Lipstick: Mac’s Impassioned | Shirt: Primark

First off, I used my webcam to take these photos, so I apologise to any of you who need HD photos in order to read a blog post (I’m hoping you will still read, even if the picture quality is not at it’s bestest) :)

Anyway, moving onto the purpose of this post. My fringe (or bangs as americans like to say). Funnily enough one of my most popular and frequently asked about subjects, is in fact about that bit of hair that sits across my face. Although I know a lot of people may prefer my fringe short, and swept to the side, there are also a lot of people who found my “messy middle parting” to be the better fringe option. I’m torn between the two. When I say “middle”, I have actually discovered my hair doesn’t sit properly down the middle, so I do have to have it a fraction away from the center, but it’s middle enough for me :)
When my fringe is freshly cut, it usually sits nicely and I don’t have to style it or faff around with it all that much. However, when it gets to this length, although I think it makes me look slightly older (I’ll never actually look my age, let’s face it haha) and flatters my small round face a little more, it takes a lot more work to make it look good. I have naturally very flat hair if I was to leave it in a middle parting and just go. To achieve a somewhat “flattering” middle parting, I do have to do a bit of backcombing & curl my hair a little. I’m thinking that there is some special way of blowdrying a middle parting to give it that Holly Willoughby bouncy vibe that I just don’t know about? If there is, and you have a middle parting, do spill the beans. At the moment, i’m enjoying my longer fringe, although slightly more of a pain to style, and not cut correctly (A grown out side swept fringe doesn’t sit as well as it would if I had my hair cut properly in a middle parting), but I am still considering getting out the scissors and giving it a snip back to my comfortable sidey. What do you reckon?

  1. livv

    I Think you hair looks pretty both ways if the side fringe is a bit too much of a faff there is no point just keep it how it is, you will be stunning what ever you choose to do with it xxxx

  2. I think this is gorgeous!! But either way your hair is lovely. Personally, I can't pull off the middle parting and hugely envy those who can! I just don't have the right face shape?? Perhaps. Anywho, lovely blog. :D
    <3 Laura x

  3. Jenny

    I gave up on my fringe two years ago and it's successfully left me with a middle parting! I think you should try sticking with whichever you feel most comfortable with; let's face it – you're stunning either way x

  4. Katie_

    In the second picture your hair looks gorgeous!

  5. Emily

    You're so beautiful! I love your hair and how it is now xx

  6. I always love your hair ! :)
    xoxo Jacquelyn

  7. I think it looks bloody gorgeous like this!

  8. keep it as ur sidey! you suit it so soo much :)

  9. You look lovely either way! I must say, I prefer your fringe. It's sort of your trademark look, and not in a bad, boring way either. If you do cut it, I hope you film and let us in on your secret. :)

  10. I loved your side fringe but this looks gorgeous!

  11. Faye

    I love your hair with a fringe but I think you look more sophis' ;) without a fringe, when I wear a middle parting I use my big barrel brush and blow dry it all backwards after I've blow dried it into the parting. If that makes sense! So once your hair is all dry, get the brush and blow dry the top section all backwards and part again! Good luck!


  12. whatever you pick, your hair is lush.
    lol at people who moan about non HD pics. they can sod off *sorry just how annoying?!*

    looking beautiful as evs, loving your fringe long! xxx

  13. Evi

    I'd say enjoy you fringe for 3 more weeks and then cut it! xx

  14. nicola

    I love your fringe, but then again I love this style too…jealous. You can pull either off, so I guess its just down to what you personally prefer! I guess if you get it cut you can just style it with your fringe then as it grows out style it like this!? Best of both worlds that way maybes? (I realise this is a totally unhelpful comment after all this…but hey ho, basically, I think you look gorgeous either way!)
    nicola xxx

  15. I think you are VERY lucky to be able to pull of both looks! But in my personal opinion I think your shorter fringe flatters your face more :) But if you fancy a change, you look lovely either way Zoe! xx

