“Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back”

How often do you turn things down or shy away from doing things a little out of your comfort zone? How often do you say NO? For me, this word would crop up an awful lot more than the word “yes”. 

As most of you may or may not be aware, I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks (read more on that here), so for me, sometimes saying no, I believe, is the only option. My mind takes control and makes me think that I will be safe doing the things that are within my comfort zone, things that don’t scare me. But, what kind of a life is that? Do I really want to be confined to doing things with baby steps over and over? Life is too short for that. Do I want to live my life turning things down and missing out on so many opportunities just because it scares me a bit? No, and neither do you. 

If you are reading this, and you suffer with anxiety disorder, have panic attacks, depression, have social anxiety or are just a very negative or shy person, then I know full well, you want more than anything to be able to say yes to so many things, but the way your mind works, means you are terrified to do this. What is the worst that could happen though? Will you drop down dead? No, the chance of that happening are slim to none. 

It’s taken me so long to try and push all my negative thoughts surrounding different activities that are linked with my panic attacks, but i’ve just reached a point in my life where I think “SOD IT”. So what if I have a panic attack? What’s going to happen to me? I would rather do more things, that I can look back on and think “I’m so glad I did that” than think “I really wish I’d done that”. I don’t want to ever be left with that awful question floating around in my head of “what if?”. There may be times when you do panic, or you do get in a flap about something, but if you know that ultimately you’re going to be okay, at least you can say you did it, or you tried it, and at least you won’t be left thinking “what if?”.  

I’ve had so many panic attacks I can’t even keep count, but do I remember all of these and relive these panic attacks every day of my life? No I don’t. What would be the point? Anxiety is really rubbish, panic attacks are really rubbish, but you can’t let these things take complete control of your life or you will be consumed by nothing else, and it will make you desperately unhappy. You are more likely to remember all the amazing times, than you are to remember times where you felt anxious. Why miss out on any opportunity to make happy memories you’ll keep with you forever because of this?

One thing I find very difficult about living with anxiety, is the hold it takes over you without you even realising. You get used to it, and you get used to the way of living, and you don’t see how your behaviours are so varied from the norm. I am very jealous of people that ooze confidence. I sometimes think “If only I never had to worry about anything”, but then do I really have anything to worry about anyway? Are the things I worry about really significant in the grand scheme of things? The answer is no, probably not.

I hold back on so many things, that I feel like I can never 100% enjoy myself in any situation. There are very rarely times in my life, where anxious thoughts are not floating around in my head, ruining a situation for me. Sometimes i’ll even be driving to Asda and they’ll be there. I feel like my anxiety is a little demon living inside my head (I know, i’m getting slightly freaky on yo asses, but you know what I mean), and the only way to ever destroy it is to be like “LOOK, SEE, I’M FINE, I CAN DO THIS, NOW GO AWAY”, and eventually he will get bored, and leave (I’d just like to make it clear at this point that I am not possessed, all clear on that? Yes? good).

More recently, I’ve had a bit of a wakeup call. I felt myself becoming too consumed by certain aspects of my life, certain people, situations and mostly, my anxiety. I stopped going to events in London, I stopped meeting my friends as much, I stopped eating out in restaurants as much, I stopped getting the train. I let my anxious mind take complete control. Some days, I just spent on my own, speaking to nobody and doing nothing, because I felt safe that way. Nobody should be living their life like this, and sometimes it takes a small (or large) slap in the face for you to realise which path you were heading down. Consider this yours. 

Over the past few weeks, I feel as though I have turned over a new leaf. I want to be more positive about things. Being anxious means you are more likely to find the negatives in any situation before the positives, and this becomes so draining. Not just for you, but for others around you. 

I have started to say YES to things I’d never normally say yes to. I’m not saying yes to absolutely everything, but i’m making a conscious effort to agree to more things. I recently went to a Festival, and yes, it was only for the day, but I have a slight fear over festivals. Large crowds, drunk people who will probably end up vomming (fear of vomit), but I put all this to the back of my mind, and just went. I had such a good day and got to see one of my favourite bands and make happy memories. The alternative to that, would have been to stay at home doing nothing, which a few weeks back, is exactly what I would have done. I went on 3 trains to meet a friend to film YouTube videos to a place i’d never been before. I know most of you reading this will raise an eyebrow here and think “Zoe, that really is no biggy”, but for someone who couldn’t even get on one train, to one stop without being on the brink of an anxiety attack a mere few weeks ago, this is a huge achievement for me, and again, had such a good day!

I feel so much better for saying yes to things. It has improved my confidence drastically, and it’s made me want to go out and do more things that i’d normally never think/want to do. It’s making me feel a lot more positive, and with positivity, comes happiness.

I guess the point i’m trying to make with this post, is please think about this for a second, try and step away from your anxious/negative mindset, and look at the bigger picture…

You get ONE life (unless of course you are a feline), one chance to do anything and everything you want. Do not let something like this control your decisions or ruin experiences for you. The same goes for people. Don’t let people ruin things for you, or control your behaviours or your life choices. 

It’s YOUR life. Share it with others but don’t let anyone, or anything take over the control you have.

Say YES. Make it your mission, to do things you’d never normally do, go places you’d never normally go, meet people you’d never normally meet. How can you make memories, and take new paths in life if you turn everything down?

Taking the quote in the song in THIS blog post “Do one thing everyday that scares you”. I probably wouldn’t take this too literally if you have severe anxiety, but apply it to making decisions every once in a while to begin with. So what if it scares you? Think about how you’ll feel when you accomplish it, think about the opportunities it could bring you. Think how happy it could make you!

Now, after reading this blog post, there are a few things I want you to do:

Say YES to something you wouldn’t normally say yes to, and let me know in the comments what it was

Listen to the song posted below, I likes it!

Watch the film “Yes Man”

Alternatively, download/buy the book “Yes Man” written by Danny Wallace & read it

Put your favourite song on and dance around to it (not for any reason other than i’m sure it will make you feel at least 10x better than you did before reading this)

Remember that you are not the only one feeling this way, and that only you can change the outlook you have on life

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  1. Bex

    Fantastic post! I'm also making a conscious effort to say yes to more things; it is time for me to branch out a little bit =) xo

  2. Such a lovely post, I've really needed a little push recently to have the confidence to take more risks and live my life to the full! I especially love the last quote! x

  3. Natalie

    great post! & I totally agree with everything you've said – I used to never to do anything because I was so shy, & it's only recently I've started saying yes to most things :) x

  4. Lydia

    this is such a lovely, warm and positive post. everything you said i could really relate too and ill definitely be trying to yes a lot more! xo

  5. Clobo

    i love this song! thanks you have really made my day <3 xx


  6. This is such an inspiring post Zoe! I suffer from anxiety incredibly badly and probably 9/10 of the closest people to me don't even know this.. so it's comforting to read a post by somebody who understands xxx

  7. Niamh.

    This is fantastic zoe!
    I have never had anxiety, but recently things have happened in my life that have made me scared of doing things I used to do. I have had no choice but to force myself to go through with them anyway, but it does get distressing, and I hope this will help someone with more sever anxiety than I to get through their day a bit easier! well done! xxx

  8. I needed this <3 x

  9. Brilliant post! I've suffered with really bad anxiety since I had a big spine operation a few years ago, which meant that I went months with out leaving the house because I was too scared too, and then when I did I wouldn't go out when it was busy. The last few months I've pushed myself to go to busier places to get used to it all again, but it's really scary! I'm starting a make up course in London which is one of the worst places for my anxiety to crop up, but this post has helped calm me down on it so much, thank you! :)
    Rosie xx


  10. wow..i felt exactly the same for a long,long time. makes me feel better to know that there are other people who have to fight against the same fears. I`m sure you are helping a lot of girls with this post..

  11. Kiks89

    Aah this is such a good post! I have social anxiety and I do avoid so many social situations because I'm just too scared, then sit and feel sorry for myself while everyone else has a good time. I've recently been trying to change that too, but it is super hard!! One day at a time, i'll get there! :) xx

  12. This post is a real eye opener, I think sometimes we all get trapped in our own little bubbles, I need to make more effort to get outside of mine :) lovely post xoxo

  13. This is a fantastic post Zoe and you should be mega proud of yourself for the attitude you have to life, despite your panic attacks! I also suffer from anxiety and even silly things (like driving across a roundabout I've never driven across before) scares me to death, as stupid as that sounds. I have actually worked myself up so much that I've burst into tears (about a roundabout) or going somewhere I haven't been before, or putting myself in a situation I feel comfortable in. Like you, I would much prefer to be in an environment I feel 'safe' in and turn down situations that throw me out of my comfort zone. So you should be really proud of yourself for turning over a new leaf, even if it's small steps – because sometimes it's just the small things that make the big difference, as silly as that sounds!

    Contrary to you, I say 'Yes' to things that are quite far away in the future, out of anxiety of disappointing everyone and then work myself up when the event in question gets close (how silly!) but you're right – we shouldn't live our life in fear of what's to come. Inventing situations in my head that are hopefully not going to happen is no way to live a life – and I think I just need to get my head round that!

    As much as anxiety does rule a life, I think its just about finding a way to manage and control it, putting yourself out of your comfort zone, but perhaps with a group of friends who you feel comfortable with (hypothetically) perhaps?

    Hope you feel lots better, and although I'm sure you have lots of support from your lovely friends :) there are lots of blog readers who are here for you too (which I'm sure you know!).

    Love Scarlett xx



  14. Owww, loved this post – so motivating! I don't get panic attacks but sometimes do have anxiety and make excuses not to do things because of it – but trying much more to take the bull by the horns and say yes to things! Loved your post Zoe, I've followed your YouTube channel for a while, but just come across your blog! x


  15. Marta

    Zoe you are true inspiration. I'm always scared of things and I even find it hard to order a drink (my friends think it funny) or be in crowded places. Yesterday I talked with my mam and said to her that I want to say yes to things that scare me because I feel like I'm not making any memories. It's sad because I'm 18 and I should be having the best time of my life. Thank you one more time for this post. I would really like to do an interview with you for my blog but it's a little bit hard to actually contact you. Have a beautiful day Zoe :)x

  16. This is a fantastic post Zoe and you should be mega proud of yourself for the attitude you have to life, despite your panic attacks! I also suffer from anxiety and even silly things (like driving across a roundabout I've never driven across before) scares me to death, as stupid as that sounds. I have actually worked myself up so much that I've burst into tears (about a roundabout) or going somewhere I haven't been before, or putting myself in a situation I feel comfortable in. Like you, I would much prefer to be in an environment I feel 'safe' in and turn down situations that throw me out of my comfort zone. So you should be really proud of yourself for turning over a new leaf, even if it's small steps – because sometimes it's just the small things that make the big difference, as silly as that sounds!

    Contrary to you, I say 'Yes' to things that are quite far away in the future, out of anxiety of disappointing everyone and then work myself up when the event in question gets close (how silly!) but you're right – we shouldn't live our life in fear of what's to come. Inventing situations in my head that are hopefully not going to happen is no way to live a life – and I think I just need to get my head round that!

    As much as anxiety does rule a life, I think its just about finding a way to manage and control it, putting yourself out of your comfort zone, but perhaps with a group of friends who you feel comfortable with (hypothetically) perhaps?

    Hope you feel lots better, and although I'm sure you have lots of support from your lovely friends :) there are lots of blog readers who are here for you too (which I'm sure you know!).

    Love Scarlett xx



  17. Kat

    thanks for this post Zoe! I haven't suffered from anxiety attacks in the past but I have terrible nerves and worry to the point where I'll make myself ill. It's was becoming too much in my life and I was no longer thinking about all the things I had to be thankful for (there are lots!). Like you, I've kind of turned a leaf and thought, as you said, 'Sod it!'. Someone said to me the saying, 'Don't think, just be' which I'm trying to think of when I feel that horrible worry feeling.



  18. i had the same problem, at one point i was even afraid to leave my own house (!!) but one day i realized that i had enough, well why should i be afraid that something will happen to me, as they say worrying won't change the outcome. so i went with my friends to paris because why not, and then we went to london, and nothing bad happen i just had amazing time, something i will never forget and it feel amazing. :) wish u the best Zoe :)

  19. ZOE!!!!! the timing is so perfect!! i have to leave my country and study in London , but i have such a great fear that smth will happen to my parents or to people close to me while im there . now that i read your post im no longer having 2nd thoughts, this is my chance , my opportunity , it will get difficult but thats what life is about.
    thank you so so so much Zoe you just helped me to make the greatest decision in my life.
    I am going to London on the 18th woooooooooooooohoo! time to start living responsibly all to myself and creating a path . no more "staying where im comfortable" aka my bedroom&pjs&laptop. im gonna exlore the hell out of it. thank you so much.

  20. Amazing post! It's so nice to know I'm not alone in my little anxious boat and that other people battle with similar things. Sometimes knowing that is enough to take positive little steps – it's a kind of "we're all in this together" type feeling. Well done on conquering your train fear! You've inspired me to tackle my fear of buses :) xxxx

  21. I suffer from anxiety too, i've only ever had one panic attack and it was horrible, in the last 3/4 months i wouldnt go out with my friends because i'd rather be at home in the "safe zone" but im going to put the negative thoughts away and start thinking positively :D inspiring post!xx

  22. Naghmeh

    I looove this post. I don't have an actual anxiety disorder or panic attacks but doing things out of my comfort zone make me very anxious and before this year I used to say no to a lot of things. But one of my new years resolutions was to put that behind me and say yes to things and go out and do things I wouldn't do no matter how small or big and it has been such a great experience. I just feel better and don't get scared of every little thing :)

  23. You've done it again zoe! You have written a blog post that i can totally relate to (massive anxiety sufferer) and I have bookmarked this post to come back to when I need a little confidence, I agree with everything you have said. Thank you so much for writing this!

  24. Nadine

    I just needed this :) Thank you, Zoe!

  25. Beautiful post! I find myself missing out on a lot, because I am so worrisome. I need to actively try to "just say yes" before there's no time left to live my life to the fullest. Thanks for your post!

  26. Sophie

    Great blog post, just tweeted you to say how good it was :)

  27. Nicola

    this is the best post i've read in a long time! thank you so much zoe xxx

  28. Belle66

    amazing blog post, especially as its about something i can completely relate to, as i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, so love it, thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

  29. Shireen

    What a positive post! I love reading the posts on your anxiety problems. I suffer badly from depression myself and know exactly how it feels – how you want to find a safe place where nothing can harm you. Unfortunately, I live my life with endometriosis and so a lot of the time I cannot just say 'yes' since I live each day as it comes due to the pain. Well done to you though for making such an effort to overcome the problems in your head. It can be hard but over time doing things like this will make it easier to cope with.

    Endometriosis my life with you

  30. Elly

    I love this post. I suffer from OCD and anxiety. Every once in awhile I will have a panic attack. It is the worst. Deep breathing and reciting a bible verse usually helps me. I also ALWAYS play it safe. I'm such a worry wart. And i can't believe I found someone else that is terrified of puke. I'm terrified of getting sick too. When someone around me throws up, I have serious anxiety. Anyways, thanks for the encouraging post!

  31. SOPHFE

    Lovely post Zoe! x

  32. I suffer from bad anxiety too and I'm having CBT sessions now to help me as it has gone on since I was 16! I'm now 20 and I have passed up so many opportunities already! Now I try my best to do things that I wouldn't normally – it feels amazing to overcome something that scares you! Good luck Zoe! Xx

  33. Megan

    Such a good post. A lot of people could learn something from this, including myself!You should be proud of yourself Zoe.
    I decided to put myself out of my comfort zone by creating a blog. I'm way too chicken to start youtube! But its a step in the right direction. The idea that someone I know in real life could read my blog scares the crap out of me! I'd appreciate it if you could have a butchers if you get time.
    Megan xx

  34. Marina

    I could have written this. Zoe you have literally written down what I wish I could tell myself. I, like you, suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and emetephobia. I also have bad health anxiety and when I feel ill I will literally stay in my room and not go out until I feel better for fear of having a panic attack. I have had a tough time since April since a car accident. I was beginning to say yes to more things, getting a new job, going out in the evenings. But after the crash I am back to being a recluse because of the increased panic attacks. I only live half an hour away from London, yet haven't been into central London in almost a year because of panic attacks on trains and the tube (I suffer particularly with throat problems where it feels like a lump in my throat is gonna choke me). I have got a friends birthday next week and more than anything I would like to go. I'd already decided weeks ago that I wouldn't go because a)I know I'll have a panic attack b)I'll probably feel ill anyway. After reading your post I really want to just say yes now. I wish I had people who understood anxiety, unless people have had panic attacks or anxiety, it's hard for them to understand what we go through. So thanks Zoe :) You've really made me feel less lonely and as tough as anxiety is, there's always people out there who understand if we look xxx

  35. I think this is the best blog post I've ever read. I don't suffer from anxiety issues but I am scared to step out of my comfort zone. I think this post will help me when I start uni next week and give me the confidence to make new friends and say yes to situations I would normally say no to!
    So thank you. Very inspiring lady <3

  36. Lush19

    Such a great post :) I actually said to myself this summer that I would do more things and go to different places and say YES!
    Have you ever thought about being a motivational speaker/writer? because you're really good at it :) Just saying!! x

  37. Great post and good to hear you are overcoming your anxieties :) xx

  38. Sophie

    I might just take this advice. Thank you.

  39. Great post and good to hear that you are overcoming your anxieties :) xx

  40. This is a fantastic blog post. Depression and anxiety is something I suffer from and this post really summed it all up for me. You can easily get into a vicious cycle and you can only see the negatives in everything. You feel too scared to do certain things and then become more and more withdrawn. You feel less and less like "normal" people so you feel even worse and your confidence gets knocked more and more. I have got to the point now where I've realised I've got to push myself out of my comfort zone or things will never improve. I've been on medication and had counselling but ultimately I know a lot of it comes down to myself and how determined I can be to not let it take over my life. I have to force myself into situations which I'm scared of so I can get through them and realise they're not as bad as I thought and then bit by bit, my confidence and self esteem rise and go back a little closer to where they were before I got depression and anxiety. It's a horrible thing to suffer with and it's a constant battle but if you can try the things you've said, it will help you get closer to happiness and peace within.

  41. An excellent topic and very encouraging. It's like a page out of your diary! You've made me be more conscious of my own decisions on whether to do something or take up an invitation. I am one who says 'no' most of the time or 'maybe' and then never do it. I dont suffer from anxiety attacks, but I do lack confidence and can be a bit awkward in social situations as a result. Coincidentally all in the same day, I watched Fleur's vlog about confidence, read your blog and watched Louise's video about beauty vs brains where she talks about how your own problems can seem overwhelming but also how miniscule a thing it actually is when you realise that your existence in the world is so small. You have all really helped me to focus on being a better me and to direct my energy into things that actually matter. I want to thank you for sharing and giving your time to us and want you to know that I for one value and appreciate the time and effort you put in to blogging and making videos. You inspire me to express myself more and provoke reflection on myself. So BIG thank you!

  42. This is such a brilliant blog post, the song is amazing and the way you explain your anxiety so freely really is inspirational, you seem like such a lovely, gorgeous lady and I am so not sure what you have to worry about! Have fun doing things you wouldn't normally and never regret it! After all; YOLO ;)



  43. I really needed this post right now. Thanks so much, Zoe :) xx

  44. Wow how inspiring, great to hear things have turned around for you :)

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway! x

  45. I am cheering for you right now! the way you describe yourself and your way of thinking about things just hit home really hard. i am a negative person and dealt with rock bottom depressions all my life and lately i wanted to change that. you really helped me by writing this! it's amazing how you can describe the way i feel when someone asks me 'hey, wanna go out tonight?' or something like that because for me that's really difficult to explain to people who don't have to deal with anxiety/depression. i am going to think positive and say yes to things i'd usually say no to because you made me take that step further and i thank you for that! i am sure that you will be doing great and have lots of good things coming for you! (: xxx

  46. Chloe

    This post is exactly how I want to be. I suffer with anxiety and have done since I was young. It has ruined a lot of things for me and I have avoided so many things because of it. It in a way rules who I am and doesn't let me be who I want to be. Recently I said yes to going on a summer camp and now I feel like I can beat the anxiety. The summer camp was amazing and I made so many friends and did so many things I never normally would do. I also watched yes man when I got back from the camp haha. Anxiety is a horrible thing and anyone who suffers with it understands how hard it is to take control of. I hope others read this post and feel as inspired as I do. Awareness also needs to be raised! Not just for anxiety but for mental illnesses as a whole!

  47. Love this post!! …i say no to alot of things but ive got better since starting uni. even my boyfriend is happy with the change :)

  48. This is exactly the motivation I'm needing at the moment. Playing everything safe is getting me absolutely nowhere and I want to go places in life! Recently, I took the leap and signed up to participate in my college's drama production as acting is such a huge passion of mine but one I'm scared to pursue. Thank you, as this post has given me the inspiration to make the most of this opportunity! xxx

  49. Clair_

    I love this post Zoe, i can soo relate to you. As i have anxiety and can get palpitations. i wont do SO much because im just too scared… i wish i was at your point and to just say yes and do what i want to do.
    Keep it up Zoe and i hope you achieve what you want :D x

  50. This is such an inspiring post! xx

  51. krislin

    Zoe! This post was the thing i needed right now! I'm crying here because i just realised how bad my anxiety is! I'm always scared, afraid and worried. i'm always overthinking. This post just made me feel 10 times better! And now I'm going to go and try to do all the things you wanted us to do!
    Lots of love,
    Krislin xx

  52. Vanz

    This is an absolutely perfect post. I've definitely needed something like this post to make me really stop and think, I can get bad panic attacks and I'm just a generally shy person around new people and new things because I feel like I'll be judged but there's a point when you've just got to stop that and really try your hardest to snap out of that and make your life more enjoyable for yourself.

    The next time I'm asked to do something I'd usually say no to I will definitely think back to this amazing post and really try my hardest to do whatever it is.

    Thanks Zoe.


  53. Georgia

    This is the exact motivation I need right now. I cannot tell you how much this will help me, I needed this so so much. Thank you Zoe, I know you will inspire SO many people with this, me being one of them. I was planning to go to the Cinema with a group of friends yesterday and almost cancelled at the last minute because I was scared of feeling ill there and getting panicky.. In the end I just went and had an amazing night and was absolutely fine the whole time. It just goes to show it's some stupid thing in your mind than you can easily control and prove wrong and do the things you love.

  54. Vita

    Loved this post! Its like you wrote half of my life's story in it! And you are right, its time to start saying YES and taking risks and enjoy life. Thank you xoxo

  55. Laura

    I was thinking to myself that my anxiety seems to have gone, but then i relaised it's because i haven't been out of the house much these holidays. You give such great advice, phrases such as 'Yolo' don't really have much affect on me, however when i'm in two minds about doing something, i'll think of you zoe in my head saying "Just say yes!" Thank you xx

  56. i don't know what to say, other than thankyou… thankyou for being honest and open. thankyou for taking your time to write this. thankyou for showing us to live our lives. just, thankyou

  57. Abby

    Amazing post, thank you so so much for this! I suffer from social anxiety and I completely relate to everything you said. It's so lovely to hear from someone who has to face some of the same issues!

    I'm starting Sixth Form next week and although I love all my classes a part of me is dreading it because it's completely out of my comfort zone! It's so silly to feel that way so I'm really determined to change things. You're absolutely right about not letting anxiety control you, and saying 'yes' to more things – it is difficult, but it's so so true that you are the only person who can make a difference. I'm determined to make a real effort to push myself this year! :)

    I'm so pleased you've been able to start to get rid of those negative thoughts that were holding you back from trying new things! It's a difficult thing to do so it's so inspiring to know someone else has been able to do it. I know it sounds a bit strange but seeing someone else overcoming a problem like this is really helpful! I feel more confident now that it's something I can do.

    This post has really made my day, and I'm sure it will help lots of other people too <3

    Abby xxxx

  58. I'm reallllyyyy shy and starting uni in 3 weeks (in bath, which just happens to be near you :P) and my dad keeps telling me exactly this. So that if somebody asks me if I want to go out somewhere I should just say yes and then hopefully I will make lots of new friends :)

  59. This was such a great post!! its very positive to hear someone be able to confront an issue of panic attacks! I started suffering around two years ago from them and was so embarrassed for months because I was such a strong and fearless person before. I would use everything as an excuse not to go on nights out or camping trips with friends because i hated people seeing me so helpless and out of control. Eventually I got to the point where I had to tell people, my friends and family were so supportive and helped bring me back out of my shell and realise that you can't help having a panic attack or feeling anxious BUT you can change they way you feel about having them! I now say YES to a lot more things – like i am currently now on exchange to Montreal and living 1000 miles away from home , having to meet new people and fly alone and I haven't had one attack! Its liberating and I love reading your posts as they are liberating too!!!!


  60. I discovered you blog yesterday. I was searching for new blogs to follow in Blogloving and I saw your blog and really got my attention, so I followed.
    And today it's my birthday (Semptember 1st) and just to read this at my 20th birthday, I can honestly tell you was the biggest gift ever. You know, I'm 100% what you wrote, it's so much better and safe to say No and be in your comfort zone, but what's for? just stay at home doing nothing? how am I suppose to live my life like that? What stories am I suppose to tell my kids if I'm living like that? Or not-living right?
    I can't say in words how this text really got into my deepest emotions.
    My 20th birthday resolutions is to say more Yes now on in my life!

