Stila Convertible Colour “Lillium” (pink) and “Gladiola” (orange) £16

After using and loving the Topshop Blushes, I wanted to dip my finger a little further into the world of cream blush. When buying my beloved Stila Palette earlier this month, I also picked up these convertible colours from the Stila stand in Boots. I’d heard some great things about these on various other blogs but had never really had access to a Stila to see them up close before now. In a nutshell, they are GORGEOUS and now I want more.

I picked up Lillium which is a pretty muted pink and Gladiola which is a vibrant orange. These can be used on both the cheeks and as lipsticks and I have used them both ways. As a blush, they are beautiful. They blend well, they are easy to apply, they don’t leave you looking patchy after an hour and they are just really pretty colours. I also love that they give a lot more of a sheen than the Topshop blushes, as these don’t dry to a matte powder, which gives a much more dewy, healthy look. Perfect for the summer! They don’t come off too pigmented with a light application, but can easily be built up for more impact (if that’s the look you are going for). They are marketed as a sheer, translucent colour, so don’t let the bright colour in the compact put you off. I apply these as a blush with my fingers mostly, or I have found a stippling brush to be quite effective also. As a lipstick, I wasn’t bowled over. They apply quite sheer over the pigment of my lips, and sat in any dry areas, leaving me looking slightly messy. Some areas seemed to be more opaque than others. Having said this, they are such lovely colours, I just think they work better on the cheeks than on the lips. If you have perfectly hydrated lips, these will probably look great on you, as they feel more of a balm than a lipstick when applying and leave a pretty glaze.

Another thing I love about these, is the packaging. I am quite the sucker for a pretty compact, and this IS a pretty compact. Easy to sling in your makeup bag and a mirror for on the go. I think i’m going to reach for these a lot during the sunnier months as they instantly make you appear glowy, healthy and more radiant than a powder would. They’d look so pretty on those of you who prefer a much more natural look too. I can imagine on days where you just throw on some tinted moisturiser, and apply a few coats of mascara, these would also be the perfect makeup item. Just pop a few dabs on your cheeks and on your lips and you’re good to go.

Do you own any Stila Covertible Colours? Is there anything else from the Stila makeup range you think i’d love as much as these and the palette?

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  1. The packaging is gorgeous!! Ive never tried cream blushes before not sure how it would work with my skin as i can be quite oily!

  2. These look and sound amazing, the shades you have are gorgeous! xx

  3. They look and sound amazing, the colours you have are gorgeous! x

  4. Rachel

    these are both really pretty colour. lillium is my favourite. i've been looking for something like this for my summer holiday and i'm definitely going to try this out :) thanks for the review :) x

  5. ooooh these look lovely,i think they are both stunning but gladiola is beautiful(i have an orange fetish too!)i agree the packaging is nice and compact and very pretty,i havent used many cram blushers before and these are a little pricey but they may just jump into my basket when im in boots:D i also think its great theyre multiuse,you just cant beat a two in one product

  6. Can't wait to try these, especially Gladiola and Poppy! I'm a sucker for cream blushes. xx

  7. Lillium has been on my wishlist for a while, can't wait to finally purchase it after reading your review :) Also I never realised before but the packaging is sooo cute!! Do all the compacts match the colour I wonder?? :)

  8. Jordan

    Those look truly amazing! I love a good compact, especially when it comes with a mirror!But at 16 pounds I think I'll have to stick with my topshop blush :) x

  9. awww i love the packaging!

  10. I spied these the other day and fell in love with the orange shade, the price tag of £16 dis out me off though. Woooh for Boots points. Ha! X

  11. The Gladiola looks fab but I couldn't get away with it, I'll have to have a look at the Lillium colour! xx

  12. Oh! These look so pretty. I still have not tried any of the stila convertable colours, but I must say the Illamasqua ones are amazing! You should try them out! xo

  13. Hayley

    I love these, lillium is my favourite :) x

  14. I really want to try these! There is a Stila counter in my local Boots, but I am always hesitant at the price if I haven't seen a raving review. I would say this counts as raving :D

  15. Wow these look lovely! Love these colours for summer.

  16. stila makes THE cutest little blush compacts! and i really love the creaminess of them, as well! i just wish they weren't so expensive :( you get what you pay for, i guess — because they're really great quality!


  17. I haven't tried any Stila blushes but now I must! Lillium is gorgeous! xx

  18. I have this in Poppy. I love it as a blush, it is easy to blend and is long lasting. I feel the same way about using them as a lipstick, they are quite sheer and do dry the lips a bit. It is still a great buy.

    xo Natasha

  19. I really love it !!

  20. G

    they look so yummy!

  21. Sara

    The packaging is so sweet! It's nice to see a company that, unlike others such as MAC, actually invests in the appearance of their products.
    I love the orangey colour, I'm sure it will look pretty on olive skin in the Summer!

  22. L

    oh wow these look so good! i am yet to try any stila products, but seeing posts from both you & louise is tempting me to make a purchase! i also don't think i'm brave enough to try out any orange colours yet, but i always swatch orange lipsticks whenever i'm in boots/superdrug thanks to you! hopefully i'll pluck up the courage to try them properly one day :)

    L x

  23. I love these! I have one in the colour Petunia, which is a gorgeous pink. I love the fact that these are more glowy than my other cream blushes. Love the orange shade!

