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With a week off, and no plans, sometimes it’s quite refreshing to just get in the car and drive somewhere random. We were orignally going to take a tent and camp anywhere, but my boyfriend found these cute little “camping pods” online & called up a place (Monday morning) in Cornwall (Tregardock) & booked the little wooden pod for 4 nights. Being the country bumpkin that I am, you’d think that I would be “at one with nature”, but really, the idea of camping, isn’t my idea of a relaxing time. So the prospect of staying in one of these certainly put my mind at ease. They are what I’d like to call “Upper Class Camping”. No wind, No rain, No hard ground, Insulation, Lights & Electric (although ours wasn’t completely finished so we had no electric – although you don’t REALLY need it, as there was a farmhouse about a minutes walk away to charge phones etc). The pod prices all vary depending on how much the landowner wants to charge, but on average they are around the £30-£35 a night mark for a 2 person & £45 for the “Family size”. We were actually extremely lucky in the fact that the people who had booked to use the family pod had cancelled, so the kind man let us stay in the family pod for the same price as the double pod. What also made our break even better was that nobody else was staying in the two pods next to us, so we had that hill all to ourselves for normal things like raving to music & taking photo’s of ourselves being silly…

I would also like to stress, that prior to our trip, my boyfriend told me not to faff with makeup etc (yes, like most men, waiting around for a woman to put on makeup is not his idea of a funtime – and goes by the term “less is more”) I agreed that there wasn’t reallly any need for me to bring any but came to the compromise that I would take a few essentials (i.e. concealer, powder and mascara) I don’t go ANYWHERE without at least concealing my spots or undereye circles. So, on Monday morning, I was packing my stuff ready for our adventure and in my mad hurry I left my makeup bag on the side. It was only when I got 10 minutes down the road that I realised this, and I was, for a split second, in two minds about whether to turn around to go back and get it, but I didn’t. Shock horror.

So, I had 5 days “at one with nature”, and completely bare-faced, but had the most amazing time ever & I strongly urge any of you that might be a little bit frightened of camping to check out the pods as an alternative, or just jump in the car for spontaneous trips away. :)

I’d be super interested to know if any of you book time away in a little pod, so let me know if you do :)

P.S. I am not affliated with camping pods, nor did I know they existed until I was driving to stay in one. I wasn’t paid for my review, nor asked. We used our own money to purchase everything you see in the above pictures & I drove 5 hours to get there and back, my bottom didn’t appreciate this. I just love me a bit of Pod action & wanted to share the experience with you. Although, if the lovely Pod people are reading this, I’d be more than happy to accept another Pod holiday on your behalf…Many Thanks. ;)

  1. I live in Cornwall (Truro) *feels famous for a second*! I'm glad you had a great time down here, you should have had a little meet up with all us country bumpkins ;) xxx

  2. Lav Lav Lav Lav Lav it! :))
    hehe!! i was meant to be revising for history! but as i do everyday read your post (secretly before mum finds out that im on the internet) again and again this is probably the fit time i've read them all! :))
    seriously love you! :)) your a great inspiration to me. seriously.! :) and cause of yaa i've started my own blog thing as well! hehe its not as good as yours ( Dh'uu your like AWSOMEE) LOL but its a start! :)) Thank you so much! and keep bloogign and do you youtube videos! im addicted to them too lol!:))))
    LOVE you Love you LOVE you Love you LOADDS meg xx

  3. looks like you had an amazing time!
    the pictures are beautiful beyond words!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. Phoebe

    Beautiful photos! It looks amazing, the idea of pods is definitely more appealing than a tent :) x x

  5. Ciara

    the pictures are amazing and cornwall looks gorgeous,one of the pictures on the beach looks like where you were with your dad in that picture that is in one of your some day summarys :)

  6. Your pictures turned out so pretty! What a sweet little adventure.

  7. Good For you! And I bet your face loved its vacay from makeup!

    The trip looks fantastic! I wonder if there is anything in NY?

    Zoe Gabrielle

  8. Clare

    What is this magical place – I must go there!

    Love your photos & the fact that you went barefaced for a whole 4 days. I'm not sure I could do it!!