  16. Lydia

    Agree that this style makes you look more your age and I think it really flatters you this way. Also with this hair style it shows off your gorgeous face more! To NOT cut :)

  17. Wow mrs, you look beautiful here! Your darker hair is absolutely amazing!

    I like your fringe to the side, personally, because you could split it and curl it outways if you're bored! x

  18. Lydia

    do NOT cut it haha :) i think this style really does make you look more your ages and it shows off your gorgeous little face more! xx

  19. please don't cut it, i prefer your hair in a middle parting! i think you look a lot better :) xx

  20. Shabna

    I grew out my fringe and just like you say, it's a bit harder to manage but it looks better. However I went and snipped it haha! It's up to you really, either way your hair is gorge! I think you have one of the nicest fringes EVER though! x x

  21. Nicola

    I've been having the same problem zoe! I used to have a side swept bangs but they have grown out that it dosent sit where i want it to. I hate the hairdresses as they always mess it up. I have it about the same as your picture, but i hate my forehead so im so unsure! You look gorgeous either way tbh. I really like it like this aswell, so maybe if you fancy a change? I mean if you get bored you can always cut it back it(:

  22. I loved your middle parting that you had in a post a while ago, it really suited you. I think the fringe is gorge too, very little mermaid! X

  23. I love your side fringe, but i think this looks much better! =)

  24. i thin k a messy middle parting would look nice on you!aaaand a long bob x

  25. I love your 'sidey' bangs – I feel like it completes your unique style. It's my absolute favorite with a messy top bun :)
    btw. I think you're absolutely gorg and inspiring <3

  26. Monika

    Try blow dry your hair with your head upside down. :)

  27. Clo

    You look stunning both ways, but, i prefer it long xx

  28. Personally I think you're pretty with either hairstyle!
    But I'm more of a fringe- Winter person! Meaning, I'd rather have my face covered in Winter & hair out of my face for the Spring & Summer months! I feel like a middle parting adds to a persons face & you look more bright eyed & awake without it!
    Oh and so much easier to do anything with your hair:) x

  29. Ines

    Both things suit you very well, you look like a model either way :) but maybe its nice after a while to have no fringe? I don't know it is up to you :)

  30. LiLie

    Please, don't cut your lovely fringe! I wish I could have a fringe like that.
    I tried so many times but mine doesn't sit properly.
    I actually think your fringe is what makes you so unique and stylish!
    You look gorgeous!

  31. Bri

    I have the "fringe fiasco" every 6 months or so….to cut back in or not to?!!! i actually think your hair looks lovely without the side fringe…you do look more grown up in a good way and its a change isnt it?! If your anything like me though you will decide not to have it cut back in then do it anyway a couple of weeks later :) xx

  32. Cut it!!! You look AMAZING with a fringe, and I am so jealous that I cannot have it as you had, because I have a little burble so it won't be a side swept fringe as perfect as yours, instead I'd have a little hole then between the strands. So: DO IT! Dare and cut yours, I just watched some old videos and you looked so lovely! (Even you do now, but I just adore that fringe.)
    greetings from a german girl in Sweden
    Luise :)

  33. Daria

    I like your side fringe better! But I think you look gorgeous this way too ;) Anyway I have one suggestion for giving volume to your hair, if you want to keep the "middle party" style. When you blow dry your hair, use a smaller brush drying small wisps/locks per time, make it more curly at the end, it works!

    Hope I've been useful :) Sorry for my spelling, I'm italian lol.

  34. Sophie

    I love the middle parting!

  35. Lauren

    You're really beautiful. I love your hair like this and with a side swept fringe! Sorry that didn't really help. I tried this shirt on but like with all Primark shirts it gaped too much on the chest area! Looks lovely on you though xx

  36. Andrea

    DON'T cut it, cutie! xx

  37. Hannah

    I love the Babyliss Big Hair rotating brush for getting bouncy hairdresser hair! xx

  38. Imke

    i like both styles on you but i prefer the "middle" parting a tiny little bit because it doesn't hide your face (and you have a pretty face, let's face it – haha, what a pun!)
    i want my fringe to grow out for quite a while now but everytime it comes to a certain length it's so hard to style and i don't like it at all. so i have it cut again. it's a vicious cycle!

