H’alreet m’lovers? As you can see from the ever so poserific photos above (I have definitely come to the conclusion I much prefer taking photo’s of other people, rather than myself…) that I have re-ombred my locks. My hair had gotten some what boring. The previous blonde ends had dissapeared (I would like to think it faded away, although the reality is that it most probably broke off considering it was bleached within an inch of it’s poor life) Although saying this, I have decided to bleach it within an inch of it’s life…again. I know, I know, It’s very bad for your hair, but I figured “I have quite a lot of it, so therefore it doesn’t matter if it goes wrong…” *tumbleweed*. In all honesty, I got bored of my hair. I don’t really want to take anything off the length, I’d love to be brave enough to stroll into the hairdressers and ask them to whip up whichever hairstyle they desired or ask for a drastic change, but I hold no such confidence. So the length is here to stay (for now), which left me with colour. I could have gone for something completely different, red, a dark rich brown…I do often contemplate these, but I feel they are more wintery hair shades, so, back with the ombre it was. Some may argue it’s a bit “done”, and I’d agree, but I likes it.

Ombre Stats:

Bleaching kit used – Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit for medium to dark blonde hair

First round of bleaching up to jawbone/chin (thereabouts) – 25 minutes

Second round of bleaching (after removing and drying first round) on very tips of the hair to achieve some sort of gradiant – 20 minutes with foil wrapped round it

Chi Silk Infusion on ends to counteract dryness

Hair left to dry naturally & twisted up into a messy bun and left over night, some parts then neatened the next morning with my straightners.

Face Stats:

Foundation – Mac Studio Sculpt NW20 & set with Bare Escentuals Mineral Powder Medium Beige

Concealer – Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in Medium & Benefit Erase Paste in No1

Sleek Contour Kit to contour and highlight

Blush – Nars “Deep Throat”

Eyeshadow – Nars “Isolde” duo

Lipstick – Topshop “Infared” (my new favourite lipstick ever.ever.ever – Looks red but it’s actually orange)

Mascara – No7 Exsquisite Curl Black/Brown

Misc. Stats:

Nail Polish – Topshop “101”

Black “body” top – New Look

Earrings – Topman Sale £1

Hope you’re all having a splendid mid-week evening, and I also hope you enjoyed reading/viewing/spitting up on my blogpost. ;) I am currently nursing a cold in bed, I say nursing, but I’m not, I’m just splayed out in an unladylike manner moaning and trying to breath through two blocked nostrils & eating copious amounts of rubbish food in order to make myself feel better. I managed to kindof cover up my ginormous dark circles and red raw nose, which, I hope you are all greatful for. Makeup really is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It can make you look freshfaced when really you had about 3 hours broken sleep and a nose like a tap. DELICIOUS. I will leave you with this delightful imagery & bid you goodnight.

  1. OBSESSED. I'm thinking of doing this to my hair. Beautiful <3

  2. I love this look, I want long hair so that I can join in xx

  3. Saz

    Love it! You always have the nicest hair! haha jealous.

  4. Ahhh, the ombre hair looks great on you! It turned out really well, very smoothly done, indeed. Also love your make-up. Your skin is so flawless.

    x Michelle |

  5. KLEE

    you look so beautiful! would have never guessed you were ill, eek. hope you feel better soon my love. you suit the ombre look so much, who cares if it's a bit done, works for you and that's all that matters… or something. saying that i think you'd look lush with red come autumn/winter time xx

  6. I love ombre style! Wish I was brave enough to do it to mine! I'm such a recluse when it comes to changing my appearance :( x

  7. Ombre hair really suits you ! i wish i could could ombre my hair :( Lovely blog post <3

  8. Your hair looks gorgeous! I would love to do this to mine but don't have the guts! You look lovely as per :) x

  9. hahah love the last bit! but yes your hair looks very nice! perfect for summer! but i really do suggest going dark for winter ..with your eyes itd be sooo pretty!
    Oh and was wondering if you could do a nars post or video just on your favourate eyeshadows or other products! i want to buy more but not sure what to get?! cairo and bali are coming in the mail … sells them for 18.00 a pop! (feeding my addiction) …wow this was long haha sorry!

  10. nana

    Get well soon zoe!
    I adore the new hair. Iv been meaning to ombre my hair even though it seems like everyone and their mum is jumping on that band wagon. Im just so afraid my hair will snap right off. I want a change, but the length is not an option. I dont have the guts to just chop it or let it break off completely. so a full head of dye might be a little more friendly, if its not straight up bleach. But i agree, darker is more wintery. I loved your newish found love with bright lipsticks by the way.

