GlossyBox £10 per month + P&P*

This month, GlossyBox wanted you to channel your sexy summer style. They included products which could cover your every summer need, to ensure that you are beach beautiful. I’m not overly sure I can really tell that this is where GlossyBox was going with the theme this month, as it is quite a broad spectrum of products which could fall into any category. It could just be that the sun is not out but I’m not really feeling the summery vibe! If the sun could just hop on over to the UK for a few weeks, I’d like that a lot. ;)

Included in the box:

GlossyBox Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush – Although I love that this is a customised brush, this was probably the most disappointing item in the whole box. I love the sleek black design, but the quality is not so great. It feels very coarse and shed all over my face. I think it will ideal for popping in your makeup bag for on the go touch ups but as far as everyday makeup application, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this too much. I also don’t really feel it’s worth the £15 rrp price tag. Sorry GB! 

Clean Start By Dermalogica Day/Night 3-step Kit – On a slightly more positive note, this I was highly impressed by. Clean Start is a brand I have been sent samples of before, but at the time, didn’t need, as I was happy with my skincare regime, so I gave it to my brother of which he thoroughly enjoyed using and noticed dramatic results in terms of clearer skin. Although I won’t be using this myself (as i’m happy with what i’m currently using) I think my brother will grab this from me and be super happy with it. It’s fool proof for a guy or even if you are after a simple new skincare regime and have quite troublesome skin, I’d definitely advise you look into this! 

Yves Rocher France Mini Mascara Ultra-Volume Sexy Pulp – Phewph! What a mouthful. I was excited to see a little mascara sample in the GlossyBox, as I had previously fallen in love with the mascara provided in the December box and i’m always up for trying and finding new magic eye wands (that’s mascara in beauty blogger terms). This mascara retails for £16 so I’d put that in the higher end category. When I first unscrewed the lid, and what was revealed to me was possibly the biggest mascara brush head I ever laid eyes on, a wave of disappointment crept over me. I have quite small eyes, and so anything that is wider than my eye, is always going to be one messy, panda-eyed fail. (I stupidly didn’t take a photo of this, but if you search for it online i’m sure you’ll find it). Regardless of the size, the mascara is BRILLIANT. My lashes look separated (no 3-lashes-in-a-clumpy-mess business), volumised and longer. It is definitely going to take me a while to master the massive brush and attempt to get no black splodges on my eyelids, but once I do, I think I could really love this mascara. 

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer – If you have been reading my blog for a while, or if you are a (creepily) massive Zoella fan (haha), then you will know that my love for my Bare Minerals Faux Tan Loose Bronzer runs very deep. You may think that using a loose powder for bronzer spells disaster, but it doesn’t, it’s actually very easy and leaves a very nice effect on the skin. I’ve yet to use this bronzer, but if it’s anything like Faux Tan by BE then I’m sure to love it. It’s also the perfect size for travelling. 

Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream Stick – I am definitely no fan of foundation cream sticks, personally, I think they spell “SUPERDOOPER Coverage with a slight cakey feeling” (yanno, those kind?). However, for concealing little areas of my face, I’m all up for something with more coverage. I once ventured into Boots to buy the Vichy liquid foundation, and they had NO samples for testing out which shade you may be, so really, it was just trial and error. I trial-ed, and I error-ed. Having the wrong shade meant I couldn’t wear it, and also, couldn’t return it (bless the UK and their non-returns on beauty items policy…). I love this idea of little samples so that people can decide which colour they may be before contemplating spending £19 on the product. This foundation stick offers SPF 30, High coverage, water/sweat resistant, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. I think it would work amazingly on people with irregular pigmentation, dark circles, spot scarring or redness. 

Overall thoughts on this months box? I liked the box, I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite. I think a lot of the products are just not as suited to me as previous boxes may have been, but that’s not to say it’s not your perfect box. There are a few gems in here, which I was happy about, and also a few disappointing products too, but that is all part of the element of surprise!

What did you think of this months GlossyBox?

