On one of my many recent trips to Boots with Louise (I think we spend far too much of our lives in there), we were walking out after making our purchases at the till and we passed a Stila stand. I’ve never seen a Stila stand in Boots before, so obviously we had to stop and have a look. The first thing we noticed was this beautiful palette. Never one to pull off bright colours on my eyes, I am very much a neutral eyeshadows girl, so this was right up my street. We swatched a few of the colours and instantly knew we NEEDED to have this. It cost £25, and luckily, I had saved around £27 worth of Boots points (got to love Boots for their points system), so I was able to essentially get this for nothing, just using the points on my card. Bargainous!

The first thing I absolutely loved about this palette, was the colour range. I actually don’t own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes because there weren’t enough matte shades for my liking, and not all the colours floated my boat. This one however, has 4 matte shades and the shimmer shades are colours i’d wear a lot. The second thing I loved, which is an important factor, is the consistency of the shadows.  The shimmer shades are so creamy and easy to blend and the matte colours are velvety and soft. Both are also extremely highly pigmented. The other thing which swayed me to purchase, was the fact that it came with a Stila Smudgestick. These liners are absolutely amazing. They apply so easily, have super pigmentation, and within seconds of you smudging it out or leaving it how you’d like it, it stays puts until you wash it off. The shade is “Damsel” and is a deep matte brown (my favourite colour for eyeliner). 

You can create so many looks with this palette, I feel like it ticks all the boxes for me. There is a gorgeous inner corner colour (Kitten – A Stila staple I believe), various other gorgeous shades to apply to the lid, and a matte brown and black for smoking it out lightly, or more dramatically for night time. The only colour I feel I won’t get too much use out of is “Night Sky” which is the shimmer grey/blue. Blue toned greys don’t look good on my eyes (I think it might be because I have blue eyes or possibly just doesn’t bode well with my skin tone, I don’t know). I think it’s such good value for money, £25 for 10 good sized eyeshadows of great quality and an eyeliner, which on it’s own is priced at £14 anyway! I absolutely love it, and I’ve been using it every day. 

You can buy this Stila palette in Boots (if your local one is lucky enough to have a stand), or there are many sites that sell it online (ASOS, FeelUnique, LookFantastic).

Do you own this palette? If not, YOU NEED IT!

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  1. I have this palette too :D love it! it's certainly a must have :D

  2. Sunny

    I want this palette really badly! Beautiful colours :) x

  3. Josie

    Ahh I need this! I only ever swatch the cream blushes at the Stila counter in my local boots, but this palette is so nice x


  4. I saw Louise talk about it in a haul video and I'm so glad you did a review, it sounds even more amazing. I may have to consider the purchase in a few weeks as I've just purchased my first Naked Palette. Now I'm sort of kicking myself!

  5. Jane

    Have seen this palette for a while now, really need to pick one up :) x

  6. Amanda

    This looks like an awesome palette, definitely going on my wish list! xx


  7. I love neutral eye shadow,think they suit me the most.Just watched some of your videos with Louise-I don´t understand everything (German girl..) but it is really funny.xx

  8. Love this saw it in louis' haul and fell n love and at £25 what a steel!!!

    Also please check out my blog its about makeup and all that jazz!!!



  9. Jen

    This looks gorgeous! I'm really torn between this & one of the naked palettes. I think the smudgestick with this one is persuading me a little more tho… xx


  10. mel

    Saving up my advantage points for this, it looks amazing!xx

  11. Woow so beautiful colors! I need this palette *_* but i can't buy this in germany :(

    whish you the best!
    lovley greets from berlin, germany


  12. Alice

    Now that you, Louise and Gemma have this I don't think I'll be able to resist the urge to buy it for much longer! Beautiful swatches! Was lovely to chat on blog tv last night :) Love both you and Louise!




  13. Ooh, this is so reminiscent of the Sleek Storm Palette and Urban Decay Naked! Love how there are matte shades to balance out. :) xx

  14. Susmi

    I've heard a lot about this palette but I've never actually got round to trying it. The shades look gorgeous though! xx

  15. The colour selection in this pallet is amazing! I've always thought that the stila products were a bit overpriced but apparently they aren not! Definitely looking forward in checking this pallet out! Thanks for the lovely review zoey :)x

  16. I love that rich bronze colour! I think it would look fantastic to make a smokey eye out of that and black
    Definitely have to learn how to do a smokey eye now :p

  17. Well. Colour me convinced!! :)

    x Charlotte from loveandlabels.org

  18. nicola

    this looks like a great, and slightly cheaper, alternative to the naked palette – might have to try this instead! thanks! :) nicola xxx

