teh best one yet for you! :)


  9. Even though the things you describe are "usual" for resolutions, it's still nice to read it through, maybe the hundredth time I read about it will be the one to stick (except for traveling, because I'm already addicted to it), and I'll finally do something of that too! :)
    Hope that you'll really have the best year ever!

  10. Zoë! you're such an inspiration! I've the same goals for 2013! x

  11. Jackie

    wish you the best zoe .! (:

  12. JULIA

    I agree with all these points! I would like to do the same things in 2013 :) great post Zoe <3

  13. Chloë

    Brilliant post Zoe, love it! :)

  14. Marina

    They seem like great goals, and quite realistic ones. They are broad enough to be able to take them a little at a time rather than feel rushed into completing a massive task. My main one is to relax more, as I sometimes think I'm relaxed but when I actually pay attention to my breathing I am still an anxious mess! Other than that it is just to keep thinking positively and try and overcome my panic attacks.

    Best of luck with your resolutions! xx

  15. Pia

    "Be the best version of you" can be very hard in some situations but i think its the best way to happy with yourself :)!
    and the point with drink more water… i try to teach this to me soo often, the whole last year, but i think its so hard to contorle this :o

    the flowers are so pretty love this purple in combination with white :)

    sorry for my bad english :D

    happy new year,

    pia :)

  16. Pia


  17. Great post, I think we can all take lessons from this. I really hope you get to travel, I would love to do more travelling.

    Wishing you a fantastic 2013.

  18. i love this post, the one about eating healthier is the same as me, i have a fast metabolism so dont need to lose weight but defiantly need to exercise more and eat healthy.

    Have an amazing new year Zoe

    Hannah x

  19. Hi Zoe, can i just say this is the first blog post i have ever read of yours although i have been watching your videos for a long time and that bit that struck me the most was the being yourself part because sometime we do tend to get caught up in the latest fashion following people in what they do weather it would just be copying them because you think you're boring if you don't have the same meal clothes phone etc, but just from reading this its made me step back and think what the he'll am i doing and for that id just like to that you for bringing me back down to earth with your words of wisdom i hope you continue to write more inspiring blog posts like these as many can learn from you thankyou for being you zoe xox

  20. I think this is a really good list! I need to drink more water too, i've tried before but i'm not a very thirsty person but i know drinking plenty of it will only do me good! xo

  21. Turning around my negative attitude was one of my more recent new years resolutions. It's actually amazing how much better I feel about my life now that I've tried to forget about all the things I used to worry about (which in reality weren't that much of a big deal to start with). Thinking positive can be such a hard thing to do once you're in the trap of leaning towards the negative, but it feels so good- even when you overcome something small. Good luck with your resolutions, you're a beautiful person and deserve an amazing year :).

  22. Amy

    Lovely post! My goals for this year are pretty similar. My main goals all revolve around my anxiety and trying to learn how to deal with it. This year I haven't dealt with it at all, and to be honest, 2012 was a total write-off for me. Hoping to turn that around and make 2013 a much more memorable year. I started my blog a few days before new year, and I am loving it – 2013 is already looking up!


  23. Katie

    I'm hoping to be more positive this year, as well as not over thinking things too much as that's definitely one of my worst flaws! Here's to 2013 being the best year yet! xx

  24. "F..monkeys" hahaha :)
    Probably to be more tolerant. To accept peoples flaws. Because nobody is perfect :)

  25. I wish you the best for 2013, really! I liked this post, it gave me some hope for a good 2013 for myself, so thank you for that!

  26. This is such a good inspiration for the year! I'm trying to drink more water too (drink more think more) :)


  27. Jelle

    Super trouper nice! I really love your Youtube channel and your blog as well! So almost everyday I look if you uploaded a new video. Haha and great ideas, I should think more positive too. But I really love you .in Dutch: Ik hou van jou!


  28. Laura

    I love your positivity x

  29. You should defiantly take the plunge and go to America, I've been a few times and its amazing! Everybody's so friendly and the weathers the best..
    I want to blog way more this year, my teeny tiny blog needs to grow I think, and this is the year were I want to make it happen – Louise actually follows my blog so that's good enough for me at the mo *squeels* hehe!
    I also agree with the healthy eating one, I need to cut down on chocolate and crisps and start eating REAL food. Oh also what you said about drinking water, it's really good to do that bug make sure you dont go overboard and drink too much everyday because "legend" has it that you can drown your organs/stomache/pan crease and that's too much water to take in. But still drink a generous amount!
    I'd also lastly like to save mega cash this year and treat my self at the end, woooo!!

  30. Amazing! Hope you do well with your goals Zoe, can't wait to read your next blog now :D And you are so inspiring to me, and many other people. Keep up the beautiful work, Chloe x

  31. Joelle

    Most of my goals for this year are about uni work, health and my blog. I need to take my work more seriously as I only passed by the skin of my teeth this semester. I have also given up dairy products as it now affects my skin.
    Jasmine tea and fresh water became my BFF last year, so I'll continue to drink more of them!
    As for the ol' blog… I am learning HTML coding and may consider putting ads on my blog, who knows?
    I wish you all the best in 2013, Zoe! :)

  32. Natalie

    I have one thing that I REALLY want to achieve this year, and that's to pass my driving test. I know to a lot of people that seems rather stupid (so I've been told) but once I learn to drive I can go to many different places and I can have my own adventure! Besides this one thing, I also want to start writing my children's books that I had planned to do last year but failed to because of everything that happened. So those are the two aims I have and I hope I can do them, if not, it's another year of failure for me! Any who, I hope this year is great for you, Zoe! You are one in a million and if I do ever pass my driving test, I know that I will be going to one of your meet ups if you do any this year! :)

    Take care & God bless :)
    Natalie x

  33. Raquel

    If you start to drink 2 litres immediately, from not drinking any, it may make you feel sick and unwell as your body will go immediately into a detox and cleanse by releasing lots of toxins that will make you feel unwell.

    Take small steps and build up to 2 litres gradually, that way the body will not become shocked!

    Great post, love it. Best of luck with your resolutions!
    Greetings from Spain! :)

  34. Great post Zoe, I hope you have an amazing 2013! X

  35. I need to do all your resolutions to! I hope they work out for you good luk an happy new year!:)

  36. Belle

    I loved reading this and ur blog- I would love my blog to grow over this conning year thanks for the inspiration!

  37. Huyen

    Wonderful resolutions, I think these are some we can all relate to and should strive for.Hope you will be able to achieve every one of them! xx

  38. Happy New year! I hope 2013 is a good year for you :) I love your photos x

  39. Imke

    Happy New Year, Zoe!
    This post really inspired me to write down some goals for 2013 as well! I always find it a bit odd, that just because the calender ends on that day, you have to behave differently in a new year. but it's good to have something you work towards to. i won't change my life drastically, but i will try to start with little things.
    i find it really good that you now try to eat healthier, because even though you might look skinny, there can be fat around your organs and this can be dangerous!

  40. This post makes me look forward to the future of 2013! My resolutions include following your advice of saying 'yes!' more rather than quickly finding a negative in a situation and turning it down. Thanks for being a brilliant inspiration and I hope you have a great year!
    Frankie xx

  41. Candy

    one of my new year resolutions is to also not stress about the little things! i am also a very anxious person and it always gets me down and makes me not enjoy life. I am also trying to say yes to more things because of your blog post you did :) i am also thinking of making a memory jar and writing down all the things i enjoy this year so i can look back over them at the end of the year :) have a great 2013 zoe :) xxxx

  42. Nicole

    This is a lovely post Zoe, its lovely to have aims and goals for the year :) I love your post they have really inspired me to be more positive, would love to see more of your blog posts in 2013 :)
    nicole xx

  43. I really love your pictures they fit so well within the post. amazing!

    One of my new year's resoultions is to actually write my own blog, so hopefully I start working on it soon. Another one is to drive more, I got my driving licence two years ago but didn't really drive anywhere on my own. which sucks.

  44. Hannah

    You have such a positive attitude, I'm sure you'll be able to accomplish all of your goals! I've set drinking more water as one of my resolutions too, and getting more sleep! Happy New Year, I hope 2013 brings you wonderful things!


  45. be careful with a water! for ur weight u should drink 1.5 L of water, too much water is as dengerous as not enough water!!

  46. Oh which editor program do you use on your mac for your photos? :)


  47. Kaylie

    I have been reading your latest posts and the one on ‘saying YES! more’ and you have inspired me to do the same. I am a very stressed person as well and worry about the most stupid things. I think because of my anxiety for doing social things (like going out etc) I have been distancing myself from all the fun activities and I’m planning to just say yes when someone asks me if I wanted to go somewhere. I feel so useless and alone sometimes and I hope I can change that this year.
    Another resolution would be to make my blog better, get better in writing, make better content and so forth. Happy New Year!