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  1. Susmi

    The Glossybox brush looks pretty but I agree with you- it doesn't seem to be worth £15. I think I might purchase the Sexy Plump mascara as I'm still on the hunt for my perfect mascara and you really seem to like it. Thanks for another insightful post Zoe! xx

  2. Anna

    I love the dedication you put in to all your posts! Is honestly amazing, and a results in a great read. I also just wanted to say thanks, I started reading your blog earlier this year and you inspired me to start up my own I know you must get this a lot because so often when i read FAQ's on other blogs they started for the same reason as me. YOU! I may only have 18 followers, but i am really enjoying my little spot on the web. So thank you :)

  3. I love the it comes with dermalogica products!
    – Keyta x

  4. i dont subscribe to any of the ebauty boxes, im so picky about which products i use i think i wouldnt end up using half of the things! love reading reccomendations from them though, thanks zoe!

  5. Regarding the UK and their non-returns on beauty items policy, is it for Boots and Superdrug? A face toner is considered a beauty item right?
    I few months ago I both a L'Oreal face toner, and I didn't pay attention -_- and I bought one for dried skin, and I'm kinda mixed oily, I used 3 times it actually started to give me these little spots on my forehead, so I went to Superdrug I had my receipt and gave it back and they gave me my money o_O. I don't know if it was pure luck, or it depends on the products >.<

  6. Great review as usual Zoe!
    Come hand have a look at my recent review and a huge primark and boots haul is upcoming! Would love it if you had a look, I love your blog so much!

  7. waah everytime I read one of you reviews I really want a cute little monthly box but I just can't justify it as I'm just poor! D: X

  8. Looks like you've received very interesting products this month. It's such a shame that GlossyBox is no longer available in Australia :(

  9. You take great pictures! xoxo

  10. angie

    It looks like the one good thing in this month's is the Dermalogica kit! I also know exactly what you mean by the founation stick…not a fan either!

  11. I'm staring to really like glossybox, even though I'm not subscribed to them they seem like a nice company that really tries to provide a variety of good quality products (well most of the times at least) and please their customers in every way possible. This month's glossybox looks interesting since it includes different types of well known products and brands. Great reviews zoey! xxxx

  12. Noush

    It's looks like a great box !

  13. Some of these products look lovely! I'm debating whether to sign up for glossyboxes, not sure whether I can justify the money as a poor student!


  14. I personally didn't find the Dermalogica Clean Start products very effective and the purifying toner might've been the cause of a nasty breakout :( But that's awesome if it works for your brother!

    xx Veronica

  15. Jane

    I got the same box as you this month and I wasn't as impressed with it as usual. Hopefully next month's box will be better! :) x

  16. Ah, so jealous of your box this month! mine was kind of awful.. for the first time since I subscribed I felt really let down. The brush didn't feel like a 'high end' luxury item to me either so I felt a little cheated.

    The mascara you got looks amazing though, I may have to pop out and buy some off the back of this review x

  17. I wasn't impressed with this months box 2bh, I got the Dermablend foundation which I will prob never use and also the Bronzer like you but I will never use as I don't use bronzers :(. My Caudalie perfume sample was smashed aswell, the only saving grace I got from this box was the HD Brow Tweezers! xx

  18. Agree about the brush. Definitely not worth £15. I can't see anyone buying it. So excited to try the mascara as it's just sat in the box now feeling lonely. I used the Vichy and it just looked waaaaay too cakey, so definitely won't be investing in that! Loved the bronzer though. X

  19. Hi Zoe!
    Love yours and Louise sprinkleofglitter's blogs and videos – always puts a smile on my face and cheer me up!!
    I recently purchased the re-gen cream after seeing it on one of your videos and am really impressed with the results! its not something i would have thought to purchase! So just a wee comment to say thanks!
    you girls are fabby
    x Judith

  20. I just cannot decide if i want to sign up to glossybox or not these blog posts always tempt me! xxx

  21. Oh, such a disappointment on the brush. I thought it would be soo good. Too bad. thank-you for the reviews :) much love xxx

  22. Would love to see how big the mascara brush is, I'm a fan of quite chunky brushes but like you my eyes are pretty small. (:
    The dermablend kit seems cute though, it's nice you can match yourself up to the colour yourself and know for sure which colour suits you! x

  23. I LOVE the clean start products!!!! They are amazing in the morning because they smell rather lemony so it really helps you wake up :D

  24. i can't wait to get my glossybox, i wonder what i'm going to get, i live in the us

  25. Anesa

    I haven´t heard about Glossybox but i looks really good!

