IMG_2366.JPG_effectedOne good thing about Summer, is the Strawberries. I love strawberries, I could quite literally eat the entire strawberry field. Nom. Nom. My Mum & I went Strawberry picking the other week, and these were the photo’s, I thought you might like them. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many strawberry fields to go and “pick your own” anymore. They’re all slowly becoming very rare, which I think is such a shame as it’s such a nice thing to be able to do. Get Strawberry picking whilst the strawberries are still in season.

Top – H&M
Cardigan – Primark
Hareems – H&M
Lipstick – Topshop “Infared”
Cross Earrings – Regal Rose

  1. Marta

    Amazingggg *.* love the photos and I want to eat strawberrys now :)

  2. you are so very beautiful! :)

  3. Amy

    Gorgeous! Love the title of the post :) I've just eaten some strawberries, love them xxx

  4. I love Strawberry picking. Actually I love picking any fruit and vegetable, it feels so nice. I pick apples, raspberries, strawberries and other stuff for my boyfriends granny in her garden. She can rarely do it all herself.


  5. oh, these photos are so cute and the strawberries look delicious! i've never been straberry picking. sounds like a nice time.

  6. Bridget

    Yum! We have strawberries in our garden and they taste so much better than the ones we can buy in the shops 'cause those are always imported (I don't live in the UK)
    You look lovely in the photos :) xx

  7. Lydia

    You look beautiful! And I really want some strawberrys now! x

  8. Great photos! I love apple picking in the Fall.

  9. I LOVE STRAWBERRIES!!! Lovely photos too.


  10. i used to love strawberry picking when i was little! :)

  11. milie.

    the colors in the photos are so pretty! i'm so hungry right now because of your post. and you're absolutely gorgeous :)

  12. Slater

    Mmmm Strawberries :)

  13. aaw wow I remember doing this when I was little! NOM NOM!! Looking lovely as ever hun xxx

  14. Lovely photos! x

  15. Bea

    Strawberry picking is pretty much a myth where I live. I wish I could go.

  16. Strawberries are my favourite fruit; I'm addicted to them. Really great pictures by the way! :) x

  17. Strawberries are my favourite fruit; I'm addicted to them! Really great photos by the way :) x

  18. I love how you wore red lipstick to match the strawberries, super cute!

  19. Kouji

    You make me want to go strawberry picking too! My summer is ending though. :(

  20. you look really pretty zoe, and those feilds look amazing or is it just your nift cam.

    i wish there was a strawberry farm near me :( sighh

    Breezeybee Blog

  21. Lindsay

    So cute! My grandma and I used to pick strawberries together in her garden!

  22. Adele

    I used to love going strawberry picking as a kid! I don't actually like them but I liked the picking part! Hehe :)

  23. Tanveer

    loveee the pics. they have come out bright and beautiful! what camera do u use

  24. Tanveer

    got the answer from the sidebar :)

  25. Inas

    Nice pictures and the strawberries are looking yummie and tiny cute! Are those organic? Ixx

  26. You take amazing pics, Zoe! Love how you matched your lipstick to the strawberries :)

  27. You look lovely, as always! I love strawberry picking but I always pick way to many and it ends up costing an arm and a leg… but then I guess your paying for the fun too! :) xx

  28. I've never seen strawberry fields like this. Normally they're on the bottom on the earth, aren't they?

    Beautiful pictures :)

  29. Tina

    You are so beautiful! <3

  30. sophie!

    mmmmmmmm i love strawberries! i bet they even taste 10x better when you pick them. i might have to find out if there are any fields around me. i'm lacking fruit actually so i should get some!

  31. i love strawberries too! i'm not sure where a field is around here but i will have to check it out for sure!

  32. I love going strawberry picking! I've never seen a strawberry field with the stand thingy-ma-jig like those in the picture!
    Krissy xoxo

  33. Oh I do love strawberries as well. Peaches are big here in the south, and we go pick fresh peaches in the summer, which we just did about a month ago! There is nothing better than fresh fruit off the vine!

