1. my boyfriend loves this song (he actually introduced it to me!) but i can't stand the talking/singing, even though i love the message!


  2. Lea

    After a land law exam from hell today which I had a mental breakdown over at 3am yesterday this certainly rings true!

    Lea x


  3. Cristi

    “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” – Aristotle O.
    “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” – Robert F.
    That is a very inspiring video. Sorry for the ‘cheesy’ quotes, but they help me in those kind of days. I hope you’re feeling better! :)

  4. Sophie

    Aw Zoe. We love you. You can remember that too.
    Loved the video. So amazing.

  5. AI don't understand how you can STILL look stunning making a face, NOT FAIR :( Love the song :) xx

  6. Erin Lo

    I love this song!

  7. Perfect in time for tomorrow (or should I say today's) spout of exam results!

  8. Lydia

    very true, song is brilliant!

  9. Julia

    I had pretty bad anxiety last year. I sometimes still do, but this song always calms me down when I'm thinking too much.

  10. Sammy K

    ahahahah, you're gorgeous!! xx

  11. Lucy

    aww this is lovely!
    sorry to be a pain but where is your lovely blouse from – its so cute!

    lucy xx

  12. Love this!!! ^______^


  13. This is so nice :)I hope you feel better soon Zoe! Remember to look on the bright side, your problems now wont feel as important to you in the long run. Everything will get better! <3


  14. Wow, that video made me feel surprisingly emotional. Thank you for sharing. We love you Zoe <3

    xx Veronica

  15. I haven't heard that song in a long time! It puts things back in to prospective. Stay strong! xo

  16. Katy

    One of my favourite songs :) such great advice and reminders in it. I hope you are feeling ok :) x things will get better in time and you will grow and learn so much from every experience in life, good or bad.
    Take care :) x

  17. I hope you're feeling a bit happier, Zoe! Just remember, you have a whole Zoella Army routing for you! :)


  18. Amy

    Love you Zoe, and I love that song aha! <3

  19. Emelie

    You are so cute, your posts never disappoint! I've been following your blog for years and recently started my own personal blog. Thanks for all the inspiration. Cheers x http://www.wondrousponders.com

  20. Zanka

    What always helps me get through tough times is chocolate ;)

  21. plabs

    dude, life is full of ups and downs… we all need to keep in mind that it is not supposed to be perfect all the time.. the song and the blog still look amazing and we are pleased to read it… so put a smile on your face and pretend it's all good!
    or not!
    bad days are necessary do remind us of the good ones!xx


  22. Love this song! Stay strong lovely xxxx

  23. Thank you for this sweet reminder! I've used this as an exam-period booster shot for a while! it's amazing!

  24. Simmy

    Thank you for this song. What a great way to start my day! :)

  25. Tanya

    Perfection! x

  26. thanks, I needed that this morning! and I love the picture too :)


  27. I haven't heard this for ages, I'd forgotten how inspiring it is x


  28. I love this song during rough times, it really helps me :)

    Lauren xx

  29. That's so true. My life was complicated in the last time too. My best friend was seriously ill, but everything turned to the better :) "Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain" – Anonym.
    I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  30. You deserve all the happiness in the world, we all love you.

  31. Mandy

    Just recieved my AS results and a little under the blue atm. :(

  32. Noush

    I love this song !

  33. Fun post :) that picture of you makes me laugh, and the song is a definite mood booster x

  34. I just had to read the title of this post and start singing the song :)

  35. Abi.

    Brilliant! Hope you're starting to feel better!

    Abi x

  36. India

    For some unknown reason this has to be the best blog post. EVER. :D

  37. Jessica

    I have heard this song before and it definitely, definitely gives you things to think about. It's probably one of the most inspirational things I have heard Love it! Also hope your feeling better Zoe always remember all of us who read your blog and love you that's something no one can change! xx

  38. i love it! and adore that pic of you, its adorable! xx

  39. Ellie

    That was so inspiring. At the moment, I am 16 and am about to start my highers before going to university or starting a job so the decisions I make in this next year are big and will effect my future. It's nice to have some long term advice, thank you Zoe!
    Ellie X

  40. Oh I love this song! It is all so true, and sparked a long discussion once between my boyfriend and I on a car journey from London to Southend. We talked about getting on with siblings no matter how much they annoy you, and the importance of family.


