Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml £9.90

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is something I picked up a few months ago after watching a video where Lisa Eldridge mentioned this particular product, along with the copious amounts of other fellow beauty enthusiasts. It intrigued me as the thought of spritzing a water filled with lot’s of beneficial ingredients to refresh your face or your makeup a very interesting concept. I know there are plenty of hydrating water sprays, but I’ve never been a fan of those, and have never really noticed much of a difference in my skin when using them unless I had particularly dehydrated skin, so I had quite high expectation of this spray. 

The spray contains grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint and rosemary, which all claim to help smooth features, tighten pores and give your complexion a burst of radiance. This can be sprayed onto the face after cleansing as a sort of “toner”, a face of makeup to set, or just during the day for a skin pick me up. I found it quite pleasant to spray on. There were no droplets on my face and no awkward hand fanning to dry. I also felt that the mist was the right density, and covered a good area (as weird as that sounds, I hate sprays that are too dense and leave you looking and feeling very wet). It did feel very refreshing to spray, and I can see how people can become a little addicted to spraying this on their face all day, especially if it is at arms reach or sat on your desk at work. The scent of the Beauty Elixir is very strong. I almost didn’t expect it to be as strong as it was. It smells very natural and organic, but also has a huge note of mint and what I can only describe as “uriney-smell” (how professional of me). I know that not everyone will agree with me here, and in fact I’m almost certain most people really liked the scent, but for me it was a little too overpowering. The main question though, is did it do anything to my skin? The answer to that is, no, not really. I didn’t notice any benefits from this product at all. I’ve used almost the whole bottle up now (photo above taken a while ago). In fact I used it constantly a few weeks ago as I was having a hormonal break out, and I’m convinced it made everything worse, as when I stopped using it, everything calmed down a lot quicker. The only thing that I do believe it does very well, is make your skin appear a lot more radiant after applying makeup, or if you are choosing to have a no-makeup and healthy skin day. It does border slightly on “greasy looking” sometimes however, so if you have oily skin, i’m not sure you’d want to use it for that purpose. 

As something that has been hyped up in the beauty blogging world, I felt that I too, would fall in love with the contents of this quaint little glass bottle and that it would do absolute wonders for my skin. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t work in the same way it had for others, but that’s the risk you take when buying something that has been so hyped up. Products are never going to do the same to one person that it does to another. 

Have you ever tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir? What experience have you had with it?

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  1. thanks for the review! I thought about buying it and now I might think again…

  2. Farrah

    I really need something like this, something to minimize my pores, and french products are usually very good. But not this product specifically since you said it hasn't done much for your skin. The fancy bottle is probably what intrigues people into thinking it's a good product haha

  3. I was quite tempted by this when I saw a 'hypey hypey' review the other day, so I'm so glad I read this! I have oily skin so this probably isn't for me – thanks for the heads up haha :)
    Liv x

  4. Oh my life, I got the "uriney" smell too haha – great honest review, I think I'm on a similar thought train as you, wanted to adore it, but didn't x

  5. I just love this product..I think I bought (two days ago) my third bottle…I have oily skin with enlarge pores and this product reduces the pores and fixes my make up flawlessly ;)
    By the way – I really like your blog!

  6. I agree on your dissapointment. I have dry skin so I assumed that was the reason behind my lack luster experience with this product. I used up the whole small size, but when I ran out I didn't find myself missing it at all. Personally I think its an overpriced product and I love other caudalie products!

  7. I have not, but I'm a bit horrified at the uriney smell comment! I will stick to my Pangea Organics toner spray.

  8. Abbi

    Heard so many mixed reviews on this, I don't think i'm going to bother buying it personally, I just don't get on sprays much anyway. Thank you for the review!xo

  9. A.W.H

    To me this is will always be water in a bottle with a few ingredients to make it a "beauty spray", with a ridiculous price mark up. There are so much more things like this available in Boots for less than half the price. I suppose lots of people will be sucked into the novelty factor of how publicized this product has become…

  10. Great post, there is such hype attached to this product. But I dont think im going to invest.
    – Keyta x

  11. I agree on your dissapointment. I have dry skin so I assumed that was the reason behind my lack luster experience with this product. I used up the whole small size, but when I ran out I didn't find myself missing it at all. Personally I think its an overpriced product and I love other caudalie products!

  12. I have been using this for just over a month now and feel that it does make my skin look a lot more radiant, feel a lot more comfortable with how my skin looks without makeup. I don't feel that I get the benefit of the hydrating properties though as my skin has been a lot drier since I started using it, especially my cheeks so I'm currently in two minds about it. Probably won't be getting another bottle after this little one is done but worth a try :-)
    Lianne x

  13. Have never tried it but I really want to try a make up setting spray! :)

  14. I absolutely agree with everything you said (except for the smell, which I love…), it did nothing for my skin at all. Very disappointed with this!