  34. I love that your lipstick matches the strawberries, it was probably unintentional but very much something I would do if I was to go strawberry picking (because im normal!)Beautiful pictures :) xxx

  35. When I was younger, my dad use to take me and my sister strawberry picking! I loved it, but my sister use to eat the strawberries in the field before we left! I could never do that, too many icky insects! EWW!

    btw, you look stunning! :)

    xxx Sophie xxx

  36. Do you like The Beatles? ☺

  37. Nadja

    ahhh those pictures make you wanna go and pick strawberries too!

  38. i love strawberries, too :D i wish the weather would be good enough to go to a strawberry field. but I think i will not have again luck this summer.
    You're looking beautiful as always!


  39. Missy

    I love your hair and your fotos =) I also have watched your Primark haul video! I have to say that the Primark here in germany doesn't sell the same great pieces as the Primark in England! =(

  40. Katie

    Wanted to do this for aaages! They look soo nice :) xxx

  41. Beautiful photos Zoe!
    It's a shame the UK doesn't have very many pick-your-own strawberry fields anymore, they are all over the place here in the US!
    But your strawberries look delicious and I hope you enjoy :)!

  42. I love strawberries too, and picking them reminds me of my childhood!

  43. GORGEOUS piccys Zoe, as always :) x x

  44. Maddie

    I love so much strawberries, great photos Zoe. You have to add post more often! I'm huge fan of your blog, I always waiting for some note! xxx from Poland

  45. Imke

    you look amazing!!
    but unfortunately, the strawberry season is over, where i live :( but we habe some in our garden, so you can pick them whenever you want to!!

  46. I LOVE LOVE LOVE STRAWBERRIES :D 1. they are my favourite colour 2. they taste amazing! Great pictures btw (: xx

  47. I love strawberries but I've never been strawberry picking, but it seems as though it would be kind of fun to do! Love your cardigan!

  48. Love this post! Strawberries are the best tbh!

  49. love that lipstick! wish I was brave enough to wear a colour that bright in the daytime, this post has persuaded me xxx

  50. Tiffany

    Yummmm! I love strawberries too! They're like an addiction! And luckily I have a farm that does a pick-your-own every summer right down the road from me! Beautiful pictures, by the way!

  51. Mmmmmm those strawberries look delish!!

  52. I've just eaten some strawberries :) love them! We went to our local strawberry picking place and it's closed down now was gutted :(

  53. AngelaQ

    I used to pick up strawberries when i was 4 or 5, miss those time so much. I never heard or seen any Strawberry picking fields. Your photos are awesome xx
    P.S strawberries look yummy.

  54. Great photos!
    The strawberries look so delicious and fresh! They're tonnes of Pick Your Own strawberry fields where I live, yet Ive never been and picked any. Call me odd!

  55. Yum, yum yum! You should grow some of your own, they don't need much attention, and we had HUGE ones this summer!


  56. I love strawberry picking, its a must do for everyone once in their lifetime :)Currently in Australia its Winter but strawberries are comming into season, im excited. The last time I went strawberry picking was like when was 8 hahah. love the pics Zoe and as always you look gorgeous in them .

  57. Sana

    I love organic strawberries! So yummy~

  58. Romzs

    Seems like such a good weather to pick strawberries! :) & you look so pretty with your red lipstick on!

  59. 010

    love strawberry

  60. isabel

    Hi Zoe!

    I am very new to blogger so took me about 5 mins to work out how to comment on your Strawberry Fields post! haha.. anyhow, have been slowly getting through all your posts – such amazing photos! I really love reading about what you are up to – you are a wonderful blogger! Looking forward to more posts.

    isabel xo

  61. These photos are fab! I love strawberry picking, and have been nagging everyone to come with me for a while now! I'd better get a move on before the season ends, hope you had a lovely time :) xxx

  62. Veeria

    I like your smile in the third photo :)

  63. This reminds me of the time I bailed whilst frolicking in a strawberry field when I was younger. Good times. You look lovely :) x

  64. aww YUM ! Looks like you had a great time, thank goodness the weather was good that day too. I recently went raspberry picking for the first time, it was soo much fun ! Barely any went into the basket I ate them as I picked them and when I got full I started to place them in my little bucket ! haha

  65. Shannon

    This is really cute :) the strawberries look so yummy! And you look absolutely stunning as per usual xx

  66. i absolutely love your earrings. you would think it would be easy to find them here in the states.. but its quite impossible, actually. funny enough, they seem to sell those by the hundreds over in the uk.. i suppose i have to get em online.

    anyway! i love strawberries.

    and you're gorgeous. you definitely know how to rock red lipstick.