  19. Forever wish I'd bought this instead of the original Naked palette, who would've known a beauty like this would be released a year later! Lovely photos as ever. xx

  20. This looks amazing! :)

  21. maya

    Stile has some gorgeous eye shadows! Will be checking them out in person! xx

  22. Bia

    I didn't know about this pallet before. After purchasing my Naked pallet I felt like I will never need another eyeshadow. And basically, all my other eyeshadows are ridiculously unused and unloved ever since I have it. But this looks great because of the matt shades. I wish my boots was doing Stila too. It's kind of a journey for me to get to a Stila counter!
    I hope you are going to show us a few looks that you are gonna create with your new baby!!!!

  23. Jamy

    I have both Naked palettes & I loveee them, but I do wish they had more matte shades! Ohhh so tempted to invest in this one now.. eeep!

  24. Annie

    I need this! It looks better than the Naked palette as it's cheaper, comes with the perfect eyeliner and the colours are gorgeous! What's not to like?:)xo

  25. Shen

    This palette looks amazing! Really want it.

  26. I honestly cannot put into words how much i enjoy ur blog plz follow mine its called
    bibibibibibibibibibibi.blogspot.com i just made it thanxx

  27. The colours look fab! :)

    Lots of Love, Ana

  28. It's absolutely gorgeous!! xx

  29. Emily

    I love this palette!


  30. Gina

    I HAVE to have this!! Looks amazing! xx


  31. Isabel

    This looks gorgeous! :) Too bad I can't waste money on palettes!


  32. this is so pretty!looks so much nicer than the UD naked palettes x

  33. Annyss

    this palette looks lovely! i've never tried anything from stila though. would love to try some one day! :D

  34. Love your blog ! The palette looks really nice, great colours :) I´m so addicted to your Channel the last time, especially the videos with Louise :D Would mean a lot to me, if you´d check out my blog :) xx


  35. Oooh this palette looks amazing! I didn't know Stila were in Boots, I need to take a trip there pronto :) xx

  36. Laura

    LOVE this, looks like the colours are great and really wearable!! x

  37. I have this (along with both Naked palettes – I have problems) and it's been getting a lot of use. Mine must be the US version though as 'bubbly' is called 'champagne', but is still exactly the same colour!

  38. I agree with you, I definitely think I need it too! All the colours look so gorgeous and really like something I'd use on a daily basis. XO

  39. Ina

    Really AMAZING colours, I have been looking for something like this. Although I do not know what all the ingredients are, hopefully not too many harmfull ones. Organic eyeshadows aren't that good unfortunately :(

  40. love this palette!! <3 come check out my blog too if you want :) xxxx

  41. This looks so pretty! Don't think I can justify buying it when I have the Coastal Scents 88 Warm palette though :(


  42. Elly

    wow, such gorgeous pigmented shades! need this in my life now please;) it looks like you could make so many different looks from it and i can never resist pretty make-up things..x

  43. Meg

    Ohh, it looks so nice! I've never tried anything from Stila.

  44. Ooo that looks beautiful, I too don't own any of the Naked palettes, they have been on my list for ages but I might actually pick this one up and its £10 cheaper! Lovely swatches thank you zoe xx
    – Damini ♡


  45. This is annoying, I walked right past a boots today and I felt like something was telling me to go in, but I didn't :(
    If this isn't there next time i'm near one I might have to cry. All of these colours are so wearable for everyday! x

  46. Emma

    I've never tried the Stila brand, but I'm definitely tempted now. The pigments look really good! It's got such a nice range of colours too. I don't really go for neutral colours, if I'm honest. I scarcely wear eyeshadow so, when I do, I always go for something popping and strong, so I'm especially liking the 'Night Sky' shade.

    Xx. Emma (Hell&Milk)

  47. ive heard so many good things about this palette and your post has made me want it more!x

  48. LOVE IT!!! But it's $50 in Canada :( Can you please do a tutorial? I would love to see how that gilded colour at the bottom looks! :D xoxo

  49. LOVE IT!!! But it' $50 in Canada :( Please do a tutorial using the gilded colour, that would be amazing!

  50. This is actually a really reasonable price! The fact that both you and Louise have it makes me need it even more! Also when are you and Louise doing your next blogtv? I missed it:/ ♥

  51. It looks like such a nice palette but I don't think I could justify buying it because I have both of the Naked palettes. I love Boots points :)


  52. i am the same i can't really pull of bright eyeshadows, this will deffinatly be my next purchase!


  53. Didn't know they had stila counters! Will have to have a look. Really tempted by this although I'm not too sure whether I could justify getting this after buying the Naked Palette not that long ago.


