After posting about my 21st Birthday HERE, a lot of you asked me what makeup I had used to doll myself up for the evening. So, without further a do, I shall list everything used.

Mac Strobe Liquid
Gosh Touch Up Concealer in No 2
Maybelline Mineral Cover Concealer in No 03
Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW20
Benefit Erase Paste in No 1
Bare Escentuals Bronzer in “Faux Tan”
Cargo Blush in “Coral Beach”
Dior Eyebrow Pencil “Sable Sand”
Too Faced “Shadow Insurance” eye primer
Mac “Sable” E/S all over lid (Top row, 3rd from the left)
Mac “Carbon” E/S in crease and under lower lash line (Bottom row, far right)
L’oreal Supliner “Carbon Gloss” for winged liner
Lancome Black Khol Liner
Revlon Fake Lashes “99500 – Intensifying” using “Duo” glue
No7 Exsquisite Curl Mascara in “Black”
Mac “Creme D’Nude” Lipstick
Barry M Lipgloss “Toffee”

  1. oh how inspirational…

  2. Lou

    Great make up, I love seeing how little or how much make up people use to create looks. I love all of your eyeshadows.

  3. Sarah

    I'm already planning my 21st – make-up, outfit, hair… and it's in May. Haha that's what doing a dissertation will do to your brain!

    Do you find the Studio Sculpt works for your dry skin? I've heard it's a lovely foundation but have always been wary of it.

    You looked gorgeous by the way!


  4. Laura

    Lovely:) Thanks for posting!x

  5. hannah

    you looked stunning! hope you had an amazing birthday!


  6. Alex

    Your makeup was really beautiful, especially the makeup :) Thank you for posting this, it's really interesting to see what it takes to achieve the look!

  7. Was about to ask what are all eyeshadows in your palette were called, as i really want to start my own and im a neutral kind of girl but any way i searched though your posts and found it :)
    So jealous of all the make up you have

  8. Alex

    *especially the EYE makeup.

  9. *Zoe*

    Love it all. How do you find the Too Faced Shadow Insurance? x

  10. I love those eyelashes, I used them for the first time the other day.

    lovely makeup xx

  11. Thankyou Zoe for posting this, i cant wait to splash out and all these products!

  12. Sarah

    Can you tell us what are the eyeshadows in your palette ??? They all look amazing :)


  13. Awesome! I never would have guessed that you had used so many products, you always look flawless and so natural!

  14. Phoebe

    Your makeup always look gorgeous, really want to try the Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation. Thanks for posting! x x

  15. loved ur makeup from ur 21st birthday pics… delighted to see this wee post ….. and many happy belated returns..wish i was 21

  16. i recently came across your blog, + i just wanted to say it's fab! i love reading your blogs, love your birthday/make up post, the duo eyelash adhesive what does it do? is it eyelash glue or does it remove the krusties off the falsies?xx

  17. Im jealous of everything;DDD
    A lot of great products!

  18. I love love Creme D'Nude lipstick! It is my go-to color. Happy late 21st birthday!

  19. always interesting to know about that ! all your items seem perfect.
    =) have a good day !

  20. Lovely products, I wish I had some of them!

  21. Anna

    You used all of these products really well to create your look, beautiful! The pictures are also really nice, did you use the new Canon?

  22. I'm looking for a concealer atm and hadn't even considered gosh, will have to have a gander now!
    You looked stunning m'dear, your make up always looks so darn flawless x

  23. u r so lucky , can have many makeup collection

  24. what was the blue nail polish you had on? it was beautiful!

  25. You're make-up that day was amazing, I fell in love with it so this post is great!
    I'd love to see an updated make-up collection! Could you do it? :)
    Love your blog&YT channel!

  26. Oh thanks for posting this! Your make up did look stunning, you have beautiful eyes x

  27. V

    Do you like that erase paste? I have a hard time with it because of the sticky texture and I can't really figure out how to make it stay put!! ;-(

  28. I love the creme de nude lipstick! Mac lipsticks are amazing. I'll have to try that bronzer. I've been looking for a new one. :D

    – Kimberly

  29. Erase Paste & Shadow Insurance are two products I use everyday and love! I'll have to look into the others. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Zoe, your birthday post and makeup post were very enjoyable. I love your blog.

    I hope your birthday was wonderful – it definitely looked that way! :)

    What color of nail polish do you have on? I have been wanting to try a bright, springy blue!

  31. Megsy

    Thanks for sharing this with us, love all your eyeshadows.

  32. Those are a LOT of goodies!<3

  33. LOVE IT! I have that same Mac lippie shade…usually put my Yes to Carrots lip gloss over this. Benefit Erase Paste is a must have for me too!

  34. First, hi Zoella ,,and nice to meet you in ur 21st birthday,,,i really like ur web site,,its interesting and by the way u look goooooooooooorgeous in ur birthday but the cake looks so atractive and yummmmmmmy ,,i wish if i'm there with u:P ,,,enjoy sweety

  35. Loved your make up from your 21st! What nail varnish were you wearing? It looks lovely x

  36. Casey

    you have got to show us your mac palates and tell us the eyeshadows! i want them too! ha.

  37. Sherry

    Just started following you – great make-up collection! And you looked beautiful in ur b-day pics!! Actually u look beautiful in ALL ur pics!!

  38. Nic

    Your make up looked gorgeous! Please could you do a review on the studio sculpt foundation?

    :) xx

  39. I brought that Barry M lipgloss the other week it is so gorgeous! And all those products look really good and your make up looked really nice!


  40. Nouf

    Luved how u organized you MAC palette *thumbs up*

  41. i am loving your make up i want it lol xxx

  42. Angela

    hey! I love the colour mode you put your pictures in. What mode is it in, PSCS5?

  43. I love the makeup and how you set it up for the picture! very unique, I want it all! haha

  44. I love all the make up you used! Please could you do a review on the studio sculpt foundation? :D <3 xx
    Would love it if you could check out my blog!

  45. Sana

    Check out my giveaway!

  46. Just discovered your blog via bloglovin! i love it! :))

  47. PLEASE can you tell us which are all the eyeshadows you have on that palette??? pLEASE PLEASE!! They are all so beautiful!

  48. Zoë


  49. This is quite late but i've recently fell in love with your blog! Happy belated 21st birthday! Keep up the amazing blogging

  50. Hellooo :)
    I tried to find a post purely for Mac Studio Sculpt but I had no such luck and as this was a pretty darn nifty post I thought I would give it a whirl!
    Im getting reallyyyyyy bored of my foundations now and I've been told Studio Sculpt is the best for gross skin, of which I have! bummer! Currently I use either Dior Forever or Illmasqua rich liquid foundation, but they dont quite do the jobby as well as I would like, any thoughts?
    Much loving, liking, blogging and following :)
    Hannah xxxx

  51. alex. x

    hey zoe!! could you tell me the eyeshadows from your mac pallett? or do you already have a post or video about it? loved the make up x

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  53. Erin

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  55. What eyeshadows are un the mac palette? they're all so nice, I've been looking to buy one and these are just the colours i'm after :) xxxxxxxxx

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