This is a slightly different blog to normal. More a breakdown of the last few days I’ve had, and the chaos it involved, of which I thought I’d share with you.

You know those days where NOTHING goes right? When everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong and you end up laughing about it because you were just SO UNLUCKY? I had 2 of these days, one after the other. After the 48 hours were over, I was so frazzled. I looked just like a cartoon character that’s been through hell and back. Bags and dark circles under the eyes, hair sticking out everywhere, torn clothes & grubby feet (I hope i’m painting you a pretty picture here).

So me & my boyfriend both had a week off from work and so planned to head up North to surprise his mum for her birthday & to see his little sister. Now, most of you will know that I live South West of England, and we were heading for Lincoln. It was around a 4 and a half hour car journey & we went in my little Vauxhall Corsa. I’d like to point out here that my car has always been an absolute nightmare, (I liked to nickname it the Flinstone Mobile) and so actually arriving seemed like such a miracle. We had a great few days, where nothing went wrong (besides me loosing every game of Bowling – I’d like to put this down to bad luck, but i’m sure the reality is just that everyone, including W’s 9 year old sister was better at bowling than me). On the Wednesday however, my luck turned for the worst. Driving back from a day in Nottingham (an hour away from Lincoln) on our way to watch his sister perform in a show, we heard a strange noise coming from my car, a lady pulled up next to us at a roundabout junction and told us “Your tyre is MEGA flat y’anno”. No. We didn’t know…and there was nowhere to pull over to sort out this issue. So, we had to drive, on a flat tyre until we found somewhere to pull over. The lady was right, my tyre was as flat as a pancake, and there was a delightfully massive screw nestled deeply into it. My first thought was “Holy crapola…do I even have a spare tyre..or a car jack?”. Turns out I did. THANKFULLY. Using it however, was a different matter. My boyfriend being a man, managed to figure it out in the end, with the help of some random car park patrol man with “mam” and “dad” DIY tattooed to his hands. So, new tyre firmly on, we could go on our way? Well, no. The new tyre was also flat. This was a serious dissapointment…we drove again, with a flat tyre to a garage where we pumped it up. Thankfully it was just low on pressure. After this, it was far too late to make his sister’s show, which was so frustrating but at least we were back on the road and the problem was averted. Driving back after sorting the tyre, the oil light flashed up. Great. No oil. We got back and topped it up ready for the long drive home the next morning.

The next morning came, and we checked oil, water, topped up petrol, checked tyre pressure, made sure we had enough cheesy pop cd’s to get us through 5 hours and a few snacks and drinks and we were on our way. I had popped on a new pair of trousers that W had ever so kindly bought me from Primark the following day in Nottingham, and there was a MASSIVE hole in them down the side seam, which I hadn’t noticed at first, but got gradually worse throughout the day. I wasn’t overly bothered, nobody would be seeing me, I’d only be in a car for 5 hours. I’ll get home, and take them back. No biggy…yeh right. As soon as we set off, my oil light flashed up again, even though there was clearly enough oil in the engine. We got about an hour away and my car started making very odd noises. I checked the temperature..everything was normal…so we carried on. We were planning to come off the M1 at junction 19, but missed the exit, and so W turned to me and said “Oh, don’t worry, we can get off at the next one”…to which I responded “Okay…slight problem though…we’re slowing down”. Yes, on the M1. My flinstone mobile DIED. It clattered and clanked and made an awful banging noise as it came to a stop. Luckily my gut instinct kicked in and I swung the car into the hard shoulder in the split second I had before my car stopped. There was smoke coming out of my engine, and obviously because I’m a dramatic idiot and have clearly watched too many films, I started shouting “GET OUT GET OUT THE CAR!!” I then promptly burst into tears. We called from the SOS box to let them know we’d broken down. I then spent £140 for the AA to come and get us off the motorway and take a look at my car. (I didn’t have any breakdown insurance, so joined the AA there and then, which I think is actually pretty bloomin’ good, I didn’t know you could do this). The police turned up to check what was going on, and told us we needed to stand behind the barrier for safety reasons. I stood behind the barrier…on a red ants nest…in flipflops. My feet were absolutely bitten to buggary.