  15. I've always been so intrigued by this product but reluctant to pay out for it. Perhaps one of these days I'll get round to shelling out because like you said, everyone has different thoughts about products! Thanks for the honest review! :)



  16. Tai

    I had almost the exact same experience. But once my bottle was all used up, (I kept it at my desk at work) I found myself reaching for it. And now I miss it. Isn't that strange? I really don't think it did much good, but apparently I liked it enough to be sad that it's all gone.

    I don't know if that is a strong enough reason to repurchase – but who knows?

    Love your blog!

  17. I just wrote about this product on my blog too. It really worked on my skin, since I started using it I haven't had skin breakdown. I also love the scent which I found very relaxing and refreshing.

    I tried the small bottle and finished within 3 weeks, and I got the big one now. Some people say they hate the smell, others say it didn't work for their skin…It really depends doesn't it?

    Have you tried their shower gel yet? They smell amazing, you should try it if you haven't tried yet! I love the purple one, it smells so good.

  18. I bought this exactly like you and then soo badly wanted to love it but it just didn't live up to what I expected from the product! And I wount be repurchasing sadly but I'm glad to hear someone else saying that they didn't love it either! :)

  19. Ivonne

    I think I wanted to like it more than I do. It's a lovely refreshing spray that helps calm me; the smells reminds me of massage oils. I'm almost finished with my first little bottle. I've yet to decided if I buy it again, but it's definitely not on the top of my wishlist.

  20. I've wanted to try this for ages, but I don't think I will now. I have quite oily skin so I guess it's best I don't use it. Thanks for the review, Zoe:)

    Sophie x

  21. Jen27

    Thanks for the honest review! It's easy for a product, once it's received tons of hype, to only get rave reviews from then on… so it's nice to hear a contradictory opinion once in a while! I'll have to check it out and see how I feel about the scent :)


  22. Cheers for this Zoe, i was considering trying it out but your review seems really honest and well thought soowaa i think ill give it a mist (get it, cos its a spray? maybe thats not funny…. small pleasures hey!!)


  23. Totally agree with this! I bought it too after Fleurdeforce saying it was really nice and I think it made my skin worse too!

  24. This is massively helpful for me, thank you! I always wanted to buy this but wasn't sure if it would be effective, and my skin is prone to breakouts from highly scented products, so I think I wil search for a slightly less strong one. However, I like that it brighten up your make up, that's a feature I'll look out for! :)

  25. It's nice to see someone actually giving a truthful, negative review of a product rather than the usual 'yeah I really like it' or if they don't like it simply not reviewing it. Glad I never decided to try it as I have oily skin so doubt it would have been very good for me at all!


  26. Vee

    I also don't like the smell-but i foolishly got the 100ml bottle luckily for the same price as the 30ml one but it will take forever to use up as I am not a fan. xxx

  27. Lauren

    I've never tried it before, but I think it will just stick with moisturieser!!


  28. I've heard so many things about this product, it's nice to read your review. Seems to me that it's been a bit over-hyped and not worth the price tag.

    xo, alison*elle

  29. I really wanted to try this, but as of late I have started to hear not so good things about it!

  30. I tried this and I liked it but it didnt wow me either. Doubt I would repurchase as its not cheap x

  31. this looks really nice i might just treat myself and try it haha! thanks for posting zoe! xoxoxo <3

  32. I haven't tried this product, mainly down to the price. There is a major hype to this product I think the only way I will get this is either if there is some sort of sale or a get it as a present at Christmas or something. I do love Caudalie products I have tried in sample forms previously though :)


  33. Laura

    I've never tried it but I think if I did I would be dissapointed, I don'tsee the point in it, you can but cheap rose water and use that instead, that's what I do :D

    Laura x ~

  34. Jac

    I love the Boots botanics rosewater spritz – it's supposed to be a toner, but I use it as a refreshing facial spray too and it costs less than a fiver for quite a lot of product!


  35. Allix

    I'm on my second bottle and honestly the only thing keeping me hooked is the fragrance. I actually really like it. I put it on in the mornings after toner (no cleanser or anything) and it's a good pick-me-up.

  36. Erica

    Thanks for this! The reviews on this are so mixed, I have no idea if I should get it or not! I do trust your opinion quite a bit though. :)

  37. i love the whole concept of this product, and after hearing so many bloggers and youtubers talk about how it was so good for blemishes i thought i'd give it a go too, but, like you, i also found that it's only aggravated my blemishes and made my skin a lot redder and more sensitive, such a shame as i actually love the scent! xx

  38. in most boots stores they have a tester of this product, i made sure to smell it before i bought it cause i was so warey about the scent too! x

  39. This is a product that I purchase on and off again. It's actually really refreshing and perfect for mornings and on hot afternoons. In my opinion it does wonderful things to the skin, but it's a little pricey for what it is in my opinion – a fancy toner. I still really like it, but it's more of a beauty treat than a must-have for me.

