Pre-warning : Very picture heavy post :)

How scary do I look here? ha.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. I was overwhelmed. I will admit, getting lots of Birthday messages is quite satisfying (in a possibly quite selfish way haha) but it is the one day of the year that is supposedly “all about you”. Although I do share my Birthday with Lady Gaga, but I think I can cope with that.
For those of you who have been following my blog and twitter for a while, you’ll know that I was having a really hard time trying to decide on a 21st Birthday gift. I decided to opt for a DSLR. Ever since I was 17, I’ve wanted one, but have always had to make do with a nifty little digital camera. It took me quite some time trying to decide which model/brand to go with. You ask someone who owns a Nikon, they say Nikon, you ask someone who owns a Canon, they say Canon. Although when doing all my research and handling them in various shops what felt like hundreds of times, I decided that I liked the Canon EOS 600D (It’s called something else internationally I think). I believe it is a fairly new model, but I am already in love with it.

I had a fabulous Birthday, which sort of took place over the whole weekend aswell as my actual day of birth. On Sunday we had family round, and I got to use my new camera. The cake was ordered from Patisserie Valerie, and let me tell you, it was as delicious as it looks. Mum bought little sparklers for it, but we had great trouble trying to light them, and once lit, they burnt down quicker than you could light another. It was quite hilarious. The framed print above was a present from my parents, it’s little sketches of the City I live in/very close to. If any of you are familiar with Bath, it is gorgeous and extremely quaint. I love this print, I’m going to keep it forevs. It was bought from a street seller on the main High Street if anybody living close by, or if you’re visiting wants one.

On my actual Birthday (yesterday) I had quite a relaxed morning, just opening cards and pressies. Me and Mum sat out in the garden and had our lunch, then like the old lady I have turned into, I had a nap due to the late night before, but also, who wants to go out with giant bags/dark circles undernearth their eyes? Some of my friends came over and we then all headed out to Jimmy Spices in Bath. I enjoyed myself immensely. Lot’s of laughter and good times had by all. I didn’t take my Canon out though, i’m too scared i’ll break it. I’m pretty sure alcohol, heels and a brand new DSLR do not mix well. We watched some drunken girls making absolute fools of themselves. One completely flashing her buttocks and boob (including nipple flash), then falling flat on her arse at least twice and failing miserably to walk one foot in front of the other out of the door. How shameful. haha. All in all, A fabulous evening and an amazing 21st Birthday.

Cake – Patisserie Valerie
White Shirt – Primark
Rollers – Sallys
Playsuit – H&M
Blazer – New Look
Shoe Boots – New Look
Bag – Primark

  1. Glad to had a wonderful birthday!!! Cheers on being 21!!! I know it's certainly not as big as deal as it is in the U.S. but, regardless I feel like it has the same coming-of-age nostalgia.

    And my god does that cake look delicious!!!

  2. That cakes looks lovely!!
    As always, incredible hair envy induced by your posts. Definitely going to give the jumbo rollers a go.

    Glad you had a lovely day! xx

  3. Cake looks totally amazing – It seems like you had a rather fun filled Birthday Weekend but hey, we all deserve it, you only turn 21 once! hehe

    Hope you had a fabulous day :)


  4. That cake looks lush hun – happy bday again! x

  5. Sylvia

    happy belated bday! that cake looks AMAZING and you looked gorgeous!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous!! Great pictures! And the cake looks super yummy!

  7. you are perfect!!

  8. You look lovely hun! Glad you had a fab time! That fruity cake looks amazing even though I don't like cake! lol :) xxx

  9. You are beautiful :) and yay for a new camera!
    ps the cake looks delicioussssssss ! yum!

  10. Chloe

    really enjoyed looking through these! hope you had an amazing birthday xxx

  11. That cake did look quite delicious. Yummy. You had a great birthday indeed! Happy Birthday! xx

  12. Rachel

    Happy Belated Birthday! And that cake looks absolutely insane!