  54. C.A.R.

    Sounds very nice! :)


  55. Annie

    aah the colours look so good! i really need to check the Stila stand out x

  56. Zoe

    I really love the shades in the palette, i don't think it's a bad price either when you're getting so many!xx

  57. They have a Stila stand in the boots in my town/city and I really want to get this! The smudge pencil is a big sway for me to get it, as is the famous 'kitten' eyeshadow colour xx

  58. I have this palette as well and I love it! Havent used it as of lately but I think I need to get on with it again soon!

  59. cdcd

    This looks a lot more up my street than the naked palette. They are way too shimmery and either too warm or too cool toned. I'm gonna put some money aside for this, I need it. :)

  60. Beth

    This looks amazing – i saw Louise mention it in her video and im planning on a cheeky trip to the Stila stand next week.. Ive just spent my points on the Real Techniques brushes but I need to start building my points back up so what better excuse than to start with this palette? :D xxx

  61. I bought Nars isolde and decided I didn't know what I did with my life before I'd bought it. Now you've said this is amazing I think I need this too! :)

  62. I really do think I need this! It's going straight on my wish list, the colors are so pretty x

  63. Thanks for the review it looks like such a great palette, I recently purchased the sleek au naturelle palette however I don't feel it has great staying power


  64. This palette has such a lovely colours. x

  65. This palette looks delicious.

  66. I've had my eye on this for ages and now want it even more! I love that it has some matte shades in it too, as I tend to save shimmer shades for nights out these days.
    Mel x

  67. Pins

    Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous palette of colours. Need this in my life!
    If any of you Darlings could head over to http://pinsprettythings.blogspot.co.uk I would be eternity grateful for any wise words and comments?
    Love, Pins. X

  68. Bethan

    This palette looks so pretty!

  69. It looks so nice!! I would love to be able to try it but Stila is no available in Spain, pity! thanks for watching

  70. i actually saw this when i popped into sephora the other day! i so desperately wanted to buy it — but then i remembered that i already own the Naked palette, and they're both really similar! still, it's so beautiful :)


  71. Cate

    Yes, I just bought this pallet, its so amazing isn't it. whenever I go into my local boots I always lust over the still stand and I decided to get this pallet when ASOS where doing a 20% off beauty thing.
    definately a must have! :) xx

  72. I saw this in Louise's haul already and I'm not surprised you bought it as well! Between the great things she said and the lovely swatches you've shown here, I do believe you that I need it as well!!

  73. I've never tried out Stila makeup products before but after reading this post I really want to try out this palette!
    The colors are so wearable, I love it!

  74. That is so pretty! I can't pull off bright shadows, either, so neutrals are my faaaaaves.

  75. Emily

    Does look similar to the Naked palette, but this is lovely! Debating getting myself one too :) xx

  76. Anesa

    It looks really good, nice shades. I should buy it =)


  77. rowan

    hi, i have just made a new blog and would really appreciate if you went and followed me, i spent ages on getting it like this, thankss :) 'www.slightlysplendid.blogspot.com' x

  78. I wish a boots near me sold Stila, I've been wanting this palette for ever but wanted to see it before buying, those swatches are so great that I'm going to order it online now! Thank you :) x

    Holly's Beauty Review

  79. Awh i wish Stila was available in Ireland :( Not fair!

  80. Emma

    I think I need this! I've been looking for an alternative to the Naked Palette for a while and since this has an eyeliner too I think I can justify it! x


  81. ive been considering weather to get this pallet for a while now but youve just convinced me hehe ill have to go down to boots tomorrow! xo alana xo

  82. Those eyeshadows look gorgeous! I love neutrals xx

  83. Are the colours in the palette alike the naked palettes? New Beauty Blogger :)

  84. The only real place you can find Stila here in the US, to my knowledge, is Sephora… unfortunately none are near enough to me that I can visit! Are there any drugstore products, such as from NYX, or Covergirl/Maybelline/Revlon that you know of which can reflect this palette at all? Thanks, I really enjoyed seeing this!


  85. Romy

    Mama mia! I need this! x

  86. Katie

    That looks like the perfect palette, and its compact too! I agree about UD palettes as they do have a lot of shimmery/glittery shadows in their palettes!


  87. Hayley

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm not really into eyeshadows but I was so tempted to get one of the Naked pallets, however now I've seen this it's gone straight to the top of my wishlist! I have more than enough Boots points to get it, we just don't have a Stila stand in my local! I'll have to wait until I can get to Southampton or Birmingham!
    I'd love to see what looks you create with it. It's great that it has the eyeliner too, I already have one and it's my favourite so I'd love the brown one too. xx

  88. Really love post and photos! The shadows look really pigmented, and same with the smudge stick! Any chance of a photo of you wearing a look with these shadows?