  9. Rosy

    aw this is really sweet :) i live in cornwall and it is a beautiful place – glad you had a great time :) x

  10. It looks like an amazing break and you are a fab photographer! I was never really a camping kind of girl….but sometimes me and my bf sneek off for cheeky camping weekends and they are amazing! You really get back in touch with each other and forget about the stupid things in life! Great post! xxx

  11. That little cabin is SO cute, I want one! :')
    Beautiful photos x

  12. This place is amazing!I think I need a glamping holiday too ;)thanks for sharing!

  13. Jess

    That looks amazing! I hated camping, definitely looking into this. And you look flawless even without makeup! :)

  14. Cheryl

    This looks AMAZING! I'd love to try this out! Lovely photos too x

  15. Faye

    Those pictures are beyond gorgeous, Zoe! :O xx

  16. emm

    deffo the definition of "glamping", what were the pods like inside?
    i'm going camping soon but i've no idea what to take or anything, maybe you could do a post on the essentials of camping survival! xx

  17. Noush

    Looks like really pretty and amazing, your photo are fantastic. I'm glad you had a great time :)

  18. Woah. These photos look amazing girl! and you look gorgeous without makeup! Looks like you had heeeeeaps of fun (:

  19. Gorgeous pictures bb, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm definitely tempted to try out one of those pod things, reminds me of the ones you can go in at festivals.

  20. It looks so relaxing there :)
    the pod looks like a brilliant idea! Im definately going to look into doing that! :) x

  21. kate

    googling cornwall po'ds right about now… *type type type*. you're beautiful with & without make up too!

  22. Your photographs are always so gorgeous, I almost want to steal them (JUST KIDDING, I was reading your tweets earlier :) Those camping pods look clever and cute! x

  23. Devea

    The camping pods are an amazing idea. I actually love camping (my friends never believe me when I tell them!), my parents would always take me from a young age so I am used to it! the pictures are beautiful as always.

  24. Oh I've heard of these before but never actually thought of trying one out! They look great and nice and warm for at night, though I do love camping still :) Might have to try these some time!

  25. timna

    aww, love the pictures & that sweater is amazing!(:

  26. oh wow, the pictures just want me to go out and do the same! =)

  27. Amazing piccys, looks like you both had a great time x x

  28. Katie

    wow great pictures, i love the second last! xx

  29. made me really happy to see a new post on your blog! i enjoy the pictures very much, all of them turned out really beautiful! x

  30. Ah those little pods look great! And what a beautiful setting. I'd like to do this kind of camping sometime I think! xxx

  31. Sarah

    Thanks for sharing the pods, my bf is always on at me to go camping and I think I could just about deal with the pods so thank you for finding us a compromise! x

  32. Becky.

    Me and my boyfriend did the same but in a log cabin and i wish i looked half as good as you do with no make up on! Love the night time photos they turned out great for such low lighting xxx

  33. Beautiful photos Zoe, I'm glad you had a lovely time away! Camping pods sound like my type of thing, I've always been a little horrified at the idea of sleeping in the great outdoors, but the pods looks like mini cabins, so sweet. xx

  34. All the pictures are so lovely sounds like the perfect break :) Those pods look amazing would definatley rather stay in one of those X

  35. amazing pictures !

  36. Bea

    These photos are amazing.
    Uh you look nice bare faced, not fair.

  37. Wow! It sounds and looks like a great place for taking a break!!

  38. Katie

    oh wowzers! your pictures are amazing! it looks so pretty where you stayed xxx

  39. nicola

    those camping pods sound amazing! im definately going to try find a campsite with them near me! nicola xx

  40. I can't find the right words to tell how lucky you are!
    While I read your article and rolled down the photos I thought:
    YES! This is what I want: true and pure love.

    Your an amazing girl and you have an enviable life, style and relationship! Just read the comments and make sure you're very important for us! :)

    We love you!

  41. arlene

    Amazing photos and these pods looks so cute… just like that boyf of yours ;) xx

  42. Gwen

    Oh wow what amazing photos! I'd love to stay in one of those little pods! Cornwall is so beautiful it has been added to my places to see before I die list! x

  43. great photos, love the stripes with that patterend jumper! I've tried a week without make-up before – strangly refreshing, but when I went back to make-up I loved it! haha I think it was just that if you get used to it then it's okay, but when you see the difference make-up looks again it's hard to go back to bare-face xx

  44. great pictures*-*

  45. Faye

    could you send me a link to the place where you booked online please ?
    looks like the perrrfect get away from university stress! x

  46. lizzie

    these photos are breathtaking, you mustve had an amazing time. beatuful! x

  47. Ally

    It looks lovely! Beautiful pictures by the way! :)

  48. These pictures are absolutely amazing!The camping pod looks so cute! I really like the idea of getting away spontaneously :)

  49. Ellie

    Awww, it looks as though you had an amazing time Zoe! Plus you look so pretty without make up :) The photographs look amazing too, especially for such dark lighting :)
    A bit of a random question for you too – do you know where your boyfriend got his jumper from? It's just fantastic! :)
    Loving your blog, as always :) xx

  50. Isabel

    Lovely photos! xxx

  51. Wauw the pictures are really nice! I follow your blog (:

    love Mireille

  52. best post ever!