  13. Happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you had a great day (it looked like you did). Your b-day cake looked really lush. xx

  14. Aww wow, looks like you had such an amazing time! You look beautiful too! :) x x

  15. Looks like you had an amazing birthday :-) and that cake looks super yummy!! xx

  16. Laura

    Wow that cake! Happy 21st for yesterday :) x

  17. Lulu B

    Looks like you had a fabulous birthday :o) ! The cake looks mega yummy! Lucky girl to get an SLR they are incredible! xx :o)

  18. That cake looks AMAZING! Glad you had a good birthday. I turn 21 in May, can't yet decide what I want to do! x

  19. Vida

    That cake looks beautiful, and so do you =) Happy belated birthday!

  20. Gwen

    Happy 21st Zoe! Looks like you had a lovely time xx

  21. Aww the weather looked beaut on your birthday! Happy beleated 21st :) xxx

  22. Happy birthday Zoella!!!
    That cake looks amazing;D

  23. Aww you look great in all the pics that you're in! and happy belated birthday! :)

  24. LOIS

    Happy belated Birthday :) You look gorgeous! Love the leopard print playsuit :) Gosh that cake looks super yummy with all the fruits !
    Love Lois xxx

  25. Please spill on what make-up you wore on your birthday photos, you look stunning! Hope you had a lovely day x

  26. Looks like you had anmzing bday. new follower here xx

  27. maphi

    thats so cute !! and all the cakes look yummy xoxo

  28. k*teen

    happy birthday! that cake is amazing. x

  29. Happy Belated Birthday Zoe, I loved your birthday outfit your make and hair up was gorgeous too! xxxx

  30. I'm so jealous of that cake! Happy belated birthday, you look absolutely stunning :)xoxo

  31. Aah zoe it looks like such a special day – happy belated birthday! The cake is pretty darn epic i've gotta say x

  32. That cake looks phenom!!! How beaut *dribble* you look stunning, love the roller pic, great choice with the camera, can't wait to see the pics you take with as you are great anayway. G;ad you had a wonderful birthday! My 21st was rubbish as my nanny was ill and died two days later ;( so I always love it when people had great ones. Me and Dey are moving to Bath when we are 30 WOOP WOOP xxxxx

  33. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Sounds like you had a good day:) Love that shirt! Your make-up looks absolutely gorgeous too♥x

  34. Ayden

    Aww wonderful pictures Zoe :) I am so glad you had such a special 21st, I was so nervous before mines for some reason :S But my family and friends made it so special for me too! Anyways, congrats on turning 21 and its lovely that you shared it with us xx

  35. Love your outfit and hair! Also, i would eat both cakes haha :)

  36. Maria

    You look absolutely stunning! Happy birthday too :) I am very jealous of that cake, it looks so scrummy :)

    Maria xxx

  37. Happy Belated 21st! Looks like you had SO MUCH fun and that cake looks to die for!! Too funny about the poor girl who made a complete fool of herself .. and congrats on the new camera!

  38. Hppy Birthday pretty .u really looks great and pretty . GoD bless you

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! your cake looks delicious :P

  40. happy birthday sorry to be late =) it seems like it was a wonderful day, but you deserve it a lot i guss !! the pictures are all lovely, and the cake looks … yummy !
    see you Zoe =)

  41. Happy 21st!
    That cake looks amazeballs!!!!
    I've been following your blog for few months, and only just realised you live in Bath too!!!!
    I loove this city :)

    Kathryn Xx

  42. Hannah

    Glad you had a fun-filled birthday! You look lovely in your evening out pics :) I'm sure it was probably a wise choice not to take the new camera out for it's debut when alcohol is involved! That print is so sweet. I go to uni in Bath so I will have to keep my eyes peeled for them when I'm next in town :) x

  43. mary

    You have the same birthday as my best friend :)
    It sounds like you had great fun! I'm immensely jealous of your cake.
    I wish I lived near/in Bath!

  44. Olivia

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a good one, and you look gorgeous in those pictures! 21 is my favourite number so I especially like this post ahah I'm weird like that! xx

  45. Nancy

    happy birthday! that cake looks like heaven!!:D

  46. Sana_A

    Yay you look like you had a lot of fun. Your skin is glowing in these pictures!
    Please follow me!