  48. Really cute post, feel like I should make some targets/resolutions now!
    Hope you have a wonderful time in America, Flying is never as scary as you think its going to be just have a drink and a few kalms and try not to worry thats what I do! x

  49. happy new year zoe!
    I've started two new blogs, one about fashion and one which is a bucket list of things to do before the end of 2013.
    If you guys could check them out here, it would be great
    Bucket list =
    fashion and all things fabulous =
    thank you guys x x x

  50. Yo have such an amazing attitude to things, and you can do these goals if have the right mindset and believe in yourself.


  51. Hope you achieve all you want this year :)
    I'm excited to read all your lovely blog posts x

  52. we basically have the same aims! I need to drink more water, and also I want to do one good deed every day whether its just small like holding the door open for a woman with a pram or larger by consoling friends or helping them with work or a task.

  53. I do think when a new year comes you need to set goals. From every mistakes you did last year, you can learn from them in the new year. Some of my new year resolutions is to be more healthier and go to the gym more often. Try to not be so scared of EVERYTHING, like.. if a family member would get hurt in the trafic.. if I could take a plan without it crash down to the sea or something.. Not be so paranoid.
    I will try to be the happiest I can be. Be more kind to people I know and don't know. Make new friends and stronger relationships with my best friends and try to make school as fun as possible and do the freaking work. But I think my biggest goal with 2013 is to be happy, take care of my family and just enjoy life. :) x

  54. Have a great 2013, full of interesting talented people around you, smiles, laugh, love and sex!
    Your resolutions are very similar to my ones, actually. I also fell in love with a mirror frame in the 1st pic.

  55. Larisa

    wow, this is almost as if you would rewrite my New year resolutions! I want to make 2013 my best year ever too, but more than that, I want it to be the year of truly discovering myself, finding my way, doing things I enjoy doing and accomplish as many things I can. Reading this made me feel even more determined to do all this things and knowing there is, not just any person, but Zoe herself who is making a change, gives me strength and hope. Thank you Zoe, stay awesome!

  56. Hannah

    It sounds like we had a pretty similar 2012 from what i read of your last post and I think we're wanting the same from 2013. I know you'll get your happy year if you set your mind to it. good luck!!

  57. My New Year resolution is to blog, blog, blog! Happy New Year Zoe! xx

  58. Be happy Zoe! :)

  59. I hope you achieve all that you want to this year! I am also wanting to travel more this year and there are some plans in the making!!
    I can't wait to see more blog posts from you. It is something I really enjoy reading

  60. Janella

    I'm totally similar to you in some ways, I'm also a very anxious person and I stress myself way to much. I'm moving out of my and my roommate's apartment hopefully soon.

    xo Janella

  61. Amy

    Hope you have an amazing year! Quite surprised to see that most of our resolutions are similar :D good luck in keeping them :D xx

  62. Olivia

    My resolutions are pretty similar to yours! I hope 2013 is everything you wish for :) x

  63. emmi

    you're just wonderful!

  64. Louisa

    My New Year's resolutions are to get the grades to get into my top choice university, to eat a little more healthily, to get more sleep and to take lots more photos do I have them to look back on and also to get my blog going :) You've got some great resolutions!

  65. good luck girl !

  66. Great post Zoe.
    Everyone has similar resolutions! We just have to all stick with them! It would be nice to recap on this post at the end of the year to see if you stuck with them al! :-)

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

  67. I've also decided that 2013 should be a fresh start.
    I had a pretty rotten year last year, but luckily I have now started university but I'm just really concentrating at the moment on doing what makes me happy (in the grand scheme of things, not in a spoilt brat "I want it now" kind of way)
    Hope 2013 turns out to be everything you hope it will be Zoe :)

    Emily x –

  68. Liiiiia

    I really really really like this post and i wish for you the best year ever because you deserve it. I know you since few weeks now, I'm from France so everything was against our meeting but i think you're amazing and an absolutely good person. I think that everyone should make a list, starting by myself. haha. so thank you for this post and have a happy new year Zoe.

    – Léa.

  69. I love these and I hope this year is good for you :) Some of my goals are similar (drinking more water, travelling, eating healthier and to stop getting worried over the little things) and I just want to be happy overall x

  70. Your photos always looks so Romantic and lovely!

    I'm trying to be less negative in 2013, I want to try and by kind and nice to everyone in my thoughts and my actions.

    Wishing you a great 2013!

    Abi xx

  71. I always love reading your posts Zoe! You really inspire me to sort my blog out as I can never find time to post although it's one of my favourite things to do!
    My New Years resolutions are to take more photographs and read more. Although neither have really occured yet!
    Hope you achieve all you want this year and i'm looking forward to reading more throughout 2013!

  72. Those are great resolutions!! I definitely want to take on some of these..mainly the drink more water. I am exactly the same..I can go all day without drinking anything and still not feel thirsty :/

    and if I'm going to drink alot, it means I'm going to spend A LOT of time running to and from the loo.. DAMN SMALL BLADDER!

  73. You're are so inspiring in all aspects of my life! You don't conceal any negatives, and are so open it feels like I know you (which is so strange). I'm so excited that one of your resolution things is to blog more, because however much I love to watch your videos, reading your posts seem to be much more insightful!
    I wish you the very best for 2013 Zoe, you deserve it!
    Thank you!!!

  74. You are such an inspiration Zoe, and this is exactly what I am going to be doing this year! We all have lovely things to look forward too and this year it's my birthday, going to London and turning 18. Finishing my exams at sixth form and hopefully going on holiday in the summer. And then starting my time at university, which is pretty scary, but we shall see if I like it or not. My goal is to try and keep my blog updated also, which as you said can be very hard to get the creative juices flowing, I hope to have a smoothly running blog as I love everything about working on it, such as taking the photos, posting the photos and writing a little passage along with it. Then the comments are just a plus cause they are always so lovely!

    If you are looking for a book to read this year maybe try reading Miranda Kerr 'Treasure Yourself' it is truely a beautiful read and has helped me through many moments in my life that I have been down. Therefore I feel as though it could help you as well.

    As you may or may not no, I am a massive fan of both your blog snd your youtube channel and I cannot wait for more content and following the journey of 2013 with you, especially now that you also have a vlog channel! Good Luck Zoe! You are great and don't ever forget that!!! Happy New Year!!

  75. Great resolutions, and lovely photos! 'Be the best version of you' – I love that!! xx

  76. This is an amazing post! I love seeing a new post from you on my reading list as they're always so insightful. My goals are:
    -Write down something that made me happy that day and put it in a jar to open in the future
    -Exercises a little everyday
    -Drink more water
    -Blog at least 3 times a week
    -Upload a video once a week

    I haven't ever actually stuck to a new years resolution but I think this year will be different!

  77. Kelly

    I've decided to try choose the healthy option occasionally too! I'm hoping that because i blogged it i'm going to be more inclined to stick to it!
    I can also hugely relate to your anxiety related ones, it's those kind of things that i always try to keep in the back of my mind to keep pushing myself :)

    Good luck with everything in 2013!


  78. Happy New Yearr!, Your photos are amazing, congrats on nearly 4 yours in this cyber world :D
    Leigh xo

  79. sarahxo

    Another amazing post. I love your blog so so much, every post you do I just find so lovely to read, I am glad one of your aims is to blog more! Your blog was one of the first blogs I ever came across and fell in love with it instantly so I am looking forward to seeing more posts from you again! :)
    A lot of my new year aims are the same as yours, so here's hoping 2013 is the year we achieve them all! :)
    Good luck lovely! ♥

  80. We have some of the same resolutions. :) I definitely need to learn not to sweat the small stuff, too! It's so hard when you're a natural worrier though.

  81. I think writing down a list of achievable things to aim for is such a good idea! I always end up setting targets that I know i'm never going to achieve and therefore never do haha – love the images too:)
    Hope 2013's a good one for you Zoe!x

  82. eliseio

    Zoe, I love your blogs, your videos, you are an inspiration.
    You never fail to create an amazing blog post or video.
    Keep up all of your amazing work!
    And your resolutions relate to mine x

  83. These are so similar to the resolutions I've made for myself! haha. Especially the being positive point. I feel I was quite a negative person last year so I'm focusing on being all around more happy generally (: I wish everyone the best 2013! Lovely post Zoe, I adore your blog!

  84. Chrissy

    Great post. I also loved reading the previous one, although it must have been hard for you to even write about it. Just like the video you did about anxiety. I think you took quite a hughe step out of your comfort zone.

