When it comes to ultimate relaxation, there are 3 vital things I require. The first being a bath. As most of you are aware, I am an anxious person at the best of times (or worst shall we say) so I have to find time to just chill out & switch off. The best place for me to do that, is in a deep, hot bubble bath with a good magazine. This then brings me onto the second requirement, something calming and relaxing to bathe in. I’m definitely more of a bubbles girl, as they cover your dignity & lets be honest, they are a hoot (don’t pretend the child within you doesn’t enjoy a mound of bubbles) but when it comes to having a slightly less fun, more mature bath however, a good bath oil will be my weapon of choice. The oil I have mostly been reaching for over the last few months is the “Neom Luxury Organics Refresh Bath Oil“* Not only does this smell absolutely amazing, it also soothes & moisturises my skin. I don’t even find myself reaching for the moisturiser post bath, as the oil does a good enough job on its own. The main scents of this bath oil are sicilian lemon and fresh basil, designed to give you an instant refresh, and to awaken your mood. Although quite pricey (£32 a bottle), a little goes a very long way. As it’s an oil, you only need to add two capfuls each bath time. I’m already nosey-ing up which one to buy next. If you like the idea of trying out a bath oil but don’t want to spend £32 on one bottle, they do a little set of mini’s which include all 5 of their scents for only £16, which would be a great way of trying before buying, and seeing which you like best. 

The third thing in my ultimate relaxation requirements list, is a candle. Not just any candle though, one that I know will smell amazing, burn well & lift my mood. When I first received this candle, I thought “how could a candle possibly be worth £39.50” but I cannot stress to you enough, how utterly amazing this candle is. Firstly, i’ll point out that it’s a massive 380g worth of candle (1kg if you count the glass) and burns for up to 55 hours. They are made using vegetable wax and pure essential oils, rather than synthetic scents so they burn without releasing any nastiness or soot. They actually work as holistic treatments as you breathe them in, to help soothe your mind and de-stress you. The candle I have is the Neom Happiness Candle* and do you know what, it really does make me happy. It contains white neroli, mimosa and lemon. I am actually a bit scared to light this too often as I just love it so much I never want it to end. Of all the candles I have ever used (and I am quite the candle junky), this is by far my favourite. The scent doesn’t disappear, it burns well (no unburnt, hard wax up the side of the glass) & it’s just the perfect companion for bath time, or bedroom chillaxing time. Again, i’m eyeing up which one to go for next. 

What are you luxury bath time essentials? 

  1. I love to relax while having a bath, and just not think about anything else. I would love to try out this bath oil, the price is a bit high, but it would be worth it. x

  2. Kat

    One thing I hate about living in university halls is I don't have a bath! But radox bubbles (preferably a lavender scent) are a definite must for me, I don't really like the idea of having oil in water. And that candle looks gorgeous, do they have smaller ones? xx


  3. Yes they do! I linked the website to the products in the blog post, so take a little peek. :) x

  4. Oh Zoe, you are bad for my bank balance :) x

  5. Baths are my ulitmate way of relaxing. I am high strung person and without them I don't know what I would do. I usually use sea salts in my bath but I think I would really love bath oil, since I have really dry skin. The only other thing that I add to my "zen time", other than a book or mag and candles, is classical music playing really low.

  6. These sounds lovely and I am such a bath lover! Love the layered effect of the candle :) I'm always slightly hesitant with bath oils though as they are often a bit too much and irritate my skin, are these quite gentle? xx

  7. should've said the price before saying hw amazing it is, then i wouldnt hav bothered reading cos i can in no way afford to spend that on a bath oil!