  47. Sarah

    happpy 21st!! you looked lovely and looks like you had a fab birthday!! that cake looks sooo yummmy! sarah xx

    Happy 21st :)

  49. Nancy

    happy birthday! that cake looks amazingg :D

  50. Delicious cake, sweet gifts, great Zoe – the best objects to taking photos;-)
    Happy B-day just from Czech Republic.
    I really like you blog and I look forward next post:)

  51. Happy Birthday! :*

  52. aw totally stunning photos Zoe, really does look like you had an amazing day!!
    you look hot in the evening, and all your friends just look lovely.
    How do you still look HOT with a bra & rollers in your hair.
    Can't wait to see some snaps with the slr :)

  53. happ 21st!
    the cake looks AHHHMAZINGGG.
    and it looks like you actually had a fabulous time!
    Krissy xoxo

  54. Happy belated birthday! That cakes looks soooo lovely, you should do a birthday present haul on youtube :) xxx

  55. Charls

    That cake.. *drools* :')

    You look soo pretty :} love your outfit too!


  56. Tru

    gorgeous photos. what kind of cake is that? It looks amazing. Did your mum make it? Anyhoo I was looking at this post and it hit me you look just like Audrey Hepburn. I hope you take that as a compliment as I certainly would. Happy Belated Birthday dear!

  57. Kirsty

    That cake looks amazing!!!! Ahh looks like you had a lovely birthday, you looked gorgeous! x

  58. Happy belated birthday!

    And, celebrated in style..Revolution is love :)

    Looking lovely as ever, looove the playsuit, going to go for a hunt methinks!


  59. Faye

    Happy Birthday for yesterday! That cake looks gorgey :) x

  60. i missed it but a happy happy birthday again, this cake looks just gorgeouse i think next time i stop by in london i need to have something like that. i'll ask you for the adress then.

    love cherrybee

  61. The cake looks DELISH! Looks like you had a great time! xx

    – Kimberly
    Eat. Love. Blog.

  62. happy birthday! that cake looks immense! x

  63. Rachel

    You look gorgeous, as per! Hope you had a lovely day.
    Would love to know what your nail polish is though m'dear! xx

  64. aww happy belated birthday. your cake looked amazing! and you look cute as a button. love the pics of you with the rollers! so glam.

  65. happy belated 21st! ahh looks like you had such a lovely time, that cake looks IMMENSE. and you look gorgeous too!

    Emma x

  66. Happy belated birthday..looks like you had a fab time..ooh that cake!…yummy! :) x

  67. Happy late Birthday! You look beautiful and so does that cake!

  68. That cake looks delicious *drools* and I hope you had a brilliant birthday girl! Oh, and I'm subscribed to you on youtube, really enjoying your videos and cant wait for the one on your hair! xx

  69. lovely post, it was a fab evening! although i am not too sure about the last photo, i look like a mad man tehehe <3 xxxx

  70. Happy Belated Birthday!
    That cake looks amazing. x

  71. Cheryl

    Aw, the photo of you and your mum outside is gorgeous :)

    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

  72. glad you had a lovely birthday!
    you look gorgeous in all these pictures :D
    i love the leopard print outfit!!!


  73. These photos are exquisite! Your makeup looks A M A Z I N G, my mouth was watering over that breakfast cake, I'm OBSESSED with your fringe bag and cheetah top.. and your hair in the curlers looks sooo cute! Ha

    Happy birthday mamaz!

    x chelsea

  74. A belated happy birthday to you! Looks like you had a fantastic time- that cake looks delicious and I love your outfit! x

  75. Looks like you had a great time! sorry I didn't say happy birthday! xxx

  76. WHY are you so gorgeous? Not fair ;). I'm so pleased you had a good beautiful, everything looks amazing. You deserve it.


  77. Hey Zoe! I Just love reading your blogs, There very witty and clever! Hope you had a good birthday! One request could you possibly do a video on your rollers? Because I follow your youtube chanel aswell and I would really like to see how you do your rollers! Anyway much love! xx

  78. That cake looks amazing!!! and your nail polish is a gorgeous colour :) your so pretty :)

    Stacey x

  79. Lynsey

    Happy Birthday Zoe! Its lovely to see you had such a lovely day! Enjoy being 21! xx

  80. Looks like you had a very good birthday! The cake looks so delicious. Got serious hair envy, your's is lovely!

  81. Happy belated birthday bb!! :)

  82. belated happy birthday! i love your cake! it looks so wonderful! =)

