Top to bottom: Powder Room, Clueless, Hedonist

Topshop Lipstick Crayons £7*

Next up in the Topshop Makeup “series”, is the Lipstick Crayons/Pencils or however else you’d like to name them. I don’t see these talked about as much as the actual lipsticks, and I guess that could be because lipsticks are more likely to be favoured over them. Unlike the lipsticks in the Topshop makeup range, these offer a matte finish. I enjoy applying these, as the longer, slimmer packaging allows you to get more precision, almost like you are colouring in your lips with a chubby pencil. They are long lasting and have great pigmentation. If you prefer to wear matte colours on your lips as opposed to something a little more moisturising or frosty, these will be perfect for you. I don’t often opt for a matte lip as I much prefer something a little more moisturising on my lips as they are quite dry but sometimes matte lips can look much more effective, and tend to last a lot longer. Although they are matte, they are still very creamy and go on like a dream. Let’s also not forget the cute packaging! I absolutely love Topshop packaging, and these are so nifty just to throw in your handbag/clutch and be on your way. 

The only thing about these that I don’t like, is that you have to sharpen them in order to get more product once it’s worn down. Although i’m sure it’s not a major fault for most of you, it’s just one less thing you really want to do when you could just grab a lipstick and twist it up, no hassle. It certainly won’t stop me using them, as I love to pop a little bit of lipgloss on top to give them a much shinier finish, and be on my way. I’m a particular fan of the orange one (Hedonist) but then does that really surprise you? ;)

Do you own any of these? What do you think of lip crayons in general?

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  1. Romzs

    I love all of your Topshop makeup reviews! Powder Room looks lovely! x

  2. Tori

    i haven't tried these yet as i was a bit worried about them clinging to dry patches but as it's no longer winter (although it hardly seems like summer is here) i might give them a try

    ibought infrared lipstick on your recommendation and loved it so i might give hedonist a go!

    love your reviews


  3. I like the sound of these as they are more matte, and sometimes I really like that look on myself. I always have been impressed with the Topshop make-up so I think im going to give these a go :)

    Jess x

  4. Gua

    "but then does that really surprise you?" that's the first thing I noticed when I saw the pictures.

    I love these, they look great. PLUS I love matte lipstick :)

    I hate that when you sharpen ANYTHING (lip/eye liner, jumbo pencil) you are throwing product away, that's why I'd rather go for a retractile liner, or lipstick in this case…

    xoxo from Argentina!

  5. Sophie

    I've never tried a lip crayon but have always thought the colours looked really lovely every time I went into Topshop! I think the only thing that would put me off is that fact that they are more drying, however I think I can look past that purely for the pretty colours!x

  6. Ooh I really like the orange one! Whenever I see these in Topshop they only have like one or two colours on display, which is weird. Might go pick one of these up if I can find them :)! xxx

  7. Susmi

    All three shades look gorgeous! I've only ever tried the Topshop Nail Polishes so these are defo on my wish list! But I have tried lip crayons before from other brands. I found one lip crayon from a particular brand very difficult to sharpen so I never purchased it again.

    Thanks for another great post Zoe! xx

  8. Alex

    The colours you have are beautiful :)
    I was never even curious about Topshop makeup until you started this series of blog posts and now I can feel my purse calling me!

  9. Jenna

    I don't own any of these or any lip crayons yet, but I love wearing a matte lip so I'm going to look more into these!

    That's so Fletch

    xo, Jay

  10. Alice

    I've never tried lip crayons before, but I've always liked the look of the TopShop ones. This post was really helpful and I'll think I'll definitely be trying some now :) What brand of pencil sharpener do you use for them? xx

  11. They are SO pretty :) love the pink ones xx

  12. Nina

    I haven't tried these yet, I keep wanting to order some of these and the lipsticks online but with their colours they tend to look very different once you've actually applied them so I'm counting down the days until I'm back in the UK to head to TopShop. Your review has convinced me that I need to try the orange one out the most (orange lipsticks are my Achilles hell).

  13. Kim

    I have one of these in Coy, I was so excited to try it but it turned out to look really dry on my lips and came off quite quickly!