£140 later, after being bitten by hundreds of red ants, standing in my ripped trousers, after being towed off the motorway, I was then told I had so much wrong with my car, it may not even be worth fixing. I’ve fixed my Flinstone Mobile, around 3 times now, and when it gets to the point where you’re spending just about as much fixing it as you did paying for it in the first place, it’s just not worth it. We were 100+ miles from home, I had hardly any money left in my bank (payday was the following day), I literally had no idea what to do. The garages were all closed so it looked like we’d be spending the night/weekend in a Travelodge. Eventually, I decided it was probably best to scrap my car. W got on the case, using google to find numbers for car scrappers near where we had ended up (by Leicester/Rugby). The AA man kindly dropped us off at a Travelodge so we could scrap the car either tonight, or tomorrow morning. Because it was my “lucky” day, OBVIOUSLY the Travelodge had absolutely NO rooms available. Yes. FACEPALM GALORE. We walked to a local pub and had something to eat as we were both starving then went back to the car and packed up everything in it (including my car mats and my cd player) into black bags. Thankfully some local car scrappers (who were the chuckle brothers of the car scrapping world. One had a big beer belly spilling over his joggers and peeping out underneath his too-small t shirt and the other had “orgasmic” something or other on the front of his t shirt and “camp dave” on the back) popped over to take a look at it and took it away. I must say, shamefully I felt very teary watching my first little car being taken off for absolute peanuts.

So there we were, a suitcase, a big pink bag, my handbag, 2 bin bags and 2 umbrellas, no car and we didn’t know where we were or how to get home. We decided that getting a train was our best bet. We got a taxi to Rugby and caught the 22.12 train to London Euston. Once at London we caught a tube to the nearest station possible (most tube lines were closed as it was so late). So we decided to catch a taxi the rest of the way. Now, I did start to think (surely this day couldn’t get ANY worse) turns out it can when you get into a taxi with what can only be described as the scariest driver in the world. Either that or he was quite literally drunk. He was driving like an absolute maniac. We were being flung around in the back of the taxi and I really did start to think “That’s it..we’re going to die”.

Thankfully, we didn’t die…It just left me feeling extremely sick. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it was to lie down at the end of what I can only describe the “worst-luck-i’ve-ever-had” day. It will definitely be a day I will always remember and one that will always make me laugh. At the time, it really wasn’t funny, and anything that could have gone wrong, went wrong, but I’m home and I’m safe.

Things I have learnt over the last 2 days:

-Don’t travel with things in your car that you don’t actually need – I had to carry random crap home in bin bags, all because I was too lazy to remove things from my boot.

-Travel with as many of your car documents as you can at all times, you will need them if you ever need to “spontaneously scrap your car”. It means they give you more money for it.

– You don’t need 2 umbrellas in your car

– Always check you have a fully inflated spare tyre, and PLEASE get someone to show you how to change a tyre, then once changed, get the flat replaced to store as another spare.

– I need to practice driving round cities & large roundabouts. (I was a nightmare)

– Red ants like to nest alongside the motorway, so don’t wear flipflops, just in case you break down.

-Just because there is smoke coming from your engine, doesn’t mean it’s going to catch fire and kill you. You aren’t in an action film.

– Primark is cheap for a reason.

– Always get breakdown cover for your car, especially if it’s a Flinstone Mobile. Saying to yourself “Naaah, that won’t happen to me” unfortunately does not mean it won’t.

-Rugby has a lovely train station.

-When a taxi driver winds down his window and you get a face full of cigar smoke and a load of mumble jumble, do not get in his taxi, he will most probably be drunk, or a maniac & will also overcharge you.

-I’m never buying a Vauxhall car again.

-I need to scrub up on my bowling skills.

  1. broke down and on a train and still look beautiful! :P
    oh and nice car:D heheee

    much love sophie xxxx

  2. Oh god what a day, I would of been like you if I was alone too!

    Glad your home and safe now :) x

  3. Becky.

    what a nightmare :| i hope your panic attack went away :( that i saw you mention on twitter i've had them for four years absolutely awful! I hope you get some good luck soon haha xxx

  4. Oh. Wow. So glad you made it home safely!!!

  5. Mary

    one negative point is that if you didn't have you boyfriend then you probably wouldn't of gone up north anyway! But we wont think of that! Ahah, anyway, them two days really were a disaster, :( at least you can learn from it I guess? Glad to hear you are safe and sound! xoxo.