  83. Happy Belated Birthday lovely :) Hope you had a lovely day, you look gorgeous in these photos and you make me want to ombre my hair soooo badly as yours look fab! x

  84. Looks like you had a great day! You look fabulous in the pics as well, lovely outfit too!
    Happy Bday!:)

  85. Daisy

    That cake is AMAZING! Loved looking at these photos- so glad you had a fab birthday xx

  86. Sounds like you had quite a good time! Happy belated birthday :D

  87. Laura

    Happy belated birthday,you look amazing,please share with us what makeup you were wearing as it looks fab :)I love your outfit too.Its my 21st in 3 weeks time,I would absolutely love a DSLR.
    PS.that cake is to die for! :)

  88. Sounds like a good time! Happy birthday!

  89. E. K.

    Zoe, you are gorgeous!
    Congrats on your birthday!

    (i'm your brazilian fan!)

  90. Zoe

    Looks like such a fun 21st birthday!! Also, I think it is a very good idea to stretch your 21st over a few days, I am also planning on doing this.

    Do you live in Bath? I have only been once and stayed in Batheaston but I loved it so much and would love to go back soon. It is one of the most beautiful places!x

  91. Happy belated Birthday! You deserve to have an amazing one. I must also say that I truly think that you're GORGEOUS. I love you and I love your blog! :) Lovely pictures by the way

  92. Monica

    Happy belated birthday :) You looked gorgeous for your birthday! You're such a lucky girl to be surrounded by such lovely people on your special day. Your cake cooks scrumptious! Mmmm.

  93. You looked amazing, your hair is incredible. And o.m.g. that cake. It actually made my jaw drop. It looks like heaven.

  94. I have a feeling that with all of those lovely envelopes you received on your birthday, there'll be a "Primark Haul" video, I presume? lol.

  95. Megsy

    That cake is to die for! Glad to hear it tasted good. Happy Birthday

  96. You looked like you had an amazing time, Happy late 21st Birthday. Im already worrying about being 20 this year! Very jealous you got a DSLR, might just ask for my 21st too :)

  97. Congratulations Zoe.I can't wait to see more photos taken with your new camera. You've got amazing talent xox

  98. Elle

    Happy Birthday! Hope you really did enjoy youself. Mines in May and I cant wait, still don't know what to do myself but its my 21st also so need to make plans!
    Your cake looked amazing and so did your hair and makeup!! Wee post on your makeup would be cool!:)
    Elle xxxxxxxxxx

  99. Alex

    Oh…my…God. That cake. Dying just looking at it.

    Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had an amazing time :)

  100. That's a freakin' beautiful cake! bet it tasted good as well!
    And i like your blogg! I' follow :9

  101. Lauren

    Amazing pics!
    That cake looks fabulous.
    Glad you had a time! x

  102. happy birthady. Everything looks great :)

  103. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day all your prezzies look great! Its my 21st in May and i still dont know what to do for it yet,AHhh!

  104. Phoebe

    Amazing photos, you look stunning :) Glad you had a lovely birthday! And your cake looks lush! x x

  105. greatttt cake!!

  106. mw

    Happy belated birthday- loved the pictures <3

  107. happy belated birthdayyy girl :) really lovely pictures. you are such a beauty =)

  108. I'm glad you had a lovely birthday! You look absolutely stunning in all of the photos :) And that cake looks divine. Xxx

  109. ash

    wow that cake looks divine but to be honest it gives me a stomachache just looking at it! happy belated birthday!

  110. Glad you had a lovely day little doll xx

  111. Harri

    Looks like you had a gorgeous couple of days, lovely photographs as always xxx

  112. Happy 21st Birthday!!! Looks like it was a true success and your looked lovely…and those cupcake napkins are too cute!

    Liesl :)

  113. Happy belated birthday! love these photos! i just bought a Canon EOS 550D and loving it. Did you take these photos with your new camera?

