Left to Right:
Crystal Clouds, Green Room, Sketch, Louder*, Dead Ringer*, Awol*, Parma Violet

Hidden Treasure & Gypsy Night

Polishes from the “Sandstorm” Collection last year.
L-R: Cylone & The last two were a duo called “Wilderness”*

New Glitter polishes! 
L-R: Ice Crush*, Adrenalin*, Razzmatazz*


Adrenalin, Ice Crush, Razzmatazz, Sketch, Wilderness Duo, Parma Violet, Crystal Clouds, Cyclone, Awol, Green Room, Louder, Dead Ringer, Wilderness Duo, Hidden Treasure, Gypsy Night

Following on from my post about the Topshop Lipsticks, I thought i’d write about the nail polishes. I own a fair few, as you can see. I am a huge fan of these little beauties. I do remember when they first came on the scene, I wasn’t massively impressed with the size or shape of the bottle, I just didn’t think they looked very pretty and were quite small, but now I absolutely love them. They could be deemed slightly smaller than the average nail polish, but actually, I think they are just right. I own so many larger nail polishes (like O.P.I & China Glaze) and I never come anywhere close to using the whole bottle up before it goes thick & gloopy. 

The quality is really good, I have yet to use any shade which hasn’t delivered a nice opacity, or painted on appallingly. I also think there is a fantastic range of colours. Whenever I see the makeup stand in Topshop, and all the pretty colours lined up so beautifully, I always feel as though I need to own more of them, so I can stand them in my bedroom looking equally as pretty. 

The standard range of basic colours are priced at £5 (your reds, blues, pinks, pastels & brights) & the more exciting/special polishes (The multi-tonal, glitter & crackle) are priced at £6. There are a few on the website at the moment which are part of the “Sisters of the New Moon” collection and they are priced at £6.50. I think the pricing is very fair. I’m quite happy to pay this nice mid-way price for a decent nail polish, compared with higher, more well-known brands at a much higher cost. I don’t particularly look for a nail polish with the highest of quality, I’m definitely more of a “if I like the colour, i’m buying it regardless of the price” person. So if it’s a gorgeous colour, i’ll buy it if it’s 50p or £10. I do know that some of you will be reading this who DO look for decent quality in a nail polish, possibly if your job involves you looking immaculate, and chipped nails are a nono? I can honestly say, I’ve NEVER come across a nail polish that doesn’t chip on real nails. I’m an acrylics girl, so my nails aren’t real most of the time, therefore polish is usually on there until I decide to change it. However, anytime I haven’t had acrylics, and I’ve worn the Topshop nail polishes on my real nails, they’ve lasted just like any other polish. I’d say 5-6 days totally chip free (with a top coat). Even the more expensive polishes chip on me in this same amount of time (I don’t think my natural nails take well to polish haha)

My current favourites are Green Room, Ice Crush, Hidden Treasure, and the metallic silver one from the Wilderness duo (annoyingly, they don’t have separate names that I can see, and they aren’t on the website anymore, but they do have a metallic silver which could very well be exactly the same)

Have you tried the Topshop nail polishes? Can you think of any colours that I’d love and don’t already own? (not that I need anymore clearly)

  1. I love Topshop nail varnishes, they're my fave! I love Windy city, pool party and airplane x

  2. Hidden Treasure is such a good dupe for Chanel Peridot! love these will have to try more :)

  3. ahhh I love topshop nailpolishes but it really annoys me that nail polishes differ in price because they essentially do the same thing and give the same coverage :P it's not like makeup. I try to stick to barry M polishes but when I'm feeling adventurous I'll go to topshop! I LOVE hidden treasure! :) xxxx

  4. I see that you don't have Forget Me Not, it's my ultimate favourite from Topshop!
    I completely agree with you on the quality/price thing :D

    Mollie xo

  5. jade.

    i absolutely agree with what you said. i was initially put off due to bottle sizing, and was concerned that i was going to get ripped off – but i've found the sizing perfect because the product gets well used without going gloopy meaning it can't be used.

    i am totally going out to grab more when i can! i only have one so far, a shade called 'naked' which is a muted not-quite-mustard shade. i heartily recommend it! i've worn it daily for about a month or so since purchasing it and am fearing it's about to become my signature colour! the cyclone one looks WELL up my street. thank you for this post – i love being able to see the shades translated from bottle to nail before i buy.


