Having long hair means that the maintenance spent on it, can add up to quite a considerable amount of time. I love having long hair, don’t get me wrong, but there will always be days where I think chopping it off would be so liberating. However, I am far too much of a wuss to even contemplate snipping inches off my long locks. So for days where I think having long hair is a bit of a faff, I’ll sling it up in a messy bun. The bun is never the same each time I do it but i’m always happy with how it turns out. I attempted to show you how I do this in a VIDEO on my youtube channel, although explaining it is actually quite difficult. It’s all just trial and error. Sling it up, use many hair pins and hair bobbles and voila. It doesn’t need to look perfect, and that’s why it’s one of my favourite go-to hair styles. I also really like that now it’s ombred, there are little bits of blonde in the bun (easily amused). 

What’s your favourite lazy-girl-quick hairstyle?

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  1. so pretty! and i love ombre hair up in a bun it always looks so nice, and definitely messy bun haha aw, S x

  2. so pretty! i love ombre hair up in a bun it looks so nice, when i do it it takes so much backcombing! xx

  3. I do the very same thing with my hair when I can't be bothered to do something more elaborate :)
    Love your eyes! xx from Italy

  4. Lauren.

    I always go for the messy bun too, sometimes I love to do a fishtail plait but it takes some time, getting quicker though :)

  5. Jenny

    So cute, Zoe!x

  6. since i don't have long hair anymore (i did actually chop mine off a year ago) i do a messy bun near the nape of my neck. when i try to do it on top of my head it doesn't all go up and then it's just a mess! love your hair zoe, so jealous! oh and i have my hair ombred too, the blonde in my bun absolutely keeps me happy as well, haha!

    katie x

  7. I do the exact same thing with my hair most days. It can be a nightmare having long hair but I am much too afraid to have it all cut off!

  8. I have short hair and I love the way it is just so easy to maintain but seeing posts like this make me want long hair so much!!



  9. My hair refuses to look like that in a messy bun :( *sigh*

  10. amazing messy one! :)

  11. Love a good messy bun!

    Check out my international giveaway, St.Tropez and OPI goodies check it out here

    Kirsty-Anne x

  12. Natalie

    I wish my hair looked like yours when in a messy bun – my messy buns are a bug fat fail :(
    & I also love your shirt :) x

  13. Lauren.

    I always do teh messy bun, probably have it like this the whole time I'm at Creamfields this weekend! haha xx

  14. I'm so jealous of your hair, my hairdresser had to take off 2-3 inches of mine because it was HORRENDOUS at the ends D; I often shove my hair in a bun too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  15. I wish I could do this a s easily as you, but it takes me about and hour just to achieve this messy look haha:)


  16. Ami

    I have to backcomb my hair to get it to stay in a bun shape, but yours looks lovely and sleek and shiny. I do love your hair a lot more than mine haha :)

  17. Souli

    LOVE your Hair! i`ve try it too, but it dont look like yours :((

  18. Ellie

    Your hair is so nice and you always effortlessly pull of a messy bun! Mine always looks naff and floppy when I attempt it haha xo

  19. Laura

    your hair is lovely!
    it looks especially nice with the little bits of blonde through it.
    you mrs, are my hair inspiration.
    my lazy hair is what my boyfriend calls 'the pineapple' he hates it because if ever i lie on his chest when we're watching a film or something it tickles his face and gets up his nose.
    i just tip my head upside down, grab it and tie it so its right on top of my head, and i let it flail about wherever it wants to go!
    you look lovely, and its always good to see a new blog post!.
    laura xx

  20. Ellie

    Your hair always looks amazing and so effortless in a messy bun! I wish mine looked like that it always looks naff and floppy! xo

  21. Soph.

    I remember when my hair was your length!!! *sob*

    My lazy hair style is also the messy bun although the process is slightly different to yours cos my hair is shorter! :) xx

  22. Alice

    P.S: I love your lipstick

  23. Pip ♥

    I love your hair so much, all the time! It looks great re-ombred by the way. And I especially love how you do your buns, I have quite curly hair so I can struggle with them sometimes, and a lot of other people use hair doughnuts in their videos, I can't find many big enough for my amount and curliness of my hair, and your tutorial is just amazing! Hehe, I just love your videos really :)

    Pip x

  24. I especially like it with your fringe out! Looks so pretty :)

  25. Jen

    I always put my hair in a messy bun :) so easy.