  11. Slater

    I did the same thing to my hair a couple of months ago with the same kit, although i only did the tips. Your hair looks so gorgeous i've decided to do mine up to my jaw bone <3

  12. You and your hair look great! Wouldn't have guessed you were poorly sick, hope you feel better soon :)
    Been dying my hair red for over a year and i'm getting bored now but trying to grow it, so may have to change the colour hehe :)

  13. Your hair looks awesome!!! I had a bit of an ombre mishap recently where I went to a stylist and she had no idea what she was doing. I didn't have the "fade" and it was quite unattractive so I then dyed my whole head back to dark brown and now that the blonde is starting to show through, it is much more ombre-esque and way better than the hair dresser. ah! :)


  14. Meg

    it looks beautiful! i wish my hair was longer to maximise the blonde/brunette ratio.

    now stop being gorgeous and give the rest of us a chance! xx

  15. love it, i'll be attempting this…

  16. Love your hair! Btw hope you feel better soon :) xx

  17. Layla

    Just ombred my hair. …but it went ginger. FAIL. x

  18. love that second picture, you look stunning. hope you feel better soon, good on you for posting despite feeling rotten! also those earrings are an amazing find, all that jewellery is wasted on men! -x-

  19. Noush

    I love it ! It's really great on you :)

  20. mw

    love that lippie-pretty!…you look gorj

  21. Zobo

    Looks really nice!!
    Dont think my hairs quite long enough to pull the look off though x

  22. I love 'thepersianbabe'esque triangular earrings ;)
    I am a little scared of hairdressers also, they always do what they think will look best and not what you specifically ask :/
    Do you reckon, since many people followed the 'redhaired' trend after Rhianna and Cheryl braved the colour, that now Cheryl is blonde girls will hurry in their masses to purchase blonde hair dye to follow suite? nice post :) x

  23. Lovely darling x

  24. Inasel

    Im thinking of making some blond shades in my hair just a bit more than highlights. but im searching for more natural dyes so no harsh chemical ones. This suits you well :) hope you get well soon! Ixx

  25. Mh I never liked that ombred-style but I like it on your hair. Looks nice! :)

  26. Whenever I see a new blog post from you on my dashboard, I get so excited! :)
    I LOVE your hair, I love it always, but it looks even more awesome ombred!
    Feel better soon lovely. xoxox

  27. BunBun

    That looks so gorgeous!!! I'm patiently waiting for my hair to grow to a decent length so I can ombre my own hair. SO annoying just waiting for the stuff! D: But if I did it now Id just look like I had gotten oh so lazy with my roots! haha.

    Beautiful pics :) xx

  28. Gem

    You look gorgeous, I love the lipstick and your hair looks fab! Awwww I hope you feel better soon!!!!

    Gem x

  29. Yay! You did it! It looks really lovely! Just can't beat a bit of ombre ;) xx

  30. Hope you start feeling better soon Zoe :) That lipstick really suits you, loving the pout! Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous as usual xx

  31. Jess

    i would die for your hair zoe haha, feel better.x

  32. Caz

    Your hair looks lovely Zoe :) Wish I could ombre mine as it's quite long like yours but I don't think it would suit my hair colour!
    Hope you're feeling better soon :) xx

  33. This looks really great on you!! The colours suit :) xo

  34. Xenia

    Ahh loving a bit of ombre!! It really suits you:) Tis a great shame about the cold! Hope you get well soon!
    Xenia xx

  35. Sidney

    You look wonderful :) I love the hair – I used to bleach or dye my ends, but like you noted, it's pretty damaging. Hope you feel better! Btw – that blush and lip combo is just gorgeous!

    <3 Sidd

  36. You look blimmin' gorge as ever Zoe, I think it's time I invested in a Nars blush because I iz lovin' that colour on you (: Hope you feel better soon lovely! xx

  37. Hey Zoe! I loved this post, some parts made me giggle! I always find I can be ten times more dramatic when I'm writing and it makes for all the better entertainment.. :) I love the hair. I say fair dues for having the balls to do it yourself. my hair is ombre also but it was accidental after 18 months going from peroxide blonde to a medium ashy brown back to blonde back to brown and i then ended up with this. But i was thinking of getting ombred in the salon to unyellow the ends. I am also dying with a cold. It ain't very nice, tappy snotty nose, and eyes tearing up with it. And then the constant coughing. So I feel your pain my dear! I hope you feel better soon. Love Grace xx

  38. Devea

    I really really like this look on you. I wish I could pull off such a style but I think it would only work on me to a certian extent because of my complexion. Hope you feel better!

