So I’m sure most of you are aware of the beauty box trend that has taken the beauty community by storm over the past 6 months? A some what controversial idea, loved by many but also dismissed by plenty too. I absolutely love the concept, not just for me, but as a great gift idea for someone you know who either loves to experiment with new and exciting brands, or in contrast, someone who has no clue! There are plenty of different boxes you can choose from. I have featured both GlossyBox and Carmine on my blog, but now i’m going to talk about another one, JolieBox UK*.

JolieBox was formerly known as “Boudoir Prive”, but they then teamed up with the french beauty box brand JolieBox & the JolieBox UK baby was born. I like that the team have been changing and growing and making improvements from feedback from their customers along the way, as now there have been 3 variations of the box. The most recent being my favourite.

December JolieBox

I was actually sent a box back in December, but this was around the time my laptop & camera didn’t really get along and I lost a huge batch of photos, and so I never managed to post about it. After rescuing the photo’s, I thought I’d include it in this post as, since December, there have only been 2 boxes (I believe the break was to ensure that new ideas and designs were developed). The December box was the first box after the two brands combined, and it had a total makeover from the old baby pink design. I loved the new, sleek, black and white boxes, as I felt that Boudoir Prive & GlossyBox were almost too similar at this time.

The items included in the first JolieBox were fab. There was a full sized OPI crackle polish, a mineral eye shadow, a JolieBox concealer brush, a New CID lipgloss, Mitchell & Peach shower wash, Yonka intense hydration & some Kusmi tea. There were 7 products included (there will be 5 from here on in) in the first box, as the tea and the concealer brush were little extras, a “hello” if you will. I won’t go into depth about each of these products as I don’t want to make this blog post too long, but as you can see, the standard of the products is really good. A great first box!

* JolieBox UK is priced at £10 per month, plus £2.95 P&P

In February, after their one month break, JolieBox released their second box. As you can see, the way it’s packed inside the box is somewhat different. All the products are stored inside a little drawstring bag! I absolutely love this idea, and it makes a nice change from the little bits of shredded paper the other boxes contain. There are also so many uses for this AS WELL AS the actual box itself. I used mine as a bit of a handbag divider. I popped my phone, my purse and my keys in it, to make finding them in my huge mary poppins handbag less of a time waster. The February box was based around combatting the winter blues, a selection of products to replenish and nourish to ensure we are all set for the Spring.

The box included:

Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque – Anything Macadamia is an instant winner for me. This mask is designed to rebuild damaged hair for improved shine and elasticity. I can’t wait to use this, but i’m saving it for a special occasion, as one sachet will probably do my whole head, I can’t get away with two uses with all this hair!

Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream – This hand cream contains shea butter and almond extracts. If you read my previous blog post, you will know that I am somewhat fussy with hand creams. If it takes too long to sink in, and leaves my fingertips sticky and greasy, it’s a no no. This however, does neither of those things, and smells so lovely. I looked on their website, and this hand cream is only £4.45 for 75ml (the sample received in the box was 20ml – worth £1) So I think for the price, this hand cream is a total winner.

Jane Iredale “Just Kissed” Lip & Cheek Stain – How darn cute is this? It’s like a teeny tiny lip balm. It’s an all natural, all purpose stain that adjusts it’s colour to your mood (I’m guessing it’s a heat thing) Although very cute, and a great idea, I’m not sure i’d use it anywhere but the lips.

KIMIA Rejuvenating Facial System – This looked really interesting. It’s a facial oil and a hydra-activator which heal and nourish the skin. They are used in conjunction with one another. You pat the oil onto your face, then follow up with the spray. I’ve yet to use this, but it promises to quickly penetrate deep into the skin for a glowing, youthful exuberance. Apparently Victoria Beckham describes it as perfect. You would hope so with a hefty £74 price tag.

TAAJ Himalaya Micellar Water – This is described as an antioxidant and tonic makeup remover that will revitalise and purify skin. After hearing all the hype surrounding Bio-derma cleanser, this appears to be a similar concept. No water, just cotton pads. There isn’t an awful lot of information on the actual bottle (well there is but it’s in a different language), so I went onto their site. It says it’s great for sensitive skin and is extremely gentle. After using this, my skin feels SO fresh & clean. I’ve not yet put it to the test with a full face of makeup, but it’s a lovely cleanser for the mornings.