    Also re: another post u did, I decided to take your advice and buy some Mac studio sculpt… omg amazing, love it – so thanks! I have never commented on your blog before and have been following for a few months. love all of your posts!

    feel free to check out my blog all the way over in Australia

  114. I am in love with that cake of yours.
    Stunning pictures.

  115. Maria

    Yum that cake looks soo delicious!!!! Happy birthday!!!!

    xoxo maria

  116. i totally love this post. your birthday seemed to be a blast! and that cake, O-M-G. hope you had fun! and keep posting1 you are SO pretty! :)

  117. jemae

    yum.. that cake made us hungry *lol…
    hope you had a great birthday

    p.s. we just created a new blog, please check us out (you inspired us :) , really). If you have any tips etc about how to improve our blog, please do tell us. Thanks.. it will be very much appreciated :D


  118. OMG you're beautiful !

  119. Check you out posing in what I presume is your bra :P

    Just kidding, you look lovely in all of those pictures. I'd kill for your hair.

    – Kayleigh x

  120. Lo'

    OMG ! the cake looks amazing :)

    Just discover your blog and I love it. You're a very stylish girl :)

    Lo from Belgium :)

  121. Amy

    OMG that cake is epic!!! It looks so delish- Happy belated birthday :D

  122. Abi

    That cake looks so yummy! I want it now!! You have a very lovely blog btw, i am an avid reader!! xx

  123. cute blog u have! that cake looks so delish!

  124. Zuuwa

    You are so wonderful, do you know? ;-)
    Love your blog!

  125. Happy Birthday :) (even if it is a bit late) I love the shirt you wore, wouldn't have guessed it was from Primark. xoxo

  126. Happy birthday!!!! That cake looks so yummers, and it looks like you had a really lovely day :)

  127. marrya

    Happy b-day Zoe wish u all the best! I like your blog very much:) XXX,Mary!

  128. Veeria

    you are so cute

  129. SOOOO KAWAII! Happy late bday! Looks like you had a blast!!

  130. Deanna

    That is the most amazing cake I have ever seen in my life! :D

    Also, I just wanted to say you looked so beautiful, I loved your outfit!

  131. Amy

    Amazing cake. The cake looks delicious.

  132. yum your cake looks delicious!! Your blog is truly amazing! :)

    Please stop by my page :)

  133. Hey! How do u make one park really clear and the outer part of the focused object blurry?

    BTW, U blog is really awesome! And Hope u had a good and fantastic birthday! :)

  134. Simon

    I'm in love with the picture! Really like it. I have wanted an SLR since 7th grade, that's 4 years… And quite amusing, I want the Canon EOS 600D as well! :-)

  135. I have to say that you have the most amazing blog ever. I have been reading your blog since the beginning and you have inspired me to make my own blog. I really don't know how to edit it or anything but I'm sure ill learn some how. Any whos i hope you are having a wonderful day :)

  136. i love your blog!! you were one of the blogs that inspired me to create one, it would mean alot if you had a look :) x

  137. looks like you've had much fun ! (: great photos xx

  138. OMG that cake looks unbelievable drool…. lol

  139. OH MY!!!

    That Berry cake looks absolutely devine!!! OMNOMNOMMMMM

    you remind me of someone but I can't put my finger on it!!

    Jenna xx

  140. mmmmm Cake!!That's so unusual! Hi Zoe, hope you had a great 22nd birthday as well! I turned 18 on the 27th march :D. I recently made my blog because I was inspired by yours! so naturally yours is the first one I am following :D. I am still learning but I watched your "how to make a blog video" and it literally told me everything I need to know! So thank you so much!I was never into fashion or beauty that much until I read your blog and now I can't get enough haha :)
    Cinzia x

  141. I been reeding all your post, just three days ago I suscribe to your Youtube channel & I been loving all your videos wiht Loise I admire your friendship :) THanks to you I decide to open a blog You are amezing Zoe & im obssesed with your hair ;)Lot of hugs for you ♥

  142. That cake looks AMAZING! I really want a slice! :)

  143. that picture with u n that boy is that your boyfriend

  144. Move over, weddings. The 21st birthday is quickly becoming the most important event in a woman’s – or man’s – life.

    Candice Smith

  145. Looks like you had a special birthday.The cake looks delicious. I have not seen such a wonderful cake. nipple covers

  146. She's sooo gorgeous <3

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  148. NameIsKate

    There’s a new company called NoteCube ( which could be perrrrfect for a 21st Birthday!? It’s basically a box full of memories, kind words, future promises or anything wonderful. Notes are written on the website and can be from many different contributors or just one person. Once the last note has been submitted, they’ll send them in a stylish keepsake box :)