If you’ve followed my blog for a while, or ever had the pleasure of listening to me moan about my skin, you’ll know it’s quite temperamental. My skin type is combination. I have oily areas, dry areas and plenty of blemishes. My main problem, is that when hormonal outbreaks strike (around a certain time of the month…ladies, you know what I mean) I get spotty on my chin, between my eyes, and sometimes on my cheeks. Unlike those of you who are lucky with your skin, after a spotty outburst, I’m usually left with red blemishes that take months (sometimes up to half a year) to disappear, or fade. I’ve had this problem since around the age of 17, so perfectly clear skin, for me, is a long time gone.

More recently, I looked into ways I could diminish the red scarring left behind after a spot has broken out. Mainly put off by expensive products that I wasn’t too sure would work miracles and the hugely vast array that all promised a clear complexion, I never took the plunge. I guess you could say I was slightly overwhelmed, and just wanted someone to say “Use this, it works 110%”. Anything for an easy life eh? ;) That was until I was strolling through “Home Bargains”, and spotted this cream. Costing me no more than £4 and with the promise of reducing blemishes and scarring, it was worth a shot.

This is actually my second pot, as I used the first one up, I love it that much. I use the cream mornings and nights when my skin is particularly blemished, but only at night when it’s slightly more under control and this reduces the fade time by dramatic amounts. The consistency is very creamy, although not thick. I think the reason this moisturiser is so amazing, is that it contains similar ingredients to an oil like Bio Oil, but rather than slathering an oil over your face morning and night, it’s much more convenient to apply it as a moisturising cream. It works best when really massaged into the skin, so I take around 2 minutes just to make sure it’s really worked in. It takes around 5 minutes to completely sink in, and then i’m ready to go with my makeup.

Although it doesn’t prevent any blemishes from occurring, it definitely improves the appearance of my skin after they’ve left their mark and reduces fading time. The best bit though, is that it’s under £4. I know the packaging isn’t all that feminine and it definitely isn’t one to sit pretty on my dressing table, but it does the job, and that’s all i’m bothered about.

I bought mine from Home Bargains but you can also find it on Ebay

Do you have a similar problem to me? Are there any other blemish-alleviating products you can recommend?

  1. This sounds really good, I normally break out around my chin when my skin doesn't like certain product, and on my cheeks when it's the time of the month. I need to try this. x

  2. I really want some of this stuff, sounds great. xoxo

  3. Phoebe

    This looks really good, I don't have terrible acne but the few blemishes stay for ages and scar a little! Think I'm going to try this, £4 is a bargain :) xx

  4. Emer

    I bought the Re-Gen oil for £2.99 and have been using it for about 2 weeks now,I would prefer a cream like this but didn't see it at the time.My mam has been complimetning on my skin saying how it has improved so it must be doing something,and I have a lot of scarring around my cheek area.Aloe vera plant is great for redness! I use it before I go to bed every night :)


  5. Bethan

    I like the sound of this. I have awful scars from spots around my nose and chin area from when I'm ill, which seems like always, so I'll have to try this out.

  6. Jess

    I have lots of scars on my face from squeezing spots (you'd think it would make me stop, but I can't help it!). I purchased Bio Oil but I hate the way it feels on my face. I have stretch marks on my legs which I use Bio Oil for, but I too have been on the lookout for a product just like this. The price tag has made me want to go and buy it now.

    I will definitely be getting this, so thank you for blogging about it! :)

    Jess @ditzyglamour


  7. Haven't heard about this, lately since I switched to the implant from cerazette I get milder breakouts, just very small spots/bumps on one side of my chin!? I use grease lightning to help get rid, but my skin goes blah for a few days. Need to try this out.


  8. Simone

    I have very similar skin to you! my skin seems to hate me, it's been better since using Liz Earle products and I may give this a try too, for £4 there's not a lot to loose.

