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Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited by Illamasqua to see their new Collection “Theatre of The Nameless”. The event itself was held in a swanky bar in central London (Dean Street for those of you who need all the minor detail). In true Illamasqua style, the room was decorated with luxurious fabrics and dark decor to fit their mysterious theme. They definitely know how to fit a scene.
I arrived with Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) after getting lost in China Town and Leciester Square and flagging down a taxi to drive us the whole 2 minutes up the road. You can tell we don’t live in London. We were greeted into the event by Hayley at Illamasqua who gave us a run down of the new products. The theme behind the collection is based on 1920’s Berlin and the underground subcultures, namely one woman in particular – Anita Berber, a 1920’s “lady of the night”, actress and dance performer. She, alongside a chap called Sebastian Droste (her lover) performed very shocking, and out of the ordinary shows which bent the rules of Theatre in the 1920’s. They were the rebels of their time. The colletion reflects this dark mood, with sultry, smokey reds and dark contours, alongside very striking harsh lines.

One thing I really love about Illamasqua are the stories behind every collection. They really think about the things that inspire them and I can only imagine what their research boards look like. Every product has its purpose, story and theme and that really does make such a difference to the overall collection. You really feel as though you must own everything.

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Top Photo: Me & Louise (SprinkleofGlitter)
Me, Hayley (at Illamasqua) & Zara (MouldyFruit)

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There are a handful of makeup items in this collection which had me drooling, and others that I wouldn’t feel overly confident to rock out (like the green lipgloss) but it’s things like this that make Illamasqua so unique. There are people out there that crave something different and dramatic, and so these out of the ordinary colours and combinations are perfect. Some of my favourite items were the Loose Pigments & the Cream Pigments. I already own 2 of the loose pigments and they are by far the most intense, compact pigments I own. I highly reccommend them, escpecially with the sealing gel for extra secure eyeshadow or even for an eyeliner. The cream pigments got a lot of attention in the previous collection, and I had been eyeing them up since, so I was so happy to see they had been brought back in this collection. The colour “Androgen” is gorgeous!

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Cocktails and the Live versions of Anita & Sebastian

On leaving the event, we were given a little bag of goodies to take away & play with. I was exceptionally happy with the 3 items I was given & if asked, I would have totally chosen these myself. They obviously know me too well. ;)

The first is an intense lipgloss in “Bella Donna”. A deep pink with a slight plummy undertone. This lipgloss is gorgeous! It makes your teeth look sparkling white, and is such a flattering colour. I’d wear this on a night out, but since I have been rocking a statement lip more than normal, I’d even wear it during the day. It’s not overly sticky or drying and has such a great pigmentation.
Then we have the Cream Pigment in “Androgen”. This is my favourite item of the three, and possibly whole collection. It’s massively pigmented and makes for the most perfect blush. I love my coral blushers as I feel they really compliment my complexion so this is going to be a new staple to my makeup routine.
Last and by no means least, is the nail polish in “Faux Pas”. These nailpolishes were designed to give the nail a waxy, “rubberised” look and texture. Somewhere between shiney and matte. I really love this idea, and actually the finish looks fab. Especially for the Autumn. There’s 3 other colours in this range, a stoney brown shade, a deep cerise and a bottle green. I want to get my mitts on the stone brown.

Overall, I was thouroughly impressed by the collection and the products within it. The lovely people at Illamasqua never fail to make a product launch spectacular. With everything from the inspiration, to the product design to the amazing promo shoots. It’s slightly on the higher end of the makeup brand scale, and the prices do reflect this, but with it comes quality. I have plenty of makeup items from Illamasqua that I treasure and use on a regular basis, and i’ll continue to buy from them as long as they keep bringing out these amazing products.

To check out Illamasqua and the new product launch, as well as their previous collections and regular makeup stock, check out their website:

  1. Claire

    Wow the event looks like it was amazing I am so jealous lol, The goodies you were given are a-mazing, I might have to get that nail polish and the lipgloss they are gorgeous :-)

  2. Rubiiee

    Those products look great! Thanks for sharing with all of us! The event looked fab!

  3. The event looks fab! I particularly love the blush!! It's such a gorgeous colour. Hope you had a loooovely time :) xo

  4. Rola

    I was checking out the Illamasqua collections at Sephora last night, but I have not jumped in and bought anything yet. The colors are amazing and the products are so pigmented. I think I will head back and make my first purchase:)

  5. Wow it looked amazing, you got some lovely products too! They blusher and lipgloss caught my eye the most. Im glad you enjoyed the event and thanks for sharing it, the pictures you took were Fab-u-loussss :D

  6. Kea-ra

    I really want to buy the nail polish Kink from Illamasqua once I get my student loan! Great blog post Zoella =D

  7. binia

    That lipgloss looks beautiful – and you look lovely in your photos! I don't own an Illamasqua products, but I always always play with their products when I'm in Selfridges – I might just have to succumb for the blusher though, I LOVE corally blushers.