  67. Lauren

    These photos are making me really hungry! My husband and I found some berry bushes along the bike path where we ride, and we picked some blackberries and mulberries this summer. I can't wait to get back to Scotland in a few days so I can be around for jam-making in the fall!

    Lauren @ See Parrot

  68. Peiyinn

    That's great photos and outfit. You have a lovely smile. :D

  69. BEAUTIFUL! Your ombre hair is gorgeous, and I watched your spoof make-up video the other day and laughed my head off! xxoo

  70. Love this strawberry post. Strawberries = very yummy :-) I tried to grow some on my balcony this year – got about 20 (didn't last long!) You've inspired me to try and find a pick your own – haven't done that since I was a kid. X x

  71. Nicola

    I love strawberries to! You look extra beautiful in these photos :) xx

  72. I think I went strawberry picking in the same place as you! It looks the same. My family and I went strawberry picking all last summer, and loved it.

    You look so nice! Love the lipstick, I want it now.

  73. ohh…we had strawberries almost two months ago :( and I can´t wait for the next summer already :D to have homegrown fresh strawberries again :P

  74. Gorgeous pics! I love pick your own fields too but you're right they are rare these days.

    Also, I'd love it if you did a video on how you use photoshop for photos. Just a quick guide as your pics are always stunning. xoxo

  75. i love strawberries. and the photos are gorgeous. i think i bye me the same camera. canon is so good.

  76. Such a great thing picking up your own strawberries.Meand my mom try to get everything from farms and fields like those.From eggs to carrots.You can really taste the difference bewteen real veggies & fruit from a garden and supermarket.

    I love how you look btw,great combination of clothes!

  77. mmm I love strawberries I think I could have easily eaten the whole field as well! X

  78. I'm not really a big fan of Strawberries but these look gorgeous! I always remember when I used to go fruit (blackberries/raspberries etc) picking with my grandparents in their garden. I used to have so much fun! You look lovely in the pictures and I love how your lips kinda match the strawberries ;) XXX

  79. Kirsten

    You edit photos so well! Looks awesome. :)

  80. Kathrin

    I love strawberries :)

  81. you look so pretty in your pictures as always! <3

  82. Monica

    You look lovely as always in these photos (:
    I haven't gone strawberry picking in years, and it's a sad thing they're slowly disappearing. Hopefully I can get myself and some friends to go next summer. I've never seen them grow like the way they do in your pictures. I've only seen them when they're rooted in the ground.


  83. Amanda

    so pretty!! i love how the berries match your lipstick!

  84. Great photos and nice outfit too. I love strawberries and so do my two girls, they can devour a punnet between them in less than a minute.

  85. awww you look so lovely, i love going straw picking, look like you had a lovely day xxx

  86. Mandy

    Where I live, there is this place where every season they would have fields of strawberries, love it! If you want to know where it is you can contact me :D

    Check out my blog too? I've just begun.

    Thank you.

  87. a.j.b

    This lipstick is gorgeous! Lovely photographs

  88. there's a strawberry field opposite my house.. mm, the official taste of summer! shame about the weather this ''summer''

    oh and you look gorgeous!

  89. Noush

    Yummy i love strawberries !!! These photos are so cute :)

  90. Daisy

    Love your photography. Wish I had a better camera!

  91. Lucíe

    The photos are very cute and sweet!


  92. Zoe

    I really just to love going strawbery picking as a kid and I have no idea where the nearest pick your own farm is from me. I will have to check it out because it's such a lovely thing to do on a summer afternoon!x

  93. Julie

    such lovely photos, I love your hair btw!

  94. These photo's are so stunning, i went out to the shops today to buy strawberries just because of this! hahah! strawberry picking would have been more fun but i had to settle for a trip to tesco's!! love it! you're so stunning! X

  95. o wow!!!!!how nice post!u look fab! but the strawberries…… them tooo. could eat every day!

  96. katya

    Where have u been!!! :-P
    Pictures look really yummy!

