So, I thought i’d start this post with a little apology. I have been somewhat MIA, and although this may have been a slight annoyance for you lovely lot (or not, depending on how much you like to read my blog..haha) but it has been a positive time away for me. A battery re-charge shall we say! After my last post on “Just saying YES”, I took my own advice and started doing lot’s more things. Things i’d always been a bit scared to do, meeting up with old friends, making new ones and banishing my anxiety, as it had got quite bad. I also had somewhat of a mental block on the blogpost front. You know sometimes when you sit with a blank page/screen and you just don’t know what to write? Yeh, that. FEAR NOT though, I have returned, with a much brighter outlook on life and feeling much more positive about certain aspects of my life. I was also extremely overwhelmed by the HUGE positive response I received from THIS blogpost. That is the whole reason I love blogging, being able to reach out to lot’s of people and help in some way, even if it’s just a teeny bit. 

So, whilst away from my laptop, I started to get into the habit of doing my makeup a bit more. Feeling a bit “meh” in general, meant I stopped doing creative things with my makeup or even making the effort to do it most days. However, I have started spending more time on it, and I found my beloved “Mekong” eyeshadow by NARS in the back of my makeup draw, and since then I have been having a full on love-affair with it. I have been applying it all over the lid and smoking it out with a blending brush, then applying my eyeliner for a more edgy, smokey look. I haven’t been doing it every day, as it is quite full on, and doesn’t pair too well with my beloved bold lip, but I feel like it makes my eyes stand out a little more. Mekong is a deep brown, with flecks of gold sparkle in it. Being a Nars eyeshadow, it’s highly pigmented and will probably last me millions of years. I highly, highly recommend it! If any of you are also interested in which lipstick I am wearing, it’s “Desert” by Topshop. 

Another thing I have been loving is bobble hats. This one in particular is from Topshop. Being small-headed (a pea head..ehem), I didn’t ever think they would really suit me, or fit me properly, but I actually quite like them. I also like that they can hide bad hair days, or dress up an outfit AND keep your ears and head warm (it’s main purpose). I can see myself wearing hats all of Autumn and Winter. 

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  1. Absolutely stunning, love that eyeshadow! xx

  2. Lauren

    that look looks amazing on you


  3. i love your make up!!!

  4. Lisa

    You look gorgeous Zoe! Glad your back.
    Everyone needs a good break.
    I am so in live with that hat. added to my shopping list.

  5. aleva

    Dear Zoe, I´m happy you´re back, I´d been checking your blog since the last post and it´s nice to see that you do what you always wanted ;)

  6. yay!

    i was only thinking yesterday that you hadn't posted in a while but i knew you were ok from your twitter/instagram! we all need a break sometimes.

    im sure you'll come back bigger and better than ever :D xoxox

  7. i LOVE your style in these photos! the hat and shirt go together so well! x

  8. Gorgeous, I love this smokey look! The colours suit you x

  9. Melanie

    I love this bobble hat Zoe and the smockey make-up makes your eyes bluer :D
    You're beautiful indeed… ;)

    Melanie ~

  10. please can I borrow your face?! your too pretty! love the smoky eye:)

  11. NARS just never disappoints…so far. Looking good!!

  12. Celine

    you're soooo gorgeous!! <3

  13. Laura

    its good to see you back mrs, and how super duper that you're feeling more positive now, its a hard slog to get out of but i'm sure that every single person on here will be proud of you for doing it.
    you look gorgeous, and i still love that hair!
    the eyeshadow looks so pretty even in the pot, i'd be happy just looking at it.
    oh and you've convinced me to go for it on the hat front- i was uh-ming and ah-ing for ages whether or not to buy one and i'm just going to go for it.
    thank you zoe.
    stay positive and strong.
    speak soon,
    laura xx

  14. I've just watched your new haul video and thought you look adorable in this hat!

  15. Jordan

    One day I'll wake up looking like you….or Emma Milkteef….or Millie Mackintosh ;) xx

  16. We've missed you Zoe! I loved your eyes in your new video so I'm really glad that you've done this post as I want to buy that eyeshadow! haha :) I'm glad you're back.