  6. Lol wow, epic story! I did giggle at a few parts. Your boyfriend has a lovely face, lol, not creeeepy at alllll. :P I hope it wasnt all too traumatic, at least you got a blog post out of it right! :P

  7. Emily

    awwh bless you, that really does sound like a day from hell.

    On the upside, you still look beautiful on the train, and your boyfriend is not only hella hot, but also loves you a lot too. :D

    Have a long bath, watch some shitty tv with some Ben and Jerry's and everything will be OK. :D


  8. Lou

    Oh Hun, I think you have had all your bad luck now, so you should be safe for the rest of the year.

    I'm glad you got home safe, and this will be something that you will both look back on and laugh.

  9. Ooh my! What a nightmare having such bad luck to ruin a lovely trip! ad your poor car :( But I'm glad you both got back safe ! xx

  10. Aww, this made me chuckle all the way through! Feel so sorry for your little car! And, just like to add, your boyfriend is absolutely gorgeous!! xx

  11. wow that was one a heck of a couple of days! I'm glad you're ok and that you had you bf with you he sounds lovely!
    this is going to be one to tell the grandkids lol
    have a lovely day :) xx

  12. Taylor

    Seems like you had quite an adventure. I loved reading this though, your misery brought a smile to my face. The "Things I learned" section was genius. Cute cupcake umbrella. Oh and in England do they actually spell tire like "tyre" or is it just your way? Sorry I'm Canadian :) I love reading your blog Zoe, keep it up <3

  13. Your blog is absolutely amazing! I've been reading it for a year and ahh I love it so much!!! You incorporate your own style and personality into your blog and you do it well. You always look so nice and put together! I just wanted to say that :)

  14. this stressed me out just reading it! haha.
    what an adventure! ;) congrats on getting through it<3

  15. haha! this made my day. What an amazingly wild adventure! btw I probably would have dramatically screamed "Get out of the car!" too lol.

  16. TazEma

    lol you poor thing. But hey things could have gotten worse… it could have been pouring rain xD

  17. awww poor you! that sounds like a total nightmare :( luckily you got home, that's all that matters right? haha
    I had a day kinda like that last summer but it's not exactly something I'd laugh about now cause last summer we had a major storm and lightning struck our house (no joke!) what's sad though is that I lost my computer and famous celebrities autographs, we lost pretty much everything.

    makes sitting home and having some hot chocolate seem so nice haha

  18. Ok so that literally sounds horrific! I would've had a complete nervy b and probably wee'd myself through all the stress. You poor thing! :( Glad you can see the funny side though, because it did make me chuckle, I won't lie :p The "GET OUT OF THE CAR" bit was hilarious.

    In all seriousness though, glad you both got home safe in the end! Your boyfriend sounds like a little sweetheart :) xxx

  19. oh my goodness! i gave my leaky flinstone mobile to my little cousin…his problem now i guess

  20. Christ sounds terrible, I would have completely stressed out if that was me!! Good your home now though :) Love the bit at the end about primark being cheap for a reason tooo true xx

  21. You poor thing – what an ordeal! And yes, you do have an amazing boyfriend! I hope you gave him lots of kisses for his amazingness! :)

  22. Alex

    My god. I don't there is a single bad day in my life comparable to the awful time you appear to have had! Although such journey are always the funniest – they build character…supposedly.
    I LOVE the list of things you have learnt at the end – actually hilarious! But at least you'll know for next time ;)

    Check out my giveaway if you can – maybe you'll have more luck in that!
    Little Humble Fashion Abode

  23. No way!!! you have literally described my week, maybe not literally! I've had the week from hell with my corsa and cried every time! It's stopped working 3 times in the past 2 weeks and been 'fixed' each time, I only got stranded at work (who wants to get stranded there!) so not as bad as you! Mine is also a pile of crap 51 plate corsa, so many things wrong with it over the years but still hung onto it, I'm nuts!!! Luckily I have breakdown cover, I recommend Gem, very affordable/reliable for full cover, even to change your tyre lol! My corsa is still at work and have to try and get it tomorrow then I'm going to buy a new a car using all my savings to buy a decent car! Can you add to your list telling everyone NOT to ever buy a corsa! Oh did I mention I live in Nottingham??? all the corsa's are all cursed here! Glad it's all over for you now, its awful I know! x

  24. Oh what an awful tale, I'm so sorry to hear this!!
    At least it's all over now! x

  25. Hannah

    Sounds like such a mare! Your boyf is such a hero. Always need that extra hand don't you?