  97. I love your ombre hair!! I've always wanted to try it but I'm not too sure it will work with my hair color…
    Also, you have then most amazing blue eyes! jealous!
    check out my blog!

  98. I am TOTALLY in love with your blog *_*

  99. I love strawberries and picking them. I live in Australia and at the moment its winter so I havent been doing any strawberry picking lately, but there are quite a lot of strawberry feilds around me that allow you to pick yourself, I guess Im quite lucky:)xx

  100. Rikke

    Fantastiske billeder – ihhh, hvor jeg ville ønske vi havde haft noget mere sommer…

  101. You look so cute.
    I also love strawberries.

  102. ahh they look soo soo yummy x

  103. These photos are gorgeous!! I was wondering what you use to edit your photos???

  104. You look veeeeerrrrrryy pretty <3 x

  105. meghan

    oh, i love this. reminds me of my cousins in maine. they had blueberries growing in their backyard and we used to spend hours upon hours out there. fresh picked fruit is so nice.

    the coloring in your photos is lovely! so vibrant. ♥

  106. That lipstick really compliments your skin. you look lovely and so do those berries!

    xx jessica

  107. THESE PHOTOS ARE just amazing! strawberries one of my favourite fruits for sure! just amazng :) i added you to my blog list, cause i always struggle to find your blog :D

  108. Melly

    your soo beautiful, I love the pictures

  109. Hey zoella, Your blogs so amazing! iv been following you for a while now and finally made my own blog id love it if you could check it out. if your too busy I understand tho.
    CupcakeCatherine xx

  110. At last somebodY who follows my strawberry picking love! My friends think i'm a bit of a loser for wanting to go strawberry picking! Hahaa! This POST has made my day! :)

  111. These pictures are great and red lipstick looks amazing on you :)

  112. Emmamh

    you look amazing with red lipstick! i used to love going strawberry picking when i lived in the countryside, but now im in the city and its just a littttttttle bit hard to find strawberry fields. anywho's, you look great <3

  113. Becki

    Zoe you are so beautiful! I love how your lipstick matches the strawberries. I agree it is very sad how strawberry picking is dying out. I didn't get a chance to do it this summer, bu will definetly try next year! This is a lovely post and the pictures are gorgeous.

    I love your blog, it has inspired me to finally create my own. It's pretty boring at the moment, but I would love it if you could have a look at it sometime! :) xx

  114. Ow yum!!! Jealous!!!

  115. I feel like putitng my hand though my laptop and picking some strawberries

  116. Anna

    Looks fun and amazing! You make me want to go strawberry picking. Haven't been strawberry picking for years.

  117. awwh, gorgeous post, love your outfit!

  118. yum! strawberries! you look gorrgeous, i love your shirt…..hope you had a great time :)

  119. Sanne

    i just love your face hihi..

  120. I agree!!!! Strawberry picking is a family tradition and it isn't summer with strawberries!! please check out my blog you inspired me to make it!

  121. Rosie

    So so cute :)

  122. Can I just say I love that lipstick color!

  123. the pictures are so beautiful …:)

  124. Anni

    your make up looks really pretty as always, hope you had lot of fun eating strawberries =)

  125. amazing You , amazing photos, amazing outfit, amazing blog :)

    Klaudia B.

  126. Lini

    Lovely pictures! The strawberries match the colour of your lipstick. :) I just discovered you through youtube. You've got a great blog!

    Many greetings, Lini

  127. Wow that looks absolutely beautiful! Lovely photos :)

  128. Strawberries! YUM! To bad they're so hard to get a hold of during the fall season! :(

    Anyways, I was wondering how long it took you to grow out your hair? Its absolutley gorgeous!

    You're so pretty and I love your blog!


  129. Nicola

    How lovely! Looks like you have had a good time! :-), love the lipstick colour! x

  130. Gem

    I always say to the bf that we need to go strawberry picking and never get around to it. I love strawberries and could eat tonnes! Such beautiful pics xx

  131. I just love love LOVE your blog posts! They just draw you in, they are all so interesting! What editing software do you use on your photos?

  132. your super pretty! you inspired me to start my own blog and absolutely adore your videos! thanks to much for your advice(:

  133. Maryam

    You are absolutely stunning !