  9. BECCA

    so need to got a pot of this! x

  10. Katie

    I work at Home Bargains and I've been tempted to buy this, I was tempted to get it the other day but was always in two minds. Whenever I get spots they always leave discoloured marks behind even though I never squeeze them. I've got marks on my chin from spots from mid last year, it's really frustrating more than anything because I think 'will these ever go?!'. I'll give this a go I think, especially as it's so cheap too. Cheers for the review!

  11. I have exactly the same problem! I'm quite pale so even if my skin is clear I'm left with the dark marks from breakouts months previous, they seem more obvious on my complexion and take forever to fade.. Might have to give this a wizz! :) x

  12. Claire

    This sounds like just what I need! I remember seeing this in the shops but I never stopped to look what it actually was. Yet to find my miracle blemish product!

  13. i have the exact same thing and never knew what to do. im going to get me some pronto! thank you so much, ill let you know how i get on.x

  14. I just stood in front of the mirror and cringed because of my blemishes spots right before I came online and saw your post.
    We have very similar skin I believe, and this cream could possibly be a little life saver if it works on me as well as it works on you!
    Been looking for something like this for ages.

    So thanks Zoe, this is just the kind of post from you I needed :)

    Ps. Which foundation covers up your blemishes? I have diffculty finding one that hides them.

  15. this sounds amazing!! I have the same problems, and will be trying this pronto! i will let you know how i get on! x

  16. Vida

    I am currently using Bio oil, I think by your recommendation, and I love it! I don't mind the oil on my face so much now, but it would be nice to have a cream alternative. Thanks for sharing this!

  17. Sarah

    I have the same issue with scars after breakouts, especially on my chin. i have pretty clear skin until around "That time" of the month and then I generally get spots on my chin and sometimes on my cheeks. I am the same with the redness being left. I did use bio oil before when I had facial scarring from an accident and that worked well but I hated using oil all the time. I am genuinely thinking about giving this a try. Worth a try for the price I think.

    Sarah xoxo

  18. Noush

    Looks really good! Maybe I'll try it

  19. Shona

    I have exactly the same as you! I try NOT to pick that spot on my face (That sounds really disgusting!) But I cant help it, its just there staring at you! And afterward I have a little spot of redness on my face and I regret it, because it's there for weeks even months sometimes! So glad you found your product that works for you! :) xox

  20. Emma

    I really need to give this a go, im the same after i have had a spot i have a red mark for ages after x

  21. This sounds like my skin too, this product sounds great, thank you for sharing :D x

  22. es-jay

    This sounds like a great product! I have redness and scarring that I would love to say goodbye to but I'm like you and dont really want to spend 100's of quids on something which may not even work. I must say also that I'm so happy to see a new Zoella post! You could honestly write about cotton socks and granny pants and I'd be hooked!


    http://www.es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts

  23. Lena

    I have same problem, but I break out all over my face ;(, I use Sudocrem on spots at night and next day they are less visible.


  24. bea

    I have exactly the same problem. I've never heard of this cream before but it sound great and for that price definitely worht a try, thanks for the tip :-)


  25. Ooo this stuff is brill.I purchased mine from asda and they have the oil aswell which is really good as I refused to pay the disgusting prices for Bio-Oil.

  26. Maisy

    Sounds fabulous! I'm another one that ends up with nice red scars that take up residence on my face (so it looks like I have spots even when I don't!) so I will definitely give this a try. £4 for a chance to get one step closer to clear skin? i think so :) xxx

  27. I have been looking for a product to help reduce the appearance of scaring where breakouts have previously been, do you find this helps to reduce redness and old scar areas? Have you ever tried bio oil on your face before?
    Btw i love home bargains lol it has so much you realy dont need to be buying but cant resist xAmandax

  28. Shannon

    For under £4 I have to find this. I wonder If it'll be in other stores like boots? I could really do with this for my thighs where i've got taller and you can see D: x

  29. Tempted to buy this, I have the exact same problem with my skin. I get spots at that time of the month and they go pretty quickly but leave red scars all over my face. Thanks for sharing your experience with this!


  30. Rachel

    I know it is a bit pricier, but I swear by 8 hour cream!