  26. Jebus. What a day. I would have cried. How do you still look quite so fab on a tube after a nightmare day?
    Also, I don't get how your car is that bad. My car is a lot older and still going strong *fingers crossed* Good tip on emptying the boot out though. I should really do that… xx

  27. Panic attacks are no good, thankfully you had Wilf and a good head on yourself.
    At least you had reception to call out there! Places here in canada sometimes are so out and about you wouldn't be found for a month and be out of luck!
    Hopefully your next car is not rubbish xx

  28. Nakia

    Such a bad day! But, ehh, I could've been worse! Lol. However, I love the random reference to Primark… Haha.

  29. What a nightmare! xxx

  30. OMG that's a horrific end to a holiday! I'm glad you're home safe and sound. When you're looking for your next car, I recommend a Yaris, mine's not broken down on me yet (touch wood). Here's hoping your next trip anywhere isn't quite as eventful.

  31. RCagz

    Awww bless, hey ho' you do have one heck of a boyfriend! Must be love if he stuck with you through all that ^_^
    Knock on wood it doesn't happen again and I'm definitely gonna hand over some of your breakdown tips to my mum – she has an older second hand Vauxhall Corsa and has already broken down once when I was in it! xoxo

  32. that sounds terrible :| at least you both got home safe and sound in the end! xx

  33. I would have been a crying wreck! So sorry!

  34. Aww bless you, some days just turn out to be the absolute worse ever.
    At least you had you're boyfriend there with you, I cannot begin to imagine how much worse it would have been if you were on you're own. xx

  35. wow that sounds horrible!! well, i'm glad you made it home safe and at least you get a laugh about it now :D

  36. ahhh, i had a trip like this. my boyfriend's car broke down on the way to florida on the highway. we ended up taking a greyhound the rest of the way. it felt like the longest trip ever but in the end it kind of makes for a nice memory! haha. glad you were safe!

  37. Oh gosh! Its just one string after another of miserable mess. I'm sure your luck will be turning soon. Glad you both made it back mostly safe. :]

    P.S. Have you considered a Japanese car?

  38. Bad things you met.
    Better day will come :)

  39. That is all so ridiculous. I'm terribly sorry. :/ And not to sound cliche, or overly positive in this horrible situation, but you must have some amazing karma coming your way. If things were this bad in one day, something amazing is bound to happen soon!

    xO Kristen

  40. oh em gee. At least you can look back and laugh, eh? That really does sound awful though- I'd have been awful in this situation!

  41. You poor thing! At least your home now and hopefully the bad luck is over. Don't think I would of been able to go through all that xxx

  42. Onyx

    Oh zoe that sounds horrendous. I feel your pain reading this story! At least you will be able to laugh about it now. This all happened with the ripped trousers, which makes it all the more horrible, that is an ordeal in itself! xXx

  43. ssän

    oh my god sweetie what a nightmare ! but still.. i couldn´t not laugh ! :'D it was kind of funny the way you had written it, but i´m sure it wasn´t funny when it happened..poor little thing. You´re lucky to have a boyfrined who didn´t get angry at you in any times on that trip :D

  44. Giò

    wow! i just read every paragraph thinking: ok, this is the end, they're just about going home….and then another paragraph was coming out!

    so happy you're ok now!
    love from Italy ;-)

  45. nicola

    oh. my. life. well done for getting through that day alive, i think i may well have just given up and fed myself to the ants. hopefully this means your not due any more bad luck for at least the next decade..possibly more! :P xx

  46. Laura

    You poor, poor thing, I'm so glad you weren't on your own, and that you're back safely. Love you xxxxxxxx

  47. Aww hun. *big hugs* I love the name Wilf, reminds me of the Magic Key books. :) xoxo

  48. arlene

    Oh my lord Missis. You've been through the mill this week. Glad you're both able to look back and laugh now though :) xox

  49. Wow, that's a lot of back luck! And it must have been painfully expensive too. But thank God you both made it home safe, with no injuries.
    BTW: I would have also probably jumped out of the car in fear of the car exploding, lol.

