So, I do feel i’ve arrived to this party a little late and i’m aware that this may be old news to some of you, but I couldn’t NOT post about this special edition GlossyBox* which arrived on my doorstep towards the middle of March. It really is too amazing not to give my two cents on.

So most of you will know that one of my favourite things about GlossyBox as a beauty box sampling service, is that they produce limited edition/themed boxes, unlike any other brands i’ve come across. It brings a little more excitement to receiving a beauty box, knowing it’s a special one. This one was an extra special “Harrods Edition’, which contained designer samples. I have to admit, that this was my favourite box so far, not because it was ‘Harrods” per say, but because it contained the CUTEST little mini products, which excited me more than a normal person should be at the sight of miniature products. Not only this, but I was chuffed with everything I received.

Fendi “Fan de Fendi” Eau de Toilette – This was one of the miniatures that was just too adorable to even use. I just want to sit it on my dressing table looking all cute and small. Although it is a huge bonus that it smells delicious as well.

Burberry Lipstick No.4 Rosewood – Another adorable little miniature product, but still with EVERYTHING that the full size owns, even down to the embossed lipstick & packaging. I’d never tried Burberry lipstick, in fact i’d never tried any Burberry makeup, but I was super impressed with this. Being a complete lipstick fiend, I can totally see myself splurging on a full size.

Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum – Got that? Quite the mouthful wasn’t it. I have recently discovered the magic that is the brand Ojon. Expensive, yes, but so amazing & totally worth every penny. This serum will also not disappoint. It was my favourite item from the box, a complete gem, and something i’ve been using over and over. It has totally transformed the ends of my hair, and I really do think this works wonders. Split ends be gone!

Erno Laszlo “The Hollywood Collection” 5 piece cream gift set – The first thing I noticed when I looked at this online was the extortionate price tag. £175 for 75ml. Yikes. Although I was quite excited to try out a few of the creams from this set, to see if they really were worth the price tag. The set contains a “velvet” night cream, instant eye repair (excited to use this), refresh moisture infusion, intensive porcelain veil & morning beauty rescue (worn as a makeup primer, also sounds intriguing). Expensive creams scare me, not because they are expensive, but in case I fall in love with them and have to repurchase! eeek.

Clarins Extra Firming Body Lotion – After Louise received some Clarins samples in her January GlossyBox and raved about them, I was quite excited to try this, and I was right to be. It’s so lovely, and feels so luxurious on the skin. Clarins isn’t really a brand i’d ever think to go to for a body lotion, or anything really. After trying this, I don’t think I will walk past the Clarins counter so blindly :)

I think this is the very essence of what beauty box subscriptions should be. Exciting, different & full of cute little miniatures from brands i’d not normally try out & the fact that this was a limited edition designer box, made it that little bit more special.

  1. The Burberry lipstick is gorgeous :)

  2. Chloe

    OOOO i roughly got a few of the things you got in the Harrods box :) I love the Clarins lotion too :) & i love the burberry lipstick too, such a nice colour :)

    lovely post too :)


  3. Becky

    oooh what good products!
    and I really like the frame around the pictures by the way :) x

  4. oh wow you got quite a large sample of the fendi perfume (even though it's a mini!) I got a Valentino perfume which I LOVED but the sample was teensy! I love that everyone gets different things in their boxes but I remember there was a big fight over people complaining that they didn't get the burberry lipstick! I got a Lancome mascara instead which I love :) xxxx

  5. wow, what an amazing box. i love the burberry lipstick and the fendi perfume. seems to be GORGEOUS!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  6. This looks amazing! – I wish i could get this :)


  7. I love your new blog design/layout, is it one your made yourself?? it's fab!

  8. You got some really nice things, I love your pictures they're always so pretty! I can't wait for this months Glossybox x

  9. Blaise

    could really do with some of that hair serum right now haha im not even gonna attempt to re-write or say the name haha!! Wonderful pictures too :)


  10. Your box looks really good. Love your new blog design x

  11. Thanks for another wonderful post Zoe! I can't wait to try a Burberry lipstick now! xx

  12. Laura

    LOVE the lipstick!!

  13. Monica

    This edition definitely looks impressive and worth so much more than paid for! The mini sizes are definitely cute, especially the perfume. I've seen Ojon products at Sephora many times, but have never gotten my hands on them. i'm looking for a new hair serum, so perhaps i'll try this one out :)


  14. for some reason i wasn't quite happy with the burberry lipstick shade, bit too dark!