    Jacquina @

  17. Georgia

    I'm really pleased you're back :) And I love the hat, especially the colour. I'm spending a year abroad this year, and whilst I'm loving the sun, I'm missing getting ready for autumn and all the snuggly clothes and colours that comes with it. You look beautiful

  18. I love that smoky eye and the bobble hat looks so cosy.

  19. You look stunning! Love your hat x

  20. Holly

    Zoe, you are actually unbelievably stunning. It is so not fair! You look so cute with that hat on too. Where's your top from? I want it! Ahhhh I am so jealous of you! x

  21. Marta

    You are gorgeous! Love this look so much:)xx

  22. Glad you came back! x

  23. Jem

    You look gorgeous, Zoe! :) So glad you're back!

  24. i'm glad you're back. i like your videos too – but i prefer your blog posts.
    i wish i could do smokey eyes – but i always end up looking like a punched clown.

  25. Glad you're back and feeling better about things.
    I love the make up look and the bobble hat is super cute. I may have to make a visit to Topman to get one similar.

    Dee x

  26. Love this! Looks amazing! I love the hat! Missed your blog posts, but glad you're feeling more positive about things :) x

  27. I loveeeee this to the point where Id like a tutorial on this because the smoking it out proccess is quite something to learn haha love you Zoe and Im loving the Sexy Pulp máscara thanks to you!!! =)

    Love you lots from México :D

  28. I totally understand your love of bobble hats, I've been obsessed for years! Glad you're back :)

  29. Emily

    I love a good smoky eye:)!

  30. I'm really happy to see you're back, but most of all, I'm happy to see that you took your time to apreciate yourself and your life :) I'm excited to see how all you're new experiences will reflect on your blog (one of my favourites, btw) :D

  31. I'm really happy to see you're back, but most of all, I'm really happy to see that you're absense was motivated by you're desire of enjoying you're life a bit more – I'm really happy for you, as I think that we should enjoy our lives as much as we can. Also, I'm excited to see how you're 'holidays' will reflect on your blog (one of my favourites, btw. delighted to have you back :p

  32. Chloe

    Aww i smiled seeing this on my dashboard! :D
    the topshop hat really suits you :D & i love the eyeshadow, do you know how much it is ? :)

    glad to see you back <3

  33. great smokey eye, subtle but noticeable eyeshadow

  34. Sophie

    I think it's really important to step away from your blog and then come back with more love for it. Hope all is well with you, like it sounds :) Nice to have you back. Sophie x

  35. Lydia

    you look fantastic and its great to hear that youre feeling better and having a great time :) xo


    Loving the eyeshadow. Might have to get one (or a similar one) for myself. And those hats are so fabulous and perf <3333

  37. Ahhh this is the hat i've been lusting after for ages! Your eyes look amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  38. Hannah

    Zoe's back!! Yay, we missed you! xx

  39. Funny enough I use the term 'pea-head' to describe my own head as well!! and my friends were all like 'what on earth are you on about?!' Hahaa~ It's a great phrase!

    Also, I think you should check out the Christmas bobble hats from Primark men-section, you would LOVE them!! <3 :)

  40. Well you uploaded a few videos so the withdrawal wasn't too bad haha :)
    Good to see you're back and more importantly happy because that's what counts, isn't it!
    Love your hat, checked Topshop's website right after yesterdays video :D Looks so good on you! xxx

  41. Oooh, I need that hat right now! And the smokey eye looks good. We might as well wear that kind of thing while we're still young and can get away with it ;)

    Kerry :)

  42. glad you're back, looking flawless as always!

  43. emzoo

    I love this look! after seeing you wearing this hat in your video I went out and bought it, love it so much!<3

  44. Kati

    Don't think you went overboard with the eyes, you can totally wear this! Glad you're feeling better…

  45. Nicola

    The hat really suits you, and its such a gorgeous colour. Im so glad your back, i really missed reading your posts. Your eyes look amazing, i personally don't think its too full on and suits you perfectly.

  46. This make up looks so pretty on you! Good to hear you're feeling better and positive! :) x

  47. Al

    although i missed reading the blog, im so happy your happy and in a good place
    i can totally see a change in a good way, with just you updating on instagram doing fun things
    you go zoe!

    ps. love the top and hat!

