No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water 200ml £9*

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream 50ml £12.50*

Being a complete skincare junky, I am ALWAYS open to trying any new brands or ranges. I think skincare is one of those things we must all pay great attention to. There’s no point spending lot’s of money on makeup to cover up our skin if we aren’t spending the money on making sure our skin is up to scratch underneath it. No7 is a brand stocked in Boots, and is one I am often drawn to in terms of skincare and makeup (their infamous exquisite curl mascara is still a firm favourite of mine).

The beautiful skin range is a more recent launch for No7. Amongst the collection, there are balm cleansers, water cleansers, foaming cleansers, gel cleansers, exfoliators, masks, serums and both day and night moisturisers for all skin types. I am definitely more of a “cream cleanser” girl. I feel as though a cream and a muslin cloth cleanse the skin a lot more thoroughly than a water on a cotton pad. However, in the more recent hot weather (which now seems to have left us for the more typical British climate..i.e. rain and grey clouds) I have been reaching a lot more for the water cleansers in the morning, as a quick refresh and instant pick me up. I still use my Liz Earle cleanse and polish for removing makeup at night, but i just find that a water cleanser is a nice morning boost. This water cleanser is among many I have tried, and I can’t say it is my favourite, but it is lovely. The smell of both these products are absolutely amazing, really fruity and summery. One thing I like on this water cleanser though, is the pump. Not a lot of the water cleansers I’ve tried have a pump, and require you to use the “tip and squeeze/shake” method (one which normally ends in an overly drenched cotton pad). The main thing that meant this cleanser wasn’t up there with my favourites though, was that I didn’t find it that good at removing makeup. Great for a skin boost in the morning yes, but removing makeup (even a light coating) took too many cotton pad refills and left my skin feeling a little tacky. 

The moisturiser is also really lovely. The cream is a nice consistency and again, smells amazing. It does feel quite thick on the skin, even though it says it’s for normal/oily skin. I’m not too sure whether I slot into the normal/oily skin category, but it was either that or dry which at the moment, I’m not so much (since using my beloved ReGen cream). It would be nice if No7 came out with a beautiful skin range to suit “normal/sensitive skin” or just “combination skin”.

Overall I was impressed with the few products I tried although they haven’t taken the lead in the skincare stakes. I think that I will have to pop into Boots to have a little look at other items in the range, the cleansing gel and balm sound interesting. For now, my boyfriend has stolen both of these, and as far as I know (after a little lesson from me in how to use water cleanser – pretty sure he would have just splashed it all over his face over the sink) is enjoying using them, as he obviously doesn’t need makeup removal. ;)

No7 is a really well priced skincare brand, so even if these products aren’t for you, it’s worth taking a look at what they have to offer, especially when the nifty little £5 off vouchers are floating about! (NOW NOW NOW). So the above products could actually only set you back at £4 and £7.50 which is a TOTAL bargain.

Have you tried anything from the No7 Beautiful Skin range? Anyone tried the balm or gel cleansers?

  1. Laura

    The first skincare product I purchased from the No7. range was the Foaming Cleanser and I really liked it. It left my skin feeling really soft and refreshed! I've never tried the cleansing water, I prefer something a bit thicker in order to feel like my skin is being properly cleansed! Great post, I have yet to try the day cream! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  2. I've actually never heard of No7 before! Do you know if it is available in Australia?
    Nonetheless, another amazing post! :)

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  3. Was looking for something to spend my voucher on…the cleanser sounds interesting. A bit like a more affordable version of Lancome Eua Micellaire Douceur perhaps? No7 moisturisers tend to not work so well with my skin though and I've switched to Clarins Multi-Active for now anyhow.

  4. Nicola

    I really like the sound of these. I really want to try the cream in a normal/dry and when i have a free n07 voucher ill pick it up! My cleanser is the soft and soothed gentle cleanser and i really like it. It does a great job in getting make-up off, but also like you said they do take a few cotton pads!

  5. Lydia

    I found the No7 Cleansing Water wasn't a good make-up remover either! But I do love it in the mornings, it saves me the time and effort of washing my face if I'm really tired! x

  6. I have never really tried NO7 Skincare before, but i'm always looking for a good skincare product! i will most definitely look out and see if i can find some good No7 products now!