  39. I've had a really hard time growing my hair out because about two months ago I chopped more than half of it out! (I did actually go to my hairdresser and say cut a lot of it out and she did!) But I've been really trying to grow and strengthen my hair so I can ombre it! I can't wait to try it and I'm going to use this blog to do it! I was actually going to just watch your hair video and try to follow it, but thank God you did this blog (:

  40. you look gorgeous! and i love your re-ombred hair zoe!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  41. Laura

    Hope you're feeling better soon Zoe. Your hair looks gorgeous. Im a blonde and would never die my hair but if I had brown hair id definitely opt for this hair style. It looks lovely and the blonde keeps it looking summery, really pretty :)

    Laura xoxo

  42. Kate

    NEW POST!! :D i would ombre my hair but i'm already blonde so it'd be like painting a blank piece of paper white.
    i'm going to have to check out topman jewellery because as soon as i saw the pic i was like EARRING.MUST.HAVE. i'm more into that style of earring rather than like roses and cupcakes and kittens etc

    regards, kate x

  43. Your hair is really nice. I think if your hair is growing and you like the look of it, then do what you have to do, lol. Also, I think that some conditioners have the uncanny ability to fade away colors, so your hair could be perfectly fine :)

  44. Monica

    LOVE IT! It suits you perfectly! The red lips are a good look too. I watched some of your youtube videos the other day and when I was reading this post, I started to read it as if I was hearing your voice? It was funny hahah :)


  45. You look gorgeous! I nearly squealed when I saw you'd posted, you're my most look forward-too blogger, ever. The ombre looks amazing, I know lots of people are doing it but I think you really pull it off. Lord knows if my hair was long enough I'd deffo go for it! I love that lipstick on you, for such a daring colour you make it look quite subtle. Hope you feel better soon, colds stink!


  46. Awh Zoe, I truly hope you feel better!
    Try to get those little tabs you can put at the bottom of your shower, they steam up and have menthol in them which will help you breathe a little bit better.
    But I couldn't even tell you were ill from your photos! You look stunning with the red lip, and your new hair is very Drew Barrymore, I like!
    I always get the same "itch" to change up my hair every once in a while, one time I got so sick of my hair the way it was that I let my hairdresser cut 6 inches off (I still had quite a lot left…) but it definitely made me miserable for the next few months whilst I grew it out! Now I stick to experimenting with color ;).


  47. I must say this looks fabulous on you! I'm doing this to my hair also, just haven't gotten around to it.
    I loveee your blog, btw. I get all excited when you post a new one :) yayyy

  48. Sarah

    Your ombre looks fab! Wish my hair would pull it's socks up and hurry up and grow! xo

  49. T

    Oh no! I'm ill as well! :( I hate it as the weather where I am is being half decent! I am loving the lipstick, its the perfect colour and I will defs be trying it out :D. Also I have done the whole ombre thing and I too love it. I haven't needed to redo it yet though but I'm thinking if you love it then why the hell not do it again! Hope you feel better soon! xxx

  50. Kerrie

    love the re-dyed Ombre Hair, I have been considering this myself for quite some time and thing I will join in with the crowd. Love your blog and vids!

    Feel better :)

    Kerrie x

  51. Awww love it! So totally time to do my hair again, I think u just inspired me ;-)

  52. your hair looks absolutely amazing! Plus I really love your makeup, and your just so stunning in all of your photos.

  53. Vida

    I just had a look at the top shop lipsticks the other day and they are amazing! That one looks so good on you =)

  54. absolutely gorgeous! and it looks so healthy too =]

  55. purrrdy hair;) def not boring. love the lipstick too, looks like the one emma watson is wearing on the cover of US seventeen mag.

  56. i so want to do this, your hair looks absolutely amazing!

  57. Jasmin

    Your hair looks lovely and your eyes are such a gorgeous colour. You're totally rocking the red lipstick too. x

  58. Jess

    you don't look sick at all! it really is the beauty of makeup :)
    i wonder if i could get my hands on jerome russell in the US. ive been wanting to ombre too but not sure what brand to trust!!
    hope you feel better!

  59. Sunday

    Love the hair, love the lipstick!

  60. i love your hair, too… rock the ombre to the fullest, woman! get better soon!

  61. Anna

    Your hair looks great!! I hope you fell better soon! :)

  62. your hair looked amazing! i get bored of my hair often as well. i love the ombred look. i'm growing out my natural hair color, which is much lighter than the dark brown i used to dye it. it's a bit of a problem. love the lipstick, by the way.

  63. You are gorgeous Zoe like always! I really like the effect in you'r hair I was in a process of bleaching my whole hair in a while and it's not that bad, actually it has it's benefits :) I sill have enough hair hahah :D I have the same color on my nails right now :))And I wish you to get better soon :)

  64. you look amazing with this hair! but you should post often I mean I'm not alone who will be happy about =);)

  65. Amy

    This is a gorgeous look for you! I love ombre hair.

  66. Meaere

    I love this effect! if only my hair were long enough to do this.