  31. Oo home bargains is my home on a Saturday when I go to work! Defo gonna look for this as my face is just blemish central xx

  32. I'm definitely going to try this i have the same problem and unfortunately no product has helped me but anything it worth a shot.


  33. oh i'm making a trip to home bargins tomorrow to get some eyelashes, i'm gunna pick this up too. I hope they stock it here, home bargains seems to be hit and miss with what they stock xxx

  34. Abbie

    I think I have exactly the same problems with my skin as you! I need to try this fo sho haha xx

  35. Kacnyca

    Calamine lotion has been a pretty good spot treatment for me. Do you know if the Re-Gen cream can be shipped to the US?

  36. Teli

    Oh wow thnx for this post! :) I was about to drive out to buy the Bio-oil because my post-pimple marks really left my skin so bad :(. Imma have to try this out. Thnx zoe! =)<3

  37. Hannah

    Hi Zoe! This looks lovely and CHEAP!!!!! Gonna pick this up tomorrow xxx

  38. Beth

    ooh this sounds so good I must try this! Yesterday I was sporting a red, burned skinned face as I put too much spot cream and my skin reacted badly to it. I think I need a good cream to help my skin so I think I'm gonna give this a try. Thank you xxx

  39. I use the ReGen Oil I think from HomeBargins? Will need to go and have a look for this too :)

  40. Joelle

    Sounds good. My skin has been pretty clear, but as soon as turned 18 this wee.. BOOM! Horrible spots (that's I'm calling potential acne)have appeared.
    When I first saw the picture of Regen, I thought it would be around £30. This sounds like a bargain to me and I will try and find it and try it out. Great post! :)

  41. I use Bio Oil for tiny stretch marks and I've recently started using it to reduce the scarring from my lip piercing (I'm hoping this will reduce the size of the hole). I used to use it all the time but I'm really impatient and didn't wait to see any results so I gave up. Think I might start again though as summer is coming! x

  42. This sounds really good! The writing on it reminds me of bio oil! x

  43. This product sounds good as I have scars on my cheeks that just does not seem to go away from spots, definitely going to try this out! :) x

  44. Sophie

    I've used Bio Oil before and It makes my skin feel so greasy afterwards, a moisturising cream sounds so much better, will have to look out for this one!x


  45. heeey :) i was wondering did you ever use the facewash 'Quinoderm' i recently got it for spot scars (if you could call them that, to be honest i dont even know what they are at this stage!) but wondering if you did use it , is it good? i never know wheather to trust the people behind the counter!! or are there any other creams/facewashes that you could let me know about? thankss :) (I'm desperate if you cant tell! ) Xx

  46. Saz

    I actually bought this after you mentioned it in one of your youtube videos and I love it!

    Thanks for the recommendation! haha :)

  47. I so need to try this cream out! Thanks for sharing!


  48. hello zoe!
    same problem here.. plus, my skin seems to 'react' to any moisturizer, causing even more breakouts. i'm using Ren fluid at the moment, i'll post a review when i finish my trial period. hope it's not going to be another skincare fail (:

  49. Anca

    I also get scars from my acne breakouts :(. I found that using sunscreen daily has also helped diminish the scars and make them go away sooner. Your miracle also sounds good though :)


  50. Cleome

    I have the same blemish problem and I've been using retin-A. It's a regenerating skin cream as well. It's worked really well for me. It gets rid of scaring & spots.


  51. I have the exact same thing! I used to look at girls in sixth form and think.. when I get there my skin will sort itself out, it just needs time. I'm graduating uni this year and it's not fine, it's still temperamental and awful. I have found that freederm helps my spots until my skin gets used to it (everything works for a little while and then it's rendered useless again) but recently 'dead sea spa magik spot-on gel' has been more than doing the trick, with results quicker than I ever could have imagined! We get ours from Debenhams but I think it depends where you live if they stock it, I'm sure you could find it online. Great review you have here though.. will be sure to pop into home bargains next time I'm in town :) xx

  52. I don't really have this problem, but I do tend to use bio oil on all my scars and it makes them way less visible! Looks like a great product.