  50. oh god. i have a corsa not much older than yours, little bit scared now haha! mines got an mot next month so i have no doubt somethings gonna be wrong!

    sorry to hear about your bad few days x

  51. Marta

    Thank God my dad checked his car this week, becaus we are going to the seaside on monday. I can't imagine stoping in the middle of nowhere and it takes 6 hours to get there. Your boyfriend is amazing, so in the end no matter what you are one lucky girl xxx

  52. Whenever such events come one right after the other and they're not only bad or harmful but also weird (so u start asking yourself: how is it even possible?) me and my friend alsways say: The day hasn't finished yet. Because u never know what the day has in store for u.

    Greetings from Poland :)

  53. Slater

    I've had a few days like this myself, probably not as bad as yours though!

  54. Wow, Zoe that´s pretty terrible! I´m glad you got home sound and safe enventually. It´s when I hear about things like this when I usually go chm, it might actually be good that I don´t have a car…
    On the other hand, though, I think you can be pretty sure you´ve used your load of bac luck for quite some time now:) x

  55. Oh gosh, that really does sound like a traumatic couple of days! Very glad you managed to get through it and out the other side. Well done to you both. Sorry to hear about your car though. Hope you get a lot more luck in future! :) xxx

  56. You poor thing, lady luck was not on your side this week! I'm glad it all worked out OK in the end and you made it home, and very glad Wilf was there. I would definitely have broken down as badly as the car if alone when it happened!

    Sorry you had such a stressful few days- you definitely need to relax now after your 'break'!


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  57. bee.

    Aww Zoe! This sounds absolutely terrible. Wilf sounds like a saviour though! Lucky you. I hope that, in the future, you have better luck with cars!

  58. Greet

    I just returned from the garage to buy my first car. I was truely convinced it would be a great car. It's a corsa. I will not buy it now for this is obviously a sign! Thanks a lot

  59. Aww, I bet you're glad that's over! You may as well get all your bad luck over with at once then just have good luck for a while!

  60. What an actual nightmare, I could have seen myself basically crying through that entire adventure. Glad you are both alright :)

  61. oh my god that sounds like an absolute nightmare. thanking my stars that i didn't recently buy a vauxhall! x

  62. Imke

    we had similar problems with my boyfriend's old car, but it was an Audi… We learned that it's better to buy a new car rather than a pre-owned. i know it's cheaper, but you just don't have worries with it.
    vauxhall is rubbish^^ i live in germany and here it's called "opel". it has a quite bad name for reason, the old models are really bad quality…
    what i learned with the old Audi is that you should never drive on with a flat tyre!! that's so important because other members can break.

  63. What a nightmare day you had!!!

  64. aww what a nightmare! i bet you slept well that night!

  65. Amy

    What a nightmare :( that sounds like such an awful day. But thank god you are both safe after the car breaking xx

  66. Aww bless you what an awful day you had! Blimmin cars can be so un reliable at times! At least you and your boyfriend got back safe and sound :) and you will probably find this hilarious in years to come, it's always the way! x

  67. Sidney

    So sorry that all happened to you! I can't say I have a day of bad luck to compare it with, but I'm sympathizing :). You're lucky you have a wonderful boyfriend too. Hope your luck turns around – and great post, even though it was all about a bad day – you explained it with lots of color :).

  68. Oh I feel so bad but I couldn't help but laugh as I read this post, because I just kept thinking surely that's it then you'd mention something else that went wrong. So unlucky! Glad you survived it and can see the funny side now because it sounds like a nightmare :) xx

  69. Ellie

    awww hun this sounds horrible :( It sounds that it will be hilarious to look back on though :) Your boyfriend sounds amazing :) xxx

  70. Amy

    Absolutely Brilliant post!! I dont know how to change a tyre either… dont know where it is… do I have a jack? Erm… And they say it happens in 3's so… Car, ants and bad primark shoes? Hopefully nothing bad will happen for a while :) xx

  71. Jesus, that will definitely be a story to tell. I think I've learnt a few things today, I won't be buying a Vauxhall for my first car firstly. I think you have had enough bad luck for a while now, you must be due some good luck soon. My, if I was on my own during all that I would have been crying my eyes out. You should have tried the 'thumbs up' technique for a lift home. Not sure if people would have space for all your luggage though. I'd be laughing about it now, but things like that when you actually live it is a nightmare, I'm glad you're home and safe.

