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♥ In Starbucks with Louise ♥ Lovely Milly sent me the Bourjois nail remover pot ♥ American Apparel Neon nail polish ♥ Making notes

♥ My 4 current favourite cd’s (Ellie Goulding, Eliza Doolittle, Two Door Cinema Club and Darwin Deez) ♥ Zara Order ♥ What I ordered ♥ Pamper evening with my brother (@Joe_Sugg)

♥ Dinner at Frankie and Bennys with my boyfriend ♥ Marshmallow and Chocolate Pop Tart ♥ Strawberries ♥ McDonalds Breakfast

♥ Louise and I changed our laptop wallpapers (dishy) ♥ Outfit ♥ Photo sesh featuring Louise and her sister Tiyana – who has just started on YouTube, check out her channel HERE ♥ Baby G gets involved

  1. I LOVE these type of posts! That neon nail polish is raaaddd!

  2. Hi Zoey, just thought I'd let you know your blog is what inspired me to make mine! :) I love your youtubes and all your hauls, they always end up in me going out shopping!
    Hope you're well :)

  3. LWS

    I love that Zara shirt, totally have it too but it pees me off as the buttons on the sleeves always pop undone!! Drives me mad. Will have to sew some better buttons on. xo

  4. Lots of yummy food I see you have there Zoe!
    Check out my new and updated blog? (If you wanna!)

  5. Ksenia

    Wonderful photos.

  6. I love those shirts!! Think I may have to pay a visit to Zara! xx

  7. looks like you've had a good few weeks! love your new Zara tops & baby glitter is just too cute! x

  8. That nail polish! I need in my life xx

  9. That neon nail varnish is INCREDIBLE! x

  10. ahh your brother is so fine zoe! lovely photo collection, please carry these on lovely:D.

  11. Do you think louise would mind if i borrowed baby glitter… Forever? Such a cutie!

  12. Megan

    You always take really lovely pictures!!! I wish I could, my instagram
    Photos aren't much to look at!!!! Xxxxx ly Zoe!!!!!

  13. Rachel

    mmm i love pop tarts. you neon nail varnish is amazing! :) x

  14. Evie

    loved how you styled the disco pants! and the orange nail polish you spoke about in your vlog has definitely bagged a place on my shopping list for this month! xo

  15. That neon American Apparel nail polish is AMAZING! so so bright, love it!

    Karen Joanne xx

  16. Steph

    Ah i love these posts, i'm such a nosey parker! I love your outfit too with the Zara shirt! :) xo

  17. i love darwin deez and two door cinema club!

  18. OMG I love Instagram. I am like, obsessed. I'm going to try and find you so I can follow you!


  19. Your music taste seems great!

  20. 010

    been addicted to insta post

  21. I love the Zara shirts! Makes me want to go back there and get more cute little blouses.

  22. Sophie

    I love that shirt! Too bad I'm on a spending ban. Blog are not good for me. Not good at all.
    Also, major appreciation on your music tastes. I love Two Door Cinema club. I actually write about music so I might have to check out the other two.
    Zoe you are gorgeous!

  23. Love these kind of posts :) Especially love the neon nail polish! :D x

  24. Emma

    Aaah, I'm such a nosey bugger, I love blog posts like these!
    Those shirts are lovely. I haven't looked in Zara for a while now, but I may have to now :- ) I haven't bought any blouses in ages!

    That photo of you and your brother is brilliant haha My brother's 13 and probably kick me if I even suggested we had a 'pamper evening'. Bloody rubbish!

    Have a lovely day, sweetie!
    Xx. Emma (Hell&Milk)

  25. Joy

    Love the instagram pics! Love the mustache t-shirt!

  26. maya

    Fun week and totally love those blouses <3

  27. omg those neon nails are fab!