    Im having a giveaway on my blog if you wanna check it out :)



  26. Thania

    omg you are adorable and so is that bun!!

    xoxo Thania

  27. I go through so many love/hate phases with my hair! The minute I chop it short I regret it and want long hair, and when I have long hair I ache for a change and chop it off! And the cycle continues! LOL.


  28. Saskia

    I love the messy bun, whenever I want to do something stylish yet simple with my hair especially for school I nearly always choose a bun.. but not a ballet bun a messy bun!!! Also just to say… such cute photos of you and I think everyone here agrees with me!!

    Much love S xxxx

  29. You look so beautiful in these photos! The orange/red coloured lipstick really suits you, it makes your eyes pop!

  30. I watched this video a while ago and i do it all the time now! so simple, wish i'd figured it out for myself before :')
    love having my long hair, would never ever ever ever consider chopping any off!
    liv x

  31. emzoo

    you look lovely in these pictures as always! I love messy buns I think there a great way to make your hair look nice without a lot of effort.


  32. My hair is no where near as long as yours but I agree a messy bun is a perfect go to hair style for days where you don't want to spend much time on your hair, I think it looks cute too! :)

  33. I love your hair! <3

  34. Boo

    I want longer hair!! Also what eyeshadow are you wearing it lovely? :)

  35. Farzana

    I just chopped most of my hair off today in a shoulder length bob. :( miss it but i'm really liking my wavy short hair with a middle parting; i just think it's frames my face a lot more than when i had long hair.

  36. Helen H

    I totally agree with the long hair thing.. sometimes you just need it out of your face! I'm all for a messy bun! Ps. in a totally non creepy way your eyes are sooo pretty! haha x

  37. Alice

    I just need my hair to grow and magically get thicker before I'm ever able to achieve such a gorgeous messy bun…please hair, just grow!!
    Those photos are stunning



  38. I also have long hair and tend to have it in a bun most days, since I don't have time to do it properly! Seriously debating going for the chop!

    louisejoyb x

  39. Sadie

    You are so god damn beautiful! :) I stick my hair up in a topknot a lot when I can't be bothered to faff about with it but it never looks as good as yours! I went to the hairdressers a few weeks ago all geared up for the chop, because I was getting a bit sick of my long hair, but once I sat in the chair and the hairdresser took the scissors out I totally wimped out ha :) xx

  40. Lucy

    This looks lovely Zoe. I have the most awkward hair in the world which never seems to want to do anything, but your tutorial actually made it look decent haha xx

  41. LJ

    The video really helped me in doing the messsy bun!

  42. Alia


  43. Since watching your video I have had
    My hair like this nearly every day for
    Months haha:) thank you for showing how to
    Do it!xx

  44. This is gorgeous! My hair is still a little too short and makes a teeny tiny bun at the moment, I can't wait for it to grow! x


  45. I love the editing on the pictures as well as your red lips! Such a good look for you. I can't wait for my hair to be long again, I recently just cut it all off lol :P

    kelly elizabeth

  46. Lexiaa

    I love this hairdo, it's so quick and easy for those days when you just need your hair to be up and away from your face. Especially when it's windy! Sometimes I do a small twist with the front section of my hair, using grips to secure it into place before pulling my hair into a ponytail but I don't pull it all the way through on the last loop so it stays away from my neck and back. (Kind of similar to the bun but gives a different look completely) xx

  47. Lucy

    My hair currently has a sock in it to achieve a slightly neater version of this look ;)
    Makeup for Biochemists


  48. Rebecca

    I am so jealous of your longer hair! I cut my off about 6 months ago and although it's so much quicker, i do miss having longer hair just to do stuff with!

    What lipstick are you wearing btw?


  49. Hahaha I'm the same, people often ask me how I did my bun and I'm like 'I literally could not replicate this if I tried..' It is ALWAYS different!


  50. you look amazing!! That hairstyle really suits you!


  51. Taylor

    I so wish I could do this with my hair but it never wants to cooperate! You look beautiful Zoe!