    Love this post Zoeeee! :))))

  7. Willow

    Ooo I have never really thought about no. 7 for skin care. I am currently using Simple's Moisturizer and its not that great if i'm honest, I have var dry skin and it is just not enough moisture! After reading this though I think I shall give the day cream a try. (It helps that I have one of those £5 boots vouchers) Thank you for introducting me :)

  8. Laura

    Great post – I have never tried these so may have to give them a go! x

  9. Phoebe

    I like the cleansing balm! It's almost as good as the Liz Earle for me, it makes my skin so soft. I use it as if it's a hot cloth cleanser and it's lovely. My skin is so dry and it really helps, I want to try more of the range as I have 2 of the vouchers waiting to be spent! x

  10. I have a no.7 toner whih I absolutely love, I repurchase it again and again! I really would like to try the gel cleanser as it sounds lovely!

    What camera do you use? I am looking for a new one!

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  11. Josie

    I really want to try a cleansing water but I'm struggling to find a reasonably priced one which actually does the job! x

  12. I love the cleansing water it's great for refreshing the face in a morning! Great post! :) – I'm currently having a UK blog sale with mac, nars and more!

  13. I am currently using the same cream and my skin is sooo soft. However as you pointed out it is a bit tick. I have combination/oily skin and struggle to fing a good cream which will mattify my skin as well as hydrate it.

  14. I haven't tried anything from this line but I hope my Target here in the states gets it!

  15. Jane

    I love the sound of these products! Must give them a try out, especially with the No7 vouchers on at the moment :)


  16. Soph.

    What a detailed review. SO helpful :)

    Xox Soph

  17. I'm always so pleased to have a £5 No7 voucher – one of the best things about boots! I think I am suitably convinced now that the next time I have one it won't be spent on another nail polish or lipstick…!

    You are very correct about how we need to care for our skin!
    Also, your photos look as beautiful as the product Zoe!


  18. Ying

    i have lots of no.7 vouchers lying about at home and i didn't realise that no.7 did a cleansing water. I may have to try it out seeing that the price that i will pay is reasonable :) Thanks for sharing~x

  19. Amanda

    No7 is such a great brand for the money, I haven't tried much of their skincare line yet but the make-up is amazing, their eye-shadows are beautiful. Plus I work there so the staff discount is a definite bonus! I got a nail varnish with the £5 voucher for £0.42p haha xx

  20. I love their colour calming primer, for me it's a amazing product. xx

  21. Brilliant post Zoe – I've been wanting to give the cleansing water a try but when the vouchers were last out it had been recalled. I think I'll have to hunt around and get my mitts on it, just to see! I'm using Bioderma at the moment and loving the ease of a water cleanser in the mornings, and as this is much more readily available, I think I'll definitely be giving it a go :) XX

  22. Emily

    Never even looked at No.7 skincare but might have to go and try some stuff!

  23. Thanks for the review! They are very affordable, i think i'll try out their skin care range.

  24. No.7 is one of the main beauty picks from the UK that I miss. Now I've heard about the water cleanser, I'm dying to get my hands back on their stuff even more. Living in Australia, I just really want a good water cleanser for the mornings, something quick and easy and refreshing!
    Definitely giving it a go when I return (:

    Zoe xx

  25. Lacey

    Hmm I want to try that cleansing water and it super cheap with the no.7 voucher! Bargain :)


  26. ive used the old no7 skincare range for a while hvnt tried any from this range though so will deffo be picking up a few products!

  27. Linds

    No7 is always intriguing to me, since it is stocked here in the States. I actually tried the hot cloth cleanser they do and I really liked it! great review !

    x Lindsay

  28. Lea

    I'm on the hunt for a new moisturiser, I'm probably going for Origins but who knows, maybe I should try this beforehand!

    Lea x

  29. I have been using the same No.7 moisturiser for about 6 weeks now and I have to say I really like it, I think its really made my skin look healthier too xx

  30. Anesa

    It looks good. But I think it´s not available in my country =(

  31. What would you say your favourite water cleanser was? I agree and think they'd be great for the mornings when make-up removal isn't needed.
    I love the review, I'm so tempted to go have a mooch around No7 products now!

  32. I've got oily skin so I'm really interested in trying out the day cream when I'm through the one I'm already using. I've found that the No7 moisturisers are quite thick, too though… x

  33. im a no7 counter girl and i must say that im such a faithful liz earle cleanse and polish user but have you tried the hot cloth cleanser we do. i think you may be pleasantly surprised :)

  34. I've just started using the Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser, and so far am really impressed. I have a £5 voucher and will certainly be picking up this moisturiser after reading this!