  6. I love green room,might buy it!

  7. Ahhhh I love Topshop Nail Polish. It's deffo my fave!!
    My favourite colours are Missile and World's End (I'm a blue kind of gal!) but I also love the Ice Crush on its own or as a glittery top coat!!
    Love your redesign btw!!
    x x

  8. Jackie

    very pretty shades. i have come across a few but never actually bought one. I might go ahead next time I see one. Great post it was very informative!


  9. Emma D

    im yet to buy one! i always look at the pretty display of them at topshop oxford circus but for some reason never buy any! they look pretty cute lined up like that though…i think my faves from your collection are green room, louder and dead ringer..they look so…punch-y ha xx

  10. oooh I love them, especially the Glitter ones!

  11. Jayx

    I actually really like Topshop Nailvarnishes, I literally must of been writing a post about them the exact same time as you! Ice Crush is definately one of my favourites too. I also really like Gypsy night. I don't have as many as you, only about 8 but I did have to get someone to drag me away from the make up part of Topshop before I blew all my birthday money on it.
    Really like all your images too :)

  12. I love Topshop varnishes so much! Awesome quality too as they last for so long! X


  13. C.A.R.

    Ionly own one of their blushes and one ofntheir lipsticks, thats it. But then thats only because topshop does not exist where i live so..makes things harder i guess … TOPSHOP, IF EVER YOU'RE READING THIS, COME TO GENEVA!!


  14. Lily

    I love the topshop polishes! You can find some really unique shades as well as cheaper dupes. Your shades are really pretty, particuarly fond of green room :)


  15. Flora

    I really like their nail polishes, they're so gorgeous. I absolutely love Green Room – it's so spring-ish and I'd love to wear it right now!

  16. i love topshop nail varnishes – i also wasn't impressed when they first came out but now i love them!

  17. I love Topshop polishes too. My favourite at the moment is 'without a clue' which is a lovely pinky/peachy/coraly colour. Also pretty obsessed with 'glimmer' which is a metallic bronzey colour. So shiny and happy making, even if it isn't the most summery shade xx

  18. Iny

    The purple and blue are really lovely, but I keep loving Essie the most because it doesnt have very harsh chemicals and it stays on so long and its not a mess when painting your nails. Ixx

  19. They all look so pretty! I love topshop nail polishes and they're actually pretty good quality for the price… I love big smoke, wear it all the time!

  20. I want to start my own collection of Topshop nail polishes, I love the bottles, they look so cute lined up next to each other! Definitely need to get my hands on Razzmatazz, Green Room, Dead Ringer and Awol!

    Frances xx

  21. i seriously need to invest in some topshop makeup/nail polish! x

  22. Char!

    I have a bit of a love hate relationship with these polishes but when they are good, they are amazing xx

  23. Love that lilac Topshop nail varnish…

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  24. Stella

    Ooh! I adore the glitter nail polishes :)

  25. bianca

    I wish they sold these in the US :[

  26. I've got hidden treasure and razzmatazz and they're by far the prettiest and best nail polishes in my collection! I've just done a wishlist post on the topshop makeup range and had to restrain myself on the nail polish and lipsticks I put on haha:)

  27. Hev

    One of my favourite Topshop nail polishes is celestial, it's hard to describe it as it looks different in different lights haha but it's a mix of a pastel/brighter blue :) x

  28. I wore Parma violet topped with ice crush last week and it was lovely! the only annoying thing was when I got bored of them yesterday and attempted to remove it… it was a nightmare! Took. me. hours!
    I'm not sure if it was my remover or not? gah.
    but anyway I love your collection! I have their top coat which I would recommend actually, it's good and quick to dry! :)

  29. nice colors

  30. Katie

    Hey Zoe! I'm sure you've already heard of this, but if you put a few drops on nail polish remover in the bottles of nail polish that have gone all thick and gloopy it revives them so you can use the last bits up. I know it sounds weird, and always do it drop by drop (so it doesn't go too thin), but it has helped me out many a time (like when you have done one hand and can't quite get enough gloop out for the other!). Love the post!