  67. Melly

    Love your hair! :-)

  68. Gorgeous Dolly!! get well soon,,,

  69. Kate

    Oh I do LUUUUURVE you Zoe. Your posts may make my day *sheepishly admits*. You make me lol like a fool. You are gorgie pie xxx

  70. Sophia

    Oh wow, i love your ombre hair! It looks gorgeous on you. I couldn't imagine you as a ginger head or something, haha :D But maybe also red would look good on you :) I have ombred my hair too (I think three months ago), but it is almost all gone. But my hair isn't that long… so I'm not sure whether I should re-ombre or not. Anyway: You are pretty as always and the orange-red lipstick from Topshop is amazing!

  71. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. The ombre looks lovely. It's such a good way to add a bit of excitement to hair without having to do anything too drastic.
    I've followed your blog for a while now and I love it. I also love your youtube channel. I watched your videos with SprinkleOfGlitter and could not stop laughing. So entertaining. :)

  72. really love how it turned out!! :)

  73. you look gorgeous
    love the hair
    and the lipstick

  74. I love it it looks great, especially with the waves in your hair. your ends look so shiny!

  75. Beeeeeautiful, and you're totally rocking the bright lips lovely!


  76. It looks really good! I love the colour, the red lip goes well with it too :):)

  77. Tess

    wow I love your ombre hair! It looks great :)

  78. Tesh

    You look lovely.


  79. Zoë

    Gorgeous! Your so brave doing this yourself! I got my hair done in a hair academy during an ombréing course and i got my hair done with red in the ends…love the effects!It does wreck your hair though i see what you mean about the ends being dry…but fudge it….the price you have to pay when you want something different!xxx

  80. Your hair looks fab, would love to do it myself but I had bleach all over and im desp trying to re-grow my poor poor hair so im off the bleach for a while now. You look great x x x

  81. You still look amazing even with a cold. I really want to Ombre my hair but i'm far to scared and also in the process of growing it out so maybe one day who knows?? x

  82. Lauren

    you look beautiful!.. i'm thinking of ombreing mine again.. it's seems to have faded loads recently! xo

  83. You're hair looks great, I love ombre hair! You look gorgeous in these pics, if I took pictures of myself when I was ill I'd look like something that just emerged from a grave haha :)

  84. i agree, it is a bi overdone, nevertheless, you look nice :)

  85. khaz

    Make up is truly amazing, I couldn't tell you were anything but fine in the pictures. Hope you get well soon, colds are nasty little buggers, try to rub your chest with that minty thing, I forgot the name, it really helps unclog your nostrils, minty things usually do.
    Your hair looks lovely, but you could dye it electric blue, and it would look lovely still.

  86. Olivia

    The Ombre hair looks sooo good on you !
    I wanna make these on my hair, but I don’t know if that’ll look good with my red hair ! :]
    Anyways, you’re sooooo pretty !

  87. yay finally a new blogpost *_* FINALLY :) aww ur hair is so amazing…

  88. You're one of the few people I've seen where ombre hair looks good I have to say, suits you! Make-up does do wonders, espcecially at my age lol! Hope you get better soon x

  89. I love your hair so much! Ombre looks great :) You look gorgeous xx

  90. this hair looks so gorgeous on you :) xxx

  91. Liz

    I used to be a bit of a dare devil with my hair but as i've gotten older i've become a bit more afraid to go for anything drastic, so i just have highlights put through every now and then… bit boring but oh well…

    i love the ombre look on you! looksh veh niiice :)

  92. It looks really nice! You're still very pretty even with a cold and that shade of lipstick suits you wonderfully :) Hope you get better soon!

  93. You make me laugh in very single one of your post!!
    Hope you get better!!xxxxx

  94. Fern

    Your hair looks really beautiful Zoe! I like the way you wear your ombre hair so that it still looks shiny and sleek. Alot of people go for that back-combed look with ombre hair but yours looks really healthy still. I recently highlighted my hair with the Jerome Russell bleachy stuff, it works pretty well, made my hair so dry though – intensive treatment galore! haha xox

  95. Your hair looks great, i really like the shade for your skin, its so warm!

  96. Your hair looks lovely! I have the same kind of length, but im just not brave enough to do anything to it other that get some highlights!