  35. I just starting using Boots No. 7 products!!!
    i love them so far (their blemish concealer, eyeliner and under eye makeup).
    and since i have super sensitive skin this is perfect. so far so good.

  36. Chloe

    I use their hot cloth cleanser as I can't afford the Liz Earle version and it's incredibly good value for £10 (£5 with the voucher!) Thumbs up to Boots!

  37. Iny

    Nice post!

  38. I absolutely LOVE no 7 products, their skincare is so resonably priced for the quality, I love the cleansers and the concealers are amazing too!

    how do you keep your skin looking so lovely when you are constantly trying new products? such a pretty face :)


  39. I have used the No7 mousse foundation for about 4 years now and I would happily try out there skin care products. I love what you said about people being willing to spend money on foundation and not skin care. Its so true.

  40. Sophie

    I love the day cream, I reviewed it over my blog a while ago. Haven't tried the cleanser but my sis just bought it after hearing good things!x

  41. ohh the cleansing water sounds quite interesting! shame it doesnt take off makeup well but a nice refreshing feeling in the morning! ive just bought their cleansing balm but havent used it yet!

  42. Petal

    I think I'll try the exfoliator from the line, looks good. I love the No7 BB cream! x

  43. Laura

    I've been rally wanting to try the water cleanser now but it hasnt been in stock for months and months, I asked in-store why that was and was informed that there was a problem with the packaging and they has been recalled. This was in feb/march, and I'm so dissapointed that I still havnt been able to try it :(

    Laura x

  44. Andrea

    Hi Zoe,

    As far as I know, this item was pulled for "quality control issues" :) the girls over at have a post on it and it's down in the comments.
    Also I have used the balm cleanser for a good half year and the hot cloth cleanser too for over a year and oh well… while it is brilliant at removing makeup and softening skin, it's apparently not that good for you. Same goes for the hot cloth cleanser they do and I found out the hard way – breakouts and whiteheads. The lovely Mariga from SkinEssentials said this "congestive ingredient myristate features heavily in this as does fragrance. Not suitable for anyone prone to congestion." – she really knows her stuff and has helped me tremendously in getting my skin back on track so… hope this helped in any way. xox

  45. Dee

    I've never thought about trying No7 skincare. I might pop by and look at them next time in Boots, thanks for the review!

  46. I've never tried their skincare range ! Lovely review ! xx

  47. Hello,
    In Canada here we have Shoppers Drug Mart ( used to be Boots years ago!). Some of the locations carry No.7 products, so I am going to have to look for this cleanser. I do have to agree with you on their mascara being great. I picked some up during the boxing day sales, last year, and I must buy more! :)
    Thank-you for your fantastic blog and you tube videos.
    Jasmine Rogers

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  49. Would love to try these products!xx

  50. This looks like a lovely range :) Great post! x

  51. Alix

    Always so skeptical about trying different skincare products as I have very acne prone skin :/ Great post and has definitely influenced me into researching this product further! Thanks Zoe xo

  52. I used to be a massive fan of no7 until I tried there new beautiful skin overnight eye cream and I was so disappointed with the results. I would have expected more from a no7 product. Great review though.


  53. I adore this range, I have the dry/very dry and it works great especially the hydration mask, I could use it as my every day cleanser makes my skin feel so silky.


  54. Romy

    I'm glad you enjoyed these but I'm pretty sure the cream has parabens in it :/ You gots 2 b careful girl! Parabens are bad. Will have a look at the water cleanser tho! xx

  55. Love this! What camera do you use to film your youtube videos and stuff, because I am getting a new camera and I would really like to know what one you use. Is it good quality?xx

  56. Which camera do you use.?!

  57. I work for No7 so I LOVED(!!) reading about what you thought about these :)! I've used the gel cleaner and it's great, its a gel but as you rub it in it turns to an oil and when it's ready to wash off you splash your face with a bit of water and voila! it's a milk! wonder product!! the only thing is im super lazy with scrubs/washes so i tend to just stick to my beautiful skin cream cleanser. I also adore the smell, it's what I always show my customers because it's just so yummy!!! You want No7 to do one for normal/sensetive skin, but they're all for sensetive skin!! they're all hypoallergenic so great for troubled skin :D!! I have very odd skin which isn't dry nor oily but i wouldnt say normal but super sensetive and No7 is something i Love selling! I 100% agree with the direction the brand is going in and something im so comfortable to reccommend! I love that you loved the skincare please do more No7 reviews :)!

