As I’m not really your average Festival-goer, it was most unlike me to jump at the chance to use my brothers spare ticket for Reading Festival on Sunday (I’m trying to say yes to doing more things i’d normally not do & I’m enjoying it thoroughly – more on that in another blog post). For those of you who may not be aware, Reading is a place, and although you could also look at that and think “Zoe, what kind of a Festival is one where you go to learn about literature”, I promise you it was nothing of the sort, it’s a weekend long music festival. It was a really fun day, and has possibly cured my small fear of Festivals (mainly due to the unpleasant toilet facilities and overly drunken loons). Consider it my “dip in the festival water”. I just wanted to share some snaps with you all, hope you like them!


American Apparel “disco pants” in black, American Apparel initials t shirt with sleeves rolled up, Goldfish wellington boots (goodness knows where I got these bad boys from), Sunglasses from New Look (mens section – they are smaller than the womens for some odd reason), Earrings from Love, Hearts & Crosses, Lipstick is Topshops “Firecracker”.

Company & featured in photos above:

Alfie – @PointlessBlogTv

Joe – @Joe_Sugg

Chai – @Mrchailis
(I’m afraid I don’t know the guy holding the sign, so his twitter name will remain a mystery)


Hanging out with and meeting lot’s of lovely people

Two Door Cinema Club (they were amazing live)

Foo Fighters

Bumping into one of my good friends 

Learning how to clap properly (essential for a festival)

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  1. STEPH

    love the photos! looks like you had a really good time! xo

  2. Hannah

    This looks amazing! Would have loved to have gone.

  3. I really like your photos, you really captured the 'festival vibe' :)

  4. Tanya

    You take the most amazing photos and you always look beautiful. Incredibly jealous that you got to see Two Door Cinema Club!! Glad you had fun :) x.

  5. haha I was a bit confused when I saw the 'Reading Festival' bit lol, looks like you had fun! And you got to see Two Door Cinema Club! Lucky you, I love them! <3

  6. I've never been to a festival…none of my friends are 'festivaly' people! It's sucks because i'd love to have gone! :)

  7. It looks like som much fun, I have never been to a festival before been too nervous due to the amount of people and the toilet facilities are disgusting but this post may have encouraged me to find one which will be enjoyable. Totally jealous that you saw Two Door Cinema Club live! :) xx

  8. Sounds, and looks, like you had an amazing time! I love your wellies too haha :D xxx

  9. Lydia

    looks like you had a great time and saying yes to more opportunities is a great step to take :) you look lovely in the photos as well, serious hair envy! xo

  10. Hayley

    Looks like you had a great day! I had tickets for the Sunday last year to see Muse but decided to sell it as I've seen them 6 times already haha.
    I do really want to do a whole weekend though! xx

  11. An

    oh wow, your hair is so pretty! cant wait until mine are that long! are yours naturally wavy/curly?

  12. Love the wearing rain boots idea…Never see that here in the states….last out door concert I was at girls were dressed like it was the club :( total fail since it had rained and the whole area was mud pit …

  13. Awww I just got home today from Reading, it was fabulous! xx

  14. Love the Wellies. I may be brave and risk a festival next year!

  15. you look amazing and it looks like you had alot of fun :P

  16. Ellie

    you looked really beautiful! x

  17. love the photos you are so gorgeous glad you had an amazing time!! :D xx

  18. Lara

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! I've never been to a festival, but i'd love to go to one some time! There's always such a nice and fun atmospheric!

  19. My sister went to Reading Festival! Didn't like any of the bands, but I wish I could have gone just to see you! Looks like you had lots of fun, and even at a festival where you are meant to look dirty and gross, you looked as beautiful as always!x

  20. Haha, I grew up in Reading and literally it's only redeeming feature was the annual festival- I misspent most of my early teenage years there. I'm glad you enjoyed it, your photos have made me strangely nostalgic for it. Maybe I'll go again next year, or try out the competition at Leeds. I am an enormous fan of your t-shirt too (:

    charlotte @ xx

  21. Glad you had fun, looked so good! You look gorgeous and your pictures are great!

  22. Looks like you had fun, and it looked like a great day! You look gorgeous and your photos are amazing, it's good to hear that you tried something you wouldn't normally!


