When it comes to ultimate relaxation, there are 3 vital things I require. The first being a bath. As most of you are aware, I am an anxious person at the best of times (or worst shall we say) so I have to find time to just chill out & switch off. The best place for me to do that, is in a deep, hot bubble bath with a good magazine. This then brings me onto the second requirement, something calming and relaxing to bathe in. I’m definitely more of a bubbles girl, as they cover your dignity & lets be honest, they are a hoot (don’t pretend the child within you doesn’t enjoy a mound of bubbles) but when it comes to having a slightly less fun, more mature bath however, a good bath oil will be my weapon of choice. The oil I have mostly been reaching for over the last few months is the “Neom Luxury Organics Refresh Bath Oil“* Not only does this smell absolutely amazing, it also soothes & moisturises my skin. I don’t even find myself reaching for the moisturiser post bath, as the oil does a good enough job on its own. The main scents of this bath oil are sicilian lemon and fresh basil, designed to give you an instant refresh, and to awaken your mood. Although quite pricey (£32 a bottle), a little goes a very long way. As it’s an oil, you only need to add two capfuls each bath time. I’m already nosey-ing up which one to buy next. If you like the idea of trying out a bath oil but don’t want to spend £32 on one bottle, they do a little set of mini’s which include all 5 of their scents for only £16, which would be a great way of trying before buying, and seeing which you like best. 

The third thing in my ultimate relaxation requirements list, is a candle. Not just any candle though, one that I know will smell amazing, burn well & lift my mood. When I first received this candle, I thought “how could a candle possibly be worth £39.50” but I cannot stress to you enough, how utterly amazing this candle is. Firstly, i’ll point out that it’s a massive 380g worth of candle (1kg if you count the glass) and burns for up to 55 hours. They are made using vegetable wax and pure essential oils, rather than synthetic scents so they burn without releasing any nastiness or soot. They actually work as holistic treatments as you breathe them in, to help soothe your mind and de-stress you. The candle I have is the Neom Happiness Candle* and do you know what, it really does make me happy. It contains white neroli, mimosa and lemon. I am actually a bit scared to light this too often as I just love it so much I never want it to end. Of all the candles I have ever used (and I am quite the candle junky), this is by far my favourite. The scent doesn’t disappear, it burns well (no unburnt, hard wax up the side of the glass) & it’s just the perfect companion for bath time, or bedroom chillaxing time. Again, i’m eyeing up which one to go for next. 

What are you luxury bath time essentials?