As most of you may be aware, Topshop released their own makeup range in 2010. Although it didn’t really interest me at the time, over the past year I have grown quite the collection. There may not be a vast array to choose from, but what they do have, is of excellent value for money, and spot on in my book. I grew very bored of high street makeup, and Topshop came along just at the right time, and injected a bit of excitement back into my makeup bag, without me having to break open the piggy bank.

I’m going to do a series of blog posts on the different items that I own from the Topshop Makeup range, but first up, is my absolute favourite, the lipsticks.

Nevada, Desert, Pillow Talk, Brighton Rock, Ohh La La, Infared, Rio Rio, Beguiled

When Mac bumped up the price of their lipsticks to £13.50, I knew it was probably time to find a good substitute, as I am a huge sucker for lipsticks but couldn’t possibly carry on buying them at £13.50 a pop (except on special occasions, or very rare, expensive, rainy days). There is not one thing I can fault with Topshop lipsticks, they tick every box in my opinion. Cute yet sturdy packaging made of metal, rounded with flat top and bottom, making it easy to store standing upright. They have names. Yes, slightly strange that this is even taken into consideration when reviewing a lipstick, but don’t you hate lipsticks with numbers instead of names, they almost lack in personality…poor numbered lipsticks. Not to mention how difficult it would be to remember when out looting them. They have great pigmentation (nothing worse than no colour pay off) They aren’t drying, and don’t leave your lips chapped beyond repair, but also have great staying power. They’re only £8-£9 & although this may seem pricey for a high street lipstick, there are plenty in Boots or Superdrug in the £7-£8 mark (Revlon for example) so it’s all relative. I also think the quality is comparable to Mac’s, so at £8, it’s a great replacement.

Infared, Desert, Nevada

Brighton Rock, Rio Rio, Beguiled

Ohh La La, Pillow Talk (Part of a collection)

It’s obvious to many of you which is my favourite of all the shades I own, as it is mostly all I wore through the summer, and that’s Infared. I’m tempted to do a whole blog post about that in a little more detail.

If you’re a lipstick sucker like me, and feel a little bored with what’s available on the high street and in the pharmacies, but can’t quite stretch to a Mac or Chanel lipstick but want something with a little bit of class, then check out the Topshop lipsticks. They are my new obsession & they are slowly breeding in my lipstick tin.

  1. I live in the U.S and I'd kill to try top shop makeup, as well as sleek makeup and some of the new soap and glory products!
    Would you ever consider doing a swap?
    I have a beauty blog as well, it's

  2. Shannon

    I've never tried Topshop makeup. Been a bit worried since they're a clothes shop and all.
    I've deffo got to try it though, they look really good. x

  3. Lily

    Ah such gorgeous photos & brilliant post – so glad you've got a new laptop and back blogging! :) x

  4. I don't own any topshop lipsticks and after this post – I want to buy all of it particularly pillow talk and oh la la such pretty colours!

  5. I haven't ever thought about looking in topshop for lipsticks, but now I want every single one of those!
    Glad your back to posting xx

  6. Sarirah

    I guess I'll be heading down to Topshop soon enough and not to shop the clothes. ;) I could do with a shade like Desert of Nevada. x

  7. I have pillow talk. I love it! Really interested in trying 'Oh La La.'
    Another nice one that I won is 'innocent' a blue toned pink. :-) xx

  8. Libby

    hehe, you can see that infrared is well used from the pic! Id love to wear it, but it wouldnt suit me :( please check it out and follow, id be sooo happy

  9. Have you seen the new collection called Sisters of the New Moon? They have two new lipsticks, the pink glittery glaze called Crystal needs to be in my make-up bag!

  10. I love Brighton Rock and Pillow Talk!!!
    Come and check out my latest giveaway win and updated blog!!

  11. Emma

    I love the look of Brighton Rock!!! xxx

  12. Hannah

    I haven't really dabbled in the Topshop Lipsticks yet because I don't really wear lipsticks anyway but those photos look lovely; all the shades look beautiful!