  39. Totally up to you. I've never seen you without a fringe so I couldn't say D: You look pretty as you are tho

  40. You look lovely without it. Like a sex kitten! Rawr?!?! No?! Okay, you get my drift. Don't bloody cut it!

  41. es-jay

    Hi Zoe! I have to say although both looks are gorgeous on you, I prefer the side swept shorter fringe! because that's how i've seen you in most your videos, It's like a signature zoella fringe but whatever you decide you're still going to be equally as gorgeous! :D

    xoxox – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts

  42. You're fringe looks gorgeous as it is!! …I LOVE the hair colour as well, so chocolatey!!


  43. hmmm, tricky one…I think I like the middle parting, but you would look lovely with a fringe too:) I'd do whatever's easier.


  44. You look gorgeous with your fringe or with a middle parting! If you feel that it will be too much of a faff to do your hair with a middle parting I think you should stick with the fringe but which ever way it will still look beautiful :) also I love how you make your hair so voluminous :) x

  45. I think I like the finge a liiitle bit more, but do whatever is easier for you, you always look beautiful!

  46. i love Love LOVE! your side sweepy fringe! im having a fringe dilemma also, i cant decide whether to keep my fringe long or cut it like your sweepy fringe(which i think i will do) if you do cut it and do it yourself MAKE A VIDEO! haha! i want to know how you do it! what ever you choose you will look beautiful! you can style your hair soo well! unlike me! i personally think sweepy fringe for you, but i love both!<3

  47. Anna

    wow, you're so beautiful

  48. beth

    I go through this everyday!
    but I feel more comfortable having a big fringe just to hide my big ugly face ;)
    you look lovely with both but the zoella I know has a fringe!

  49. Lovely to see you back!! For Holly Willoughby "bangs" just take both sections at the front of your hair (just over an inch either side of the parting) and either with a Babyliss Big Hair (if you have one) or your hairdryer and a large barrell brush blow dry it forward, with the brush UNDER (not over) the hair. Make your parting and watch it magically fall into place all flicky and away from your face :) not that you need to know this, looks like you've got it sorted just fine!! xxxx

  50. Your hair looks gorgeous both ways, I'd go with what ever's easiest and quickest to manage :) If you do go with the fringe, would you consider doing a video on it? I've wanted my fringe like that for ageeees and my hairdresser never cuts it right and was thinking its time to take the scissors into my own hands :) I'm sure lots of people would love to know too xoxox

  51. To change my parting to the centre I towel dry my hair so it is still very damp. Then I find the parting using a comb while stil wet. I then use the hair dryer and blow dry my parting from above directly down. It flattens your hair abit but after a few washes and goes of doing it my hair falls into the centre parting by its self and is really easy!

  52. ...

    Your hair looks amazing both ways. I love your side swept fringe, I wish I had hair like yours! x

  53. Lu

    You're soo pretty and i think we have all gotten used to you're hair like that and i would love it to stay the same but im also up for a bit of change and if you want to change it im right behind you!!Oh and ps. i still love these pictures even if they aren't in HD :P
    Happy Writing
    Lu xx

  54. You look beautiful in these pictures, really you can pull off any look. BTW I thought you had ombre hair?? Or is that just the webcam?

  55. Your hair always looks fab, lets face it! :) But my favourite is probably how it is in these pictures. Perfection! x

  56. Emma

    Your hair is really lovely this way, im in the middle of growing out a fringe, its such and awkward time! x

  57. Please keep it like this, it looks lovely ! <3

  58. Louise

    Beautiful photos :) I like your hair without a fringe more, but either way, your hair looks great x

  59. Ahio I would like that shirt, why we do not have Primark here in the Czech Republic: (

  60. Vivian

    You are goreous with both hair styles but I reckon a side swept fringe suits your face shape more :)

  61. I love your hair! x

  62. I like your hair like this, it doesn't cover up your pretty eyes! xx

  63. I love your fringe short and swept to the side, its so pretty on you. But messy middle part is always perfect on you. sooo, i didnt help at all. woops!!