    I am definitely more of a creamy lipstick girl.

  14. Annyss

    i adore Topshop makeup line. I wanted to try their lipsticks for a while but not sure what holds me back. :p I hate sharpening any jumbo pencil, always ended up melting them down into a pot.

  15. Sophie

    I'm always scared to try lipsticks beacause my lips seem to react badly to anything I use that's not Vaseline or Carmex! However, I do like to add a little color so I think I might give one of these a go, "Powder Room" is not too bright and seeing as I'm not brave enough to go for anything too bold I think that will be the one I buy. I have prom next week and have been on the look out for a pretty pink lipstick so this may be the perfect shade. Great post and review, thanks :)

  16. im absolutely loving everything in the topshop make-up range :)

  17. Noush

    I need to try it !

  18. I have to move over to Greatbritain. There are so many interesting Brands and such e wide range of different make up. Here in Switzerland everything is quite expensiv and the selection is very limited. The crayons are looking great! naalita

  19. Love the look of Powder Room! Thanks for the review :)

  20. I love them :) I have two!

  21. Jen

    They all look lovely. My fave would be the pale pink. I really need to try an orange shade on my lips though, since you rave about them so much :) xx

  22. Zoe

    I much prefer these as im not much of a lipstick person(hate having to reapply!). The colours are gorgeous. x

  23. I never have much luck with crayons! But these are so intriquing! :)

  24. Emma

    I have gone in the shop and swatched these on my hand. They are so smooth. I really this orangey colour but I cant dare to right now. Maybe seeing you wear them more often I ll be able to try it. It looks fab on you btw

  25. Yeah, sharpening is a hassle but I think I'd definitely still try one of these out! Packaging is so cute and the colors are great. :)

  26. Jordan

    The hedonist one looks lovely! These are quite similar to Clinique chubby sticks except not with the hefty price tag! :) x

  27. Julia

    I really love Topshop's makeup packaging. I do love the colours too. It's such a shame that the only Topshop store in Australia is in Melbourne, which inconveniently is not where I live! Love this post!

  28. Great review, i love each colour that you picked out! Hedonist is my favourite out of the selection you purchased though, it's stunning. I am still yet to try the topshop makeup, i just wish the store nearby had a wider selection! I'm pretty sure all they sell is the nail varnishes :/

    Lots of Love, Ana

  29. Sophie

    I've got 'Hedonist' and i absolutely love it! I don't find myself reaching for it a lot as it's such a bright colour and they still scare me a little bit but i absolutely love it! I really want to try out more wearable day time colours. Lovely little review! XO

  30. I really like Powder Room, I also gave Coy. I would love to add Clueless to my collection. Looks so pretty. x

  31. I don't like to sharpen pencils, a lot of product gets wasted.These are gorgeous colors…I am now in a matte lipstick phase so I'll definitely check this out.

  32. I have both clueless and Powder Room!!!! I really love Powder room, its a great colour, go with most looks and lasts! However I find it hard to wear clueless, but I'm still trying :)

    As far as lip crayons go, I do really like these Topshop ones,

    Zow xxxx

  33. I never try lip crayons yet. I usually use Topshop makeup product; cream blush and eye liners. It's really great product. Anyway I will try crayons some. :P

  34. i have never tried these but think ill give them a shot.
    i love lipstick so not sure id replace my lipstick EVER but would love to test these bad boys out

    Happy Wednesday Girly!

  35. Pins

    Great post, Dollface.
    Much love, Pins. X

  36. Laura

    I had a lip crayon from zeova. it's was terrible. I am not going to try these because of my bad experiences :/ Guess I prefer the lipsticks from topshop (even so nevada doesn't work for me as well)

  37. I have a few of the ELF lip crayons which I love & the shades are gorgeous, but they are a bit drying. These look lovely, although I do wish you could twist them up! XO.

  38. I love how all of these look! They look so colourful. You got me into orange. Could you do a post in favorite orange lip products? <3 I love your blog!