  13. I have 3 topshop lipsticks there gorgeous …but "oh la la" and "brighton rock" are next on my list there amazingly pretty <3 x

  14. Ahh i wish my Topshop sold make-up. I will definitely need to invest in some :-)

  15. Romy

    Ooo I'd love to try Rio Rio, Nevada and Pillowtalk!

  16. Katy

    I love infared as well, definitely one of my favourites. I really want beguiled but my local topshop always seems to be sold out :) xx

  17. Bri

    I have beguiled and love it…want to try more…they have just released a new collection which looks lovely!!! xx

  18. I really like the look of Nevada :)

    Laura xoxo

  19. The Topshop lipsticks are my ultimate go to- I always wear Mischief which is red and it's AMAZING. need to invest in a pinky one, and they look lovely! xxx

  20. RuBee

    I've been wanting a topshop lipstick for ages. I'm obsessed with their nail polish colours and I have an ever growing collection.. X

  21. Loved this post! Recently got a Topshop card as a gift so may have to purchase one (or two or three..!) of these! Ooh lala looks lovely. Would love to see a post on how you wear these lipsticks to see what they look like on :)

  22. I love Topshop make-up, great prices but without the tacky packaging of a lot of highstreet brands. I think I need Beguiled. x

  23. U got me interested! :)

  24. Luci

    I don't own any Topshop lipsticks but seeing as it's payday tomorrow, I think i'll treat myself to Infrared and Beguiled!

  25. Millie

    I have Infared and I love it too! Next time I'm in Topshop, I'll have to pick up more,I love Pillow Talk and Ohh Lala, great blog post Zoe! :-) xxx

  26. I'm planning on making a purchase tomorrow, I'm fancying Brighton Rock xx

  27. Gagan

    These colours are amazing! I cant wait to go to the UK this summer and hit up the nearest Top Shop! I love beguiled, I dont have any lipstick that dark yet, I would love to try it out!

  28. L.Dufie

    Love the darker shades! They suite any tone! Not too pricey

  29. MARTA

    i want them all!

  30. L.Dufie

    I want Oh lala! x

  31. Maisy

    I think MAC did themselves a huge disservice hoicking the price up so high! I too decided it was time to limit MAC to the occasional treat and find substitutes. I love Topshop lippies, Pillow Talk and Brighton Rock are probably my faves of the ones we both own. I'd also recommend their lip pens. SO easy to get a defined full shape and if I didn't deliberately take it off at night I'm pretty sure it would last a good week on my lips!



  32. Monika

    Great post, I have been wanting to try a Topshop lipstick for a while, there's so many pretty colours. I wish they still sold Brighton Rock!

  33. swatched would have been amazing!

  34. Ciara

    id like to try lipstick but it all looks horrible on my dark pinkish lips :( xx

  35. Jasmine

    I love the cream blush 'neon rose' so may have to try a lipstick! x

  36. Lovely review, lovely photos as well. :) Just made a metal note to check these out next time I'm in town. Ohh la la and infared are top of the list. :).

  37. Zoella.

    I'm going to do a separate video with swatches x

  38. Lisa

    I read that topshop makeup was made by the same company that does MAC so if this is true there will definately be some sort of quality and similarities in them! I really want to try these ones, would of loved some swatches but I shall see them in store! Plus student discount is always handy ;) xx

  39. They look lovely and am also not into paying £13.50 for a MAC lippy (which dry my lips up no end!) and I keep meaning to try these Topshop ones, ohh la la looks amazing!

  40. Absolutely beautiful colours!I'll definitely have to try some Topshop lipsticks now!

  41. Love these lipsticks so much, and Infrared is indeed a beaut.


  42. THese look amazing colours are beautiful!

  43. Line

    I really want to try out some of the topshop shades, sadly here in denmark there are only three colours to choose from :/ So I'll have to stick to the good old (slighty drying) rimmel lipsticks.

  44. Tor

    I totally agree that the Topshop lipsticks are fab! These and the creme blushes are my favourite things from their makeup collection. My all-time favourite is Brighton Rock, but I've just bought All About Me (I think it's called) and can't wait to give that one a go :)

    Tor @ That's Peachy fashion blog xx

  45. tiffany

    Love the look of Ohh la la. In fact, I want all of them! x

  46. Bea

    I love the dark colour.