  64. You are still beautiful with longer fringe! I do like the shorter one, so have no idea what to say. If you get bored then cut is, it will always grow back. x

  65. I love your hair like this! Also, so much easier to just put up in a messy bun when you don't have time to blow dry it properly. My hair used to be like this and i cut it a few months ago and still regret it since it won't grow back fast enough! Hahaha xxx

  66. i love the middle parting on you, its a nice change and also with summer coming up (im optimistic) you might want to avoid the sweaty forehead look lol xx

  67. Annie


  68. kaybri

    I like the middle parting! It's always nice to do something new. I had bangs for YEARS growing up, up until about a year ago I started growing them out. Now I wouldn't even consider bangs I love them grown out so much! (: xx

  69. Laura

    I used to have this problem allll the time, I never knew whether to permanently style my hair in a middle parting or keep my side fringe. I just wore it in a middle parting more and more and my fringe has kind of grown out. Don't know if I miss it or not! I think it suits you either way, you could just keep swapping and changing to suit your mood haha x

  70. I think you would still look beautiful bald, Zoe :3
    But if you do decide to cut your fringe back in, could you please film it? xx

  71. Nooo! You can't cut it, it looks so sophisticated and Kate Middleton-esque the way it is! x

  72. Law

    I think a fringe would suit you, as your a stunner away, but they are such a pain and effort to grow out. Mine was so horrid when it was at the half way point, why not try a fake clip in one. I know it's not the same, but you get the look for when ever you like, without the effort of growing your own hair out. BTW love that Primark shirt, my friend got it the other day I need to 'borrow' it off her :P x

  73. Please don't cut your fringe! You rock the middle parting :)


  74. To get volume try drying your hair upside down, I have naturally voluminous hair but when I straighten or curl it gets flat. I find drying my hair that way makes all the difference. Also, if I hairspray my styled hair upside down, I get alot of volume from that as well.

  75. I have naturally volumized hair, but I feel like when I style it, it deflates my hair alot. So I try blow drying my hair upside down a that helps alot. Also when I am done curling or straightening my hair I flip it upside out and spray it with hairspray. Which gives a bit more volume too!

  76. don't cut it! xx

  77. You look great with both! I'm jealous of your fringe because I have really fine hair and my bangs always go piecey which I cannot stand! I go through the same dilemma though (to cut or not to cut) because my side bangs draw attention to my cheekbones but they can be very annoying as well…if you have a particular feature you want to play up then I would suggest cutting your hair accordingly if not leave them long…you can always cut them if you don't like having to style the middle parting every day!

  78. I have this shirt! Trusty, trusty Primani haha! As for the hair, I definitely think keep it long, it suits you way nicer (not that your side fringe was ugly but you know what i mean haha)x

  79. I love both of the options! Haha, I guess that isn't much help to you, but whatever you feel like I suppose!! I think you look lovely with a shorter fringe or a longer fringe! (: (If you don't want to spend too much time styling, I say cut it!! Yay for laziness!)


  80. Emma

    I think you should grow it out, you have such a beautiful face and it shouldn't be covered up with a fringe :-)

  81. I think your hair looks lovely! I would only love to have a full or even side fringe. I have two cows licks and no matter how hard I try fringes never sit right, I'm thinking of getting a pretend one of ebay!!

  82. You look hot with a middle part! Keep it!

  83. Rachel

    You should try out that hairstyle for a while, it's gorgeous! :)

  84. Don't cut it! U look lovely the way u are x

  85. I don't think you should cut your fringe, it suits you just the way it is. How do you feel about getting layers? :)


  86. Your hair looks amazing in these photos! I have a grown out side fringe too – a mortal enemy to wind and rain! So lucky that you can pull off a middle parting so well! xx

  87. i like your hair how it is now.