  48. i love the hat might just have to get one xx

  49. Fleur

    Love the combination of that eyeshadow with the lipstick. Pretty perfect. xo

  50. Lauren

    Oooh that eyeshadow is gorgeous! Glad saying yes to more things is helping your anxiety, I might try this method as well-you've inspired me! xo

  51. Naffy

    glad you are back! love the smokey eye and bob hat :)

    hope you're ok.
    Lots of love

    Nafisah xo

  52. that hat looks gorgeous on you :) so pleased that your feeling much happier about live and have started saying yes more, i should take a leaf out of your book :)

  53. You look so pretty! I've missed your posts :( xx

  54. Yey! Thankyou for doing this post as i really wanted to know how yo did it/ what you used on your eyes after watching your haul video! I love the hat too, might have to go and get one… xo <3

  55. Jess

    i love it!!! gorgeous!

  56. I love Nars so much, this is definitely one for me to try – it's such a perfect colour! I look like a doofus in bobble hats but you look cute x

  57. xjoedix

    I can see why your having a love affair with that eye shadow!! Its stunning!!!!! :D

  58. Vivian

    aah I have been missing your blog posts and these sort of ones about your personal makeup. I love your eye makeup and you look gorgeous in that beanie :P

  59. Helen H

    I feel like I need that shadow in my life! It's so pretty!

  60. Robyn

    I'm glad you've taken your own advice Zoe! I think we all need a little break sometimes to do certain things in the non-internety world!!! I really want this hat – it suits you and you're right, they're really handy for those days where you just can't be bothered with your hair!

    Robyn Mayday

  61. ♡L.

    This makes me REALLY want a bobble hat. You look actually amazing in these photos! You're stunning :) xxx

  62. Phuong

    I love reading your blog posts. So glad you were able to recharge your batteries. You're looking very beautiful as always. Keep posting, dear. :)


  63. HOT eyeshadow ! Glad you're feeling better, love your blog ! xx

  64. Love the smokey eyes! I've tried and tried to create this look with rimmel but it's never as dramatic as the look you've created, you look lovely and happy :) I'll defs have to try the eyeshadow thanks x

  65. Cho

    You look fantastic with that eye make up! And the color of your hat is amazing!

  66. Lischen

    I'm so happy to read a post from you again!! You look amazing!


  67. Ala

    Totally into finding good day lip colours atm and I think I've found a new one! Good to have you back!

  68. Rola

    I need to try Mekong! Looks great on you!

  69. Glad you're back! Great that you're so positive!

  70. cotton2

    lovely eyeshadow!
    BTW, you feature on itsjudyslife xx

  71. Yes, I totally want that eyeshadow! You are soooo cute Zoe! lOVE the hat too! xx

  72. Lauren

    It's good to see you back and your smokey eye looks beautiful! Good on you for getting in control of your anxiety, I know how hard it is to pull yourself back up after being dragged down by it. Keep smiling :)


  73. Aisling

    I love your smokey eyes here! That's another nars eyeshadow to add to the wishlist :) xx

  74. Joyce

    Glad you're back! You look like an adorable skater girl :)

    Love Joyce

  75. So happy you are back, we all deserve some alone time now and again, and I'm really happy that you worked through things and feel better than ever.

  76. Its lovely to hear that you have been trying to tackle some of your anxiety. I love your hat so much, its a fab colour

    Jess x

  77. YAY! It's nice to have you back!
    You are so gorgeous it's not even fair! You pull of this black eyeshadow like no-one's buisness! xo

  78. Jessica

    Glad your back, and happy for you that your feeling better about life :) Bobble hats are one of my loves too, perfect for our typical British weather ;)
    – Jess

  79. The Nars eyeshadow is just gorgeous! Definitely need that in my life! You look stunning as alway Zoe and the bobble hat really suits you. :)

    You've inspired me to start my own blog and you also helped me decide on a name (after watching one of your youtube videos), so thank you! :D xxx (the link is ;) )

  80. Such a nice hat!!!

  81. I love this hat! it looks so cosy! I really loved your just say yes blog post it definitely inspired me :) x

  82. Glad your back looking flawless as always!
    – Amber

  83. I love it, and you're so beautiful:)

  84. I think it's really good that you had some some away from blogging (not that i didn't miss your posts!), i'm glad you're feeling a lot more positive now! :) I'm definitely glad to see you back on my Dashboard though! Lots of love. x x x

  85. Gemskee

    Haha, I love the bobble hat!! :] hello winter.x x

  86. Smokey eye tutorial please? xx

  87. Zozey Your soo Pretty and omgosh i love that hat i was gonna buy it myself the other day haha but i stupidly didnt xx

  88. Such a babe Zoe!! I must admit I have missed your posts, I kept checking back and there wasn't any haha what a stalker!! Glad your feeling back on form again though :)
    I also now need this eyeshow *writes on Christmas list*. I got Isolde after reading your review and now I need this too haha your such an enabler!!

    x x x.

