Stila Convertible Colour “Lillium” (pink) and “Gladiola” (orange) £16

After using and loving the Topshop Blushes, I wanted to dip my finger a little further into the world of cream blush. When buying my beloved Stila Palette earlier this month, I also picked up these convertible colours from the Stila stand in Boots. I’d heard some great things about these on various other blogs but had never really had access to a Stila to see them up close before now. In a nutshell, they are GORGEOUS and now I want more.

I picked up Lillium which is a pretty muted pink and Gladiola which is a vibrant orange. These can be used on both the cheeks and as lipsticks and I have used them both ways. As a blush, they are beautiful. They blend well, they are easy to apply, they don’t leave you looking patchy after an hour and they are just really pretty colours. I also love that they give a lot more of a sheen than the Topshop blushes, as these don’t dry to a matte powder, which gives a much more dewy, healthy look. Perfect for the summer! They don’t come off too pigmented with a light application, but can easily be built up for more impact (if that’s the look you are going for). They are marketed as a sheer, translucent colour, so don’t let the bright colour in the compact put you off. I apply these as a blush with my fingers mostly, or I have found a stippling brush to be quite effective also. As a lipstick, I wasn’t bowled over. They apply quite sheer over the pigment of my lips, and sat in any dry areas, leaving me looking slightly messy. Some areas seemed to be more opaque than others. Having said this, they are such lovely colours, I just think they work better on the cheeks than on the lips. If you have perfectly hydrated lips, these will probably look great on you, as they feel more of a balm than a lipstick when applying and leave a pretty glaze.

Another thing I love about these, is the packaging. I am quite the sucker for a pretty compact, and this IS a pretty compact. Easy to sling in your makeup bag and a mirror for on the go. I think i’m going to reach for these a lot during the sunnier months as they instantly make you appear glowy, healthy and more radiant than a powder would. They’d look so pretty on those of you who prefer a much more natural look too. I can imagine on days where you just throw on some tinted moisturiser, and apply a few coats of mascara, these would also be the perfect makeup item. Just pop a few dabs on your cheeks and on your lips and you’re good to go.

Do you own any Stila Covertible Colours? Is there anything else from the Stila makeup range you think i’d love as much as these and the palette?

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