  31. I absolutely love Razmatazz and Adrenalin- but they don't seem to have Razzmatazz anywhere in Ireland :( Great blog :)

    Emily x


  32. Maria!

    Amazing colors *-*

  33. Jenn

    I love love loveee Topshops nail varnish collection. Sketch is my favourite purchase of theirs so far, I think I might go put it on now!


  34. Rachel

    I had their Under & Over Topcoat/ Base coat for a while which was quite good, and I have that blue and silver duo from the sandstorm collection you have. To me, the silver is just another silver, but I adore the blue for summer – with a good top coa and base coat it lasts ages on my toes and is one of my favourite summer colours!

  35. Nicole

    Lovely post! Though I am confused. I think you meant Left to Right, not Right to Left. I have one of the polishes listed so I noticed haha. Great colors <3 xoxo

  36. Alice

    My topshop makeup list is endless!! Would you recommend their lipsticks because i am thinking of getting…alot:D i would love it if you checked out my fashion and beauty blog http://blondebeauty-blogger.blogspot.co.uk/

  37. I love topshop nail varnishes! The glitter polishes look amazing! xx

  38. Ohhh how pretty! I love nail polishes. (: Glitters~ I love glitters!


  39. I was literally about to sit down & write a blog post about Topshop Nail Varnishes then I saw this…maybe I'll save it for another time now, haha.

    I love Topshop nail vanishes, can't stop raving about them to people. LOVING Adrenalin atm.

    If you're looking to add to your collection I'd go with:

    Domestic Goddess (This looks like a kind of rusty colour in the bottle & not very attractive, but once you put it on your nails it looks more like a muted raspberry/rose colour…I get so many compliments whilst wearing it!!)

    Flamingo Coral (Gorgeous pinky coral colour…my favourite at the moment)

    High Voltage (Bright, fuchsia pink…most people already own this colour in other brands)

    Moonshine (Metalic silver with gold & pink undertones)

  40. They have so many lovely shade, really want to try them! xx

  41. Tori.

    i am completely in love with topshop nail polish's i currently have hidden treasure,domestic goddess,big smoke, sketch and gypsy night but i want so many more, i think my collection could soon become as big as yours! :) x

  42. I've never tried a Topshop nail varnish, and i'm a nail varnish obsessive! I feel like i'm letting the side down, i must invest soon :)

  43. The turquoise, the blue and the pale purple are all SO pretty. And I think you're right about the bottles, perfect size/shape and I love the polka dots on the lids! :)x

  44. Annie

    I LOVE topshop nail paints!:) you have some lovely colours!:)xo

  45. I've never tried them before because I was never sure on the quality. AWOL looks so pretty! I am tempted to try it out Xx

  46. Beth

    love all of these colours! I'm yet to try any Topshop nail varnish but I really want to xxx

  47. from reading reviews on the internet, I had a bad impression of topshop nails, but you have completely changed my mind, might try some out, although they are a lot more pricey than barry M, maybe I'll do a post on BarryM, like similar to this to test it, hehe! Hope you don't mind?x


  48. Ciara

    cant justify spending 8-9 quid on them.shame xx

  49. Nicola

    I love topshop nail varnish. I own only three as my local topshop doesn't sell the makeup! I love nice 'n' neutral as its a perfect nude colour, and i love the look of green room! Your pictures are immaculate!


