Me & Lily

So, I had these photo’s stored away in my “Things I want to blog about” file, and although I feel a little late to the party blogging about LFW when that was “so yesterday”, I still wanted to share these photos with you. I went along with Zoe (The London Lipgloss) and Lily (What I Heart Today) to get their makeup done by the mac artists at London Fashion Week. I had tried to book one myself, but all the slots had been fully booked on the first day (obviously). I enjoyed watching the girls get their makeup done, and took some snaps for them so they could blog about it etc. Once the lovely girl doing Lily’s makeup had finished, she asked me if I’d like a little “touch up”, being a typical polite and reserved english girl, I half said “Oh nooo, not to worry! You don’t have time before your next slot”, but Lily insisted (she knew deep down I was screaming out for a free makeover haha). I sat down in the chair and she worked her magic. She touched up my lipstick with mac’s cherry lipliner and russian red lipstick and created a really cool cat eye with blacktrack fluidline. I totally wish I could do that to my own eyes, but I know i’d fail miserably. 

I also have some snaps of Lily and I doing some awful LFW posing. “How NOT to pose outside Somerset House”…? 

Do you ever experiment a little more with your eyeliner? I had never thought something like that could actually be quite wearable but I would totally wear this on a day to day basis! Would you?

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  1. sonja

    I love your hair! ;__;

  2. Olivia

    That eyeliner is so pretty! I could never manage that though, far too fiddly for me :)
    Olivia x

  3. You always look so lovely Zoe xx

  4. That eye liner looks amazing! Looks like you had a good time too!

  5. Laura

    Oh wow, the eyeliner looks amazing! So pretty! x

  6. You have such a pretty smile! :D I love your blog Zoee! :) x

  7. I do love the eyeliner, I just keep my eyeliner on the top as I have quite small eye haha!!

    I love that lipstick colour on you!! xxx

    Come and visit my blog :)
    Sunshine & Rain

  8. It looks great :D I don't think I'd wear it regularly though, I prefer sticking to a neutral natural no makeup thing during the day. This is more: Marilyn Monroe, on a trip to the café.

  9. Noush

    I love your make up !

  10. Your makeup looks so pretty! I agree, I wouldn't have thought it would be wearable but it really is! I might start experimenting more :) x

  11. Senni

    Looks beautiful! :)

  12. Minnie

    the eyeliner is so amazing *__*
    love the look!
    have a nice day ♥

  13. The eyeliner looks fantastic on you!

  14. The eye liner is amazing. I'm so crappy at applying eye liner!

  15. Laura M

    oh wow that eyeliner is actually amazing! Knowing my luck I'd probably sneeze when I was trying to do something creative and "artsy" with my eyeliner ):

  16. Beth

    i love the eye flick the mac make-up artist did! :D

  17. Jackie

    amzing!(: and you are beautiful.

  18. I love the look. I'm like you and not very adventurous when it comes to my eyeliner and think i would fail at trying to recreate it. Which is a shame cause it looks great and would ware it in the day x

  19. You are sooooooooo beautiful Z.! !!!

  20. You are soooooooo beautiful Z. ! !!

  21. mary

    the eyeliner looks amazing! I love your hair :)x

  22. You are so beautiful Zoe. I love the eye liner ^_^

  23. JK

    You look so pretty. I love the colour on your lips.

  24. Laura

    Love the graphic eyeliner! Gorgeous look! x

  25. Aisling

    oh i love the eyeliner!:) Great photos too:)x

  26. Hannah

    I loved the eyeliner! I've never really thought about doing it like that though. I've done similar things with eyeshadow of course, but never as defined as using eyeliner. I'm definitely going to try it out! It seems like it's a good way to transform a look from day to night quite effortlessly.