    Wishing you a fantastic year 2013.

  85. Bree

    Hurrah for "To do" lists.. or as I like to call them "Ta-Da" lists (it feels amazing at the end of the year to go "Ta Da – I checked them all off!"). I too prefer to write a list of things to do, places to visit rather than resolutions such as "Lose weight" or "Get fit" as they are usually unrealistic and then I feel rubbish. So Yippee for positive goals and adventures for 2013 :D xxx

  86. Really good goals you've set, makes me feel a little bad that I made no resolutions myself haha x

  87. Sophie

    Reading this post has made me get into the mindset for making 2013 great! Some of my goals are the same as yours, and it feels good to be achieving them.

    I hope you have a great year and look forward to your posts! :) Xx

  88. Good luck with your goals/resolutions, they're easy if you set your mind to it! :) xx

  89. great post! i wish you the best in this year. :)

  90. Reading this has made me determined to achieve my goals in 2013! Mine are very similar to yours!

    I hope you have the best year!x

  91. well go for the resolutlions! Let's "Be the best version of YOU" together!!!!

  92. My last flight was terrible and it makes me think that every next flight will be that terrible too. But I'm trying to fight with these thoughts and I'm going to celebrate my winter break on Fuerteventura. It still terrifies me but I'm determined too.
    Lots of kisses for you! I hope that our flights will be safe! :)

  93. Zoe your aims for 2013 are like IDENTICAL to mine! hahah! I suffer with anxiety too and I flew for the first time in 6 years in July. I told myself it was going to be a horrid experience before I'd even got on the plane so I was terrified, had a full blown panic attack and then passed out because I hyperventilated and inhaled too much oxygen too quickly. Everything was fine, so there was nothing to be worried about! Hopefully you'll go to vidcon with Louise and people like that, so that should make you feel a bit better knowing they're there :)It will be fab if you go to America (you better vlog it for your youtube channel hehehe!)
    Hope you have a great year Zoe! xo

  94. Happy new year zoe. Your resolutions are pretty much the same as mine. Including drink more water. I'm useless at drinking and then wonder why I have a headache. High up on my list is planning my 2014 wedding. I may just have to pinch the idea of that cute little "happily ever after "sign
    Harriet x

  95. I love this post and I really think I should make the most of 2013 now xx

  96. Good luck Zoe! I have set myself a goal of also drinking more water and to create my own blog and you tube as it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. So far i've done 2 blog post and no youtube video but hey we are only 6 days into the year! and good luck to everyone with their goals :)

    Emily x

  97. Noor

    What a lovely post. I hope everything you wish happens.

  98. I also did a blog post on my new years resolutions. It's a great way to look back at the end of the year and see if I've achieved any of them. Good luck with yours! Have a great 2013! xo

  99. i want to start blogging more aswell. hope you have a good year!! :D

  100. Amy

    Happy New Year Zoe! :-)

  101. Good goals – I hope you stick to them :)

  102. Jazz

    Definitely agree with the 'drink more water' one. I often go through a day and then realise i haven't drunk anything!!

  103. Monica

    I'm happy to hear that the end of 2013 started to go in the right direction for you :) You definitely seem very happy and jolly in your newer videos on youtube.
    In 2013 I want to work on my health, blog, and spirituality more. They're pretty standard goals, but I broke them down into smaller categories in order to have a starting point in achieving them!


  104. Beautiful post Zoe, from the images to the content. i think the flying thing is something that you will feel great for tackling and i am sure you will have awesome time in America :) One of my resolutions is travel more, whether it be in the UK or abroad, I just love going to new places :) Hope you have a wonderful 2013 Zoe! xx

  105. am also going to try drink more water this year, i used to do the same thing with the 2L bottles of water it gets quite hard xx

  106. Sindy

    happy new year Zoe! I do exactly the same as you for breakfast! but instead of biscuits, mine are crisps and on some mornings… I can munch through a multipack! oops so that is something I need to work on haha xx

  107. Great resolutions Zoe!! Mine are pretty much the same but my main one is to blog more Xx

  108. I hope your 2013 is amazing Zoe, you deserve it!! As a fell anxiety sufferer a lot of these goals are the same as mine!! I've already booked an appointment at the doctors to speak to someone about my panick attacks so I'm off to a good start!!

    Also, I'm totally with you on laying off the dominos haha ;) but oh my, they are just so good!!

    All the best for the new year & so pleased to see you back blogging again!


  109. Holl JC

    These are all amazing! I especially like the one about drinking more water! I'm exactly the same! Being petite means that if I drink too much water I feel like I'm gonna burst! xxx

  110. Maddy

    I hope 2013 is amazing for you, I also suffer from panic and anxiety, amongst many other things, so my new years resolution are quite similar xxx Hope that you blog more this year because I love reading your posts :) xxxxxx

  111. I have already done a checklist for the year 2013 . Would love you to read it? Xxx

  112. Happy New Year to you Zoe!

    I love your new resolutions and completely agree with you about parallel parking! I get so frustrated when it is busy season and the only available parking is in the middle of two other cars. I have to abandon the slot and traipse all the way across town to hunt for an easier spot – how embarrassing!

  113. Brillant post, your goals are similar to my goals for he new year, i hope the year goes well for you and eventful in a good way :)

    Pipp xx

  114. I loved reading this post, a lot of your goals are very similar to mine actually :D I feel like I need to be more positive and blog more and don't sweat the small stuff :D
    I loved the paragraph on "be the best version of you" I think that is a very inspiring quote :D
    hope you can achieve all these :D xx

  115. Most of your resolutions were same as mine! I wish that your resolutions become true this year :)
    Also, I have a pretty new blog, I would appreciate it if you would find the time and check it out.

    Laura xx

  116. Katie

    I'm the same with a lot of these, especially the water one!

    good luck!


  117. I loved this post. I really need to make some changes in my life because I feel like I'm not happy with things that happen for a while. Thank you for shared this post with us. And certainly this will help me to find out "the best version of me". I really wish to make this year awesome!

    Happy new year ;)
    J. xx

  118. definitely going to be trying all of those things, and am going to try and make the most of 2013 too :) i had quite a bad ending to 2012 and am trying to turn things around :)
    i made a new years resolutions/turning things around sort of post too, just before the end of the year so check it out if you like? :)
    have an amazing year, you deserve it <3

  119. Angela

    Good Luck Zoe, great resolutions xx

  120. You're very inspiring Zoe! :) x

  121. Elena

    lovely post as always, dear zoe. i hope 2013 turns out awesome for you. i don't like to say goals. i don't want to stress myself, which i do alot. so i really want to be good with my graduation grades and want to be less stressed about my future and less scared and i hope i can do my yoga routine again. cause is really is the most relaxing thing ever.

  122. Amie H

    Great post Zoe :) My New Years resolution is just to stay happy and positive more. Like you, I can get affected by the little things and I really want to change this! Wish you lots of luck and happiness for 2013 xx

  123. last photo I like so much , happy new year

  124. All the points also apply to me!
    Except for the organizational part. I am always quite well organized :)
    ..Good luck!

  125. This was so lovely to read, and though I already had a couple of resolutions in mind for myself, you definitely given me more to think about!

    Good luck! And best wishes! <3

  126. I'm joining you on the "drink more water" aim. I don't know how I am still alive tbh, I seem to NEVER drink…. quite worrying actually :S
    Anyways loved this post and good luck!

  127. Melanie

    Your resolutions seem quite good Zoe :)
    This year, I just want to succeed in what I do and particularly in my "training" to become home stagger and I want to begin to work so that my bf and I can go on travel together all around the world!

    I hope you can succeed in your resolutions too and I wish the best for 2013 Zoe!
    Big hugs xx

    Melanie ~

  128. Hi Zoe,
    I really enjoyed reading this post and gave the inspiration to go off and write my own goals for 2013 I already have a few resolutions but they already seem to be going out of the window, haha. This post has made me think about pursuing these goals.
    Thank you so much, you're such an inspiration to me. Happy New year :):):) xxxxxxx Lot's of love Sophie xxx

  129. Annabel

    I don't know if you'll read this, but I honestly cant WAIT for you to blog more, blogs are great, I loves em ;) I like the quiet of sitting down (often in bed hahaha) and reading for hours blog post after blog post, writing my own and hitting publish, it's great :) I've been a follower here for an age now and often I'm jelly of all your lovely followers when I struggle to get any comments some days, but I don't mind and carry on because youtube is fickle like films but blogs are like sturdy old time books, satisfying and comforting (some sort of fancy analogy happening here)
    best stop..

