Aprils GlossyBox* was another special edition. These are definitely my favourite kind of beauty boxes, something about it being different from the norm, makes the anticipation of un-peeling the sticker that little bit more exciting. This months box was full of products guaranteed to make you feel your best whilst satisfying the green goddess within. Inside the limited edition 100% biodegradable box, are 5 eco friendly and ethical products. I know that for a lot of you, products sourced naturally with no harmful nastiness is quite an important factor when shopping for cosmetics. So for those of you who prefer your products to be a little more organic, look no further. I was really hoping that GlossyBox would do a box like this, as I think it is very appealing to a vast majority of us. I know I love it any-who. 

The products included in my GlossyBox:

Caudalie SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum – Caudalie is a fairly new brand on the beauty blog scene. We’ve all heard how marvellous the beauty elixir is (I have just purchased it myself also) so I was super intrigued to try out this serum. Although you only receive 10ml, I think it’s a good amount to indicate if you enjoy using the product. The 30ml full size product is worth £29, which is quite steep but for a serum but if it does what it says on the tube, you get what you pay for. I’ve used this twice, and so far I do really like it. It’s very easy to use quite a lot though, as it sinks into your skin so quickly, you almost feel as though you need more. I haven’t noticed any dramatic changes to my skin, but I’m not expecting miracles after 2 uses. It does however, leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and made my makeup application that little bit easier. 

Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Lip Liner – Inika is not a brand i’d heard of previous to receiving this box. They use a blend of cold pressed plant waxes, oils and natural pigments to make up their liners. I think I would have preferred to receive an eyeliner, as opposed to a lip liner, as i’m one of those people who never uses lipliners. Saying this however, the pigmentation was very good, and the liner very easy to use, so I can’t fault it for that. I do think this will end up going to my mum though :) 

Ayuuri Natural Body Wash – Now, i’ll be honest, when I first saw this giant shower gel, I wasn’t overly excited. I have SO many body washes to get through, and the packaging didn’t entrall me (I definitely judge a product by it’s packaging… shallow but true) The fragrance I received was “rose” and I am absolutely OBSESSED with it. I definitely didn’t think i’d end up loving this so much that I’d use it twice in one shower session! It smells amazing, but more importantly just feels so lovely and moisturising on my skin. At only £4.95 for a whole 235g of product, i’m going to be buying some more. 

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm – This is the product that I was initially excited to try. I’ve heard so many great things about these little lip balms. They are 100% pure, natural and organic and can be used as a multipurpose product on your lips or skin. The one I received is “Peppermint and Tea Tree”, it is so lovely to apply and tastes yummy. I already want more of these to keep on my desk, in my handbag and next to my bed.

Philip B Styling Gel – When I initially saw this, I wasn’t too excited by it. After all, when you hear/see the words “styling gel”, you automatically think of boyish hairstyles being slicked back Danny Zuko style, for an awful wet “do”…no? Just me then? I was actually relieved to discover that this can be applied to damp hair, and is just an aid to styling and to boost volume at the crown of the head before blow drying. I’ve not used this yet, but i’ll be sure to let you know if it’s gravity defying stuff :)

What did you all think of the April GlossyBox?

  1. Boxes like this make me wish I subscribed!

  2. I really wish the Australian GlossyBoxes were like the ones in the UK. They look 100 times better. Too bad the Australian GlossyBox has now joined with the company Lust Have It.


  3. I have just recently signed up for my very own GlossyBox as I think it's such a good idea! For things you want to try you don't have to worry about paying full price and not liking what you have bought! Its such a cute idea and I can't wait to get my first GlossyBox and write a review on it :) <3


  4. rae

    wow i am pretty impressed with this glossybox. it looks like you received really good sized items as well. sometimes i am a bit disappointed at the sizes of some of the samples that i have seen in other reviews which may be part of the reason i have not myself decided to sign up for glossy box just yet. however, i guess they can afford t give out a big sample of that Ayuuri Natural Body Wash since it is not as pricey as some of the other items. still, glad to hear you liked the items! thanks for the review, i always really enjoy glossy box and other subscriptions reviews.