  39. Meg

    I love this so much! could you show us a picture of you wearing the Hedonist one! you really suit orange!!! :) thanks!!! xxx

  40. I love the topshop make up, it's gorgeous! I just wish I could afford it :(
    Love your blog zoe! :)


  41. I LOVE topshop makeup! I really want to get powder room; it looks beaut! (: x

  42. I've never tried lip pencils as I'm never sure they'll look good… Apparently they do though, so I'll be headed to Topshop come the weekend! <3

  43. Katie

    The orange one looks lovely! I hadn't actually thought you trying them but I might bob out and get one once I'm paid (: <3

  44. These look amazing! Strange how everyone is talking about the lipsticks but not these! They look so good, I definitely need to try them! The colour pigmentation looks perfect! xx

  45. Wow these are so pretty! I may have to try these out as I love lip pencils!

  46. Emily

    I love these crayons!

  47. i own hedonistic or the orange one and i love it, may branch out and get the others as well as they look really nice as well.
    have you tried lilac lipstick ive forgotten the name :P by topshop it looks like a scary lilac colour but its actually really really nice on the lips

  48. oh my gosh, how nifty!
    personally, i really love clinique's lip pencils. they're colorful as well as moisturizing, and they have a pretty good lasting power!


  49. ooooohh these look so pretty,i do love lipsticks but i think these look lovely and i really love the colours+im a bit of a sucker for topshop packaging its just soo cute:-)xxxx

  50. Right! I'll have to get my self one of these! I had a crayon lipstick at a younger age, and it was the best lipstick I've had!! super durable.
    Thanks for the tip!

  51. Cate

    I've got the light pink powder room one and because my lips are so dry I just find it looks horrible on my lips :( I need something more moisturising, although that orange colour is really drawing me in!xx

  52. I have Coy and I love the colour but it's just too drying for my lips :(

  53. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and place a big topshop makeup order online!

  54. Love these. I was worried about trying one to begin with as I knew they were matte but they look lovely on. Great post.


  55. L

    I have Powder Room and it's great because you don't have to do much layering to get coverage.
    Love using a Revlon Lip Butter on top too! xx

  56. I have always wondered if there is any significant difference between these and the lipsticks… I do like matte finishes but I am one of those lazy people who cant be bothered with the sharpening- things like this always seem to keep snapping on me haha! :(

    Frances xx

  57. Erin

    I've never tried a lip crayon before, the only thing similar I can think of is the Clinique Chubby Stick, but those aren't very pigmented. I love the color Powder Room you have on here!

  58. Ooo they look great. I love the two top pink colours. Such a shame we don't have a topshop here or i would definitely be testing them out:) xx

  59. Those look so cute! I love pencils! I really enjoy the colors you chose!


  60. They sound wonderful, I'm from Australia and since your reviews I'm seriously considering splurging on a online purchase of topshop makeup.

  61. Rola

    I am really into lip crayons recently, but I like the self sharpening kind.

  62. I tried one of these in store a little while back on the back of my hand and it was so creamy and easy to apply. I was only there to pick up an eyeliner though so I left it, but I think I need to go back! I agree with the sharpening though, that could potentially be annoying. great post. x

  63. Emma

    I hate that my local topshop doesn't stock their make-up line :(
    It means I have to travel 45minutes just so I can lust after these pencils, as well as everything else!

  64. such beautiful colors. And its a plus that they are matte. The color payoff looks great. But alas we dont have a Topshop in Pakistan but i would love to try these!

  65. Loving you Topshop make up reviews, I am yet to try any but I can't see that lasting much longer!

  66. Hi !
    Uhm this is just a random question; could you film more makeup tutorials for your youtube?

  67. Hi Zoe,
    I'm wondering what do you use to sharpen them?? Do you sharpen the plastic parts as well?

    x Karen

  68. :)

    glad to see a blogger review these! i was so undecided about buying them until i saw this review! thanks :)

  69. Gem

    The orangey one looks fab, I have a sharpener that can take chunky pencils so that would be an issue for me but I suppose it isn't easy if you are out and it is blunt x

  70. I love these!
    But I get what you mean about sharpening, I had an accident with mine and a sharpener that turned out to be too big… and now it's all jaggedy!