  130. Great goals, i definitely need to start going for the healthier option too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  131. Erica

    If you're looking to stay hydrated, I've recently discovered that coconut water works wonders! It's definitely not a replacement of drinking water; it's more of a nice little aid :)

  132. These are all great resolutions, I think I could do with thinking about some of these myself as I'm a natural stresser too and I'm not safe to be left around any kind of chocolate. I hope you have a lovely 2013 :)
    Rosalie x

  133. I really, really love these post from you. It's so unique and inspirational, I know I say this every time but I really can't get over how good they are. Please don't spot making these kind of posts, I love them! I like the goal you've set yourself, I honestly need to drink more water too! <3 xo

  134. Really nice to see all your aims and ambitions for the year ahead. I set myself some pretty standard ones like, losing weight and becoming more positive. But my main one is I am going to try and blog everyday of 2013 :) In a years time I want to be able to look over how much I have accomplished through 2013, such as graduating etc.

    Josie xxx

  135. I made a resolution to blog more as well! Also, to make my beauty blog more personal and about other things I like, because I felt like I didn't always want to sit there and talk about makeup ALL the time. I like other things as well, so I want to incorporate all of the things I enjoy on my blog so it's more well rounded and more…. ME. I feel like I'll enjoy blogging more this way!


  136. Drinking more water is such a good idea, but if you struggle with it because it tastes "boring" you should try out green tea. It's great for hair, skin and nails. :)


  137. Kelly

    Lovely post it's great to have aims and goals for the year, I love your post it has inspired me to be more positive and set my own goals for the year, thank you :)
    Kelly xx

  138. wow Zoe you have got yourself organised! You (and some other Youtubers) have inspired me to gain more confidence in myself and say yes to more. Thank You for giving me that extra boost! xx

  139. Hey Zoe! I am glad to hear that your year is going well so far! :) I am so pleased that you will be coming to America this year, however you will be nowhere near where I live, in the South. :(
    Anyways, I actually wrote a blogpost about my new year's resolutions too, as many bloggers have. Yours seem very reasonable and I truly belive that you can achieve them.
    I hope you have an amazing year because you truly deserve it. And I, Elle Dako, will be here with you, every step of the way.
    Live the life you love. Love the life you live.
    Elle :)

  140. Fatzee

    All the best Zoe…you will do great!

  141. Love your ideas for the new year and absolutely love your blog!
    It inspired me to have my own one now!
    Lana :)

  142. Esh

    These are the perfect resolutions, Zoe. I'm a new blogger and you have really inspired me. In 2012 i had my first panic attack, well, i think it was a panic attack and I read your post and it has helped me so much. Now one of my resolutions also is to not sweat the small stuff <3

  143. Happy New Year 2013 ! Champagne !

    You will be sublime in 2013 as you have been throughout 2012.

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


  144. I just love your blog Zoey!! I normaly read norwegians blogs, because i`, from Norway, but it just makes me so happy to read you post! And i was waiting on this one because i saw you live yesterday!

  145. Lovely blog post. This year I want to drink more water, consider health a lot more and reduce my spending on unnecessary things!


  146. Dani

    A friend of mine has studies hypnotherapy and has great success helping people "get over" their fear of flying. Its really interesting, its not actually the flying that you're afraid of but more often an underlying fear, like losing control which has stemmed from some other past experience. I would have been a complete skeptic before about this kind of mumbo jumbo but have found it amazing. Worth a try :)

  147. Hope you have an amazing 2013 :) My resolutions are pretty similar, and just hope to be more happy and do well in my AS exams in the summer.

  148. This is sooo similar to what I want to do this year! Happy new year Zoe, and good luck!! x

  149. lolly

    so hapy for you that your 2012 got better towards the end of the year :) i love your blog and youtube videos and wish you all the best for 2013, hope you accomplish all of your resolutions! i too hope to not worry and stress about the small things in life, fingers crossed! x

  150. Emer

    Loved this post, it inspired me to do my own 2013 post.

  151. This was such a lovely post to read. :) and your images are just as. I hope 2013 is a great year for you, Zoe! I have no doubts it won't be! My resolutions are very similar to a few of yours; organization being right up there. I also hope my year goes better too and I'll try my hardest to make it so. :)
    Thanks again for the great post! x

  152. danique

    You are always so insprational to me!!

  153. All your resolutions were honestly perfect for me! It was a little weird that we could have so much alike. I even had an apple for breakfast instead of my usual chocolate or cookie. Your post has really inspired me. And I hope I can go to Vidcon too(since I live right here in California). Anyways, I wish you a great year and that you meet all your goals. Happy new year! :)

  154. A very positive way to look at the new year :)
    I just blogged about 2013 also please check it out.

    Looking to find some fellow newbie bloggers or beauty blogging friends so we can all meet people with similar interests and share tips and advice etc :)

  155. Lucie

    i actually set that picture as my desktop background, because i also really like that quote. thanks for reminding me of it! :)

  156. Love this post, I too suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. 2013 will be our year (I am desperate for a holiday too haha).

    I am new to blogging – check me out if you like (this is to everyone)


  157. This is a really good post, it's made me think a lot more about what I want to do for 2013, I've already listed some things, but the drinking more water and travelling more ones are definitely things I should add to that list! I'm planning on doing a post like this myself tomorrow :)

  158. Love this post !
    I have just blogged about my shopping trip yesterday not everything is on their but theres a few bits.

    Looking for some people to chat to as my blog is about everything so fashion films books nails !
    So that we can share tips and interest or similar interests

  159. I'm also going to try and be a better version of myself! I think you have great goals and I hope you achieve them all!

  160. I am still yet to set my new years resolutions so theat is going on my to do list I think I may steal some of yours!

  161. Carlii

    Love the diary, so cute.

  162. Melissa

    Love your blog so much zoe, your a real inspiration!!

    please check out my blog!!

    :) xxx

  163. Alot of these are very similar to mine! Hope your 2013 is amazing! :)

  164. Loved this post ! And good luck …

    My resolutions for 2013 are :

    1 : To lose some weight and get more healthy ♥
    2 : Start working out more often ♥
    3 : believe in myself and fight for the goals i want to achieve ♥
    4 : Start a youtube channel , this summer ♥
    5 : Keep working and putting effort into my blog posts

    xx Liyana ♥

  165. Thank you so much for this post, it's exactly what I needed to start the year right. I hope you have a great one :)

  166. good luck! i'm a strong believer that a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind so i really encourage the healthy eating thing. studies have linked artificial sweeteners and chemicals found in SO many processed foods can lead to lots of psychological problems which is why i started eating naturally and exercising and i've noticed such a big change. i have had SAD for the past 5 years where i'd become quite depressed, vacant and anxious for no real reason but i've noticed such an improvement this year so i hope you are able to make some healthy changes :)
    best wishes

  167. Aimée

    'Be The Best Version Of You' is my favourite quote too :) Such a nice post :)

    Aimée Xx

  168. Lovley post zoe :) I love reading your blog, so hopefully you will right more in the upcoming year :)xo

    P.s. ~I have just started my own blog ajnd would be sooo grateful if you all could take a look!<3

    -iona xox

  169. What an inspiring post. I look forward to what you are going to bring to your blog and youtube in 2013 :)! – life,fashion,travel,beauty..

  170. Very similar to my resolutions! x

  171. I reeeeeeally do love this post, all of these resolutions seem acheivable because they arent just a set of black and white rules, its more like a general movement in your daily life, if that makes sense! & I'm definitely put that picture as my background now :)

    p.s. I also did a new years resolutions post which you can check out here if you please:

  172. i've decided i should exercise more and eat more healthy! (not going to well at the minute)

    and i am new to blogging, please check me out everyone if you want, blog on fashion beauty and life:)

    thanks:) xx

  173. I hope 2013 is a good one for you Zoe, you deserve it <3

  174. Hazzie

    Zoe this made me well up! I'm so glad that your 2012 got better towards the end and I sincerely hope your 2013 is all that you want it to be! One of my new years resolutions is to stay positive and take every opportunity that comes my way!

    I'm a new blogger as well and this is me fulfilling my resolution!
    fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

    Hazzie xox

  175. Hey Zoe, i loved this post so much that i decided i would start my own blog, i did my first post on what i hope 2013 would bring and what i need to change to make this year better than the last, i loved writing it so much. so thankyou for having such a lovely outlook on life and inspiring me to write my own blog <3 xx

  176. I think I'll also be following some of these tips :)! especially the blogging one..

    I was wondering if you could do a blog post or a video on designing tips? I am new to blogging and dont really want to splash out on a template just yet.