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  40. I tried this and found it actually cleared my skin up, but it's not going to be the same in every case. Shame you didn't notice much different. But it's a nice product to have in your bag during the warmer weather, at least x

  41. Cherry

    Aw I'm surprised that you were disappointed with it but I guess it wouldn't work for everyone. I personally absolutely love it and have seen an improvement in my skin since using it!

  42. Allie

    I've gone through two of these but I don't think they're that great, I like them as make up refreshers but that's it – using it when I had a breakout just made my skin far worse. I don't think they're worth the price or the hype, now I'm using a Melvita one which smells nicer and is better on my skin. x

  43. Great post, i've read mixed things about this, there is so much hype but i don't think i will get around to purchasing it.


  44. I really liked the review. I have been wanting to try a water based "skin refresher", if you will, but I am a little skeptical now.

  45. RuBee

    This is a great honest review. I was tempted to get this but I've read a few mixed reviews now. X

  46. I tried the Caudalie Elixir in boots as a sample and I was literally feeling my face all day! It made my face so soft!

  47. Chloe

    I really like the Caudalie, and I love the smell I could wear it as perfume!
    Just makes my skin feel toned and ready for make-up! but everyones different :-) Great review

  48. i also have a spray like this and it leaves my skin feeling wet :( but at least mine smells good.
    one thing i dont get is what all these sprays are supposed to do. i mean it is nice and refreshing but that's it haha :) anyhow a nice thing to have! if someone is intrested i started a blog a few weeks ago;

  49. Kate

    I really loved it when I first purchased it, but I think it has started to make me break out! There are quite a few ingredients which are potential irritants – Im giving my skin a little break from it at the moment!

    Kate x

  50. Great post! I'm half way through my bottle and not noticed any difference in my skin so far, however I agree it does feel nice spritzed on after cleansing as a ''refresher". I've also tried the Caudalie Grape Water as i heard the smell was better… it is but it leaves your face feeling WET! I'll use the bottle but won't be re-purchasing! :) xx

  51. Great review- I adore the scent and like you I really had high expectations but I just found it broke me out. It's a shame as I really wanted to like it but it definitely depends on your skin

  52. I was a little obsessed with this throughout July when it was really hot for one week in the UK. I think Caudalie have really missed a trick with this product, they claim it should be applied before moisturiser in order to give a 'burst of radiance' they should have advertised it purely as a refreshing spray to be applied over makeup. It just doesn't make sense as a toner or any sort of skin treatment and therefore is disappoint in that department but it is refreshing and that's all it can be used for.

  53. emzoo

    Great post as always! I was thinking about getting this product but I think I'm going to pass on it now thank you again on the great post! x

  54. 010

    U mention this a lot. I feel like trying since "Feel Unique" provide free shipping to worldwide


  55. I have another product from this brand and I like it ! Thanks for this review !

  56. I wanted to lOVE this little guy, but I just like it. It's affordable at Sephora for $18, but when I worked there less than 5 years ago it was only $15 (I like that price better.) I do really enjoy this for spritzing on my face throughout the day in the hot Atlanta weather. I don't think it smells like urine, but like rosemary; so I like this scent. It really can be for any skin type! xx

  57. Oh dear.. bit disappointed after all the hype, urine smell?! Definitely will not be purchasing haha x

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  58. Tanya

    Thank you for the wonderful review because if I have purchased it only to realise it was "uriney-smell", i would be utterly dissapointed! x

  59. Great review it is a shame that is does not work on your skin xx

  60. Romy

    I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago and I totally agree that it doesn't do anything major that justifies the horrendous price tag. It's definitely refreshing, makes me look more radiant and probably is actually good for my skin in an internal micro way, but I won't be repurchasing it at that price tag.

  61. Lauren

    Scent not an issue for me, but other than that it had no more impact than spraying tap water on my face. A nice sensation on a hot day, but otherwise a bit pointless. I'm fortunate in having good skin anyway, but I literally found no benefit to using this.

  62. Marina

    Same with you, the smell was too strong. I love herbally scents as they calm me down (I have anxiety like you!) but this was TOO much. I also don't think it has done anything for my skin and won't be repurchasing. I like the concept and I like the dewy glow, but there are other products on the market that do that too at the fraction of the cost (and scent free). Simple do a similar product x

  63. Ellie

    Your photography is beautiful. I've never considered buying a spray, but you make me want to go shopping! I might have to blame you for my lack of money;-) xx

  64. I haven't tried this and not sure I will now.. I use the Lush eau roma water when I'm not wearing any make up and it seems to calm my skin tone down quite a bit – I'm usually prone to redness when I'm in my stuffy office but this stuff keeps that balanced. smells gorgeous and dries quickly too, if you were looking to try a new beauty water I'd recommend it x

  65. ow, what a shame!
    i was considering splashing out on some of this.
    i heard it was like a miracle spray and was really excited but i guess some things are just too good to be true.
    i really appreciate your views zoe as they really do influence me in what i purchase.
    so thank you for saving me dissapointment and a few pennies.
    lots of love, laura xxx

  66. Thanks for sharing this :) I love the Caudalie SOS Serum and wanted to try this, don't think I will buy the full size and waste my money now!