  8. I just have a shower in my house and I miss bathing so much! Candles are always a must for me too, I have them on when I'm revising and in the evening when I'm watching TV – fab! x


  9. I have the sudden urge to go have a bath! I am definetly in a desperate need for some relaxation and pampering!

    Love, Ana

  10. Hmmm. Baths help with your anxiety? I don't know why I didn't think of that *stupid*… I need to bath more!

  11. Flo

    must get my hands on that candle, it looks and sounds amazing :-)x

  12. I'm more of a shower girl myself but I keep meaning to purchase some Neom treats. I love your new layout by the way. Very fresh and pretty xx

  13. Wowza! £39.50 for a candle- I would've thought exactly what you thought! I love bath products, especially the ones that help to relieve stress so I must try this- seeing as you've recommended it. I hate the hard wax on the sides of the glass too and I end up making a mess of things when I try to melt it/scrape it down, haha xx :)

  14. Amy

    These look the epitome of luxuriousness! I need to try Neom :)

  15. es-jay

    as a sufferer of panic attacks myself I've been desperately trying to find a way of relaxing and unwinding and I keep hearing about neom! They sound like such a luxury though and I don't think I could spend 40 quid on a candle…think of all the primark loot you could get fer that!? hmm on the other hand if it works…? Aaaah decisions!

    http://www.es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  16. katie

    Those products both look absolutely lovely! Unfortunately though, I only enjoy baths in the wintertime for some reason so the oil wouldn't do much good for me right now. I am checking out those candles right now, although they have to be pretty convincing to make me sway from my Bath & Body Works candles! xo


  17. It all sounds so luxurious! I do love a good bath xx

  18. Rachel

    theres nothing I love more than a good old bath – when pay day rolls around my bank account may hate me as I think from reading this i may be making a sneaky purchase! xx

  19. I love a good relaxing bath and like you I usually prefer bubbles but oils can feel so luxurious. I'm a big fan of the busy bee candles which are a amazing and a lot cheaper so I don't think I'd fork out that price for the candle but for the bath oil- absolutely! The scent sounds amazing and really unique! xx

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  20. I've heard quite a few things about Neom now – all wonderful! I may just have to give one of those candles a try..it's one of those things, first glimpse and its, 'oh no the moneyyy!' but if something does the job then surely it is worth it?! :) so glad you're blogging regularly again Zoe :D x

  21. Sounds so relaxing! I enjoy a good bath as well, to really unwind from the day. I just recently became obsessed with finding good luxury bath products! I would love to try this out, but I live in the US, so I can imagine shipping would be quite pricey! Great review however!

  22. Becky

    I have to say I adore a nice long bath its my ultimate indulgence after a long day in the office. I am not one to acquire a candle whilst bathing but am guilty of the odd glass of Pinot decorating the side of the bath :-). The bath oil sounds gorgeous for a more grown up bath which I am lacking in favour of bath bombs and bubbles.

    Becky’s Makeup

  23. anna

    I love lush products. Fiizzing BATH BOMBS AND BUBBLE BARS.
    Ahhh ….
    There is an Estonian brand called Joik and they make the most amazing candles.
    Reading this post makes me want to take a bubble bath… : )



  24. Nicola

    I love the sound of the bath oil, but i just can't go that steep but i might try some cheaper versions. Great post, and i just can't believe how big your blog is! Its huge and very well deserved, keep it up Zoe(:


  25. Vida

    I wishh it was easy to get Neom in the states, it seems so gorgeous and luxurious! I love baths, and have so much lush stuff that I need to use up

  26. Vendy

    I'm too realy anxious… :D :3

  27. Char!

    this sounds divine! xx

  28. oo oo ooo the candle sounds amazing but so so pricey :( think ill have to go purchase one as soon as i can! (then regret it for hours afterwards haha!)

    Kate xxxx

  29. Kerry

    I have never thought to take a bath to try and relax a bit. In fact, I think the last time I had a nice relaxing bath was in Vegas 5 years because I had a giant jacuzzi tub in my hotel room! I need to get some nice bath oil/bubble bath stuff! I totally agree about the bubbles, gotta have a little bit of fun!