    Thank you

    Sophie xx

  177. Wow what a great post!
    Thank you for sharing it :)
    You inspire me to do my own resolutions..
    I know what I wanna post next now thanks to you <3

  178. This is such a lovely post, all the best for 2013 x

  179. i always enjoy reading your post, you really are one of my favorite blogs
    an i also enjoy wathing your youtube videos<3
    i know you wrote about this on your other post but when i was reading it about the toxic relationship and all the negativity it really reminded me of what i am going through right now. i was in a relationship for 6 years and just like that it ended. i still kinda am in a bad state, since he already moved on, but i promised myself to be more happy and reading what your wrote just made it even more clear that im not the only person that goes through these bad situations, and that we all have a point where things go bad BUT that we somehow need to find the light at the end of the tunnel and for me you were that light<3 i know it might be maybe a little weird for me to say that but it really did help me. so thank you.
    i hope you visit the U.S i would love to meet you, i live in San Diego CA !
    i hope you have a great year though an that you are able to do all the things that you said you wanted to do<3

  180. Rebecca

    I love your resolutions!

  181. I did exactly the same, i have more of a 2013 bucket list instead of resolutions! Such a great idea xx

  182. Payton

    It seems as though we have very similar resolutions! Growing up I have also been a very anxious person, but I've learned to put my worries behind me and enjoy life as it happens. It's not that easy, no, but you'd be amazed at how much positive thinking can change your life. Focus and determination is key for me this year. No more doubting myself about things. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

    tiny darling

  183. Anya

    I love the friends reference, lol! I really should drink more water as well and eat a bit healthier!

  184. Omg. You are so phenomenal. All the power to you girl! I hope 2013 brings you all the best! :)

    – Christine

  185. Zoeeeee I love these. You are so sweet and it comes across delightfully in your posts. Good luck for 2013, from a fellow anxiety freak.

  186. Good on you for setting yourself goals for the year. My goals are very similar to yours as well. One thing we have in common, is Drinking more Water. I'm in the dental industry and our bodies can last without much water for the day. That sometimes by the end of the day Ive only had about 2-3 glasses of water. Really back. Over the past few years I tend to make up a resolution list for myself but then end up steering off my path. A trick I am going to try this year (which a friend had told me to try) is to write in your planner, at the start of every month, write something you would like to accomplish. That way it reminds you throughout the year and even stage it out rather than doing it all together. Of course it depends on what your goals are. I love reading your blog posts as it is very refreshing to read someone elses thoughts and opinions.

  187. Good on you for making goals for yourself this year. I have a very similar list to you. One in perticular is Drinking more water. I'm in the dental industry and we tend to survive with the littlest amount of water in our system, that by the end of the day I probably only drank about 2-3 glasss. Really bad. Yes, I know. I am also keeping a planner for this year,.I am also going to keep a planner and a tip a friend had told me is to write a goal at the start of the month, something you want to accomplish for that month. And that way it helps to complete that goal, even if you only do 1-2 goals a month. I love reading your blog, as it is refreshing to read someone else's thoughts and opinions. Last thing, I'll share with you one of my favourite quotes and it is " Worrying is like a Rocking Chair. It gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere."

  188. Good on you for making goals for yourself this year. I have a very similar list to you. One in perticular is Drinking more water. I'm in the dental industry and we tend to survive with the littlest amount of water in our system, that by the end of the day I probably only drank about 2-3 glasss. Really bad. Yes, I know. I am also keeping a planner for this year,.I am also going to keep a planner and a tip a friend had told me is to write a goal at the start of the month, something you want to accomplish for that month. And that way it helps to complete that goal, even if you only do 1-2 goals a month. I love reading your blog, as it is refreshing to read someone else's thoughts and opinions. Last thing, I'll share with you one of my favourite quotes and it is " Worrying is like a Rocking Chair. It gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere."

  189. Good on you for making goals for yourself this year. I have a very similar list to you. One in perticular is Drinking more water. I'm in the dental industry and we tend to survive with the littlest amount of water in our system, that by the end of the day I probably only drank about 2-3 glasss. Really bad. Yes, I know. I am also keeping a planner for this year,.I am also going to keep a planner and a tip a friend had told me is to write a goal at the start of the month, something you want to accomplish for that month. And that way it helps to complete that goal, even if you only do 1-2 goals a month. I love reading your blog, as it is refreshing to read someone else's thoughts and opinions. Last thing, I'll share with you one of my favourite quotes and it is " Worrying is like a Rocking Chair. It gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere."

  190. Jemma x

    This post put me in a really positive mood and I think that your list of things to do is great and I might have to pinch it! :) xxx

  191. I want to also be more positive and organised – they are my main efforts and being healthy – well most of the time!

    Your blog is truely amazing!

    Would be great to follow each other. Now following you.


  192. Those are great new year resolutions Zoe, mine are very similar. I also get bad anxiety which stops me from doing a lot of things a normal teenager should be doing. You've inspired me to get my life back on track. Thank you

  193. Hey Zoe! Amazing post with really good resolutions! Hope we all can accomplish that =) Have a lovely monday, lots of love babe!

  194. Hello Zoe,

    I loved reading this post! I hope that this year you can beat your anxiety issues and have a great year! Our blog is one of my favorites (Louise's is one too!) and I love reading it! Looking forward to reading the next post!


  195. One new year resolution I've made for myself is to finally learn to drive. One thing I'd like to ask you Zoe is, was it difficult for you when you learnt to drive with the anxiety you were getting?

  196. I'm also trying to drink more water, to the point where I bought myself a Brita water filter jug thingy and not drink as much fizzy drinks and what not. :(
    Good luck to you Zoe


  197. I love this Zoe! I have pretty much the same resolutions for this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us!~


  198. Suesue

    Great post! Love the " ♥ Be the best version of you". An great inspiration for me as well since I'm down and insecure about myself quite a lot lately….

    kisses from Holland!
    Suesue –

  199. ADELA

    don't sweat the small stuff and parallel parking… yep, that rings home :) it always amazes me what a little parking exercise does to my heart rate, haha!

    my big thing this year is to not be lazy, ie no procrastination and no excuses and lots of doing.

    good luck and happy new year!

    xo adela

  200. love this, agree with all of it. Looking forward to the new year and the new posts you will be making :-)

    changed blog layout, come take a look all you beauty lovers


  201. I loved this post. I really need to make some changes in my life because I feel like I'm not happy with things that happen for a while. Thank you for shared this post with us. And certainly this will help me to find out "the best version of me". I really wish to make this year awesome!

  202. Lucy

    I hope you can achieve all your resolutions 'cause you deserve it! You're such an inspiration to me. If you want to travel you definitely should come to South America :)

  203. Elise

    Lovely post Zoe!

    I have quite the same resolutions as you :), eating more healthy, try to minimize the stress, laugh more, start 'YouTubing' and just becoming the better version of myself.
    I tend to hide my feelings quite a lot and I really want to change that.. I just want to do everything that I really want to do without thinking what other people might think..
    Not the easiest task but I just have got to do it this year!

    I think we are both going to have the best 2013 :)!

  204. I really hope you see this because i would really love to start my own blog, but im really scared that no one would read it, see it or just make fun of me for it. How did you get the courage to create your blog?

  205. I read a book last year which was called Don't sweat the small stuff- it's all small stuff and it really opened my eyes on what I believe is massive but in reality is tiny. You should I have a look at it :)


  206. i love how positive thinking you are zoe, it makes me want to be more positive about the way i think and do things x

  207. I love your positive sort of resolutions. They are good things to keep yet not too hard to keep. I appreciate that and makes me think of the things I want to acheive this year.
    I would appreciate if you looked at my blog, its new and something I decided I want to do and be able to look back on in years to come and remember how I felt.
    I have so far done a tag and a look back over my 2012.
    I would love any feedback, good or bad.

  208. You should be so proud of what you have already achieved. You are a real inspiration to so many people and I am sure that you are helping to keep the economy afloat with your posts (I blame you for many of my purchases in 2012 hehe!) love your style my lovely!

    Laura xx

  209. You're so lovely Zoe, you have the best humour.

    I hope this is a great year for you xx

  210. Good luck with all of your goals :) hope you have a great year and my goals are kind of the same except from a few xx

  211. Megan G

    Great post i love reading stuff like this :)

  212. Great resolutions, and I have to agree with a lot of them! It sounds cheesy and so cliched, but I really want this year to be a lot better than the last and to have as much fun as possible as well as getting a lot done!


  213. Amelia

    I really like your list. My resolutions as well are chock full of little reminders on how to live just a little better. I too struggle with anxiety and panic, so I know how most days can be a bit of a struggle and a fight just to stay comfortable, but this year I'm determined to ignore that little voice of doubt that's taken up residence in my head space. Hello 2013, the year of being just a bit more care free! xx

  214. Youre just amazing arent you, <3 too perfect! xxxxx

  215. you are one very natural blogger. .. no drama no nothing. just natural :)

  216. we have some similar hopes for the future ahead :)- stunning photos!!