  97. You look so beautiful! I love red with blue eyes!! xoxo

  98. I really love that lipstick on you! I've always been afraid to go for a red but now I might just try it, look absolutely beautiful xxx

  99. I think your hair looks gorgeous like that! I also don't think I'll ever be able to walk into a hairdressers and ask them to chop my hair off. I think I'd probably start crying! But anyway gorgeous hair <3

  100. love your ombre hair, you really suit it. orange lipstick is really pretty too :) xxx

  101. Love the hair! And yeah the lips look orange to me too ;) xx

  102. Can I just steal your hair? It's gorgeous. & the lipstick is so pretty xo

  103. nicola

    your hair looks great – both the colour and style!! nicola xx

  104. Jess

    That topshop lipstick looks amazing on you, it really suits you and orange is a big trend at the moment! :) Considering you have ombre'd your hair more than once, it really does look like its in amazing condition! p.s loving the recent YT videos with Louise – that singing on "carcam" was epic! xx

  105. Aimée

    That looks so gorgeous!!! Definitely keep doing this rather than going red or something, I think it really suits you.
    Also that is the most gorgeous lipstick I have ever seen! Seriously. I must get it even if it doesn't look right on me, I don't care, I need it!!! xoxo

  106. wowwww:) I love it:D Especially the orange lippy;) This look reaaaaally suits you:')

  107. Chloe

    Looks absolutely beautiful Zoe! I love the ombre look be it hardly done or well done! Please don't contemplate cutting off your hair… I did it to mine and cut it from how long yours is to an inch below my shoulders and went bright red! While I love the colour going from LOADS of hair to practically none is something I wish I hadn't done! And your hair is gorgeous when you don't style it loads too… your lucky! I shall also be investing in that lipstick… I've been looking for a good coraly orange colour!
    Lots of love! Chloe :) x

  108. I LOVE IT! wish i could do this to my hair, but unfortunately, i am blonde :(

  109. aly h

    your hair looks great! and even though you might enjoy taking pictures of others, the camera enjoys taking pictures of you. You look lovely!

  110. Melly

    Wow Zoe! Your hair looks so gorgeous! I love it! xx

  111. Bri

    I am obsessed with your earrings.

  112. I seen you were that lipstick in a recent video, and fell in love :) Your hairs beautiful :D Thank you so much for sharing <3

  113. Bri

    I love this!
    Feel better, though!

  114. this is so pretty! i really really really want ombre hair, blaaaah. might just suck it up and do it after my holiday!:')

    i love the way you write on your blog posts too, formal but witty ;D

    and also £1 for them earrings?! BARGAIN ;)

  115. Hey Zoey!
    I hope you gett well soo, I know how annoying not be able to breathe through your nose can be.
    About your hair… I have never been a big fan of bleaching the ends, i prefer the crazy cut idea. I think your hair can look great that way. However, I understand your fears. I crazyly cut my hair once, and I wasn't happy about it. Plus, my hair is veeeery very slow growing and it looks particularly weird when is in that mid-length phase before being able to do a ponytail.

    After all these rambling about hair, I think the best option would be some crazy color reflex. You should consider it for the next time ;)

  116. R

    It looks fab! I love this style on you, with the orange lipstick and little triangel earrings. It reminds me a little bit of the sixties! :)


  117. Hope you get well soon. The new hair looks beautiful!!! x

  118. i really love your hair and mega love the length!!!

    shel xx

  119. Not going to lie, pretty envious of your hair! It's so gorgeous as it is and I recently DIY Ombre'd my own hair in the past week or so and got good results! It really is so easy to do! But yeah, like you my hairs quite long so if it had of turned out awful I would of just cut it shorter, so I took the risk. But yours looks lovely :) Get well soon!

  120. Taylor

    I just found your blog through missglamourazzi and I love it! You are absolutely gorgeous and your eyes especially are stunning. Your hair looks amazing like that and I can completely relate to the whole wanting to change up your hair thing! Hope you get better!

    xoxo, Taylor

  121. i get super excited when i see you have a new blog post :)
    it makes my day :D
    i wish you would blog more, but i know how time consuming it is… lol i took break from blogging for 2 months :/ ahhaa
    but if you have the time please take a look at my blog :)

  122. When I first heard of ombre styling, I thought it would look like quite the disaster. But man does it look good on you… you pulled it off brilliantly!

  123. Jess

    Awesome hair, thinking of doing it blonder on mine too! Never get bored reading your posts.!
    Thank you!…

  124. You look gorgeous, and you kind of remind me of Mary-kate or Ashly olsen :D♥♥

  125. WIIIIIII NEW BLOG POST *HAPPY DANCE*. I really like the way you styled your hair and I must say that this time you ombred your hair is better than the previous one (not that the previous one was not nice) this time the gradual change of the colour looks much nicer , just felt like letting you know! ♥♥

  126. I've just got mine cut shorter then what i normally get and I like it but I couldn't bleach it because mine is damaged so badly so I'm trying to grow the colour out mine looks like your but shorter lol :) I think you would suit it short but I also like it long too.
    P.s were can I buy nars blushes Ive looked everywhere where I live and none of the shops sell them:(

  127. I love reading your posts, they're always so cute and quirky haha, and you always look stunning! Ombre really suits you!
    And the lipstick really bring out your tan, looks lovely! x

  128. ahh your eyes are absolutely beautiful!! the blonde and the red lips make them look so bright :) xx

  129. I'm pretty bored of my hair & I've been considered getting my hair ombred but I'm scared of how it'll look and the damage it'll do!
    I really love how this looks on you.. I think I might give it a go :)
    p.s That lipstick looks amazing, I haven't tried the topshop lipsticks yet, must do soon though!