  41. Alice

    This is perfect, and it really is true, even when we're going through the shit we really do have so much to be grateful for – thanks for the prompt to remember this. Know that you're loved Zoe, and keep that head held high :)



  42. Hope things are gradually getting better dear. I'm in that boat at the moment, saw something I really wish I hadn't yday but it just means it's time to move on, hard though that seems. xx

  43. Nicola

    Wow, that photo is amazing, or drawing. Not quite sure :L I hope your feeling better Zoe, i know how tough you have had it lately but all your followers and friends are behind you and keep you on the right road(:


  44. A very inspirational song!

  45. Zoe, you're so pretty!:)

  46. emma

    This post came at a good time for me so thank you! :) x

  47. Lara

    Very inspiring video! It's indeed hard to see the good in life when you're surrounded with the negative! Hope you'll feel a bit better soon! Make sure you do a lot of fun things with friends and family, they'll make you happy (: x


  48. Hope you're feeling better. Great song, love Baz L X

  49. I know everything is pretty poop right now Zoe but it will get better. Time is the best healer ever (which is always rubbish to hear but it's TRUE). Just remember you're talented, hilarious and flippin' gorgeous and you have tonnes of people that want to see you be happy.

    Chin up and keep smiling :)


  50. love this song, always gives me goosebumps! keep your chin up(: xx

  51. A couple of months ago I decided to try and listen to this song everyday. Still listening to it once or twice a week and I think, it really has changed my perspective a little. Love it xx

  52. Emily

    Love it! Thanks for sharing Zoe :) xxx

  53. good to hear your staying positive! xx

  54. I love this song. Thanks for reminding me.

    And life can be a sweaty bollock sometimes but hopefully you will have some sunshine round the corner soon. In the meantime, get that song on repeat!

  55. I have been listening to this song since High School and it never fails to make me smile when I am feeling a little blue.

  56. Ana

    Hahah brilliant! And you look lovely :)

  57. Hope you're okay Zoe, just stay focused on the things that make you happy :) xx

  58. Loved this post and video Zoe!
    Anyone feel free to check out my other blog (not on this user :S)
    don't want to be a beg, but followers would be great x

  59. Lottie

    Haaa. This is such a great song!
    Chin up sunshine! :)

    Lottie x


  60. Aww glad to see you enjoyed it :) makes things a lot clearer

    Hope you are feeling better soon

  61. Well it's cheered me up!

  62. AmmyyR

    I love this! It really did make me feel better, thank you for posting :)

  63. An-An

    you look so pretty in this picture! :)

  64. I love this post as the song means so much to me! I listened to it all the time after my grandad died and it helped me move on and accept everything. Whenever I'm going through a tough time in my life I listen to it. I hope you feel better soon :)

  65. I can definitely sympathize with you on that! It's hard to be positive when it feels like the odds are against you. Keep your head up, everything will work itself out!


  66. Natasha

    i feel so much better now. =)

  67. I can't believe I've only just discovered you're blog, I think its fab and I've loved looking through old posts! It's really lovely to hear you can meet meaningful people through blogging, hopefully I can be so lucky one day xx



  68. Love that picture of you! I agree with Emzoo that your eyes look amazing!
    That is one of my favourite songs. It's so thought provoking. I was thinking of posting it on my blog the other day because I came across it again after a long time.

  69. Natalie

    Never heard this before and it made me cry. Very inspiring and helpful. It's such a good video and the words mean a lot, and I think sometimes you forget most of it but when you watch it again, you seem to take it all in more. It's the first time I've ever seen this, but I now know what to do when I don't feel great. Hope you're feeling better, Zoe! Much Love xxxx

  70. Chels

    thanks for inspiring a blog that's all my own :)

  71. Hi Zoe! I love your blog and I have a question! I'm turning 21 soon and I feel like I should start taking better care of my skin. I currently don't have an overnight regime and I am curious what yours is? Do you use an eye cream? What would you recommend a good overnight regime for your face be?
    Diana :)

  72. keight

    i LOVE this song xxxx

  73. L

    Ive been feeling a bit down lately so thank you for this song!
    Can't believe I've never heard it before xx


  74. Laura

    Gorgeous photo! Hope things pick up for you soon xx

  75. im feeling the same… no money, no job… bit rubbish really. Definitely needed this song and a bit of your optimism! also, gorgeous photo?! x


  76. Hope you're feeling better soon Zoe. Don't worry, some time out always heals everything.


  77. Love this song ! The words are so true, it put a smile on my face.
    Love that photo of you, you're gorgeous ! xxx

  78. Love this song ! The words are so true, it put a smile on my face.
    Love that photo of you, you're gorgeous ! xxx

  79. Thats so true- its far too easy to focus on the bad! xx

  80. This song is one of my absolute faves! I spent a good two weeks at uni playing it for anyone who would listen and eventually annoyed my flatmates with it haha! Always great to lift you up :)
    Saadiya x

  81. Janet

    haha, that's the cutest picture of you!