  58. Hey! it was recalled as it boots found it wasnt up to No7 standard when it was first lauched months back. It was tested again and nothing bad was found with it they didnt didnt think it was as good as what it could be. But as of two weeks ago it's back in stores & is all good and lovely again :D!!

  59. Julie

    Zoe :), Slovakia loves you :) I absolutelly loooooove your blog and your youtube videos :) you are incredible ;)

  60. I've never tried anything from no. 7 but I always see their products at target and have always been interested!

  61. This blog is terrific! Love Liz Earle products (check out our beauty/lifestyle blog but great to hear about No. 7 range, their packaging is quite stylish, better than the Boots norm

    Thanks again :)

    Miss V x

  62. I have recently been trying out some No7 products instead of my clinique that i normally use and i am loving them! got a couple more vouchers to use before they run out so am going to try a few more things :) xxxx

  63. Keeks

    I use the beautiful skin cleansing balm after i've washed my face at night, and it's really good, it gets off any remaining make up and leaves you skin feeling moisturised

  64. I'm really interested in trying No7 products, does anyone have any idea if I could get this in France or how to order them online but with European shipping??


  65. hey!! i know you are a fan of No. 7 exquisite curl mascara but have you tried/ heard anything about their new mascara 'Fanomenal mascara'?!

    i fancy spending some of my No. 7 vouchers but can't decide to what to spend it on!!

    Love you blog


  66. I love number seven products and it's not that expensive either! Also I love using mositurizers that have sunscreen in them great for all seasons!

  67. Completely know what you mean about the cleanser, I have it and it's quite a pain to remove my eye make-up, but all in all I do enjoy No7 products :) :)

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  73. sxsupp

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  75. My skin was super dry and patchy a couple of months ago, so I decided to try the No7 Beautiful Skin night cream for Very Dry skin and it has legitimately worked wonders. Within a week I was waking up to soft, supple skin and my dry patches are gone! It's not too expensive and is my new Holy Grail night moisturizer, hahaha :)

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  79. I had a terrible reaction to the latest oily/combination skin care products, which is such a pity as No 7 has always been such a wonderful brand. I'm apprehensive to touch any of their new products at the moment.

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  81. Mia

    I loooove this brand, the cream is perfect and it's so good for my skin :)

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  87. Great post!
    I am a user of No7 skincare, and a big big fan. If you felt that your skin wasn't particularly oily or dry, the 'Essential Moisture' Day Cream may have been a better choice for you, with your relatively normal/combination skin. This one is the only Day Cream they do without SPF, so it might be worth finding something to protect your skin if you're out and about during the day. I agree that this cream is very rich, I find that all of their creams are!
    Instead of your Cleansing Water, try using their Hot Cloth Cleanser – it is AMAZING and should be the creamy consistency you'd like… recommended for all skin types! They also do a balm for cleansing all skin types too. Once you find cleansing and moisturizing products you love, try the extras they do – radiance boosters, spot zappers, energizing masks. They have a wide range that gets overlooked by the success of their anti-ageing ranges!!

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  94. MollyNiamh

    This helped me so much, been looking to try out a cheap cream and I’ll deffo give this a try. Thanks!

  95. Poppy

    I got this cleanser a few months ago and I never really used it, until I read the blog. I agree that for taking of make up its not so good but I really love the feel of it, the smell and the quick and easy squirty thingymabob .thanks Zoe xx

  96. Caitlyn Ayres

    ive just started reading your blog and I’m already loving it. you are such a helpful person when it comes to tricks and recommendations.
    I also watch you main channel and vlog channel videos xx

  97. Love the review, definitely worth a look at these products when I stop by at Target. Thank you so much for the review.

  98. Lucy Rosewood

    Love this stuff and completely swear by it now! Can’t live without it to be honest.

  99. El Heap

    I use this range as part of my daily routine and I really find it helps with my oily T-zone! I usually use a Simple face wipe to get rid of my make up and then the water cleanser and moisturiser afterwards. The only downside is I can’t keep my face from getting oily throughout the day, but I doubt that’s the cleansers fault!