    Charlotte Couture Blog

  53. You sound like you have a similar skin to mine, I may give this a try!

  54. This will sound really odd but I think eating pistachios helps break outs sometimes… Bizarre but it's worked a little for me!! Some thing to do with certain vitamins or something… Hmm… And pistachios are cheaper for sure :)

  55. anna

    your skin sounds just like mine .
    I have used a clinique anti blemish creme and its fantastic but since this creme promises to do the same thing I might have to check this one out . Because the clinique creme is not easy on the wallet .


  56. Vivian

    I have skin like yours, they stay red for ages after having spots xx

  57. My skin's like yours :( I break out during that time of the month (that's how I kow it's coming…) in my t-zone and red marks are left for ages. :/ x

  58. thea

    Thank you, thank you!! I have been recently researching something that would help with the scarring as it definitely makes my skin look so much worse, but as you say everything is SO expensive. I'm defs going to try this! xxx

  59. thea

    Thank you thank you for this! I have been recently researching some miracle product that was low in price and that could help with my scarring, which makes my skin look a lot worse than it really is blemish wise (although it is pretty bad in that area as well…) thanks zoe, will definitely be trying this. xxx

  60. Wow i am so getting myself some of this!!!
    Your skin sounds exactly at mine… After i have got rid of a spot or blemish i am left with red marks and scars which take bloody ages to shift!

    Thanks for sharing this, i hope my local store has it in xxx


  61. Why don't I have this already?! If any irish blogger sees this comment, pls tel me where i can get it in ireland!

  62. One of my skin pet peeves is that even after a blemish is gone.. without makeup the tell tale signs are still there, lurking to remind you. This product to me seems like a cream version of bio oil, so i'll be without a doubt trying it out. Thankyouuuu x

  63. I recommend checking that your moisturiser and foundation want to be friends. MAC Studio Sculpt is my favourite foundation but with my moisturiser I would have lots of breakouts. Sadly I needed to change to another foundation :( But my secret has always been Tea Tree ointments; it helps heal up those marks and prevent blemishes from being red and puffy.

  64. This sounds great! I also have the red marks that seem to last for ages after a spot has gone.

    I tend to mix my bio-oil into my moisturiser, but I'm worried that this may be why my breakouts continue as it's 'too' oily!

    Definitely going to try this out!


  65. What shop is this from, it must be mine! Haha :) an excellent tip.

  66. hmm i definitely have a lot of scars from old acne and i use to pick at it when i was young….this is a great find :)

  67. Carly

    After reading this I've just popped to Home Bargains and picked it up, I always get those marks after a spot. Even though Bio Oil is really good it just doesn't feel the nicest rubbing oil over a spot x

  68. Anna

    I have exactly the same issue, I have oily/combination skin with hormonal breakouts that leave ugly red marks afterwards. I'm not overly bothered by the scars as they can be covered by make up (although understandably it would be nicer not to have to cover it up) but I'm more bothered by the actual 'active' spots. Does this stuff help prevent them from happening or make them look less 'angry' at all? Or is is just good for scarring? xxx Thanks


  69. Definitely giving this a go :) i use lemon as toner of a night. It makes old blemish marks fade..it really seems to work :):)

  70. i had scars left over from teenage acne (yay) so this looks quite appealing!

  71. This looks great! I am left with scaring all over my forehead which has been there for over a year and I really want to give this ago :) xoxoxo

  72. Emily

    Can you please tell me if this product has nuts in? im allergic and a lot of these types of products have almond oil in!

    Also i find sudocrem really helps reduce blemishes and redness!

    Please follow my blog http://emilyjaneosborne.blogspot.com/


  73. It looks good. Maybe I can see if I can find it in Asda. I use bio oil as well which is slowly helping with scars but I can't put it on in the morning because it just takes too long to sink in. And I don't use it on my chin at all really especially when it's breaking out.

