Bur’ts Bee’s “Tips & Toes” Kit – £12.95 *

With mothers day fast approaching (Sunday for those of you who are useless with dates or have an awful memory), there have been an abundance of amazing little gift sets floating around which would make the perfect present, not only for your mum, but for any birthdays coming up, or even if you’re interested in trying a brand for the first time. I have always been a huge fan of Burt’s Bees, their lipbalm in particular is a firm favourite but I hadn’t ever tried any of their hand creams or balms so this kit looked exciting. I was certainly not disappointed. I suffer with EXCEPTIONALLY dry hands, in fact even in the summer they aren’t clammy like normal people. haha. Oh how I long for normal, clammy hands…

After the winter months, my hands are usually left quite parched and not all that nice to hold (sorry boyfriend). After trying out all 4 of the products above, I have come to the conclusion that dry hands are now a thing of the past. I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve tried endless amounts of hand creams, and the one thing that really puts me off them is that horrid, greasy feeling after applying it, and the amount of time it takes to sink in. I HAVE THINGS TO DO AND JARS TO UNSCREW YANNO? The hand cream in the tube (Thoroughly Therapeutic) sinks in really quickly, almost so quickly, you forget you just applied it, and no greasy mitts. It’s perfect, and now it goes everywhere with me. The almond milk hand cream (the absolutely adorable one with the cow on it) is not so quickly absorbed and possibly best before bed, or for popping on tiny dry patches rather than your whole hand. I have also found the balms to be very beneficial. I’ve been applying the lemon cuticle balm around my nails for the past few days and i’ve noticed a great deal of improvement in that area too. I’m yet to try out the foot cream, as my feet are not really all that dry at the moment (thankfully they aren’t like my hands in that aspect). Monkey feet anyone?

Such a cute little kit, very reasonably priced, amazing products, cute packaging & smell devine.
I’ll leave you now to imagine me unscrewing jars with greasy hands and monkey feet! ;)