  24. im going shopping tomorrow to get some of the topshop blushers since so many bloggers have been raving about them but maybe i will try and get my hands on one of these too! i loved your's and sprinkle of glitters videos on youtube about your stila palettes and really enjoy reading your blog!

  25. Hayley

    I've been eyeing these up on the ASOS website, I love the packaging and the pretty colours x

  26. Joy

    Thanks for the reviews! I'll definitely have to see if I can find these!

  27. Shabna

    I got Gladiola and I must admit I did think "ohhh zoe would love this colour!". I think you just missed the TK Maxx Stila wave haha they had packs of stila goodies and a lot of them had the blushes in the pack. The packs had like 3 things in them and were around £7.99 which is such a bargain! They're probably still there to be honest! You should def check it out x

  28. I've been wanting to try out a cream brush and some Stila products!! perfect! x

  29. I was eyeing these up in boots earlier today! Really itching to try these now!

  30. Jen27

    Both of these are gorgeous! Lillium looks like the perfect "go-with-anything" pink, and Gladiola looks like an excellent pop of colour. I have a Convertible Colour in Gerbera, which is a pinky coral. It's one of my all-time favourite cream blushes and it's perfect for summer!

  31. Laura

    Oh wow, beautiful colours and i LOVEEE the packaging! x

  32. Beth

    I want to try these but I'm a bit of a amateur when it comes to cream blushes! I've never used one and probably would cock it up!


  33. I haven´t try any Stila products, we can´t find them in Spain!!! thanks for the review it´s useful!

  34. Jen

    These look gorgeous. I wish the Boots by me sold Stilla! xx

  35. These look great! I especially like that pink one, looks like the perfect summer blush!

  36. These look great! I especially love the pink one! great for summer!

  37. Sarah

    Lillium looks so pretty! x

  38. L

    Ohh I adore Gladiola! I've been looking for something similar to the Revlon Lipbutter in Tutti Frutti that lasts a bit longer! I know what I'll be testing out at Ulta tomorrow thanks loadsss


  39. I got the Stila One Step bronzing serum in the June Birchbox. I really liked it for contouring. I does have a little shimmer to it which I'm not crazy about but since it's summer I'm just going to go with it. These convertible color cream blush things seem pretty. Next time I am in Sephora, I'll give it a try.

  40. Lisa

    Looks amazing, and the packaging is so cute!

  41. I completely agree with you on the look of Stila products, they are always so gorgeous! The only Stila items I own however, have been items that were given to me on my birthday and such, I never have the guts to indulge myself (the way I probably should!) and so I totally miss out on super cute products like this! Your review has pretty much convinced me into going online and ordering some! :) The packaging reminds me of Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush!

    Thank you for the lovely review Zoe, your time is appreciated!

  42. Thanks for the update. i have always wanted to try cream blush but havent really known how to use it. Do you apply it over your foundation and powder?

  43. They look great! The compact is adorable, I can imagine you reached straight for the orange when you saw them.

  44. Those colours are amazing, so perfect for summer time, if we ever get one! xx

  45. I really want to try Lillium!

  46. Jansku

    Hey :)
    What software do you use for editing your videos? Luv your youtube channel <3

  47. Really want to try these out now!! x

  48. They are gorgeous! Love the pink color :) xx

  49. Susmi

    The Lillium shade looks gorgeous! I like the Gladiola shade too- I love orange shades. But I probably wouldn't use it as a blush though xx

  50. I have never really tried cream blushes, think I need to give them a go!

    That pink colour looks gorgeous and I love the packaging :)

  51. These look lovely. I must admit I've been leaning towards cream blushers. I recently picked up the stila palette and I love it so much!


  52. I dont own anything Stila but I'm really interested in picking up a few products. These look gorgeous and I'd love to try using them as a blush! x

  53. I really want to try these out!
    Just have to decide on wich colour i want to buy :)

  54. I used to adore these! So glad Stila is back. Time to re-stock my pro kit i think! Thanks x

  55. HSK

    I've been scoping these out for a while now, partly just because of the beautiful packaging! Lillium is such an amazing colour – its definitely on my wish list :D

  56. karime

    If anyone's tried it, can you tell me which color works better on olive skin?

  57. karime

    If anyone has trid them would you be able to tell me which one would be best on olive skin?

  58. karime

    If anyone's tried it, can you tell me which color works better on olive skin?

  59. QUESTION: as a lipstick, does it dry out? or does it maintain the same dewiness as they do as a blush?

  60. Emmy

    I have tried a cream blusher in the past and it made me look like a 6yr old who had raided their mum's make up! :/

  61. I find it so dfficult to apply my topshop blushers but I recently purchased a mac 168 brush and it gives a really nice natural finish, thanks zoe:) x

  62. I love the look of the orange one. I don't normally go for orange make up but I might have to treat myself to this xx

  63. Mia

    I seriously love the fact that you can use these products for both lips and as a blush. The colours are gorgeous and I first thought they would be highly pigmented but noope.
    I will deffinitely buy them next time!

    Thank you xxx

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