  50. RuBee

    I love Topshop nail polish. I own quite a few and I'm wearing Hidden Treasure right now. I know exactly what you mean about seeing them all lined up. They look like a rainbow and I'm always drawn to them. They have such a good choice of colours. x

  51. Laura

    I have never tried these! I get so tempted, might pick a few up to try now I've read this though, the colours are lovely.

  52. I wish I could buy them :_ There's no make up section in the Topshops of my country!

  53. Marta

    They all look amazing. Wish I could get Topshop makeup in my country. Feel like I live on the other planet :)xxx

  54. Olivia

    I've never tried Topshop nail varnishes, but this post has persuaded me to buy some, a few of those colours were so unique!

  55. I think the Topshop make-up has really impressed all of us! It is consistently of great quality and value including the collections and permanent line. I am addicted to 'hypnotic', a gorgeous lilac/green duochrome polish :)x

  56. These are lovely! I don't have any Topshop polishes myself, I find the pots a little small! xo


  57. you have got a lush collection i really wonna get the hidden treasure but i dont think they sell it anymore:( love you blogg!<3 xXxXx


  58. I wish we had Topshop here in Germany


  59. where do you buy China Glaze from? x

  60. Kerry

    I really want to get that pink glitter! It looks amazing. Revlon has one but it doesn't seem very opaque. I wish I knew about the sandstorm collection last year; they all look amazing.
    Thank you for the post, Zoe!


  61. Noush

    I love all of those colours !

  62. topshop nail polishes are my favourite, couldnt recommend them more! love how big the range is, especially in the oxford street store! xxx


  63. I've never try them, but they all look so pretty! =)

  64. I've never tried Topshop nail polishes but I've became so disappointed with OPI as my favorite is now all gloopy and poopy =/

    Want to try Topshops lipsticks & nail polishes thanks to you! :)

    [ http://smallrakuen.blogspot.co.uk/ ]

  65. The blue colour looks gorgeous! I just bought the pink glittery one and it looks beautiful on :) x

  66. I love the 'Green Room'! I might go out and buy it as it look's like such a statement nail polish.

    Please could you look and maybe follow if you like my blog?
    I have just started off in the bloggin' world!


  67. I have gypsy night which is adorable. I own more topshop lipsticks than polishes. I always thought you had natural nails in your pictures/videos – they look really natural :).

  68. Lea

    I always get sucked in by the colours when they're lined up haha, but I prefer the wear and finish of Mavala polishes. I agree with you about the whole size thing though :)

    Lea x


  69. Blaise

    ahh im sooooooo glad you did this post cos i was wondering whether they were any good and as a massive stinge on nail varnish i will NOT be buying nailvarnish with a bad opacity haha! Soo annoying when that happens! And very good point about the size :)


  70. Al

    green room and parma violet are so pretty
    i swear everytime you post about topshop makeup or do a primark haul on youtube it makes me want to travel to the uk so much more than i already want to!

  71. I actually need to try some topshop nail varnishes! They look so nice, especially the glitter ones! xxx

  72. Rachel

    so nice! love the look of the sandstorm collection!

    by the way my friend told me a tip for gloopy old nail varnishes, add a few drops of nail varnish remover to the bottle and shake it. honestly works! best tip.


  73. Rachel

    so nice! love the look of the sandstorm collection!

    by the way my friend told me a tip for gloopy old nail varnishes, add a few drops of nail varnish remover to the bottle and shake it. honestly works! best tip.


  74. Jade

    I love Topshop polishes, such an amazing colour range and price! I agree with how pretty they all look in store aha x


  75. I've never tried these but have always wanted to!
    Might have to remedy this situation soon
    Crystal Clouds and Parma Violet look stunning!

    Thanks for sharing

  76. I love Hunting, Gone Fishing and World's end :) x

  77. Ellie

    zoe i get so excited when i see you've posted!! I love your blog so much! those glitter polishes look amaaazing xoxo

  78. I adore Topshop nail varnishes! They are the perfect size for the price, I find. They're half the price of OPI polishes and 3/4 of the size so it's a good percentage!
    They're never too sheen for me and the packaging is super cute!