  27. Zoe.

    it really suits you Zoe, plus it's nice to see you hair straight…for

  28. That eyeliner is amazing, you look gorgeous as usual. I'm not very good and experimenting with eyeliner, i'm to cackhanded haha! xx

  29. I wish I could do that eyeliner too – it looks so amazing! And I'm loving your 'how not to pose at Somerset House' pose! Annoyingly you both still look good! :P Looks like you had fun Zoe, did you see all the er… bizarrely-dressed people? I live quite near Somerset House and I loved seeing all the weird and wonderful outfits people wore to LFW :) xx

  30. Pauline

    Yayy, finally a new post!! You and Lily looks great :-)

  31. uhhh…love! nice work!!!

  32. What an amazing 'little touchup' haha! Love the poses too, that would so be me! Oops XO

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance, I've just started out and any comments or followers would mean the world to me! <3

  33. Holly

    You look amazing!! (as usual, I shouldn't have expected anything less!! ahaha) That eyeliner looks really pretty surprisingly! Much more wearable than I would have expected. And it really suits! My hand is no where near steady enough to even attempt it. I can barely do a normal flick!!

    Holly xx

  34. Hattie

    The eyeliner suits you so much :)

  35. Emilie

    Wow that looks really good! I will definitely try it out :D Love your blog soo much Zoe! All your posts are such good reads and I just really enjoy reading them!

    Lots of love,

    Em xx

  36. Nicola

    You look gorgeous, i wish i could do eyeliner full stop i just can't do it!

  37. always gorgeous Zoe <3 love the make up xx

  38. Oh wow I love this eyeliner! I'm so bad at doing mine though! xxx

  39. You look gorgeous as always! X

  40. Your ombre hair and bright red lipstick looks gorgeous! So pretty!!

  41. fantastic post! I love reading your blog :)
    you look beautiful xx

  42. surprisingly the eye liner looks very wearable!:)

  43. the eyeliner looks gorgeous! i would definately wear it!! love your posing aswell! <3

  44. Chloe

    Love it! I wish I could do this myself haha! xo

  45. You look stunning! And I want your bloody hair :( aha xx

  46. You are sooo beautiful! i love your hair! :)

  47. aww you look absolutely gorgeous x

  48. I love the eyeliner. I'm not very experimental with eye make up, so I'll have to try that myself.
    Ha- love the poses outside Somerset house :)
    Daniella x

  49. I love that eyeliner – it's so different! x

  50. Love it! I'm going to try this out the next time I'm playing around with make up x

  51. Vivian

    you girls are gorgeous! I love the eyeliner on you

  52. Amy

    This looks surprisingly natural! The red lip is gorgeous, Russian Red is definitely one of MAC's best shades! xx

  53. I love the eyeliner. MAC Russian red also looks great on you.

  54. Looks very wearable indeed, you're looking gorgeous as always! Showed some of your videos to my mum and she adores you haha :) Anyway, I don't experiment with my eyeliner, I don't even wear eyeliner that much as I think it makes my eyes look tinyyy..might try again though after seeing your lovely pictures xx

  55. Pip ♥

    Wow your eyeliner looks so amazing! I've never considered doing mine like this before, but it looks so amazing on you that I might try it, though not being a mac make-up artist or you, I'm sure it won't look half as good! Hehe :)

    Pip x

  56. love the eye make up, they did such a good job ! xx

  57. You look beautiful as always Zoe and YES I would totally wear that eyeliner if I knew how to do it!! It looks gorgeous!! Xx.

  58. Becky

    You look so cute in the fourth picture ;) Usually is stick to the cat eye look, but I'd love to try something new, too!

  59. Jen

    The eyeliner is gorgeous! You look beautiful :) xx

  60. Very pretty Zoe!

    – Keyta

  61. Aimée

    The eyeliner looks amazing! I would so mess that up though! I'm not blessed with a steady hand!

    Aimee xx

  62. Cho

    Gorgeous lip color!

  63. Haylie

    I can't get over how gorgeous you are! :) That cat eye is amazing! I would so wear something like that if I were skilled enough. Looks like you guys had tons of fun!