  217. thank you Zoe, reading your recent few posts have really inspired me to not be as shy as I am and take risks, not be afraid of making mistakes and live life more. You're such an inspiration to so many and you should be really proud! <3

  218. This post was so beautifully put together, you've inspired me to think more positively as I endure these horrible first few days at school!
    It's comforting to know someone else suffers from severe anxiety, yet you've come such a long way, it's incredible

    new to blogging – (would love anyone to check it out) xxxx

  219. Really inspired me to start my own resolutions, and stick to them, a challenge in itself!

  220. Zoe, this blog post is so true and lovely. These are some pretty good and earth-bound resolutions.
    I saw a couple of days ago your video about panic attacks and it really made me think, because I have the same problem for most of things.
    It helped a lot knowing that I am not gonna die of it (ha ha! :p) and what other people think about it.
    Even if I am managing and I can control my panic attacks I still try to find the courage to do things I want and I like.
    One of those is finally(!!) starting my own blog. I've been wanting to do it for more than a year now and I decided that this is the time of change.

    I didn't know you had a blog as well, but know I found it I will be a here a lot! :D

    Love, A!

    My new blog.

  221. HanaBee

    Zoella, you seriously inspire me so much! Not even kidding. You inspired me to finally start my own blog. Anyone please check it out I only have one post so far, but many more will come soon!

  222. Tegan

    Reading your 'say yes' blogpost was the best thing ever! Im quite a shy person and i tend to think about EVERYTHING. I always have to go and be planned and know exactly whats going on. But lately ive been abit more relaxed, like im 15 i shouldnt worry so much. I recently just stopped being friends with my bestfriend which was a really hard time for me. She just hurt me so much. As im shy i dont make friends easily and im not really 'out there'. i recently got my first job and ive been really happy because im more 'out there' and i talk to able alot more. Normally i would try to avoid converstation as much as i could, ( not rudely or anything) But now i make the conversation and i try my best to keep it going. Ive also been saying yes to more things lately (one of them, starting my own blog!) and it has made me such a happier person. I feel like i can be independent and make my own friends and do things by myself. I have you to thank all that too! xx

  223. Hi sweetie. I'm your new follower.

    I love your blog and the things you post about. I can tell I'll be on here all the time.

    Come visit my blog soon and say Hi:


  224. Hi Zoe!
    I just wan't to say I've completely fallen in love with your blog – everything about it is just perfect!
    I'm a newest follower, and like the other million other people who have met your blog, will be looking regularly for updates!
    Grace X

  225. Tania

    Great resolutions Zoe, I do love your posts and video's! I wrote about mine too if you want to look?
    I've only recently got back in to blogging and it was all thanks to you! :) Would mean a lot if you followed me!

  226. Natalie

    Thank you for such an inspiring and motivational blog post Zoe. I fully understand and appreciate just how much thought and effort goes into your blog and every entry you post, and I always look forward to reading the next, so as you can imagine, I'm delighted to hear that to 'Blog more' is a goal of yours for 2013. I've been reading your blog for a while now and will continue to. Your beauty and talent astounds me. Happy New Year, have a good one Zoe; you so deserve it ♥.

  227. Natalie

    Thank you for such an inspiring and motivational blog post Zoe. I fully understand and appreciate just how much thought and effort goes into your blog and every entry you post, and I always look forward to reading the next, so as you can imagine, I'm delighted to hear that to 'Blog more' is a goal of yours for 2013. I've been reading your blog for a while now and will continue to. Your beauty and talent astounds me. Happy New Year, have a good one Zoe; you so deserve it ♥.

  228. I wish I had that much of a positive attitude towards the new year like you. My resolutions are usually about trying to eat more healthy – which would last a day because I wouldn't give myself treats – but this year being more self-confident is what I would love to feel. No, I'm definitely not the skinniest girl out there or the prettiest but hopefully if I get more confident in myself it will affect my behaviour and make me a more positive person with a better outlook on life. Also might steal that water one from you there;) X

  229. I love seeing other peoples New Year's resolutions but cant seem to make any for myself. I've attempted them before but it has never seemed to work out or take effect. Could be because I'm scared of disappointment and I'm also lazy (not a good combination hahaa)hey ho! Good luck Zoe xxx

  230. lovely post! the idea about drinking more water is actually really good for your health in general annnnd i think i might steal that from you! hahaha – oh! and don't forget to bring a light sweater when you go to vidcon! it gets a bit chilly during night time in california!

  231. good luck with your resolutions Zoe!drink more water is such a good one, never realise how little i drink until the day is over hahah xxx

  232. This is really inspiring :) thanks for sharing your thoughts and also your videos. I wish you the best for 2013 :)

    check it out if you like

  233. I think I've become slightly addicted to your blog. Not only is it inspirational but I find myself reading many of your posts and thinking that's exactly what I was thinking the other day! Loads of "you read my mind" moments. Looking forward to future posts :)

  234. some of my goals are:
    1. lose weight
    2. be healthy
    3. study
    4. find ways to market my blog
    5. write on my blog
    I love this post, it shows that you are have seen you need change and is willing to do it. not a lot of people have made goals this year.
    I like your post.

  235. .......

    hope this year will be everything youve wished for it to be! Im not making any serious resolutions this year just a general goal to be happier and healthier! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  236. This is such a positive inspirational experience! Really amazing. I know you will be able to achieve all of this! Good Luck Zoe xx
    Gem x |

  237. Chloe

    your photography is amazing! and you are truly an inspiration to me and many others im sure! you also helped me make my decision about starting my own blog as i have wanted to for ages but never really knew what to do!

    Thank you :) xx

  238. I tend to set goals for every year, but I usually give them all up. I really hope this year will be different, I desperately need a change. :(

  239. Thanks for writing love it, i always knew i would be happier after reading your posts, it gives so much energy. its sad to know you have so much negativity yet can bring us so much positivity. lets work it out together for 2013!!

  240. Krissy

    This is so inspiring :) especially about eating healthily, not wanting to lose weight but just for wanting to take care of your body :)

    I'll be doing a 2013 blog post this week for anybody who is interested, check me out on for now I have a haul that I just did on beauty products!

    Thanks, mail me your link and I'll check out your blog too! :)

  241. Zoe!
    This post so much because I totally agree with everything you're saying and agree myself!
    Being the best version of you is something I've learnt to do through moving to the UK this year and trying to get on with everyone :)
    Check out my blog

  242. Good on you for making goals you want to achieve this year. My resolutions are similar to yours. One we have in common is to drink more water. Being in the dental industry, we hardly make time to have a glass here and there. That most of the time, we get home and we have only had 2-3 glasses of water. I know, really back. But our bodies have gotten so used to it, we can survive on the minimalised. So far i am doing well, but im one of those people that makes resolutions then steers off my path. A friend told me a great trick, that is to have a planner and at the beginning of every month write one of your resolutions that you want to achieve. That way it reminds you throughout the year and will help to stick to your goals as well as spacing it out throughout the year. I love your blog and youtube videos as i think it is quite inspiring and refreshing to hear someone elses thoughts and opinions. I'll share with you one of my favourite quotes which is " Worrying is like a Rocking Chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere."

  243. I've always loved reading your blog posts and watching your videos. They're inspirational! After reading this one, I've finally gotten up the courage to start my own blog, and to actually continue it! I have a horrible tendency to start things and never finish them. That's definitely one of my goals… resolutions… whatever for 2013! To actually finish projects that I start.

    Lots of love and luck for the new year!


  244. Both this post and the last were aol unbelievably inspiring Zoe. I completely understood and felt a lot of what you said and it's encouraged me to sort out some things in my own life. I loved your panic and anxiety video as well, it was really brave and lovely of you. Thank you so much for everything Zoe :) xoxo

  245. Love this! I hope 2013 is my year :)
    Only just started blogging :)

  246. It's funny how many of my new year's resolutions are similar to yours!
    I want to be more organised too and also be more positive. I don't think that I suffer from anxiety but I do get scared to do a lot of stuff and I worry a lot, too.
    I have just started a blog and I would love it if you would check it out!
    I love your style and your personality! you seem like such a nice and fun person!!