  89. Pooja

    The smokey eye really suits you,although the your orange lipstick look is still my fav.
    Glad you are feeling positive……keep at it Zoe,never give up on happiness!!!!

  90. Sarah

    So beautiful!
    I love those hats too but my head is rather big so yeah… :P

  91. i love the hat! i've got one just like it<3 love you zoe! come check out my new blog:)

  92. hetty

    Great to see you back!!!

  93. hetty

    Great to see you back!!!!

  94. I NEED that eyeshadow in my life (and your top and your hat) haha! Glad you are feeling more positive you deserve to! I have missed reading your blog :) XO

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance, I've just started out and any feedback would mean the world to me <3

  95. Noush

    I'm glad you're back :)
    I love your hat !!

  96. Great to have you back! The eyeshadow is amazing, it looks gorgeous on you! :)

  97. I'm glad you're back! Just thought I'd let you know that your last post 'Just Say Yes' inspired me to start my own blog and made me remember that I should try harder to be more positive and not just sit at home because it's the easier option, so thank you, thank you, thank you! You've always seemed like such a sweetie and I'm so happy for you that you're overcoming your anxiety :) xxx

  98. Kate

    Beautiful! :) xx

  99. I'm so into burgundy this fall. you rock it well


  100. So glad to hear you are doing well and adventuring out! It's important, can't let life pass you by! You're a beautiful girl ya know! PS – I have the opposite problem, my heads to big to fit in some hats! I blame the hair. ;) xoxo

  101. So Pretttty :) x

  102. Kaila

    Zoe! Could you please do a tutorial on the eye makeup! I know you said it's quite simple but I think it would be great to see the application in action! :) xx

  103. Kaila

    Zoe! Could you please do a tutorial on the eye makeup! The way you described it sounds quite simple but I think it would be great to see it on youtube! Glad to hear that you're getting back to your fabulous self, and you look stunning as always! :) xx

  104. i love bobble hats and that colour is gorgeous! x

  105. Oh my God, Zoe I missed you so so much!! I am so glad you are OK and you're back!!! I'm looking forward to your next blogpost!! You are so cute and amazing!!! :D

  106. Zoe you are so cute and amazing, and I missed you so much! I am so glad that youre doing great!!!! :D

  107. elaaa_

    Zoe… why are you sooo pretty?? :O :/

  108. A girl.

    I have what you call a 'peahead' too and I always find it so hard to find hats that don't drown my little head! Will definitely be checking out those TopShop ones! x

  109. Noor

    I am glad things are going so well for you. I need to take your advice bc I am really sinking myself down it seems.


    Noor AlQahtani

  110. Love your smokey eyes, such a cool look. I have tried this a few times but often just look like I have a black eye, haha. Big fan of bobble hats too, wearing one right this minute, cozy cozy! Glad you have been enjoying saying yes too :)
    Lianne x

  111. Amaris

    I love your bobble hat; I just got a beanie in the same color! You edit your photos very nice, what do you usually do? Glad to hear and see that you're back! :)

  112. It's good to see a blog post from you again Zoe! I love that hat by the way, it's cute and the colour is great!

    Also, good on you for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things you were scared to do!

    A Bite of Glamour

  113. I am starting my own beauty blog after being inspired my the likes of Zoe. I am hoping to bring just as much enjoyment to others as Zoe did me :)It also includes some tasty recipes on there :)

  114. Awww Zoe your hat is so cute on you, and you should do your smokey eyes more often they look wicked on you….tutorial please hunk :)

    Will you have a peek at my blog too?