  23. Noor

    LOL at first I was like BORING a reading festival and I thought wow shes dressed nice to read ha.

  24. Lischen

    You look amazing!! :)

    Lischen xxx

  25. Looks like you had loads of fun!! Love the pics x

  26. amazing post zoe! your photography is beautiful. love your outfit and so glad you enjoyed your first festival! :) xxx

  27. I went to Reading festival also, looks like you had an amazing day!xx

  28. Bethan

    Great photos and I am very jealous that you saw Foo Fighters! :)

  29. Bee

    You always take such beautiful photos :)
    especially the sky picture is absolutely gorgeous
    hope you had a great time <3

    XOXO Bee

  30. Lovely photos, u look absolutely gorgeous x

  31. You really have perfected the photography skills – by now it's such a signature feature of the blog and makes me stop by every time.

  32. It looks so fun! Which band did you enjoy the most?

  33. Those photos are beautiful. I really wish I'd been at Reading this year, it looked amazing xo


  34. Jordan

    You look great! Every year I go bugjam with my cousin and uncle, it's loads of retro bands and the stalls are amazing! :) x

  35. so so jealous, i would have loved to go to reading festival! hoping to be able to afford a ticket next year – it would be sad to go through my teenage years without at least one festival experience!
    liv :)

  36. Your hair is so amazing ♥

  37. Caline

    love all the photos<33

  38. I love festivals. The atmosphere is amazing and theres nothing better than sitting on the grass and hearing some amazing music.

    I wish i could have gone this year, but i couldnt afford the tickets.

    Your pictures are amazing, and im glad you had fun. Although, im extremely jealous that you got to see Two Door Cinema Club!

  39. Julie

    I’ve only been to the Wireless Festivals but it looked like this was amazing, & I lvoe your photos, as always!

  40. You look like you had an swesome time! You take some great pictures! xo

  41. I love festivals! In my country is one of the biggest festivals in Europe ( Woodstock Festival in Poland ) I love to go there !
    xoxo :)

  42. I've never been to a festival mainly because the price is more than my desire to go, but if I did head off to one it would be Reading or Leeds! Even though they're both at the other end of the country from me.

    Morag x

  43. 1. i wish i could pull off disco pants
    2. joe looks like bigfoot in the fourth picture
    3. love your blog zoe!

    katie x

  44. Erica

    Yay, looks like you had a lot of fun!!

  45. Cherry

    Looks like you had a great time!

  46. niknaks

    Love your hair! I watched Foo Fighters on BBC3 last night, lovely moment Dave Grohl dedicating a song to his daughter then high fiving her! I've never been to a festival either, always been meaning to go to one though.

  47. tiffany

    I too am trying to say yes to new things- finding it hard though to break my habit of a lifetime lol!!! You still look effortlessly beautiful- i imagine being a sweaty, smelly mess lol x

  48. Zoé

    Hurray for welly boots ! ;)
    Zoe x

  49. even at a festival you still manage to look beautiful! lovely pictures zoe xx

  50. Sara C.

    Your hair is SO perfect

  51. From all the pictures everyone has put up about it, it looks like it was a great festival. Nice outfit too!
    – Keyta x

  52. Cristi

    Beautiful pictures! Good to know you had fun. I hope I can go one day in the future (I have never gone to a music festival). And you saw Two Door Cinema Club? Lucky! l love their music. :)

  53. Ha it's pronounced 'Redding' if that helps :)

  54. My sister went to Leeds festival and I'm so jealous :(
    Sounds like you had an amazing time – it's an experience you'll never forget xx

  55. tdcc :0 hope you had an amazing time :D x

  56. Rebecca

    How fun!! So glad you had a good time. And yay for doing new things!

    I love the Foo Fighters. I saw them once at a festival-type thing over here in the states.

  57. love your festival outfit ! x

  58. Great pictures Zoe! Looks like the festival was loads of fun.

  59. So jealous that you got to go! I watched it all on TV and it looked amazing! x x

  60. Lauren

    Glad you had a great time! Cool pictures



  61. You and Your brother are both so fuckin amazin*_*

  62. Rachel

    OH I saw Two Door Cinema Club in Bangor (Northern Ireland lol) last year and they were amazing!! I really wanted to go and see them again this year but ended up seeing David Guetta instead :) Love the photos!