  79. i love the GREEN ROOM nailpolish…is perfect. You like the NEONs? haha

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne

    Today you can check my new DIY…it's a NEON GREEN BAG:


  80. Amazing colour range!! I love Green Room and Louder!!
    I hope my next trip will lead me to Topshop so I can finally try their cosmetics cause I really like everything you show from Topshop!!!


  81. Topshop have some really great shades ! xx


  82. I love Gypsy Night, I have it too, it's soo pretty! The new glitter ones look lovely, I saw them last time I was in there and was sooo tempted, but seeing them again has tipped it. Off to purchase! :D x


  83. I love topshop mail varnishes!

    Where did you get your nail sampling circle?

    I cannot seem to find one anywhere!!


  84. Cyclone and the Wilderness duo are my favourite of these! We don't have Topshop, but I really like what I've seen and heard. The packaging is really cute.

  85. es-jay

    Love the topshop makeup range, the polishes are great as are the lipsticks, blushes and the eyeshadows! you just can't fault topshop, they're amazing! lol

    http://www.es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  86. Lovelovelove your collection! I'm a nail polish whore myself but I don't own any Topshop. And that Gypsy Night one is so far up my street it's practically in bed with me. ;)
    Lush post :)

    Livvy (faceofthunder.blogspot.com) xx

  87. I am a big fan of the Topshop cosmetics range in general, particularly their lip products, and I love their packaging! I do have a couple of their polishes and really like them, but am dying to get my hands on Hidden Treasure and Ice Crush.
    You have a pretty impressive collection, bet you've got hundreds in total!
    Mel x


  88. Alex

    Love Topshop make up and nail varnishes but they're so expensive in Ireland cause Topshop rips us off by adding loads to the conversion to Euro! I love pool party and flamingo, gorgeous for summer x

  89. Super nice colors! From the swatches, it seems like really nice payoff and I love those new glitter polishes. I will definitely have to be checking some of those polishes out soon!

  90. Romzs

    I've wanted Hidden Treasures for so long! Hope the Topshop makeup line comes to my country soon! x

  91. Sio

    Absolutely great post, I always really enjoy reading your blog =]
    Gorgeous photographs too.

  92. I have yet to tried any of Topshop's makeup line…but the colors really do seem awesome!

  93. You've got a lovely collection built up! I don't won any topshop makeup, how ridiculous! Theres only one Topshop in Australia and I am going to go there when I visit Melbourne in June so I hope they stock the makeup range!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  94. Sher

    I'm in love with topshop makeup, every time I go I pick up something new! In fact I just bought the green room yesterday!! My favorite is the eyes of steel, I totally recommend it:)

  95. Love Razzmatazz!

    Holli x

  96. I love the green room one!! it looks gorgeous i need to buy it xD

  97. I bought a few of the very first Topshop varnishes, but I found that rather than chip, they used to peel off in one big sheet after about a day. Very odd.
    I might give them another go, as so many people seem to love them. Maybe it was down to using a cheap top coat rather than the varnish itself.

  98. You mean 'Left to Right' rather than 'Right to Left' for the first captioned photo, yeah?

    I've never tried Topshop nail polish myself, but I might have to pick up a bottle. My only worry is that it may be more expensive here in Australia. Such a pity the Wilderness shades aren't part of the permanent collection. They're probably my favourites.

    Such A Beautiful Sight

  99. Beth

    I've never tried Topshop polishes but I've heard so many people rave about them so one day I'll give them a go. You've got a gorgeous range of colours!


  100. I love the FLAMINGO one! Beautiful coral tone… try it! ;-)


  101. parma voilet looks amazing x

  102. Topshop nail varnishes are great. I admit I was put off at first too and steered clear for a while but after trying them I was amazed. They have such gorgeous shades too. I'm loving 'Gone fishing' (I think that's what it's called) atm which is a lovely mint green :) 'Awol' looks like a great colour though, might have to go on a search for that!