    Everything just takes so long to heal so I hope this will help!

  74. Emer

    I live in Cavan but I got mine up the north in Semi-Chem..not sure what shops sell it down here though sorry


  75. Hi! :)
    I have the same problem as you, with the posthyperpigmentation problem after the breakouts and what not. I've been using this new product for about 2ish weeks now and I've seen a noticeable difference in my skin in that short time already! It's called Neotstrata (the toner solution which contains 8% glycolic acid which is to increase cell turnover and regeneration). I've been using it every second night before I go to bed (only because I'm scared that my skin will get use to it; I use this other toner called Nuskin pH balance toner every other night. And anyway, I've noticed that my pores are alot less noticable, smoother complexion and ALOT lighter pigmentation marks. In just 2 ish weeks! I don't know about whether it lessens the breakouts, as I haven't noticed any yet but I might just be lucky. Anyway I'm from Canada so I can easily get this from the drugstores but I am pretty sure you can order this on their website, (http://www.neostrata.ca/) and this was around 17 Canadian dollars I think? But there is another product called Reversa with the same formula basically with the 8% glycolic acid but it's around $25 for just a nicer packaging. Does the same thing but if you can't order it online, I know that you can for sure for Reversa. IF you want a product that actually depigments the spots rather than the whole shebang with the cell turner thingie majiggie, go for any product with hydroquinone. That'll definately do the trick for the hyperpigmentation. Couldn't recommend you any in particular as I haven't tried any, but I think the Neostrata should work fine as I've already seen quite a difference in the dark spots. Wow.. this is seriously long. K, I'll shut up now.

    Love from Canada,
    Alissa :)

  76. Ebay has it but it is alot more expensive:(

  77. Jen

    I have the same issues! I started using Dr woods shea vision black soap as a face wash about 2.5 months ago, and it has made a huge difference! It has made my red marks go away more quickly, prevents new break outs, and makes the blemishes that do come go away quicker! And, it's only $8 for 32 oz. Even if you don't end up liking it as a face wash, you can use it for body wash, hand soap, or an all natural cleaner. I seriously feel like I have tried nearly everything possible (well, at least within my budget) and this is amazing! Just got my second bottle today!

  78. Jen

    Oh yes, it took about a month or so until I really started seeing major improvements, so you have to keep with it! I might have to try the Regen cream for a moisturizer if I can find it!

  79. Nancy

    I have a lot of acne scars, redness and blemishes and it is horrid. I'm definitely going to give this a try and see if it reduces the appearance of my scars! x

  80. I can't believe it is so in-expensive! I can totally relate to you, the description you gave about your skin is practically identical to mine! I hope this carries on working for your skin and I may have to go and give it a go. I'd also recommend T-Zone Spot Zapping Stick that you can put on spots once they have come up, it completely gets rid of redness for me and you can find it at Home Bargains for about £2. I also have a blog on here so please have a look as I am new to this and I am just loving looking around everybody else's!! B xx

  81. Lauren

    Your skin sounds similar to mine too. I now swear by the Superdrug and Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleansers, and Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser, which is pricey at £29, however my tube lasted just over 4 months. I also use the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool which has really helped reduce scarring and blemishes x

  82. Holy shiza! This sounds so good! Boots shall be raided first thing tomorrow ;) P.s i think the packaging is quite cute! It's kinda retro-ish-y-esque haha x

  83. Have just ordered some off Amazon, looks so good! Love your blog as well darl xxx

  84. I also use the Murad Time Release Blemish cleanser. Totally worth the money, the only thing that really has made a massive difference to how many break outs I have.

  85. becky.

    i get really bad blemishes on my skin too! i rarely get spots but the effect of them lingers for so long, i hate it, so i'll definitely be ordering myself some of this stuff xx

  86. The packaging looks so similar to Bio – oil!! I reckon this is definitely worth trying if it has similar ingredients to it but sooo much cheaper, as I also have the same problem with my face, ahhh hell!

    Its always a love hate relationship with bio-oil, it works, but its so greasy, yikes!! If this product is any good, I'm definitely going to rave on about it on my blog !