  64. You look fantasticccc :) So does Lily x

  65. Sophie

    Zoe you look gorgeous! xxx

  66. Chloe

    that makeup look is so pretty! I just might have to try it!

  67. Ashley

    Oh wow the eyeliner is stunning! I wish I could do something like that myself but I'm afraid I would make myself look like a raccoon =)

  68. I love the way she did your eyeliner, I never would have thought of it but it looks gorgeous! xx

  69. Rola

    Your ombre hair rocks!

  70. I love this look and I have to say I'll wear this daily, but with a more nude lip as I just can't pull of the bright lippie … but the cat-eyed eyeliner yes please :)

  71. Rose

    Loving your red lip! I think the winged eye looks amazing on you!

  72. Brooke

    Cute eyeliner!



  73. Cece

    That was a very nice idea, the eyeliner trick was unique and beautiful. I might give it a try? :)
    Your are so pretty!

  74. You look gorgeous!!!

  75. Wow, that's a beautiful look, especially the eyeliner! That takes a ton of skills to apply makeup like that! It's fabulous!

  76. So beautiful !! Love your make up

  77. Laura

    Your makeup looks amazing I've never done eyeliner like this xx

  78. Chloe

    Wow! that looks amazing!! :D
    This would look so cool for like a night out too!

    Very beautiful Zoe :D

    P.s check out my blog for a Mac Lipstick Giveaway to win your own choice of one :)


  79. Love your makeup here, it's gorgeous

  80. Eena

    SO AMAZING, I must try this and make a fool of myself! :D

  81. Marta

    This makeup looks amazing on you! You are such a gorgeous person inside and out:)x

  82. Daria

    The eye make-up looks so cool! I've seen it around quite a lot, I would love to try it! You look pretty as always! x

  83. Wow you're eyeliner is amazing! I always experiment at night with my eyeliner but never for school because I am guaranteed to mess it up! You look like you had an amazing time at the LFW, so jealous! Love your hair xo

  84. You're so pretty to the point that it's not fair!

  85. Very nice photos, you look great! I think it's awesome that you got to go and experience the whole thing, even if you didn't get to have your own make-up fully done. xx

  86. laujade

    Makeup looks amazing!

  87. Wow, you're eyes look INCREDIBLE! And I adore the colour of your lips! You're just so damn beautiful!!

  88. The eye makeup looks amazing! Looks like you had a great day :0)

  89. Your make-up is so stunning in these photographs Zoe, it always is :)

  90. I love the eyeliner! It looks great. I could never manage something like that on myself. I'm barely any good using liquid eyeliner at all.

    A Bite of Glamour

  91. zoe you're so beautiful, i think i might try out doing my eyeliner like that :)

  92. I absoulutly love Mac's cherry lipliner and the Russian red lipstick on you it looks fabulous. I always experiment with my eyeliner, one of my all time favourite eyeliner look is the classic cat eye. I completley agree with you, I would automatically associate that look for going out instead of day time wear, however now I am going to be even more adventurous with day time eyeliner looks. I am glad you had a great time at LFW! x

  93. Natalie

    Eyeliners FAB!

  94. The make-up looks amazing! Love your outfit as well! <3

  95. Your make-up looks gorgeous, Zoe! xx

  96. Elvie

    Love ur make-up look! xoxo

  97. Love the eyeliner wish i could do that myself! Xx

  98. Zoe

    If you do master that eyeliner, could you please do a tutorial on it?

  99. aly7

    I think your eyeliner looks awesome like that! And I LOVE Russian Red!

  100. Megan

    That eye liner is gorgeous! I attempted something similar once and it was so bad I ended up resembling a panda.
    Seeing you with Russian Red on has pushed it further up my wishlist x

  101. You look beautiful whatever makeup you wear!

  102. i think this liner looks amazing on you!
    but for me, it would be too much of an effort :)

  103. Looks beautiful!

    P.S check out my blog so you can enter my MAC GIVEAWAY!