  247. kisses from me blog, …. would mean the world to me if you check it out … xx:)

  248. i know you'll make me happy if you have a blogger's therapy – love to see new posts on here! I wish you a blessed year, may you accomplish your goals xx

  249. I love reading your blog posts so much Zoe! My resolution for the year is just to become happier:)! aaaaand try and stop eating as much junk but I cant promise that… haha thankyou for doing your posts, they always make me feel better after I have read them:) xxxxxx

  250. I find this blog post very inspiring because it just shows that having a positive attitude and supportive friends and family can help you control things, such as anxiety. I have never suffered with anxiety, but I know a few people who do and I'm sure they will be inspired by this.

    Tara x

  251. Lucia Z

    Hey Zoe!

    I also blogged about some of my New Year's Resolutions. I split them up into three different blog posts because they were all pretty long. Check them out and tell me what you think! I'm new to blogging so I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!




  252. Louise

    Hey Zoe :) Happy New Year. I hope you have an amazing year! Was wondering if you would do a make-up tutorial this year? Just a suggestion :) Have great year xx

  253. Wengie

    Hi there,
    How are you? I'm continually inspired through beauty, fashion, music and design. this is the link please follow my blog
    thank you.

  254. you're so genuine Zoe! I love both your blog and your youtube videos♥

    one of my new year's resolutions was to start a blog, I would be so grateful if you checked it out (even if I haven't posted much hehe): thank you!!

  255. That's such an inspiring post again. I'm the exact same way so this is really useful and I might just nick some of your resolutions :) xxx

  256. Hi love your blog so much and i was wondering how did you and Louise start your own online business because me and my friend really want to earn a bit of money selling beauty items and such it would be so cool if you could do a post on it

    it would be also so amazing if you checked out my blog i started quite recently

  257. ZOELLA. Thank you for everything that you do. You have truly inspired me to start my own fashion/beauty/inspiration blog, which I just started this year! I hope you will have the time to look at it someday.

    But if you can't, I still really want to thank you for motivating me to do what I want to do (:

  258. I also want to be more organised and blog more!:-)

  259. This is amazing Zoe, your blog posts always put a smile in my face, so. Have started a blog because of you!! You inspired me! I doubt you will ever read this but if you do or if anybody reads this please got to my blog and just say hi, it would mean a lot, and I'll check t some of you're. Thanks again Zoe, and your gorgeous!,!

  260. I admire you so much. You're incredibly beautiful and incredibly talented. You were one of my main inspirations when starting my own blog and I watch your videos too- not brave enough to do that yet though! Can't wait to see what you have in store this year- hope you have a good one! <3

  261. I also plan to pay more attention to my (new) blog. It would help if i had some followers though lol. Also I just generally need to MAKE A PLAN! Every other year i have had a plan that keeps me motivated because i have something to look forward to, hence i work hard up to that plan. But this year so far is looking bleek as i cant find how i am going to get to do what i want to do in Inida. Im thinking i should just suringly book my tickets to India and then i HAVE to make plans for it ;)

  262. I really love your blog it's just amazing !! And I really loved the quote i'm going to write it down and think about it :)

    I just started my own blog :) go check it out if you have some time :)

  263. Love this! Will definitely be trying to apply these to my own life. I also suffer from anxiety, due to a now mild case of hyperthyroidism, that is now a little more under control due to medication, but I've never had a panic attack (touch wood!). As a consequence of that and fear of heights, I feel really nervous about getting on a plane, but I am going on a family holiday in the spring to Benidorm. You're a really great inspiration to me, this post has really given me some great resolutions, even though I'm rubbish at keeping them. I could write a whole 1000 word essay on your goals, because they're so amazing, and you're amazing, but I'll stop myself here I think


  264. And lots and lots of luck as well Zoe!


  265. Amelia

    Many of my resolutions are similar to yours. I am trying to drink more water, the benefits are amazing…as long as I can stick to it!
    I need to be more positive, I have started to be a bit I think. Whenever I give advice to people it's always about being positive and thinking "maybe this happened for a reason" and coming up with reasons that something negative happened that might benefit you in the future, and I need to take my own advice and do this more!
    I hope you can stick to your resolutions, namely the blogging one, I'd love to see you blogging more frequently again!
    Lots of love xx

  266. Does anyone know where this 2013 diary is from? It's gorgeous and I need it in my life!

  267. Sanjana

    You are TOO CUTE.

    Love from New York

  268. I recently started a style blog, feel free to check it out! x x

  269. please check out my beauty blog, im a new starter and struggling to get comments and views!! thankyou x

  270. Hey Zoe,
    I Hope your 2013 is amazing! I just wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration you have given me. With that I have started a blog of my own and I am very thankful for that! You deserve a great year!xx

  271. It's funny that I stumbled upon your blog through your Youtube channel and adore you aspirations as well as personality even more!!

    Keep v/blogging and stay true to yourself!

    Rosalyn Gambhir

  272. Anna

    I love how the start of the year is a chance to start a-fresh, make plans and get excited about whats to come. This was such a lovely read :)

  273. Alix M

    Gorgeous post, Zoe! This year will bring much change in my life, some of which I'm very excited for and some of which I am absolutely TERRIFIED! But, I've just gotten back into my blogging after a brief pause, so one of my resolutions is not only to get my bloggy up and going again, but to document these big changes, so that I can look back in a year, even 10 years! :D And of course I've made other typical resolutions, such as eating healthy and exercise and whatnot! Bring it on, 2013! Weeee! :)

  274. This is so inspiring :)

  275. nice post;)

  276. HanaBee

    You are so inspiring!! I really want to try some of this stuff!!

    Please check out my blog, it would mean soo much!!!

  277. Angi

    I'm not just saying this, but those genuinely sound like my goals for this year. Especially, the "Be the Best Version of You" I really like that one. I don't panic about things I just find myself becoming very negative very easily so I need to try and change that!

    And you are inspiration!! I don't think I'd ever manage 14 days without a Domino's haha.

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  280. Sarah

    Hey guys!
    I'm a new blogger, I basically give advice about life, study tips and all things girly!

    check me out!
    Sarah xx

  281. 2013 really was a New Year for me after surgery I went through all throughout 2012, so this blog post really inspired me to bite the bullet, create my own blog and just write whatever I felt like and not worry if it was silly or irrelevant to other people – it was all relevant to me, so thank you :] xx

  282. I don't think there is one person who could read your blog and not be inspired Zoe!
    Please check out my blog as i love yours and i would appretiate any tips or hints to improve my blog and get more of an audience

  283. Hey! Just discovered your blog yesterday & I wanted to tell you that you're really inspirational! I suffer really badly from anxiety & it is a relief to know there are people out there who are going/have been through the same thing. I am gonna start saying 'yes' to things also! Never really thought about doing a blog, but it seems like a good platform to put your thoughts out there & if people read, great, but if not, it's your own little piece of history. Thanks for being awesome, I'll look forward to your future posts.


  284. Mariel

    I actually have the same resolutions for 2013! I just reorganized my pile of books and papers in my dorm room, started eating more vegetables and fruits, and being more 'girlier' (sorry for the lack of terminology) which was of course inspired by you! You've been an inspiration to me to take care of myself more. Thank you for that! :)

    p.s. I hope you check out my blog! I just came home from a European trip and it was amazing!


    my new beauty blog :) please check it out and follow me


    my new beauty blog :) please check it out and follow me

  287. Kathy B

    A very happy new year to you, fine lady! I really, really enjoyed following you throughout 2012 and watching all of your funky videos!

    Love this post; very inspiring indeed! Here's hoping 2013 will be a cracking extravaganza! Xx

  288. I've only recently discovered you as a vlogger, and ended up watching most of your videos in the space of a couple of weeks. The first video I saw was you video on Panic attacks. I related to it so much! After watching your videos, I thought I'd have a look at your blog (since you mention it a lot!) and decided I'd try it for myself. My resolution (made this week, so only a bit late) is to take the chances given to me. I want to make myself a happier person, and I think I can do this if I just throw myself out there after spending the best part of 2 years either suicidally depressed, or having panic attacks at the thought of leaving the house, or even getting out of bed! So thank you, for giving me another thing to throw myself into.

    Happy New Year, 3 weeks too late x

  289. JayGB

    Hi happy new year everyone! And you too Zoella , isn't it amazing how fast this year has gone!
    Please, please, please check out my blog too!
    Thanks Zoe for that amazing post!