  61. gaaahd, im so happy you made this post! Knowing that someone else has this little person in the back of their mind convincing then that everything different is a bad idea is such a relief. Ive put off so sooo many things that seem like such a good idea because i think of all the little negatives that could possibly(but are highly unlikely) to happen, and NEVER focus on the positives.

    From now on i will make such an effort to try new things and do things i was afraid to do before. Im about to go into my first year of sixth form so its the perfect time to start and make (hopefully) a bunch of new freinds.

    thank you so much zoe

    love Carmen xx

  62. kia

    good post Zoe :) i did the other day all about saying YES more :) x

  63. Worry is interest paid in advance for a debt you may never owe. <3

  64. Fantastic post! I've been doing better these past few weeks but the last months have been awful and at some point, even going to the little grocery shop across the street (literally across my street!!) was becoming too hard. But it upset and frustrated me, so I'm trying to do more things, like you said, and say yes before I even start thinking of all the horrible things that could happen if I go. It's hard, some days more than others, to step out of your comfort zone. But yes, it's very necessary.

  65. Dear Zoe, you are, in one word, amazing. This blog post says every little thing I needed to hear. I usually just say "No" to most of the things in life. For example I often want to go cycling, but then I think "maybe I'll meet other people and I don't want them to see me cycling" so I just don't go, I'll stay at home and sit on the computer. Or when I want to go to the local grocery store, but won't, because I'm afraid I'll meet someone I know there. It's actually really horrible to think like that… I'm overall a very very positive person, you'll almost never see me being sad, but I get anxious about being surrounded by lots of people and this needs to stop. I need to live a little.
    Really, thank you, this post was a wake up call I needed :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Maarja xx

  66. Sadie

    Such an inspiring post Zoe! As for the train, I understand completely, it is a real biggie so well done!! :) I had my first ever panic attack on a train all alone miles away from home, it was horrific! Unsurprisingly I never got back on a train again and still haven't. I have recently done a course of CBT and have been doing things that I haven't done for years. You are right, the small amount of time you spend panicking is nothing in comparison to how much better you feel once you've done it. I still have a way to go but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm glad you can too :) xx

  67. this is the most inspirational thing i think i have ever read! your story is incredible zoe! this has really helped my way of thinking, im really going to try to make an effort to do more things outside of my comfort zone! :D xxx

  68. Fantastic blog post :) I will definitely be trying this! Well done zoe! Hope saying yes from time to time makes you feel better as you're so lovely :) xxx

  69. Sarah

    I loved this post, It is exactly the attitude I have been coming around to lately and it is so motivating to see others doing this as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! xx

  70. Emma

    Amazing amazing post zoe. Thank you for this. I really mean it, I also get anxious and yesterday a friend asked if I wanted to go to this party next week, I didn't want to go because I am a little overweight and always feel so self conscious, also I am kinda shy in large groups of people and this post just really have me the confidence to say yes and go. I don't usually go out alot, but I'm looking forward to this and am so glad I said yes, what's the worst that can happen right?;)

  71. Allison

    A beautiful post. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm in my last year of University and I feel like I've wasted so much of my youth not acting young, not taking risks and instead being afraid. It's time to change that. Part of growing up, anyway, is learning to do the scary things in spite of everything. :)

  72. Great post Zoe! I'm glad things are better for you:) I have had some anxiety/panic attacks, but probably about 4 in my life so I can't compare to how you must feel, but I can relate to this. I am overall a positive/confident person but I get the little negative voice in my head sometimes too. All the points you wrote at the end are a great motivation. This whole post is an inspiration, probably gonna bookmark it or something lol.
    This is a little silly, but I thought I've always been scared of heights. I don't know what triggered it but when I was in Paris I could not get to the top of the Eiffel tower and had to sit under it. That was like 6 years ago and since then I didn't want to do anything involved with heights. But about 2 years ago we had this thing at school where we had to do military stuff, which was fun. It was just for a day and we had to do everything because the guy didn't take no for an answer. I had to do abseiling from a building.. and I guess I overcame my fear. I guess that things that just stick out from the ground like the Eiffel tower worry me, they are so monstrous haha. Also, I got some backstage festival passes and was worried to go cause I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of the bands and was considering not going, but then I was like 'ok, just man up, you're not gonna die..' and everything worked out great, even better than expected. Thought I'd give some of my experiences too :) Whenever I'll feel a bit down, I'll read this instead of staying at home for a week xx

  73. Kay

    What an uplifting and inspiring post Zoe! Tonight i shall be saying yes to sleeping in a caravan, which usually freaks me out being in such a small space!!! Small step but a good one in my new effort to saying YES to life!!! Thank you Zoe!! XXX

  74. Nina

    This is such a great post and I'm so glad you wrote it. Anxiety is something people can struggle to talk about and get help for because they think their anxiety is unfounded or potentially a 'trivial' thing that you can't get help for. It's really sad when you start compromising on your life because there's so many amazing things to see and do. It's inspiring to see you move forward and saying yes. I really wish you all the best!

    Nina from little nomad

  75. This is the first blog post I have ever commented on but I found your post so inspiring and positive that I couldn't not leave a comment. I can relate to so many of the things you have written. It is as if I am reading something written by myself. I will remember this post every time anxiety comes creeping in. Thank you Zoe. x

  76. Alice

    This post helps a lot, I'm overall a really anxious person and I over-think everything. After reading this, I'm going to put more effort into doing the things I want,but am holding back on doing. You are very inspiring to a lot of people.

    Thanks for being so open and writing this post


  77. keight

    Until i stared uni i panicked about everything, i would always make up an excuse as to way i couldn't go out with my friends or do something new with them. Also one summer my brother had crazy panic attacks, how ever they only lasted a year or so, but watching my big brother panic to the point he would be shaking and crying wasn't nice. . . . . when i moved to uni 2 years ago, i just started to think what is the point of waisting my life being bored and scared to do anything, if i could move 3 hours away to uni where i didn't know ANYBODY, i can do anything.

    it just takes something small to change you mind round to a hole different way of thinking, and i think this blog post could be that thing that changes someones life.


  78. Tali

    Thanks so much for posting this! I am 25 and have had pretty much zero social life for the last 3-4 years now, and just hang out with my bf 99% of the time – I don't get to see my BFFs much cos they live so far away. I get so panicky in social situations and always need to have an escape route, if you know what I mean! People I don't know or places I don't know really freak me out – I need to have an easy way to run away if need be! I'm making baby steps, but like you I really just want to say f**k it, I WILL go see a movie/get a drink/go dancing/whatever…but people just don't realise what a big step that is for me!
    Although, I made massive progress a fortnight ago – I got on the train by myself (miracle), to go to a different city (are we talking about the same Tali?) to catch up with my friends and sister.. I went out on the saturday night and my anxiety was totally non existent! So it is possible, I guess, I just need to constantly challenge myself like you say :)
    Thanks again for the post, you don't know how nice it is to realise I'm not the only one going through all this! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  79. G

    got me to tears. Zoe, can I send you an email to ask for a personal opinnion, please?

  80. "Being anxious means you are more likely to find the negatives in any situation before the positives, and this becomes so draining. Not just for you, but for others around you. " – this is my favourite sentence from the post. Thank you, Zoe, I have been thinking about my attitute towards life recently, and there you write a lovely note on being positive. I'll do my best and follow your plan to say yes to things that scare me or I don't usually like. Have a great weekend! :) xx

  81. Zoe, thank you so so much for posting this. Reading through the comments other girls have left and reading about how youve 'turned over a new leaf' has really uplifted me. Im currently having 'therapy' with a lady once a week to 'overcome' my panic. I usually have a full on panic attack maybe 3-4 times a week, silly things like sitting in the back of a car or going in a lift at work. Panic is such a horrible annoying thing and its such a shame so many people have to live with on a daily basis. I have a horrendous fear of being sick – see i cant even type that horrible 'v' word! Its amazing how much my fear impacts on my life, like not going to the cinema incase im sick, not eating chicken in a restuarant – incase im sick. Youve started saying 'yes' and doing things you wouldnt normally do – incase you panic. On YouTube and on your blog your such a confident lovely girl and I hope you keep saying 'yes' and ill do the same.

    Take care, Steph xxx

  82. Tami

    Brillant post Zoe. I've recently come to find I've been getting really anxious after having my baby, like where I stress out at even going for a walk with her in a her pram, around the corner. I need to step up and sort it out for her if anything! Louise actually helped me loads with it too but yeah. :)
    I'm a super shy person as well, I've found this loads at events and just generally meeting new people. I'm going to try better to be a little bit more confident.

    Hope you're feeling loads better now, and keep well! xxx

  83. This is an amazing post and has really put a positive spin on my day. I struggle from anxiety and it has been hitting me so much lately that I am suffering from weekly panic attacks and only have one friend that I am in semi-regular contact.

    I think you are an amazingly strong woman and I am rooting for you. Definitely inspired to try and start being a Yes person, and I know I will be referring to this post when it gets difficult.

    Thank you for writing such an inspiring post. x

  84. Beautiful post. Definitely resonates with me a hell of a lot. What a wonderful and inspiring lady you are Zoe. xo

  85. TASSHA

    Amazing blog post Zoe! It was such a great read and I'm so happy for you! I've been reading your blog for a while now and its nice to read about you other than all the beauty and fashion. I couldn't agree with you more. I used to be really shy and quite negative about a lot of things, but it has been more than a year now since I decided that this is my life and that it is my choice to be happy. Like you mentioned in your post, to say yes to opportunities. I believe the more you start believing in yourself, the more happier you'll be. I think because of that I've changed so much over the year as well. I'm definitely looking forward to watching your new videos! Stay awesome Zoe! xx

  86. Phoebe

    I did this after watching Yes Man and it's amazing what a difference it makes to your life. I don't suffer from anxiety or ever get panic attacks but before I did this I didn't have a clue how much I was missing out on, mostly from just being lazy!
    Excellent post! I'm glad to hear that you're trying to conquer your anxiety :)


  87. this is really helpful thank you thank you. i wrote loads of other things here about my anxiety, but i shall spare you the life story haha! x

  88. G

    sorry. english is not my first language.

  89. without sounding cheesy or overly emotional, I've been suffering with certain issues regarding social anxiety and OCD (such fun things :P ) and I'm doing exactly what you said you used to do … sitting on my own instead of going to the pub where i was invited to go. I just hope I can find the same strength you've clearly found in time for my third year at university. Thank you, more than you probably realise, you're an inspiration xxx

  90. Deborah

    First of all I admire anyone with the technical skills to put anything up on you tube in the first place.( Ido have a you tube channel and a blog, blog occasionally blue moon type of consistancy and you tubeing well I have no idea how to upload) Also by the amount of people who also you tube and have anxiety disorders also surprises me…However
    my point you are amazing young lady who is extremely articulate and intelligent.
    Sometimes you have to let the Demons come, let the wave hit as some people say. The day I did that, never looked back.
    However I do reccomend Bachs Rescue remedy on occassions.
    Thank you for an amazing post that will empower more people than you will ever know..

  91. Brilliant post Zoe! Having suffered from anxiety/panic so badly that I actually had to drop out of high school, I totally relate. Just being in a car or on the train can make me so uncomfortable that I'm willing to open the doors and jump out! The only way to improve it really is to just go ahead and do things. My favorite motto came from my dad: "Do it anyway." The more you just so things anyway, the easier they become and eventually they do not bother you quite so much. It's easier said than done, but it CAN be done and it will change your life! Thanks so much for sharing your difficulties as I suspect they are more common than most think. Keep up the good work!!!


  92. Emily

    Me and my boyfriend actually decided to be more 'yes!' people the other day, for totally different reasons but hopefully it will result in the same outcome of a more fulfilled life. We've been discussing the future of our jobs and where we live for a while but, frustratingly, were never able to decide what we wanted to do over the next few years- so we chose to pick something and go with it. We said a big fat yes to moving cities, moving jobs and getting a new home. In order to make the most of the time left before we move, we've been saying yes to every chance to see our friends, something that we probably don't do enough as sometimes we're horribly lazy and just choose a night in on the sofa rather than a night out. In just the week or so since we started, it's already made a difference and I'm so pleased we have.
    I've never experienced a panic attack so can't fully appreciate how terrifying they are, but from reading yours and others posts I know how dreadful they seem, you must be so proud to be overcoming that fear and knowing that you're in control, not the anxiety, must be amazing and totally liberating.
    This was a lovely post to read Zoe :) xx

  93. Thank you so much for writing this post Zoe! I have been really anxious lately after I had the worst year of my life in year 10 – I was bullied which deflated a huge heap of my confidence – I mean I was never the most confident person, but I really went into my shell! I then became so petrified of things like exams that I made myself so ill over the first part of my GCSEs. This summer, I've been sat here petrified of going back to school and having to do all my GCSEs this summer! However, reading this has really inspired me to get over it! Reading about you and reading the comments left, I have realised I am not the only one who feels this way and I've realised how much of a burden being anxious is! As of september now, I am turning over a new leaf to, I'm gonna go into year 11 with a fighting attitude and get those GCSEs I want! Woooooo! Thanks Zoe! I hope it works out good for you and everyone reading this xxxx

  94. Emily

    Aa what a lovely post Zoe!


  95. This is amazing Zoe! I started a new job 2 months ago which involves a lot of phone calls, up until this point during my training my colleagues were doing the big ones for me and didn't push me into doing my first big call with a candidate until I was ready which I really appreciated (I feel very anxious when phoning someone I don't know, so much so that my chest gets those red splotches, i stutter and shake…and im usually a really confident person). Well this week I had to do my big call, I had already scheduled it with the candidate for wednesday, done my preparation with my colleague who was very supportive with how genuinely scared I was! The candidate didn't pick up due to sudden meeting, so I had to do the call on Thursday…but I felt like i'd broken a big barrier and then after I was thinking…what was I so scared about? It's a simple phone conversation to find out a bit more about the candidate and their experiences…nothing could possibly go wrong, it's not a test!

    In terms of going out, I usually find if I go to something I really really didn't want to go too…it ends up being a great day/ night. Thank you for this post it's really inspired me! xxx

  96. I have to say that reading your post made me a little bit disturbing. Probably because of the fact that – once again – I feel like a dumbass. I never had real friends in my life. I am literally spending my day with working, coming back home in the evening and being all on my own in my bedroom. I never go out with friends – cause I have none. I never do anything extraordinary because I am just too afraid of doing it.

    But I am pretty sure this will never change. This is also one of the reasons why I started my blog. Because I like to get to know new people. Maybe even becoming friends. I am hoping to find someone who can be my best friend. Most of the time I feel like I don't fit in.

  97. MZ

    Zoe!!! What a beautiful post. You were the first blogger I found writing about panic attacks when I first began my quest to recovery. To see you write such a positive and inspiring post now is so motivating. It's funny how we can grow so fond of someone we see snip its of through their blogs or vlogs, oh the beauty of technology lol.
    I know you get loads of responses from hundreds of girls you've touch through the years on the internet but I must let you know that I'm one of those girls. You have such a genuine and lovely way about you that is uplifting really. I follow many other youtube and blog personalities but you are my favorite because I can relate to you so much, not just with this but with your quirks and sweetness. The friendship you share with Louise is just moving and deep and hopeful. Those kind of raw and uninhibited friendships are really hard to find. It has reminded me to stay true to myself and not lose myself through trying to please others or fit in. At times its been lonely but staying true to oneself is priceless. I hope that we have helped you as much as you have helped us through those bump in the roads. Even though lending yourself to the public eye of the internet and may have encountered the energy suckers that are haters, there's also a supportive community that does share a connection with you. I wish you better days and that this "yes" state of mind stays forever!! lol.
    Thanks again Zoe.

    Kind Regards from the states :)

  98. This is a really great post! Now that I'm reading you, it makes me realize that I suffer a bit from anxiety as well… Since last year (around october) I began to think about death. And I couldn't stop imagine how it would be to feel "nothing". It happened like that, for a second I had a revelation that some day I won't exist anymore… At the beginning it made me really scared, but then I started thinking about it every day. I even thought about it today. It's a weird sensation, my heart beats really quickly when I think about it. So I'm glad to read about your fears and solutions, and I'll try to apply what you said. This post is so inspiring for me.
    By the way, I'm sorry for my bad english ;) I speak French (xx from Belgium)

  99. I suffered depression and anxiety for a few years. Before this I was the loudest, most outgoing, confident teenager at school and around peers. Although I no longer feel depressed the anxiety is still there and the whole thing has made me so shy that I say no to so many things (even walking by myself through the tiny town I live in freaks me out a bit), I worry that because I'm so shy people will think I'm rude/stuck-up or just a bit weird. I hope that I can build up a bit of confidence to say yes to more things. Thank you for writing this post, I think/hope I will take some inspiration from it. x

  100. What a lovely post Zoe! I'm just about to start uni and this will definitely help me out A LOT as I can feel quite anxious in unfamiliar situations. It's so inspirational that you are being so positive regardless of your anxiety. Just saw that you're almost at 25,000 followers and after this post, I think it's clear why. You are AMAZING Zoe :) xx

  101. Daria

    This is such a lovely post! I have never suffered from panick attacks but the more I read your post the more I understood that I avoid most of situations because I'm scared. Fear always stops me from talking, from taking part in events or even going out, it's so bad and I look like a shy person when I'm not!

    At the end of the post you said "Say YES to something you wouldn't normally say yes to, and let me know in the comments what it was" and well, I just said yes to my new flatmate when she invited me to a festival haha! I'm so happy I did now :) Thank you!

    Daria xxx

  102. It's funny how, as you describe, can be more challenging than anything. I've spend most of my life saying no, because I've been too scared to say yes or just do something. I even had a period where entering the bus in the morning would make me so scared that I'd consider doing it, more than twice. I really think it's great you speak openly about it.

    xx, Natascha

  103. This was beautifully written :) When I was younger I was so much less likely to do things that scared me. I've since then changed, and now I'm much more adventurous, outspoken, and willing to do new things. There's a certain kind of satisfaction you get when you accomplish something that you have not only never done, but something you've feared doing. XO

  104. Tali

    Pretty much the reason I started blogging too. Let's be friends :)xxx

  105. I love this Post! Having recently been diagnosed with anxiety myself I know exactly where you are coming from. I'm perfectly happy to stay at home and not do things, but recently I was put on the transplant list as I'm waiting for heart and lungs, and they told me I had to carry on living my life. I kind of realised I haven't been living my life at all really so it was kind of my wake up call, so now I've been planning things to do that I normally wouldn't. I still can't be really spontanious because I have to let my doctors know where I'm going if it's far away from house but I'm doing much more things that before I wouldn't have. I'm actually going to London, on a train, by myself for the first time in October to see a friend which before I know I would never have done.

    This post is really wonderful and I commend you for trying to get others to sa yes to more things :-)

    Stacie xoxo


  106. EDYTA

    I have to say that I would never though you have some anxieties. You seem to be a very confident person. I don't know why but this post really made me feel better ;) I though "If Zoe says say yes, then I'll do". I think that we must try new things everyday but we must be sure that we want it and nobody tells us to. Thank you Zoe for this post. I'm sure that many people will find it really helpful as much as I did :) Whenever I feel sad or depressed I'll read it again and again till the smile will appear on my face!
    Love you Zoe, don't ever change and be the great person you are!

  107. Wendy

    I realy love your post, a lot of my friends an myself experiance this continious problem. It should be better when we just say yes. I'm trying to do this for a couple weeks and it realy makes me feel better. Looking forward to your next post xoxo


  108. For someone who is extremely shy and just about to start Uni this is a great post. I watched Penelope the film the other day and they had this quote that I think is so good… 'Its not the power of the curse but the power you give the curse' I think that it applies to so many different things and especially this post. This is really great and thank you so much xxx

  109. This is an amazing post and I've written so many that are similar to this! I've suffered with anxiety for a few years now and couldn't go to high school but now after turning 16 I've 'said yes' to going to my local Sixth Form College and I feel great about it, it really is worth pushing yourself for good things! :-) xx

  110. This is an amazing inspirational post! I have slight, mild anxiety and this post has made me feel so much happier! I will definitely read this whenever I feel anxious :) xx

  111. Lauren

    Great post, I am shy, and unconfident, and this post has motivated me to do more with friends, and go out more!



  112. Such a great and inspiring post! I'm really shy and it keeps me from going out doing things and meeting new people. I have thoughts that everyone is judging me when in reality its just my own negative thoughts. Hopefully, I will get up the courage to go out and truly live!

  113. Beautiful, thankyou! Love you! <333

  114. Thanks for this post Zoe, I really needed it :) So inspiring xx

  115. I love how this post is so uplifting. I definitely turn things down far too often, I really should change that and stop worrying so much!


  116. This is probably going to sound really strange seeing as I don't know you personally, but i feel oddly proud of you for sharing this. Although I myself don't suffer from anxiety I do often find myself saying no to something I probably should have said yes too. You are an inspiration to so many people and your blogs always have such an honesty and positivity to them which make it so i can't help but go away smiling, so thank you! xx

  117. Aurore

    I wouldn't usually comment because I'm a french-speaking girl and my english isn't very good but I thought I would make an exception for this post. I wanted to thank you for writing this because it's the first time I feel like I'm not the only one in this situation. Some people know about my anxiety issues (I'm on antidepressant medication since I was 11 – now I'm 23) and they think they understand but actually it's not totally right. I feel like you can't really understand it if you don't struggle with it every single day. They know I am an anxious person but they can't imagine that I'm afraid of taking the bus to meet a friend or go shopping… For me, little things like that are worse than tests and exams: I just finished my 5 years cursus at university and for an exam, everyone is anxious and panics, but for those little daily things, noone thinks it's an issue you can struggle with. The problem is that it keeps me from being well integrated into my group of friends…
    Anyway, this post really inspired me, so thank you for reminding me all of this, I kind of lost a little bit my way because of the new life I'm facing and the unknown of finding a job, a place to live, etc. Thank you for making me feel that I am not alone.
    Greetings from Belgium <3

  118. Awwwwhh!! Well done Zoe!! Its such a nice post! even though i dont have anxiety i do panic sometimes! This was inspirational to me! You are AMAZINGGG zoe!:)xxxx

  119. Katy

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us Zoe! It makes me feel a bagillion times better just to know there's other normal, lovely people out there that suffer from the same things as I do, often I just feel like the biggest weirdo ever! I'm starting uni in a few weeks and I've honestly had the worst anxiety about it for the past year, sometimes I feel so sick I just want to say I'm not going, even though I really want to. This has helped me realise I've just got to say yes and do it, and nothing horrible will happen to me if I do. Lots of love xxx

  120. You are an inspiring person, Zoe! Thank you so much!

  121. Thank you Zoe!

    I have suffered from Anxiety my whole life. And i've let it ruin alot of possibley amazing memories. I fear going places i've never been, meeting people I don't know and so much more. I can pick something out of what most would call a normal situation and just get myself sick over it. I am so happy to see I am not the only one, I feel so alone sometimes and hate myself for being the way I am. Tommorow im going to be brave when I have to face an issue that in the past would freak me out. Sometimes I just hate it because I don't like the un-known, Or feeling out of control.

    I can be strong! Zoe I don't know if you believe in God or not which is fine.
    But i've found that this verse to repeat over really helps

    "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7


  122. Zoe this is such a good post, I feel the same way as you and always turn things down to avoid feeling anxious! I'm 31 and felt like this a few years now (I used to be a real party animal!) it's nice to know that you're not alone and people can help by just sharing their fears. Thank you for sharing this post, you've made a lot o people feel more positive! xxx

  123. This post has really made me feel like I can do a lot more. Just recently my friends told me I should start up a youtube channel of me singing because they've heard my songs and covers and really enjoy them. I still have anxiety attacks about performing but I think gradually with help and positivity (this post especially) I will overcome those and make the people who believe in me proud. I would love it if you would watch them and let me know your thoughts? :) You are a real role model Zoe and I really enjoy watching your videos and reading your blog posts! :) XXX

    my youtube channel:

  124. Hannah

    Ahh Zoe this is such a lovely post! Although I put myself forward as confident, I'm always worried about stuff and get really nervous about putting myself out there. Glad I'm not the only one, and really impressed that you're liberating yourself from those tiny worries that seem so big when we give them attention! :) x

  125. Fabulosa post Zoe, I've been pushing myself to take risks and try new things this year in general and have felt much happier and 'me' than ever before, strangely. So pleased that you're shaking off the anxiety, lovely! xxxxx

  126. Am i the only one that got really emotional about this post? i feel like such a sap, haha.

    But thank you for writing this post, because its honestly boosted my motivation to do things.
    Im supposed to be applying for uni at the start of september, well, start looking at uni's, and last night i sat there and had a panic attack at the thought of moving away from home. I got myself in such a state that the only way i could get myself to sleep that night was to think "right, well it looks like im not going. Oh well" but i know thats not ok. I want to go to uni, i want to do well, and i cant let mind control what my heart wants.
    I see youtubers vlog when they're in london on tubes, alone, and they seem perfectly happy and the thought of that scares the actual shit out of me. (excuse my lanuage)but after reading this post, and hearing you getting on trains to see your friend it made me realise that maybe i could get on a train/tube by myself.

    like you, i love snow patrol, and i should definetly take a tip from that song.

    You really are so inspirational writing such a personal post.

    If you can do it, we all can do it.

