As I’m not really your average Festival-goer, it was most unlike me to jump at the chance to use my brothers spare ticket for Reading Festival on Sunday (I’m trying to say yes to doing more things i’d normally not do & I’m enjoying it thoroughly – more on that in another blog post). For those of you who may not be aware, Reading is a place, and although you could also look at that and think “Zoe, what kind of a Festival is one where you go to learn about literature”, I promise you it was nothing of the sort, it’s a weekend long music festival. It was a really fun day, and has possibly cured my small fear of Festivals (mainly due to the unpleasant toilet facilities and overly drunken loons). Consider it my “dip in the festival water”. I just wanted to share some snaps with you all, hope you like them!


American Apparel “disco pants” in black, American Apparel initials t shirt with sleeves rolled up, Goldfish wellington boots (goodness knows where I got these bad boys from), Sunglasses from New Look (mens section – they are smaller than the womens for some odd reason), Earrings from Love, Hearts & Crosses, Lipstick is Topshops “Firecracker”.

Company & featured in photos above:

Alfie – @PointlessBlogTv

Joe – @Joe_Sugg

Chai – @Mrchailis
(I’m afraid I don’t know the guy holding the sign, so his twitter name will remain a mystery)


Hanging out with and meeting lot’s of lovely people

Two Door Cinema Club (they were amazing live)

Foo Fighters

Bumping into one of my good friends 

Learning how to clap properly (essential for a festival)

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  • Mary Nascimento

    Love that picture of you and Alfie!! #Zalfie XD

    • safe safe

      is it? calm

  • That sounds really nice.

  • Cara Curtis

    Love this, maybe check out my blog? xx

  • forest cat

    I’m going to reading festival this year !!!!!1

    • safe safe


  • charlotte

    i know this is an old post i just wanna say, Zoe you inspire me so much i cant even. please come down to the great land of Aus!!!!

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