  290. Always enjoy reading those kind of posts! Great blog, Zoe!

  291. Arianna

    It's funny because im quite like you, some of my goals are similiar to yours except blog more hehe
    I enjoy reading your posts, and im kind of new here. But I feel really good because I had a similar year (2012), but mine started in February, I ended the same type of relationship (after 4 years!) and my life started that day!
    So now I want to avoid stress and panic in my life, to feel free to start and try new things. My best friend and I wanted to travel more, and Im excited because we already started this one! We already went to the beach for 3 dyas :D

  292. love your blog zoe and it inspired me to start my own so would love it some people could check it out x

  293. loved the post! this is the way to live :)
    happy new year zoe :]

  294. You wanted to blog more, Zoe :D You really should start now.

    xoxo from Poland

  295. Lucy

    I love your outlook on life Zoe! Your such an inspiration it's unreal xoxox

  296. Sophia

    Hello Zoe,
    I really like this post! To be honest I love all your posts. You are my inspiration for starting my own blog! Thank you so much for being such an amazing girl. I wish you all the best for 2013!
    xx Sophia

    If anyone is interested in my blog (I'm new to blogging) – It would be kind of you to have a look at it! And I appreciate every single comment!

  297. hali

    I love reading your blog it's very amusing! You have inspired me to begin a blog on my own (:


  298. Love this blog so much!
    Can't for another year of your blog posts!
    Good luck for 2013 :)

  299. Love this blog so much, you're an inspiration!
    Looking forward to your new blog posts in 2013 – good luck!

  300. Accidentally posted twice (now three times!) because I love it so much! Sorry!

  301. you always use the most adorable pictures i can't get over it

  302. reading your blogs cheer me up so much zoe! i also love watching yours and louise's videos and you've both inspired me to start my own blog :)

    i've mentioned you both in my first post and my second post is a mini primark haul, i'd love it if anyone would like to take a look :)


  303. love all the pictures and inspiration from this post!

  304. I love this post! I gave up all drinks but milk and water for let last year (I only kept milk because that's what is served at school.) and I want to try to drink more water.
    Thanks for re-inspiring me!

  305. Hi Zoe!
    I just want to say that you're a huge inspiration to me! honestly,first off I had always wanted to start some kind of blog or just somewhere where I could just talk about thinks and then a iran upon your youtube channel and then here and it really helped me kinda decided hey I should start a blog! and then after reading "Just Say Yes" well….I said yes :) haha that has honestly been one of my favorite posts so far and i've really been applying it to my life, especially this 2013!! so thank you so much :)
    I've recently started a blog and I would be extremely grateful if you or anyone would swing by it and give me feedback if you can, but if not just by reading it it would just mean alot to me :)
    Thank you so much, and keep blogging :P xx

    hope you all like it :) i'm still trying to figure out which direction to go with it, but im slowly but surely finding my way!

  306. I really love the post! I just found you on Youtube, and I think you're one of the most funny persons I know haha. Subscribed. (:

  307. I love this!
    Your Blogs, YouTube.. You inspire me everyday =]

    I'm very new to blogging and I mention you in my very first post and it would mean the world to me if you saw this too check out my blog =] =]

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    xo Steph.

  308. hello :)
    I just wanted to let u know that I ve got really bad flu right now and that´s why I spent the whole day reading ur blog. It really made my day :))) thank u zoe :)

  309. My list of resolutions was almost exactly the same!

    I'm trying my best to focus on eating healthier and exercising. I want to get into a habit of going to fitness classes a few times a week so I'm still trying to get into a routine so it feels normal as opposed to a short term January thing!

    Really liked this post :)



  310. natalie

    I love your blog sooooooooooooooo much!!!!)

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  312. Love these, think I'm going to do some myself! xo

  313. Zoe you are great and i'm sure 2013 will ve your year!

    i'm also new to blogging and would love it if everyone would have a look. thanks xxx

    Please feel free to comment and give advice

  314. Helen

    in love with your blog! <3

  315. Chloe

    Zoe, you are so inspiring and beautiful! It may sound cheesy but I look up to you and you have inspired me to change my life for the better :) thank you xx

  316. This post is just incredible, and because of your blog, I decided to start mine and well, it's hard to get subscribers and stuff…but also really FUN! Keep doing this type of posts :) check me out:

  317. this a really nice blog post when i was reading this some of the things you listed is what aim to do, one of mine was to start a beauty and about me blog on this site, i have started one but stuck with the beauty side at the moment. i love how your blogs are about different things it makes it more interesting. i think i might branch out a little and try new thing with my blog thank you for giving me the kick i needed.

    please check out my blog
    it only has five post on it but at least it is a start
    you an amazing girl and i love your youtube videos
    keep being you
    from Zoeleanne xx

  318. Great post!!! I really like the way you write : D Best wishes to everyone whos reading this!!!
    LG Abby ♥

  319. Ahhhh seriously Zoe you're like the best! I love that a lot of us can relate to you on a personal level.

    Keep being awesome :D


  320. Absolutely wonderful,

    You have far much more will power than me when it comes to not ordering dominoes. I rewarded myself after a 2 weeks dominoes fast, with a dominoes.

    Looking forward to your blogs and vlogs this year Zoe, they always make me smile!

    I'm contemplating making my first ever review a dominoes pizza review.


  321. Jessica

    Such great goals! Seeing others set attainable goals spreads the motivation. Being a little more positive in 2013 is definitely a goal of mine as well. I honestly believe that we have MUCH more power over the way we feel than we realize.

    Much love,

  322. love your post! i need to re-do my new years resolution too

  323. You are so gorgeous and love your outlook on life. A true inspiration =] You were the reason I started blogging xx

  324. this has really inspired me to make the most of my year, especially as my 2012 really wasn't that great, wish me luck!

  325. Please, Please go check out my channel and Please FOLLOW ME as it would mean an awful lot and I just want to know some people are reading it only if there is only one person following a week or maybe even a month xxxxx Plus Very good post Zoe really enjoying watching and reading your blogs and you tube videos xxxxx

  326. I love this! 2013 is a new start

    I have just started blogging, get following!

  327. This is such a relatable post! I too suffer from anxiety based depression and can't do a lot I like to do. Your youtube video really inspired me!

    I'm new to blogging , I'd love it if you were to check me out!


  328. please check out my very first blog post and give me some constructive criticism, some ideas to blog about and send me some links to your blogs!

    :) x

  329. this really inspired me to make some of my own resolutions it would be great if you could check my blog out and give me some feedback x
    blog down below:

  330. Hi Zoe!

    I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I am always pleasantly surprised by how much of yourself you put into each post. It's really nice to read about someone who isn't trying to promote themselves and is, therefore, relatable and inspiring. What really made me want to comment on this particular post was the resolution to be "the best version of you"; that's a really great goal to have and I plan to take that on. Reading your blog makes me feel like I know you and it's nice to know people go through the same things that you do. So, thanks.

  331. This was such an incredible post, I targettted myself some of the same goals. I must drink more water, I want to keep eating healthy and I want to travel so much. I love your blog.

    Lots of love,
    Em sheldon

  332. good for you zoe! Good luck!
    I know i'm going to need a lot of luck this year too! I have so many goals! But I have a feeling it will be hard because like you I also suffer with anxiety :(
    Going to be positive though :)
    Have a good year!!
    and to anyone reading this, I hope you have a good year too!

    Lizzie xxx

  333. 2013 it'll be great <3

  334. I swear you're like the older version of me! I have had previous anxiety/panic attack problems, I'm petite and 'skinny' yet I eat like a horse, haha xx

  335. I absolutely love you blog!

  336. I doubt you'd hear alot of guys my age commenting on your blogs (as they are fashion related and all) but to me, you are a inspiration. I actually get alot from reading your blogs and just generally happy go lucky lifestyle. It is very rewarding to watch you and a group of friends having fun.

    I've only really got round to reading this blog on 2013 and I read your 2012 one. I wish you all the luck for 2013 :D x


  337. Megg

    I think you have perfect NYR because they're easy to stick to and will make YOU feel better, thats the main aim of NYRs, right?

  338. i didn't write any resolutions this year, but instead convinced myself i would be able to remember them all, however after this i realise i don't remember a single one and therefore most likely haven't stuck to one. i think this has given me a new future blog topic so thankyou!

  339. If you want to travel more to warm places You have to come to Puerto Rico :) seriously is a very tropical island in the caribbean and it is so beautiful and the beaches are prefect <3 You'll love it and also I can meet you :3 haha x

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  341. You need to get on the water hype!! :) It is the easiest way to be healthy and you really see and feel the benefits! I recently wrote a blog post about it because I'm so obsessed! I really love this post it's so honest and sweet :) It's clear you've made the most of 2013 so far! Also your top in the B&W picture, did you get it free with a mag?! I got one a couple of years ago identical free with a mag but I can't remember which one! xx

  342. I love this post so much Zoe!

  343. zoe, you are the best…… :*

  344. and now its 2014, time goes so quick!

  345. This is one of my favorite posts ever. I hope that 2014 will be my year.
    Also I would like to add that I just started blogging, so anyone who likes can check my blog here:

    xoxo thank you

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