  88. i love the middle parting. I am so jealous of your hair i want mine exactly like yours :) xxx

  89. Ria :)

    love ur lipstick :) x

  90. It suits you nice either way. It seems weird to see you without your side fringe! Why don't you keep it longer for a while and discover some new techniques to use – and if that fails then chop it off again :) I really want to find out how to make my hair bouncy too! x

  91. look amazing in these photos
    Do not change anything :)

  92. I think your hair looks lovely as it is, no fringe needed :)

  93. Whatever you do to your hair it always looks nice but i think i prefer the fringe xx

  94. Sadie

    Luckily for you your hair looks gorgeous both ways, but I am really loving it in these pictures so maybe keep it in the middle parting for a little while longer. My hair is super straight and flat too so I know what a pain it is to get the volume in too. Toni&Guy do a great mousse that you spray straight onto the roots, then I grab sections of hair, pull them upright and blast the roots with the hairdryer and this works really well for me to get volume :) xx

  95. LIVVYT

    Hi x I think that you suit either way because you are so pretty ! xx i love watching your videos i watch at least one every day and you and louise are so funny together :D i think that maybe you should let it grow out for a bit then see what you think and if you prefer a fringe cut it back again xx <3 but you look gorgeous either way x pleaae keep posting videos on youtube i love them and could you do more with your brother xxxx

  96. Carly

    Don't cut, keep the middle your hair like this. The fringe does make you look younger x

  97. You really suit your side fringe but the middle parting is a really nice change.. I'd keep it as it is for a while and if you want a change further down the line, go for the chop :) x

  98. you look so beautiful with your hair like this Zoe!

  99. I'm sure you'll look lovely with any hair style. If youy get a fringe you'll probably look a lot like Zooey Deschanel!

  100. middle middle!!!!

  101. Please have middle parting Zo! It suits you so much! <3

  102. I agree you do look slightly older with the middle style but both look lovely! Honest >.<

  103. kate

    you're a beautiful girl so luckily both suit you perfectly! but if you're trying to look.. less young? i'd say a more central parting would be the way to do it, or even one to the side that is less over-the-forehead than your normal style. a lot of mid-teenagers wear that style so maybe that's why it looks younger? makes me look younger when i do it too haha

  104. You hair look so gorgeous how it is! It's all about the middle pattern these day! I recon you shouldn't cut the fringe!!
    Lots of love


  105. anna

    you look stunning . Love that shirt but anyways …
    Its adorable and it suits you .
    I repeat .

    hope I helped :)

  106. No fringe! Don't cover up that pretty forehead :)

  107. Anca

    I think you look lovely both ways, and while I'm aware that's not helping much I think it's really amazing to be able to pull off both a fringe and the middle(ish) part. I would just go with your heart on this one.


  108. If you do snip ur fringe can you please film it so we can see how!!! PLEASE?? :) xx

  109. i defo like your hair this way, i dont think you should do anything to it. your hair is looking absuloutly stunning and so voluminous! you'd never believe you have naturally 'flat' hair at all! xx

  110. Rachel

    Snip snip! I like the side parting better, it's difficult to pull off a middle parting I think x

  111. Eves,

    I envy your hair so much, it's so gorgeous! Also not flat at all, wish my hair had as much volume as yours. :) xo

  112. Hi Zoe, I would say to cut your fringe and have it side swept like it used to me – it suites you so so much and its just gorgeous, I wish I could have my hair like it but it just dosnt suit me so it does you so you should def cut it! x

  113. Lauren

    Keep this one for a while! When you get bored with it, change it and get the fringe! You look beautiful either way!

  114. sian

    ah zoe, you have the best hair ever. as a lot of people have said you look great either way, and your side fringe was very enviable! but if what you're looking for is a change then i would say go with the middle parting, it looks absolutely gorgeous plus if you get further down the line & it's too annoying at least you have the choice to just cut your fringe back in! x

  115. I think it just depends on what you feel most comfortable with :) You can rock both looks!

  116. ♥B

    Keep your fringe short, you are one of the rare few who look good doing that, so wear it as long as you can!