  127. Great post! So glad you're feeling better enough to do more things! You are going to reach many,many grateful people…how's that for an accomplishment? I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  128. What a great post ! I think your anxiety and the problems you've had to face in life have made you a stronger person.
    Love your blog and videos ! You are amazing ! xxxx

  129. Zoe

    i dont suffer from depression or anxiety but I'm just ridiculously shy and negative. You have literally slapped me in the face from this post. Think i needed it and i will say YES to anything that i would normally say no too. Us Zoe's have to stick together :) thank youuuuuuu plus your amazingggg :) xxxx

  130. Amazing post i can understand this very well I don't have panic attacks but i do have severe IBS sadly since i gave birth to my son, most people don't really understand IBS and just think you need the loo but it's so much more than that. It's took a massive grip on my life and now im incredibly anxious about everything, sometimes the bus can trigger an attack so i get taxi's everywhere however when i simply can't afford one and have to get a bus i find myself having to convince myself for about half an hour just to simply leave the house and walk up to the bus stop. Me and my partner can't go out for a meal and the last time we did i had to leave basically everything on my plate and when the waitress asked if anything was wrong i was so embarrassed i made up that i was pregnant and had a bit of morning sickness!
    Before my son i use to say no simply cause i was shy, now looking back on it im angry i didn't say yes cause nothing would of happened to me but having fun. Now i say no to basically everything cause im scared i'll have an attack out in public. I do try and make myself do certain things for my son though, this illness may have a powerful hold over my life but i wont have my son missing out because of it too. It may sound silly cause i don't personally know you but im very proud of what you have achieved and that your trying to change your look on life. Im also terrified of sick and anxious around drunk people so i will try and avoid situations where i would have to face it, so well done! I wish you all the best xx

  131. Gustė

    thank you for writing this! it really helps me xx

  132. Such an inspiring post Zoe!! I am about to start college and I can feel myself getting anxious and nervous before the day even arrives. I am definitley going to try and say 'Yes' to more things as I normally turn things down because I don't know anyone who is going! You such an inspiration!! :) xx

  133. Naffy

    This is really brave post and congratulations!!! I know how hard it can be. I had family problems and sort of recoiled in to myself because I didn't think I could trust anyone to talk about it and it has really affected me and I am trying to fix that. Since moving back home it is getting easier but this gave me a confidence boost :) thank you.

    Lots of love xo

  134. This is a great post Zoe, very motivating. just reading the title of the post i thought of the film "Yes, Man", I'm yet to read the book, but i'm gonna watch the film again now! You're an inspiration, i do often say no to things that scare me and never sure why, i should say yes!
    Thanks Zoe! :)

  135. Soaps

    This is such a great post…it's great that you have approached this topic, as sometimes it's easy to feel like you're the only person experiencing the feelings you've mentioned! I've been given a push in the right direction after reading this :) Thank you Zoe! x

  136. Emily

    Zoe this has inspired me so much! Thank you :) I will definitely be saying yes to things more often! <3 x

  137. i absolutely love this post, because i can relate.. i was suffering from depression, because i said one 'yes' to a really big thing.. 3years ago i moved around 1500miles away from the place i was born in and at first i hated it and that's the reason that caused my depression, but if i really think about it, it's been the best time of my life.. i've learned so much in these 3years and if i hadn't moved i would never learn what i have because of moving.. also because of my depression i was anxious, i still am and that's why a lot of times i don't say yes to a lot of things, that might make me happy in the end, but your post has inspired me and i will try to take the risk more often, as it made me realise that even if you take the risk and at first you may regret it, but in the end it will make you happy ((: much love from http://cuntsnorlax.blogspot.co.uk/

  138. Lotta

    Dear Zoe

    I don't really suffer with any of these things, have had a few situations.. this post made me realise that I have turned things down, just because of other people or because I was scared.. And I regret those things so badly! I have a huge problem with other people (being my parents, my family and friends) thinking I can do things, that I don't think I can. So I don't do them because I fell like it has to be perfect (I think they ekspect that I do perfect… they don't) it scares me so.. I turn things down, I crie for stupid reasons.I turned art down, because I was scared of meeting new people (strange, because I'm quite out there.. actually alot, but it scared me) This year I'm going to join the art school in my town. I stoped dancing ballet because I had a mean teacher, I dance on my own now.. and i LOVE it. I stoped dancing other styles because I had an emberesing moment, I do it on my own and in front of my family and friends.. and every time they tell my how good I am.. it makes me happy. So YES i have turned a few things down because I was scared, but I'm getting back to do things i LOVE. Other people do effect me, they can tell me to change and I will, they can tell me to do dum things I will. But that is going to stop. I will stop thinking so negative, turning things down because I'm scared and I will start to do things that scared me before.

    I WILL SAY YES, even if the pressure on me is high (or i fell it is, or i'm scared)

    THANK YOU ZOE. thank you for being so sharing and helfull. Every time you put something up (youtube, blog, insagram or facebook) it makes me happy, you are a huge inspiration!

    Sorry for being all over the place, and for the bad english (i'm danish)

    + I have done all things on your check-list (- the first one because I don't say NO all that often)

    Love Lotta

  139. Katy

    Thank you so much for this Zoe, it was just what I needed to hear and I'm sure I'll be re-reading it again and again. I hope to gain some strength and courage and confidence as time goes on and I think (hope this doesn't sound patronising) you should be really proud of yourself, it's not easy having and anxiety and it must certainly not be easy writing about it. Having dealt with some not-so-fun issues lately, as I'm sure you can relate, I need to keep in mind that life does go on and it's up to me to make it good again :) thank you so much again, I hope you see this :)
    Katy xo

  140. Zoe, thank you for this:) the posts and all the comments after have been so helpful. I'm in the no phase at the moment as I have anxiety, bad IBS and fear of sick. I am trying hypnotherapy and will let you know how I get on:) I need to say yes more and be brave. As you can see…you have inspired lots of people and use your blog in such a positive way. Thank you:) emxxx

  141. Candy

    thankyou for writing this zoe, i suffer with anxiety to the point where i dont like planning events or leaving the house and meeting up with people, and even going to school makes me feel anxious, its ridiculous how much anxiety can affect a person, but tomorrow i have made plans to meet up with my friends, im feeling anxious about it, but i feel like i dont care anymore and im just going to try and do whatever i want! and i know i need to realise nothing is going to happen! anyway, well done for turning over a new leaf in your life! you should be proud! all the best :) xxxxx

  142. Joy

    Thank you Zoe for posting this. I have social anxiety and always think that I should push myself out of my comfort zone, but never do. It's nice to hear that you're doing so and in the process enjoying yourself! You should be proud and I will definitely try to take a few leaves out of your book and say yes more. x

  143. ………………………………………………
    SOO true!, that's the kinda think I like to hear!
    'Do one thing a day that scares you' :)

    please read and follow me!

  144. Kisses from Poland Zoella! I love you!!!:*

  145. Chloe

    I developed agoraphobia this January, it changed my life a lot. Although I have anxiety I also have a chronic illness (chronic fatigue syndrome) so I don't go out or do things a lot but when I got this anxiety it was awful. Looking outside even brought on a panic attack! I have been doing this a lot recently due to it being the summer holidays, I thought to myself 'why should I sit inside for 6 weeks upset and lonely?!' my biggest thing was going to Liverpool to meet Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) and it was a MASSIVE step for me as I got agoraphobia after going there. The reason I went was because you said Louise helps you with your anxiety and I just kept telling myself that, if I was having an anxiety attack she would understand. I've also been seeing my friends more and just making more of an effort with them and I must be honest, you have helped me a lot. After I read your post about anxiety I felt so much better and you've helped me a lot so thank you so much. I'm glad you're doing this. xx

  146. I recently decided to start saying yes myself too. Having finished university and knowing I was going to have to start living in the "real world" I realised that it was NOW or never – my anxiety HAS to go or I'm going to be miserable for the rest of my life.

    This is an excellent post. I think all us anxious ladies know this is the truth deep down but sometimes, what we really need, is to see someone else, someone else, who knows what it's like to tell us it's the truth.

    I'm glad you had a good time at the festival! I hope your new yes saying skills bring you many more excellent memories.

    Emily Jane xo

  147. This has totally inspired me and from now on i'm going to be taking advantage of new opportunities x

  148. Saar

    Zoe, you are the best. And thank you.

    Xo Saar

  149. Ellie

    Thank you so much for this Zoe! You have no idea how much you've helped me with this blog post <3

  150. Sarah

    such a good post, and totally agree with what you've just said!

  151. Hi Zoe!! I think what you just posted is so inspiring!!! I personally don't suffer of Panic attacks but I always had problems with my self esteem, and it is very weird because I don't usually have low self esteem, but I do have some days I feel sooooo bad about myself! I say no to many things because I'm scare of how I'll look in those kind of situations.

    You inspire me! You are one of the reasons why I started blogging and you encourage me to say YES! More often and to more things!

    Wish you the best of luck always and forever!!!


  152. Sasha

    Thank you so much for this post, it has really changed the way I think about things. I am generally a very shy person and turn things down without even thinking about it. unlike you I don't suffer from panic attacks but get so worked up about the most stupid things. In the future I will just relax and live in the moment! hahah! thank you again :)

    please check out my blog I am just starting out and it would mean a lot! <3

  153. This post has really helped me to believe in myself more. Recently I have been told by my friends and various people I have met, to make a Youtube channel of me singing covers and my own songs, as people have really enjoyed them. I still have anxiety attacks about performing but I think over time with help and positivity (this post in particular) I will overcome those fears. I would be really happy if you were to watch my videos and let me know your thoughts! :) You are a role model Zoe :) XX

    My Youtube channel:

  154. This makes me soo happy! I am going through the same thing!! I take only online classes because I am so anxious to get called on in regular classes. Last week all my friends planned a party for my 21st birthday (i live in the states so this is a big one!) and I got all ready and…stayed home because I had a panic attack. Your post really helps!

  155. Lara

    Lovely inspirational post. I'm a person who always goes for 'the safe way', no matter how much i want to do thing and step out of my comfort zone. It's like i'm completely brainwashed and i automatically say no to everything. Which sucks really badly and i already missed out on so many things in life, which frustrates me even more. So about 2 months ago i've made a to-do list for myself, with all the things i want to do in life, what are completely out of my comfort zone. Sounds pretty crazy if i think about it, but it really helps. And always when i'm about to say no, i think twice before answering and just say yes. Because life is simply much more exciting when you just say yes once in a while and you feel so much more satisfied with yourself. (:

    Lovely post Zoe! x


  156. I totally just bought the film Yes Man today! There's a plan for tomorrow!:) Oh and I've got that dancing around in my bedroom well and truly covered..

    I decided to go to Moot adventure camp in a couple of weeks even though the person I will be sharing a tent with is someone I don't get on too well with. I don't see why someone else should spoil my chance to have a great time and do some things I've never done before! Thank you Zoeeee, I'm gonna make a conscious effort to jump right in there and make the most of every opportunity! I love you <3

  157. Oh my gosh Zoey, when you said: "I want to be more positive about things. Being anxious means you are more likely to find the negatives in any situation before the positives, and this becomes so draining. Not just for you, but for others around you" you just described myself and this post is the best I've ever read. I don't know, it's so good to know that I'm not the only one who feels like, axious all the time… I have to confess anything: I cried reading this, seriously, THANK YOU! "Do one thing a day that scares you" is exactly what I need to… My life is so boring because I'm always in my confort zone, aka at home and on the internet, that I don't even have friends :/ I just promised myself that right now, things will be different. And hey, I'm proud of you! (It's so good to hear/read it from someone, isn't it?) Keep brave, I'm here to support you, even known that you don't know me and we'll probably never meet because I live in the other side of the world, but I just wanted you to know that :) Thanks one more time, I love and admire you so much <3 Thanks, thanks, thanks xx

  158. Becka

    Hi after re-reading your post from last year on panic attacks did you ever get private CBT, if so did it help in any way? (:

  159. "I never had real friends in my life." Me too, people just don't understand how it's difficult for us :/

  160. Taylor

    Such a beautiful post Zoe!

  161. Demi

    What an inspiring post! Well done :) I started saying 'Yes' to more things once I read 'Yes Man'- great book! x

  162. This is such an inspiring and generally lovely post. New favourite song, by the way! I've been wondering recently if I've made decisions that I wouldn't have done if I was more confident- but I'm going to try and not get to that point anymore. I'm ready to say yes!
    Cheesiest thing I've said all day, but I love it.

    Katie xo,

  163. Georgia

    I definitely think at 10.40pm it's a bit late to be dancing around to the song, but I'd just like to comment on what a lovely post! I'm definitely one for sticking to my comfort zone and hate routine to be disrupted, so little things like this are just great. Well done for what you've achieved so far with saying yes!

  164. Kiran

    i definitely find that my fear of the unknown holds me back from so many fun and exciting opportunities, thank you for this post zoey xxxxxxxxxxxx


  165. Got a feeling that this post will be one that will stick in my mind for a long time, I hope so anyway. Such inspiration to LIVE the only life I have. Enjoy all your 'yes' escapades, Zoe :)

  166. I'm so glad I've read this blog post of yours, because recently I've been contemplating whether to do something completely out of my comfort zone. Now, I'm definitely going to do it. I now know it's the things in life you don't do that you regret :) xx

  167. For as long as I can remember I have had a very large phobia of dogs. A lot of people don't understand why/how, and I can understand that. I don't even know why really.. It's stopped me from doing a lot of things, I wouldn't go to a sleepover in fear of them having a pet dog, I wouldn't go on a family trip to the beach in fear of there not being a 'No Dog' policy. The other day my family got invited to a garden party.. And when I got asked if I would like to come along, my immediate thought was dogs. Would people be bringing there dogs with them? Would there be lots of dogs? Would they be allowed of there leads? I decided, like you have done, that it was stupid to hide away from the world just because there may be a dog around the corner, so I said I would go to this party. And I had an amazing time! There was one dog there, but he didn't come near me the entire time.. At times I was anxious about it, but overall it was a great day!xx

  168. Beth

    I instantly thought of the film 'Yes Man' when i saw the name of your post – how funny to get to the end and see youve included it! I suffer with panic attacks too – I have to go down to London next year for a 4 day exhibition and although im lookinbg forward to it in some ways – im also terrified of getting the train there from where i live, staying in an unknown place for 4 nights and being on my own. Ive considered not going but Im forcing myself to do it because i know in the end, ill thank myself and ill be glad i went

    I can relate so much to this post, Zoe. I'm exactly the same – im often the one sat alone at home whilst my friends are out in town (im terrified of drunk people throwing up around me too)! and i hate being in unfamiliar places. Its good to know its not just me who feels like this and youve taken the words right out of my mouth with this post – i found it really inspiring and its something i will be trying to do more often from now on

    thankyou for this post beautiful girlyy :)

    lots of love xx

  169. Ami

    This is so relevant to my life right now it's unreal. Thankyou xxx

  170. Sarah

    I also suffer from anxeity issues and am currently sitting at home watching tv after having made up some ridiculous excuse so I didn't have to go to a work party. You're so right though. Today I handed a notice in at my current job and it took me two hours to work my way up to telling the manager. I kept thinking about all the ways it could go wrong and agonising about what to say to him and in the end he was ttly fine (as any normal person would be). I worried so much and in the end all that happened was everybody told me how much they were going to miss me… I completely understand the thing you were saying about getting a train to somewhere new. New places drive me crazy. On my way to a new place I'll be obsessing about where to go, what to do, who will be there and if theyll be looking at me, judging me. When I'm just about to enter a new situation, even if its just a restaurant i've never been to, my eyes water and I feel as if I am a nudge away from breaking into uncontrollable tears. I have to remind myself to breathe and remind myself that everybody goes to places that they aren't familiar with. Last year my anxiety got so bad I couldn't be anywhere that was up high for fear of falling. I couldn't climb stairs in the local mall, it was so embarrassing. The only way I've managed to control my issues is to run frequent and often. Running is a form of stress relief and I love the endorphins and the feeling after that I've worked hard and I should be proud.
    I really admire the way you write about your issues here. You're right, some people just won't understand how something that seems so simple can be such a big deal! I'm glad you're so open about it. It's really refreshing :). Anyway, I hope this comment didn't get lost in the sea of comments but I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the posts you do on this subject. It really makes me feel as though I am not alone. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  171. Thanks for such a positive and inspiring post – sounds like you are doing so well and it really is such a confidence boost saying yes to things. I have been trying this year to say yes to more, so I can experience different things and am really enjoying it. Like you say how can you make memories if you don't experience anything.
    Lianne x

  172. Jess

    Very inspirational blog post! After coming back from a recent holiday where I said yes / did things I wouldn't normally do (including being in a very small carriage very very high above the ground) I decided that when I got home, I wanted to do more things! I have been saying yes a lot more lately and am loving not just bring at home all the time. I have suffered from anxiety in the past and had a couple of mild panic attacks last year – and even now before going places I can still feel the anxiety start to creep up inside me. But now I have learnt what helps me to make it go away (always having water near me, and having a very supportive boyfriend!) and I feel comfortable doing a lot more with my life!!


  173. (Sorry this is long, but I just had to write this, I've never written on here before =S , but I can relate to pretty much everything you wrote)
    Hi Zoe, I know a lot of people have already written this, but that really is inspiring and a good kick up the butt! So, alike most of these other replies, I also suffer from anxiety, it's shocking to think that you’re not the only one (lol) because sometimes it feels like you are. Although I don't have the same anxiety as you, my main anxiety is a fear of choking (amongst many others). It sounds so silly to say that "fear of choking" but it seriously scares the pants out of me, to the point where I think I could choke to death. Nice huh?!? If you met me you'd probably never know though, but that little anxiety devil voice is pretty much always there when I don't want it to be (cinema, car, clubs…). Mine all started when I was about 15 too (I'm 20) with assembly’s at school, you know the whole hundreds of people surrounding you where it's unbelievably quiet. Eek! I used to get all hot and fidgety sitting at the end of my seat ready to bolt.

    But anyway, thank you for writing that, I will definitely re-read it when I'm feeling low and try to 'say yes' more often, although it's tough trying to convince yourself that you'll be fine, It's good to remember that you're not the only one. Xx

  174. Such an amazing post. I've suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember and it all stems down to a fear of fainting. It used to be so hard for me to even leave the house as I was scared that I would pass out and something bad would happen to me. I started having counselling when I was 16 when my mum actually started to realise that it had become a massive issue. Since then, I've tried to live my life as 'normally' as possible and be positive and do things I might never have said yes to a few years ago! Yes, I still get the odd panic attack, but I now try to keep myself calm and remind myself that it will end soon, they always pass eventually.

    It's so lovely to read that other people feel like this too sometimes. It makes me feel less abnormal and reminds me that we are all human and all capable of feeling these things.

    Thanks for this post xxx

  175. This is such a wonderful post Zoe, one that I find easily to relate to. When I was a little younger I was extremely confident, too confident. I would yell things out in class, crack jokes at inappropriate times, I was overall just an annoying kid. And then one day my confidence shriveled and I developed Paranoia. The paranoia itself then leads into severe states of anxiety. I worry about the smallest things, about my life, future, decisions, things I say and do. It's torturous, I don't WANT to worry.
    I have seeked professional help for it and I did come good for a little while. But more often recently I'll find myself in a situation where I'm enjoying myself and my paranoia and anxiety will creep up on me, I feel like it's constricting my breathing. I'll be no longer happy, but consumed in anxiety.
    This post, however, has opened my eyes. And for that I have to say thank you Zoe, for not only sharing your personal stories but actually caring about your subscribers and helping us.

  176. 010

    gerat post. you give me such a big inspiration after recovery of my depression. I hard to deal with it but at least I feeling much better than before.

  177. Farrah

    Thank you for this post. I suffer from anxiety, and possibly OCD and I have said no to many things because I was so afraid. Thank you for this, it made me feel so much better.

  178. I said yes to going paintballing a couple of months ago. Big mistake. Wouldn't recommend it. But at least I know to say no in future!! xx

  179. Wow Zoe. This has made me ball my eyes out. You are so right! I am everything that you said up there and it isn't healthy. This has helped me in so many ways. I should say yes to many more things but it's hard having anxiety issues, it's even harder when no-one knows you have anxiety issues. My friends have all disowned me because they think that I bail on them because I don't want to see them but that is such a lie. I hate going out unless I'm in my comfort zone. Not being with my mum and dad and being out scares me. I know I'm 16 but if I don't have money, a working phone and my house keys I get scared. I get scared going on buses – another reason why I don't like going out. I get scared that I will get stabbed etc, I read all about serial killers and hear stuff that isn't good for me. Sometimes I just sit and cry because I HATE feeling like this. I want my life back to how it should be. Thank you so much Zoe. This has made me overcome so much.

  180. Lauren


    Thank you so much for this post. I'm a sophomore in college and I haven't got many friends. Occasionally people invite me to go do things with them. I know deep down that every time I've ever said yes, I've always had fun, but my first impulse is to always say no. This year I've decided to say yes to more things and just do them and have fun with it. I suffer from depression and sitting in my room by myself all day doesn't help at all, so saying yes and getting out of my room is good.
    Also, Snow Patrol's the best!


  181. Tanya

    Incredibly inspiring! You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. You have a good heart and I am going to start saying yes more! Love you so much! x

  182. This is a lovely post Zoe, I'm sure it will help tons of people and it's a great thing that you're able to do that. I also feel like this blog post is almost written to yourself to remind yourself to be positive and that YOU CAN overcome your anxiety and that's great too! I used to be terrified of everyone I walked past after witnessing a fight (as pathetic as that may seem) but I let it completely control my life and I lost important people because of it. I managed to overcome it and it was more because I came to the point where I thought 'This isn't me. Sod it, this needs to stop' and it slowly got better. You can overcome your anxiety and I believe you will, well done on taking the first steps and good luck with the rest of your journey!

    Love Rocky x


  183. Frances

    Wow, you have a LOT of comments on here so I don't know if you'll get round to reading this, but I'd just like to say that your original post on panic attacks really helped me when I was going through a really bad patch of anxiety earlier this year, doing exactly what you said and staying in my room all the time, avoiding other people and not living life properly. Since then I've tried my hardest to push my anxiety to the back of my mind, though I know exactly what you mean about it feeling like a little demon in your head! Two of my favourite sayings that I tell myself when I'm struggling to ignore that demon are "No-one ever remembers the nights they got a good night's sleep" and "You are dying one 'What If?" at a time". I know they're a bit cheesy, but I like the ideas behind them – thank you so much for your post and I hope you continue to say YES!

    Frances XX http://kisskissdahling.blogspot.co.uk

  184. I've seen the movie. And I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your post. I do have panic attacks some timess. I'm really shy and if I step out of my cumfort zone I get really stressed and I panic.(most of the time in public so that's really embaressing. that doesn't help).. I'm a really REALLY shy person. Almost everyone I know says I'm socially awkward!!!!!!!! I know the feeling your on about. But I wouldn't say I don't say yes, I do. I'm not scared of very much to be honest (only horror films, snakes and cockroachs, god I hate those creatures..) I say yes to things I know I like and things I think I might like.. And then if something comes up and I'm not to sure I tend to over think about itand end up saying no!… I'm trying to change!!! TRYING!!

  185. You're such an inspiration. I'm happy for you and may you continue on this positive path! Sending love your way! xoxo

  186. Erica

    Beautifully written, Zoe! I'm never really one to say "yes" to new experiences, and I've always wondered why… I'm not scared of the actual event/experience/whatnot, but I have a fear of embarrassment and being judged. It's something I really need to get over!

    Anyhow, great post. I'm glad you're getting over your anxieties/fears :)


  187. You don't know how much I needed to hear (or well, read haha) something like this right now. Thank you, Zoe! xx

  188. thanks zoey for this amazing post! it's a good way to keep my mind in check with my upcoming school year!
    you've given me that "small slap in the face" that it takes to JUST SAY YES!

    thanks! x

  189. Debby

    I really needed this post. Today I had such a horrible day and you really made me feel so much better about myself. I don't wish to go into detail at the moment but THANK YOU, for this post. I also suffer from depression and anxiety attacks. It's the worst feeling because I don't know when they will come and it makes me feel as if I'm this huge nut that is ruining everyone's lives!! Thanks for being someone I can relate to!
    xoxo Debby

  190. I have awful anxiety problems (currently taking/trying out medications to help me)but I still get light panic attacks while out with friends. it's awful and embarrassing :( I hope your post sticks into my mind because when I was reading it, I could come up with a number of hangouts with friends ive turned down because of my anxiety

  191. Thank you for this post Zoe, it's really inspiring and definitely knocked a little bit of sense into the shy girl in me. I always try to escape from situations that require me to meet new people and do new things because I'm really afraid of people's judgement and really just hate the though of that :( But as you've written, I probably should just relax a little and enjoy my life for myself and not others :)


  192. ZOEEE! I have been watching you on youtube for ages now and love your channel so much, you are easily one of my faves there. This is the first time I have ever come to your blog and the one day I do you post a blog on something that has affected me so greatly. I never ever knew you had this and its wonderous and amazing that you posted this, for three and a half years I suffered with Panic Attacks and Anxiety disorder so it means a lot to read this and I honestly feel that now with the new school year I could use this to my advantage! xxx thanks so much

  193. Such a great post Zoe, so happy that you're getting more positive in life, good luck! xx


  194. Elodie

    I've been really touched by your post… You're very ispiring !!
    I needed this since I've begun to be really tired and not able to do anything those days even if I sleep like 10 hours !
    Thank you for this ! I'll be reading this post whenever I feel bad haha
    Take care and enjoy your new life Zoe :)

    (Sorry for the english that's not perfect, I'm french ^^')

  195. You took the thoughts right out of my head! I've delt with anxiety and occasional – but severe – depression for quite some time now. It's nice to know someone else has gone through the same thing and felt the same way.
    I agree completely with you. I find myself envious of people who are confident and get out and do things! But then I think, "Hey, you're the only one holding yourself back. There's no reason you can't be active just as they are."
    Anyway, thanks for the post! <3


  196. zoe, this post has given me so much hope and determination! thank-you so so much

  197. Ah Thank you so much for this inspirational post- it was really meaningful and will stick in my mind for a very long time! I don't suffer from anxiety attacks but I am slightly negative and so this has inspired me so much to go out and see the positive in life, take part in more activities and just enjoy life! Please keep blogging and saying 'YES'! Nice song by the way!