  72. Sarah

    oh crikey!! zoe!! this sounds so horrific! im so glad your both safe and sound now!! and your little car is in a happy place where it cant break down again :) xx

  73. Oh Zoe, thats sounds like an awful way to end your holiday! Poor you! I would really appreciate it if you would check out my blog and give me some feedback, I hope it will cheer you up!
    Thanks xx

  74. Omg!! This is why i'm scared to learn to drive lol! I wouldn't have a clue how to change a tyre!!! Sounds like Such a long day, you handled it really well. Aww your boyfriend seems lovely. Oh and u can never have too many brollies!!! x

  75. Lois

    Ohh you poor sausage! Oh well, just means you're due for oodles of good luck now! :) x

  76. Gosh that must of been awful!
    Glad you are all ok now!

  77. Oh my dear, what a day! You're very fortunate that your boy was there to help you! I know when I got in my first accident it helped having my boyfriend there, he kept me from completely going bonkers! Glad to here your alright and good luck finding a new car!

  78. this is brilliant.
    i would have cried my eyes out if the scrappers took my fergie the ford away :'(

  79. Oh, my gosh! I hope it was cathartic to share this ordeal you went through! Hugs!

  80. Ohh no :( I have a corsa this worries me lol !


  81. Oh gosh that was unlucky, glad you can laugh about it though! I would have mega panicked if it happened to me lol. I also need a new car, i've paid more fixing mine than i paid for it in the first place!

  82. Olivia

    That was so unlucky – no other way to put it! Haha, you must have a really lovely boyfriend, bet you're glad you're home now!

  83. Zoe, it's surprising that you can look sooo pretty even when you've had all this bad luck! Poor you! At least you can now sit back and relax from all the stress!

    :) xxx <3

  84. Daisy

    Unlucky!! I've actually learnt from what you told me:)

  85. Kate

    jesus christ zoe, that was quite a rollercoaster of a story! hahah i'm known for over-reacting but i literally was gasping and laughing aloud. RIP to your car and i like how your faux mulberry alexa gets a seat ;)

    x x x

  86. Cant believe that happened! Poor you, sounds like it was an awful couple of days! At least you had a great boyfriend to get you through:) hope things are looking up now!

    if your not to busy could you please check out my blog, i've worked quite hard on it and i would really appreciate it :)

    Thank you :) xxx

  87. wooooow , that's really a bad luck days ;DDD
    Glad you made it ;)

  88. Oh god that sounds terrible! I'm a nervous driver on a normal day so I would of have a mini breakdown if this had happened to me! Glad your ok now and made it back safe xx

  89. Horrible days make us grateful for all the good ones ;)


  90. kate

    what a nightmare of a day! at least you've come through it smiling :)

  91. Astrid

    Oh no, what a day. I know exactly what you mean about that kind of luck! I have that too :)

    I really like you blog, I have follow for a long time, but just signed up for a blog, so I'm totally new.

    I you have the time, please check out my blog, and tell me if i can do anything better :) that would mean a lot to me :)

    xo Astrid :)

  92. Agh that sounds so bad!!!! Fair play to you for actualy bothereing to take pics as well! Im glad you had a nice time before the hell drive got in the way and im glad you're safe :) xxx

  93. Chevy

    Wow what an adventure! You know its the days like that, that make life interesting. Imagine if everything just went as planned and their was no spontaneous events to spice up life. I'm sure down the road you and wilf will laugh about the taxi ride home and all the events of those days. Have a good day!!

  94. Meri

    omg… such an adventure! hahaha this post turned to be like a love post :) you've an amazing boyfriend! :)


  95. Ruth

    Oh my word, I would have been so so upset and been crying on and off all day. Your boyfriend is an absolute saint! Really glad you got home okay though :)

  96. Maria

    You poor thing! I hope you feel better after getting it all off your chest! Im sure you will laugh about it soon though, whenever I go through something ridiculous I just wish I had a video cam!
    Congratulations for surviving a terrible day!