    <3 rae

    stop by if you have a moment dear.


  5. What a lovely box, I would give all of these products a go…. they sound lovely! x

  6. Noush

    It's looks like a great box !

  7. Chloe

    Aww yay! :D i got the same things as you apart from the rose bodywash.Hi-5 I especially love the lip balm, peppermint & tea tree is my fave smell lol :)


  8. I loved this glossybox! My favourite was the Caudalie serum.. I need it in full size! x

  9. ooh seeing a new post by you has excited me.

    I'd followed you on twitter for ages but never really discovered your blog and youtube properly. But dude, seriously they're so awesome. I've been reading your blog literally from start to finish and love how personal & fun both your videos and blog content are.

    No wonder you have so many followers. I want more posts :)

    I loved your post about the camping pod weekend too, it's my 4 year anniversary (EEK) in a few weeks and I looked into doing that with my boyfriend but annoyingly its all booked up. Looked like an ace weekend though.

    Anyway – sorry for the long comment (which has completely no relevance to your glossy box post haha) but great blog and well done ;)

    Mel x

  10. Shari

    All looks lovely! The lip balm looks especially cute xxx

  11. Abelia

    I'm thinking of starting to invest in glossy boxes, but I just don't know if they're worth it or not – what do you think? Is it worth the subscription? xx


  12. It's boxes like these that make me want to subscribe!

  13. The shower gel was beautiful wasn't it? I got the coconut one and it is probably one of my favourite glossybox items so far x

  14. Loving the sound of the Thirst Quenching Serum- the 'Thirst Quenching' bit of the name of the product persuades me to buy it to be honest! Thanks for updating us on all things GlossyBox Zoe! Love the Glossybox posts! xx

  15. Amanda

    So tempting to subscribe! Love the look of the lip balm :)



  16. Glossybox has recently launched in Canada, I really hope it is as good as the UK version! I really want to try some Caudalie products


  17. I love it, looks so cute all those beauty products <3

  18. I've been on the look out for a new shower gel!
    After reading this I think the Ayuuri one maybe the next one I buy especially for the price!

    Thanks for sharing

  19. Ooh, I hope we get a figs & rouge in the US!

  20. Kat

    I love seeing these themed boxes! I nearly bought the Figs & Rouge balm to include in a gift box I put together but £4.99 seems a bit expensive for what it is… Maybe I'm just being tight! :p I've signed up for next months box so looking forward to receiving some goodies! xx


  21. I have a figs and rouge lip balm in vanilla smells gorgeous and lasts forever :) worth the money Xx

  22. Sidney

    I would love to try some of these products! Too bad I can't get GlossyBox. Birchbox does a pretty decent job of going all-natural too, but definitely not in the sizes you get!

  23. looks like a really good box!! still haved to subscribed to any though.. come check out my blog too!! xoxo

  24. Wish I could subscribe where I live!


  25. This looks great, think i will have to persuade my mum to buy it for me!

    Also i absolutely love your blog! I also follow you on Twitter and watch all your videos on Youtube! They're amazing! You and Louise are the funniest people ever! Love your videos so much! Keep on posting!

    p.s What camera do you have?:-)

    Olivia XOX

  26. Gabyy

    Thank you so much for showing these !! since seing your posts on Glossy boxes i've ordered subscribed my sister for her birthday!!xx

  27. Char!

    last months box was quite good x

  28. Dee

    I love how most of the things are natural and organic in this box!
    I'm contemplating whether to start a subscription! I know there's also JolieBox too! I'm sure there are others too but I'm not sure which one I want to start! Decisions, decisions. (:


  29. Because of you I have now signed up to glossy box! argh lol.

  30. I wish I could afford to spend £10+ a month as these look fun!

  31. Everything looks so pretty maybe I should consider subscribing to glossy box…

  32. Steph

    I LOVED this month's…definitely my favourite beauty box I've ever received! I got the moisturiser sample instead of the body wash which I LOVE…but you make me want to try the wash now! Do you know where to buy it? x