  15. Nikki

    Fab post, would love to try some of the Burberry make-up.

  16. I just saw a review for GlossyBox Australia and it was rather disappointing! I am now curious again and plan to have a closer look at a few more reviews! Thanks Zoe!

  17. Teli

    I hope United states has Glossybox now =( Im so dying.

  18. I loved my Harrods Glossybox :) you got totally different things to me. The bliss blood orange body cream was my favourite item :) so jealous that you got the burberry lipstick.

    Josephine. x

  19. Niki


  20. OMG! This edition is truly amazing! I wish I lived in the UK :(

  21. OMG! This edition is truly amazing! I wish I lived in the UK :(

  22. Awww, how cute are the little miniatures? I get excited by cute, baby sizes too.

    B xxx

  23. Hasia

    I can't wait until Glossybox is released in the US! You have a lovely blog, by the way! >_<

  24. Wow, that's a great box! I wish birchbox was that good!

  25. Wow! That is pretty amazing stuff for the price.
    I really want to sign up for glossybox! ;-)


  26. I wish they shipped to the U.S. GlossyBox seems way better than Birchbox! xx

  27. Wow ! I'm amazed that it has so many otherwise expensive products ! Amazing !

  28. Hannah

    I need these glossyboxes in my life! The lipstick looks gorgeous!

    Look to the stars

  29. Laura.

    ik wil ook super graag een glossybox , maar ik woon in belgie :(
    Ik volg je via bloglovin, volg je me terug? xx

  30. Looks amazing! I want to get the glossybox but I'm still unsure with it! xxx

  31. Kat

    Oh I wish I subscribed to it just for that month! The perfume is so cute, and I want to own something from burberry. It looks like a good mix of products.


  32. I'm quite jealous: there are no designer-limited edition glossy-boxes (let alone harrods!) in germany… But reading this post is nearly as exciting as receiving the box.


  33. Loren.

    I wish we could get GlossyBox in Australia, so many gorgeous products!

  34. WOW thats such an amazing glossybox!!

  35. Iny

    The Fendi smells indeed so good and I like the miniature lipstick. I would like an eco box every month :) Ixx

  36. I loved that Ojon serum when I had samples of it but now I use it every day I feel my hair is starting to feel wiry 0_0 Don't overuse it – it really is almost too good a binder!

  37. I got the box with the lancome mascara in it. I know some people weren't impressed but to me it was definitely one of my favourite boxes. I don't think that there was one box which was better than the others.

  38. Ah it's times like these when I question why i'm not subscribed to any beauty boxes! I'm hearing so many good things about GlossyBox at the moment, seriously tempted to subscribe…my poor student bank account! x

  39. That's awesome that you were actually given a mini perfume bottle rather than just a small spray tube. Fancy.

    Such A Beautiful Sight

  40. We can! Although now it's merged with the Australian owned brand 'Lust Have It'.

  41. Amanda

    Lots of people who get Glossybox and aren't bloggers say that they receive different boxes to you guys, which don't have half as good products. Not sure if you're a Glossybox ambassador or not, but if you are can you ask them why they do this as it's a complete scam to get people to subscribe to them :/ I love your blog though, your posts are always lovely xxxx

  42. Hello Amanda. I am a GlossyBox ambassador, but we don't receive different boxes to anyone else. There are always a few different variations, and different ambassadors will receive different variations but not out of choice, just randomly. There have been a few times where i've looked at other boxes and wished i'd received certain items too :) It's definitely not a scam, i promise :)

  43. Ahh, I wanted the lancome mascara! haha x

  44. I sooo wish I had ordered the march box now!!! erghh

    It all looks so lovely!

    love your blog by the way!

    Take a peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  45. Aww… I LOVE the burberry lipstick!!


  46. It's months like the March edition that really tempt me to subscribe to Glossybox and the Harrods collaboration was a great idea! You got some really great products/samples :) xx

  47. I love the burberry lipstick, and your blog looks great! love the new template!

  48. I wish I got amazing products like this from the Australian Glossy Box! I probably would have stuck with the subscription xo

  49. I got quite a few different products. The Burberry lipstick looks great, so cute, and a lovely colour. I'm excited for the April box :)

  50. Amanda

    Okay, thanks for taking the time to reply :) Also, congrats on Louella!

  51. I am suuuuper excited to start receiving my glossy box after I have the money to fund them! May become a bit of a box hoarder though. Is that bad?x

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