  47. I love innocent by Topshop, it's such a nice bluetoned pink! Love infrared, i really want to try Brighton rock or ohh la la now too! x

  48. Char!

    I absolutely love Nevada, that was my first purchase. I'm liking the look of ooh la la as well X

  49. Saz

    Oooh Brighton Rock and Ohh La La look so pretty! Wish I'd picked up some of the colours when I was last in Topshop!

  50. I also love Topshop lipsticks, I had 3 so far, really wish I picked up Pillow Talk as the colour looks really nice. Loving this post! I have Nevada, Brighton Rock (I can't remember the name of the 3rd one). I want Ohh La La, looks so nice. x

  51. I HAVE to get myself Brighton Rocks … that colour is gorg. Nice to see a full review of these. I find some litpsticks REALLY dry my lips out, so good to hear this one isn't like that. Will purchase.

  52. yay your back :) and uhh theses all look so beautiful.. need to get my hands on some of these beautys!

  53. Beth

    I've never tried any of Topshop's make up. Beguiled looks lush xxx

  54. I'm so happy someone finally did a post on Topshop make up… I work 40 hours a week and still struggle to keep up with MAC now. It's such a luxury to get a 'high end' lipstick so I fell in love with the Topshop range. I don't think they're too expensive as I am a Revlon whore.

    And I'm so sad I missed Pillow Talk! Wanted so badly.

  55. Abby

    Such a great selection, I especially love 'Brighton Rock' and 'Ohh La La'! Great to see you blogging again :) xx

  56. I don't have a top shop near where I live, but Oh La La looks fabulous!

  57. Alice

    There are so many of these I want to try, I love the look of Nevada and Oh la la! So gald you're blogging again! xx

  58. This is quite the collection! They're all such gorgeous shades.
    No longer a Topshop make-up virgin after purchasing a white nail-art pen and the new Enchanted Lip Stick in Charmed. And I love it!
    <3 Laura. x

  59. Nina

    I absolutely love TopShop's lipsticks, I own Brighton Rock and Rio Rio and probably more if I was back home in the UK so it's probably good to have some distance from that. Infrared looks amazing!

  60. Rubi

    I love the Topshop lipsticks too, so far I have Moccasin (which is my fave), Beguiled and Ooh La La. I have to try and stop myself from going into Topshop to buy more!

    Rubi x

  61. I think I need to buy more Topshop lipsticks! Great post, can't wait to read more. I did a review on the new Topshop lip tint from the Sister's of the New Moon collection if you want to read about it :).

  62. There's a new colour out called Charmed and when I saw it, it reminded me of your blog because you mentioned how much you loved the Infrared, and Charmed looks like a lovely orangey colour too :)

  63. Claire

    I love Topshop lipsticks – my favourite is Innocent :) really wish I'd picked up Pillow Talk when it was still around. Brighton Rock looks gorgeous too!

  64. HOLLY

    Beguilded is a really nice colour, I really don't show it enough love, now you've reminded me I may wear it tomorrow! I reccomend you get 'innocent' :) xx

  65. so glad to have you back and blogging, i have truly mist your posts xx

  66. Some stunnig colours there! :)

  67. Gem

    I LOVE them, I have about 5 now and Brighton Rock is my fave. Great colours with staying power x

  68. Imogen

    I adore Topshop lipsticks, if you are a fan of brights, you have to get 'All About Me'. It is my favourite and looks so good in the summer with tanned skin, barely any other make up, and then this bright pink lip!! xxxx

  69. I'm not sure if it's true, but I've heard these are made by the same company/in the same factory as MAC lipsticks. I've only tried Infrared but it's totally comparable in quality/finish etc to the amplified lipsticks, so I believe it!

  70. Noush

    Lovely colors !

  71. I went to look into my local Topshop for the lipsticks, but they barely store any jewellery let alone make up !
    But I'll find some online ! Hopefully Nevada and Beguiled :D x

  72. Lesley

    What a great range of colours you have there! I wouldn't have expected them to have such a selection.