  103. Amy

    I love Topshop polishes, Green Room is a fave, along side Worlds End which reminds me of Blu-tac! x

  104. I love all your topshop nail varnishes, particularly "Hidden Treasure"! It's such a beautiful multi-toned colour. I'm yet to try the topshop makeup range, and this varnish will certainly be my first pick :)

    Love, Ana


  105. You need Celestial! It was the first polish I bought from Topshop and I absolutely adore it's colour, quality and price. It's a gorgeous sky blue colour so perfect for spring and summer, and so easily buildable even though it's nearly opaque in one coat! :) (I've done a blog post here on it – sorry for link dropping!) You have such an envious collection! I also love the colour of Green Room but mine's a little watery for some reason. I loved this post and am now completely jealous of all of them! Payday soon = me going to Topshop to pick up some more *not needed but must have* polishes!

  106. Miss_S

    I love the colours, there is something for every mood. The quality are so good for a reasonable price!


  107. Emma

    These are all such lovely colours! The dotty lids make them a bit more unique too, and Green Room looks such a great colour. Lovely blog by the way!! :)


  108. Rohini

    Ive got hidden treasure..love it, want to buy more! It's so tempting when you see their display! You've built up quite a collections =)x

  109. sophia

    Neeeeed to try the glitter ones out! Lovely post xxx

  110. Miri_X

    5-6 days of no chipping is great in my eyes! My nail polish usually lasts 2-3 days haha!

  111. Ella

    I love Topshop make up in general but especially the nail varnishes. I find the quality great and the colour range amazing! A lovely post Zoe!


  112. I am addicted to Topshop make up now thanks to you Zoe! I do love their nail varnishes! Hidden treasure and green room are two of my favourites too. You should definitely try cosmic karma, zodiac and late show, they're fab!

  113. What top coat do you use? I haven't these yet but you have definitely will after this :D
    Check out my blog? Sophiannehorgan.blogspot.com it would mean alot :) great review :)

  114. I love them and think their staying power is fantastic. My current favourite is 'Treasure' which is a kind of bronze-y/gold-y colour.

  115. Nomad

    I like their nail varnishes – I have green room as well and I love it :) xx

  116. ahhhh finally! i found someone who obsesses over topshop nail varnishes like i do haha. i plan to collect every colour and put them on a shelf so i can just stare at how amazing it looks to have the same nail varnish brand in all colours! weird i know…anyways! you have a lovely blog, glad i found it! :)

    follow back if you get a chance :) From Cupcakes, With Love x

  117. gixxna

    I think Hidden Treasure is a Chanel Dupe! (Peridot) :)

  118. Awww… cute colours!!


  119. Amanda

    Dear Zoe! I found your channel on a saturday and fall completely in love with your personality!
    You are absolutely funny! and incredibly gorgeous ! I really like your style and what you are doing!
    Iv been reading every post on your blog in one day! because I have so much to catch up!
    You inspired me to do my own blog and channel, because I really like what you do!
    have a great day Zoe and thank you so much for inspired me. :)

    ps: Sorry for my english Im from montreal.


  120. Devina

    Love all the colours, especially the glittery ones :) x

  121. Sadie

    I love the glitter polishes, especially Razzmatazz :) I've been to 3 different Topshops to try and find it but no such luck :( xx

  122. I haven't tried any topshop nail varnish! But when I seen Fleur show Razzmatazz ive been creeping topshop ever since and my topshop still doesn't stock it! :(

    And I don't want to pay £4 for postage! :( One day thought! Great post by the way, love your blog! :)

    Chloe xoxo http//:glittertasticbeauty.blogspot.com

  123. Moonshine is a great colour!xxx

  124. OMG I am so envy!! I love the Topshop Make Up but in Germany we can´t order the Nailpolishes – I have really no Idea why :( Pretty Colours!! Wish I could have one too.