  104. I love your post zoe and I think alot of people will agree with me when I say you don't have to apoligise for the lateness of this post because I think all your followers are just glad that your back and that your posting again because I am. I have to say this make over looks great I especially love what they have done with your eyes (creating the winged eye effect,I think that's what its called but correct me if I am wrong) 16 still learning makeup vocabulary. The lipstick is a nice finishing touch as it goes with the complexion or skin tone should I say,

    Great Post xooxox

  105. hoooow do you manage to keep your hair looking so nice? there's so much of it! beautiful though :) xoxo

  106. xjoedix

    Really love the lip colour :)

  107. I absolutely ADORE your hair color! I wish I could pull this off at home myself but I always fail miserably at home hair coloring and it costs SO much to dye my uber long hair!

  108. Lauren

    i love your makeup xx

  109. I really want to try this eye liner technique.

  110. I really love the eyeliner. It's subtle enough for everyday wear (does that make sense?) but edgy enough to make a statement. Combined with the Russian Red, It really creates a dramatic but wearable look. I really like how the lipstick creates a solid contrast between your lips and your light skin. Beautiful!

  111. Wow your makeup is amazing there!
    i love you videos Zoe! You inspired me to ombré my hair, which i am doing tonight! I can't wait, i hope it turns out as nice as yours! :)
    Soph x

  112. Wow that eyeliner looks gorgeous, I'd never have expected it to be so wearable!

  113. You look lovely, that lip colour looks amazing on you!

  114. Your make-up is always so gorgeous! Love your blog and youtube channel btw, I've actually just started my own blog and would love it if you could take a look! :)

  115. Love your eyeliner in these pictures! Wish I could experiment a bit more with my own eyeliner like you say, but I can only just about manage to do it without it looking rubbish, I'd fail at trying to do that design too haha!

  116. F.

    You are so beautiful. I really love your blog and your videos although i'm not that into beauty stuff. Please never stop blogging and making videos. You're such an inspiring example!

    Greetings from Germany (:

  117. naomi

    you look gorgeous as usual :)

  118. Zoe i love your red lipstick!! Its sort of dark in certain lights, i'm deffo gonna have to purchase that russian red lipstick!
    I absolutely love your videos and your blog,
    lots of love! And please check out my blog!

  119. Anna

    I just found your channel randomly on YT, and I'm in love with you! Not in that way, but you know haha! You're so pretty, and your ombre hair is amazing! I knew just from looking at a few pictures from your blog that I wanted to follow you! You have amazing style girl!!

  120. the eyeliner looks awesome, i would totally wear this ona day to day basis, I think ive just found how im going to be spending my friday evening, practising this! Ive just qualified as a make up artist so im going to be practising lots of different looks over the next few weeks xx

  121. Ruha

    The eyeliner looks incredible!

  122. Can't believe how wearable this look is! Totally eyeliner obsessed but don't think I'd be able to recreate this quite like the MAC girls!

  123. The eyeliner looks lovely. I'd never be able to manage this on myself!

  124. Dorien

    You look amazing, as always!

  125. You look beautiful as always! I love the eyeliner on you, i hope you can pull this off again because it looks amazing!The lipstick suits you amazingly and yeah :) keep going because i love reading your blog and i read every single post from the beginning

    Charlotte x

  126. Zoe! You look absolutely amazing! Those girls at Mac are ridiculously talented oh my god haha :) I will definitely have to go in there one day. I've had mine done at Napoleon before and they are incredible as well so you should have a look at getting it done there if you're interested :) Also, do you know what lipstick Lily is wearing? It's a really pretty colour!
    Check out my blog if you'd like:
    Love you! xoxo

  127. Such a great look on you!

  128. Loved the post Zoe! You look stunning!! You always do :)
    If you guys are bored, please check out my blog and subscribe! You wont regret it xox