    Taylor xox

  52. domij8

    You should do a blog post/ video on how you line your eyes with eyeliner :) Anyone else thinks this is a nice idea? :)

  53. Gem

    I love messy buns and you suit this so well! I need to practice my messy bun so thank you for the video! I usually just stick my hair in a messy ponytail if my hairs being a nightmare!

    Gem x

  54. Laura

    The messy bun is the best hairstyle for lazy hair days! This also looks great on you! x

  55. I love a good top knot ;) Although, I've just had a trim so it won't all fit .. and I have a fringe. Good one for creating more work for myself … I like your shirt by the way. xxx

  56. I wish I could do this! I've always wanted to be able to just sling my hair up into something casually but this little perfectionist inside of me screams to tuck all the little hairs in :P

  57. Georgia

    This is exactly what I do with my hair, it's so long so this is just the easy option! Looks cute on you!

  58. I do this hairstyle pretty much all the time, it's a bit hard because I have short hair but it works for me! I think your tutorial was easily understandable.



  59. Your hair is beautiful and I love how easily it goes up into this style.

    I really want to grow my hair that long, have serious hair envy at the moment!


  60. your hair is getting so long too zoe so your buns look so nice and voluminous! my fave though is a simple pony because my hair is so thick and long! xo


  61. This is all I ever do with my hair and miss doing it so much when I cut my hair xx

  62. Just found your blog and I adore it! :) This is such a good style for longer hair x

  63. it suits you! i love your shirt too :)
    i like to plait my fringe and the main length of the hair into a volumised (straight) ponytail xxx

  64. Eryn

    Looks very cute on you! I love your blouse.


  65. Lovely post!♥ Your buns always look so perfect!!
    Btw here did you get your top from?

  66. I have watched your video and tried it many times. Even though i don't have quite as long hair as you im so rubbish when it comes to my hair no matter what way i try it i just cant get this look. Which im very sad about as it's such a nice look and convenient as i like mine up most of the time :( x

  67. You look absolutely blooming gorgeous in these pictures, major hair envy!!

    Jo. xx

  68. Hello Zoella! I think you would look amazing with a short hair, you have the face for it ;) I really want to try to have long hair and I have tried it once but my hair is so thick that I can't handle it.
    Thank you for a lovely blog!


  69. Emily

    I love messy buns!


  70. Vanessa

    we love the bun. my daughter said you look like "a dolly". which is her highest compliment!!

    -Vanessa ReadyDressedGo

  71. Tanya

    You are amazing Zoe! The messy bun looks amazing on you but never seem to sit right on me so I usually just wear a french braid. :) x


  72. Hi Zoella ! I'm from BRASIL and I love your site! I love your look, it's verry beautiful :)I wonder how you do your hair bun, Help me plase ? <3

    http://kawaiitheworld.blogspot.com > It's Portuguese

  73. Lara

    Love messy buns! They're quite easy to do and look fab, also love the fact that it doesn't have to look perfect. Great for bad hair days (:


  74. Bug

    I love your hair! I wish mine could be that long (without extensions….) lol

  75. Stella

    Your hair seems to always look perfect – jealous!! :)

  76. i agree long hair is an absolute bummer at times! your buns look so perfect yet unperfect, wish mine did this! love it zoe x

  77. Katy

    I love the messy bun too, esp in the summer when it's hot and you just want all your hair off your face and neck :p I ombred mine recently too and it's cute to see the lighter pieces of hair peaking through :) although mine never looks quite as voluminous as yours ;P xo

  78. Ashley

    I love it! I'm mega jealous though since I cut my hair. Thank god some genius thought of clip in extensions. Life savers when you've gotten a little too scissor happy.

  79. i really like it ! need to try and style my hair this way too x

  80. Steph

    I just chopped my hair…but when it was long, I rocked a messy bun allll the time!

