Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick* L31 Rose Fushia £31

As most of you will be aware, I am the biggest lipstick junkie. Always on the scout for a new and exciting member to add to my ever growing collection. Sisley isn’t a brand i’d ever think to look for lipsticks, but after being introduced to this one, I feel that I NEED all of them in the collection. This definitely isn’t a lipstick for those of you on a tight budget. Priced at £31 a pop, they are the cream of the crop & a complete luxury makeup splurge item, which i’m aware not all of you can justify. However, if like me, you tend to make naughty little purchases on that one makeup item that makes you feel a bit special, then this may be for you. There is not one thing I disslike about this lipstick (besides the slightly higher price tag, resulting in me not being able to buy the whole lot all at once). They glide on so effortlessly, with a beautiful super pigmented shine. They don’t feel drying on the lips at all, in fact they feel almost like a balm, you could easily forget you are wearing this. With moisturising lipsticks, you don’t expect them to stay on for very long, as they slide right off, but this one does not do that, and for £31, you wouldn’t expect it to. One of my favourite things about the lipstick, is the overall look of it. Shallow yes, but looks how beautiful it is! The packaging is amazing, and the shape of the lipstick is not only fabulous, but makes application easy too.

If you can afford to buy these lipsticks, possibly as a little treat, I would totally recommend them. I’m already looking at purchasing different shades when a rainy day comes along. This is BY FAR, the most amazing lipstick in my collection. It makes all the others seem like paupers! It’s everything a lipstick should be, I just wish they were a little more purse friendly.

  1. It's such a stunning colour, I wish it was a little bit less expensive though but it is nice to treat yourself to something special sometimes! x

  2. I need this lipstick in my life! the colour is gorgeous. I know what I will be saving up for. x

  3. What a gorgeous vibrant colour! Lovely :)

  4. claude

    aww it's beautiful!

  5. amazing colour on you x

  6. Looks fabulous on you. gotta get saving though £31 is pretty steep! x

  7. The packaging is amazing!

  8. This colour looks amazing!

  9. What a nice hot pink shade! Love it on you!

  10. I'm not really a lipstick girl and I know if I was I would absolutely NEED that! It's SO gorgeous.. if a little pricey ;)
    It suits you amazingly too! xo

  11. what a beauty. I love the shade think I just might have to get saving for this :)

  12. holy crap, £31 is a lot! but if it makes you feel that good then I guess it doesn't matter :D I think this looks like a more moisturising version of Brighton Rock! It's gorgeous though. And I love the squared off top! xxxx

  13. This lipstick looks gorgeous on you Zoe :)

    Laura xoxo

  14. Joelle

    Not much of a lipstick person, but the colour looks AWESOME! It's a bit pricey though, but then again for something this good, it will be!

  15. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL <3 i love your blog.
    greetings from germany :) hihi

  16. This is a lovely colour, suits you so much- lovely! xxx

  17. sounds amazing but the price! ouch! :/ but I have to admit that it looks perfect on you, dear :) very beautiful!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  18. Meg

    I love the shape of the bullet! x

  19. Gorgeous colour, so so pretty xx

  20. One can only dream…haha.
    Lovely pic Zoe :)

    B xxx

  21. LucyLu

    Is there anyone else who thinks the bullet resembles a screwdriver? A beautiful one none the less, I find it kind of quirky :) xx

  22. Wow this looks amazing!

    Just don't want to spend over £30!!

    Take a peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  23. this suits you so much :) good choice! x

  24. Lovely!

  25. This colour looks amazing on you Zoe! (:

  26. RCagz

    For that price I'd expect it to be pretty good quality, such a fabulous shade too xoxo

  27. This looks lovely on you, but I dont know if I would be brave enough to wear it:)

  28. Pretty colour but I would NEVER spend that much on a lipstick!

  29. Sandra

    It looks amazing. I want it soooo much!

  30. Becki

    Your so gorgeous! I love that colour aswell its amazing, I always forget about Sisley for make-up I dont know why! And I love the re-design, how did you do it?

    Becki – LoveHearts4ver


  31. Sophia

    This color looks really cute on you! You're so lovely <3

  32. PERFECT….pretty colour…you have a perfect LIPS =)

    You can check my GRAPEFRUIT OUTFIT in

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne..

    Don't forget my SHOP 2nd hand and news. =)

  33. Looks amazing on you!!!!

  34. Amy

    Wow, the bullet shape is just awesome!