  53. Hi Zoe, I'm your 8888th follower :)
    Pictures are great, looks like a beautiful place. Can't wait for my own vacation. x

  54. Tesh

    Awwww, thats sooo cute! I wanna trip now!


  55. Beautiful pictures. The camping pods sound amazing! x

  56. Looks like you had a nice time. I love Cornwall!
    What camera are you using?

  57. Charli

    Hey. The pods look super cute…def an upgrade to a tent :) Where did you book these, do they have a website? I'm very tempted to do the same xx

  58. Niamh.

    you and your boyfriend have to be the most gorgeous couple EVER! and these look really nice, as my friends all want me to come camping but the idea of outside is gross to me! haha. x

  59. Wow camping pods! Like little wooden tents hehe :) I really want to try one of these!

    Click here to view my blog <3

  60. Beth

    This little camping pod is adorable!!! Looks so amazing, I shall have to visit one of these with the other half. Beautiful photos, I love Cornwall.

  61. First of all your pictures are truly breathtaking, did you use a tripod for that stability at night? WOW!! Also I have already given the link to the fella so we can do this, looks like the most fun EVER!!! Like WOW. Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time xxxxx

  62. you take the most stunning photos <3
    it sounds like you had a lovely time, i'd love to do something like that!
    And you look so pretty without makeup.. lucky! xx

  63. ahh i live in cornwall! i really need to do something like this! oh and your photos look incredible too! :D x

  64. Zoe

    I have seen these pods in a magazine and thought they were amazing idea and £35 is soo reasonable, I'd love to do a bit of glamping this summer!! I have had my big holiday this year but I love having little UK holidays over the summer, the English seaside is so wonderful, especially when it's sunny!

    Zoe xx
    Life of a Vegetarian Girl

  65. aimeee

    stunning photos :)
    those pods are so cute!x

  66. The photos look amazing! Can't believe I've never heard of these pods. They look so cute! Trip to Cornwall is on my to do list. Xx

  67. These are SO cute! I need to go here! :)

  68. Aw your trip sounded amazing, what a great idea!! These photos are stunning too, you have a great eye! I def think I'd prefer camping in a pod over a tent. Looked like you had a great time together xxx

  69. Shanah

    Just gotta love all of those pictures! They're absolutely amazing :) Makes me wanna go on a holiday ^^


  70. Aimée

    Looks like you had a fantastic break! You look really beautiful even without make up on by the way.
    I want to stay in one of these Camping Pods now, although I'm sure you'll have to be 18 to stay without adults. Oh well, I'll remember them for when I turn 18!

  71. Looks like you had a great time, and your boyfriend's right you don't really need the make up, your skin looks flawless in these pics :) Love the little camping pods, they look like a cute little place to stay, cos I'm not really brave enough for a tent! :)

  72. Oh goodness!! What a fabulous blog you have. I am loving your photos.

  73. elbeau

    looks like you had a fab time! the pods are so cute and i supose its so much more compfier than camping in a tent. xx

  74. that's so bloody cool! I have never heard of these little pods! Amazing!! x

  75. eno

    I always love ur photos color tone. Wondering how to make it that way…

  76. sooz

    beautiful photos, that trip looks so amazing!

  77. Looks BEAUTIFUL x

  78. Sarah

    That looks like soo much fun! xx

  79. Filipa

    Oh my goodness! That look so amazing! LIke scenes from a music video or something! :) This is my cup of tea, so much better than ibiza or somewhere boring like that! And well done on being makeup less for five days !:) Didn't is just feel so good and refreshing? :)

  80. cookie

    soooo cool!!!

  81. sara

    i just found your blog and i love love love it! your photos are so beautiful!
    the little pods sound so cool, i like camping every now and then but i think i would much rather one of those!