  73. They look absolutely gorgeous, and the packaging is adorable. Unfortunately, though, in the US, MAC lipsticks happen to be cheaper than Topshop lipsticks… Strange! I might give one or two a go, though. When it comes to new makeup products, I can't help myself!

  74. Emilie

    I will definitely check the makeup at TopShop the next time I'm in one! I don't feel the MAC lipsticks are worth the high price… This though sounds great!

    xx- Em

  75. Lisa

    You've built quite a collection :) xx

  76. MAUDE

    I wish that we had a Top Shop here in the U.S. :( Love your blog btw

  77. Will Topshop ship to the states?

  78. I totally here yah when you say MAC lipsticks are far overpriced, sure they have a wonderful color selection, but who in their right mind is going to pay that much for one freakin' lipstick even if their going to use it all the time!? I refuse to pay that much for something that I use so often! I've been obsessed with shades like "Beguiled" lately, its such a statement but can be so beautiful if done right (I'd love to see a photo with you wearing it)!

    Lovely photos as always Zoe xox

  79. Jasmine

    OMG I'm so glad you posted this because Top Shop recently opened here in Australia and I really wanted to try out their makeup range! :)


  80. Theresa

    Ohh I love these!!! I especially love ohh la la. Very pretty! (:


  81. love all the shades, can't pick a fav

  82. The colours all look awesome. My favourites from the looks of it are Brighton Rock and Pillow Talk. x So glad you're blogging again :D

  83. Soph.

    You have a lovely collection hun. We have just had a topshop store open here in Australia. However, it's ages away from where I live :(

    Xox Soph

  84. Infared, desert, and beguiled look gorgeous! Love the packaging of these lipsticks and the price is definitely nice. Wish I had easier access to them!

  85. S

    Pretty colors!!

  86. They look lovely, i am going to have to make the effort to go into town at one point as i have still yet to try topshops make up line =/
    I havent been to town in about 2 months however!
    Love Leanne

  87. Megan

    Hey Zoella!
    I was just wondering, do you think that "infared" would suit a pale skin type?
    I am quite pale, as in buying the lightest shade of foundation in most ranges and I do (on occasion) were a bright lip but usually its a red lip, I just do not know if it would suit and as I live in australia I cannot just nip down to a topshop store to try it out as it is quite a trek to get there.
    Thanks xx

  88. i love the topshop lipsticks, pillow talk looks lovely over a raspberry coloured lip liner :)

  89. I live in Australia, I wish we had topshop here :(. These lipsticks look gorgeous. MAC lipsticks are $32 here! Its ridiculous. Love your blog!!

  90. Hannah

    Hi Zoe! I'm the same as you, I saw them all come out in 2010 and was like 'Topshop- perrrrrlease!' And actually only bought my first few bits last night! After seeing your YouTube vid with some in. I was really happy to see this post! I picked up Nervada, but haven't used it yet! Will be my lip of the day I reckon.
    p.s. I'm so happy to see you back on the blogging scene, I have a MacBook Pro and it literally makes me so happy, like my own child. You know the feeling. Haha! xxxx

  91. I keep seeing Topshop make-up about and it all looks amazing, I really must get some!

  92. I love the Topshop make up range, I think it's great quality.

    Sophie x

  93. I love lipsticks from Topshop !

  94. I absolutely love topshop make up, its such good value for money! and always seems to get straight to the point and have exactly what im looking for. You've got some really pretty colours here :) xx

  95. Martina

    I live in Italy, so I sadly have no access to Topshop :( but a friend of mine is flying to London in a couple of weeks and I already begged her to bring me back some Topshop lipsticks :) I've got my eye on Brighton Rock and Oh La La!

  96. Sabrina

    Great review.I might buy some of these lipsticks now.I love Infrared since I saw it in your video!

  97. I agree, these lipsticks are amazing and so comparable to MAC. My favourite shade is 'Rio Rio', I love how bright and vibrant it is. Jealous of how many you have – I need to get my bum to Toppers! x x x.