  35. Holly

    I love the color!

  36. Defo a brand that is going on my to try list!

    Thanks for sharing

  37. Becky

    Wow how pretty is this? But the price puts me off immediately. I don't believe any lippy is worth that much personally.

    Becky xx

  38. Looks lovely. If I had loads and loads of money I would totally buy this, but sadly I don't :( x

  39. Ria :)

    i loveee the lipstick colour :) x

  40. Lizzi

    Hi :) Thank you soooo much for this blogpost. I finally know what to get for my mum for upcoming mothter's day!!! I wouldn't spend so much on a lipstick for myself but for my mummy Y E S!

  41. Lizzi

    Thank you so much for this blogpost!!! I finally know what to get for my mum for upcoming mother`s day! I wouldn't spend so much on a lipstick for myself but for my mummy Y E S!!! xxx

  42. Iny

    Really gorgeous colour Zoe! But its indeed a bit too expensive

  43. Kat

    Wow it looks gorgeous on. And the shape of the lipstick and the packaging is different. I wish every woman was given a weekly amount of money just for being women, then I'd definitely purchase one of these lipsticks! x

  44. This is soo gorgeous! I want it so badly! I love your blog :) x

  45. HSK

    The colour looks amazing on you! I would never have thought to try a Sisley lipstick but if the quality matches up to the price then it might very well have made it onto my wish list!
    Does the shape make it difficult to apply, since it seems very faceted?

  46. Marta

    Ohh it's amazing *.*

  47. Ginger


    Great pigmentation. I used to be lipgloss girl, but now as I'm getting a bit older, I like the way wearing lipstick makes me feel more sophisticated. Will definitely have to give these a look (and start saving up!) :p

    Would definitely be worth it!

    Ginger x

  48. Sarah

    Serious lipstick envy going on here!

  49. Beth

    such a beautiful colour! you really suit it xxx

  50. I feel bad now… because I own two! Haha!
    They really are fantastic aren't they?! I never thought I could love a lipstick so much after MAC but really, they are just beautiful! And set like a jewel or something. Enough swooning. I have shades L21 and L25. Gorgeous.

    Amber xoxo

  51. It's such a pretty colour! It's quite similaar to Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in Fuschia.

  52. Vivian

    I love his colour, bright lipsticks always looks so good on you xx

  53. I feel like I need this in my life :D xo

  54. Okay, I put this on my to-die-for-list. Wowzie! The Lipstick-shape reminds me of a diamond (which wouldn't be really more expensive…)

  55. Amber

    Wow!,This colours looks so lovely on you!,I don't think i could go that bright though.You are so pretty:)
    I agree the packaging is amazing!! xx

  56. I love this lipstick! The colour is amazing

    Kisses from

  57. Looks gorgeous! Definitely sounds like one to add to the wish list! I can hear my purse crying at the thought though haha :)

  58. that colour looks gorgeous!! and the packaging is really great too!

  59. I LOVE this lipstick. I love the design. So different! And what a great shade xo

  60. Bess

    I feel the same, I think if its something that really makes you feel beautiful then go for it. Plus it is a lovely colour and looks amazing on :) I don't know the brand, I might have to look into it.

  61. Kerry

    Ok, I'm just going to sit and drool at that picture because unless I win the lottery I shall never own such a fabulous lipstick!!
    However, I will go to hunt a dupe. :)

  62. Could it be? Topshop lipsticks are no longer your number one choice?! Gasp! This brand must be something special.

    Such A Beautiful Sight

  63. Rola

    I love Fushia lipsticks, the quality and formula of this one sound wonderful!

  64. The lipstick looks so beautiful! Gorgeous colour!!


  65. yep, it's amazing lipstick without doubts, but I would really can't afford give so much money just for perfect lipstick;)=) BUT it fits you amazingly! =)

  66. Hey Cutie :)
    The Lipstick is very nice, like the color and designe!
    Wish you a great weekend!
    Lovley greets

  67. Sher

    The colour looks really luscious on your lips:)

  68. Nikki

    Gorgeous. I've just reviewed some new lip stick purchases but I've stuck to nudes, as usual! Which I was brave enough to buy colours like this :)

  69. such a beautiful colour, really nice packaging too ,however i drew the line at buying expensive lipsticks after buying ysl rouge volupte :( Do let me know if you find a drug store dupe for the colour :) xx

  70. Noush

    I really LOVE this colour !