  63. Two Door Cinema Club is wonderful live! They seem like super sweet people :)

  64. Amazing photography on the photo of the man with the foo fighters sign! Reaaly really brilliant! So glad you had a good time and looking forward to your blogpost about saying yes to things! :) xx

  65. Awesome :) Love the photos. I'd love to see Foo Fighters live one day. I always have to go to festivals lol… and I saw Two Door Cinema Club earlier this summer too, they were really good. Had the best sound haha

  66. Oh man, I would have killed to be at reading, you're so lucky you got offered the chance

  67. Wow – you look gorgeous. :)
    Totally like a festival girl ;)


  68. Lovely photos! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I absolutely love festivals and I'm sad that I didn't get to go to one this year :( I really love your initials t-shirt and your wellies are really cute :)

    Frances xx

  69. Marina

    Well done on taking the plunge into festivals! I'm still far to nervous and anxious to go to one. I'd love the music, but not the lack of nice toilets, showers and food!

  70. Looks fab! I love your outfit too, I never realised that you could go for just the day to Reading/Leeds, might have to look into that for next year as I can never afford a full ticket!

    louisejoyb x

  71. Mollie

    Reading looks amazing, the pictures are wonderful! Haha, I'd love to see how you were clapping before you learnt how to do it 'properly' xx

  72. Helen H

    you look so effortlessly fashionable, love it :)

  73. I'm so jealousssss, this year's line-up was insane *sniff sniff* But there's always next year x

    Gallery 44

  74. Emily

    So jealous, I love festivals!

  75. I always get confused when people call Reading 'Reeding' because I lived there for 7 years haha. Never been to Reading but my Mum's always gone since forever. Ive been to some more family friendly festival though. You look amazing – hope you had a good time. Festivals are the best x

  76. emzoo

    lovely photos, I love your hair! would love if you did a 'How I Wear/Style Disco Pants' video or post<3

  77. amazing photos and i love your cut festival outfit! looks like you had fun :)

    Sophianne x

  78. your photos are stunning! good idea about trying things you wouldn't normally do, that's what life's all about huh :) xxx

  79. I really, really want to go to Reading next year! Looks like you had an amazing day :)

  80. Pip ♥

    Love these photos, you're such a good photographer! You also look amazing, such a cool festival look! I'm glad you had a good time, you definitely deserve it my lovely, what with being poorly recently and you just generally haven't seemed to be your normal happy self :) By the way, should we expect a Reading vlog anytime soon? Just wondering! :D

    Pip x

  81. Love this post — looks like you had a good time! Sometimes it is a good thing to do something you would normally say no too. Looking forward to your next post x

  82. issy

    oh my god i can't believe you were at reading and i didn't see you! i went for the whole weekend, best weekend of my life! foo fighters were sooo good! x

  83. Vicki

    Oh wow your photos are gorgeous! I'm absolutely in love with your hair in these and in your latest instagram posts! x

  84. I've never been to a festival but I'd love to!xx

  85. I went to Reading festival too all weekend ! Your photos look gorgeous and I definitely have to agree about Two Door Cinema Club, literally so so amazing. I wish I would've bumped into you! xo

  86. Zaynab

    Sounds like a fun day out !! I love your Goldfish Wellington boots , they're awesome !!x

  87. Love your pictures and I love festivals! My friends and I didn't attend any for years now :( :( That's why I am trying to get everyone together for next year. Don't like the toilet situation either, but ohhh well. It's festival time :) :D The music is worth everything, at least for me.

    Have a nice day Zoe <3

  88. Vanessa

    Your hair looks stunning as usual! Despite the sun glasses being from the men's section you are rocking em they really suit you :) goes to show its always good to look around. x

  89. Noush

    Great photos ! I hope you had a great time :)

  90. Great pictures – I am still yet to test the festivals out, I keep thinking 'next year I will' – Right now I am thinking 'I'm definitely going to go to Reading next year…' :)

  91. I went to reading! Didfn't see you but I saw Alfie :)
    two door cinema club were amazing, the whole weekend was amazing! glad you had a good time:D

  92. Aw you look amazing, your hair is incredible!
    Rozi xo

  93. Such lovely pictures! You've really managed to capture the festival spirit! And you look gorgeous as always!


  94. Hey Zoe, where did you get your kinda hair band that youre wearing in the 3rd picture, i saw it in one of your videos and i love it, amazing blog!!