  198. Zoe this post relates to me in so many ways and i have been reading this book that i recommend that is helping with my anxiety. Its by Susan Jeffers called Feel the fear and do it anyway. Hope that helps you like its helping me. Thank you for such an inspiring post to help me that extra mile.
    Justine x

  199. Thank you so much Zoe for sharing, this is something we all could learn to do! I hope you get the best and get all happy. Good luck with your new part of life! You make me happy on my worst days, so you really deserve to be happy with everything you do for you blogfans<33333


  200. Zoe you are great, I wish you all best luck with your new leaf. You deserve the best, because you make so many other people happy (me being one of them). Love you X

  201. Hannah

    I am definitely going to try this! I am sometimes a negative person about the people I want to spend time with, I don't know them so I don't take the time to get to know them. xxx

  202. Folio

    I always find these posts so comforting and inspiring – well done for all your achievements! I have a fear of vomit/vomiting too, which stops me doing loads of things, but yesterday I ate out in a restaurant which really scared me but I did it :) good luck <3 xxx

  203. Great Post! I can say I am just like you but I've learned to be more open with people and don't worry about insignificant things so much and let myself go, of course sometimes it's still hard and people often don't get me and I feel a bit alone, and recently I started my own blog and that has maked me so happy to do what I love and share what I love ,I don't know it just calms me eheh
    would love if you checked it out
    lots of love :D

  204. thank you Zoe. xxx

  205. Ayesha

    This post has stuck a chord with me. I've been trapped into a little world of anxiety for such a long time and I've missed many opportunities because of it. I feel like I'm not living to the fullest because I too would avoid places and situations in fear of panic. Also a recent heart break has caused me to question myself even more.

    Its nice to know that I'm not the only one to feel like this. Your post is so inspiring! Thank you for post this, best post ever! Blog therapy haha :)


  206. Perfect post, I love that song so much!


  207. hannahg

    Have a lot of respect for you and this post considering its such a personal subject. You have inspired me to say yes more often and i feel i'm not alone anymore knowing how many people suffer from anxiety/panic attacks just like i do. Thankyou xxx

  208. Thank you for this post, I am naturally a very shy person and I say no a lot to meeting up with my friends, going to parties or going out on a night out in town as I'm afraid of big crowds, loud noise and generally people. I'll make it my effort to say yes when people ask me to meet up more often. :)


  209. Ginger

    Such an inspiring post, thank you!…I know I suffer from anxiety sometimes, and can be a bit neurotic, and trying to kick it out of my system can be so difficult! Reading this has really helped me gain some perspective!

    Ginger x



    I'm currently going through a tough time with anxiety and depression, and this post has given me hope that there is a way out of it!

    Thank you.

    Ellie x

  211. Thank you for writing such a lovely, positive post. I suffer with anxiety and depression and it really is too easy to get dragged down into believing that you can't do anything. Here's to saying YES!


  212. Such a perfectly timed post! Thank you. And look at all the love you have received for it! You should be so proud, such an inspiration for us all :-) xxx

  213. "Yes" such a small word and such an easy way to make our life amazing!!!

  214. Thank you Zoe for this blog post. I promise myself to say YES to things that my anxiety wouldn't let me do, especially now that I'm going to University. You and this song have made me feel rather optimistic! :)

  215. "Yes" such a small word and such an easy way to make our life amazing!!!

  216. "Yes" such a small word and such an easy way to make our life amazing!!!

  217. You can be very proud of yourself, Zoe! You're not only starting to live your life fearlessly but you also inspire other people. That's great!

    x houseinthesand.blogspot.com

  218. love this so much <3

  219. Tupil

    I loved this post, so much truth in it and you should be very proud of yourself!

  220. emzoo

    I love this post! I really know how you feel, I'm really going to start saying yes to more things I remember one halloween I was scared to go out incase it set of what I call it 'funny turns'.

  221. I suffer from panic attacks too! This post makes me feel a lot better about it, that I'm not the only one :) xx

  222. WOW, I know I can relate to your anxiety. I have many of the same phobias… I feel your pain girl and it'll be easy to let life pass you by if you let it take control. I know it oh so well!

  223. I'm in the exact same spot as you! When my Ex Girlfriend broke up with me I became a hermit! wouldn't go anywhere and living in a state of anxiety incase I would run into her but slowly I began to rebuild my confidence and only recently (3 weeks or so) I began saying yes to things I wouldn't like going in to the city shopping being afraid to run into my ex or go out for a few drinks! all things I wouldn't do because of anxiety but lately I have been trying.
    Its good to see someone in a similar situation and I hope this comment helps you as much as your post helped me.
    Stay Strong, Stay Confident!


  224. Roanna

    i suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and depression… thank you for writing this post!

  225. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for years now. In the last 6 months I have found myself not wanting to go out because of my weight and always felt like people were looking at me and judging me. Something clicked and now I try and be positive about every situation. i have started a blog (cream-crackered.blogspot.com )tracking my weight loss. Keep saying yes!! It's good for you health xxxxx

  226. Good post Z. It is especially sad when our fears affect other people's lives. This week I did a scary thing. I finally agreed to let my 15 year old son go on his first youth retreat. I've just never been able to let go long enough for him enjoy this part of his life. He has heart conditions, and he's my "baby", but I can't keep letting my fears restrict him…that is way selfish even if I don't mean to be selfish. I've got a lot of work to do to on my fear issue – I appreciate you sharing and hope you continue to find success in this.

  227. Thank you. Thank you for writing this, and thank you to the others for commenting. Anxiety is something I've been struggling with – I didn't even realise I had it. Then I realised the things that preoccupy me are literally not there for others. I thought I was the only one. I will take your advice, I'll try to, at least. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  228. big compliment that you share it with us. It needs a lot of courage to write about problems especially about problems which makes us weak.

    wishing you the best :)

  229. Thanks for the post, it was really uplifting.


  230. Such a great post! I really needed to read something like this today, thanks for sharing! xx

  231. Such a great post!! Luckiliy I don't really suffer from anxiety or panic attacks but I'm quite a "no" person. If friends asked me to do something I normally wouldn't (or as you call it that is out of my 'comfort zone') I'd probably say no! Just recently I started saying to myself that I must be missing out on a lot of opportunities to have fun and see new places so I simply decided to "say yes"!! I won't even give my mind the chance to convince me of the opposite or list all the things that could possibly go wrong! I'll just do it! And it's working ;) I love your blog and youtube Zoe, you're amazing!


    Have a look at my new blog if you like! lizmaria3012.blogspot.it

  232. Amazing post. Really enjoy reading it even though I don't suffer with any form of anxity it still has inspired me to say yes more. Plus I love the film and snow patrols song! xx


  233. I LOVE THIS POST!!! I suffer from anxiety and although it's not severe it still stops me from doing certain things so I can relate to every word you just wrote you smart Zoella-bella:)

  234. Oh Zoe, thank you so much for this blog post, i actually didn't realize i suffered with anxiety after this blog post, because it became my life style.Everytime my friends would ask me to go somewhere with them i would say no, or i would have been scared to go to a shop next to my house.I am a very shy person so i was scared of everything, wow zoe thank you soo much. this blog post helped me a lot. xx

  235. I was really nervous about a speech in English class and this made me feel x1000 better. Thanks Zoe :)

  236. Kim

    Brilliant post :) I used to be so shy, (still am sometimes) but I started saying yes to things and it opened doors for me and helped improve my confidence in leaps and bounds. I still worry endlessly about things, doubt myself and over-think situations but having the ability to say that one little word can be exhilarating. And surprise surprise, nothing bad has ever happened from saying it! xxx

  237. Barbrah

    I completely relate to this post. I always say no to things not because of anxiety but because i'm so shy the concept of being around so many people in social events unnerves me because i can never find anything to say. This year i'm going to try to say 'yes' more whatever the consequences. Thanks for this :) x

  238. Yes! It's so easy to become a shut-in and avoid doing all the things that make you nervous. Ultimately, the worst that can happen is maybe you're not everybody's favorite person in the world or you'll have a panic, but then a week will pass and you can forget about it… or perhaps things will turn out great and you'll make happy memories, like you said. I used to even be afraid to see old friends, but whenever I just bite back the fear/anxiety I find that I have an amazing time with them, just as before. Or even saying yes to something really scary, like a rollercoaster if you're afraid of heights, at least if you just try it once you can be proud of yourself for facing your fear (and you never have to do it again if it was truly awful). I'm so glad you're overcoming this bit of anxiety, but it's definitely something we have to struggle with and fight our whole lives. The fight is worth it because it makes life worth living :)

  239. Sophie

    What an amazing post!

    I know you probably won't read this comment, as whilst I'm typing it there are currently 229 others…
    However, I saw you're reference to saying yes in one of your recent posts, and while I was on holiday, I took it on board and got on a speed boat.
    Yes, a speed boat! I hate boats! I'm actually not a super shy person, in reality I think I'm just a bit of a wimp about dangerous things. I didn't fully enjoy myself, I clung to my dad the entire time while a 5 year old near me was smiling and jumping up and down. But who cares, I did it!

    So thanks Zoe for your advice, even though I don't suffer from anxiety or anything, it still really helps!



  240. It's a love story, baby, just say YES! (Taylor Swift- Love Story) ♥

  241. This post is truly inspirational Zoe :)
    I have suffered with anxiety my whole life, but I've realised as I've got older its got even worse. After my mum had a life threatening car crash down a country lane a few years ago I was terrified to go down them and when it came to that step in my driving lesson I broke down and refused to do it. However, my mum told me that I shouldn't let what happened to her scare me and stop me. I then spent every lesson driving down country lanes building up my confidence and then passed my driving test the first time :D
    Although other things still panic me building up the courage to say "Yes, I can do this", has given me confidence I've never had before!

  242. I am the exact, exact same way. It's ridiculous how often I say no to things and never go for it. It's due to being awkward in situations I find out of my comfort zone, insecure, uncomfortable, guilt, and just unable to take risks. I missed so many good opportunities in my life due to these things but I'm trying to get better. Though it's unfortunate, it's nice to know that I'm not alone. Thanks for the post.


  243. I say yes to big changes in my life!
    I graduated school this year and now I'm starting university in Ocotber therefore it's a change b/c everything will be new and different for sure. I am actually afraid of any big changes in life; thanks for the post Zoe, it is a huge inspiration for me! <3

  244. such a good post..you go girl :) after years of suffering with severe health anxiety I have recently started to live by the saying 'you only live once'!! I was wasting so much time worrying about things and forgot about everything that was important in my life. My mum would always say to me 'dont consume your life with worry, whats the point in worrying about something that may never happen…you cant change fate.' It's so true. I wrote a blog post about it not long ago if you want a read :) xxx

  245. Hi Zoe, thank you so much for this post! I used to be a really confident person and then things happen in life and well…lets say now I'm really not lol. I tend to just say no to things that don't need to happen instead of just saying "yes" that could be fun. I have been trying this myself for the past couple of weeks, starting small though. Its hard to believe that other people feel the same as you do when days get really bad so its kind of comforting in a way to know that other people feel the same. Thank you for such a personal post :) xxx

  246. tiffany

    great post zoe, ive recently gone through a break up and wake up most mornings with a horrible anxious feeling and have no real worry that i know of- its horrid :( xxxx

  247. This is the best blog post I've ever read,

  248. I too suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Almost everyone I know says I'm socially awkward!!!! but I almost always say yes to new things as long as I'm surounded by people I know. I'm only out of my comfort zone when I'm in a room full of strangers that I have to do something with…

  249. Thank you for that!!! <3 Lots of love Sandra

  250. Helen H

    Sometimes it's really hard for me forget about the negatives in situations but i'm really going to try now! Like you said you only get one life! Such an amazing post! x

  251. love this! xxxx

  252. Dear Zoe

    It is really wierd but It's too good timing to read your post.
    Because I'm going to try help my sister tomorrow.
    My sister has a panic attack and she's having it for over 5years now.
    But i thought it's her time to move on and try something she is scared of.
    I made a promise with her to go out and do a little work at my shop tomorrow.
    She can't speak English so She can't read your post but it's such a inspiring message from you.
    I am a little bit scared if she got a panic attack at work,but it's just a small shop and there are only some people who she know working.so I told her even if she gets it,what worse can it happen.
    It is really difficult for the people who suffers from this but also it is difficult who is a family of them.
    Your message encourage who suffers from it but also the family…
    Thank you Zoe!

  253. Diane J

    Zoe you're one hell of a genius. This couldn't have come at a better time when I needed to read something so inspiring. I'm currently a University student. I'm going into my second year this year. When I look at my fellow peers and I hear about their great night outs in clubs I'm filled with nothing but jealousy. I've been invited a couple of times to night outs but couldn't bring myself to say yes, no matter how much I liked the idea of it. Like you Zoe I love being on my own because it makes me feel safe, like no harm can ever come to me. I've been really depressed this past year whenever I compared myself to my fellow peers as I feel everyone have better time,fun and lives than me. And the worst part of it? I only have myself to blame. It's because of inability to see life for what it is. A fun filled roller coaster ride if only I had the courage to say yes more often. I know that in time I'll eventually learn to conquer my fear of saying yes to what may seem like such a fearful challenge for me and when I do I know my life will be so much better because of it. :) As Obama will say '' Yes We Can!'' #word :D

  254. I absolutely loved this post , it's so true ! I worry far too much about the future and need to say yes and not maybe more often for sure ! I said yes to a suitor who I have fallen in love with over summer yet dismissed any idea of a relationship with because I was scared about future plans. But now I have stopped worrying, and we are embarking on the most exciting adventure. Best decision ever. Thank you :) xxx

  255. Also, well done Zoe ! So proud of you and happy for you lovely :D ! xxxx

  256. This is one of the best post i have ever ever seen! i can relate so much, and recently i started getting over my fears too, one is makin a blog and stop being so frightened of everyone one, going to parties and just taking the time to go out and enjoy myself, i think this post is brilliant and will help so many people, love it zoe!! x

  257. EL

    Zoe you have no idea how much this one blog post has helped me, i HATE the thought of ever seeing people in person unless they are close friends, i cannot cope with the stress leading up to an event like a party. i never really knew what 'anxiety' was, i found it so hard to explain it, i also have alot of trouble to saying YES, but this has really inspired my to change my outlook on things (just in time too as i start college this week!) thank you so much x

  258. I love you for sharing this. I've been feeling the same way and you've inspired me!

  259. I feel like I can totally relate. I'm really shy so sometimes I turn down offers to go out with my cousins for no reason but that it's out of my comfort zone. In regard to the song, I heard it in the movie Surf's Up and i have it on my sleep playlist :p

  260. Wow your posts are so inspirational, this helped so much. Stay positive :) xx

  261. An-An

    this is really inspiring. i almost never do anything that's outside of my comfort zone. thanks zoe :)


  262. Esther

    you're such an inspiration Zoe

    Love from Malaysia

  263. you're so inspirational zoe <3

  264. Amazing, inspirational post Zoe, just brilliant x

  265. Really love this post, a great subject to talk about. The comfort zone: that's exactly why I'm going to New-Zealand and Australia for a whole year this November. Learn to be on yourself, to find solutions by yourself. Learn to be indepentent. :)

    With love,

    Confessions of a blonde

  266. Allie

    I hope you realise how much of an inspiration you are to so many people Zoe- Just remember that when you're feeling a little down x

  267. Oh Zoe, you just described my life, I am one of those people who say, "Yes, but what if…" I am scared of so many things and I don't know why, whenever something comes up my mind just goes into overdrive and creates a million different, stupid, highly unlikely reasons not to do that and I've had this fro as long as I can remember. My parents are very into DIY and have rebuilt most of our house and from a young age, throughout the years I have helped them with it, once when I was about 7 my dad asked me if I would repaint the outside of the conservatory, he said because it was a fiddly job he would pay me £15, (being 7 that was a lot of money) and I actually got scared of having that much money! It's stupid things like that, that hold me back, it took m ages to start a blog because I was so scared. And the worst thing is none of my friends or family get it, my mum is the only person who knows that it's bad, but no one knows how bad, I hate it and i wish I didn't think like this.
    I need a friend like you who understands this! Great post Zoe :) <3 xxx

  268. This is such an inspiring post and so great that you can share your experiences and advice as I'm sure this would be such a great help to anyone else struggling with the same things.

    So great to hear you are doing well and saying yes to life!


  269. Hannah

    Such a lovely post Zoe. I suffer from anxiety and other things like you too and I'm so glad that you've been open about it and willing to share it with us. I'm glad you're feeling better in yourself and trying to overcome some of your fears, you're such a brave person. I've overcome a fear recently too by saying yes to University! I'm moving two and a half hours away which may not seem like much but it is for me and it's going to be a completely new and hopefully amazing experience. Thank you for sharing this xxx

  270. I really needed to read this post this morning, thankyou so much Zoe.
    All of my friends are going back to University but I had to drop out last year due to my severe anxiety and panic attacks. For the past few weeks I've been staying in my room a lot, not wanting to go out with my friends and just being really self-pitiful.
    I'm going to re-read "Yes Man" and think fudge it.. I need to just get out there and not be afraid of having panic attacks. I also stopped going on trains, stopped learning to drive, stopped going to dancing lessons and stopped going to the cinema for MONTHS because of my panic attacks and I'm only now slowly starting to try to do all of these again.

  271. I love this blog post :3 it's so positive and feel good and you're so right in what you say. I don't suffer severe anxiety but I do have those moments when I think it would be easier to just shut myself off from things but I try really hard not to. This Wednesday I'm going to Scotland to see one of my best friends and I'm so excited so that's my big yes thing for the time being :)

  272. Saoirse

    this is such an inspiring post and in just reading it I already feel more confident, thank you! My story would be becoming a cox for a rowing boat (basically I sit in the boat and shout at everyone what to do! :) ) One day my coach asked if I would cox my boat in a race, I said yes thinking not much of it but as the race drew nearer I began to stress and worry alot! On the day of the race before I set off with my parents I was having lunch with them. I was extremely quiet as all I could think about was the race – I was stressed to the max! and I wasn't entirely sure why I was so stressed, I assumed it was normal because it was my first race and I didn't want to let my club or team down. During lunch I was very snappy and rude to my parents which for some reason I couldn't control, the words just kept coming out. Finally it was the race and I just said to my self "what the hell! I am just going to go out there and do my best" this helped alot and in the race I realised I should at least try to enjoy myself. The conclusion to this story was that I won my race and it was the best thing I've ever done! :D xxx

  273. Saoirse

    Sorry about another comment but I have a quote on my wall that I think is very helpful:

    "Aim for success, not perfection.
    Never give up because then you will
    lose the ability to learn new things.
    Move forward with your life."


  274. I've recently written a post on my blog about how i've become more of a "yes" person, if you have a spare 2 minutes i'd be honoured if you could give it a quick read.. http://hannahhindmarsh.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/spread-your-wings-fly.html

    as a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks i truly relate to this beautifully well written piece of writing.

    you should be so proud of yourself for being such an inspiration to so many people.
    thank you.


  275. sorry its so long
    thank you so much, i also suffer from anxiety but mine has gotten very bad, i let myself get to the point were i haven't been out the house in like a year… this post was very motivating and even though this obviously want aimed at me and we don't even know each other i feel like you understand what i'm going through more than anyone i do know. i am truly inspired by how well you have done, keep up the good work
    thank you <3

  276. Ana

    Thank you for this post and for sharing these things with us. I suffer from axiety, and it's so good to know/feel from your words that it's ok to talk about this things with other people…Once again THANK YOU

  277. Powmm_C

    Hello Zoe
    First of all, I'm French so I already apologize for my English (whom can sometimes be approximate!)
    I follow your blog for about 5 months and I have to tell that I really love it! But this is the first time I’m leaving a comment. I really appreciate this article so I’ve also read your older article entitled “Panic Attacks” and well…I feel like if you were my twin (but in England haha) in fact I cried a bit by reading your blog post on panic attacks (yes I’m VERY emotional, as many people who suffers from panic disorder I guess) because you have put the exact words on the way you feel when you have a panic attack.
    I think it’s also very important that your family must tell you when you did a big effort, it can help you get better and stay motivated for doing much efforts. I also think that people like us who suffers from panic attacks fighting for a normal life are very strong (I’m not saying “oh look at me! I’m stronger than you yay!”) I mean that we have to face so much things that we are stronger when we succeed!
    Thank you so much Zoe for these 2 articles. I think that if I felt another panic attacks coming I will think of you and of everything you wrote!

    (I hope my English wasn't too bad!)


  278. Rubiiee

    :] Be positive, look for the best and don't be too disappointed… you'll enjoy more thing. I've had to take a hit to figure this out the hard way.

    <3 Rubiiee

  279. Poppy

    Zoe you are amazing okay, just fantastic! This is such a great post, I know recently I've had to overcome my severe anxiety in answering the phone and talking at counters in my new job, and it's exhilarating to know that I can do it :-) x x x

  280. Very inspiring post. I have anxiety as well, and feel the same way with saying no to things…It's good to hear from others and their experiences. Glad that you are able to push through it and be fine!

  281. This was a truley inspirational blog Zoe.
    Completely relatable and really cheered me up and gave me the inspiration to try new things,and try to get out there more.
    Lots of love xox

  282. Rachel

    what a beautifully written, inspirational post to anyone suffering from any form of anxiety. Sums everything up, I will aim to become a 'yes (wo)man' and will most definitely be dancing around to my ipod in due course. love your blog, thank you x

  283. Vikki G

    I also suffer from severe anxiety, and I always hate it when people tell me to stop being ridiculous or you are worrying for nothing, because I didn't get to choose to be like this. I am a extreme introvert and rarely do things outside of my house. I would say no to sleepovers or go to friend's houses. I dread going to movie theaters, and plays. I hated taking tests because I was sure something awful was going to happen while I was gone. I just want to say thank you for this post. Some people say they understand how I feel, but they don't. This post has inspired me to try to say yes to things I would usually say no to. Thanks Zoe! You are a great and inspiring person.

  284. Nikita

    I suffered from pannick attacks when I was younger. Mostly because I resisted it so much, I didnt want the panick to be there. But when I got older I realised I shouldt resist it and just let it in.. feel the panick. You will experience that when you stop resisting it the panick will fade much quicker and eventualy it wont be coming back anymore. I am sure you will be able to do this to!

  285. Lauren

    Loved this post. The most shocking part is the amount of girls in the comments who all suffer from either anxiety or depression :-0 Like pretty much every commenter!

  286. Lauren

    Loved this post! But the most shocking part of it all is the amount of girls in the comments who all have either anxiety or depression. Pretty much everyone!! :-0

  287. Hannah

    This is a fantastic post! Thank you for writing this! I suffer from anxiety and this really helped me so I am going to make an effort to say yes to more things. You always make me feel better when I read your blog posts, thanks!

  288. I really admire your post above. To be honest with you i read it all to my mum as she suffers with panic attacks, and doesnt like to go out much unless she has a comfort zone…. anyways i got to the final line and turned to see if she was listening and she was crying . . . she said 'i'm not the only one am i then' bless her. Thank you Zoe xx :)

  289. Sarah

    Not only did I go to Go Ape recently… it was actually my idea!! Think I was secretly hoping everyone would say no haha! Was definitely something I'd never normally do, but you know what? I loved it! It definitely DID scare me, but the adrenalin rush and the feeling afterwards made it SO worth it!

    Fab post – you're a star Zoe! :D x

  290. Hi Zoe, I don't know if you'll see this but I just wanted to say I really loved reading this post. I can totally relate to all you've mentioned, especially the part about other people having too much of an impact on my enjoyment of things… I'm usually painfully shy, I have social anxiety, but I took part in a musical theatre programme over summer which I've loved soso much, it's like I'm who I know I really am when I perform if that makes sense? It brings me to life in a way nothing else does, but other peoples opinions on me wanting to act have continued to really knock my self-esteem, it's like I'm not allowed to believe in myself… but I guess if anything the fear, and lack of other people's understanding has made me want it more, not to prove anything to them or anyone else, but more to myself. Saying yes to something I'd usually shy away from hasn't just been fun but it's helped me find myself. Anywhoo I know you don't know me but I just needed to vent I guess, hope that's okay.
    Your blog's amazing btw (and not to sound air-headed or anything but your hair looks incredible! Mine's ombre'd too, love it so much ^.^) x

  291. This is really inspiring for someone who suffers from some of the conditions mentioned above. Positive attitude will get you far in life :)

  292. Riley

    Thank you so much for writing this. It was very inspiring, as I suffer from social anxiety. This post definitely has reminded me how important it is to say "yes" to the things I fear. Good luck to you and I am happy to hear you're developing more confidence!