  98. I luuuurrrvvee these lippys! I currently have Oh lala, Show Off and Innocent, but I desperatley want pillow talk (even though its practically the same as innocent) and brighton rock! this post has even warmed me round to nevada and dessert which i never really liked in store! lol


  99. These are amazing :) 100% Buying Infrared, so so stunning :D

  100. Lena

    Now I want all of them but I'm quite scared to wear bright lips! Maybe I should give it a try! I love Infared, Brighton Rock and Ohh La La!
    I'm glad you've got a new laptop and back blogging!


  101. Vivian

    I hear so many nice things about these lipsticks, especially from your youtube videos as well and hoq you love infared haha :)I thin its time for me to buy a top shop lippy xx

  102. Phoebe

    I've only tried one and didn't like the colour, the formulation was great though. Wish I'd got my hands on the Pillow Talk lippie!

  103. veeria

    We have topshop here in Thailand but no make up, heard it would be here soon but no news or I miss it, I don't know haha.

  104. For a highstreet lippie i find the price quite steep, but the colours look stunning! I used to stay away from the makeup section at topshop, but you may have just converted me..maybe i should give on of the lipsticks a go :)


  105. I have never tried Topshop make-up before but I love the look of the lipsticks!

    Might have to give Ooh La La a go :) xx

  106. nicola

    such a helpful blog post – ive been wanting to try their lipsticks for ages but wasnt sure if they were worth the price, thanks! xxx

  107. Lulu B

    I've never tried topshop lipsticks as didnt realise what amazing colour range they did. Definately going to be investing xx :o) so glad your back blogging x

  108. Emma

    I'm with you on this one, so many amazing colours and I'd rate them up there with mac lipsticks. We have matching collections except I don't own Infared…yet!!


  109. Rambles

    Pillow Talk and Oh La La look so pretty, might have to make a cheeky purchase! xx

  110. Shen

    I love them! They are amazing.

  111. Eli

    Really need to find a Topshop near me that stocks the makeup, got a giftcard for Christmas and heard so many good things about the range.

  112. Tenneil

    I'll admit I'm a bit of a make up snob, but I am DYING to try Topshop lipsticks! The colours look absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to London in July and Topshop is the #1 thing I'm most looking forward to, haha. Sad, I know. I can't wait to get Infared lipstick. It looks like the perfect red/orange colour.

    So happy you're blogging again!

  113. Cleome

    I wish we had a topshop here. I suppose I could always just order some. I've heard great things about them x

  114. i do love Topshop Lipsticks i have a fair few now, but some colours seem to apply better than others i find or maybe its just me, the oh la la does seem to be my friend unlike infared seems to only need one application. a bit confused lol!

  115. I have Oh lala and I love it! I really wanted to get infrared and nevada but they didn't have any left :( probably a lot of zoella fans in New York :)

  116. I find brighton rocks is quite drying on my lips :-( Shame because the colour is lovely. x

  117. Pailin

    Pillow Talk! I need that one, so gorgeous (:

  118. Ali xxx

    I'm really shocked they are so good!
    Although some of the Topshop nail polishes are excellent, so perhaps they are doing things better! The packaging is lovely too.

    Thanks for the tip

  119. i love the Beguiled color, id like to find a shade like this.

  120. every single one of those colours is to die for! i have desert and i love it :) xox

  121. Izzie

    i have desert too, love the pillow talk colour!

  122. I'm looking for a new nude-ish shade so I think I'm gonna give Nevada a try.
    Haven't actually tried any of the topshop lipsticks though but if they're comparable to MAC then it's worth testing them out :)


  123. laura

    I love the Topshop make-up too its really good. Nevada and Ooh La La look lovely.. i need to get them. I have some of the nail polishes and they're brilliant. Please check out my blog hun i only started the other day and i absolutely love yours :) <3

  124. Gorgeous selection, I love the pink & red shades!

    Catherine, XO.

  125. Ive been thinking about buying these for a while, always a bit dubious with high st lipsticks. I havent found any colours that compare to Mac or Illamasqua but these look and sound amazing!