  33. I'm looking forward to next months with it being the anniversary. I just hope it's not a let down! xx

  34. I am so glad attention is on natural products, this is the stuff I blog about :)

  35. becky.

    i wish i still had my glossybox subscription, this months books looks amazing! i'd love to try out the lip liner, it looks as if it'd work under a lot of different shades xx

  36. The lip balm is amazing!! :) xo

  37. your glossy box was pretty similar to mine but I got the lip liner in 'nude delight' and a Monu reviving mist instead of the body wash. Much like you I was not too excited about the Philip B styling gel but once I tried it on damp hair I really liked it because it gave my hair amazing texture but feels so light and with this product trust me a little goes a looonnngggg way!

    xoxo,just another primadonna girl.

    p.s – I am actually a beginner at bloging and would really like some feed back so if anyone has any tips please check out my blog and let me know. thank you !

  38. H-x

    I love the look of these glossyboxes & i'm really debating subscribing and for only £10! I'm such a beautyholic :(

    I'm also new to the blogging scene and would love advice girls!

  39. I got an Inika eyeliner in my box and its beautiful, I got a brown colour called Cocoa. I hadn't heard of the brand either but I would love to try more of their products and I think you'd like the eyeliners I would recommend the brand 100% x


  40. Sophie

    This makes me a bit sad that I had to cancel my GlossyBox subscription! I thought the boxes were going downhill a bit but it seems their improving again :)


  41. I keep thinking whether I should subscribe to GlossyBox when I see posts like yours I desperately want to. But then I think if I got a box I wasn't that impressed with I might wish I spent my £10.00 on other things – I just cant decide


  42. Laura

    Some lovely products!

  43. This was my first Glossybox and I loved it, aside from a blue eyeliner that I probably won't use I really liked all the products, especially the Figs and Rouge lip balm which is so nice :) x

  44. I got the new intense lipgloss by illamasqua in my glossybox (Germany) and was sooo excited! I was really lucky to get the colour "Temper" though (a bright orange-red-tangerine colour), others had colours like black or green, which probably isn't really everyone's cup of tea. I wish they would do these kind of special boxes like they do in the uk more often.

    xoxo Melina

  45. I can't wait for GlossyBox to be available in the US!

    Come on by my blog and enter my Giveaway for Fake Bake Flawless Self Tanner!

    A Little Lacey


  46. Rina

    I wish we have Glossy Box in Malaysia!

  47. I wish they had GlossyBoxes like this in Australia :(
    Oh well, it looks lovely! :)

  48. Emily

    You got one of the best selections of products of all this months glossyboxes I've seen! Very lucky. I just ordered a figs & rouge lip balm, I'm so excited to try it! I'm definitely tempted to try the shower gel too. xx


  49. Ginger

    Oh my gosh! All the products look amazing. I've been "umm-ing" and "ahh-ing" over GlossyBox for so long, but I think I'm convinced now.

    I need GlossyBox in my life!

    Ginger x

  50. I love your blogs and sprinkle of glitters ur SO funny together on youtbe! ha! gd timez watchin dat xxxxx

  51. i love your blog x

  52. I love the packaging for this box! The special edition ones always make me wish I was subscribed. The Figs and Rouge lip balm looks lovely, I will definitely be looking into that! Your photos are such great quality as well, I really enjoyed this post :)

  53. Wondering if I'm going to buy the new American glossybox?

    Please check out my new blog


  54. That box looks amazing!!

  55. That looks great. I just got my April Spanish GlossyBox…. delighted with the products as they are all products I need right now! Love your blog and youtube. Keep posting!! :)

  56. Emily

    Loved this box, I do feel they are beginning to step up the mark with their products.
    Very looking forward to Mays Box:)

  57. Lola

    You really like that boxes right? Like you had many of them!

  58. Unknown

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  59. Can you get this in Australia? The products all look amazing x