Left to Right:
Crystal Clouds, Green Room, Sketch, Louder*, Dead Ringer*, Awol*, Parma Violet

Hidden Treasure & Gypsy Night

Polishes from the “Sandstorm” Collection last year.
L-R: Cylone & The last two were a duo called “Wilderness”*

New Glitter polishes! 
L-R: Ice Crush*, Adrenalin*, Razzmatazz*


Adrenalin, Ice Crush, Razzmatazz, Sketch, Wilderness Duo, Parma Violet, Crystal Clouds, Cyclone, Awol, Green Room, Louder, Dead Ringer, Wilderness Duo, Hidden Treasure, Gypsy Night

Following on from my post about the Topshop Lipsticks, I thought i’d write about the nail polishes. I own a fair few, as you can see. I am a huge fan of these little beauties. I do remember when they first came on the scene, I wasn’t massively impressed with the size or shape of the bottle, I just didn’t think they looked very pretty and were quite small, but now I absolutely love them. They could be deemed slightly smaller than the average nail polish, but actually, I think they are just right. I own so many larger nail polishes (like O.P.I & China Glaze) and I never come anywhere close to using the whole bottle up before it goes thick & gloopy. 

The quality is really good, I have yet to use any shade which hasn’t delivered a nice opacity, or painted on appallingly. I also think there is a fantastic range of colours. Whenever I see the makeup stand in Topshop, and all the pretty colours lined up so beautifully, I always feel as though I need to own more of them, so I can stand them in my bedroom looking equally as pretty. 

The standard range of basic colours are priced at £5 (your reds, blues, pinks, pastels & brights) & the more exciting/special polishes (The multi-tonal, glitter & crackle) are priced at £6. There are a few on the website at the moment which are part of the “Sisters of the New Moon” collection and they are priced at £6.50. I think the pricing is very fair. I’m quite happy to pay this nice mid-way price for a decent nail polish, compared with higher, more well-known brands at a much higher cost. I don’t particularly look for a nail polish with the highest of quality, I’m definitely more of a “if I like the colour, i’m buying it regardless of the price” person. So if it’s a gorgeous colour, i’ll buy it if it’s 50p or £10. I do know that some of you will be reading this who DO look for decent quality in a nail polish, possibly if your job involves you looking immaculate, and chipped nails are a nono? I can honestly say, I’ve NEVER come across a nail polish that doesn’t chip on real nails. I’m an acrylics girl, so my nails aren’t real most of the time, therefore polish is usually on there until I decide to change it. However, anytime I haven’t had acrylics, and I’ve worn the Topshop nail polishes on my real nails, they’ve lasted just like any other polish. I’d say 5-6 days totally chip free (with a top coat). Even the more expensive polishes chip on me in this same amount of time (I don’t think my natural nails take well to polish haha)

My current favourites are Green Room, Ice Crush, Hidden Treasure, and the metallic silver one from the Wilderness duo (annoyingly, they don’t have separate names that I can see, and they aren’t on the website anymore, but they do have a metallic silver which could very well be exactly the same)

Have you tried the Topshop nail polishes? Can you think of any colours that I’d love and don’t already own? (not that I need anymore clearly)


    SO PRETTY <3

  • Maddie Edwards

    I love, Topshop nail polishes. They have such a range of colours but my personal favourite is peaches and cream!