  134. Natalie

    Love the pictures!
    I want a strawberry now.. :)

  135. Joana

    I love strawberries. I wish I could pick them up from the field and eat it :)
    Just found out your blog and I really love it :)
    xo, JoanasNotes

  136. LilLozz

    Amazing photos, I go to my grandad's house to pick strawberries. He grows these tiny Swiss ones, and they taste amazing.


  137. Jo

    It was compulsory at my old school to go sponsored walk to a strawberry picking field for charity, now I've moved school I miss it so much, but at £4 for a small tin at the farm it was more about the eating and less about the picking :)

  138. Amy

    Great photoshoot :)

  139. Filipa

    I love strawberry picking! So sad summer is over:( In autumn thought we get to go apple picking and blackberry picking! :) Pictures are class

  140. Your blog and videos make me want to move to England :).

  141. Can't remember if I commented on this post or not, just wanted to say I don't even like strawberries and you make me want to go pick them :) love your outfit too.

  142. Anni

    ooh strawberries ! and u are so cute (:

  143. cute XD

  144. AneteO

    You are so beautiful!

  145. i've being strawberry picking loads this summer and LOVE IT!
    you also look gorgeous here and I really enjoy your blog posts :)


    love alice xx

  146. Really beautiful pictures! Whereabouts do you pick your strawberrys from? I think there is a place near to where I live but I've never been before, they're SO nice in the summer but they're probably coming out of season now..
    Just spent about an hour looking at your posts on your blog, kept me really entertained and I don't know where the time has gone, love it though:)!

  147. Nicole

    Adorable photos!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  148. Sara

    Beautiful post. I have been following for a while and always wanted to start my own blog, but watching your 'blogging tips' youtube video really got me inspired, and I finally plcuked up the courage.
    It's still early days (when I say early, I mean 2 days in…) but I'm so excited to finally be writing and I would love it if you could check out my blog. I know you must get a hundred of these daily but if it is of any interest to you I truly would appreciate it. And if not, I understand:)

  149. Your photographer is fantastic!

  150. Marloes

    Love your hair x

  151. LOVE this post. I'm from Devon and I used to go fruit picking every summer with my mum, such a lovely thing to do…
    miss it now I live in London!
    Your blog is amazing, so inspirational, please check mine out, I'd love to know what you think or if you have any tips!

  152. adorable! Youre so cute! :D

  153. Lovely!! I have just stumbled upon your blog and I must say I love it! I'm now following :)


  154. Melanie

    I totally share your love for strawberries. They are delicious and oh-so-yummy! Strawberry picking is like a sport for my girlfriends and I… we go every year and race to see who can get the biggest and plumpest strawberries.. Then we buy some milk chocolate, melt it and indulge!! :) xoxo

  155. Emzi

    I love strawberries!

  156. mniammm .! love your blog .!

  157. You seriously are one of the most adorable creatures I have ever laid eyes on. No wonder you have more followers than anyone I have ever encountered in the blogging world – and I'm so happy to finally have found you! I feel like I'm part of this awesome community now. :)

    Much love,
    According to Annika

  158. rosalee

    your earrings are gorgeous, i have to get some like them!

  159. I love love LOVE looking at your blog! I wanted to know what camera you had because your pictures come out beautiful! Please let me know :)

  160. Hey:D i only discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and i love it! it's so relatable and your so pretty it is kind of unfair! haha, anyways i agree that they should stop shutting these places down, i mean i've been going to them since i was like 4 and it's my favourite thing to do in the summer! sorry i'm going on abit now, but p.s i love love love your earrings! xxx

  161. The photos on this are goorrggeeoouusss!! love'em xxxxx

  162. i love you

  163. i love you

  164. i love you

  165. this looks like such a great idea :) xx

  166. I recently went strawberry picking! it is probably really boring but since strawberries is my fave fruit, I had a blast!. Though my pictures were not nearly as good as yours though. :) x

  167. I just ate some strawberries for dinner and they were so damn delicious! The photos are so pretty and you look as beautiful as you always do! You're always an inspiration for me.

  168. Alexander Anderson


  169. Eva

    So fun to see you now did this again! I hope I will be able to go to a farm like this as well. I mean, HOW cool is it to pick you own fruit? It’s like being a farmer for a day ;) xxx