  8. Wow, lovely pictures and super excited to buy some of these products now!
    Thanks for sharing :) x

  9. Bec

    Oh I love a good biography/history lesson on the side of things. Incredibly impressive of Illa. And I don't know if it just happened to be that way but the loose pigment looks a little bit like a drug Anita was well known to be hooked on. That is some serious attention to detail. {Yes, I just paused and went to look her up.} Really interested to see how that pigment and nail polish works out.

  10. Lydia

    Ha! What did I miss…I am so sorry I couldn't attend because I live in Italy.
    But you are right, the collection is stunning, and I am so happy with what I got in my goodie bag!
    You should really try the shimmer blushers, they have an amazing pay off and longevity.
    I will be buying Androgen and the lipgloss too, they are so beautiful. Give Androgen a try on the lips. I use Depravity, and it looks 90's but awesome!

  11. The cream pigment looks amazing I really want to try this! You and Louise always look like you have so much fun when you're out, thanks for sharing!! xxx

  12. Saz

    Wow, I'm totally in love with all three of the products you were given. They look so pretty! May have to purchase them!

  13. Zara

    OMG i look like a clown haha..

  14. Lizzie~

    Seeing this post and louise's vlog made me want to explore illamasqua's new collection. What I'm really intrigued about is the nail varnish! I'd love to see a close up of the half waxy half shiny look!
    Wish I went to that event it looks so amazing, even the models :)


  15. *Joey*

    The gifts they gave you so good, makes me really want to try out some of their stuff! been watching your youtube videos as well, have to say you're so lovely to watch :) xx

  16. You're so lucky, the event looks amazing and you had three AMAZING products, I honestly wish I had all three! xxx

  17. Addi

    I think I've just fallen in love with Illamasqua. It's so refreshing and interesting to see a brand come up with such a cool background concept and really sell it. I have to have the stone nail polish.

    Addi x

  18. events like this look absolutely beautiful and it must be excellent to talk to the people behind all the ideas! quite jealous of that more than anything, haha. the products look beautiful too, i have my eye on that lipgloss xx

  19. This looked like an amazing event :) aww you and Louise look lovely as always. I love what they gave you, that nail polish looks amazing is it the one with the rubber effect (if so I really want to know if it's any good) anyway love this post and glad you gal's had a lovely time. This collection is one of my faces the colours are lush !

  20. Sorry just read that it is the rubber effect, oh glad to hear that it's fab I think I may have to get one next month x

  21. I love your hair!

  22. milie.

    you and Louise look amazing as usual :) the event seemed so much fun and the products look amazing!! i really want that nail polish.

  23. Meli

    Everything looks so elegant and you ladies all look so lovely! Glad to see you had a good time! And i love the pictures!

  24. Gem

    I'm sooo glad you posted this! The collection looks absolutely amazing and the Androgen cream pigment is stunning! Definitely on my wishlist! :)

    Gem x

  25. That blush looks gorge, I'm getting more and more tempted to try Illamasqua products by the day, haha (: xx

  26. Peiyinn

    That's great event! Like the beautiful colour of the nail polish! The first photo is amazing! :D

  27. Romzs

    Holy hell, the 3 products you got looks absolutely looks GORGEOUS!

  28. The theme looked really creepy to me at first but the story behind it really makes me like it and respect them for coming out with a creative collection instead of just a new "fall" collection the colors look absolutely beautiful
    Ahh you and louise's hair really makes me want to ombré mine too, I think I just might :)

  29. Holly

    I really love the blush, too! That event looked like so much fun! Question for you… how do beauty bloggers get invited to events like that… also how do beauty bloggers get sent things from makeup companies? PS please follow my new beauty blog:


  30. Sana

    This is awesome! I love the products that you received! the colors are abs beautiful! You look amazing in those pictures as well!

  31. illamasqua themed the event so nicely and it looks like you had a great time! i LOVE the products mentioned in this post and would definitely purchase and try them out. the lipgloss is gorgeous as well as the polish. the packaging is lovely also.

  32. Sophia

    Wow, the products from Illamasqua look great like the event itself! And the picture of you and Louise is so sweet. Seems like a lot of fun :)

    my blog

  33. Anna

    Event looked amazing! Absolutely love the blusher. My favourite colour too. :D

  34. Clare

    I went to their event here in Sydney so it's fun to see how the London one went down. How gorgeous are the pigments?! I love the rubber texture of the polishes as well.