  81. I feel the same way. Sometimes I feel like cutting my hair off. But in the end I know I would never do it.


  82. Cristi

    I love having long hair too. But I had that day of chopping it off and I did. Now I regret it because it grows soooo slow. I want my hair back! Anyway, now I know what to do when I have my long hair again and have the urge to cut it – put it in a messy bun. haha. I love your hair, Zoe. It’s beautiful! Don’t cut it! (Unless you want to, of course) :)

  83. You have the most darling blue eyes. I love the way your bun looks with the ombre'd look!! Just stunning and so effortless :)


  84. Short hair is so liberating. Haha, I know this firsthand. I can see why you wouldn't want to part with your long locks though!
    The messy bun was one of my favorites when my hair was longer. :)


  85. absolutely love it, you look stunning x

  86. Lauren

    I love the bun, it looks really stylish!



  87. Char!

    i love this! x

  88. I enjoy a french plait (although this is only an option when visiting my parents house as my mom is the creator of such a style!)
    I love unbraiding it a few days later and showing off some beachy waves before the next wash.
    Will post pictures of this braid asap onto my blog, link below:

  89. I enjoy a french plait (although this is only an option when visiting my parents house as my mom is the creator of such a style!)
    I love unbraiding it a few days later and showing off some beachy waves before the next wash.
    Will post pictures of this braid asap onto my blog, link below:

  90. I love messy buns, yours looks great with the ombre coming through. mines jsut a bit too short to do one unfortunately, hopefully by Christmas! (fingers crossed-as I think they look so nice)
    Daniella x


  91. aleva

    I really love this hairstyle, but my problem is to add such a volume under the bun (I hope you know what I mean =). Do you use any products to add volume or you just have thick hair?

  92. Zoe I would LOVE to be able to pull of a messy bun like you! I guess it's because my hair is not as long as yours, but irregardless, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Keep it up because you are a fantastic person!

  93. I'm exactly the same! I have long, thick hair and to do things like curl and straighten it takes time! I always put my hair up in a messy top knot, it's easy!

    You look lovely in these pictures. Hope you're ok now :) xxx

  94. Lischen

    I love your hair!! …and the last pic. It looks funny somehow! :)

    Lischen xxx

  95. oh,nice!<3

  96. I am so rubbish at up-do's! I'll check out your video and try and follow it step by step. Whenever I try to do a top knot, i just end up looking like mulan! (so not cool!) It's never "messy" enough! Off to check out your video now! :) xxxx

  97. B$

    I have a pixie cut at the moment, so I just stand all my hair on end and muss mousse into it, then tie a suede (thin belt from a dress!) bow around it and I'm done!
    Also: I like the ombred photo effect of the photos in this post; very aesthetically pleasing!

  98. The ombre effect makes it look super cool! :)


  99. Annalie

    I absolutely love these kind of buns, they're just so effortless and they look fab! You look really pretty Zoe! xxx ♡

  100. I can never get my hair to stay up without using 100+ bobby pins (really, though…I had a mohawk for a fashion show once and it took that many!), so my lazy day look is just leaving it down. I'm heading over to watch your video now, though. Maybe I'll finally learn how to put it up right!

  101. You are so beautiful! And i love this look, especially with your ombred hair! xxx

  102. Katie

    Love the messy bun! Definitely the easiest thing to do with long hair – I don't know what I'll do with my long hair when the top knot goes out of fashion… :|

  103. sense your hair is longer have you used the spin pins? if so what did you think of them? I have med. length thick curly hair and I loved them. Just the 2 kept my hair up. (and i always add a flower cause i think its cute. )

  104. looks lovely with the blonde :)
    I have shoulder length hair so can never get it to look as good but I do love to do this to get it off my face!

    lovely photographs
    Georgia x

  105. Zoe, you have the most gorgeous hair, i have ever seen, omd's. You're absolutely stunning:D<3

  106. Alice

    I absolutely love your hair like that! especially with the blonde in it – beautifulllll :)
    my hair is naturally wavy/curly blonde so never quite looks right like this! However I love just getting a huge claw hair clip, grabbing my hair all up and pinning it to the back of my head. It looks really messy but I like all the curls pinned loosely to the back of my head :)
    p.s. you look stunning as always!xo

  107. Will deffo try this for the days when i'm going into college to paint looking like i haven't washed for days. The streaks of blonde make it look more sophisticated actually.

