It’s not all that often that I will buy things from the comfort of my own home. It’s not that I don’t like online shopping, it’s just that I tend to shop more on the High Street. However, come pay day, there were so many things I wanted to buy/try that I wasn’t all that sure i’d be able to get hold of in the shops. I went onto the feelunique website (which is just brimming with every product you could ever think of) and bought the above items. 

The first thing that accidentally hopped into my virtual basket was the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I’ve heard such amazing things about this face mist, so of course, I had to give it a whirl and see what all the hype was about. The next thing that ended up in my basket, was the Benefit Erase Paste (bought in 01 fair). This is actually my third pot of this stupidly-overpriced-but-equally-amazing undereye concealer. I absolutely love it, and when I reach the bottom of the cute little pot, I always get that horrid feeling of dread & despair at having to fork out another £19.50 because I can’t really live without it (trust me, I have tried). There was also a little deal where if you bought a Benefit product you got a little “Cha-Cha Tint” for free. It’s a lovely mango lip and cheek stain, much like the benetint and posietint, but being peach, A LOT more up my street. I think this will be really pretty in summer. The last thing I bought, was all because of Millie Mackintosh. If you are familiar with the TV programme “Made In Chelsea”, then you will know who I’m talking about. She is absolutely gorgeous, but one thing that always makes me ultra envious, is her healthy golden glow. I recently read a blog post she did, where she says that she uses “Institut Esthederm Self Tanning Face Cream” so naturally, I needed this in my life. I can’t say i’ve ever heard of the brand before, but i’m looking forward to seeing if I magically wake up looking like Millie….(I can only hope right…). 

Let me know if you’d like to see any reviews of the above products once i’ve put them to the test!

  1. Lovely little haul! I love online shopping but it is so addictive! Have fun using every thing :) xo

  2. Daria

    I've heard lots of good things about the lip and cheek stain by Benefit, I wish I could try it!

    Loving the fact that you're posting more often lately :)


  3. Great post! Erase Paste is amazing!! :) xo

  4. Becky

    Loving the Caudalie Elixir at the moment and I have to agree the Erase Paste is devine! Would love to see a review on the tan, I am using Xen tan at the moment so any tips and tricks on applying etc would be welcomed :-)


    Beckys Makeup

  5. Amanda

    I wish the erase paste wasn't so expensive, I absolutely love it!


  6. Hey Zoe :)
    I started a blog recently and would love if you gave me your feedback. I was inspired by you to start my own blog.
    Oh and I've put you in my Month Favourites post, you're one of my favourite bloggers ((:

  7. I hate online shopping too- primarily due to the fact that the shades I actually order are so different in reality! I really want to try Benefit's Erase Paste- I've heard a mixture of both positive and negative reviews and thoughts on it. And that ChaCha Tint looks super cute! :) xx

  8. Noush

    I need to this Erase Paste !

  9. Iny

    I love Millie too! Didnt know she uses that tan cream, need it!!

  10. Vera

    Enabler! :)
    Would love to see a before-after of the face tanning cream. And maybe a review of the tint?
    You're very lucky to have found your holy-grail concealer. I still struggle with mixing three different ones till I am satisfied with my face. It's a biatch when I'm on the move.

    Vera (Being Vera Blog.)

  11. Iny

    Oh and please do a review on the face tan cream!!

  12. I've just order my first pot of the benefit erase paste, and I am sooooo excited to try it! Gosh online shopping is so addictive! xx

  13. Love your haul, would be interested to see what you think of the Caudalie as I too have heard lots of raves about it.

  14. I really want to try the Caudalie Beauty Elixer after all the good things I have read about it! I also want to try the Erase Paste, but I can't bring myself to spend that much on a concealer when I am perfectly content with my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer.

    Frances xx

  15. annie.

    EH? You are so much prettier than millie!

  16. Please review the tanning stuff! I'm slightly addicted to MIC (only because of the fascinating social commentary and such forth, of course) and I get a little pang of envy any time I see any of them looking all glowy and glossy on-screen. If this stuff works to give you Millie's tan, maybe next you could source a miracle product to give us all their posh-girl hair, please? Haha – XX

  17. Sandy

    I bought Institut after reading Millie used it in Grazia lol! Soooo easily influenced haha. But I got the 'Intense Tanning Jelly,' I did a bit of a review on …. Also never heard of it but I've now given my XenTan to my little sis after discovering this! ;) xXx

  18. Laura

    I've heard so much about the Caudalie beauty elixir lately! I would love to see a little review about that and the tanning face cream! I do think you are a lot prettier than Millie! :)

    love, Laura

  19. please review the Institut Esthederm Photo Cellular Care Sun Sheen Intense Self-Tanning Face Cream :)

  20. Love all the stuff you bought!

    I have the ChaCa tint and I love it! I use it almost everyday!