    Maria x

  97. Oh god everyhing that could of gone wrong went wrong!
    i couldn't help but smile at yuor writing style though hun :)

  98. bless you! Sounds like the worst day ever! Could of been worse I suppose, where abouts in Lincoln was you, I live 45mins away from there and my dad lives there! Wish I knew so I could have met you, I love your blog and youtube channel so much! P.S your boyfriend is so hot, and your so pretty! xoxo

  99. oh gosh it sounded like you had a bit of a nightmare. Glad everyone's ok as it could have been worse. i was thinking of getting a vauxhall corsa but i'm not too sure now ha. Love your blog Zoe, you've always got interesting things to talk about and always enough to keep me occupied. xx

  100. aimeee

    aw gosh this sounds like a nightmare!
    lets hope you have a better week!! x

  101. Beth

    Just laugh because its all over, thats the best thing to do! glad your ok xx

  102. Hannah

    I'm glad you (finally) got home ok! At least you aren't due some more bad luck for a very long time :) xx

  103. Wow poor you :) But as you said you have learned a lot a and there for this experience is not as bad as it looks :)

  104. Wow that's completely like one of those fortunately/unfortunately word games! Like unfortunately this happened but fortunately this happened, unfortunately this then happened…

    Glad you were ok in the end and can see the humour in this :)

    Much love xx

  105. Nikki

    The thing that stands out the most for me here, is just how snobbish you are..

    This:"Your tyre is MEGA flat y'anno". No. We didn't know" (How about a simple 'thank you' instead?)
    And this:
    "some random car park patrol man with "mam" and "dad" DIY tattooed to his hands."
    And this:
    "(who were the chuckle brothers of the car scrapping world. One had a big beer belly spilling over his joggers and peeping out underneath his too-small t shirt and the other had "orgasmic" something or other on the front of his t shirt and "camp dave" on the back)"

    Did you even bother to thank these people, or were you too busy deciding their appearance wasn't up to your standard?

    You picking fault like that, with people who were helping you(!) just made me think… It serves you right to be honest!

    Still.. One less blog to read now anyway! :oD

  106. I feel so sorry for you. After this ive made sure that i have everything in my car i need, such as numbers to ring when theres a break down. I would of been sooo scared. luckily you had the money. 9 times out of 10 my bank would of been low and i would of been stranded!!

  107. Katy

    Wow that's so bad! How strange though, I live in Rugby! Its pretty rubbish – but we do have a nice train station haha, glad you thought so! Hope you find a car soon! xx

  108. OMG sounds like an absolute nightmare! Glad you got home safe, your bf sounds lovely!

  109. aimsss

    Sounds like a pretty rough few days alright! Can you please tell me where you got your umbrella with the cupcakes on it?
    *please say primark, please say primark*

  110. I hate weeks like where you feel like everything's going wrong, that car didn't deserve you!! Hope you get a new ride soon, take care!

    xx jessica

  111. Nunu

    This is so sad:(
    I hope you will find a new car:)
    I heard you have a you tube channel
    I love love love love your channel
    You new video is funny:D
    It would mean a lot to me if you could check out my channel:)
    Have a nice day

  112. breakdown insurance was literally the best £8 a month i ever spent when i had my very own flinstone mobile….i had to get towed home twice in two weeks at one point…absolute mare!

  113. @ Nikki – I was in two minds about wasting a small portion of my day replying to your completely dim-witted comment, but since you seem so smug in thinking you had me sussed, I thought I'd explain some of your stupid pointers.

    Above, is what is called "descriptive writing". I could have said "two men", but I thought I'd paint a bit more of a picture for those reading and described what they looked like. Did I say they looked rough? Or gross? NO I didn't. They were very nice men, as was the man with the tattoos. All I did was describe their appearance so that those reading could picture it. I'm not going to simplify my writing style JUST for you unfortunately. As for the woman who told us our tyre was flat..are you effing kidding me? Just because I'd written that we didnt know the tyre was flat that means I didn't say thankyou? You must be really bored. I feel a bit sorry for you.

    I said thank you more times than ever before that day. To everybody that helped me. I shouldn't even have to justify myself to you, but your comment made me so angry. Do not brand me a snob because my writing was descriptive and how dare you assume I never said thank you, you don't know me, and you weren't there, do I have to write a fucking disclaimer in the bottom (btw, I did say thankyou to everyone all day over and over and over again for helping me) No, I don't think I do, because It's bloody obvious that I would to everyone else but you.

    I'm glad you will never read my blog again, you've done me a huge favour.

  114. Nikki

    Well said! ^^^

  115. well said ! nikki – what a dick!!! feel bad for you Zoe, sounds like an awful day!!! x

  116. Oh you poor thing, what a nightmare! I'm so sorry for you. I also have a million umbrellas in my car and stuff I seriously do not need so I am inspired to clear out some stuff!