So, I’m guessing you’re all itching to find out what I think of JolieBox UK as a brand and would I recommend the box? I think JolieBox is a great box, so many great high end brand samples, although I’d say most of the brands, to me, are unheard of. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I think in some people’s case, It’s nice to see a few familiar brands. I actually like that there are brands I’ve never come across before, personally, that’s the whole reason beauty boxes excite me. It’s nice to find something new you may not have found yourself. I love the design of the box, and the little drawstring bag, I’m hoping that they stick to this and it doesn’t change again next month haha. I still think we have yet to see the best of JolieBox UK, I think now that they have come together with JolieBox there will lots more exciting brands and products as the months go on.

What do you all think of JolieBox UK? Are you pleased with the new design?

  1. Wow – it looks really good! I was receiving GlossyBox's for a few months but I unsubscribed as I dont think it was that much suited to me. I have been scouring the interwebz for reviews of other beauty boxes and this one seems a good contender! Also cant believe you got an OPI polish in one! :0

  2. Oh wow, the box came with some really good products! And I love the cute drawing bag! Love it when you're on a blogging roll, haha xx

  3. Ines

    I really love the OPI shade its gorgeous!! And I use Lavera products too, they are organic. Indeed the handcream is so worth it, it sinks in quickly and smells good too. You would also love the lavera lipbalm from the basis sensitive line, it really makes your dry lips smooth. Haha sorry I just like the basis sensitive line :) and I am mad about real and good organic cosmetics! Ixx

  4. Beth

    I've never got a beauty box before but they sound so good/are such a good idea and would love to start getting one xxx

  5. This looks really good now. They didn't interest me much in the beginning but now I think they look very swish! And the products look good. x

  6. This looks pretty good, especially the OPI polish. I guess the thing with beauty boxs is that they are hit or miss each month, but you still get the excited feeling of getting a little 'birthday present' and some new products to try out each month, which for me is good enough in itself. xx

  7. really really like this posts :)

    you might also like our blog. its about fashion and lifestyle :)
    Love/e Carolenie

  8. I'm still an avid glossybox girl! It's really nice to see what other beauty boxes have to offer but the boxes can be a hit and miss, and I'd like to get my money's worth. Lovely photos! :) xx


  9. I have the Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque and I love it! They have it at Target here in the US. It's $30 which is pretty steep, but totally worth it..


  10. Sarah

    great tip about the bag to help combat mary poppins syndrome, will def use mine for that!


    great shots

  12. I think most of them are only £10 a month, GlossyBox is anyway!

  13. Jolie Box is one of my favourites! All full size products this month too!

  14. Katy

    I really like that Joliebox are now including a little bag! I just used to throw the paper away and it always seemed such a waste but I just didn't have a use for it :) xxx

  15. This box looks pretty awsosome!

  16. Wow this box came with some really great stuff, love the OPI polish xx

  17. I love the bag idea! Looks like a great box.

  18. wow the products you get in Joliebox looks great! it's tempting me to subscribe but I might stick to Glossybox as I do like what they send me too…which one do you prefer? :)

  19. Ruth

    I need to look into these and see if I can purchase as a one-off? They look great as a very nice present for a special person :) Much nicer than a toiletries gift pack from Boots!


  20. I wish we had a box service like this one in Belgium :((

  21. Noush

    I love Joliebox ! I receive "the French version" and I think it's the best box in France :)

  22. The December box looks really impressive!

    Sophie x

  23. LiLie

    I wish I could have this in Italy, too!!! oh my…all this stuff are lovely! thanks zoe for blogging this :) xxx

  24. Thanks for sharing, judging from the things you got, I'm leaning towards this box more than Glossybox. This box's items seem more proportionate to the price they charge. I've been quite disappointed with my Glossyboxes for a while, so i may change to this one!