  115. Rebecca

    I lovvveeeee the bobble hat! I have the matching scarf so maybe I should purchase the hat so I can be all coordinated :D

  116. Anna

    This is inspiring. Even with your anxiety you still went out and faced fears and did things that you wouldn't usually do. I always call myself a wimp as I never want to do things I'm ensure of. I will NEVER go on the big rollercoasters, I will NEVER go into Haunted Houses. I should really take some of your advice and just say yes. I also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your make-up in this picture. I always go for a smoky eye as I don't like bright/bold lips and this is gorgeous. :D

  117. This hat is lovely.

  118. I just wanted to start of saying I absolutely adore your blog. This comment will probably be really long (sorry!) but yeah! Your bobble hat is so adorable! It goes well with your hair and your t-shirt haha! Your smokey eyes look gorgeous! I especially like looking at your pictures, as you are such a good photographer! I have taken your advice on the 'Just say Yes' post and agreed to go away with my friend, which I am absolutely terrified to do as I get really bad homesick:S I love your enthusiasm and I love going onto YouTube and seeing you've got a new video:)! I don't expect you to check my blog out, but if you want to, pleas check it out:

  119. I loved your post on 'Just Say Yes' so much- Congrats on doing all that new stuff, glad you enjoyed it :) My mum always gets so protective in Autumn/ Winter time because I get so ill all the time and is currently persuading me to buy a hat 'to keep my ears and head warm' and all I can say is that she loves you for convincing me that hats can look good, thus being 'wearable'( Is that a word? Probably not..) I'm just glad that there's no more nagging! haha, enjoy your hat! xx

  120. Natalie

    You're wonderful! I love your bobble hat :)

  121. bobble hats most definatly suit you zoe :) (

  122. Hey Zoe, I love you where did you get your top from its gowjusss!! check out my blog too its not very good yet but I cant wait to make it better! love you lotss luccyyyyxxxxxxxxxx

  123. You looks pretty and so beautiful with bobble hat that really makes you so attractive and gorgeous. Each and every images are looks very cute. I really impressed with this blog that is really fantastic. Thanks for share.
    Fashion Hats

  124. the makeup is beautiful! and you're so pretty:)
    I love your blog! i wish i could pull of a beanie haha but sadly i can't

  125. Wow! I love your blog! The layout and template is lovely! Your absolutely gorgeous and I love the amounts of depth and thought you put into your posts!I think your definately an inspiration to bloggers AND readers everywhere!
    Stay positive :)

    Meg @OECBblog

  126. "Mekong" looks gorgeous, definitely my cup of tea! You look gorgeous here, love the hat X

  127. Isa La

    So good to have you back! I had a rough day and your blogpost cheered me up and made me forget all the rubbish for a little while.
    greets from a german fan :)

  128. Isa La

    So good to have you back! I had a rough day and your blogpost cheered me up and made me forget all the rubbish for a little while!
    kind regards from a German fan :)

  129. Bug

    I love the way you do your makeup! Tutorial soon?

  130. That eyeshadow is beaut! Shame I have to travel sooo long to get to a Nars counter, bloody Devon. Haha xxx

  131. Love your blog my dear! You have some beautiful eyes!!

    New follower ;)

    Check me out at

    Stay Lovely,


  132. I love yourr hat!!! I have one similar Ill try and get a picture too you! the! its got an owl on it! Im glad you put your "JUST SAY YES" into action hope you have a good day! Love Lucy xxxx

  133. Julye

    very cute winter accessories !!

  134. Emilie

    I love the smokey eye! It looks very good on you :) You are such an inspiration in the way you write Zoe! Thank you :)

    xx Em

  135. I really lov your eye make-up! I have always been a total fail at smokey eyes but then I like copied your picture and it helped me alot thank you!

  136. I love the way you wrote this article. This is wonderful. I do hope you intend to write more of these types of articles. Thank you for this interesting content!Beauty care

  137. I really love this look Zoe! I always find that I do a Smokey eye or an equally dramatic makeup look and feel overly makeup, but you manage to pull it off in this casual look. I love your blog and YouTube channel and you really inspired me to start my own blog this summer. Anyway, glad to see you posting again!
    Love Emily xx

  138. You are one of the cutest little things I ever did see. So glad you're starting to feel a bit better, anxiety is a persistent little devil, it feels so good when you find the courage to just say yes, even when it's a struggle.