    Take a peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  21. Nina94

    Please do a review on the Caudalie elixir :D

  22. I am on the edge of buying the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, however much I hate the smell it's apparently great for your skin – would love a review to help make up my mind!

    love, Natalie

  23. Louise

    I agree, Erase Paste really is the best under-eye concealer! Personally, I think it works much nicer than Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer which everyone raves about.

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  24. Noor

    I have not used any but I want to try the erase paste although I use YSL now and its the best to date. I am however an obsessive online shopper lol.

  25. Great picks – I'd love to hear about the face tanning bits x

  26. Emma.W

    I'm exactly like you and can't live without my Erase Paste! I've just reached the bottom of my pot and I'm dreading buying another but I need it! Also, I'd be really interested in a review of the self tanning face cream if you could do one :)

  27. Amy

    Caudalie is fabbbbb xx

  28. The erase paste is fab ! xx

  29. Roza

    I got Erase Paste in a little set and think it's brilliant too. It can look a little cakey if too much is applied but really does the trick of covering dark circles!

  30. I really want to try the Erase Paste, I keep hearing great things but I begrudge paying out £19.50…hmm think I might just have to go for it! x

  31. Oh I love Milly too!! I'm in Australia so we haven't got season 3 of MIC yet.. Looking forward to watching it!! I'm going to check out the Self-tanning face cream – thanks for the post Zoe :o)
    Mel xo

  32. I actually bought the Caudalie Cleansing Water from the other day (amazing site!). When I bought it I hadn't even heard of the brand before. Now it's popping up everywhere! This is filling me with confidence.

    Oh and would you say that the Benefit Erase Paste is better than the Collection 2000 concealer? The latter isn't available here in Australia, but the former is. So I'd be interested to know if it's worth purchasing here in Aus or waiting to pick up the Collection 2000 one in London when I visit.

    Thanks a bunch for sharing your lovely purchases!

    Such A Beautiful Sight

  33. I made an order on Feel Unique the other day too, it is such a fab website, I could go wild! As for the hoping you wake up looking like Mille, theres no need! Although Millie is lovely, I think you are much prettier :) x x x.

  34. Bess

    I know how you feel, I just can't say no to a bit of online shopping! Love benefit as well, wish it wasn't so ridiculously expensive here in Australia. I haven't tried the erase paste concealer, but the best concealer I have tried is clinique line smoothing concealer – it's the only one I have bought for a couple of years!

  35. Rola

    I tried the Caudalie mist many years ago and liked it. It has a herbal scent that is so invigorating.

  36. I bought the Caudalie Beauty Elixir for the same reason last week; to find out what the hype is behind it and I haven't been let down! I absolutely love the feeling of this stuff on my skin first thing in the morning!

    I may have to give Erase Paste a try with you singing it's praises so much…I suffer with extremely dark circles under my eyes and welcome any product that will hide them for me!


  37. Love love love the erase paste! I too can not live without it! I would like to see a review on the caudalie water as herd so many things about it and also the tanning product please?


  38. Beth

    I really want the Caudalie spray, it sounds amazing xxx


  39. mili

    omigod i've gotten so obsessed with made in chelsea lately… their makeup is so swoony oh god!! xx

  40. Every one is always raving so much about the Caudalie spray and I really want it! I might cave in and just buy it :( I also really want the Erase Paste, but is it worth the money? Oh and I'm also really loving your blog at the moment! :)


  41. Ive been meaning to get the Caudalie spray, sounds bloody amazing!! Already purchased the Institut Tanning Face Cream,within a few minutes of reading this.. if it turns out anything like Millies amazing skin.. How can you not??


  42. Lovely haul!

    I like online shopping!
    But it's very dangerous,you keep seeing things you want to try.

  43. I love Millie, she is so beautiful! Might have to try out that stuff out for myself!


  44. DM

    And now that you've told me about Millie's secret, I'm already browsing! Who wouldn't give for her skin and tan?
    x D

  45. I really want to try the Erase Paste, a bit too pricey for me though!


  46. Do want to try the Caudalie spray! Heard so many good things! :)

  47. Jane

    I love the Caudalie spray! I would also really appreciate a review of the institut Esthederm :)


  48. I really want to try the Caudalie Beauty Elixir it seems like everyone loves it :) x

  49. - B

    I just bought the benefit erase paste and the cha cha tint, like you I can't live without the erase paste, and I hate the price tag too.
    I am loving the cha cha tint, much better than the other two.