  293. Hey Zoe, I know you probably get this a lot, but I was wondering if you could maybe check my blog out? I'm new o this and I would really appreciate your opinion of it, and maybe a nudge in the right direction to start me off? thanks again :) xx

  294. Lauren

    This is such a great post. I'm a huge believer in grabbing every opportunity while you can. I have Eleanor Roosevelt's quote "do one thing everyday that scares you" as my wallpaper on my ipad to remind me.

    Very inspiring post, love your tips too. Yes Man got me into positive thinking. Books by Antony Robins are worth a read to.


  295. Beth

    Hi Zoe,
    Thanks for this post – I really need to read more things like this! I suffer with anxiety and it's particularly bad at the moment. It's awful to feel your mind constantly overtaken by worry and I just want to enjoy my life and catch every opportunity by saying yes. Blogging does help me feel more relaxed and happy, my blog is even called "sans souci" which is french for without worry or carefree :).

    It's refreshing to hear there are people feeling the same as for a long time I thought it was just me.

    Love your blog :) Beth xx

  296. Such an inspiring and motivational post Zoe!! I can relate to it 100% and I hate allowing my anxiety to hold me back from things but sometimes it's hard to control what our brains do! I have a flight home to England tomorrow from Australia and just the thought of it is making me incredibly anxious!! Thanks so much for this post – It has helped me realise I can't let my fears and anxiety hold me back in life!! Xx.

  297. Georgia

    I live of this post now. Thank you so much for writing this Zoe, it honestly has helped in more ways than you could possibly imagine xox

  298. Zoe,

    This was such a great post to read after dealing with a mild depressive mood. It is inspiring to see people with other anxiety problems who choose to not let it define who they are. Thanks for this

  299. Amazing post, I often feel like you do and I find saying YES gets easier every time you do it. You make your own luck, I'm starting to feel more in control now. I think you are amazing. Stay positive x x x

  300. mostly I like the picture witch says "99% of things you worry about never happen" ! :)
    I wish you alle the best for your future Zoe.

    Franzi from Germany.

    and please don't forget "JUST SAY YES!"

  301. Bee

    This post made my day <3

    sometimes I am even afraid of ordering food at restaurants because I dont find the right words. But you know best that sometimes even the small things in life are hard.

    Thank you so much, you became kind of an idol for me <3

    XOXO Bee~

  302. Lauren

    You are so good at talking about your anxiety and I'm sure it makes others feel a lot better. I go through periods of anxiety and it's really easy to get swallowed up by it. This is good advice you're giving!


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  304. This is crazy, I'm reading a blogpost practically written by myself.

    Always had a fear of festivals and stuff like that, I hate being out in the city at night or even in the day sometimes, I never get buses of trains alone cos im constantly afraid of when im just going to let it happen and then what do i do?! And totally afraid of vomming!! Lately I have been doing lots more, socializing a lot more and even being the one to suggest more outgoing things to do. Panic attacks last for about 15mins max?! and although they're horrible they pass, and then you are absolutely FINE! The feelings and the anxiety lasts a lot longer but yeah, it's all about pushing those thoughts out and replacing them with new ones!

    Best of Luck Zoe.
    You're amazing for writing this.


  305. Amelia

    I have issues with anxiety and panic disorder as well. I find that understanding my feelings makes me deal with it more easily, but the biggest issue I have is that I have let it isolate me. I have plenty of social anxieties, but I actually surprised myself recently by reaching out to a woman whom I had never met before to have a meeting. She had insider knowledge in the professional field that I want to venture into, and I thought she would say she couldn't meet me, but she said yes! And just this morning we had a nice hour long chat about the world of professional nutritionists over tea. You are so right, Zoe. Saying yes (or being proactive) makes ALL the difference! Thank you, SO much for this post.

  306. I love that you're so open about your anxiety and panic attacks. I have OCD and it was kind of hard to tell people about it at first since there are so many stereotypes associated with obsessive compulsive people!

  307. I love your blog, yours was actually the blog I read that made me want to start up my own! I don't really suffer from such serious anxiety but I do get very anxious and stressed at bed time and my slight OCD comes into play. I've recentley heard about Origins Peace of Mind – On-the-spot-relief http://www.origins.co.uk/product/3821/11719/Bath-Body/Category/Sensory-Therapy/Peace-of-Mind/On-the-spot-relief/index.tmpl in hope that it might help relax me so I can stop worrying and just do things without having to have the horrible nervous/stressed feeling. And the reviews are insanely good! Thanks for your blog posts they are really helpful! xox

  308. So glad your feeling better Zoe, your completely right in what you say that we shouldn't let situations or people take control of our lives. Lovely post.

    B xxx

  309. a bc

    This is such an inspiring post Zoe. Thank-you for always being here for us <3

    Please check out my blog for a DIY FACIAL EXFOLIATING SCRUB :-)

  310. Such a thought provoking blog post Zoe. I am definitely going to join you in turning over a leaf and being more positive and active xoxo

  311. shay

    what an amazing, amazing post! I just started university, and am TOTALLY out of my comfort zone….especially since it means loads of interaction with strangers, and I'm rather shy. I'm always so worried that I'm being annoying or that people don't like me, and it's been a rollercoaster of emotions. I've been trying to put myself out there though! I said yes to presenting something in front of class, and even made a joke…..it may seem small but saying yes to that was a huge step. Congrats on your "yeses"!

    a thousand million words

  312. I have suffered from anxiety since I was a wee kiddie, but manage to control it a bit better these days. This is such an inspirational post to not only those who suffer, but to everyone as life is short and you need to make every day count!
    Love reading your blog, keep it up :)
    Louise x

  313. This is such an amazing an inspiring post Zoe. We all have to remember these little but important things sometimes x

  314. This is such a beautiful blog post, written by such a beautiful girl! :D xxxx

  315. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    This post is so amazing! It's opened my eyes to really how much I fear things will go wrong and how much I worry. I've always known that I have problems with anxiety and it's sort of a running joke in my family that I'm 'anxiety girl' and that I worry enough that everyone else in my family doesn't have to. They often think I'm pretty useless and I'm protected far more than I want to be by them. I know it's because they care but I hope soon I will be brave enough to say 'hey, im a grown up and I'm not as useless as you think I am, just watch' After reading this post I feel like I might be able to.
    Anxiety has affected my uni course (I'm training to be a nurse) because even when I know I can do something I second guess myself thinking it's wrong and that I could get shouted at so therefore some people think I'm not as good at my job as I know I am because I often ask to be supervised.
    After reading your post I have taken the first step in applying to volunteer in Africa when I qualify as a nurse next year. This is a huge step for me even looking into it because I haven't been away without my family since I went on a trip for my Geography GCSE when I was 16.

    Thank you again Zoe, you're so brave to be able to talk openly and honestly about it, I wish I could talk to my family about it seriously instead of it being the butt of many jokes about how I'll never survive in the real world.



  316. Lovely Post! :)

    I would love it if people could check out my new blog and follow me! I will be sure to follow you back! :) x

  317. bla

    I have social anxiety problems and reading this has really been useful thankyou so much =).You seem like such as nice normal beautiful person that it makes me realise anyone can suffer from anxiety and it makes me feel less of a freak lol.

  318. bla

    I have social anxiety some times im not to bad but others it can be very severe.I really like the image that says 99 percent of the things you worry about never happen so much so its now my laptops wallpaper lol.Your post was really helpful and you seem like a really nice normal pretty bubbly type of person and it just makes me realise anyone can have anxiety and it makes me feel less like a freak lol.

  319. Clalou

    You're so right! Amazing blog, you inspired me to create my own blog and I finally said yes to creating it last night! Brilliant blog :Dxx

  320. Wow. So inspirational, this post couldn't have come at a better time for me. All I can say is thankyou, from the bottom of my heart xxxx

  321. Heather

    This was truly an amazing post for me as i have been suffering from anxiety for 3 years now each day it gets better, but I still theses times where I rather not go out and do something as I feel like i'm going to panic and freak out so I tend to say no to everything. This post has truly slapped some sense into me! haha Although its going to take a while but i'm going to try and say yes more times and try and slap the little person in my head too who keeps bugging me every time. Much love from Singapore, Heather :)

  322. thank you is the most i could say, i said yes to performing on stage at school, something i would NOT do in a million years, i said yes because whats the point in living life with regrets, there isnt… I have recently over come depression after a hard, very hard stage in my life with corsed me to basically hibernate in my room, never went out, never saw friends, never went to school, never really joined in but after reading this it has given me the boost to say yes to going out or yes to dinner with my mum, and I really do thank you for that!<3

  323. I've had only two nasty anxiety attacks in my life and they were really bad. I really admire you and the way you're dealing with it. I think it is important to take risk and just say yes sometimes. Life is short and a real bitch sometimes, and I think laughing in it's face is the best thing we can do. Doing things you like and taking risks is the best thing that can happen to someone, I know it the best… When life hits you where it hurts, you get up and move on with a smile, right? :)

  324. sarahxo

    I can't even explain how much I love this post!
    Just like you, I normally say yes to a lot of things. I avoid situations where I hardly know anybody. I avoid situations I know I am going to feel umcomfortable. I worry about everything so I turn down plans or opportunities to do things, even though I know I will probably enjoy them, but beforehand worrying over silly things just gets the better of me and I end up not doing things. I also made a concious decicision a few weeks ago to start saying yes to more things and putting myself out there a bit more.
    My friend had her hen night a few weeks ago and I was worrying about it so much. She isn't friends with any of my other friends and didn't want any of them there due to fallouts and things so I had to go alone. I didn't no anybody there, I knew her mum and her sister and that is it. I was panicking beforehand about it because I thought I was going to be on my own and feel so out of place, but I forced myself to go because she is a best friend and I had such a brilliant night and found I had absolutely nothing to be worried about. I was so glad I went!
    I also went on holiday last week and held a snake! A lot of people will think this isn't a big deal but I am scared of things like that but I wanted to do it and made myself and I loved it, the snake wasn't scary at all and I had it wrapped around my neck and everything haha.
    It's scary saying yes to things you are worried about or nervous about but it is always so worth it afterwards when you have had a fun time you can look back on and smile. I am right with you on this one, saying yes to things more often and breaking the habit of saying no and missing out on so much! :)


  325. Claire

    This is a very interesting and different post, it reminds me of the film yes man! I really like the picture with the poem and the colourful rain drops and it made me laugh when I got to the end and there was the snow patrol song. :) xx

  326. Jodie

    Great post , i really love your honesty. I have tried to say yes to more things as i seem to always say no , such a little thing but it has made a big impact. Have only recently started my own blog , however for ages i kept telling myself i couldn't do it and i wouldn't be able to keep it up. I told myself i could do it and am now loving blogging!


  327. aleva

    Zoe, you opened my mind! I knew all these things more or less but after reading this post I just realized how true these words are. It is so encouraging to read all this from person who knows what is she talking about. I am so happy that I know your blog, you´re probably my favourite blogger! No, you definitely are! I´ve had people, or let´s say this person in my life that reined me (if it is the right word(?)) (I mean obstruct me, slow me, curb me) in my decisions and choices. Every time I did something I wanted, that person was angry but I didn´t hurt anyone!This person was jealous when I met other people and then that person told me how much likes me and I am the best friend ever so I stopped seeing the others. It wasn´t boyfriend…I felt mentally terrorized, I was scared to meet new people to do things I liked, because I didn´t want that person to be mad at me. You probably know what I mean. And what I get? I left my life for someone who thought is my best friend, for someone who controlled my life and used me. I knew it for so long but I wasn´t strong enough to say STOP or with your words YES to my life. I am not totally out of this issue, but it got better and I know I have to live my own life! And thanks to you Zoe, I am even stronger… BIG thank you for your posts and keep doing this great job… I think you´re getting stronger by writing it and we´re getting stronger by reading it!

  328. Such an amazing post. <3

  329. Laura

    It's so reassuring to know I'm not the only feeling this way – and after losing the last 6 months of my life to anxiety, to the point where I couldn't leave the house, I decided to do the same thing you have and say 'sod it, because I'm not going to be ruled by this and I'm not living my life like this' ..it's been one of the hardest things I have EVER had to do but so worth it, and this post was absolute perfect timing as I need another boost, because it's not easy!
    Anyone that suffers with anxiety and/or panic attacks, you just have to remember that nothing will happen, and although it feels soooo horrible, it's just a feeling and you CAN get through it!!
    Thank you, there are obviously a lot of people who can relate to this and it's made my day :) xx

  330. RuthB

    Love this post! After reading it, it really made me think about all the things Ive said no to in the past and because of it how I still am in the vicious circle of saying no… Ive only recently started saying yes to more things I wouldn't usually do and let me tell you Ive had the most amazing time going out more with my friends and its been so good :D deffo got memories I can look back on in the future. I should've started saying yes sooner and put my worries aside! hahah thankyou Zoe xoxo

  331. You're a star :). Great post. I too suffer from anxiety, linked to my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    It's great to see you working on your anxiety, because it's not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of courage. Keep it up. x

  332. Wow, Zoe. It's lovely (in a very weird kind of way) to know you suffer from a similar thing to me :) You would never have guessed from your uplifting personality, even though we only see a small percentage of you. But that's the way it goes. Even the happiest person in appearance may have struggles.


  333. This reminds me of Yes Man!
    Always wanted to try doing this, might make it a New Years Resolution!
    This is a really inspirational post!

  334. TineD

    Wow, where to begin this comment..

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this post, for sharing your thoughts, and for putting such a touchy subject (to me at least) out in the open. I can completely relate to what you're going through – I have suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks for the past 8 years or so, and at times I feel that it controls EVERY single aspect of my life and prevents me from pursuing my goals and dreams. I am absolutely sick of it, and recently I too found myself turning a new leaf; I took an internship job in a foreign country and have now moved here to stay for 4 months, away from my boyfriend, my family, my friends, and, well – my comfort zone. Every day is a challenge, but I tap myself on the back every time I overcome my fears and say YES to things, I would normally say no to. Your words have inspired me to keep going, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    All the best, Tine


  335. tel u wat, i have panic attacks all the time, but im optimist enough to shrug it off,so babe, i hope you can overcome it too. adoooorrrreee ur blog. cnt wait 4 d next post

  336. This is fantastic! Thank you for this! (also yay snow patrol!) xx

  337. Erin

    You're awesome for this. My only question is….how do you handle a panic attack when you're out and about and it happens out of nowhere? That's where I struggle.

  338. LOVE this post Zoe,I suffer from anxiety too,its a bitch and I completely agree with the train journeys oh my god what a nightmare haha,I'm always saying no to things that I really deep down would love to do but my mind takes over! this post has helped and I will definitely be saying yes to alot more things from now on :] xx

  339. Jeeda

    Good on you for trying things, sometimes life has a way of making you forget that you have to take risks. Hope everything goes well for you

  340. Flabgee

    Thanks so much for this post!!! :)

  341. Laura

    So good of you to share this, love your blog xx

  342. MPV

    Great motivational post! Exactly you have to say always "yes" to your happiness! Never stop trying; do the best you can in your journey! :)



  343. This is really helpful, recently i have realized that the quote "99% of the things you worry about will never happen"
    I love this post :)


  344. Zoe,

    I think this post is so inspirational, and in fact I even have the "99% of things you worry about" picture as my phone background. I have suffered with panic attacks for about three years after being in a very bad relationship, and I know how hard it is to say "yes" to outings with friends and to opportunities that, in the back of my head, I know will be good for me, but I feel like I can't say yes for fear that I will panic and spoil everyone's day. It is honestly amazing how strong you are.

    Alice xxxx

  345. I love this! Thank you:) xx

  346. I just found your glog and I'm so glad I did. This is the first post I'm reading and aww after reading it I'm feeling inspired! I've never suffered of something like that, I hate routines and I like to try new things. Although there are some things I wish I have said yes instead of no, and I didn't. I'm glad you went to that festival and enjoyed it and I'm glad you went on 3 trains to meet your friend. I hope that you'll try a lot of new things in the future. Don't think too much and enjoy life because it's really beautiful! <3 now I'm feeling inspired that I'll say yes to something I was thinking about doing…hope you'll do the same.
    p.s.: I'm loving your blog, I'll check past posts now. :)

  347. Love this post, it's very inspiring:)x x

  348. hi zoe! I'd just like to let you know that you're the reason I got into fashion and make-up. I found your videos and blog and absolutly feel inlove with the idea, its become such a big part of my life and I've finally decided to do something about it with social networks, so thank you so much

  349. Loved this post, as a long time anxiety/panic sufferer I always find it quite reassuring to find others dealing with the same issues and of course how they deal with them :)

    I started my own blog on here, not primarily to take my mind off the anxiety but it certainly helps, instead of picking that one stressed anxious moment to talk about, I switched it around and now talk about all the amazing things that happen. xoxo

  350. This post is soo very true! I have been making a concious effect to catch my first reaction of no and to yes to things more often! It is such a good thing to try to work on throughout daily life! :) Also I just want you to know how awesome you truly are! (Both you and Louise) After i first decided I wanted to start a blog (which despite starting very recently I had thought about for quite some time) I came across the youtube video you two made on blog tips! I cant tell you how helpful that was! You guys had some amazing tips (I may not quite have followed the no floral background suggestion opps..) but the tips that you mentioned in the video were so thought out and were very beneifical in helping me start my blog! Thank you so much!!

  351. Great post I am a resume writer and my company Resume resource provide The definitive resource for information on crafting an expert resumé. Visited monthly by more than 1 million people, a reference in five books, a standard recommendation for educational and military institutions, the most thorough resource to building a resume on the web.

  352. Laura

    I was just looking for new blogs and found this entry. I dunno if it's a sign but I'm dealing with the worst of my anxiety and panic attacks at the moment, so this has come at an amazing time for me.

    It's amazing to read your entries about your panic attacks and feel like I can relate to pretty much everything you've described. It's true that when you experience these feelings, it's as if you're the only one in the world in feeling like that.
    I live my life taking baby steps and avoiding certain situations.. and it sucks! I feel so set in my ways nowadays, when I used to travel hours by myself with no worries. I can imagine how hard it is for my boyfriend and my friends to have to live with me.
    Reading this, however, has inspired me to say yes more often and ignore that wee demon telling me I can't do it.

    Thanks so much and I'm now an avid follower :)

  353. Zoe. Thank you! I stumbled across your blog today, and I am so glad I did. I LOVE IT. It is refreshing reading such an open blogpost about anxiety/panic attacks. So many people are in the dark about mental health and think that its something taboo. It should be spoken about more often. Good work. I also read your FAQs and you are so inspiring with your blog. I recently started a blog myself and I was at the head on the keyboard moment that you described!! I almost gave it up until I realized how much I enjoy it and that your stats dont matter as long as what youre writing is really who you are and what YOU think. Thank you!! Keep up with your amazing rambles. x

  354. Beautiful post. Really enjoyed it. xx

  355. I saw this post and I thought wow I am never gonna read all of this. But actually it really drew me in and got me thinking wow much of a massive worrier I am! I am going to try and let go. Hopefully it will help with my confidence too. Thank you so much for putting this post up Zoe I hope it will help me! XXX


  356. just re read this post and it made me feel so much better about the day ive just had. ive been feeling so anxious and worried about things that i dont necessarily wish to do but just things i feel negatively about and this helped so much cause i know that even though i am worrying i know i will be fine and what im worrying about probably wont even happen! xxx

  357. Hi Zoe. I've only very recently discovered your blog and I'm already in love with it! I just think you are so down to earth and fun. There's nothing fake or self obsessed about you and that makes me want to keep reading your posts!! I love this post especially because I am the same as you….not as bad that I can't get on a train but sometimes I just sit inside and miss out on opportunities to go out with friends etc etc. I think it's worse for me because I live in a non-english speaking country and I get so intimidated and worry I won't speak well or that I'll look stupid and therefore I don't go anywhere without my boyfriend (who is portuguese). And it's so silly I know, I'm completely irrational, I do know how to speak, I've been here 1.5 years…I'm just such a perfectionist and have quite low self esteem. But having read your blog and realised there are others out there like me I am so motivated to just say screw it! and get out of my head!!! i can be my own worse enemy!!! thank you zoe. you're amazing! i hope you new found attitude is helping you in life and you're happier! :) lots of love xx

  358. What a cute post <3 this reminds me of the movie yes man hahaha


  359. Unknown

    This post was really helpful. I've been dealing with anxiety ever since I could remember as a small child. Now, it's gotten even worse to where I'm currently not in school (though, legally, I should be), I spend hours panicking before work each day, and I never go anywhere by myself..I always have to have my boyfriend with me. Anxiety is really damaging to one's life and it's hard to get out of the cycle of saying 'no', or making up excuses not to do things. I've even called in sick to work because my anxiety was so bad, it was making me physically ill. I'm going to try and say 'yes' a little more, in moderation. Thanks Zoe, it's nice to know one of my favorite bloggers knows what anxiety is like and understands how hard it can be as many people just don't understand. < 3

  360. Meggan

    Love this blog post. I also suffer from anxiety and its hard copping with it. I feel like I can never talk to anyone about it because they don't understand. I haven't had a major anxiety attack since March and whenever I start feeling anxious I tell myself that and wonder why I am putting these crazy thoughts in my head. Just like a comment above, my confidence suffers because of my paranoia. I watch what I say, get nervous about doing things and feel like I cannot be myself at times in front of people. Thanks for sharing this quote "You get ONE life (unless of course you are a feline), one chance to do anything and everything you want. Do not let something like this control your decisions or ruin experiences for you. The same goes for people. Don't let people ruin things for you, or control your behaviours or your life choices." Love it!!


  361. Sohee

    This message is for zoe and everybody struggling with anxiety. I m from Argentina so so sorry for my english =(
    Two years ago I was at home doing nothing , hating my life, having horribles panic attacks (one or 2 per day) , hating me for being my own enemy. I couldnt eat, sleep …live basically. It took me a lot to finally get out and find some help .
    Is going to be 1 year and a half since i start doing therapy and going to the doctor ( psychiatrist) . Now I m marry, I m a make up artist and I made the art part of some short movies,( I was the actress in one to!) I work part time in a make up store, and my list of imposibles are almost gone. Try, try and if you can by your own find help maybe it can be a long path until you find the right one but I swear when you find it YOU DONT GOING TO REGRET!

  362. Sohee

    This message is for zoe and everybody struggling with anxiety. I m from Argentina so so sorry for my english =(
    Two years ago I was at home doing nothing , hating my life, having horribles panic attacks (one or 2 per day) , hating me for being my own enemy. I couldnt eat, sleep …live basically. It took me a lot to finally get out and find some help .
    Is going to be 1 year and a half since i start doing therapy and going to the doctor ( psychiatrist) . Now I m marry, I m a make up artist and I made the art part of some short movies,( I was the actress in one to!) I work part time in a make up store, and my list of imposibles are almost gone. Try, try and if you can by your own find help maybe it can be a long path until you find the right one but I swear when you find it YOU DONT GOING TO REGRET!

  363. emily

    Hi Zoe!!!
    Love this post, I've done a bit of a response post on my blog seen as though I feel the same as you do about alot of things!


  364. emily

    Hi Zoe!
    Love this post, I've done bit of a response post on my blog seen as I feel very similar to you about certain situations!


  365. Hi zoe! You are my idol, you write what you mean and I can tell you took your time writing this post and I really enjoyed!

  366. Hi Zoe, I've been saying yes to a lot of things recently and it has been the most interesting and fun few weeks of my life. I've gotten so many opportunities from simply having positive energy and saying yes! I started off feeling nervous and scared but once I realized that nothing bad was happening I started to calm down and enjoy it. I'm going to be featured in the October issue of Stellar (like an Irish version of Company) as part of a kind of body confidence thing. More people should try to be more positive and just relax and go with the flow. IT'S FUN!

    Love the blog/videos x

  367. Oh zoe! I've been reading your blogs for bloody years and one reason I was so drawn to your post was because like you I have terrible panic attacks, anxiety attacks when out and about it make me so worried over everything I still to this day cant catch a train on my own i'd rather take 6 buses to get where I need to be! I love this blog and I love how brave and inspirational this post is! Thank you.

    Jazz x

  368. YK

    Thank you Zoe! This post was just the kick up the arse I needed to finally start my own blog! Being dying to for ages but held back because I cared too much what others would think!! This is my first step to becomming a more confident person!

  369. Awww, what an amzing post. It's so easy just to say no to everything and carry on doing exactly what you know, but unless we take a chance we'll never get anywhere!




  370. haha i find it hard to say no so im always agreeing with people that i dont really want to agree with :(but i totally understand what you are saying. fear of vomit? LOL
    ps your amazing :p maybe could you check out my blog xo

  371. Kirsty

    Such a lovely post! So inspirational and has actually made me think twice before declining offers or forgetting ideas. I have to say I'm not very confident but after reading this I've decided to try and do one thing I wouldn't normally do in order to build up my confidence:)xx

  372. Bijaneh

    Zoey! I want to say thank you, I have always wanted to write a blog or do something of the sort but I've never thought that I could really do it, but you inspired me to finally put my thoughts into action!
    Thank you so much for all you do, you are such an amazing person!

  373. Although I have read this, I still can say yes easily. But, I never stop to learn.

  374. Gemskee

    Aww this was great to read, thankyou! I'm a very shy person and relate to staying alone in your room because it feels safe, but now I will be making the effort to get out and say 'Yes' to more things :] x x

  375. Liz

    Inspiring post, i have suffered periods of anxiety in the past, sometimes worse than others.
    I've also had a few horrible experiences with panic attacks.
    I live by the same attitude as you, sod it, if its something i really want to do i will do it.
    Sometimes its hard to say yes but once you've done something, it's easier to say yes again and again :)

    I Recently said yes to joining a kickboxing club and i love it.
    Its something i would never have said yes to before, but i'm so happy that i did.



