On one of my many recent trips to Boots with Louise (I think we spend far too much of our lives in there), we were walking out after making our purchases at the till and we passed a Stila stand. I’ve never seen a Stila stand in Boots before, so obviously we had to stop and have a look. The first thing we noticed was this beautiful palette. Never one to pull off bright colours on my eyes, I am very much a neutral eyeshadows girl, so this was right up my street. We swatched a few of the colours and instantly knew we NEEDED to have this. It cost £25, and luckily, I had saved around £27 worth of Boots points (got to love Boots for their points system), so I was able to essentially get this for nothing, just using the points on my card. Bargainous!

The first thing I absolutely loved about this palette, was the colour range. I actually don’t own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes because there weren’t enough matte shades for my liking, and not all the colours floated my boat. This one however, has 4 matte shades and the shimmer shades are colours i’d wear a lot. The second thing I loved, which is an important factor, is the consistency of the shadows.  The shimmer shades are so creamy and easy to blend and the matte colours are velvety and soft. Both are also extremely highly pigmented. The other thing which swayed me to purchase, was the fact that it came with a Stila Smudgestick. These liners are absolutely amazing. They apply so easily, have super pigmentation, and within seconds of you smudging it out or leaving it how you’d like it, it stays puts until you wash it off. The shade is “Damsel” and is a deep matte brown (my favourite colour for eyeliner). 

You can create so many looks with this palette, I feel like it ticks all the boxes for me. There is a gorgeous inner corner colour (Kitten – A Stila staple I believe), various other gorgeous shades to apply to the lid, and a matte brown and black for smoking it out lightly, or more dramatically for night time. The only colour I feel I won’t get too much use out of is “Night Sky” which is the shimmer grey/blue. Blue toned greys don’t look good on my eyes (I think it might be because I have blue eyes or possibly just doesn’t bode well with my skin tone, I don’t know). I think it’s such good value for money, £25 for 10 good sized eyeshadows of great quality and an eyeliner, which on it’s own is priced at £14 anyway! I absolutely love it, and I’ve been using it every day. 

You can buy this Stila palette in Boots (if your local one is lucky enough to have a stand), or there are many sites that sell it online (ASOS, FeelUnique, LookFantastic).

Do you own this palette? If not, YOU NEED IT!

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    Love this palette so much!x