  50. I'd definitely like to see some reviews please! I love anything Benefit, and have heard lots of good things about the Caudalie spray xx

  51. Sarah

    don't know why I've only just discovered your blog! It's fab :) I'm now a follower :)

  52. Anything that I hear Millie uses is instantly on my mental wish list!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the tan xx

  53. Yes, please do a review! <3

  54. I love erase paste too! I always pop into Benefit and ask for a little sample – I have sooo many samples of it now that I know when I run out of my actual erase paste pot I will have enough to last me for about another two months!

  55. Alice

    I've got a bit of a love hate relationship with erase paste yet I still find myself going back for more!! I have heard so many good things about the Caudalie Elixir that I might have to give it a go…maybe I'll wait for you do to a review on it first though!


  56. I have a love/hate relationship with online shopping. I tend to fill up my virtual cart with all sorts a goodies, then I chicken out and try to find a store that carries them. For some reason, I feel like I need to hold it first before I buy it. You bought some good stuff though. Does the erase paste crease under your eyes? I use benefit's Boing at the moment and it seems to crease up on me. I'm still in search for a perfect under eye concealer.

  57. Monica

    I've always wanted to try the Erase Paste, but it seems to expensive! But… I've heard sooo many good reviews on it, maybe I'll splurge on a really good concealer just once. I've never tried any of the products featured in this mini haul, but I'd love to try the face mist after the Erase Paste!


  58. I love cha cha tint so pretty:) but my favorite coral peachy blush is m.a.c style its gorgeous

  59. dan

    I'm desperate to try the Caudalie Beauty Elixer after all the good reviews I've heard of it! xx

  60. I swear by Esthederm facial fake tan, I too bought it because it was recommended by Mille Mackintosh and I am addicted, it smells beautiful, it doesn't streak, it doesn't bring me out in spots or make me oily (like St.Tropez loves to do).

    I really want to try the Caudalie, it seems to be the 'in' thing right now and I quite like the idea of 'spritzing' my face mid afternoon at work. Give me something to look forward to……after lunch, obviously xx

  61. I've done a recent bit of online shopping-it's addictive- but I much prefer the highstreet even if you do get the occasional bag to the knee. I love the sound of the benefit concealer, never given it a go but I might have to to cover up my dreaded dark circles- once I get some more money of course haha!

    Love your blog Zoe you seem like such a amazing girl and I can't stop watching your videos and reading your posts they make me die with laughter
    From another Zoe :)

  62. I also love using Benefit Erase Paste as my concealer which I buy in fair 01 as well, I find it quite hard to find a concealer that stays on my oily skin but Erase Paste lasts all day and it's thick in texture which I love.

    I would love to try the Caudalie as I have to use a setting spray to make sure that my face doesn't become shiny, I've heard great things about the Caudalie spray and I have shopped on feelunique before.

    Another amazing review Zoe, I always love reading what you have to say about beauty products because I know that I can trust what you say/write.

  63. Online shopping is so much easier, but I always find myself buying more when I shop online! I've also heard good things about the Beauty Elixir, but I haven't heard of that face tanner before, so I'll have to check it out!

  64. Kay

    Question: And sorry if this has been answered already, but is the face self tanner available in the U.S.? I have been looking for a good one.
    Also wanted to add, I'm quite a fan. I just found you on YouTube not too long ago and started my own channel ( ) back in September.
    I especially loved the birthday video you did for your friend.
    xoxo- Kay

  65. please do a review on the Caudalie Beauty Elixir!

  66. I really like doing online shoppin, I officially live on the internet lol. I would really like to try out the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and really like to see your evaluation abt it.

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  67. Great shopping.I love your blog and I deffinately going to follow :) cheers xx

  68. rony

    Online shopping is so much easier, but I always find myself buying more when I shop online! I've also heard good things about the Beauty Elixir, but I haven't heard of that face tanner before, so I'll have to check it out!
    Online Shopping ideas

  69. hiii zoe :) buy the benefit cosmetics stuff from ebay :) i've done that a few times n got a primer / moisturiser and the confessions of a concealaholic kit for really cheap :) xxx

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  71. After reading all your blogs about hauls etc I no longer feel guilty about shopping spree's as it seems its good to go mad when shopping!!


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