  117. Zoe forget about the negative comment from Nikki…she is judging u without even knowing u properly. she is the judgmental one not u. very unfortunate that people are so negative.

    All the best and goodlook finding a new car!!

  118. Good grief Zoe that was a rough couple of days! i'm glad you are okay though! Lots of love! xxx

  119. Im glad your okay now Zoe, and i hope your feet are not still hurting from those red vicious ants!

  120. milie.

    poor you!
    no matter how long your posts are I always read them cause you're so funny! :)

  121. Ellie

    Poor you! That sounds like such a terrible few days, I hate those days where nothing goes right, seems like you had a whole weekend of it! Hope you can find a nice new car soon (maybe even that beetle you wanted!) xxx

  122. Dorien

    Oh god, what a day, glad to hear you made it home safely. And yes you may your consider yourself lucky with a boyfriend like that ;) !!

  123. "primark is cheap for a reason" hahaha a car break down lets one notice a lot ;)

  124. Must have been a nightmare! Hope you are ok now doll!

  125. I just stumbled across your blog and youtube channel and have found my self spending 2 hours ready your blog and watching videos!…your style of writing is informative and witty ! :-) amazing blog keep up the posts ! x


    i had to laugh while reading this post. my engine starting smoking this friday when i was trying to park my car. i freaked out, put it in park, and left it in the middle of the street because i thought it would blow up if i stayed in it. car problems are a little too much for me to handle!

    i love that you had such a positive attitude coming out of it. boyfriends really are amazing!

  127. Oh no!! The same thing just happened to my mom's car when we were on vacation/holiday! It's such an awful feeling :/ But good on Wilf for being so gentlemanly, and good for you for getting through it! Glad you both are ok! Do something fun and relax :]

  128. Aw i feel so bad for you, hope your next car is more reliable!

  129. Ah what a nightmare! I love reading your long posts though :} hope you've recovered! xx

  130. Wow! I'd say that was pretty much the definition of a bad day!! Poor you! Well done Wilf, sounds like he was brilliant! Hope things have improved now! X x

  131. Natalie

    Wow. What a nightmare! Sounds like the worst day ever, although one of those situations you can laugh at in time…hopefully! x

  132. Chloe

    wow, must have been a rubbish day!
    so glad your home and well xx

  133. haha omg. like you said about 'such bad luck you have to laugh', i did laugh at this! just because of how much bad luck you had it just started to get ridiculous! its one of those things where you have to either laugh or cry. i have a Corsa and i REALLY hope that doesnt happen to me :(. but im glad you got home safe and soundd :) xxx

  134. Awww Zoe! Sounds like something that would happen to me! I have such bad luck, when it rains it pours so to speak!
    I enjoyed your little (or long..) list of things to remember at the end!
    Bless you,
    Jas x

  135. this sounds like a day in hell!
    also, why didn't i read your blog back in 2011?! i live a 20 minute train ride from nottingham! would of been lovely to meet you! another thing, what's your opinion on the nottingham primark? personally, it's my favourite since the ones closer to me are so small in comparison!

    ps. you look beutiful in the picture when youre on the train :) xxx

  136. Conny

    okay, that has made my day haha ♥

  137. you break down, get on a train with bin nags and all your things and still manage to look beautiful:) zoe, how do you do it x

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  139. I live in Nottingham hope this indecent didn't put you off from returning,
    and don't you think our Primark is crap? or is that just me..

  140. Great post guys, you have done the nice job, and solved my problem I was in trouble. Thanks a lot. car insurance

  141. Hiruni

    I’m so glad you didn’t delete this post! It’s one of my favourites haha :) xx

  142. Issy Aldridge

    This post is just pure class Zoe

  143. Delilah Amin

    I am absolutely loving reading all of your old posts!!! This one made me chuckle (sorry, not trying to laugh about your misfortunes)!!!

  144. Charlotte

    Poor you zoe!

  145. Hmmm… My dad said he’d never get a Vauxhall again after the exhaust was blowing out tons of smoke and fumes and it nearly blew up on us! AND our dog was in the boot too!

  146. Zakwan Umarella

    thankfully my dad will always buy toyotas and suzukis lol

  147. Caitlin Bell

    I’m learning in a Vauxhall XD wish me luck!