  26. When I saw the Glossybox brush imagei n the post, I knew it wouldn't be a good one. It just looks so course and..pokey. :/ Glad I unsubscribed to be honest! :) xx

  27. Becky

    Ah I def would of liked to have tried the dermologica set. I am pretty happy with my box but then I see other boxes and have a little sigh! I wish that GB would stick to a generic box rather than leaving some people disappointed with the contents after seeing others.


    beckys makeup

  28. Eve

    Looks great, sorry the brush was a bit dissapointing.. xx

  29. Ow, I always read Glossybox reviews and feel envious about it, because here in Spain we have the same service but I don't have money enough to pay my mobile phone and a Glossybox per month hahaha
    I think I will try the Yves Rocher mascara :)
    Have a nice day Zoe, I LOVE your YT channel and your blog <3


  30. Ina

    lovely post! you seem to be a fan of all the 'boxes', which one would you recommend?

  31. becky.

    lot's of people have been saying that this months glossybox was amazing and they over-hyped it for me, so i was kinda disappointed with this box. the mascara looks good though! x

  32. I got a similar box to you. The only difference was that I received a perfume sample even though I haven;t selected perfume samples on my profile. I love the mascara and I must say the brush size surprised me…wow! You have to see the size to believe it.
    The glossybox brush was a let down for me too. I know its natural goat hair but the price tag?

  33. Bee

    I got the brush last month here in germany and i dont know if its the same brush but i think so. Its interesting that the countries match slightly isnt it?
    Well anyway i like your blog post as always :P always a highlight
    keep on writing <3
    XOXO bee ~

  34. Emily

    I got exactly the same as you and I thought it alright! The mascara is brill and the bronzer! :) x

  35. Pins

    Lovely post, Doll.
    The mascara looks great, might have to make a cheeky purchase!
    Love, Pins.

  36. I got the Dermablend, the brush and the bronzer, but with them I got a MeMeMe nail polish and a Caudalie Eau Fraiche. I've been really lucky with the brush, I've read a lot of complaints, but mine is spot on and hasn't shed at all (luckily!)xx

  37. the normal vichy dermablend foundation is brill, not the stick one, i've never seen a more flawless foundation but the only downside is it has to be in nude(a light-medium tan,not the best for very pale skins!) or darker,the lightest one is awful ): but it's so pigmented and not cakey,you need the tiniest amount! you should give it a go :) xx

  38. Could we skip the beauty boxes every once in a while? There done to death on almost everyone's blog nowadays.

  39. Josie

    The bronzer looks so nice :)

  40. I feel the same why about this months box

  41. I got exactly the same things as you – quite interested to try the Dermalogica but you are SO right the brush is crapola!!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  42. Felt exactly the same about the mascara..first thoughts, big brush, silly sized sample..but I love it. I can pick up my lower and corner lashes, and there is no clumping. I am definitely going to go for a full size one.

  43. Felt exactly the same about the mascara..first thoughts, big brush, silly sized sample..but I love it. I can pick up my lower and corner lashes, and there is no clumping. I am definitely going to go for a full size one.

  44. Loved the mascara too but was very um ahh about the rest of the box.

  45. Wow the sizes of those products aren't bad!especially the clean start sample !

  46. What do you guys do with the actual box once the products have been used? They're too pretty to throw away!x

  47. Love the review, u got the same products as i did apart from i got perfume instead of the skin care. loved the mascara!!

    check out my blog for my review up soon!!

  48. Great review! I got a couple of different things than you did, a really pretty peach nail polish and a delicious smelling Caudalie perfume sample!

  49. great review! the clean start day/night kit looks interesting!<33

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    Hope this helps x

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  52. Clara

    I have read EVERY post on your blog and i swear i loved every single one of it! You are really beautiful and your blog inspires me! Its my favourite blog so far !! I hope you read this comment and i would be happy if you check out my blog too <3

  53. I prefer the skincare glossy boxes xx

  54. OMG! So freakin want this Glossy Box! Too bad that i don't have a credit card yet and it's only online purchases :(

  55. Mia

    Peeeerfect Glossy Box! I want to start getting them too, but I'm always scared I don't get products that suit me haha. Well, it's worth a try, thanks Zoe! :)

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