  130. Lena

    I really loove the way your eyes look with your lipstick!!
    and i really enjoyed your video on youtube about blogging :)
    i think your tips will help me and get by blog nice and cool:)
    maybe you want to check out my blog, but its german :D i'm sorry:)

    love lena

  131. Marina

    Hey Zoe!

    Love the hair, I'm glad you redid it (not that it looked bad before but you are the one person who can actually wear ombre hair well!). I've seen some girls try it but it just looks like their roots are coming through, where as yours has a lovely gradual fade to it.

    Get well soon!

  132. elbeau

    your hair looks beautifull! I watched your blogger tips video on youtube and it was so usefull! x

  133. Your hair looks gorgeous! Hahaa, I feel the same thing about taking my own pictures, I just look too 'posey' but you still look great :)! xoxo

  134. That looks really nice for like festivals and the rainy.. oh I mean summer months! Get well soon xx

  135. Gorgeous! :)

    Your hair looks lovely!

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  136. Nunu

    I think that your hair looks absolutely gorgeous.
    This look is so pretty:)
    Is the brown you natural hair color?
    Your Lipstick is soooo pretty
    I love the earrings:)
    You are this is my first blog I have read in my life and I enjoy to read every post
    You are so nice:)
    Have a nice day
    P.s: If you have time (only if you want to) check out my blog.
    Please don't think that I just sad I like your blog because I wanted you to go to my blog.
    I did this because I really like you blog.
    And if you wanted you could check out my blog, because it would be amazing if such a famous blogger like you would know that I have a blog:)

  137. Nunu

    I love your blog
    Your hair is gorgeous
    This look is sooooooooooo pretty
    Your blog is really good
    I love every post
    Have a nice day

  138. Nunu

    Nice post
    I love every post
    Your hair is gorgeous
    You are very very very very pretty
    I love this look
    Have a nice day

  139. im going to say what everybody else says… YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING :)
    and i love your lipstick! iv been looking for an orangey/red one for ages! i hope you feel better soon xxx

  140. this looks so so good! it has turned out so well, deffo tempted to try this myself sometime in the future:) X X

  141. Choiii

    Hope you feel better :)
    and ohh you are sooo beautiful with the most amazinggg hair

  142. i really like this look on you (:

  143. I just found your blog through missglamaorrzi's share the love tag on youtube. and then i found your youtube channel and now this amazing blog!! This is like the highlight of my week! I love finding cool blogs with lots of beautiful pictures and hair and makeup tips like this! keep up the amazing work =] xx

  144. I hope you feel better! I'm going out shopping tomorrow and I can't wait to try that mascara! You pull off that hair so well and I can't wait to see it straight.

  145. I loveeeee iittt<3 I just wish my hair was longeer:/

  146. Nicole

    Your hair is amazing!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  147. absolutely gorgeous hair! ahh pictures of myself are absolutely gold dust to get hold of, im ridiculously unphotogenic grrr!
    anwyay hope you get better soon babe

  148. Emily

    Your hair is gorgeous, and your lucky that your hair looks soo healthy and shiny :)
    your orangey/ red lips are stunning and because of you i am of to boots today to buy the No7 Exquisite Curl mascara :)


  149. Lisa

    I'ts gorgeous Zoe.
    Your make up looks really nice here too. Love the lipstick.
    Get well soon :)

  150. Ellie

    You look bloomin lovely <3 I love infrared aswell its look lush on you :) xxx

  151. Maya

    It looks AMAZING! x

  152. Your hair looks lovely :)

  153. wish so much that i could do that to my hair but i'm already blonde :( it looks amazing :) xxxx p.s hope you feel better :)

  154. Hey! I just found your blog. I love your sense of style, chicky! The hair looks great on you, and that lipstick is INSANE! I'm a regular Lady Danger wearer, and this looks pretty it? I haven't actually tried any of the topshop makeup, but have heard many great things from various bloggers out there :)

    I totally know what you mean about the dark colours being more autumny/wintery..i have naturally caramel-red hair, but i can never resist going dark again come october time! I am totes doing my best to grow out all the old scabby faded colour hahaha! x x

  155. Ella

    I really love your hair!
    Seeing your ombred hair makes me want to do it to!
    Too bad my hair is quite short it proplably looks way better on your long hair, maybe I'll do it when my hair has grown out :)
    I really can't see that you are sick! Makeup is fantastic :)

  156. Ashley

    Aww your hair look really pretty like that. If I had longer hair i would try that.