  82. this is soo lovely!
    I really like this idea of camping and the place is just beautiful! great pictures!!
    and you look absolutely gorgeous without makeup! don't worry haha
    i wanted to ask where you got the little barbecue thingie. I've been looking for it like forever but never actually saw it being sold anywhere…

  83. Shabna

    Zoe these pictures are so beautiful and this is the perfect mini break! I'm so jealouss :o Also you look beautiful without makeup! >:O

    BTW i recently had a mini rave because the new batiste dry shampoo gives XXL volume and I was like OMG I HAVE ZOELLA VOLUME HELL YEAH. Your hair is literally my inspiration :D (if you want to see my much less amazing version of your hair its on my blog now lol but dw)

    The sunsets are gorgeous!! I've always wanted to go to Cornwall

  84. What lovely pictures
    Sorry in the last post I asked where your wall paper is from and after that I saw you had written where its from sorry being stupid. I just loved it so much I was in a rush to ask where its from hehe

  85. i am coming to these pods in august! i am so excited they look amazing!! x

  86. Jet

    Such great photos! And that pod is ridiculous. I want to live there. In one of those pods I cozy looking. So lord of the rings looking. Wonder if they have pods in America? Hmmm…

  87. wow, that looks like an awesome trip! too bad they don't have those pods in the united states.

  88. Kelly

    These photos are just incredible! xx

  89. Deanna

    Beautiful photos! :) Where you stayed looked amazinngg!!

  90. Sooo glad you're back to blogging, i discovered your blog just before you stopped for a while, so sad! haha I think your amazing though and those pod/cabin thingy's look so cool! your blog is amazing btw =) Please follow me at go easy i'm new ;) xx

  91. Gorgeous photos love! Glad you had fun. I love camping. I live in California and there are a TON of camping spots here.. always a nice alternative to spending money on a glitzy hotel. Curious? Please check out my blog to read about my adventures.

  92. Ayden

    Dude, these are amazing! Your pictures are gorgeous too, looks like you and your fella had the most wonderful time. I'm from Scotland, But I have been to cornwall to surf quite a few times and I am desparate to drag my boyfriend down with me soon. These pods look brilliant, I'm definately going to look into it :) thanks for sharing xx

  93. sara l

    amazing photos!! i'm really liking your blog!

  94. Anu

    Those pods are the coolest things I've ever seen! Definitely one ups a tent! The photos are gorgeous!

  95. Those pods look so so cute, and your photos are lovely. I will have to get the bf to look at the website and get booking! :) x

  96. Looks like you had a lovely time! My boyfriend has been banging on about going camping, but I have an innate fear of insects/sleeping outside/not having immediate running water. I'd LOVE to try this, I've already emailed him the link to this post to convince him :D I've loved your blog for ages I'm so glad you're blogging again :) x

  97. Moz

    Zoella, may you please tell me what camera you use?
    Thank you.

  98. These pictures are beautiful! What editing system do you use? And that does look like it was fun!!

  99. What camera did you use for these pics? They are amazing!!!

  100. the photography is GORGEOUS!! I love you two :D

  101. Rachel

    Wow, that is an amazing cabin you stayed in!

  102. Emilia

    Zoe, thank you for your previous post- I'm charmed by your room (wallpaper, wow! <3 ) since I've seen it on your YouTube vlogs. Your style is inspiring. I hope to see more of your vlogs; you've got terrific sense of humor ;D

    Greetings xxx

  103. Nicole

    Beautiful pictures!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  104. Daisy

    Lovely photos !!

  105. Looks like you had fun! I've never been to Cornwall, but it look so beautiful!

    Kathryn Xx

  106. Kats

    I really ♥ your photos!

  107. Veeria

    wow that camping pods are lovely and the view is amazing, I wish to have this kinda place in my country!

  108. Oh, now when I'm looking at you'r awesome pictures I'm starting to think about my summer vacation. I can't wait for it!!! You make really great photos and you capture really sweet moments. I'm glad that you had great vacation :))

  109. I was also camping in a wooden house in sweden with my boyfriend for 2 nights. I think its realy great to be in the nature. But I realy have to say after 2 camping vacations in skandinavien we realy want to go to a hotel next time! Where would be your next vacation?

  110. Emily

    Love the blog! and the pics are gorgeous!