    I love your blog and follow you on Youtube; I wish we were chums.

    If ever you get a spare five minutes & fancy a chuckle, head over to my blog. I'm 54% amusing. Sometimes.

    Lots of love!



  140. Just found this site and was browsing through it. Very cute, and I like the layout and scattered quotes. They add a nice touch.

    Happy blogging.

  141. Emilie

    gorgeous eyes and makeup :)

  142. Melanie

    I love your bobble hat (I think I've already posted a comment but I don't remember haha) ! You're very cute ;)

    New on my blog & giveaway, check it out ;)
    Love, Melanie ~

  143. Hajaley

    LOVE the beanie<3 This make-up is really nice, you're so pretty!

  144. Love your smokey eyes, such a cool look.

  145. awwww i love this hat! x

  146. Glad that you're having a fun time Zoe!

  147. I started a fashion/beauty blog because of you and I just wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to do so :) please come over to my site and tell me what you think :) it's super new and I'm just starting but I'd love some feedback ;) a true fan, Alma .xx

  148. Ty

    You are absolutely fantastic. I admire your positive attitude immensely and your personal style in incomparable to any other girl writing about what you write about. Thanks for taking the time to edit your videos, make your blog nearly flawless and overall thanks for writing and filming! I aspire to gain a fan base even a fraction of yours! Keep it up!

    peacenlove, FROM CANADA!

  149. omg, the lovely bobble hat aside, i really need this nars shadow in my life!so pretty!!!

  150. Manon

    I love that casual look, and the smokey eye looks really nice!

  151. aww man zoe this genuinely inspired me to try out a proper smokey eye for fun this weekend :) thanks for inspiring me constantly xx

  152. Shari

    You are TOO beautiful!! I love your blog right away and I cant believe I only found you now! :'( New follower here!! <3
    Will always check back for sure!

    The Misty Mom

  153. The smokey eye is gorgeous!! I LOVE nars products my favourite is the orgasm highlighter blush!!


  154. Judy

    You look lovely!
    I really like the eyeshadow :) xx

  155. I've been eyeing up the bobble hats on ASOS for a while now..the only thing stopping me is I'm scared I'll look like a wolly.
    You pull it off really well though and the eyeshadow looks amazing.

    Really like the look of you're blog and hope you are well :)

  156. JK

    I've only just found your blog but I'm still glad to read you're feeling better.
    I really like your look, wish I had the courage to try smokey eyes.

    I've only just started blogging, would love some tips if you have some.

  157. You look really different with smokey eyes, it suits you though! This eyeshadow is beautiful anddd the bobble hat is amazing! Obsessed with that colour <3 I bought a woolly hat last year but a cream floppyish one…that doesn't make sense! Maybe I'll do a post on it when it gets a bit colder…
    Not sure why I'm writing this rambling comment on your blog, but loving how interesting your posts are and hope to read some more soon!
    Laura x

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  159. I've really been enjoying your posts and videos lately Zoe! You have given me so many new ideas for makeup and bits I want to buy, so thank you!xx

  160. It's great to have you back and blogging! I do love your posts :) I love your bobble-hat, it is so cute. I bought one from Primark just recently and I love it to pieces!!!
    PS. the smokey eyes look fab! x

  161. Hey zoe, i know you get requests like these all the time and im sorry, but could you pleaseee check out my blog, i have 4 posts up and no followers sob sob, id love you feedback and everyone who reads this comment please check out my blog, id love everyones feedback! Thanks:)

  162. i loveeeeee this ! your hair looks so sleek and nice, if anyone has the time please check my blog i would appreciate it sososoo much. i've just started and it would mean a lot !
    love flo xx

  163. Love your look so much :) where did you get your top from btw ? :P

  164. love your look :D where did you get you top from btw :) x

  165. I was worried you'd gone away! Your blog is wonderful, I recently fell in love and can't stop reading!

    Glad your world is back to being a-ok :)

  166. Zoella you are so beautiful!

  167. Mahaaaa

    I love the hat! xxx

  168. I love your smokey eye. Beautiful color and beautifully done.

  169. Darahw

    Hey Zoe I love the hat but doubting I could pull it off! I was wondering if you could maybe do a wardrobe tour for one of your youtube videos :D