  126. Natalie

    Kailan! They have a Topshop downtown (North Michigan Avenue). I was driving through the Magnificent Mile around Christmas time and literally almost crashed when I saw Topshop. I didn't go, but it looks huge.

  127. Natalie

    I can't wait to see swatches. Some of these shades look amazing!

  128. So glad you're back Zoe, missed your posts popping up!!
    x x

  129. Susann

    Those are really great lipstick colours! I'm much into Lancôme right now, but maybe I'll give Topshop a try someday :)

    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  130. Dorien

    Too bad I don't live in the UK, I would love to have a few products of the Topshop make-up line myself :) !

  131. im just starting to get into lipsticks. and im loving all the colors! course it's totally trial and error with the ones that look good with me. i find usually pinks are the safe route. but lately ive been testing red…and liking it :)

  132. I like infrared too!
    but also pillow talk and brighton rock
    Can't wait to try them :)

  133. Karla

    love all the shades!

  134. Zoe

    Wow, that is a great collection you have there!! I don't own a Topshop lipstick yet but have my eye on the new Crystal Magical Lip Tint :)
    and I love MAC, just ordered my Viva Glam Nicki <3

  135. I absolutely adore TopShop lippies and own quite a few myself : ) I love dramatic makeup, so I think my favourite is probably Beguiled.. Really want to try the Infrared though, so may have to invest next time.

    I did hear (from a friend that works at Topshop) that the people who make MAC also make Topshop makeup range… so it's basically the same stuff, but cheaper. I don't know how true this is, but if it is: fantastic!

    Here's hoping Topshop do more colours! Xx

  136. Diana

    what setting do you use on your cannon 600d ? I got the 600d and im so so bad at it !

  137. i love topshop lipsticks because they look stunning on your lips and are amazing quality for the price xx

  138. i so wish there was a topshop where i live! i'd love to try pillow talk, i love that colour. X

  139. I will have to try them out now!!! :)
    Annie x

  140. Kuki

    Oh No! Brighton Rock was there last week, and today there were none! I thought they were just out of stock!! :-(

  141. I have amassed quite a few Topshop lipsticks now. I tried the Enchanted range in 'charmed' which is a lovely orangey colour-perfect for summer. In fact, I love all of the Topshop makeup range at the moment! xx

  142. the colour range is absolutely amazing!

  143. bea

    I've never thought to buy makeup from Topshop, but got a nail polish last week and I love it. The lipsticks look great, they will have to be my next Topshop makeup purchase… although I did already get 2 Revlon ones today. One can never have too many! :) xx

  144. Ooh i love the look of pillow talk! Such a pretty shade :) xx

  145. gixxna

    I share your passion with lipsticks! The Topshop ones look great.

  146. ohh la la and brighton rock looks pretty

  147. Gweni

    My favorite Topshop Lipstick is Nevada and Pillow Talk is also gorgeous. I am really intrigued to try Infared though as I've never tried an orange-toned Lipstick before! x

  148. Jess

    good lipsticks!!! i haven't tried that before but now, i already want to! the really had gorgeous shades!!!

  149. Nico

    I've got one Eyeshadow from Topshop and I love it!
    The shades of lipstick, which you have, are so nice.
    Maybe I will order one or two lipsticks! ;)

  150. ellie B

    First of all, so glad you're back and loving the MacBook. I was exactly the sam as you, I had a Dell and had to et it go and pop my Mac cherry on a 13" (woahh… dodgy). Ha, and I'm never going back.
    Your blog is one of my absolute favourites, and even though you have a gazillion comments on this post, just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy your posts! I've been meaning to try that Infared shade for soooo long now after seeing you post about it, and I think I better plan a Topshop post soon now!

    e x

  151. I've been toying with the idea of purchasing some topshop makeup, but i've always thought it would be cheap and horrible. But you've persuaded me and i'm definitely going to make a purchase next time i'm shopping :). I'm liking the look of nevada and pillow talk to be honest.
    By the way i absolutely love your blog, keep up the good work


  152. Aw all your lipsticks look lovely lined up like that, it's making me want to go and buy some more. I have a bit of a lipstick addiction at the moment and I have some lovely toppers ones in there too, can't complain about them either! :)

    Great blog too – now following!