    I wish we had these pods over in the US :/


  111. That pod looks amazing! camping but posh style! I love it

    Rianna xxxxxx

  112. Wonderful pictures! <3

  113. Nikki

    Hi Zoella, I just spotted a video of yours on youtube and I saw the link to you blog :) totally love it! Your photos are amazing, not to mention your style :) I think I'm gonna stick around a while and browse through your History! Loves, Nikki x

  114. I love how you edit your pictures!
    Hope you had fun xXx

  115. Carys

    awwwww the pod things are so cute they looks like really posh chicken coups :)

  116. Quynn

    I'm so jealous! I've been wanting to visit Cornwall ever since I read Ciji Ware's "A Cottage by the Sea."

    Looks absolutely beautiful.

  117. Zoe

    All looks so beautiful!

  118. jubs

    looks amazing! please share the link of where you stayed those pods are really cool! did you have to bring sleeping bags? xx

  119. amazing photos!just lovely:)

  120. The little pod is so cute! where company etc were tehy? id love to go to one!x

  121. This looks absolutely lovely, my boyfriend and I are looking for somewhere super affordable to go on holiday this summer and this looks like it might just be perfect! I love your wellies and your boyfriend's jumper, and how brave of you to go without make-up, it must have been liberating!

  122. Hayley

    I found your blog today and I love it.
    So amazing! You're so pretty :)

  123. kalo

    ooo i was so excited when i typed in your url and saw a new post! you are two very pretty people, that holiday looks smashing. i have never once used the word smashing so hold that dear to your heart ;)

    kate @ xx

  124. I love your pictures they are Beautiful:)

  125. beautiful pictures! You have a great eye. I really like your blog!


  126. Beautiful photos ! ;)

  127. incredible post! i especially like the pic you and the lantern with the water behind. magical! and you look lovely without makeup!

  128. Marta

    lovely pictures !!! :)

  129. these photos are amazing, glad you had a good time :) xxx

  130. love your photos, but might I ask what is up with the sky in most of them? LOL!I can't beleive you had no make up on because you still look amazing! Also I feel your pain with the car journey. It always seems that when you do long journeys like that the sun decides to come out and you have to drive for hours in the heat.

  131. your photography is amazing!

    holly, x

  132. Derya

    I love the way you edit your pictures! :)

  133. I live down in devon,yet i have managed to not notice that i have these close to me! I'm definitely going to have a weekend away with my boyfriend in one of these lovely things, thank you for showing us! Looks like such a nice get away.I've had a look on the website and i'm very impressed, hopefully i can do a nice blog post on it also after i've made my trip :)xx

  134. Sophie

    Oooh I love Cornwall, I'm always going there with the fam. I've never heard of these 'pods', but they look great! Do they come with beds? I suggested it to my parents and we might get to go!
    Such a great idea, and lovely pictures. :D x

  135. Lisa

    You're stunning without make up Zoe :)
    Those pod things look so handy! so going to look them up. Would love to have a bit of pod action too. haha.
    Great photos too by the way. Definitely a budding photographer ;)

  136. Absolutely love these pictures! Looks like you had such a nice time:') I never fail to sit and read your blog posts, you inspired me to make my own.
    thank you :') xxx

  137. it looks so idyllic! and by what a good idea, never been a fan of sleeping without the comfort of my bed :)
    there isn't anything better than getting away from it all for a few days! perfection. looks like you had a fabulous time! xo

  138. it looks so idyllic! and by what a good idea, never been a fan of sleeping without the comfort of my bed :)
    there isn't anything better than getting away from it all for a few days! perfection. looks like you had a fabulous time! xo

  139. I'm so jealous! That looks gorgeous! I always go to Cornwall for holidays with my family, and are also scared of the prospect of having to camp out in the cold, mud! But I think I'll suggest this next time we go haha, though we usually go to Newquay so I'll have to check for these pods!
    Danielle xxxx

  140. the little pod is so cute :) what came included inside it? did you just sleep on the floor with sleeping bags or was there some form of bed? :) love the photo of you with the sun beams shining through xx

  141. Hoa

    I love your photos! They are so beautiful!

  142. Aww those photos are amazing!
    The skys look so nice, really sets the mood.
    You look as gorgeous as ever aswell!
    Glad you have a good time Zoe!