  376. I'm new to blogger – just posted my first post – would be nice if you could follow me :)


    Thank you x

  377. Astonishingly well written and so true, thank you xxx

  378. Sabrina

    missing your blogging!

  379. Fatzee

    Hi Zoe….I have been reading your blog for almost a year now. Absolutely love it, if in a day I need a ill Cheever up, your blog dies the job. You also inspired me to start my own blog. Do visit fatzee

  380. This is a fantastic post :) You look beaut in your pic too!
    I ahve added your blog to my list of faves !

  381. Your blog is so cute and funny and just outright class :)

  382. What a beautiful post, I am a massive worrier!!! Suffered for many many years now, I will just back out of everything, even a little thing!!! Even when things don't happen and I breath a sigh of relief two minutes later I start worrying again!!! I think I need to just let go and your post has really helped me, so thank you Zoe!!! Much Love x

  383. emmarrr

    This was so so so helpful! Thank you so so much! Love your blog xx

  384. I can relate to this post 100%. I too suffer from a hell of a lot of anxiety, without any rhyme or reason.
    It is a big thing to face up to and admit to yourself that anxiety can control your life. It is so very consuming and can dictate every aspect of your life if you let it. Scary really!
    Fab post, something which so many people need to be able to pick themselves up again and "do life". I too am currently on the journey to say "yes". Good luck in your quest!

    Take care,


  385. Sarah

    I said yes to going to my friends house, which doesn't sound like a lot, but her parents smoke and drink loads and I have a really bad memory of being at her house when I had a panic attack because of all the smoke and how her parents and their friends were acting (it was a halloween party and they were REALLY REALLY drunk), and i just felt like everything was too…big, i guess. Too loud, too jumpy, too everything. But I'm so glad I went because her parents have quit smoking, and have done really well so far (which is a huge plus for them as well as me) and they didn't have that much to drink, just 1 or 2 glasses of wine. I ended up having such a good time with my friend- I told her about your blog, and in particular this blog post, so because we both dance we ended up making a routine to the song you linked in the post! Thank you so much Zoe, good luck with saying yes yourself :) xx


  386. I love this post! I have had lots of trouble in life just getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things, this year I wanted to go away for school but didn't because I was afraid of dissapointing my parents. I worry too much about what tomorrow holds when i should really be living each day to the fullest. Thank you for sharing your experiences and encouraging all of us to say yes :)

  387. Hi Zoe, I used to suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. Many things you said in your post reminded me of times when I had panic attacks, such as not being able to travel on trains not going out as much and saying no to opportunities that I normally would have always said yes.
    It got to the point where I felt like I was going mad or something because I didn't speak to anyone about it not even my family or my boyfriend I would just say I wasn't feeling very well.
    One day I finally told my auntie who then told me how she had suffered from panic attacks for years and it had even got to the point where she had to see a therapist. Talking to someone who knew what I was going through really helped me.
    Now all I am left with is my own self doubt and thoughts in my head saying "oh but what if this happens etc"
    I now call it over thinking and told my family, boyfriend and my friends.
    I have learnt to just completely ignore myself and just force myself to do things and I never regret it.
    It is hard to stop thinking though and I think its really great that you have written about it so other people can relate and know they are not alone.
    It can only get better and you can do anything you want.

  388. Say yes to looking at my blog ;) http://katieaprilouise.blogspot.co.uk/

    haha only joking Zoe. You're really inspirational and I'm thinking of starting my own YouTube channel but I'm really nervous.. have wanted to for over a year now but was too scared! I want to have a channel like yours.

    Youre great :) xxxx

  389. Very eye-opening, and so helpfull. I'm very shy, and to scared to step out of my comfort zone. But I totally agree that the moments you get embarrassed will be forgotten in hours, while the times you accomplish something you thought you couldn't will always be remembered.
    Thanks for this post
    X Rose


  390. April

    Zoe you gave such an inspirational message even though i don't suffer from serious attacks, though i do get scared and shy of a lot of things. I used to say no to almost everything just to be on the safe side. Now i think i can "just say yes" to things that just pop up. Keep doing what you do :)x April.

  391. Totally understand what you're saying. I suffered panic attacks and anxiety and the only way to overcome it is to just do everything that you normally are too scared to do and in the end find out actually it wasn't so bad :)


  392. Chelly

    Hey I am from Germany and I think your Blog is wonderful.
    The best Blog I have ever seen!!
    Woooooooooow I love your Blog!!
    You are very very very Pretty too!!

    (sorry for my horrible Grammar i am not so good in English)


    Kiss Chelly <3

  393. Abbie

    I love it when people do things like this. The amount of effort you've put in is admirable. You've helped me, and by looking at the vast number of followers you have, a lot of others too. The world needs more people like you!! x

  394. Hi Zoe! This was like reading my thoughts on a good day. Last year I said yes to going to Africa for a month and yes, I was SO SCARED and yes out there my anxiety was still very real but it was hands-down the BEST thing I've ever chosen to do. I love your videos and blog posts so much and now I admire you even more for being so honest about these 'demons'. I have emetophobia, have recently tackled slight OCD and am now trying to rid of agoraphobia and panic attacks. But life is for living and enjoying while we have it on earth. Here's one of my favourite quotes: "every day may not be good but there is some good in every day". Cheers Zoe for being such a babe and for making me not feel so alone! x

  395. Becky B

    you are amazing i would love to be your friend ( sounds cheesy but true!)xxx

  396. India

    guess i need to say yes more then :)


  397. Zoe this has really opened my eyes i feel that i should say yes to more things, i also suffer from panic attacks and they are horrible :/ im 17 and i have never really gone to parties through fear of something bad happening but when i see the pictures on facebook i feel like i really missed out on a good night. im going to start saying yes to more thing starting off small and hopefully getting bigger :D thanks Zoe this has really helped me :D xxx

  398. Emilie

    Got to say I really love and admire your blog Zoe! You might get panic attacks but I think you're doing great both on your blog and on YouTube! Keep up the good work, I know I will definitely keep following you :) You have inspired me to have a fashion blog myself and I want to start making videos, I just need to get some more nowledge about filming first hahha… :) THANK YOU for the inspiration you give me and so many other girls! <3

    xx from Em

  399. Arianna

    My God, I read this in such an awful day…but after i read it I realized you are sooo right.

  400. Arianna

    I read this, in such a day that I felt awful, with negative thoughts but when I read it, I realized that you are soo right, that brought a better day for me

  401. I follow you, I really liked your blog.

  402. I really love your blog posts. They're so lovely to read. Saying yes is definitely a positive thing to have in your life :) xx

    P.s You're so pretty.

  403. This post is so close to my heart, I developed severe anxiety a few years ago and have finally bitten the bullet with what I want to do and started a beauty blog and vlog! I've only posted once on each and it's ridiculously scary but hopefully I'll have the courage to do it again! Check out beautydaysuk.blogspot.co.uk and see :)

  404. Wow, so many comments! I just want to say how much I love reading your blog and watching your Youtube vlogs, Zoella. Although I only discovered you a few months ago, I feel like I have been a fan for a long time. I suffer from anxiety attacks as well, which is why I found your post so moving. I am also moved by many of the comments. So, thanks to everyone for sharing. I especially found the image about 99% of your worries never happening to be really insightful. I am a worrier. I worry so much about the future that I often forget to live in the present.

  405. Thank you for writing this!, I always do what I'm most comfortable with. If you see me walking in the street I'll keep my head down, and I hate walking past groups of people for fear of what they might shout out so I always just stay at home as you said it's where I feel safe. I'm not sure when but I've decided that I'm going to work at a summer camp in America within the next few years, the thought of it scares me to death but I know if I don't do it I'll regret it. xxx

  406. This is such a lovely post! I wish more bloggers would talk about things like this. I'm trying to be more of a yes person – thanks for the inspiration. xx


  407. Thank you Zoe. (And to everyone who commented). I'm a huge believer in feelings and signs and this post came at just the right moment, as my own panic and anxiety has recently taken a turn for the worse and I've never felt more alone in or suffocated by it. Thank you for sharing such positive and honest words about your own experiences, and for letting your readers who have similar feelings know that they are not alone. (I'm scared just commenting on this! What lunacy!).

    I'm not sure what else I can dig up to say, without imaging you are a therapist :) So thank you. You have really inspired me to take a stand.

  408. thank you for opening up Zoe! I know anxiety can be quite crippling and I am happy to hear you are not letting it take over your life as I am. I hope you had a wonderful time at the Festival!

  409. wow thanks for this post, Now I feel like I've found some people who understand, most of the people around me don't get it and they usually get a bit angry when I say no to simple things like hanging out at public places. I'll try to overcome some things and I hope one day I can be somewhat comfortable in those settings, but hey at least I can give it a shot right? Haha thanks zoe!

  410. Klaus

    Wow! This is an amazing post! This week I've had the worst anxiety/negativity thoughts I've had in a long time and this post helped so much. It makes me feel so much better that someone as amazing/cool as you struggles with negativity too. I'm really inspired by how you take such a positive and active approach to changing your mindset. Thank you so much and you're amazing! :)

  411. Clair_

    Hi Zoe, i can relate to this post sooo much atm, i'm glad im not the only one. i wish i could have an outlook like you do. :( unfortunately im in a bad state of it and seriously dont know what to do with it no more. hopefully i'll get to a point where you are and start to enjoy doing things again


  412. I just read this post and it's inspired me. I don't have depression or anxiety, however I am a very, very shy person indeed. So I have a lot of trouble saying yes to things too. But after reading your post, I want to say yes to more things and I'm going to try and not be so shy and just go ahead and do what I want to do!
    Thank you very much for this post, I always look forward to them! xx

  413. Great post I know I do this alot and this post really helped me to at things in another way! I always say no to alot of things in my past thinking it would come to
    nothing or I wouldn't like it but its always great to try new things.
    I'm new to this blogging follow me back please? :)

  414. coley

    Thank you Zoe! I love knowing that other people go through the same things as me. But wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm shy and feel uncomfortable in a lot of situations. I'm also trying to get out of it. It is a terrible way to live… so thank you for this. & Good luck with continuing it :)

  415. Your articles portrait so much positive energy. Keep the motivation coming!

  416. Your articles portrait a trail of positive energy. Love them. Keep the motivating energy coming!

  417. I read this and decided to be a little more daring, so i started my own blog! thanks for giving me the little push :)


  418. This is such a great post, thank you so much for writing it! Suffering from anxiety is such a stressful thing to have to deal with, but sometime, we have to remind ourselves that, at the end of the day, the only person to have control over our lives is ourselves! If there's one thing I've learnt literally this year, it's that sometimes things are about perception and how we can perceive certain situations that will have an effect on how we feel or what we do. Thinking positively is one of the best things we can do I think and really does help! Great post and great blog :)
    Saadiya xx


  419. Thank you so much… this is so inspiring and im going to start following you excellent advice from now on! after watching your videos, you seem so happy and pretty and ultimately perfect! haha but this makes you seem very relatable and like every other normal person. i think you must be such an amazing girl to recover from you fall, and to start giving others great advice. I'd love to meet you one day! thanks :) xx

  420. thankyou so much for giving this advice :) xx

  421. Love your blogposts and videos Zoe!

  422. This is such a lovely post! I used to get bouts of depression as I have a degenerative heart condition, but I just forced myself to turn my thinking around and think that every moment of life is a gift, so to just enjoy it as much as I can, while I can, and it's led to some amazing things happening for me :) positive thinking ftw x


  423. thank you zoe , really. you made me feel much better today , and you are suce an inspiration.

  424. Zoe, thank you so much for your post. It helped me so much..

  425. Thank you so much Zoe. It helped me..

    Sorry for my english, I'm an italian girl :)

  426. Zoe, I only came across this post now, but you have no idea how much I needed to read something like this, especially at this point of my life which I'm at the peak of panic attacks and continuous anxiety, which are taking over my mind and body. I might blog about this soon…It's soothing to see that other people are going through this as well and you've made me realize that saying yes and being more positive brings happiness. At the end of the day it is our own mind and brain, that causes this silly fear of daring to do new things, that happen to be out of our comfort zone. Being at home worrying about everything, and creating horror stories in our heads, is only making us suffer and being miserable. It's true that most of the things we worry about don't even happen. Thank you again for blogging this Zoe. You have no idea…<3


  427. zoe, I love you, you are so amazing and so beautiful! carry on doing what you do because you are so fantastic x

  428. This is one of my favorites.This has helped me so much,I have suffered from anxiety and depression and this post has opened to me that not everything sucks. Thank you x

  429. Dear Zoe, thank you so much for being so brave and writing this. You are such a wonderful person and so inspiring. To know I'm not alone in suffering with anxiety has really opened my eyes and made things seem less scary. I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of a very traumatic experience on a school trip abroad. I seemed to be doing fine and then just last year (3 years after the event) I couldn't leave the house or go to school, terrified or everything. Fortunately I got a lot more help and realised my panic attacks stemmed from the event. I made a huge amount of progress – sat all my exams, went to my prom, shared a lift with friends. I said yes to things. Small things, but things I was intensely scared of. Unfortunately I had a huge set back this summer and my anxiety was terrible again. I was depressed and I was afraid no one would care about me anymore even though I had so much support and love. Although it was an awful awful time, I'm slowly getting better. A few days ago, I felt very alone in suffering with anxiety but reading this from someone I really admire has helped and made me feel I can share what I've never shared with any of my friends before. Thank you an unbelievable amount. Right now I'm just trying to live in the moment, live for today and not worry about the future. CBT and EMDR have helped me deal with the flashbacks and unprocessed memories I blocked out from the trauma and now I'm starting to accept what happened wasn't my fault and I was treated awfully. Someday I hope I'll be able to go on a school trip again and prove to myself I can cope with whatever life throws at me. I can say with all sincerity this has been so encouraging to read. You should feel so proud of yourself, you are beautiful inside and out.
    I'm sure you'll never read this but thank you so much Zoe.
    I think tomorrow I might start saying "yes".
    Carys x

  430. I think this is an amazing post, it's nice to see someone actually speaking about shyness and anxiety, as not many people do, I've been following your blog for over a year now and you have given me the inpiration to have a go at my own beauty blog, I did start it at one point but stopped as I worried about what people would think about it or me, but a few months ago I realised it doesnt matter what people think about my blog or me as I have realised I love blogging.
    Thanks for doing this post and the one about the panic attacks its really helping people understand just how people feel.

    Becki x

  431. Very lovely post Zoe :) My older sister (by 3 years) started having panic or anxiety attacks right when she went away for college and they were the scariest things in the world to watch her go through because I would just feel so helpless when she was having one and would just try to hold her…or tell her that everything was going to be okay. It's crazy how they just have to play themselves out- If she was alone she would always call me or my mom on the phone and stay on until it had passed. Sounds like you are doing a great job conquering yours :) Keep up the good work-jolly oh

  432. This post made my day! Saying "yes" is definitely something I need to do more often! Thanks Zoe! xx

  433. This has gave me a completly different look on life, im sure happiness will fill my life now, thank you so much Zoe its inspired me. Ive just joined this site and have posted my first blog, please comment if you like it or how to improve:) thank you

  434. Kaylie

    I really like how you've opened up and given advice. There's a balance of "my issue" and "your issue" here. I have some anxiety issues which I'm getting help with. A lot of my problem is not actually having things to say yes to, I moved to London in March 11 and haven't been able to make any proper friends, which is the main issue. I'm trying though.

    Take care and good luck (to us all)


  435. Yzi

    I've been soo inspired by this post. I LOVE your blog and your youtube videos, they make my day :). I never say yes to things because i get anxious about them but I'm going to start saying yes to more things now :) x

  436. Aleena

    Hi Zoe!
    You have honestly been such an inspiration to me, and reading this post really helped me get through a tough situation. It has been a year and a half now that I've been in a university and the change was quite hard for me, because I didn't know anyone at my school. Being able to open up, talk to people, and give the whole "say yes" thing a go has really opened my eyes and perspective and really helped me break out of my shell. Thanks so much, this has inspired me to create my new blog, not only for makeup and things I love, but to hopefully influence girls the way you can. Thanks so much for this post once again, you are truly lovely! :)

  437. thank you so much for this post!! You have no idea just how helpful and reassuring it was.


  438. Emmeli

    Hi Zoe!

    I have just watched your newest video on YouTube and I just had to check out these blogposts. You have truly made me look at myself and my life from another perspective -a good one! I often feel a bit down and that I am waisting my life away sitting at home and doing nothing, I am a shy person and I have let that take control of my life, but from now on I will see everything more positively – or at least try to! You have got a lot of comments on this post so you may not see this, but I just wanted you to know that this post and the video AND the song – made me happy. You give me hope!
    /Emmeli :)

  439. Emmeli

    Hi Zoe!

    I have just watched your newest video on YouTube and I just had to check out these blogposts. You have truly made me look at myself and my life from another perspective -a good one! I often feel a bit down and that I am waisting my life away sitting at home and doing nothing, I am a shy person and I have let that take control of my life, but from now on I will see everything more positively – or at least try to! You have got a lot of comments on this post so you may not see this, but I just wanted you to know that this post and the video AND the song – made me happy. You give me hope!
    /Emmeli :)

  440. So inspirational! This is my first time reading your blog and I am so glad I did! It is comforting to know at least someone else feels similarly to how I do. I am now really inspired to say yes! I have tried to be more open lately and reading this I am just more determined to continue. Thank you for posting this. Your video was also great by the way! xx

  441. I'm genuinely so inspired by you Zoe, I've only recently been following your videos and blog but I can relate to you so much! You've given me a little confident to start my own blog and maybe in time a YouTube account…thankyou :-) x

  442. Charis

    What a great post… thank you. As I've gotten older I've suffered more and more from anxiety and saying yes to things seems to be harder and harder. Thank you for the encouragement :)

  443. Such an amazing post :) I tend to try and act positive, but many of my actions are negative. I should try now to say yes more often because I am holding myself back from experiences, like you said! Thank you for a great post :)

  444. MC

    I saw your video on youtube. My God! It's just like if I were to speak in this video … just like what you say … I think you just do not talk a symptom, which is high blood pressure and that makes us dizzy … still took some pills for high blood pressure, but the problem was something else, of course …
    but I also thought like you … and what was lost and the memories I was creating every moment.
    And for a long time (years) I have no attack .. and say yes to what I really want to do
    The secret is to do what you really like and not what others want you to do … should not be forced to do anything that makes you feel bad.
    I did not take any medication to improve and when I notice that may come their way a panic attack, or when I am more excited now I can better control my body. Take a deep breath and think of good things in life, it helps. It's a matter of self-control. Exercise also helps.
    And life is so wonderful in this way, is not it?
    Sorry my English, lol, I'm Portuguese.
    I'll start following your channel, no doubt …

  445. MC

    I saw your video on youtube. My God! It's just like if I were to speak in this video … just like what you say … I think you just do not talk a symptom, which is high blood pressure and that makes us dizzy … still took some pills for high blood pressure, but the problem was something else, of course …
    but I also thought like you … and what was lost and the memories I was creating every moment.
    And for a long time (years) I have no attack .. and say yes to what I really want to do
    The secret is to do what you really like and not what others want you to do … should not be forced to do anything that makes you feel bad.
    I did not take any medication to improve and when I notice that may come their way a panic attack, or when I am more excited now I can better control my body. Take a deep breath and think of good things in life, it helps. It's a matter of self-control. Exercise also helps.
    And life is so wonderful in this way, is not it?
    Sorry my English, lol, I'm Portuguese.
    I'll start following your channel, no doubt …

  446. MC


  447. You are such an inspiration, and thank you so much for this. I don't suffer from anxiety but I do have slight OCD, and this has made me realise I shouldn't worry about the little things. You are a beautiful person:)xxxx


  448. You are such an inspirational person! This blog will have helped hundreds of people! You are beautiful in and out:)



  449. This post is fantastic! I suffer from anxiety too, under different circumstances and it stems from different reasons, but I can relate some-what to what you go through. I think its really important to get this kind of message across and out there to people as there's not a lot of help or places that people can go to get help with this. Ive had this same mantra of saying yes to everything for the past year or so now and I can say it really does help to make a difference :)

    I hope you have many more opportunities in the near future to come so you can say yes!

    Joey xx

  450. I just read your blogpost. I have to say I wish I had read it a few days ago. Although I don't think I suffer from panick attacks this post has really helped me as well. My school organized this bonfire and I was too scared to go because I don't know a lot of people since I am new to the school, so I didn't go. And now I think, "What if I had gone?". It is a very rubbish feeling. I also watched your video on panick attacks. It was very inspirational. Especially the part where you said that even if this video helped at least one person you would be happy. That is why I respect you! You should be very proud of yourself. Your outlook on life is something that I wish a lot of people had. Thank you for everything you have done for people who suffer with anxiety. I wish I could meet you sometime, but since that's probably never gonna happen, I wish you all the best. :)

  451. I have a weird fear of going for a jog. It sounds strange but I feel like everyone will be laughing at me because I know everyone where I live. It really puts me off but it's something that I really want to get in to. After reading this post you have really inspired me to just do it! Even if I only run around the block, it's a start. I'm off to get my trainers! Thank you :)

    Kirsti xx

  452. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST! Now I'm sure it's not just me. <3

  453. This post is so inspirational, as are you! You are a beautiful person!

    Anyone please feel free to check out my blog!

  454. E_D91

    As a sufferer of anxiety & depression I really appreciated this post & your YouTube video on panic attacks. I intend to send my friends the links to your stuff in the hope that they will understand my 'crazy ways' a bit better & realise that when I cancel on them sometimes I'm not trying to be rude!! X

  455. Elxox

    i love your makeup in this post what did you use?xx

  456. Anna

    Thank you for making me feel normal! =) I saw your video and you've explained it so well that I can't thank you enough for the help…

  457. Lizzie

    I found this post really inspirational! Reading this pushed me into starting my own bog, something I'd been thinking about for a while. Thankyou! xx

  458. Zoe, I'm french, and i found your message so amazing,that i translate it, maybe my english is a little bit wrong, but, i really want to say to you that, you understood everything, thanks for this, lots of love from france, kiss :))

  459. Maike

    I just stumpled across this post and I have to say thank you for these words! I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks myself for 3 years now and although I find that after these years I finally found my way of dealing with them, my friends and family still seam to have a very hard time understanding or accepting what I am going through… It is really hard to explain these "feelings" to someone who has never experienced them but in my eyes your post really nails it. Maybe I will tell my family to read this so they will understand better or at least see, that I am not "abnormal" and that there are so so many people struggling with this. What actually helped me the most ist try to stay in a situation where I experience a panic attack and just try to endure the fear because only then it will go away on a longterm basis and you can see that nothing really "happens to you". But of course it's so much harder than it sounds because most of the time I also get this "fight or flight"-adrenaline and just want to run away instantly. This is why I have the biggest problems with situations where I cannot leave or get away, in other words Agoraphobia. I had attacks in airplanes, elevators and pretty much any abstract situation where you can feel "stuck", even social situation where I feel I could not leave like job interviews and all that fun stuff… At some point it just controls your whole life but it's great that you encourage everyone to take back this control and "say Yes" ;-)

  460. Emma:')

    Every time I fee down, I come back to this blog post, you are so inspiring and I appreciate how much time you spend making other people smile.
    I'm sure you get this a lot, but I just wanted to show my appreciation. Thank you Zoe!:)


  461. This post is so inspiring! I fully believe that saying yes is a good idea, but in some cases not so much. If it ends up being a mistake then you know for the future. You are such an inspiration Zoe! xoxo

  462. Today I put aside my own selfish instinct to stay within my comfort zone, and did something I didn't want to do. I was shaking all the way there and felt loopy afterwards, but I got through it, I didn't die or make a fool of myself, and I may have made someone else's day a little brighter.

  463. Kaisa

    I find your blog really inspiring and beautiful! :) And you're extremely pretty.

    And for more deeper level: Thank you. For this post. It means a lot…

    If you have time, check out my blog http://kaisssa.blogspot.com/ I'm starting to build it up and not just write for myself. If you have the time, please check it out.

    Good luck! You're an inspiration! :)

    Kaisa, from Estonia

  464. thank you so much zoe! You really help me with my anxiety. I still get worried and scared but you show me that everything will be ok. My parents don't really get it so i'm so glad that you COMPLETLEY understand what i'm going through and idk where i would be without your wonerful advice and constant support and reminders! THANK YOU!!!! :)

  465. Fox


  466. Meela

    I feel so relieved to have read this. I feel like even though we seem so far away, we are the same on this page. A lot of times my heart feels heavy and I feel like I have this weight hanging on me when I know I have to do something that scares me or I feel nervous doing. Thank you so much for shedding some light on the subject. It shows people (including me) that we're not alone in this.

  467. I actually made a jump and said yes just before reading this, I have decided to move out with friends, which I was too afraid to do before because I had a bad experience the last time I lived with other people, but I don't want that to stop me having a good experience

  468. Thank you Zoe inspired me to write a blog post!:) Louupylou xx

  469. Okay yes I know you are a very popular blogger, saying that, you ARE the best blogger I have come across. Your blog is so much fun, with all your beauty junkie related posts, but posts like these are so insightful & takes such a thoughtful person to write up. Sometimes as a blogger you write things and believe people don't take full note of what you are trying to express, however, I can totally related to every thing you write.