    Rose @ teacupsandtrex.blogspot.co.uk

  108. I used to have long hair and I recently chopped it off… I also thought it would be easier to look after and quicker, but sadly I was wrong :( it's way more time consuming having short hair, and not as fun to style!!
    Love your blog and youtube :)

  109. I LOVE your hair!! I chopped mine off a few years ago but I had to let it grow back! The maintenance does suck, but it definitely can give you more styling options <3 Love your pics


  110. Great video! Thanks so much for sharing.

  111. I watched your video on how to do your everyday high bun on youtube and I am so thankful for it~! I love putting up my hair like that now! Your teachings are appreciated Zoe~!!!


  112. Ella

    a low, side-swept messy bun all the way :) i actually just wrote a blog post on how i spiced up my lazy style when i had time before work one morning if you want to check out the photo:


  113. Louise

    super cute! I always try and do a messy bun but it never works :( xx

  114. Amy ♥

    I'm exactly the same! My hair came past my elbows until a couple of weeks ago when I got about 4 inches cut off and it's so different. It's spent a a lot of time in a messy bun becuase I want to wait until it grows back! Aha :)x

  115. Claire

    Aww I love this hairstyle, my favourite lazy hairstyle is a bun too but I have to do mine a bit tighter because I use a bobble instead of kirbies as my hair is VERY THICK! Also I wear a headband with mine because I get a lot of baby hairs sticking up and by the end of the day they make this weird horn shape.

  116. Vicki

    Can you make a everyday hair routine video, please? :)))) love love love your videos <3

  117. Vicki

    Can you make an everyday hair routine video, please? i love love love your videos <3

  118. You're so stunning!
    I love the messy bun, it's just adorable.

    x houseinthesand.blogspot.com

  119. You inspired me to create a blog myself Zoella, I would love for you to check mine out. I never really wanted to advertise myself on other peoples blogs, but I feel at the moment I'm writing and no ones really reading. http://somethingthatsparklesxo.blogspot.co.uk/ A little something that sparkles, Kathryn xo

  120. Melanie

    I love this hairstyle but my hair is a little bit too short at that moment to do it, but I'm trying and trying and trying again :p

  121. so amazing hair style I like it very much.

  122. Love the bun! This is probably my go-to hairstyle everyday!

  123. I love messy buns,you look beautiful in the last picture! your eyes are gorgeous.Do you know how to do a fish tail plait? I think there really pretty but can't seem to get the nack of doing it xxxx

  124. Your hair is to die for! I've just started a blog:) i'd love you to take a look? x

  125. Hannah

    I really love it! I always stick mine in a bun or a pony :) Mine is ombred too, but only a lighter blonde than the rest of my hair. it really suits you :) Hannah xx

  126. Katie

    So cute! I really love your blog, it's one of the ones that inspired me to start one! :)

  127. India

    love the hair <3

  128. I love the hylights in your hair! they look amazing in the bun! i really want to do that with my hair now :) ♥

  129. ema1260

    LOVE the ombre look in the top knot, looks really cute!
    I tend to shove my long hair into a top knot a lot of the time as it's a pain to style all the time.
    New beauty blogger

  130. I still think mine would rubisho is a top knot

  131. Emi

    you pull that off perfectly! i love a messy top bun also…except i'm a blonde!
    the other best thing i do is braid my hair after a shower, then take it out later for beach waves! xo

  132. Absolutely love it! I recently had my hair cut shoulder length with a fringe, i love it but its so difficult to throw into a pony tail! Usually it has to be a headband job haha!



  133. I have my hair just a couple of inches shorter than yours(i think..or it might be as long) and a messy bun or braid are my go to's when my hair doesn't want to cooperate with me:))

    Love your videos Zoe:)


  134. Your hair looks gorgeous! X

  135. Georgia

    Zoe does a tutorial on how to get her perfect messy bun and I still can't do it. I fail at life.