  125. Ginger

    Beautiful colours! Would never have thought of Topshop for make-up et al.

    Are the nail polishes quick drying?

    I have a pretty bizarre way of painting my nails and am always on the look out for good quality quick drying varnish to help me out a bit.

    Ginger? x

  126. I'm a relatively new follower and I love your blog.. Youre so gorgeous and I adore your hair so creative! The pictures of nail varnishes are such good quality did you take them?! There is loads of new nail varnishes on top shop website especially metallics. There's are also some fabulous nail wraps. Please could you check out my lot,and perhaps make my day and follow me?
    Hannah @ Hannah-Jane-ashby.blogspot.com much love hunni XXXX

  127. Ooh I absolutely love topshop nail polishes! My all time favourites are definitely green room and hidden treasure. And I really agree on the sizes. I know in theory a huge O.P.I. nail varnish sounds pretty amazing, but I just end up diluting it down with polish remover which really messes up the consistency. I am now so inspired to do something cool to my nails!
    Thank you Zoe!


  128. It is like you wrote all my exact thoughts on the polishes! I remember when they first came out, I didn't think much of them either. But you are right it is better they are smaller because you can actually finish the bottle. I think a Topshop polish is the only polish I have ever completely finished off without it going gloppy. (Technical term right there) haha. I have kinda fallen in love with them a all over again. Oh dear this is not going to be pretty for my purse strings ;) Thanks for a great post x

  129. I have really weak nails which constantly bend or snap, the only nail varnish that even slightly strengthens my nails seems to be China Glaze but I find that they chip really easily! I tried the Gypsy Nights Topshop colour and really loved it but mine chipped a lot faster than 5-6 days! :(
    I love the tealy colours that Topshop have at the minute.
    Lauren xx

  130. I haven't bought any topshop nail polishes yet but they look so cute I'm tempted!!


  131. I LOOOVEEE topshop nail varnishes!! It took me ages to buy my first one, I think I thought topshop make-up looked quite tacky and would probably be overpriced but now I have completely changed my mind. I actually think the packaging is really cute now!

    My two favorite nail varnishes at the moment are 'Bee's knees' which is a really pretty pastel yellow and my absolute favorite is 'Smashing pumpkin' I actually had someone stop me on the street to ask me the colour. Its a really gorgeous dirty orange! You should have a look and see if you like them :)

    BTW Love your blog!


  132. Your cute nail polish and excellent chosen colors made my day! I’ve been searching for what to paint on my tips and I’m glad I found your blog.
    -Samatha@Mens Slim Fit Suit

  133. ooh wow!!! i really am jealous of such a huge collection! :)
    absolutely stunning <3

  134. i like you, your Blog and your posts soo much!
    kisses and hugs from Germany, Berlin

  135. Ever since I saw Sammi wearing Celestial I have needed to get it. I'm a Barry M girl because of the 2 for £5 offers you get but Topshop is a very nice treat (plus I've bought virtually every Barry M colour so am looking elsewhere for new colours (new colours being the tiniest variation of a blue etc)) Hannah x

  136. Bron

    I wish the Topshop opening in Sydney, Australia would hurry up! I can't wait to go crazy there once it opens.

  137. We don't have a Topshop around here but I may have to look into ordering off the internet – these colours look amazing, and I keep hearing about how great Topshop polished are. :)


  138. Nicole

    These colours look lovely :) xx

  139. you have so many of them,jealous much:D,my favourites are ice crush,parma voilet and green room but tbh they are all lovely……i havent got any but ill definetely be trying some now<3xxx

  140. i was having a look at the topshop website and the other nail polishes i love are windy city,cafe au lait and barefoot have a look you might like them too:Dxxxxxx

  141. JULIA

    all of these nail polishes are amamzing! glittery ones are the best though:P heheh xx

  142. I adore Green Room! Such a pretty shade! Xx.

  143. I haven't tried these yet because I don't have a Topshop near me but Green Room, Dead Ringer, Hidden Treasure and all of the new glitter polishes are beautiful!
    Love that you're posting more!