  35. Wow the event looks amazing!!! I can tell by the pictures you had so much fun and the products look gorgeus. I'd love to buy the nail polish and the lipgloss :)

    C. xoxo

  36. oooh i love all the decorations this looks like so much fun

  37. You're soo lucky to have been invited to this, looks a bit mysterious, dark and gothic which is totally my thing- I love Illamasqua all the more for this!

    The nail polish looks amazing and I think I NEED it in my life! xx

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    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  38. Natalie

    Wow, sounds like they really put on a show! The colour of that nail varnish is gorgeous x

  39. great pics and you write very interesting! one of my faves!

  40. Kate

    Ah, that blush looks divine! Realliy loving their new collection! x

  41. Looks fab, I love the lipgloss what a stunning colour x x

  42. Marloes

    Looks like fun x

  43. You lucky ducky those gifts look AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE Illamasqua :) xxx

  44. Nicola

    Wow, what an amazing venue! That blush colour is beautiful xx

  45. The event loos absolutley stunning, makes me really want to try Illamasqua as I haven't yet :D

  46. Bodine

    The nail polish looks amazing! The idea of a "rubberised" look makes me very curious! Really like the red color too.

    Unfortunately they don't sell Illamasqua in the Netherlands. I can buy it online but seeing all the product in front of you is half the fun of makeup shopping :)

  47. Phoebe

    Have never tried much Illamasqua stuff but I have craved the cream blushes from the start!

  48. Bee.

    Wow! This event looks amazing. I love how they've put a story to their products. It makes them stand out a lot more.

  49. These pictures are great, love the lighting effects on them too! The event sounds (and looks) fab!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  50. The cream pigment looks absolutely beautiful and right up my street….it may have to be my first Illamasqua purchase! xx

  51. Rachel

    This looks like such an incredible event – I can't wait till I move to London next week so I can start going to press days!

  52. eleni

    love the purple nail polish! x

  53. Maria

    This looked like an awesome event. Nothing appeals to me more than a character and personality , but even better if it's a character from history, because then you learn too. :) The colours and decor here are stunning.

  54. Oh my goodness that first photo! So, SO gorgeous! I would seriously buy a print! haha. I'm so excited for this new Illamasqua collection as I adore the 1920s and the make up and fashion.


  55. Lily

    Wow I'm so jealous! Love the look of the lipgloss :) x

  56. Oh wow! The event looks like so much fun! And I love the colour of your new lipgloss.

  57. That looks like so much fun :D so very jealous. Only just discovered your blog and I love it :)

  58. amazing pictures ! ;)
    im sure you had fun..

  59. lucy

    loved this post. what lipstick were you wearing at the event?

  60. Zoë

    Great pics as always beautiful x

  61. Those colours are GORGEOUS! I hope they are as rich and creamy in real life as they look in the pictures. Its definetly something i will keep my eye out for when im makeup shopping!

    i have a blog that i started about 2 months ago and it just reached 100 views and i would reaallly appreciate it if you could check it out and follow it<3'thanks so much

  62. Melanie

    I absolutely LOVE the colors. I think the nailpolish is my absolute favorite!!! :) Your pictures are fabulous! hugs and kisses

  63. L-May

    So nice to see photos of you and other people whose blog I read :D

    x X x May

  64. Natalie

    I've never owned an Illamasqua products, but after this post I'll definitely have to look into them! Thanks Zoe x

  65. This looks like it was such a stunning event, and the products look amazing too, especially the cream pigment! I may have to invest in one myself..♥

  66. That's a seriously gorgeous collection! Love the story behind it, so fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

  67. Love the Illamasqua nail varnish absolutely gorgeous! It's a great pastel colour that would have been a perfect colour for summer, shame that it's now the start of autumn!

    Check out my blog. I've only recently started. I've done my first review on John Frider's Go Blonder, lightening spray for brunettes.

  68. Emma

    Wow, the atmosphere must have been amazing! I love how the products are displayed on those old wooden tables. The products you were given look wonderful too. I really enjoyed reading this post :) x

  69. There are soooo many comments on your posts I actually feel like it does not make sense commenting… Is it humanly possible to you reading all of the comments?

    I'm sorry if I sound mean or rude… that was not the point at all… I'm such a big FAN of your videos !! the pictures on you blog are HEAVEN!! You're so tallented!!

    I wish you all the best of luck

    xx Kate

  70. Lilyyy

    what camera did u use to take those pictures?


  71. such great pictures looks liked you had a great time! Illamasqua has such great products, you are rather lucky to have attended this! congrats :)

  72. i love the last nail polish color. =]

  73. Beautiful photos. I just found this whilst going through old posts, I must have missed it first time around. I love Illamasqua, the drama and mystery of their range is as exciting as the products themselves!

    Rachael x

  74. Looked like you had an amazing time :)
    Awesome goodies*

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