  25. Vivian

    unheard of brands some what are a bit iffy to me but like you said, its nice to try some new things once in a while :)

  26. Oh my lordy, I would be so pleased if I received this box! If only for the OPI polish. I currently subscribe to the Carmine box which is lovely but I can't help but feel a little disappointed by at least a couple of the samples. This selection is great though and I will definitely consider setting up one of these too! Thanks for the post, I never would have known otherwise.

  27. S

    This box is amazing! I didn't think I would like these monthly boxes but you have totally changed my mind on them! I love the packaging of this box! You can tell that the company really put the effort into.

    Check out my blog. I just published recent posts that include my current obsessions and new Christian Louboutin pumps!

  28. I really like the idea of using the little bag to hold your important bits! I definitely need something like that for the bottomless pit that is my handbag!

    I'd really like to try out Joliebox but I'm about to cancel my Glossybox subscription to save a bit of money. Dead sad because I love getting these little presents through the post!! x

  29. Wow:) This box seems amazing. You get much more than you pay for. Only wish that we have some decent boxes here in Canada :(

  30. Wow, that box came with some really good products! x

  31. Gagan

    Wow you got some great things in this box! That OPI nail polish is such a gorgeous colour! I'm subscribed to Glossybox and still waiting for it, hopefully the goodies are as good as these!

  32. Emily

    I like your post:)

  33. Wish we have something like JolieBox in Slovenia :(.

    xMarusa from

  34. Ahhh this Jollybox looks way better than my March Glossybox. I am tempted to switch my subscription…

  35. Ellena

    Jane Iredale "Just Kissed" Lip & Cheek Stain is amazing on the cheek! xx x

  36. Lesley

    That's a really terrific box!

  37. I LOVE the macadamia hair repair mask. Honestly, a little goes a long way; I have quite long and thick hair and I can get at least 2 solid uses (and maybe even eek out a bit of a 3rd) from one packet. After falling in love with the product, I bought the full size container. Expensive, but it's been about a year since I bought it and I've just now used half of it. Terrific box! :)

  38. Klara

    UK beauty subscription boxes seem to have a much better standard than those here in AUS. Looks fantastic.

  39. Hello Zoe!
    I recently found your channel and I have been loving your videos, your style sense is great and you make me laugh so much! You seem such a lovely girl! Check out my blog please? Also a question for you: Out of all the boxes eg glossybox, joliebox and others, Which is your favourite? Which ones do you look foward to getting? Which do you think give the best samples and products? thanks x
    Tasha xxx

  40. Moggs

    Hey schoee :P
    I love your youtube channel. I'm just sort of starting out in beauty and make up, and I've only recently found you and becca on youtube. I saw that you use your blog a lot and started reading it, and its so interesting and fun, so it inspired me to recently start a blog :) I have heard of the carmine box and birch box but never jolie. I was thinking of getting one now that Ive seen this, they sound really useful especially since I'm starting out in beauty. Thank you so much for this post!
    Jess xxx

  41. Great post Zoe!
    Had never heard of this product and think its an incredible idea for a gift for my boyfriend's little sister. I in turn will be very jealous that each month she'll be enjoying receiving this box of goodies and I will not. Wondering if there is another product you'd suggest for say, me to get and me to get her. Would Glossybox and Joliebox be the best you think?! Let me know what you think and thanks again for enlightening me in the ways of box of goodies.

    check out my new blog if your wish and thanks again for your ideas and insights in your video on youtube, helped me heaps inspiring me to get started blogging.

  42. Tutorial on how you tie and wear your pretty vintage scarfs in your hair!!!!! pleeeeaaaassee!

  43. Ginger

    I had looked into GlossyBox and wasn't sure if I could convince myself to take the plunge and go for it,and now that I've seen this post, I'm completely befuzzled again….

    JolieBox is tempting me with the packaging alone!

    I just don't know which to go for! Ahh!

    Ginger x

  44. I can't find the joliebox website anywhere

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  46. livvy

    Emma, JolieBox is now Birchbox.

  47. I have been trawling through reviews for beauty boxes. I am currently leaning towards Birchbox. I have a wedding and lifestyle blog which is relatively new. I thought this would be a great way to try new products as I tend to stick to what is familiar. Your blogs are great for inspiration and I always check out your product reviews. x