    Lots of love,, Hamida


  470. kirty

    This is a great post, it's really nice to know that there are soo many other people out there who are dealing or have dealt with similar things, as when it is happening to you and you dont know whats going on it can make you feel so alone. I have had anxiety, social anxiety and suffered panic on and of since the age of 8 (now 20) and only learning about it all now as it got to an unbearable point recently but like you i try to think of things in in the same way, i still avoid stuff sometimes but truely having a go at saying yes more often and i know that if i want something to change i have to make the changes.

    Glad i stumbled across your youtube video and this blog =) Take Care!!

    Kirty xx


  471. Wow this post is telling me to do something I've been trying to delay. It's as if I was meant to read this post and just say yes to taking a chance. Hopefully it works out for me.

  472. I had two holiday parties to attend. One for my full time job and one for my part time job. I didn't want to go to either but I'm glad I did! I had fun and at my full time job I won a 2 day trip to NYC and I was awarded Employee of the year! (I've only been at this job for 9 months so it was a complete surprise) I couldn't believe I was almost not going to show. The other christmas party, I was going to skip because I barely know anyone and I had a really great time talking and making new friends. I want to thank you for inspiring me to push myself even though my anxieties told me to stay home. You have really inspired me to say yes to more things. Once I'm there I feel 100 times better!

    Thank you! <3

  473. I had two holiday parties to attend. One for my full time job and one for my part time job. I didn't want to go to either but I'm glad I did! I had fun and at my full time job I won a 2 day trip to NYC and I was awarded Employee of the year! (I've only been at this job for 9 months so it was a complete surprise) I couldn't believe I was almost not going to show. The other christmas party, I was going to skip because I barely know anyone and I had a really great time talking and making new friends. I want to thank you for inspiring me to push myself even though my anxieties told me to stay home. You have really inspired me to say yes to more things. Once I'm there I feel 100 times better!

    Thank you! <3

  474. I said yes to going into the same room as a spider(yes, I've got a phobia).

    Before you get annoyed, I'm just trying to get my blog noticed. I'm Martyna, an average 14 year old Polish girl(Yes, I speak English fluently, haha). My blog is quite nicely presented and only has 3700 or smt like that views. I've also only got 13 followers. So please, take at LEAST 3 minutes to look at my blog, stalk me and my posts.. and please follow! Thanks, I promise to follow back if you've got a blog too.(: I'd be so grateful, thankyou!



  475. Tegan

    Lovely post! i can definitely relate as im quite a shy person and i turn alot of things down. I've recently started becoming out of my comfort zone and i love it! I always wanted to start a blog and become part of the beauty community, so i finally did! Blogger is more trickier than i thought, but ill learn eventually! You actually inspired me alot so thankyou!

  476. I've wanted to start a blog similar to yours for so long, this posted has really incuraged me to do what makes me happy, start my own blog and do all the things that i want to do in life, so thank you zoe x

  477. I'm a worrier, and I feel that I stress myself out for no reason. Sometimes it's hard to let go and say yes. This is a really inspiring post, thank you.


  478. Appie

    I have to admit I haven't read all of this haha
    But: I'm always like, my life is a book and only I can write it. So if I'm afraid something will or will not happen, do something about it! If you go out and your crush is there too, don't keep mocking around because you're afraid and regret it afterwards. DO IT. This is what I always tell myself, and although I still have some issues haha it did change my life ^^

  479. Thank you for your honestly, believe me its hard to find in relation to anxiety and panic. I have struggled with the same issue for well too long and I am tying my very best to embrace the "yes" and reclaim some fun!! I got to the stage where I just feel old and I am not ! I love your blogs and have found a new confidence to complete my own blog so thank you for your inspiration.

    may 2013 be a "yes" year for us all
    happy new year
    Love your favorites, that bag is amazing now proudly on my wish list. I had been looking for a book on listology – just took your advice and had an amazon treat for myself.
    looking forward to your next video /blog



  480. Very inspiring! Thank you!

  481. Seeing as I have anxiety and panic attacks I will try and do these things even if they are hard xD so great that you're brave enough to write about this because I for one need to hear it, or I wouldn't even be able to go to school, so thank you :-)

  482. I said yes to doing a spirit night at my school & I'm actually super happy that I did it. Thank you so much for this post Zoe, I've always had so much anxiety about everything & I'm always afraid of it all.

  483. Love love love this post!!! Thank you!

  484. I said yes for the roomate Im in love with for a few months now to take his girlfriend over… that was tough but it was building a wall between us and that is over now. It made me feel so much better :)

  485. I will always be grateful for these posts and also the video. Thank you so much.

  486. THIS HELPED ME SOOO MUCH!! i have a massive phobia/ fear of vomit and being ill which means i find it difficult to go to college sometimes incase i get ill or somebody else is ill!
    so thank you!
    ive said yes to going on a college trip that involves a lot of coach travelling with people who get travel sick!! i'm absolutly terrified but i'm glad i said yes!!!

    thank you xx

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  488. Hey thanks for posting this I'll let you know if this works for me…

  489. MarOl

    Zoe, thanks a lot for posting this is I really felt I wasn´t alone, I mean I read a lot of the comments, with different situations and they all have been inspired. It is my case that I have been working on social anxiety, it is so hard for me to do new things, talk to new people. It is a feeling of fear and you feel threatened, it has been difficult for me the past two years, the supposed best of my life. I am like the people who wants to control every situation and always watching that I am doing the right things, I have felt so bad and so angry about it, about my depression and every single thing that has been holding me back. I actually don´t regret going trough all those situations they have made me feel better about myself and understand how does it work and what I can do to make it work. I know that everyone wants to be the normal person, but the majority struggle with something big or small. What it actually counts is that you realize what are your struggles for and when you finally find that strenght to fight back, you find yourself in the path you actually want to follow. After all i have overcome, from time to time I feel trapped again in my fears but then I look back and say "well I've done this so I can do that". It ain´t easy and sometimes you need to see it somewhere else, like this blog, it inspires me to move on again, trying it over and over. Sometimes i just think "Just say YES ! Do what you are dying to do ! " As you where saying in this blog, you have missed a lot of opportunities, opportunities that will never come back as they were.

  490. Zoe, you are wonderful!
    I first saw one of your YouTube videos (can't remember which) today, like 2 hours ago, then got here, and I think you already are my favorite blogger!
    As much as I love fashion and beauty blogs, I think I've had enough with just "hey look what I wore today" posts, and you made me realize that.
    FINALLY, someone who can not only entertain, but also help and support her readers/viewers!
    These long posts/videos show how much you care.
    You've earned a new devoted follower today (me, in case that's not clear enough :P)!
    Keep on doing the great job you do!

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  492. This post is so amazing. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. I've just recently been able to control it (well I'm on that path anyway!) I managed to make and upload a video to YouTube, start a blog and make new friends which was probably the hardest part of all. I used to drink alcohol all day everyday because it was the only thing that stopped all the anxious thoughts and I felt like it was the only way I could be myself. 9 months ago I was diagnosed with a non-functioning liver which is exactly what it sounds like. I had to stop drinking and actually deal with my problems. It was the best thing I ever did

  493. I had to give this post another read, my goal is to try and say yes more. And tonight…I'm going to a hockey game with my entire class, and I'm actually really looking forward to it.
    Thank You!

  494. Thank you so much for this post Zoe. I have been struggeling with my confidence for a long time and I don't even know how many times I have told myself to stop being so afraid but then just chickened out. I don't want to think "I wished I did that" when I am older and this post really made me decide that my confidence isn't going to stop me anymore. So yeah, thank you again for writing this post, it really opened my eyes.

  495. I said yes to going to a dance with a guy friend which i wouldve NEVER SAID YES TO because of my anxiety. It seems like nothing but it's a big deal to me to be trapped in a dance for hours .

  496. i've read this post a few times now, and its really helped me. I'm 18 and suffer with depression and anxiety due to illness, and i miss out on so many things because i say no. I end up staying in the house on my own feeling worse. When i read your blog posts about things like this, it cheers me up and makes me realise its not going to hurt you to say yes. I can't explain how much i look up to you. I just want to say thank you for everything!
    I'd love to meet you one day! I'd love you, louise, Alfie and co to do a meet up in Birmingham, or you never know i might come up to London one day if you do one there.
    Tahlia – http://gettingbydaybydayx.blogspot.co.uk/

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  498. Thank you for the tips and I will try and start saying yes, but what if people around you don't want and like you because of your old self and now that you have change and become a better person, they still feel the same?
    btw I love that song (too)
    and I said yes to myself to post this comment :)

  499. Brilliant read Zoe. Thanks for sharing! I know I dont know you but I feel very proud of you for doing these small things to change the behaviours you dont like in yourself. Ive been where you are and you do just get to the point where you think "bugger it" Im not living like this anymore! Believe me it gets easier, just keep doing things and then one day youll realise "hey I just did that and I didnt even think twice about it"! Best wishes girlie, keep us updated on your Yes mission! x

  500. megan

    Hey I was just wondering you could check out my new blog it's only been up for a couple of hours so it needs some work, I just want a few comments on how to change it and make it better as a blog here's the link would be so great full if any of you went on it http://meganreviewandbeautyblog.blogspot.co.uk/

  501. Zoe, you have saved me.

  502. Since i've been diagnosed with autism disorder, I started suffering from panic attacks. First I had stuff like OCD. It took me so long to get out of the door, because I was constantly counting the locks. I was so stressed out, that nothing got into my mind except the anxiety I was feeling. The feeling that there was no one on this planet that actually could understand what I was going through.

    Reading that I'm not the only one suffering from panic attacks, that I'm not the only one who's life has been taken over by anxiety… I'm so glad it's finally getting more out there. That people are talking about topics like these. One of the best medicines there are is social support. I'm so glad that I can find that here.

  503. Thank you for this post! It was amazing! Your such an inspriation! xx

  504. I love so much that I can relate to you with my anxiety and certain fears. Youre such a strong person for being able to talk about all this and help others! also.. saying yes IS hard to do and this post helped me realize I need to maybe say yes a little more.

  505. Very good post. I really appreciate that you will speak out about things like this, as many people do not.

  506. Babe, you're amazing <3 stay flawless ;)

  507. Thank you somuch for this post. It really helped :)

  508. Ines.

    I think you'd really like a song called "Now or Never" by Outasight. :)

  509. Sam

    I dunno if you'll really see this or anything, but I kind of just want to say this anyway because I'm always afraid to post comments at all, and I'm never sure why. I suffered from a lot of anxiety and panic attacks and at the beginning of this year I decided my new years resolution was to make every day a good day, stop being negative, and break out of the shell I've begun to feel too comfortable in. People I once called my best friends I now hardly know because I'm terrified to talk to them and mess up, stumble on myself and make them hate me. And it's ten bajillion times worse with boys (even though that sounds awfully stereotypical). I'm afraid to go out because I'm constantly doubting myself–the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I laugh and smile and move and dress and act and it's just awful. I know your situation is probably slightly different but it's really, really helpful to know that someone else, someone as beautiful and likeable as you, feels that constant longing to have confidence in themselves, and it's so reassuring to know that you're trying to open yourself, the same way I'm trying. I know it'll take time and I know it won't happen in a blink of an eye, but I'm trying, sosososo hard. So thank you for being a role model, because that is so, so, SO helpful and reassuring. I'm turning my life around.
    Thank you<3

  510. Hi Zoe! I also suffer with panic attacks, and I have a MASSIVE phobia of vomit! Recently at school, we were reading the woman in black and we ended up having to watch the film… I was so scared! But I was quite proud of myself for saying "YES!" to watching it, as I normally wouldn't. Sure, I didn't sleep for weeks, but I'm over it now, and I slowly but surely beginning to realize that "YOLO" there I said it… Now I've ended up buying the DVD, and I can watch it quite comfortably (btw, it REALLY helps watching the cast interviews after a scary movie!!) Thank you so much for your amazing advise, and I think you are truly inspiring :) xx

  511. You are the best ever Zoe. You are one of my biggest inspirations

  512. My head is in a bad place at the moment and I've been trying to decide about going out with some friends recently. I coincidently saw this again and I said yes, thanks Zoe, you inspiring person! xxx

  513. Dear Zoe aka The Ever Awesome Zoella :)

    I just love your videos and your blog is super amazing. But this post in particular,I really related to. I am some one who is quite shy, fearful and at times quite negative. But reading this post on anxiety and fear really had me thinking about things, and wanting to change. Because your absolutely right, letting fear or anxiety take control over your life is really no way to live. I've let my fears and shyness rule me for too long, and saying no is seriously so much comfortable…I do apologize if I sound like i'm all over the place.

    My point is, after reading your blog post and thinking hard about how i have been letting things hold me back. I am making a change. I want to be someone who says yes to alot of things, even though those things i say yes to will most likely scare the crap out of me. Because i too want to be someone who looks back on my life being proud of all the accomplishments of taking on challenges that scare me.

    Thanks for this blog post, It's nice to see that i am not the only one out there in this world who deals with this. Zoe you are seriously an amazing lady and I honestly look up to you :D Your awesome, keep it up!! Lots of love from Canada!!! xoxoxo


  514. First of all, I would like to say, this is an amazing post. I really appreciate you being so honest and laying your heart out on the line. It seems as though many people in this world mask their feelings and hid from true emotions (myself included). However, I really thought it was great of you to take such a positive outlook on something you struggle with. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face and push myself to go beyond my limits and comfort zone. It's really nice to see you sharing the same idea.

    I too have just started a blog. It all revolves around the concept of looking for the simple victories in the world and finding good in each and every day. Upon starting this blog, I have just begun to discover this crazy world of bloggers and YouTubers I had never known about before. You all seem like extremely passionate, kind people. Even though you can be labeled as a Beauty Blogger, you still went beyond that limit to inspire people and share your own story. Keep up the amazing work.

    If you ever have some spare time, I would love for you to see my blog. Who knows, maybe I will inspire too?!


  515. This is AMAZING Zoe! I'm really inspired by this.. Hoping that I'll say "yes" too.. xx

  516. Manda

    Damn, you get a lot of comments here! Hahaha. I'm not sure if u will read what i'm typing right now, and forgive me about some language mistakes, 'cause i'm brazilian. I started to thing as you a little time ago… I cant say that i know EXACTLY how you feel but i do know how is get that attached to the word "NO". All my life ppl said to me that life envolves risks. And i really put that thing on my mind… I need to feel safe. Desperately. And i'm too shy and i'm afraid of not being perfect, people laughs and embarrassment, all that kind of stuff. And that sucks. How many things we lose with that, right?! Well, what i'm trying to say is.. keep that on your mind, you are in thinking the right way. Is awesome see someone with the same thoughts that i have, even living that far (we have the same age btw)!

  517. Ahhh Zoe this post has inspired me so much, thank you!! Have just had a little go at blogging thanks to this post :) http://bthgrvr.blogspot.co.uk/ If anyone does have a quick look be sure to let me know what I can do to improve it would be massively appreciated, Thanks again Zoe and congratulations on 1million subscribers you star! X

  518. Nath

    Thanks for the inspiring blog, Zoella (:

    I'm in that time when I'm starting to have very serious panic attacks and dealing with depression for someone who died in my family… I tried to search some help but I'm TOO shy to tell my personal things to someone, so I searched on internet things that I can read and help me with that.

    This is definitely one of them!

    I'm still trying really hard at being less shy and hang out more ofter with my friends, I always say no to this but I'm trying to say YES. Let's see how it goes by the time.

    Thank you Zoe <3 xx

  519. Thank you for this post Zoe!!! Recently my mom and sister and I were talking and they mentioned how I always say no to everything. Especially when my sister asks me to do something. I have been hurt by her in the past and the thought of opening up was really scary, but I saw that she was making an effort to repair our relationship so I decided to do the same. I not only started saying yes when she asked me to do something but I also started asking her to do things! Being an introvert with depression and anxiety leaving the house can be incredibly scary, hell leaving my bed can be scary some days, but your right in that the worst case scenario is not very likely to happen, and I need to remind myself of that. I'm getting married in October and after the wedding I'm moving with my husband to England, so this is really the last time I'll live with (or near) my sister and I should try and take advantage of that, even if it is scary.

    Thank you!!!! This post was so helpful and insightful!!!


  520. Thank you so so much :') made me smile so much (the funny things you put in the brackets). im going shopping in a center full of teenagers (my biggest fear:( ) but do you know what I need to go shopping for clothes and especially to buy an outfit to see Beyoncé yes it's a concert! but what the heck ^.^ im going for it, i've got my friends and family beside me<3 your amazing thank you so so much x

  521. I have seen Yes Man but I've kind of pushed those thoughts aside. I want to say yes to more things and I just struggle. I always feel that if I say yes to things, I'll regret it. I've never had panic attacks before, or any known of anxiety, but I always seem to get really uncomfortable in certain settings or situations because I get really self conscious and frustrated with people. I hate that I never give people the benefit of the doubt, and I really want to stop being so poopy. I'm glad I read this because I've been thinking similar things for awhile, but just have been stubborn to do anything about it. Soooo, thanks. I think I'll try a bit harder now.

  522. It is nice to know that people are going through similar things as me. I don't get panic attacks but I avoid so many things in life that "normal" people just naturally do. For example, I can't get my own petrol in my car or go shopping by myself or even just run errands by myself. For some reason, I feel that if I do things on my own that i'm not used to doing that everyone around me will know that I don't know what I'm doing. For some reason, I think that people will think I don't belong there or I will do something wrong and embarrass myself.
    It is really sad. I'm actually not afraid of experiences as long as there is someone else experiencing it with me. I know I have a problem, but I still can't seem to push past it.
    Thanks for this.

  523. Last year i was diagnosed with mild deppression and extreme anxiety. This post has mad me understand more thank you Zoe i keep reading this post haha x Im going to say yes to so much more thank you xoxox

  524. With in the first 1 minuite you have made me ball my eyes out, because you have got it spot in right ;), I am going on 'The Challenge' hosted by NCS to get me out of my shell and meet new people and stop being depressed and anxious all the time :D THANK YOU ZOE,

    Since your previous video I have said yes to getting a blog, getting a Youtube channel(that was the hardest thing ever), I have gotten up in front of 20 people and did a presentation (may not sound like much but I would have never EVER done that before) I have started to stop giving things up so easily just because I am scared what other people think.

    At the momment I am doing my GCSE's and it is so scary the fact that I can not quite this so I have just been freeking out for the past few months but I have learned to stay calm and your video has made me just keep on trying :)

    Yes this was an ESSAY of a response but I just wanted you to know how much you have helped me so again Thank you :)


  525. Hi, I'd like to say big thank you for this post . Few years ago everything had been okey, but then I started to block myself . I crawled into my shell every time someone want to go out with me . I couldn't find myself in any new situation . I felt so bad, because I felt so lonely . But since some time I'm trying so hard to say yes, not for others but just for me, to feel better . Your post makes me more positive, maybe I'll become "normal" one day like everyone else . Thank you Zoe ♥

  526. Thank You so much Zoella. It made me think about myself and what I'm doing with it. I'll start to change my way to think about me and start thinking positive, I know its hard and takes time but you gave me more faith in that. More faith that I can accomplish that! and that's why I thank you Zoella. wish me luck with this.

  527. Zoe.. thank you so much you are like my role moddle and tbh my friends think that were're alike not just cuz of the name lol but thankyou i suffer with anxiaty and panic attacks and your pannic attack video help me loads and this is weird how last week i said to myself to i will become a more positive person anyway i cant thankyou anough and ily<3

  528. Zoey, you have no ideia how this and the other video (about panic attacks) helped me!
    When I was a kid, I used to sleep over my friend's and in the middle of the night I would start crying for no reason and calling my mom begging her to pick me up.. Everybody thought this was just a child thing, but I knew that it was more than that.
    I grew up, (23 now) and still, I think everyday something bad will happen. I never say YES before giving it a lot of thinking, and at the end, its always NO anyways.. I don't like to be alone but still don't feel comfortable around people I don't know.
    I dont know if in my culture (Im brazilian) or its just in my town or in my family, they don't give it a lot of importance, but anyone near me believes that I have a condition, and they always say that I am pretending, or something like that.
    To know Im not alone and someone extremely talented and beautiful (you) have this kind of thing also, makes me wanna try and forget it stops me from doing things.. I want to be like other people who are careless and go out without worrying..

    YOLO has become such a teenage cliché these daysm but it makes so much sense, we should all live under this motto..

    Thanks sweetheart! I love your videos, and keep doing them always!


  529. I have suffered from depression anxiety and ocd for as long as I can remember and a bunch of people have tried to help but no one has told me anything like this post has really changd how I think about things like lifts they are one of my biggest fears I have a panic attack every time I go on one so usually I just stay on the ground floor and I know nothing is going to happen to me the point is this is an informational post and I thank you for writing it

  530. this post gave me a lot of confidence, thanks

  531. Zoe, I really hope you see this.
    I wish this, and the dealing with panic attacks were available for me when I was suffering from panic attacks and depression but I am so glad this is on the internet to help others now!
    I related to both posts so much, I suffered from bad panic attacks that were also triggered by an incident at a crowded party. I was terrified of crowds and in the end it resulted in being scared of people touching me.
    This obviously wasn't available to me but a friend sent me something to help, and it did! And I hope, that like this post, it can help others too. It was the song "Reasons not to be an idiot" by Frank Turner, which you can listen to here .
    The lyrics go "So why are you say at home, you're not designed to be alone, you just got used to saying no. So get up, and get down and get outside". This was the same message as Just Saying Yes and it truly did change my life.
    To anyone still wary of this, do give it a go and say yes to going out with your friends or a day out, or literally anything. It will work, even if it takes some time.
    I haven't had a panic attack in over a year and I can go to gigs and festivals without a care in the world if someone touches me or bumps into me. Life's truly changed for me and it will for you too!
    Thank you Zoe for being such an inspiration and setting out to share your experience and to help others.


  532. zoe, your such an inspiration to me! i always sono to EVERYTHING because i always get panic attacks of what might happen but thanks to you i am going to say yes to everything this month and see how it goes thanks so much for bwing thewre and trying to help your fans out by putting this video up!-jenna xx

  533. I just can say : Thank you! This is what I needed :) I didn´t really know what is going on inside of me. It´s like you had spoken all the words, that I really had to hear :)

    Thank you so much Zoe ! :) And I really mean what I say :)

  534. I have always stuck to my same friends and been scared to do things other than what my friends are doing, but as I am moving an hour and a half away from home for university in August I really want to try what you have said and start saying yes to things because I am absolutely terrified and feel like staying at home would be so much easier, so thank you for this post as well as your video.

  535. I needed this. Thank you!!!

    One of the things I've said YES to… was blogging. I'm not very comfortable talking to people about how I feel and somehow I found a way to say YES to expressing my thoughts and emotions. Thank you thank you thank you!


  536. Thank you so much for this inspirational post. It really means a lot to me. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Because of this condition, I never really like to go outside and hang out with friends or do something which actually makes me feel happy. Instead, I just stay at home and watch the television or just surf the internet. After reading your post, I realized that I am missing out many opportunities in my life and I also felt so much better about myself. I am trying to build my confidence and just say yes. I also want to live my life, like what you said, we all only have one life, and we have to fulfill it. Thank you so much, Zoe. You are a true inspiration.♥ xxxxx.

  537. last year all of my friends were going to a punk concert and i was like NO WAY! I'm not going. but then i thought, i actually should go, if i wanted to go out more with my friends and attend to more parties it could be a good start so i went to it and after the concert one of my friends was throwing a party at her house so i went and it was amazing! i met new people and had maaany new experiences, and thank to that concert i go now to many parties have a good time and meet new people. Thank you very much for that video Zoe :0

  538. I have just discovered your blog and I have to say, I love you already!!!
    I watched almost all of your videos, you are so special and it's obvious you are a good person :)
    All in all, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I hope you never stop making videos :*

  539. You've cheered me up, thank you.
    I'm going through a though time at the moment, so reading this has really made me want to get out my depressed mind set and say yes!

    I cannot describe how thankful I am x

  540. Hi Zoe, this post really helped me. I've had some confidence issues for over a year now, but this post motivated me and inspired me to saying yes and starting a blog of my own as my own space to organise thoughts and try and gain some more confidence. Thank you so much for this post, it helped me realise I couldn't live like this forever and I need to do things that I really want to do even if they scare me <3

  541. Such an inspiring blog post! Thank you! I started a blog like this yesterday with very very similar blog posts on how to feel better about yourself, postivity, missions and memory jars! Just say yes ;) hehe http://www.lolocon.blogspot.co.uk x

  542. Thank you for posting this! It is comforting to know that others with anxiety issues have been able to overcome it and live their life how they wanted. I myself suffer from not only anxiety, but depression as well and it has really been hard to enjoy a lot of things. In a few weeks my bf I have been dating for over 2 years wants to take me on a vacation with him and his family to the beach and I really want to go. The problem is that his family cant go now and he already booked the hotel… and my mom doesn't know the family isn't going and my boyfriend and I are going alone. I keep having all these "what ifs" pop in my head and its giving me anxiety about going. I know I have nothing to worry about and I have family that lives a few hours away from where we will be staying. Also, I'll be with the man I Love and I really want to go and enjoy relaxing on the beach with him. I'm 18 years old and life is too short to keep letting my anxiety keep me from enjoying myself and doing what I want to do. Any advice?