  71. very nice pop of colour! suits you wonderfully!

  72. anna

    Looks AMAZING

    I swear you take the most beautiful pictures on planet earth ;)

  73. that is one gorgeous lipstick! sometimes you just have to splurge if it makes you feel good :)

  74. Bea

    Love the new layout. It looks awesome!

  75. gixxna

    You're mean! Now I want one! :D

  76. Monica

    I have yet to see this brand in Canada, but for such a good moisturizing and highly pigmented lipstick, I think i'd give this one a try. The color looks great on you, but I don't know if I'd feel the same with my strawberry blonde hair. It's sooo pretty though!


  77. this is so different! the shade looks lovely :) xx

  78. This is such a beautiful color especially for the season. I am a new reader. I discovered your blog from your YouTube page and have been reading through your posts. I really enjoy the variety of topics that you write about and the courage you show by posting things about yourself that most people would rather keep private. I also love your accent :-)

  79. I've never heard of that brand before – then again I am from Australia and we are a bit behind in everything. I love the packaging of the lipstick and the colour is amazing, it also looks really good on you xo

  80. What a gorgeous colour! You really suit it. Don't know if I could justify spending £31 on a lipstick seeing as I already have so many. But it does sound really worth the money xo

  81. Laura

    Rather expensive but the colour is just lovely, especially on you! x

  82. It seriously reminds me to Quick Sizzle from MAC (Which I love!!!)

  83. rae

    this color looks so great on you girl! altho as you said, the price is quite steep. :( still i also think you are right that occasional splurges, especially for your favorite product, is also sometimes a really lovely treat. cool to know they are also moisturizing. this is one of my biggest problem with lippies – reapplying and then getting those dry cracked lips :(

    <3 rae

  84. love the colour!
    want one!:)

  85. Lulu B

    That is a stunning colour, looks beautiful on you! So summery and vibrant. Loving the new look of your blog, very unqiue and you :o) xx

  86. Lovely colour ! Such a shame it's so expensive ! xx

  87. That's a gorgeous colour, really suits you. I DEFINITELY couldn't justify spending £31 on a lipstick though! I'm quite happy to splash out on things like foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer, but for some reason I just can't on a lippy! £13.50 for MAC is about my limit, though of course I would love to try this one – who doesn't like luxurious, high-end treats?
    Mel x

  88. STUNNING colour on you! :) x

  89. What a gorgeous colour. £31.00 is a little expensive for me though!

  90. Wow i have to say as soon as i saw the picture i fell in love with this lipstick! It looks amazing! and it suits you so nicely as well. I tend to find with some lipsticks they dry out on my lips quite quickly but by reading what you have put it obviously doesn't do that and your right it should considering the price of it! i reckon i might have to treat myself.. early Christmas present? :) xxx

  91. Abelia

    Reading your blog and watching your lipstick vid on youtube really has made me want to branch out from the two lipsticks I own at the moment!
    One of them isnt even technically a lipstick! I think i'd probably start out with the topshop ones though. I just wish I had a bit more money to spend on treats rather than getting my dissertation bound for uni :/
    Really enjoy every post you put up! :) x

  92. I love the color.What are the other available colors? I never tried hydrating lipsticks before.

    writer @ best hot rollers

  93. Ayesha

    This colour is fabulous! I always seem to get dry lips so once I have the pennies I shall give this one a go. Lovely post :)

  94. Elvie

    I love the color!!! xoxo

  95. Megan

    I love the shape of this lipstick! It's so unique and it looks great on you :)


  96. Kendra

    I love the way your photos look, they're always just fabulous! And that lipstick looks amazing on you :) You're blog is perfect, it's professional yet fun!

  97. this colour looks gorgeous on you!, i love this shade which is almost identical to my Loreal Rouge Caresse in 'Impulsive Fuchsia', which on one of your youtube videos you mentioned purchasing in other shades, so try this one out! Please comment and follow my blog:)

  98. Is that the same Sisley they sell in Benetton? x (at least where I live they sell a brand called Sisley in Benetton)

  99. you're soooo beautiful
    and i like the colour on your lips.

  100. Heyy!! I have seen all your youtube videos and read many of your blog posts. I used to dislike people talking on youtube but you have changed my opinion completely!! I have found Sprinkle of glitter through you as well. Love love love you! Keep posting and take care xxx

  101. I really really really need this lipstick!!!