  28. Eve

    Those pics look great zoe! xxx

  29. Haha, the one picture of Harry is so ridiculous! xx

  30. Daria

    Love your weeks in photos, I think you should do it more often ;) You looked amazing with the disco pants, also in the new video! Outfit post/video please? :) xxx

  31. Lovely photos :) x

  32. Lacey

    I ned that nail varnish in my life. It is beautiful :). Yours and Louise's friendship is really cute :)

  33. It seems like you have had so much fun for the past week! :) Love your Zara order, the blouses are very pretty!

    Lots of Love, Ana

  34. Laura

    Great photos! x

  35. zoe you always take such amazing photos. im loving the neon nails and the zara shirts! also loving your more regular posting now :) woop

  36. Roxy

    aw cute last picture with baby G! x

  37. Anesa

    Nice photos =) The neon nail polish looks really great =)

  38. Jordan

    Lovely good quality photos. I love your blog so much I only discovered it yesterday and I almost read through the entire thing! Your posts are really good quality and you say what's on your mind. By the way thanks for doing that video with sprinkle of glitter on blogging tips,that's really going to help my blog! I'm a happy blogger and I only have 5 followers and I've never been contacted by a PR company. So I thank you and sprinkle of glitter lots and lots and lots! :) x

  39. Emily

    Love the bottom outfit!

  40. Kar*

    nice post! :)
    I love the wallpapers :D

  41. Vicki

    Love those shirts from Zara! And omg you took your time trying poptarts, they're fantastic!! Everyone should try them x

  42. Lauren

    I LOVE those new laptop backgrounds ;) xxxx

  43. Katie

    I love these little 'picture diary' type things (: I hope you keep doing more <3

  44. Cesca

    I loveeeee that Zara shirt! I'm already on the Zara website looking for it :)

  45. Ohoho, in the States we call those marshmallow-chocolate pop tarts "S'mores Pop Tarts" – I'm kind of sad they don't call them that in the UK :-/

  46. Love this post! Wish I had instagram -.- joe is just finneeeeee! love your pictures and clothes zoe!


  47. Clobo

    hi zoe :) i just wanted to say i love your blog and it inspired me to have a go myself! would love for you to have a look at what i have so far and maybe follow if you like it so far :)
    also i love the pictures – the nail varnish looks so good! x

  48. I love these instagram collages, I'm definitely going to have to start doing them :) I also bought the No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water after reading your review the other day, I'm loving it so far, especially since it was so cheap with my £5 voucher :)

    I just started up my blog today and I'm taking part in Louise's "7 things for 7 days" challenge, I'd love it if anyone wanted to pop by and have a look:

  49. i finally started an instagram diary :)
    love that you do this too!
    thought i was weird for sharing whats already been shared lol.

  50. Really like these posts! Love the use of instagram on blogs :)

  51. How lovely Darcy!

  52. Neon nailsss!!!! <3 lavely! x

  53. sdoc

    i really love the shirts from Zara…you have inspired me to pop into town and try these on. Not my usual style but i fancy a bit of a change ;)

  54. Hi Zoe! Amazing pics! Yesterday I found a Video of you and Louise and I'm just so exited about your videos and your blog. You have a new follower =) naalita

  55. Hi! I've read your blogs and watched your videos for ages and love them so much! you're so pretty and I ADORE your hair :P please come and read my blog? I've only just started and so need some help to make it pick up speed a bit hahah xxx

  56. lovely pics again..:) and ellie golding is absolutely gorgeous!! <3

  57. Love those shirts Zoe! The white one looked gorgeous in the video with Louise and Tiyana. That neon nail polish too … WOW!! I love it!! Xx.

  58. Amazing pics :)

  59. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx


  60. becky.

    love the yellow nails! i've never really liked neon but it's growing on me now, might have to snatch up a few neon nail polishes xx

  61. LOVE the neon yellow nails!!

  62. would die for that neon polish. I'm having my friend bring over the Barry M ones from london now. Cant get them where I live sad sad sad

  63. I love watching your videos <3 you seem so fun and happy! And I also love your taste in music! I saw Two Door Cinema Club and Darwin Deez performing live last summer and they were freaking amazing <3

  64. love the shirts from zara, so pretty xo

  65. Mia

    Can I just say I LOVE neon nail polishes??? They're the best in my opinion, and very inspirational way of showing us your instagram pics, nice! :)

  66. David Taylor

    Great post!!!