  157. ive always loved the ombre hair style and i think it looks great on you :-) i especially love the bold red lip that you are wearing!! super classy!

  158. Aww, the lipstick and the hair look gorgeous together. So tempted to try this after seeing your post! Looks lovely xx

  159. First of all…you look sooo beautiful! :) I absolutely love your pictures and your blog!
    I also "ombred" my hair but now it's sooooo dry :-(
    I don't know if I should cut them off but I love my long hair and I have the feeling that as you already said the colour faded away!
    Do you have some tips for dry and split ends? Or should I pay a visit to the hairdresser?

    sorry for the bad english!

    love, vanessa.

  160. Your hair looks so nice :) ! I managed to get ombre hair by accident…I dyed my brown hair red and when it grew out it went gingery/coppery haha! It didn't look good AT ALL!

    You have inspired my to make my own blog :) !

    p.s I was wondering if you ever feel self conscious wearing bright lipstick? Whenever I try and rock it out I end up taking it off because I'm scared I'll look tragic! Haha!

  161. Sarah

    your so photogenic zoe! your hair looks so healthy and lovely and i love the ombred look and the red lips on you so pretty :) hope your cold goes away!! xx

  162. This soo pretty! i love it, i think your waves and half up style just add to the look. x

  163. Wise move, I love it!
    & that lipstick looks stunning on you xo

  164. Your hair looks GORGEOUS!! And you look soo pretty in this picture! I would love to have ombred hair but my hair is blonde so meh!

    Lovely photos! xxx

  165. It looks sooo good on you! I wanted to ombre my hair but I've bleached it once before and I think it would all fall out! Maybe when its in better condition, saying that I could bleach the ends of some extensions!

    I'm having a mac lipstick giveaway and would love for you to take a look:) x x

  166. Zoe you look spiffingly beautiful :) My hair's so naturally dark (though for a Chinese person my hair is relatively that if I wanted to colour it I'd have to use stronger products thus leading to easier damaged hair, such a bummer! You make looking dashing so effortless x

  167. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon!XXXXX

  168. Fee

    I realy love your lipstick! :)

  169. my dear you are far too pretty! It looks beautiful, I love your hair so much, there is just so damn much of it! amaze! lol :) The red/ orange lips are also faaaab

  170. CY

    awesome! love the lip colour! tho am really not daring to wear that bold of a colour yet..sigh!

    you look great! :)

    loving your earrings!! <3 where did u get em' from?!

    love from Malaysia!

  171. Your hair is soo lovely looks really thick and in good condition??? My hair is long like yours but has gotten really dry and thin after dying :( But yeah anyway its a nice look, reminds me of Annie from 90210 :) x

  172. Roxy

    Hey Zoe your hair looks great! and I LOVE your lipstick. I know you mentioned it in your youtube videos but could you tell me which one it is once again? Thanks a lot <3

  173. n x

    Your hair is adorable my top is black & i would love to ombre it like Elle Mcpherson!

  174. Really like your blog it's great! I'm only getting mine started so please check it out if you can & let me know what you think so far. :}

  175. neavie

    your blog is freaking ADORABLE! LOVE that i happened to discover it on bloglovin, and ESPECIALLY this post because i'm planning to ombre my dark brown hair as soon as my current black dye washes out. Like I said, so bloody cute! xx

    hello procrastination

  176. Zoe

    Hello from one Zoe, to another :)
    *New follower*
    Love your blog! and the ombre hair…I always wanted ombre hair, but I don't think it'd work very well atm, with my hair currently being purple :-/
    It looks really nice!

  177. I actually adore your hair, Im considering ombreing my hair. Love your blog :) xx

  178. hey zoe :)
    i received a blog award and then have to award a few blogs that i loved, yours was one of them :D
    have a look if you like xx

  179. Maisie

    I love ombre hair and you really suite it, you are soooo pretty as well, Ireally want to do this, but my school are too strict about our appearance, so no ombre hair for me:(xxxx

  180. love itt!
    If I had long hair i would do that to!

  181. oh my, your hai is absolutely perfect. I wish I had the guts to do this with mine!

    you're gorgeous, love<3

  182. Is ombreing your hair really that bad for it? I think it looks goregous on you, and my hair colour is somewhat similar, so I'd like to try it, as I too am very bored of my hair, and really want a change!

  183. you look so pretty, wouldn't have guessed you were ill! hope you feel better soon :-) hair looks gorgeous as always, i wish i was brave enough to do this to my hair! however, i really doubt i could pull it off like you. oh, and i really like your lipstick, think i might be purchasing it soon!


  184. Meri

    Beautiful hair!!