  87. oooh im really inclined to try this!! thanks zoe xx


  88. sdoc

    i've always had bad skin and i've tried everything. recently the doctor suggested i try PanOxyl aquagel and i love it! seems to be the only thing that works! might give this a try too :)


  89. Zoe you may have just saved my skins life. I have exactly the same problem, so I can't wait to try this out. Thank you :)

    e x

  90. I read your review last week so went to home bargains yesterday to buy it! I am quite self-conscious of blemishes I often get on my face, but I've never really looked properly into a solution as there's so many different products I don't know which would work. So seeing something actually tried and tested really helped and £4 is such a reasonable price! Let's hope it works as well for me as you :) xx

  91. stacey

    After reading this post I went out and hunted this cream down, luckily my local home bargains stocked it! 3 weeks later, the scars on my chin are barely visable!! Amazing stuff. Thank you :) Love your blog!


  92. I use Bio Oil to reduce scarring and try and get rid of my lip ring scar, but I hate putting oil on my face as I already suffer from oily blemishy skin. If there is an Aussie that knows a place that stocks this I would love to find out!!! (I found online that Aldi has it, but Aldi doesn't regularly stock things so I haven't found it since I read this post!). Thanks for sharing Zoe!


  93. Thankyou so much for the tip! I have been looking for a good spot scar aid and I will be buying this asap xx

  94. city

    nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  95. Brilliant! I must try this. I have the exact same problem with the hormonal spots that take forever to go down, then leave a nasty scar for months.

  96. As soon as i watched your empties video i went on to read about your post on this cream. For me, bio oil never worked and i found it way to greasy, so hopefully this cream will do the trick:) x

  97. Finally I've found this post!! You are a life saver Zoe. I recently had a really bad break out and I honestly feel like this is helping with the aftermath of it. My face isn't nearly as red, itchy or crap as it was before I started using this. So, I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to this amazeballs product.



  98. Hiya Just read ur blog and sounds amazing, Im 25 now and suffer from breakouts all the time I never used to get spots until I turned 20 then boom!! I have quite oily skin thou do u think this would help or just make it worse more oily and more breakouts. I have loads of Blemishes and scares on my face now from spots. Wud love ffedback

    Thank u

    Kerrie.. x

  99. Hiya Just read ur Blog and it does sound amazing, I am now turning 25 and had no problems with spots in my teenage years but as soon As I turned 20 that was it the darn things wont leave me alone now, my problem is I have quite oily skin do u think this cream wud make it worse?? I just have so many Blemishes and scars from all the spots now and wud love to just try to reduce the look of them abit.



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  102. When you google this cream, your blog is the first thing that appears :) You've inspired me to start a blog, your such a beautiful young girl :) x

  103. wow bought the cream and its amazing really works thanks for introducing in to me Zoella :)

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  105. I'm a massive fan of Bio Oil myself, (I have stretch marks on my hips! :() so when I read this I had to go buy it! I have to admit though, I have practically stolen your skincare routine haha! I have very similar skin to you, oily in some but dry in others which is difficult to tackle! And I have been using the Clinique cleanser for a couple of years now but wanted to try something different, and in terms of moisturiser I'm still on the hunt for one I like! So I ordered a Liz Earle set yay! Cost me £43 and I got loads! I've reviewed Clinique on my blog and spoke about what the order contained, I linked you too as I felt I couldn't take credit for my new routine haha! Thanks for recommending these products! I really do trust your opinion! :) xx


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  107. Great Blog! I suffered from acne scars for years, so I understand how some will feel. I also have keloid scarring skin, so as bad as I wanted a tattoo, I knew it would be horrible for me. I loved the way you displayed for blog. Excellent info!

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  109. I use coconut oil butter on my face when it's very dry/scarred (usually in winter) but my skin is VERY dry especially around my cheeks, so I wouldn't recommend it for those with oily skin. My break-outs occur from too many dead skin-cells and it sucks :(

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