  543. I know I'm way, way late to this post but I've only just read it and it's fantastic! It makes me want to stop living so negatively and stop being so scared. I guess it's time for me to stop being scared and stop living with regrets (to an extent). Thanks Zoe! xx

    P.S. I LOVE Yes Man ^.^

  544. Thank you so much for making this post and the video on your youtube channel!! It has really helped me to be more confident in my decision to study abroad for 6 weeks, and you have even inspired me to start my own travel blog! :) I absolutely love your blog and your youtube channel, and I am so excited for upcoming opportunities to JUST SAY YES! <3

  545. Wonderful post and this hits so close to home with me. I keep myself in my house CONSTANTLY due to anxiety. Will people be there I don't know, have I never been there before, is it a large crowd? All reasons my mind makes up for me not to go and have fun. I watched your YouTube video about this and pushed past my anxiety and finally made a blog (yes, I have that bad of anxiety issues). I did it though and already feel like I'm taking control. Now I plan to start making myself go do things out of my comfort zone and continue to have fun this summer! Thanks for the uplifting words of advice and I hope your struggle with your anxiety continues to improve :))

  546. im argentina and i really like your videos, very good reflection on the importance of saying 'yes'

  547. I just stumbled upon this blog post and i would just like to say thankyou! i have the anxiety like you and i would much rather stay home that go out with friends or be in places that make me feel uncomfortable. After i read this blog post and watched your video i said yes to alot more things, actually this weekend im staying at my friends house for a week and i know it sounds wimpy, but if i didnt read this post i probably would of said no and said home 'cause im more comfortable that way, but i think that saying yes to things will make me break out of my fear and anxiety. i hope you do read this Zoe, otherwise i would just be talking to myself, but i just want to let you know how much youve helped me and many others!! xxxxx

  548. This is such a helpful post; I've just written a post on my blog about how I overcame anxiety after three years if anyone would like to check that out! xxxx


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  550. Wow zoey thanks for the post. Im the exactly you before you changed. I just stay home and im afraid to just go oumeet ppl cuz im scared of ppl looking at me. I have a really low self esteem and i kmperfectly aware of what to do to fix and changr myself but its so hard and i always fail to step out and make the change… but after reading this im going to give me big slap at my face(!), wake up to the rrality and go out there make something happen. Thank you again for the post! Xx

  551. This post and your video has inspired me to say yes, and to get out in the world. I am that tall awkward girl, who puts on a face for people. I usually am reclusive and stay at home watching YouTube video's instead of going out with friends and such.

    Zoe you have inspired me to slowly gain the courage to make a dream come true by getting myself out there.

    So two days ago, I created a blog, and feel more content with my life. I love your blog, your YouTube channel, and you! So thank you for the inspiration :) You probably will never know how much these raw and inspiration posts mean to your fans. Stay beautiful, and never change! :) <3

    ^Above is my blog, that you have inspired me to create. So thank you! :)

  552. I said yes to going on holiday with my close friend and my family – Thanks Zoe!

  553. Hi Zoe, just wanted to say you have really been an inspiration for me. I have been at a crossroads for a while in my life, which this year culminated in me having panic attacks for the first time and really bad anxiety. But I have just decided to take chances and say yes to things. Although I'm 25 I'm starting my first full time job next month and have just started a blog (literally today!) as I love beauty and fashion etc and have always wanted to make one and would love to be happy in what I do. Sorry this is a bit long (I have never commented on a blog before either!) but just wanted to say thanks. x Also, it would be amazing if you could have a quick look at my blog http://claireelynn.blogspot.co.uk

  554. i really need to talk to you Zoe please

  555. This really inspired me to 'Just Say Yes' also. I too have felt perhaps too anxious/nervous to commit to things that most people would naturally jump at the offer. And so to change things, I pushed myself into joining NCS (National Citizens Service) this Summer (which I know that you support), and it has honestly been one of the greatest experiences!

    I've even written about the experience in a new blog of mine- something else that I've pushed myself into doing because of your inspiration. So if you would like, please have a read at:


    Keep doing what you do best, which is just being an awesome person! Much Love ♥ Naomi x

  556. Thank you so much for this post. It's always nice to know that you aren't the only one suffering from anxiety. It made me feel much better! :)

  557. Meribo

    this post is amazing, you are so damn right about this you just have to say yes!
    is the best way if you want to meet new people and to be happy, love u Zoe y are incredible :)
    follow me please :D

  558. Hi Zoella! I think you're a wonderful person and I've really appreciated this post. It made me reflect about how many times I've said no to important experiences.
    Hereafter I'm going to be more positive about things because I've realized that I'm missing a big part of life.
    Thank you very much xx

  559. This post helped so much. You are so inspiring!xxxxxxx

  560. Thank you for this post. I don't personally suffer from anxiety but I know people that do and how much of a struggle it can be. I have told myself for years that I need to be more positive and take more chances in life. This is just the reminder I needed. Getting into the habit of saying yes is the hardest part. Maybe I will just write 'YES' on my hand or arm everyday until I get into the habit :)

  561. Words can't describe how thankful i am for this blog. I literally can not thank you enough. <3 <3 <3 Xxx

  562. You have no idea how much this means to me. I have just started a blog to kick start on my journey to happiness and rediscovering what it is I loved about myself in the first place. You are my inspiration and through you I see hope for myself. So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I need some direction and you were there to direct. Thank you <3

  563. Hello ~ I know I'm a little slow, but I was going around youtube and discovering new videos and I stumbled upon your channel! You're really amazing, and i spent my whole night watching your videos :) I'm half way there, and am really looking forward to new videos by you :D showing love over from Singapore! ^^

  564. Hi Zoe i know you wont read this but i have to tell you.You are helping me a lot.I have anxiety and im so afraid of stupid things like reading in class or going out with new people with the fear of having a panic attack in front of them.But reading this you are giving me so much strenght in fact im about to go out with new friends.So thanks for changing my life.Love from Spain XxXx

  565. This is an amazing post!
    I've lost my spark for a very long time now and in the last week I'm feeling it's coming back. I'm not there yet, not at all but this post really came to me and made clear that I don't have to wait till it comes back. That i have to fight for it and that I'll be just fine. You're an amazing and inspiring person. Thank you so much to let me see the light again!

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  567. I said yes to a boy asking me out on a date and we are a couple for a year now! Thank you for posting this blog!

  568. hi zoe, I from Brasil and I loved this post! I can see that you open your heart and say each word with love. I said YES after read it, and now I've a new job. I hope hapiness to you! (and sorry my english) kisses

  569. This is such an amazing post! I have anxiety and I know what it feels like to be scared to do some things, and it does suck. But your words, definitely made me feel A LOT better. You're a true inspiration, Zoe. Thank you so much for that xx

  570. Glad I found this post when I needed it the most. Need to buy another copy of Yes Man (because I ruddy went and lost mine while moving house…-_-) and read it all over again because that book changed my life. Thank you, Zoe. I needed to hear all of that.


  571. I said yes to go to the cinema with a guy, I don't know how it'll go, I'm quite stressed out about it, I never would have said yes before! I'll see how it'll turn out ! xxx

  572. myanhd

    i'd like to keep reading this post every time I don't feel good, to be honest

  573. Thank you so much Zoe you really have helped me through having social anxiety and mild panic attacks after reading this I am going to start saying yes to more things because now I realise that the worst thing that can happen is it is a horrible experience but atleast then I can say I tried, Thank you so much Zoe you have done so much for me you really are my role model! xx

  574. Thanks so much Zoe for posting this. I suffer social anxiety, and i've always been afraid to talk to people, but i'm going to make more of an effort. i'm going to read this post as often as i can for motivation, thanks again xx

  575. This is such a great blog post. I've had some issues with anxiety and recovering from my depression. But after reading this blog post and also watching the video you had on your YouTube channel I decided to try new things that I wouldn't normally have done before. This post made me feel so much better! thank you!

  576. I have awful panic attacks and I have been accepted a place in a gold competition in fashion and usually i would absolutely freak out and turn it down out of fear, but after reading this… well, meh! Whats the worst that could happen? It might be scary showing my work to over 400 people (yikes!) But it could really lead somewhere, so, thanks to you Zoe, imma go for it!

  577. you are actually amazing Zoe!<3

  578. What song is that? It will not show up on my computer

  579. Donna

    Brilliant post! Wished I had started being more positive years ago! but hey, better late then never :)

  580. I have unbearable anxiety… I have felt like I am alone in handling it and no one else can understand just what I am going through. It took reading this and watching your videos to really inspire me to open up about my anxiety and it has helped so much. Here is the video I recently made and I know you probably won't read this but I would love to hear your response. I watch your video daily so I can motivate myself to continue to say yes and open myself up to new situations so thank you so much for that <3


  581. Hiya I know no one will probably read this, but I just wanted to thank you because I suffer from anxiety of being away from home for long periods of time, but this post helped persuade me to say YES to going to France with my family for 2 whole weeks The thought of not being able to physically come home for 2 weeks frightens me huge amounts, and the fact we are driving the whole way means there's another worry of getting lost, running out of petrol and a whole host of other things to trigger anxiety. But I've decided (helped greatly by this post) that I'm just going to DO IT. ❤️

  582. This was really inspiring. Thanks Zoe!

  583. Thea H

    Still love this blog post! I will say yes to more things:) Thanks Zoe <3

  584. I could cry reading this blog. It's like you've just described my life. You're an incredible inspiration, Zoe.

  585. Nicole

    This is amazing zoe, this post means so much to me and has genuinely helped me so much xxx I am currently in college now and I could feel a panic attack coming on so along with reading this, I had your anxiety videos playing in the background and this has completely helped me xxx I do not feel panicky anymore now and I am so grateful for your help with this xxx I am glad I am not alone and I am glad I am not the only one who has a fear of vomiting as this is what kills me most in college and work to the point that I do not eat anything while in college or in placement or in work and I do not eat before either. I only ever eat after any of these when I know I am going home or I know I have got ages before I have to go to work xxx In doing this I have lost so much weight and I hate it xxx I am trying to get better and I find that I only have my panic attacks when I am feeling really low or I am about to cry or something along those lines xxx I have been very down today due to other people in my class and this has not happened for a while now xxx I have been seeing someone in the college who can help with panic attacks and this has had a great impact on me as it got to the point that I could not walk into college without having a panic attack xxx I still struggle to get on the bus to and from college from time to time as I know that I can't get off until a certain point as it will cost me more money but again, I have got better with that recently xxx

  586. I really struggle to say yes to things, and this post has helped me a lot, but I still cant bring myself to actually say yes and start something new, I really really want to try new things like a youtube channel but Im way too afraid of what others might say. The thought of even starting a youtube channel or being on someone elses absolutely terrifies me, but I really love the idea at the same time. It sounds really silly but I scare myself out of pretty much anything I want to do and I can't bring myself to actually go for it. I don't understand why I do this as when I was younger I was never an anxious child, I was always the one who went and sung for people, who had the main lead in the school play. But now I dread whenever a teacher asks me a question in class, even when I know the answer, I hate speaking in front of people, and the fact that ill be called smart if I get it right or dumb if I get it wrong. I always use the advice from your videos and blogs for my anxiety and it helps me so much, for that I'm really grateful, so thank you xx

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    Kindest regards,
    Joao (Director)
    Fábio Domingues (Marketing)

  589. Dear Zoe,
    This blog is already changing my life. I just saw your video today and it really made me think about how much more I need to express who I am and not be shy about my life. It made me understand that I need to take more risks and put my self out there even if what I end up doing makes me look silly. I don't have diagnosed anxiety or depression, but sometimes I don't feel good about my life and I think saying YES will help me change this. I have vowed to write the word YES! on my wrist everyday as a little reminder to not back down from things that I don't feel comfortable about. Thank You for your words. They have had a huge impact on my life! <3
    – a fan you have inspired

  590. i know i cant believe how far shes come

  591. Omg this actually made me cry! This was so inspiring and I'm so glad I just read that because that just gave me a while new perspective on what I am doing with my life! Thank you Zoe x

  592. Thank you for making this blog Zoe because of this I'am inspired to do a blog talking about the same topic :)

  593. Thanks so much for your open and honest post – I have had panic attacks for years… but have now found a way of accepting them which makes it easier to get on with things. It's OK to have panic attacks – it doesn't make us strange, just sensitive and AMAZING!

  594. Lily “Lilsee”

    Just re-read this post with your new blog layout! I’m always really shy and scared about showing off or putting myself out there, but recently, my best friend has been getting lots of attention as she said ‘yes’ to dancing in a big show. She is now really well known around school and everyone knows her as ‘the dancing girl’. I’m quite good at singing and this post has inspired me to show off my talent whenever I have the chance! Thank you! xxx

    • Thank you so much you help me everyday, its like you can walk into my mind and tell me everything’s ok you are really doing something amazing something that I don’t think I will ever be able to do your just amazing for facing these issues head on thank you for the smile you have given me I will sat yes from now on 💜💜💜💜💜

  595. Nikki Silvester

    forever rereading this blog post to find motivation in my life. The link to your post about anxiety (that you linked right at the top) doesnt work for me, wont let me read, dont know if its just for me!

    • Izzy

      Same for me! dosen’t let me read it. I don’t know if Zoe did it on purpose only letting some people see it,or not since it says we can click on it.

  596. Izzy

    You know Zoe?! I am going to! U inspire me every day.no matter if it’s a new hairstyle or hobby or to just try something new!

  597. Kaitlin Bartlett

    Hi Zoe! Just read your blog post and watched your video, I was feeling stuck today and you helped so much! I applied for a part time job today and I’m off to uni for a second try this Monday! Very nervous but just say yes, right?! 😊🌸 love your blog xxxxxxxx

  598. Christin

    Thank you for such a personal and nicely written post. Unfortunately, I can relate to many of the things you put down here – especially the “I feel like I can never 100% enjoy myself in any situation”. However, just wanted to say it’s wonderful that you’ve managed to live your life the way you do! (BTW: I think anxiety makes us more empathetic (; )

  599. Cece

    Zoe, i’m scared of make something embarasing in my school, i feel like everyone is going to make more fun of me than usually. I just stay quiet and pretend that I dont exist there, but having a anxiety attack is more funny for them. But, thanks to your post i will say yes, i will face my fears and i will try to not let them make me feel like that.
    Thank you Zoe.
    (Hi from Spain)

  600. Via

    I really love you as a person and hearing you share this really helped me. I act like everything’s ok but no one knew about my panic attacks until recently when I had one at school that required the school
    to go into lockdown. I am gong to see a doctor and only because of you, I have more confidence. ILYSM
    Thank you

  601. Thanielle Erasmus

    Hi zoe how are you?
    I love reading this post it such a motivator and lately its been hard to deal with my anxiety
    Well I think its what I have I’ve only been really noticing it this past year and lately its become bad, so bad that I feel the worst feeling at least 3 times a week and I’m trying to figure it out. Its a little hard understanding something your are not sure of. Basically when I feel like this its starts with my legs going weak and my heart starts racing and my hand get pins and needles. During the biggest attack I had it was like a cloud covered my face and the whole day I was stuck at school with this pit in my stomach.
    I wanted to ask if you have a way of calming down when you start to feel this way. Its been scary because its new to me and I’m only 16. I try counting till some crazy big number to focus on my breathing or going to a place where I’m alone but nothing seems to be working . please if you get the opportunity could you help me xx
    Enjoy your evening/day ❤ T

  602. Charlotte

    Thank you so much you help me everyday, its like you can walk into my mind and tell me everything’s ok you are really doing something amazing something that I don’t think I will ever be able to do your just amazing for facing these issues head on thank you for the smile you have given me I will sat yes from now on 💜💜💜💜💜

  603. Elle_Evers

    Hi Zoe,

    I’m only 15 but I feel everything in my life has already got bad. Recently I have been crying a lot, which makes me cry more, and then I forget why I began to cry to begin with or everything that is bad piles up into my head. I had my first panic attack not long ago, and I couldn’t breathe, felt light-headed and noticed that my lips were tingling, and at this point, fell on the floor. I lost conciousness for a couple of minutes and woke up again, shaking and couldn’t stop and it really scared me. I don’t go out any more, and tend to only go back and forth to school. I believe I have social anxiety. In class I don’t speak to anyone (and don’t feel I ever can) and am also taking Art Photography. In Photography there is a girl who’s a year older and laughs at me. I don’t know for what reason but it’s stopped me from wanting to go to that particular lesson. For weeks now, I haven’t gone and am too afraid to. My supporter who works in my school is so sweet and believes I don’t put enough faith in myself and that I should at least try first. But I can’t just one day get up and go, can I? It takes a lot to feel confident and I’m so happy you have pulled through and are enjoying life. Hopefully I’ll get to experience it soon and not let people or ‘things’ get in the way. I thank you so much for what you have done for me personally. It has helped me in my own little way to see that it can get better. ;) <3 <3 <3 Also, just as I was typing this not long ago, my mum asked me if I wanted to go food shopping with her. I would normally say no, but thinking about what you have said, I said Yes! Smiled there and back! Thanks, your blog posts are as addictive as pizza!

  604. i want to be happy

    im watching this .. on the 31st of december .. 2015.. like this was helpful. thank you..
    literally .. serioulsy .. im going to focus on this.. and like try changing myself.. I FNG HAVE TO ..
    like thanks Zoe .. .

  605. Amelia

    Zoë I need to say a massive thankyou. I relate to your blog posts and come back to this one a lot. This blog has helped me so much and I love it so much. youve made such a difference to my life Zoë and I can’t thank you enough for that❤️

  606. Adele

    So inspirational!!!!!! This is really helpful and incredibly mind blowing, tysm for making this, Zoe, ilysm😍💖💞💜💛❤️💙👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💫💦🌟☄😌😊(sorry for so much emojis) Adele xxx

  607. Chloe

    Thank you for your videos. This morning i think i just had my first panicatack because i was just reading a offensive comments on youtube, I did report them to youtube but when i was doing it I had all the symptom you described in your videos. What can i do next please?

    • K.lanchy

      Maybe, if you haven’t already, read Zoella’s girl online book! In it there are plenty of ways to help panic attacks! Some of my favourites are when you do start having a panic attack try giving it a shape and colour and just let it be there, in a short amount of time it starts to fade and go away! Another thing to do that really helps prevent panic attacks is to create an alter ego for when you are going to do something that you are unsure about, then when you are doing it become that alter ego!!!

  608. LifeWithElla

    i always come back to this post! even now in 2016 !?!?! I find it very motivational and it shows how inspirational Zoe is, I also really really love her video about this too!!!!!!!! ILYSM ZOE ❤️

  609. Joannna

    I have anxiety all the time, but i try to remember to just say yes and it always makes me feel better.

  610. hayley palensky

    I am doing one thing that scares me today, going to a restaurant. I am not going to eat there but just going to hang out with my friends. Big step for me, wish me luck.

  611. Cara Curtis


    caraswardrobe.blogspot.co.uk xx

  612. Haley Marshall

    I am having an awful day and this helped, I love you Zoe and wish I had a friend like you to help me. xx

  613. lilimae

    Loving this post Zoe! It’s really inspiritational to me and even though I don’t have anxiety I am stil quite shy and I am going to try my hardest to JUST SAY YES!!! ❤️❤️

  614. Alice Morgan ✌🏽️

    i should really say yes to things more often since I’m a bit of a no thanks or id rather not kind of person but I’m going to start just saying yes to lots more things when they pop up xoxoxoxox love you zoe

  615. K.lanchy

    So inspirational! This has helped me so much, I am only twelve and suffer from panic attacks, I have had them for a couple of years now, however I am very lucky, I barely ever have them! But I say no to a lot of things and I don’t like it! Thanks to you I am going to start saying yes to more things! I might even start a blog and try to effect peoples lives the way you have!!!!!

  616. Ryan

    Thank you so much for this post Zoe! Like those before me, I agree in thinking that this post is so inspirational. Thank you for making my life and everyone else’s happier Xx

  617. Jess

    Zoe you are such an inspiration to everyone <3

  618. Megan Charlotte

    this has helped me so much. Thank you. I’m only 12 and i have anxiety so thank you sooo much, this has helped me more than you could ever know. But i have a question: how do you get over the embaressment of panic attacks at school. Love Meg xxxx

  619. lottie.ly x

    hi Zoe, Im suffering from severe panic attacks, this is so helpful i love you so much. i Really love you and i just needed some help and you have given me a lot of help. I LOVE YOU , Lottie X

  620. Phoebe Philpott

    I Know that this was uploaded years ago and I had already read this but this is sooo inspirational I couldn’t
    help but read it again! I feel that there are so many ways I can relate to in this and having anxiety for 3 years now ( I was 8 when I began having panic attacks) I feel that I need to start pushing myself out there. Having lived near the beach (southern coast of England) all my life it was a major shock to me when I heard that I was going to have to move because of my dad’s job. Knowing that this move was to another country (Scotland) which may not seem that far compared to having to move to the other side of the world, it still really daunted me and it did literally make me feel like I was moving to the other side of the world. The thought of leaving all my friends and family really scared me and made my anxiety rise so much.

    But I am now two months into my new life in Scotland and I am actually really loving it!!! Everyone is so kind and welcoming and the mountain scenery is amazing! My anxiety levels have dropped a lot compared to before and I feel really settled.

    Even though I am in early years at secondary school I am having to make decisions for my future and having to choose what subjects to take. The subjects I have chosen will include standing up to the class and presenting things and this is what I can not do. I always say no to the opportunity of standing up and showing what I have worked hard on because of the build of anxiety before it but I always have a regret afterwards. But after reading this perhaps I should start saying YES! To things that scare me.

    Thank you so much for sharing this and ILYSM, Phoebe xxx

  621. Daksha Giri

    hello Zoe! i loved the post but one thing i cant get access to is the poems’ link. when i click it, it say permission denied. :( help me!

  622. CuteSalad

    Zoe you are my inspiration. I too suffer with panic attacks and anxiety and your videos, blog posts, social media posts instantly make my day alot happier. Thank you so much and carry on making your amazing videos, blog posts and avoid all the online negativity. CuteSalad x

  623. Amber

    where’s the song gone?! :((

  624. Jessica

    This helped me so much and is so inspiring!🙌🏼 Thank you so much Zoë, I love you so much❤️❤️ I have anxiety of public speaking and I can’t even get up in front of my class with only 24 people in it.

    There was this one time when I had to do a debate with 3 other girls in my class and I was waiting and waiting and waiting until I couldn’t handle it anymore the full on freaked out and ran out of the class crying beacause I couldn’t do it and then ditched the rest of the period!

    I would just like to say that this has helped me in so many ways and I love you and your videos, I can’t say thank you enough times!

    Love loads Jess xx

  625. Lauren Denyerxx

    This post was i know posted years ago but after reading it and taking full notice on what Zoe hassaid, I’m going to be definitely saying yes to things I would never say yes to because of I brings you more opportunities in life with just that one word YES you may as well give it ago. Like Zoe said we are not going to drop down dead we are just trying out something new with our life’s. I get really nervous on saying yes to things as I suffer with social anxiety but I promise you Zoe I will say yes to things more often, I’m not going to let you down I promise you!!!! I am so proud of your success on YouTube, your now on 11,000,000 subscribes, it’s absolutely incredible, it’s such a big achievement!!! Love you so much Zoe ❤️❤️❤️. Keep up the awesomeness with your amazing videos and the most amazing blog posts as well❤️💕💖💕💖❤️💖💕❤️💕💖❤️💖💕

  626. Mia Mathiesen

    <3 <3 <3 This helped me so much <3 <3 <3

  627. Yordi

    Thank u so much :(( Help a lot anxiety is a pain, i been dealing with it since this August really don’t know if i should see a doctor or something if any thoughts i would be greatful.

  628. Yordi

    Love this im saving as a bookmark :)))) so i can come back incase im feeling a bit down again thanks!!! :3, Im 17 dont know why this had to happen to me

  629. Yordi

    Im actually a really good athlete :/// but im scared of doing such things now such as swimming i used to do it competitively but im scared to do so, also type scared of working out is a pain. :)))) Im so glad u did this

  630. Sasha Grimes

    Thank you Zoe x Even now I have just found this from your YES video. You have really helped me! I am only 13 and I have had anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I can remember. I am already fed up but I don’t get much of a choice. My parents are really out there and we are always going on holidays. I like flying but I don’t like being away from my comfort zone and this year in March we are flying to Scotland. Like a 50 minute flight 😂 I am terrified! I only have a month to worry but the closer it gets the worst I worry. We have already had to cancel our trip to Cornwall last year because of it. Any advise? X

  631. PineapplePie

    I’m watching your video “Dealing with Panic Attacks & Anxiety” right now and it’s really helped me.

    Basically what happened is that there’s a class where the teacher is really horrible to people but it’s a really important class for my career, so I got a panic attack because I had to go to that class so I didn’t but I’m still really shaky and I want to cry but I can’t because I’m in the campus so I looked for videos you had related to anxiety because I knew it would give me some confort and it’s helping a lot so I want to say thank you.

  632. GeekyGlasses Girl

    I’m so shy but hopefully this post will help me to come out of my shell. If anyone is interested my blog is geekyglassesgirl.simplesite.com if anyone wants to have a peek! :)

  633. sana sufinaz

    I don’t usually lose my temper, but if I get angry, it’s true – I’m scary.

  634. Why did the calendar cost £50 when you bought the products at pound land???? 12 days of betrayal…. not 12 days of Christmas :{