  30. both sounds so great, especially the candle *_* I'm a big fan of
    yankee candles so this would be great to, I think. :D

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  31. Just looking at the way that candle burns relaxes me! I wish they carried this brand in the states as well :(

  32. the candle sounds divine!

  33. I could not agree more, im very much like you, I suffer from serious anxiety and baths and candles are absolutely the way forward.

    Jess x

  34. Wow they look so nice and luxurious! Definitely a brand I would like to try out one day :) and I suffer from anxiety too- its horrid! xxx

  35. I have these too and they are absolutely worth every penny aren't they!

  36. I am such a shower person but maybe I need to try relaxing in the bath! A bath, candle and a magazine sound just amazing right now.


  37. Al

    i dont know what it is but baths make me more anxious, just hanging out naked haha
    but i do love candles,great post!

  38. The bath oil sounds *divine* – I'm off to order the minis!

  39. Bee

    That sounds amazing :D I'm a sucker for getting warm and comfy too … especially after work (mini job at a restaurant after uni) because my muscles literally kill me -_- sometimes I'm walking like an hunchback the next day… and not in a funny way

  40. Think ill be trying them out! They sound great!

  41. These look lushhhhhh, I am definitely eyeing up that candle!xxx

  42. Those look like they smell good. I want some =3

  43. Monica

    This post made me want to go take a bath. right. now.


  44. You can't beat organic candles, they smell like something that might actually exist in real life rather than vanilla with a lovely subtle hint of chemical.

    Alicea at http://www.girlvstheworld.com (the sustainable fashion and beauty blog)

  45. I just recently discovered your blog, god know how i didn't find it out earlier? i just anted to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, i just recently started a blog too but if my blog ever got anywhere near how amazing your blog is i would actually cry. Love you Zoe and your youtube vids!

  46. the bath oil sounds amazinggggg. you have made me pour a bath now… if only i had some of this stuff! damn :( x

  47. Daisy

    Ooh gorgeous candles! Have heard so much about Neom candles being amazing x

  48. This is my main issue with Neom Organics candles – PRICE (as you said)! However, i think you've convinced moi! xCx

  49. I have just purchased these :) thanks Zoe! I have been looking for something like this for ages :) x

  50. Sounds lovely!! I can almost smell the wonderfulness through the computer screen. :-) I personally love the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt in my bath. It is an oil that smells wonderful and leaves the skin feeling smooth. It is also multipurpose as it claims that it can be used as a hair mask. :-)


  51. Sounds goood! I had one of there candles a few years ago. Definatley going to buy this one:) x

  52. Chloe

    ooh this sounds gorgeous! I'm just a good old body shop girl myself, I rarely think to splash out on bath products. Oops no pun intended!


  53. Ah the Neom bath oil sounds so nice, though I must admit to being a fan of bubbles in my bath. The candle sounds amzing anything that calms nerves or anxiety is a plus in my mind, might have to have a look on the site. I definitely think candles are a must for a relaxing bath. x

  54. I must say I am so happy I came across you and Louise. You remind me of myself, and she reminds me of my friend who actually lives in the UK right now. She used to live here in the United States and I never see her anymore. She lived near Mere when we went and visited. Anyway, we use to laugh so hard just like you two.So right away I felt somehow like I knew both of you? Weird to say but I feel like there are so many quirky personalities in the world, and your "quirkiness" makes sense with my idea of so-called quirkiness. I love the photos you have and the photos you take. It inspires me to blog more, myself. There's something so cleansing about blogging. Keep up the great work!


  55. This sounds amazing, i absolutely love candle and bath oils, but im not much of a person to have baths, but having a candle light while sitting in bed reading a book or on the computer, is just enough to relax me, and having a candle lit also has the room smelling nice, then still lingers after a day or so.