  82. Abbi

    Thank you so much for sharing this video, a good friend played it to me a while back and I have been looking for it again ever since. Its bloody fantastic. I hope you feel better soon, you still look gorgeous! xxx

  83. zoe you are so stunning! this is such a lovely inspirational song hope you feel better soon! xoxo

  84. In the end, things have a way of working out for you no matter what you do.
    The man you're looking for will stumble into your life when you're ready for him… for now, enjoy the single life – some of us would love to live vicariously through you ;)

    (latest post about Dermalogica moisturizers!!!) xx

  85. Ami

    Always loved this song! Hope things are looking up for you! xx

  86. I love this song. It is so feel good. It came out soon after I joined secondary school so takes me back. But rediscovered it last year on a roadtrip round Mexico. So really does bring me some (Caribbean) sunshine! You look gorgeous as ever Zoe. x


  87. Love that top picture of you! Sent you an e-mail about sponsoring, but haven't heard back? Just wanting to make sure you got it :) I even bribed you with POP TARTS in it… just sayin'

  88. LOVE the first photo of you in this post :) I sent you an e-mail awhile back about sponsoring, and was wondering if you got it?! I am sure you get bogged down with e-mails… but I did bribe you with pop tarts… just sayin'

  89. BRILLIANT song! :) I hope you no longer have those down in the dumps days! WE MISS YOU BLOGGING AND YOUTUBING! >___< You're such an inspiration to me, I've started my own blog:
    I would love it if you could check it out :)

  90. Hello Zoella,

    I just wanted to tell you that you are adorable, funny and an amazing blogger/youtuber (even though you don't post too many posts or videos). Each week if you haven't really uploaded a video I go back and watch all the previous ones that I enjoyed thoroughly. Your blog is like the kind of blog that I type into the address bar to check and see if you've posted and maybe I haven't received it on my e-mail. You're a true inspiration to me, I started a blog because I saw how much you've enjoyed blogging and it got me into blogging. I just recently started a blog, I'm not the kind of person who would send you just a link because I think it's rude. Your blog helps me understand what products I should and should not buy, and your videos just make me laugh my ass out. I have seen all of your youtube videos, yes all 55 multiple times (no I'm not a stalker) I just love you and Louise so much. Thank you for all the entertainment you've provided me with, even though it was unknowingly.



  91. sarita

    Thanks a mil for sharing that video. Kinda going through a rough phase atm and it certainly help put things into perspective. :)

  92. katie.

    ahh this brings back high school days…(i listened to it then, i don't think it came out when i was in high school though..) :)

  93. Love,love,love that song xx Thanks for that xxx

  94. Hiya
    I'm new to your blog and find it lovely! I'll follow you,I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  95. L.O.V.E this video, so inspiring. Definitely puts things into perspective. Thank you for posting this :) It will remain in my favourites for times when I need to smile!! x

  96. Mia

    Miss you Zoe♥

  97. Love this song! Live by this everyday!

    I'm a new blogger, please check out my page!


    I hope you like it xx

  98. LJ

    lovely song :) x

  99. Hope You're feeling much better :) Come Bac we miss your blogposts ! xx

  100. Sophie

    Gosh, didn't think a youtube video would make me cry. I hate the thought of getting old, being lonely, and having no siblings to lean on. As soon as it said about getting to know your parents because you don't know how long they'll be around, I was blubbering like a little kid. xx

  101. Zoee_x

    Love this!!! x

  102. Oooh I was welling up then, such an ispiring video! :) Thanks for sharing xx

  103. Pauline

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease do a post or video about how you edit your photos that they look so amazing, adorable and georgerous! <3 xx

  104. Love this post <3 X

  105. love this post, I love watching you videos and reading you blog posts
    you have really inspired me to start my own blog.
    Thankyou so much, you are so pretty and amazing xx

  106. Thanks this is great. 16thfloorfiction.blogspot.com

  107. You're so inspiring :) I love watching you videos and reading your blog :)
    XOXO <3

  108. I love this, I have the lyrics pinned on my bedroom wall just to keep me on the right track!! xx

  109. My dad showed me and my sisters this song when we were younger when time's were getting tough. It taught me a lot especially to let moments happen and not to worry. It's a song that will stick with me forever and always bring me back to a calm place rather then panicking. At least I know that it's okay to change my mind about the path I want to take and it's changed several times already :)

  110. You're an inspiration..truly <3