  185. Zoe how can you be so perfect!? I can't find a single flaw on you. I really love the way you dress & your hair. I'm always checking out your blog to see if you got any updates. Lol hopefully it won't sounds too freaky! :D Just trying to tell you that you have an amazing taste & so unique!
    Oh & I really love your lipstick color!You look better with orangey color. :D

    With love, yilin. x

  186. Zena

    love it! I love the look on you :-D

  187. cloboe

    hey, love your ombred hair, have wanted to do this for a year but have been a complete wimp about it, but your simple tips really helped!! so thanks xoxo

  188. Dorien

    Love it ! Your hair is so great and that lipstick is TO DIE FOR !

  189. Ahhhh, your hair looks fabulous!!! I wish I wasn't such a coward so that I can whip up the courage to try ombre hair (or change anything about my hair really, haha). You are actually one of the few people I've seen who can pull off bright red lipsticks. It looks so effortless and pretty!


  190. Your hair is gorgeous! Actually, I just love your whole look! :)

  191. milie.

    you look gorgeous as usual
    your hair is AMAZING i wish mine was longer so i could do it.
    and well this lipstick color looks so pretty on you :)

    i love your blog and get so excited when i a new post, hope you're feeling better

    emilie xox :)

  192. your so pretty zoe:o..
    i actually think you should give me some of your prettyness?:D.. hehee.
    loing the new hair suits ya!:)

    loveee sophie xoxo

  193. Your blue eyes look fantastic with your shocking red lips and your lovely hair complements you face shape:)

  194. I really love your ombre hair! i was thinking about getting ombre hair, because i really like it but i dont want to bleach the ends of my hair but i did dye my hair a light brown/ dark blonde colour so im going to let it grow into ombre hair naturally.

  195. I love the result! <3 I really want that style too for so long.. I hope sooner or later i will be brave enough to do it : )

  196. Laura

    wow it suits you very well, especially with the red lipstick. you look a bit like cory kennedy here. I tried ombre hair but just by blonde spraying the tops. it didn't work :p

  197. oh so pretty! great hair and lipstick. ps. love the photo in the next post

  198. That lipstick is amazing! You've inspired me to visit topshop on my lunchbreak today :o x

  199. love the ombre definetly adds some colour to your hair x thinking about it but obviously im too young i think , im oly 13 xx Check out my blog please x Btw waas it hard ?

  200. Hiya zoella!!!1 Your sucha babe! I love your fashion sense and the make-up brands you buy! I only have like 12 views and I would love people to visit mine. Not that my blog is any good, actually its rather crap so it's understandable if you all ignore this comment! xx

  201. Gabby

    Hi Zoella,
    I am new to your blog, but I instantly loved the quality of your photos and how you capture your life like photojournalism. I love your lipstick color in these photos. I am a red lipstick junkie and I automatically had to stop and read what you had to say. I absolutely agree with you about how makeup can transform your mood and confidence within yourself.


  202. You are so beautiful and SUCH a talented writer. I love reading what you have to say. You include such personality and voice in your posts!

  203. Lim

    WAW … so cute. I really like your style./Kissing Games|/

  204. I AM DOING THIS TODAYY!! so excited, your hair made me decide it was time to change!

  205. I'm in te process of doing this to my hair because I just love, Love, love it!!!!!

  206. Chloe

    Love this lipstick and your hair, hopefully I'm going to ombre my hair. Any tips?


  207. B.

    I'm so glad I found your blog. Really.
    I know that I'm one of thousands comments you must receive but i just wanna to tell you that you're a true beauty… & beside that, you don't even look … well I don't know how to say in english but you don't look superior, you look just beautiful, and cute & even NICE. even itt's just a blog ;)

  208. Fleur

    Your hair looks gorgeous (in brown and in ombred). I tried to ombre my hair as well, but it was a total mess :(

  209. Hi Zoe – your hair looks great! I'm curious – did you do anything in particular to get rid of the brassy color bleach can cause dark brown her to go? Did you use any type of toner?

  210. Maria

    Love Your Hair Sooo Much <3

  211. Amber

    I have followed your blog for a while (not officially until now) and have always been super jealous of your long hair! I love the ombré too :)

  212. Miss X

    hi zoella! You are so beautiful!
    could you make a video on how you do your make up on daily basis? thanks!

  213. Síofra

    Ombre really suits you :) x

  214. Ombre looks amazing I wish I was brave enough but sadly notxx

  215. Zoe, my hair is virtually the same as yours ! Please help me, I'm too scared to dip dye it because what if it looks silly? Also I think I would go for a caramel colour, would that be anyway better for my hair!? Love your blog and yt channel !! Xxx

  216. Roman

    First round of bleaching up to jawbone/chin (thereabouts) – 25 minutes …

  217. Hajo

    First round of bleaching up to jawbone/chin (thereabouts) – 25 minutes. Second round of bleaching …