  95. Hey Zoe, where did you get your kinda hair band that youre wearing in the 3rd picture, i saw it in one of your videos and i love it, amazing blog!!

  96. Hannah

    You really look so beaut Zoe :) and good for you saying yes to more things – it is good to liberate yourself out of your comfort zone :) xx

  97. You look blooming stunning in these pictures :)

    Jo. xx

  98. I have wanted to go to a festival for over a year!!! My 16 years of age aren't enough for my parents unfortunately! I will continue living through your pictures until I finally get to go!!! You are gorgeous!

  99. Perfect festival outfit :)

  100. Good for you! :) (so jealous you got to see Two Door Cinema Club!) Hope you're doing well <3

  101. :)

    looks like loads of fun! loving the outfit! gorgeous pictures! (…ahem, enough exclamation marks…) :)

  102. Zoe

    I went to Reading as well, didn't see Foo Fighters but Two Door Cinema Club were amazing! Also, don't ever camp if the toilet thing is an issue. The arena toilets are pretty decent but the campsite ones are vile as it's basically a long drop with about 5 days worth of shit, sick, piss and god even knows what else! xx

  103. I love going to festivals, and have been so sad this year that I didn't go to any :( looks like you had a great time, hope you go to many more :)
    Daniella x

  104. I went to Reading festival too! So sad I didn't bump into you:( It was amazing though!xx

  105. Love the photos, I'm jealous that you got to see the Foo Fighters!


  106. wish i could've been there! You're goldfish boots are the cat's pyjamas!

  107. This looks amazing, glad you had great time :)

  108. Lx Hugs

    I love festivals

    Lx Hugs


  109. I'm a bit phobic about the whole idea of going to a festival – all my friends are always telling me I should go to one but I have literally ZERO interest, so it's interesting to read that as a non-festival-type-person you enjoyed it. Maybe I might give one a go next year (for a day, anyway, don't think I'm ready for camping just yet!)

    Also, love the pics – I'm off to buy myself some black disco pants now!


  110. Georgie

    really wish i went now! :( xo

  111. you make it look so fun! I, like you, have a bit of a phobia of festivals, but doing it this way (without camping) seems much more up my street.Maybe next year I'll consider going :) Love your blog by the way! xx

  112. Aisling

    I wish i was there :( Hopefully next year :D The line up is always amazing:) x

  113. Oh Zoe the photos look soo amazing wish I was there !!
    you look great as always
    p.s lol at joeys' face haha he's like " what are you doing with the cam?

  114. Pauline

    Pleeeeeease do a post about how you edit photos that they look so georgerous! <3 Lots of love, Pauline xx

  115. Awesome photos Zoe, I've never been to a festival, I'd love to go to one next summer maybe.. Just the muddiness and as you said unpleasant toilet facilities, it scares me!

  116. Love your outfit! Glad you had a good time xo

  117. Sanne

    Cute boots girl!

    x :)

  118. Jenn

    Lovely pictures! I'm not a big festival go-er either haha :/

    chīsana blogger

  119. abbie

    Ahh I was there! Looks like you had an amazing time, would have loved to have bumped into you, it would have been great to meet you :) xx

  120. Eleanor

    LOVE that photo of you and alfie.. you look so gorgeous, even when pulling funny faces… and my gosh i am so jealous of you going to reading, id say it was amazing!

  121. I love festivals! Looks like you had so much fun. Love the wee dude with the sign – ledge!
    Lianne x

  122. Looks like you had a great time! I've never been to a festival I live in Italy and there are not as many as in England I guess! You look beautiful as always btw xxxxxxxx

  123. I went to Leeds festival, im not the typical go-er either but enjoyed it so much!

  124. Lovely pictures :D love your style :D

    I did a blog post on a OOTN would love if you check it out and give me your opinion :)

  125. Lauren

    could you do a tutorial on this hair please? you look gorgeous zoe as always!