  143. I love love love the jumper that you seem to be sharing, where's it from?! I'm alot like you, I hate the idea of camping. Being on the cold, hard floor, being without the all connections to friends and family so good idea on the camping pod thingys. They look awesome!
    You and you're boyfriend seem so sweet and your photos are lovely, good job Zoella! I love for you to check out my blog, your newest youtube video gave me the idea to start one up so thankyou :) xx
    The URL is

  144. Blaise

    Really enjoy the pictures, i also fear the old camping…but i went last year to treen which was amazing- not as luxurous as your pods. But hey! I enjoy your blog and youtube videoooos to let ya knowwww :)


  145. wow, these pictures are absolutely splendid.
    you're writing is amazing by the way (:

  146. Xenia

    Your trip looks like it was amazing! I love me a bit of Cornwall:) Your photo's are always amazing and you look lovely without makeup!!!!! O naturaaal.

    Xenia xx

  147. These pistures are amazing!
    Love them!
    Seems like you had a good time there ;D

  148. Lara

    Never knew cornwall could look so beautiful, and the photos are incredible, my favorites are the mountains at sunset and then i think the one after that of them during the day, whoever took those has an amazing eye for magical moments…glad you enjoyed yourself

  149. love the pictures, looks like you had a good time!
    *is jealous* <3

  150. Hi,

    it looks absolutely gorgeous where you stayed. I have just got back from Cornwall and I love the place. would buy a place down there if i won the lottery (we can wish can't we) :-) x

  151. Ivonne

    Oh man! That place is just gorgeous! Added it to my wish list of places I need to visit. And the price isn't bad. I love the ambient and feel of the pictures. Lovely <3

  152. you're photos are so amazing, i wish i lived in england! and you look so lovely without make up :)
    i just wanted to thank you and louise for your video on blogging tips, you really inspired me to make one :)

    if you have time you can take a look :)

  153. Laura

    Hi Zoe, I loved the look of these camping pods so much that I booked up for me and my partner. We have just got back from a wonderful weekend at Otterington Park where we stayed in a pod. Thanks so much for ur recommendation, we will definitely be podding again!!

    Laura xoxo

  154. Jodie

    Hi Zoe

    I loved your post and am actually staying at the Tregardocks pods for the weekend in a few weeks with my boyfriend. Hopefully we will have as good a time as it looks like you had. Do you have any recommendations on where to go or what to do whilst we're there?
    I also just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading posts by you and I look forward to reading whatever you put up next. :)

    Love Jodie xx

  155. I watched your video recently on blogging and you completely inspired me to kickstart the ol' blog :) after looking at these pictures i think photoshop is a must they are beautiful my dear x

  156. ammazing ! so glad u had a lovely tym .i must say that your photography is wikid!xxx

  157. these pictures are beautiful!! Yep, I love your blog..! :)

  158. would you like to trade zoe? I live in Hawaii.. but I'd love to visit where you're from!

    gorgeous photos as always & you two make a gorgeous couple! I'm glad you took a little holiday and i know what you mean by having your "essentials" my boyfriend also bothers me about that! you love concealer/mascara and i love eyeliner! IT IS DEFINITELY AN ESSENTIAL! lol ^_^

    <3 hugs

  159. Your images look soo nice, and so do you, you don't need makeup! What camera do you use? xx

  160. Opps… I just read what camera you use at the side. Sorry :))

  161. I LOVE your blog & I LOVE your youtube !!
    I read all your posts & watched all your videos and I have to say that you are a beautiful person in the inside & outside :)
    Oh and I love the way you talked to baby Glitter in the last video – so CUTE :)
    Everything you said about blogging is totally true!
    You are a great person :)


  162. You never fail to make me smile Zoe. All the pictures really brightened up my day and i think i might drag some of my friends down there, it just looks magicalXXX

  163. Geo

    what amazing photos! :) i love the big woolly sweater you're wearing in the first & some of the other ones <3 i know exactly what you mean about the make-up issue – I won't leave the house unless my dark circles are concealed and i'm wearing eyeliner.. I don't think I'd survive a week barefaced! haha, it looks like you had a wonderful time and a well-deserved break <3 and Wilf is gorgeous.. envy envy!!
    <3 Geo x

  164. Ever considered photography as a career?! Your really good! You look gorgeous without makeup, so jealous!! Hope you had a good time, I'm going to cornwall in the summer holidays, I would LOVE to staying one of the pods, but the hotel is already booked :(
    Love you Zoe!!

  165. Hey, you look like you really enjoyed your little break!! My absolute favourite picture is of the wellies! Little and big like you and your boyfriend >.< Its just so cute!! Haha! Hope you don't mind but where are your wellies from? So cute xxx Lots of Love xxx
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    Also these photos are absolutely amazing from cornwall looks like you had a good time! And im going to have a look at those camping pods they look so good :)

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