  129. Huh, my top bloggers together! Love you girls, you should join to do a YouTube video. It'd make me still happier :D

    xoxo with love

  130. Bethan

    I frikkin love you so much Zoe :D You two are top bloggers! I'm just scrolling down your blog atm to get some inspiration haha xxx

  131. Kasia

    beautiful girl :)

  132. Love what they did to your eyes! would try it out but with my eyeliner skills id look like a raccoon

  133. Eyeliner looks immense, I'm awful at normal winged liner, not one for me to attempt.

    A x

  134. Dree

    Oh wow, you look so beautiful! The detail in the eyeliner look isn't too much with the red lips {Russian Red is one of my favorites!}, which just makes it look spectacularly put together. I think the most I've ever experimented with is doing the blue eyeliner/shadow look. Whenever I make a MAC purchase, I ask a makeup artist to show me something different to do with my makeup. I ended up buying both the blue eyeliner and the blue shadow, and I love them! Isn't MAC amazing?!

    Sidenote: LFW, well jeal!

  135. I would totally wear this everyday, I love it! Your gorgeous thing Zoe xoxo

  136. So gunna try it- sure ill fail though :) xxx

  137. Zoe, I have now decided that I want to be you… if this could be arranged that would be great!
    on a slightly more serious note, i love this look, that liner is amazing! xx

  138. Miranda

    hey zoe! your make up looks gorgeous here!!! so lucky you could go for the event;-) Thanks for sharing this post, it was really cool to know how lucky you were to get a mini makeover from MAC at LFW !!! totes amaze!!!!!!! hahha:-) anyway youre a huge inspiration to me zoe, your video on yt about blogging really helped my push through my doubts and first few days:-) thanks so much xx

    Btw about my blog, would love if you could give it a read!


    twitter: @indigobingo
    instagram: @mannequinskin

  139. Ella.

    This is so cool, totally gonna try this with my eyeliner!

  140. Sarah V

    You look great, love your makeup!
    I hope you do a post about your daily makeup routine soon because I really love the way you look!

  141. Lucy lu

    Hey zoe,
    I read your blog all the time and often look too it for inspiration.
    I find your posts really interesting, and when you post about what makeup you have and your style i find it very inspiring. I watch all your youtube videos, and i am extremely jelous of how beautiful you are! I was very inspired when you talked about your panic attacks, and i hope you carry on with your youtube videos and blog, its amazing!
    I know you probably wont visit my blog as you get tons of requests everyday, but i would really appriciate it if you just took a quick look. I have no followers yet and i would love it if you look!

  142. Sarah

    I really love your makeup here! I hope you do a post about your daily makeup routine soon because I absolutely love the way you alwyas look! xo

  143. wow! that looks amazing! You are actually so amazingly beautiful!

  144. Tegan

    The eyeliner is quite different, ive never seen that before. Which makes me like it even more! You look gorgeous, as always!

  145. love this look!

  146. Would you rather have the worlds best hair and ugly make-up or the best make-up but really ugly hair? Love your blog and you are as cute as a button

  147. you are so beautiful Zoe!

  148. You're so lucky!! This is amazing!!

  149. I am a huuuuge fan of the winged liner look! I wear it most days, but this is such a cool new twist on the idea! I think I have to get a thinner brush for my gel liner now…I'll probably fail, but I just have to try this! Gorgeous!

    xx -b.

  150. You look really pretty I am new to your site but have seen you on youtube a lot I love the way you do your hair and makeup .
    The pictures are really good I love how the eyeliner compliments the eyes. I hope to read another page full of your life it seems so interesting

  151. I would like to say you look amazing!! (as usual, I shouldn't have expected anything less!! ahaha) That eyeliner looks really pretty surprisingly! Much more wearable than I would have expected. And it really suits! My hand is no where near steady enough to even attempt it. I can barely do a normal flick!!
    Makeover Games

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