  126. Jayne

    You look absolutely GORGEOUS.
    Your outfit, your hair your make up all of it!
    absolutely stunning!!!

  127. I really like your ombred hair :)

  128. your style is just amazing…. totaly fall in love with this wellington boots..

  129. Gillian

    What an amazing post Zoe! Thanks for the sharing and the "slap across the face" :)
    I'm not sure what I suffer from, probably social anxiety but it hasnt exactly been diagnosed, but I've suffered with it all my life. I've done lots of different things. I've lived in different countries and I'm currently living in Madrid. From the outside people don't see that I struggle to walk into a shop I've never been in before. They don't see that I freak out before I walk into a pub or restaurant on my own, or that I've walked away. I've had some close friends who I've been able to tell about my anxiety but even then it is still so difficult for them to understand and so difficult to tell them something is wrong. I commend you for your first post about your panic attacks and also your most recent. I'm not sure I'd be able to tell the world. That thought itself causes anxiety! So once again Zoe, Thanks for this and for being AWESOME!!

  130. Hi,
    I love festivals. Thanks for sharing with us these memorable moments..:)
    Skin Repair

  131. Love the photos! X

  132. Looks like you had fun :) please visit my first blog post xxxx

  133. hi Zoella! You are so adorable and we love your style! It's nice to see your hair down in this post ;) hehe


  134. Love these pictures! I've never been to Reading festival, and I live here! I can see and hear it from my house. I've always been put off by the mud thing and other stuff, but I know it is really good, so definitely going to go next year. I say that every time but can't keep putting it off! And about the Reading spelling thing, you have no idea how frustrating it is to find things/places in the area, because Google always includes search results as if you mean "to read" which I never do! argh! Lovely post, glad you had fun. Spontaneous is good :) xx

  135. Oh those disco pants!
    wanted some for ages but they are £74!!! :O
    gonna have to find me a pair that are a little more affordable/wait to win the lottery

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  137. the way u wore your outfit and your accessories has just fitted to the event..

  138. allie

    You look great! Much better than I did after 5 days at Leeds, what an amazing weekend though!

  139. I noticed you had on an army jacket in one of Louise's videos, where did you get it from?
    Love your style Zoe and you look amazing in your disco pants <3

  140. Loved your outfit x

  141. Your blog is so awesome!!!!

  142. Your hair looks incredible.

  143. its really awkward because i thought the guy with the sign was joe…… :')

  144. emmarrr

    amazing photos! love your outfit here too! :) xx

  145. I've always wanted to go to reading festival it looks amazing!P.s loving the goldfish wellies xx

  146. Zoella, your hair is absolutely beautiful – Love the ombre!

    Guys if you'd take the time to visit my blog: it would mean alot – also if I reach 1000 views then there will be a giveaway!

    Much love! xx

  147. I love this post. So inspirational. <3 Thanks Zoe <3

  148. Well,Fashion and Lifestyle loved the photos and seems like you had a great fun. You taking your tongue out, looks like you guys going crazy out there. So I am sure you’d have had enough of Reading and rocked on. Nice pics!

  149. Hajaley

    I love your photography. Especially love the last shot of the crowd. The lighting is amazing!

  150. Loved your outfit x

  151. MeganB

    Seems like you guys had a great ball. By the way good pictures.

  152. Reading festival look so fun, love to go, Zoe I love your blog also.

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  154. Erin

    I love these pictures so much, especially the one of the Foo Fighters guy!

    Erin ☂

  155. This was posted on my birthday :) Looks like you had a lovely time Zoe. From what I've read and saw on YouTube, you have some really amazing friends and family. It's nice :) I love you! xxxxxxxxx

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  160. Mary Nascimento

    Love that picture of you and Alfie!! #Zalfie XD

    • safe safe

      is it? calm

  161. That sounds really nice.

  162. Cara Curtis

    Love this, maybe check out my blog? xx

  163. forest cat

    I’m going to reading festival this year !!!!!1

    • safe safe


  164. charlotte

    i know this is an old post i just wanna say, Zoe you inspire me so much i cant even. please come down to the great land of Aus!!!!