  117. Sooo cute! xo

  118. I remember the first video of yours I saw, I was soo envious of your hair! At the end of the day it is your hair and hair does grow back if you do not like it at first! xox

  119. drea

    i would :
    cut it a little bit + side part = best haircut :)

  120. Maria

    Personally I adore your fringe but if you wanna switch it up then you could obviously just keep it as it is;)

  121. Maria

    personally I love your fringe;)

  122. Zoe

    Your hair looks gorgeous how it is :)
    I am stuck in a debate with myself atm over fringe/no fringe too! I really want to try a full fringe but haven't had one since I was about 7…


  123. Your side part was always pretty on you, but you've had it for so long it might be fun to try this as something new for a while! I think it really suits you :)

  124. Zoe

    I really like the middle parting, but I get what you mean. I also have flat hair and it takes so much effort to make it work. I've recently had a new fringe cut and I am not regretting it at all. It's nice the way your face looks every so often. Any tips for volumising you have, please pass on!!x

  125. It really suits you but so does your amazing side swept fringe! Lucky you look great with both!

  126. Terry

    Omg! I really want that shirt! Have to go to England right now and buy it :D

  127. I love your hair. I wish I had it, mine's all short and rubbish! :(

  128. please may you do a tutorial on how to get your hair looking like this it is absolutly devine LotsOfLove GeeklyChic

  129. when it's down, it looks gorgeous the way it is now
    but when it's in a messy bun, it looks good if you have the side swept fringe

    hope this helped :)

  130. This look is what's in trend now, bouncy hair with longer fringe sweeping back. I think this totally suits you and would suggest not to cut your fringe too short!

    And… if you want a few tips for more bounce and volume try blow drying hair upside down, or with a big big big bristle roller brush. And many people are starting to use DRY SHAMPOO just after blow drying, as it does give you more va va vooom!


  131. Hayley

    oh wow you really look like Swalkermakeup from youtube in the 1st pic! Loveee your blog xx

  132. Deerie

    Don't cut! ♥

  133. Kait

    Love the middle part! While your sideswept bangs were highly coveted – this makes you look a little more mature and so beautiful!

  134. I think you look amaze'balls with both hairstyles! You do rock the middle parting super well, its coming up for spring/summer soon and a middle parting is lovely and girly :) Your shirt is gorgeous too, i have the same one but havent worn it yet, might try it with my mac speak louder lippy :)

    Thanks for being so inspiring, love Sapphire x

  135. I think it looks great! I changed from side to middle and it's something that needs getting used to. Makes your face look a lot more grown up!


  136. I was just thinking how nice these photos look! Wouldn't know they are taken on a webcam! You are SO beautiful .. I am beyond jealous! Your hair looks amazing as it is now, no need to change it :) x x x.

  137. Lottie

    I am one for the big sweepy fringe thing (like you have now!). I too have this and love it as it means some days I can look like I have a fringe whereas others I can have a messy center parting. Multipurpose, don't limit yourself :)

    You do have the most amazing hair! I think mines pretty similar but no where near as bouncy looking as yours!!

    Lottie :) x

  138. Hey, love your hair as a middle parting, they are more in fashion now aswell! well in Wales they are, you look stunning with big volumised hair& a middle parting!xoxo

  139. KEEP- its too nice and I have that shirt ;)
    Check out my latest collective Haul!

  140. I have no idea how old you are but would say that without the side fringe you look 20s and with it you look under 20s. (trying not to disrespect as best as I can! haha)
    I love the 'middle' fringe look. 100% keep it.
    I have just posted a hair post, advice back would be lovely! x

  141. I like the middle parting on your recent you tube vid,makes you look look slightly older. x

  142. Fabi

    how old are you?? i prefer the fringe by the way :)

  143. i recommend leaving it the length it is just so you can style it to the side or in the middle. though a nice cut it sometimes nice as well, and you look just as good wit any style.