  56. Oh, you make me want to go out and buy fancy candles! Especially because we're just coming into winter here in Australia, so I wants to be all cozzzzy :)


  57. the bath oil sounds awesome <3

  58. Rach

    I really want to have scented candles all over my room but I live in India and all the ones where I live are crap :( Shipping nice ones from somewhere else will cost too much! :( But I have to mention, I've been reading everything on your blog and watching your YouTube videos non stop for 3 days now, I've just discovered you! Your personality is really inspiring and I'm always happy when I'm watching your videos! Cheers from India, I'm recommending you to all my friends! :) Love from India xoxo


  59. I'd like to try it but I can't afford it. I mean I could but I can't bring myself to spend this amount of money on a candle :)

  60. Zoe

    I am currently running a bath because of this post!


  61. I haven't taken a bubble bath in ages! I wonder if they sell this anywhere in New York i would love to try it :) its exactly what i need because its finals week, and I'm overly stressed haha

  62. Having a bath is THE best way to relax in my eyes. I simply cannot go without bubbles, scent and candles. Will definately be trying out those products, sound divine !! :-)

  63. Ah you have totally made me go run a bath now! I love using jo malone bath oils, the smell is amazing, and jo malone has such a nice range of scents that cater for all. Although pricey! :(

    I really want to go buy this candle now..


  64. Ginger

    The combination of the bath oil and the candle sound amazing!

    If I'm after an ultimate girlie bath experience, I go for a combination of the new Imperial Leathers Limited Edition bath foams (because they smell absolutely amazing!). I also need my music on…I can completely relate to the feeling of anxiety!

    Bubble baths are my way of forgetting the world for an hour or so. I love them!

    Ginger x

  65. Ah, they both look so lovely! I tend to use lush or soap and glory bath things, but might splash out on something like these for a proper treat!


  66. daphxx

    I given you an award on my blog… YAY! :)

  67. Daria

    I love bubbles in my bath too haha! It's not going to be good if I don't have a billion of bubbles around me! ;) I would love to try NEOM but unfortunately I don't think it stocks in Italy :/ But I'm a huge fan of natural products and candles so this combines the two, great! :) P.S: on the new GLAMOUR issue there's a inspiring story of the co-founder of NEOM, check it out ;)

    Looking forward to your next post / video! :)
    Daria x

  68. I love love love love love Neom so much. Its great that they're starting to get more press in the beauty community as there products are to die for. The Lavender, Jasmine and Brazillian Rosewood scent is lovely.


  69. I'm so tempted to get that candle based on everything you say! I'm a sucker for candles! Is there anywhere that would stock it to go and smell it :)??

  70. Nothing is more relaxing than a Bubble Bath + Candles!

    A Little Lacey


  71. inspired to try these out! looks like a relaxing evening is in my future :)

  72. This literally looks amazing, pricey but we could all use a little luxury!! I worry alot too :( xoxox

  73. Eve

    My gosh, I really love your blog and I really like your video's too (: I've watched your video's the entire day, and I found the video about blogging and I decided to have a browse on your blog (:
    Oh I love scented candles ♥ I've got an Apple and Caramel one, And its so nice (: The NEOM candle sounds really nice, but unfortunately I live in Holland and I've never seen it before so :( Next time I'm visiting my family I'll have a look round :D
    xoxo Eve

  74. Carly

    Since reading this i had to have a bath yesterday…it got me in the mood so i put some candles around and made it all relaxing…was lovely :) xx

  75. Brian

    Neom Happiness Candle is good one to try. Luxury baths are always fun if you have leisure time. Now a days, i dont get time and hopefully, i can try it in christmas vacation :)

  76. Paige

    I absolutely adore Neom candles! This post has made me crave bathtime, haha. Lovely post :)

    Paige from Lux Cosmetics x

  77. Nell

    Hey Zoe! Great post!
    Have you tried other Neom candles? I can't choose between Happiness, Relax and Serenity…
    Thanks and cheers!


  78. Grace

    What would you do if you had a family bathroom and not your own and had epilepsy??

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