  144. This is the first time I've ever seen your blog, it's beautiful!! Great post my lovely



  145. Essie

    LOVE top shop polishes. So much.

  146. Top Shop products are challenging to get over here in the United States unless you live in New York or want to buy online. I'm not sure if you have ever tried the Color Club Neon Nail Polish. I got the Age of Aquarius color in my April birchbox and was surprised that it lasted for nearly a week with no chipping, no top coat, no base coat…nothing…on another note, I really love reading your blog and watching your youtube channel..you are so funny and I love your accent :-) I think a lot of us U.S. girl are obsessed with you British beauty gurus…I just started a blog recently because I was inspired by your openness.


    …if you're interested :-)

  147. I own a few topshop nail polishes, but awol is my favourite! this post has inspired me to buy more, love your blog! x

  148. Lovely review and such a beautiful blog!
    Absolutely love Topshop nail varnishes, would defiantly recommend Bad Habit (The perfect classic red), Off The Record (Lovely nude), Domestic Goddess (Gorgeous light pink) and Daredevil (Dark Pink with Glitter) :)


  149. Cute colors and cute packaging!!! :) Too bad Topshop stores in my country don't sell nail polish!

  150. Rola

    What a great selection of colors! I need to try these polishes.

  151. I LOVE the glitters, they look amazing! Can't wait to try them x


  152. Emily

    I haven't tried any topshop polishes before but Green Room is so pretty I think I'll have to! I love these kind of posts you're doing – the collection-y type, not sure what to call them but I like em haha!



  153. Shanah

    Wow, I'm so jealous of your nail polishes collection here! :D

  154. I love the sparkly pink one, so girly and pretty!!
    Have a fab day,

  155. oh wow! the glitter polishes are gorgeous!

  156. Jaz xo

    I totally agree with everything you've said! Ice Crush is one of my favourites too xo

  157. blitz is AH-MAZING!!!!!! deep pink with like a gold running through it (duochrome i think its called) xxx

  158. waow so beautiful Zoe!! Dying to get Topshop nail polishes but unfortunately only my City topshop does the makeup range – 1 hours drive away!!!! grrr!!! really great photos :) xxx

  159. Im heading to Las Vegas in a few months and I am so excited to go shopping at the Topshop they have there! I really like the Gypsy Night polish you bought, it is definitely going on my list of things to pick up.


  160. omg! how cute polishes! <3

  161. I keep seeing Topshop's new glitter polishes pop up everywhere and so I really must try them!
    I feel just from reading this that I want to try acrylic nails.. haha. I have never really given it consideration.
    Another nice little insight into your world, thank you! I agree that I always choose on colour, and this does generally bring good results!
    Also, I just watched your video with sprinkle of glitter about starting blogs. Tres useful, ty! I find it hilarious in the bloopers when you are silently laughing whilst covered in melted chocolate fingers.. mm haha. And Louise reminds me of Diego from Ice Age! hahah



  162. I have never tried Top Shop nail polishes before but after reading this I think I may! In the pictures the bottles and colour look really great. Also the price has shocked me, I think the price is really good for the range of different achievable looks. I am looking forward to trying these out! thanks! Also I'm a big fan of Barry M nail polishes. by the way I really love your Blog Zoella! You opened me to the world of blogging, which is perfect for me as I love documenting and writing in general- so blogging is perfect for me and so far its a blast!

  163. I love the topshop make up range but I have never ever tried the nail polishes ( again because of the size) I do tend to be very judgemental about cosmetics, in my case the biger the price the better the quality. However after reading your reviw I am determined to get down to tpshop and buy some nail polish:):)

  164. I really love the glitter ones! :)

  165. Green Room and the wilderness duo are perfect

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    SO PRETTY <3

  172. Maddie Edwards

    I love, Topshop nail polishes. They have such a range of colours but my personal favourite is peaches and cream!