  71. I hadn't ever really considered using these but seeing them swatched, the pink and the orange look really beautiful and bold. May have to give them a go :)


  72. Loving all ur reviews

  73. need to get myself some of these! :) x

  74. I've been loving a matte lip lately, it just makes the colour much more vibrant! I love the NYX's soft matte lip creams for summer, they last a long time on the lips. The orange one looks fierce! :)

  75. Meh, I wish that we have a Top shop store here in Bulgaria too. Now I see that there are so much cool stuff!

  76. I have never used lipstick crayons… But I'll be glad to try this out ^^

  77. I wish I lived in England so I could get a hang of these! I'm a fan of these pencil crayon type lip products that have been popping up as of late!

  78. WY

    ooh, these look amazing, I love all three of 'em! I wish I was living in the UK, then at least I don't have to pay the shipping fees -.- x
    Raves 'nd Ramblings

  79. I have just recently popped my Topshop Makeup cherry and I have to say… I LOVE it! It's so affordable which I was really surprised by if you compare the price of their cosmetics to the price of their clothes and they are a really good quality too! Check out my blog as I'll be adding a review of a couple of Topshop items soon! :)

    Love Elle xo

  80. BECCA

    absolutely love these topshop lip crayons! such a holy grail product for me – can't wait to get my hands on the bright pink one! x

  81. They look lovely! :)
    I am obsessed with Topshop at the moment, most my items to blog about that are upcoming seem to be Topshop themed, oops!

  82. Emily

    Definitely going to invest in these! The colours are lovely! Its sometimes hard to find long lasting lip products so I will try them! Thankyou:) xx

  83. I really like the colours of a lot of these but i find they sometimes make my lips look a bit chalky :( maybe i should try using a lip primer. What do you think?

    Please follow my new blog

  84. I've never tried these but I love Topshop lipsticks so I might give them a shot :)

  85. i love all your blogs about topshop makeup because i love there make up and they have a great colour range and varity of products. often i feel over whelmed on what to pick so your blogs really help me decide what to get and see what colours instead of haveing to have swatches all over my hand. love your blog <3 xx :*

  86. I have one of these in the shade coy, it's such a gorgeous peachy colour, but it is quite drying which I'm not keen on!
    Eleanor x

  87. I could never use a orange lipstick, because as I have ginger hair, I thin it may clash a little;)haha

  88. i have powder room <3 xx

  89. Zoey, I love your reviews so much! Especially these Topshop ones haha might have to go out and buy these lipstick crayons.

  90. Mia

    I don't always use lip crayons buuuut they look soooo damn great! (don't mind the language haha :D)

    Thanks for sharing with us!
    By the way, highly recommend topshop products!

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  92. I really LOVE these!!
    I went to London in august and as I am from the Netherlands and we don't have a Topshop there, my friend and I went completely NUTS at Topshop!
    We lost it, over it's make-up and especially the lip crayons/lipsticks!
    I will deffinetly come back for these baby's!

    p.s. good thing to know that it is possible to sharpen them. (had a small heart attack when I thought I could never use them again.. silly me) :)|

    really enjoy reading your blog Zoe! It's one of the things I look forward reading or watching every week!

    love, Romy

  93. Might have to head to Topshop and pick up one of these!

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  96. Those look so bright! I will have to try these! I know what you mean about sharpening! That is so annoying because as soon as you get it right where you want it, you use it and lose the perfect point that you created. I hate that! Love your makeup tips though!
    Timepiece Perfection

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  99. i love you so much your my favourite person ever you help me when im upset and i just love watching you❤️

  100. lillie

    I used to have the orange one from top shop and I used to were that every day for about three month’s until it started getting into winter and autumn and I went of it. also probably by what I’ve just said has made you realise that I like them even though I do go off them around this time off year and then I don’t go back on to them until spring

  101. I have seen these and I will have to give them a try! I love your blog and your videos a lot. I have watched every video and you are the one who inspired me to start a blog! I see your vlogs and think If we knew each other in real life we would make awesome friends! We seriously have the same humor and personality its ind of weird actually! Anyways love all that you do, you’re awesome!