Bur’ts Bee’s “Tips & Toes” Kit – £12.95 *

With mothers day fast approaching (Sunday for those of you who are useless with dates or have an awful memory), there have been an abundance of amazing little gift sets floating around which would make the perfect present, not only for your mum, but for any birthdays coming up, or even if you’re interested in trying a brand for the first time. I have always been a huge fan of Burt’s Bees, their lipbalm in particular is a firm favourite but I hadn’t ever tried any of their hand creams or balms so this kit looked exciting. I was certainly not disappointed. I suffer with EXCEPTIONALLY dry hands, in fact even in the summer they aren’t clammy like normal people. haha. Oh how I long for normal, clammy hands…

After the winter months, my hands are usually left quite parched and not all that nice to hold (sorry boyfriend). After trying out all 4 of the products above, I have come to the conclusion that dry hands are now a thing of the past. I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve tried endless amounts of hand creams, and the one thing that really puts me off them is that horrid, greasy feeling after applying it, and the amount of time it takes to sink in. I HAVE THINGS TO DO AND JARS TO UNSCREW YANNO? The hand cream in the tube (Thoroughly Therapeutic) sinks in really quickly, almost so quickly, you forget you just applied it, and no greasy mitts. It’s perfect, and now it goes everywhere with me. The almond milk hand cream (the absolutely adorable one with the cow on it) is not so quickly absorbed and possibly best before bed, or for popping on tiny dry patches rather than your whole hand. I have also found the balms to be very beneficial. I’ve been applying the lemon cuticle balm around my nails for the past few days and i’ve noticed a great deal of improvement in that area too. I’m yet to try out the foot cream, as my feet are not really all that dry at the moment (thankfully they aren’t like my hands in that aspect). Monkey feet anyone?

Such a cute little kit, very reasonably priced, amazing products, cute packaging & smell devine.
I’ll leave you now to imagine me unscrewing jars with greasy hands and monkey feet! ;)

  1. This is a good kit, Burts Bees have very lovely gift boxes. My fave product of theirs is the tinted lipbalm! x

  2. That looks like a great kit. I've loved everything I've bought from Burts Bees apart from one handcream which was so strong the smell nearly knocked me over. I'm not imagining you grappling with jars…I *may* be laughing.

  3. dissie

    Love Your photos! Always amazing! :D

  4. dissie

    Love your photos! Always amazing! :D

  5. Noush

    I love the packaging !

  6. I too hate greasy handcreams, try Soap and Glory handcream, don't be put off by the tacky pink packaging (I personally quite like it though), because the handcream is by far the best I've tried. No greasiness, just pure moisturisation. (if that's a word). xxx

  7. That really is an awesome kit. I've tried everything except the hand cream in the first pic. The foot cream is the only one I ever use! My feet are just as dry as my hands (bleck), and it's the only cream that's worked all day on my parched tootsies.

  8. That kit really is awesome. I've tried every product except the hand cream in the first picture. The foot cream is the only one I use. My feet are just as dry as my hands (bleck), and it's the only one that works all day on my parched tootsies.

  9. Oh my god this is the cutest :D My hands get so dry when I'm at placement (student mental health nurse,) so something like this with pocket-sized bits will really help :D
    As someone else said, Soap and Glory make 'Hand Food' which is THE. BEST. EVER. In the world of hand cream. Trust!

    Devon xx

  10. Greasey lotions are the worst. I always want to wash it off right after.
    My cuticles are always in some dry/bad state so perhaps j should give this a go.

    Ps. You gave me quite a fright thinking I was going to miss mothers day but then remembered its in May here in the States.

  11. Sophie

    Dear God! Thank you for the reminder about mother's day! Haha. Might try this out. I have three of the lip balms they offer and love them, so I don't think I'll be disappointed.

  12. Shen

    I love burts bees the hand salve is one of my favourite products.

  13. I've never tried Burt's Bee's, but this kit looks so cute! My knuckles easily become dry so I will definitely have to try this. Thank you for recommending! xx

  14. I received this at christmas and was really excited as i had never tried Burts bee's so it was a good intro to their products. Some people will shoot me down for saying this but im not that keen on the smell however all of them are moisturising (havnt tried foot cream as i have coconut and lip balm because i dont like the smell!)

    so happy your blogging more now Zoe!x


  15. kia

    i've just done a post on Burt's Bees too, great brand! xx

  16. Ines

    I love Burts and Bees, especially the chapsticks and the fact that they are organic and made from bees wax :)

  17. angie

    Burts Bees lipbalm is one of my favourites!

  18. This seems like a great kit for the price, always on the look out for a good hand cream, need to get my hand on this kit x

  19. Burts bees are absolutely amazing, I love them, and your so right about the hand cream :)

    Jess x

  20. this kit looks fab, and what good value for money! although im yet to try anything from burts bees, purely because iv never seen them being sold anywhere!x

  21. Chloe

    Hey Zoe :)

    think Burt's & Bee's is good for excema ? I have it mostly on my hands & always looking for creams to help it, plus nice post :)


  22. ms_aly

    I always wish I could use Burt's Bees products, as I hear such great things about them. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my bee allergy, I end up having bad reactions to them (within seconds of putting on the lip balm, I looked like I had just gotten lip injections). Oh well, at least I have some good ideas for things to get my mom!

  23. Ooooooooo That looks good… and the packaging is pretty, i'm a sucker for that :p x

  24. es-jay

    such an adorable little kit and really reasonably priced! I have really dry hands and well…just skin in general! I feel your pain Zoe! If this stuff really works on the flakies as I like to call my hands, then I'll deffo be picking this up! And I trust your better judgement!


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  25. Looks nice is it a good brand? might go out and get some I have never tried it before :) xx

  26. Maddy

    I love this kit so much! was actually talking about it the other day on my blog. Although I'm the opposite to you, I use the thouroughly theraputic at night.

  27. S

    Oh my I love Burt's Bees! Their products are amazing and almost every single product smells delightful! You should try their soaps and lotions. They are amazing! I haven't had good luck with their facial products but everything else is amazing.

    Love your blog. It's on my blog roll of inspiration!


  28. Sarah

    Such a sweet pack! Have you ever tried paw paw? I swear by it! I have tagged you in a TAG POST ~ and would love to see you do it and tag other bloggers too! Check out my blog to find the questions and have an amazing day!

  29. I love Burt's Bee's!


  30. Sashka

    Mmmmm might give that handcream a try!


    Please check out my blog and subscribe if you like it! Will make my day…


  31. I really want to try their shampoos and conditioners, they should have a set for that. I originally wanted to get the soap and glory hand cream that pretty much everyone raves about but since it's pretty hard to find here this burts bees handcream seems worth trying. :)

  32. gixxna

    I never tried this brand!

  33. This set looks fab, think i might have to try it! I love trying new hand creams xo

  34. Zoe

    I love Burts Bees! It is such a brilliant brand and I am a big fan of the lemon cuticle cream and also a big fan of their ethics!x

  35. good review, absolutely loove burts bees, my favourite being their simple small tinned lipbalm <3

    zoey xx

  36. i haven't tried a burts bees product yet but this does make me want to!

  37. Wow!! what a cool exhibition of Burt's Bees products. I wanna to try Burts Bees Body care products.

  38. style

    Love the kit, especially the coconut foot creme, I used it before go to bed, and my feet became very smoothy when I wake up the next morning! The lip balm smells yum! And almond milk hand creme works just perfect! A little of everything, I love it!I purchased this for $9.83 here

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