    I've heard some really great things about this pallet but what puts me off is the packaging. It doesn't look particularly sturdy so I'm unsure on whether I'd want to chance travelling with this often..

    With love,
    Jess from xAllDolledUp

  89. I love this palette! I use it daily :)

  90. I found a Boots gift card today from christmas and after reading this I just had to go and purchase this and i absolutely LOVE it, thanks so much for the review as a neutral eye make up girl myself I very much apreciate this gorgous palette and the smudge stick eyeliner that comes with it really is the icing on the cake. Can't wait to get lots of use out of this :) love your blog it really helps me find amazing products that I wouldn't think of normally xxx

  91. such a lovely palette. the only one i probably wouldn't use would be the bluey one. i love there are matte colours aswell as im not too fond of shimmery colours (though some of mine do have a little shimmer in).

  92. I was considering this palette! A sales associate told me it's way more pigmented and lasts longer than the Too Faced palette I was considering. I'll totally try this out since the price wasn't too bad as well!


  93. It looks so nice!

  94. hi, you are really pretty. i have read your post and after i think i might try it. all your blog is amazing. the photos, text well all of it.
    sorry the comment not very long just sorry. i just wanted to tell you that i aboustly love your blog!


    thanks xx

  95. i Love your blog and im soo happy that you have been updating more often♥

    i have tried to create my own blog and soo far its not going as well so if you or others could go and check it out and follow it would really make my day and i would for sure follow back. thank you♥

    ps.. continue making your vlogs on youtube

  96. Josie

    I love this palette and i saw it in boots and had to buy it ;)



  97. Pris

    I've had this palette since maybe before christmas, and I LOVE it! the only thing I found is that the shadows especially 'kitten' hits pan super fast. so if I were to give some advice, the product pay off is quite generous, so watch your, well… helpings haha for lack of a better word. enjoy!!


  98. Jordan

    Hey Zoella! Love your blog sooo much(: I just recently have started reading it and have been checking back soooo much for new posts. I have only tried one Stila palette so far (Striking in South Beach), and I didn't really like it too much? Ever since they changed the packaging maybe they got better. This palette seems like a similar one to the Urban Decay Naked palette, which I have also heard really good things about. Please check out my blog if you get a chance? I'm just starting and need some critique(: -Jordan

  99. Hi Zoe! I've been umming and ahhing over whether to get the Urban Decay Naked Palette or this one, so thanks for the review! My birthday money will be happily spent on this Stila palette, excited to get my hands on it xxx

  100. I saw this come up on BuyaPowa (its still going, got some hours left in it) so i googled reviews and yours came up and reminded me why i need this palette in my life! Thanks :P



  101. I just bought this palette today, I think it's going to be perfect for me and I'll get a lot of use out of it. I love the colours and the texture of all the shadows. I can't wait to do my makeup tomorrow morning just so I get to use it :D
    I might write a blog post about it soon, after I've used all the colours a few times.

    If anyone knows any videos of some good tutorials using this palette please send them my way!

  102. This palette is absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping to get it for Christmas this year. :)

  103. I love a smooth feeling Natural Makeup.I have one now that I use and it makes my skin feel so soft.I'll have to check them out.Thanks for sharing!

  104. love the review :) could you do a tutorial using this palette please? thanks a lot xx

  105. love the review :) could you do a tutorial using this palette please? thanks a lot xx

  106. This palette is an excellent dupe for Urban Decays Naked Palette. Im not sure if you can get it in the UK but it's my absolute fav and i wear it almost everyday!!

  107. Mia

    In my opinion this one looks very similar to the Return by Sexy palette from Too Faced.
    All in all, beautiful colors with great pigmentation!

    Worth a try! :) x


  108. Hi, just desired to let you know, I enjoyed this blog post. It had been funny. Carry on posting! sydney closet

  109. Really like this! I too have enough eye shadow to last the relax of my lifestyle. Eyeshadow is such a bargain! YAY! (I never use up anything – I just message it when I get fed up with looking at it or a sweeter kid comes along.)lovely colors…and excellent pigments… Thanks for sharingEye shadow

  110. This is as super cute post, I love the pictures. I like your blog and videos soooooooooooo much.

    Love Bethan xx

  111. It’s really very informative that I wanted ever, thanks for this. ukSarees

  112. really great pallet!


  113. MiniZoella

    Love this palette so much!x