  67. I've tried this and thought exactly the same. I love spraying it on as a refresher or to go over my make up. But it did nothing to my skin e.g. minimizing pores. I quite like the smell though… I found it relaxing ha. I won't be buying it again, but purely because it's so expensive. If it was half the price I may consider it, but I couldn't justify nearly £10, not for the purpose I would use it for.


  68. Its refreshing to see that you are not that fussed by it, I was so close to buying it, but am thinking otherwise now! Have always trusted your reviews!
    I would really appreciate your comments on my blog, and any recommendations and feedback so I can improve:


  69. I was going to get this at Sephora since I was hearing so much. I tried it out and the scent was STRONG so I decided to think it over (thank goodness for testers!). I have combo/oily skin so this is really helpful… we'll see if I see the smaller one a go

  70. Vicky

    This has been an absolute Godsend for me the last week or so with the hot weather. I haven't been using it for long enough to pass comment on whether or not it has super-duper skincare properties but it has settled itself nicely as part of my daily routine and the 30ml bottle will definitely make its way into my kit for refreshing models on set. xx

  71. Yeah I have heard a lot of great reviews I might have to try this product finally<3 thanks for posting your review!

  72. Need to try this but dont know if its just a blogger hype…?

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    Kirsty-Anne x

  73. Having a bit of a re-stalk of your blog, have really come to trust your reviews and have to admit, beautiful product, beautiful packaging but a little over-hyped and not much difference. Shame!

  74. Teiva

    I have tried it out. I just found your post after searching for blogs with posts about this stuff. I think that it may also be making my breakouts worse! Besides that..I don't see a difference either. I will not be buying this again!

  75. Anna

    Thank you so much for your honest review! I hate hypes. haha. but I love facial sprays. i am using the Evian/Avene/La Roche Possay ones. they are all nice but you can't expect wonders from spritzing water on your skin…

  76. Brunaa

    Finally someone that agrees with me! Thank you, the smell is just like how you described it, and I am not noticing any change on my skin.. although as you said again it's a good make up setter, but we can buy i product with that purpose for much less money! I was breaking out also when I was using it and i still am. I will take your advice and stop using it for a while, I didn't even thought that that could be it… And that was a really desapointing buy, because, as Louise always says.. I had high hopes! Love you xxx

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  79. Q.

    It's one of my faves, I have it on my bedside table and spritz it one before turning the light of. It sort of sets my skincare routine and I love to fall asleep to the wonderful aromatherapy scent. :)

  80. I just got my Beauty Elixir through the post, along with my rev de miel lipbalm, and i have to say, the smell of the beauty elixir is not bad at all. It has an incredibly fresh refreshing smell that is full of expensive ingredients and richness. It makes me feel very posh when i put it on my face! Definitely recommend it! The lipbalm is absolutely amazing! As soon as it came through the post, i dabbed a little on my finger to moisten my lips which were incredibly dry, and it immediately made them smooth and soft as cotton!! I love it so much, definitely recommend those two products, seriously girls, these are must haves!

  81. Yup! That's EXACTLY how I felt. I actually just found your site after looking up the Caudalie elixir and the search terms "does it make me break out??" I have been breaking out more than ever lately and I just read somewhere that the Caudalie elixir could very well be the culprit … Well, I got the bottle awhile ago after hearing rave reviews from all over the beauty world (like you) and then kinda just spritzed whenever I felt like it (as you said) and I couldn't really figure out exactly what it DID … although I kinda thought that maybe it was doing something to brighten up my makeup (also like you said). Well, I'm still not totally convinced on the makeup brightening. I do enjoy facial mists but I honestly see better results from those little Evian spray bottles and the UD sprays than this "cult classic." I also love the idea of spraying natural ingredients on my face like this, but I just wish I saw enough results. Oh, and then, also like you, I noticed my breakouts calmed down a lot quicker when I am not using the spray. Mind you, this has all been recently and I was using the spray almost every single day at one point a few weeks ago and I had no idea why I was breaking out so much when in all 26 years of my life I never broke out at all! So , I would just like to say 1). I am so glad I found your blog and 2). I am happy I'm not the only one who doesn't exactly realize why people go so crazy over this stuff. But, again, to each her own and we all have different skin types and different skin needs, so of course it won't work for just anyone. Thanks for this review!


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