  153. Thanks for that awesome Post! I really love Topshop Make Up!

  154. Thanks so much for the post! I was really wondering about topshop lipsticks myself, especially beguiled and infared! I hope everything with your new computer is going great as well!

    If you get a chance to check out my blog,( I actually just started it) that'd be great! I figure I just read so many others that by now, I should probably have one of my own!


  155. I just bought Ohh la la the other week and got a free lipstick (can't remember the name but it's bright pink) and I'm seriously in love! I wasn't expecting much being a clothing store lipstick, but I seriously love them and I'd definately recomend them as a MAC replacement too. Can't wait to see what you think about the rest of the collection!

  156. These are some good colors im going to look into it….

  157. anna

    I love topshop makeup . Such a great quality without making my wallet cry :)

    looking forward to your next post as always

  158. Lela

    total lipstick sucker. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, ahah xo

    (I'd love if you checked out my fashion blog/shoe blog/etc!)

  159. KylieR

    Hmmm think i'll be heading to topshop in my lunch hour tomorrow ;)

  160. These are some great colors. I can't wait to try them!

  161. Leie

    I'm looking forward to try them out, especially Ohh La La

  162. i love topshop make up and have some of these colours too i tink there amazing for the price :)

  163. Loved all of the pictures! I deffo need to get some more of these in my collection! x

  164. I'm SO gutted I missed out on Pillow Talk! And I need to get Brighton Rock…
    Topshop makeup is ace!

  165. Aveen

    I was in Topshop the other day looking at the make up and the first thing I thought of is which lipstick is Zoe's fav that looks stunning!! xxxx

  166. Hello! i've just started a new blog! never done it before- and tbh have never been keen on them but am loving it so far! check it out :) constructive criticsm always welcomed!

    i've recently been following your blog and think its fantastic, you have inspired me showcase my loves and passions!


  167. becky.

    infrared and ohh la la look amazing! i thought i'd love brighton rock too but the colour really isn't what i'd imagined for some reason? xx

  168. My shitty local Topshop never sells their makeup! Gahhh it's so annoying, i relly want Infared after you said how white it makes your teeth :( Darn it all, topshop, darn it all!!!!xx

  169. Dixie

    Beautiful colors! I'm more of a lip balm person, but this makes me want to try some lipsticks. :)

  170. I've been a bit apprehensive about the topshop makeup but this post has made me second thing… infared is now on my wishlist

  171. Clay

    Such nice colours ! Thank you for taking such detailed pictures ! xxx

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  176. India

    Ooh La La is gorgeous! Love your blog its so lovely to look at :) Please have a look at mine if you have time, I'm a newbie :).. Thanks xx

  177. Nikki

    I have a love hate relationship with Topshop makeup, especially the lipsticks… Swatched on the back of my hand I love them, on my lips not so much. I have Charmed from the new SOFTM collection and Coy. They both look perfect on my hand but seem to highlight every imperfection when on my lips even with a good scrub and lip balm (bad times). Although I'm now in love with the Magic Liner pen – amazing! X

  178. franki

    Aaah I'm such a big fan of the Topshop lipsticks, in fact I love the makeup range as a whole – the colours are just amazing! I bought Brighton Rock yesterday, it's so pretty, and I agree, the staying power is excellent. My fave is probably Confession, which I got a couple of weeks back – a lovely bright corally-pink, definitely a good one to add to the lipstick collection! x

  179. Daisy

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    Love, Jess ♥

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    They look very nice. Wanted to order some clothes from Topshop online so now I will have to order some lipsticks as well! Thank you

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  191. I really loved this post and your photography I was thinking of buying Infrared and doing a review on my blog but they don't have a lipstick stool at my Topshop so i have done a haul and then an Essie mint candy apple nail polish review. I love this nail varnish on you so I went out and tryid it maybe you could check out my blog x
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