    Dara xx

  170. Emily

    Very pretty look and just in time with winter on its way! Don't know if you'll even see this comment but I've literally just opened my blog and you were my inspiration for doing so :) if you or anyone else sees this please check my blog out! xxx

  171. I absolutely love your blog :))) xxx you really inspire me as a young girl, you are a great role model and person. You are the reason i have decided to start my own blog and if it turns out half as good as yours i will be so so so pleased :)) Thank you once again <3

  172. Carly

    i love love love your style! might have to get this hat…it looks really good! and the eyeshadow…great for winter these colours :) also where is your top from that your wearing? xx

  173. Emily

    Love this hat and you look so pretty :) xx

  174. you look so gorgeous in those pics. just stunning :)

  175. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT EYESHADOW :D it's beautiful.
    I'm sorry to intrude or be too forward, but I was wondering if you'd help me. you see, I just started a fashion/makeup/beauty blog (which you helped me build by the by) and I was wondering if you'd check it out and tell me what you think? I jsut want to know if I'm doing things right :)

  176. so i just blogged about a coat i brought this weekend and i think that you might like it?? it is a mens but its very metrosexual (i think that right word?) check it out maybe? xo

  177. I love Bobble hats :) <3

  178. love this look ,you are so pretty! Just wanted to say ,I just watched your tips for blogging on youtube with Louise and thank you so much for that, i started blogging about a month ago, and i always looked up to you and your blog. I love to blog, sounds stupid but i feel happy when i blog ! you are one of the few blogs that i love to read, i enjoy every single post, i love how you put your posts together and i loooove your pictures and your picture quality! you put so much effort in to a blog post , and that's something i love , and that's also something I'm trying to do , i just invested in a DSLR camera, to make my blog and posts look better ! it would mean so much to me if you could take a look at my blog at let me know what you like and what you don't , what's good and what's not , getting advice from you would mean the world to me .. i know a lot of people must ask you that but if you would ever have a couple minutes of time .. please don't forget about me haha !

    xox Liyana

  179. Beth S

    Zoe, you are sooooo gorgeous. That hat is amazing, your hair is incredible, your eyes and smile are just beautiful.

  180. Finnie

    I would like to buy this eyeshadow but without a cradit card. There ist no chance for me here in Germany :/

  181. I actually ADORE how you do your make up, Zoella. Some times people use make-up to cover up but I think it just enhances your lovely features! You are one of my FAV beauty blogs ♥

  182. wow, that eyeshadow is stunning!! You always look so pretty in your photos! ♥

  183. Monique

    im loving the lipstick you have on, i might have to go and purchase it myself!

  184. Unknown

    The post is describing booble ha smokey eyes. Useful post

  185. Jewels

    Adorable little hat. Love the color too; it looks very rich with your eyes and skin tone.

    Julia of Canines & Couture

  186. Tegan

    You defiantly suit bobble hats. I love the colour!

  187. Absolutely love your smoking eye look!(means I need more practice)
    Will have to look into buying this cosmetic.. as the browns suite my blue eyes.
    I love the bobble hats too, as I have a small head these are perfect for me. Unfortunately have not been able to wear them recently, as I cut my hair a few months ago, and I am still waiting for it to grow back long again. (Bobble hats look weird with short hair).

    Cant wait for some more of your blogs. By the way you are so pretty! :)

    love char_beyy xxx

  188. Unknown

    The post is describing booble ha smokey eyes. Useful post

  189. I love your eye makeup with that bobble hat, the colours make your eyes super blue! I've got a tiny head and when I tried one of those hats on it just drowned me hahaha. I love reading your blogs and watching your videos Zoe and you influenced me into making my own blog :) I'd love if you gave it a quick read or a glance :P (I'm awful at the layout stuff yet and there's only one blog…)

    Thank you! Happy New Year :) x

  190. EplusL

    Hiii! ahh, I'm so in love with your beanie :)
    which camera do you use for your pictures btw?

  191. I LOVE this post and the lipstick is amazing, i also just wanted to say you uploaded this when i was 10!! im 13 now but they are very cute autumn/winter out fit.
    Would You like to check out my blog its similar to urs

  192. FloralAngel101

    I love your hat and smokey eye shadow looks lovely on you!

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