  136. Where is the shirt you're wearing from? It's gorgeous!
    This hairstyle is lovely, I followed you're tutorial and am wearing it today!:')
    Thank you for a beautiful blog!x x x x

  137. I recently chopped off my hair. I was always afraid of going shorter with my hair because I was afraid that I wasn't going to like it. One day I got the courage to do it and I am loving it so far :) Plus I donated my locks to someone who needed it so I felt better about getting it cut that short. My hair is now above my shoulders, and I am so glad I did it

  138. I recently got my hair chopped off. I have always had my hair long, so for me to cut it I was nervous about doing it. I finally got the courage to do it a couple of weeks ago and I am loving the outcome. I still haven't figured out how to do different hairstyles with my shorter hair but that will come in time and maybe getting ideas from youtube :) I do miss my long hair at times because I could curl my hair. My hair is now above my shoulders, I am 21 and I think this new hairstyle makes me look mature and more confident for some reason :)

  139. Bbiee.

    Hi Zoella ! Your messy bun video is a life saver , i wear my hair like that almost every day now :P I really love reading your blogs and you have actually inspired me to start my own blog :) I just made it today and i am really loving having my own piece of the internet hehe :P Your blogs are always so nice to read and i love your honest product reviews , you have a really nice style and you seem really genuine in all your videos and posts :) Just wondering is there any hair oil that you use and any hair mask you would recommend ?
    I hope you check out my blog if you ever have the time :)
    keep blogging!

    http://bbieee.blogspot.ie/ <– thats the link to my blog if you ever want to check it out :P

  140. I love this, I i like wearing my hair like this for school it just keep it off my face and it doesn't get me distracted in lessons. Mine looks no where near as pretty as this though

  141. I really like the messy bun and it looks amazing with the colour in your hair. i use the messy ben nearly everyday for sicth form and its really easy to do! :) x

  142. Cece

    You are gorgeous!

  143. it's taken me about 4 years to grow my hair! :(
    still not got a scratch on yours!
    beautiful lady

  144. Hajaley

    This hairstyle looks so good on you! I wish I could make my hair do this as well as you.

  145. great haircut, I will try the same times

  146. I need to try this ^_^


  147. effortless, you look so beautiful!

  148. Ever since I saw your video its my fav hair style to do <3


  149. city

    thanks for sharing.

  150. Amanda

    What eyeshadow did you use? Love it!

  151. Hi zoe, i was wondering if you could make either a video or blog post about how you got your hair long etc .. thankyou olivia xx

  152. Hi zoe, i was wondering if you could make either a video or blog post about how you got your hair long etc .. thankyou olivia xx

  153. When i had long hair, i usually braided it. Now when i have hair to about my shoulders i used this bun after i saw your video, and i love it.

  154. Shauni

    I am so jealous of your hair, I wish mine was that long :(
    My lazy hair up do is twisting my hair around a hair doughnut and pinning :) simple and easy. It's something like your not not as pretty.

    Shauni x


  155. I love this ! your hair always looks amazing however you style it ! love how this is so effortless yet looks so lovely x

  156. hair looks great! the ombre makes it look like alot more effort has gone into it xxx

  157. Loving this hairstyle especially for Summer when it gets REALLY hot! Super cute and simple. I can't wait until my hair grows longer so I can do a better messy bun ;P

  158. Amazing and great style I like the whole snaps

  159. I love your hair! so beautiful! I currently have medium length hair but I have straight hair and lots of them so it is pretty hard to manage it into one bun. Since I have straight hair I ended up looking like a samurai (if you know what I mean)with all my hair sticking out of the bun!!


  160. I always see people with buns and I get insanely Jealous because I can never do it! your hair looks in gorgeous condition, please do a video or post on what products you use? :) xxx

  161. LOVE this look!! im always trying to get this texture and look but like you said its trial and error!! X lipscurlsandlashes.blogspot.com

  162. You are so beautiful and i really like it ;)

  163. does anyone know what she used to edit these pictures in kinda a cross process effect way?

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  168. I love the way you do your hair all the time! Even when it's only a 'lazy' hairstyle it looks amazing!
    Thanks for pasting I always feel strangely happier when I read your posts :)

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  170. love this! can u do a tutorial on youtube please? xx

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  174. OMG zoe you look amazing

  175. Your hair is everyone's Hair goals tho ! I have long hair too and you'll think it would be easy to do messy bun but not really. <3 xxxx

  176. it's all gone now!! still looks as great as always

  177. Hi Zoe
    I Love your messy bun as most of my hair normally sticks out with all my layers but this is perfect!