  144. tutorial for cutting and styling your side swept fringe ! :) *-* ♥

  145. the middle parting looks great but I really love your side swept bangs as well ;)
    the middle makes you look a little older and more professional whereas the side is more rockstar younger look – both beautiful
    good luck

  146. Middle parting on long voluminous hair with "no bang" is so much hotter and trendy ( i mean look around : the Kardashian as an exemple and so much celebrities have nice hair like that), dont cut your fringe, too emo for your classy and beautiful look :)

  147. I really love your middle part it's so cute

  148. Sabie

    i love your bangs or "fringe" – do it!

  149. Sabie

    you are lucky to have such great hair – cut your fringe and embrace it!! :)

  150. I love your fringe, but I think the middle parting is such a gorgeous look for you!

  151. you really suit pink! and i love your top <3

    iv really been inspired by your blog and i guess its helped me start creating my own, i would appreciate it so much if you could take a look or perhaps give me some pointers x x x

  152. I love the middle parting, it looks so grown up! x

  153. Ellie

    i should cut it short the way you had it..but show us in a video, then we can all look like you!! plus it will grow back soon :) Xxx

  154. Frith

    Definitely the fringe!

    Would love a video on how you cut it!

  155. I think the centre parting is a gorgeous change. Looks so sophisticated and elegant, I absolutely love it. If a few weeks down the line you really are getting sick of styling the centre parting then you can always change it back. If I were you I'd wait it out a little longer. x

  156. Personally I think both are lovely but as a member of the full fringe team I would say go with the side fringy thing but that's only if i was forced to pick one. As for the middle parting bouncyness, I have the worlds flattest hair and the most set in middle parting hair has ever seen. To give mine bouncyness I use heated rollers on the top layers of my hair as close to the parting as possible, or if I am in a rush a big of dry shampoo, some floofing and a large barrel brush with the hair dryer normally poofs it out a bit from the middle parting. Hope that helps :)

  157. You hair is amazing don't cut it!!you should try it in a centre parting im sure it will look great :D!!

  158. I love your hair it always looks nice no matter what you do with it. I think your fringe looks lovely the way it is in this pic, my hairs the same it never sits in the middle so i have a 'sidi' parting as i call it.
    I love reading your posts & watching your videos on youtube, please dont ever stop doing them :)

  159. i think youur hair is gorgeous either way but i think i like your side fringe better ;) xx

  160. love your blouse!
    would mean a lot if you checked out my blog, xx

  161. ahhh,you are stunning! You look amazing with your fringe but I think middle partings are very flattering and you would really suit one. I have a middle parting and I don't like mine flat either, when I blow dry my hair, I take each piece and brush it out then slide the hair dryer across it the other way which gives it a bit of bounce but doesnt turn it into an afro!
    I have your top and you look lovely in it!
    Please check out my blog-
    hope this helped xxxxx

  162. I think your side-fringe looks better (:

  163. Gosh your top is amazing!
    I saw it when you did your haul video but its even better on!
    I am so going to look for it tomorrow.
    I'm guessing you already decided about your hair but I think its lovely in these photos :)

  164. Crissy

    Center parting! Backcomb and curl. Or keep it to one side. Unless you don't mind a side fringe during summer. I definitely can't stand it! haha

  165. Wow you are absolutely gorgeous dear!

  166. I think you look amazing either way but you look older without the fringe, still amazing, but older. I love your fringe personally.

  167. Personally I think your hair looks beautiful no matter how you have it, but this way really suits you! Middle parting all the way! :)

    Oh and I love your YouTube, I watch your videos all the time your like and inspiration to me, I also check you blog and instagram nearly everyday! ( sorry if I sound like a stalker haha!

  168. I feel your fringe/no fringe pain! You look lovely with fringe and without. Pulling off both, you're very lucky :)

  169. What do you use to get volume in your hair? I have some very long hair and always struggle with volume!

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