I want to start off by saying that I know there are a good few Liz Earle reviews floating about on the Internet, but if you know me, and you know my blog, then anything I choose to rave about, I really love or desperately want to share my opinions of with you, so I hope this helps a lot of you.

I was actually sent the cleanse & polish, along with the toner and moisturiser last summer. You could say this review is long overdue, but I wanted to get full use of the products in order to review them properly. I don’t know if its just me, but I don’t particularly want to read an opinion on a product that someone has used for a week. When I was sent the products, I hadn’t heard too much about Liz Earle & I hadn’t ever used a muslin cloth in conjunction with a cleanser. Nor had I ever applied cleanser to a dry face, so it was all a very new experience. One which I shall now be using for the rest of my life.

I was also sent this cute little travel pack, which includes: Superbalm, Moisturiser, Toner & Hand cream. I have also used all this up.

The Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’ll start by talking about the first, and most important step in the Liz Earle regime, and that’s cleansing. For a start, the bottle is genius. You just pump out as much as you need, which then ensures there’s no mess, and no squeezing necessary (something you really do appreciate when you are coming to the end of the tube – How annoying is it when you have to start squeezing product within an inch of your life like a toothpaste tube). You then apply the cleanser (which I’d also like to add, smells absolutely divine – really natural) to a dry face or full face of makeup. At first, I found this odd and hard to get used to, but after a while it became such a lovely treat. I don’t know about you, but I hate having to splash my face with water as it mostly ruins my hair and me being the absolute clutz that I am, will more than likely splash it all over myself, so not having to do this, made cleansing so much easier, and it actually became something I looked forward to at the end of the day and in the morning, rather than a messy chore. After applying the cleanser all over your face and neck, and creating what I’d like to call “coal face” (the after effect of cleanser + black eye makeup then smeared all over your face), you run your muslin cloth (2 provided when bought with the cleanser pack) under warm/hot water, and use this to remove the makeup and cleanser. It’s a lot more controlled than splashing your face, and the muslin cloth works as an exfoliator on the skin, which in turn helps to leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised alongside the cleanser.
The cleanser I used was 100ml, and this lasted me a good 7 months, used both at night and in the morning, but obviously this depends on how much you need to remove a face of makeup. For the drag queens out there, I wouldn’t expect it to last as long ;)

The results of using this cleanser were seriously amazing. My skin has never been terribly bad, but I have dry/combination skin which was a nightmare to control, and I’d still get the occasional breakouts and uneven skin tone mostly. A problem that I tend to have more than any other person, is that were I’d have a spot, it would scar, and the redness left behind would take weeks or even months to disappear, and one of the things i noticed when using Liz Earle was that my skin not only started to co operate, but the redness and scaring caused by spots, would disappear almost instantly, and then spots weren’t even an issue anymore, as the cleanser prevented them from rearing their ugly heads anyway. My skin was more even, much healthier and I definitely noticed a massive difference that no other cleanser has even come close to. It was a very sad day recently when my beloved Liz Earle cleanser ran out, and my skin is definitely punishing me for it!

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I use this toner on a cotton wool pad after every time I cleanse my face. I know that a few of you don’t use toner, or feel it a necessary step in your face regime, but personally, I don’t think I could live without it. It ensures that you have removed every last trace of makeup, or cleanser from your face before moisturising. This toner is by far the best one I have ever used. It’s extremely refreshing and I feel like my face literally soaked up all the goodness, which in turn, left my face looking so much more radiant and feeling squeaky clean. I still have the smallest bit left and I’m trying to use is sparingly as I just don’t want it to end. haha.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser – Dry/Sensitive

The last step to the routine, is of course, the moisturiser. I hadn’t heard many people raving about this, but in fact, it’s the best moisturiser I have EVER used. Yes, dramatic but in absolutely no way an overexageration. I have dry/combination skin, which means there are parts of my face in need of a damn good thirst quench, and others that I could probabaly fry an egg on. (I’ll leave you with this splendid imagery of my face for a few moments). I have never, in a good 8 years since wearing moisturiser, found anything that can combat both these problems, and still have the ability to make me look glowy and fresh. That was of course until I used this (I don’t want to come across like a cheesy person on an infomercial but it’s true). I used every little last bit up of this. There wasn’t one day where I went without it. I think I even went through a phase where this was in my handbag because I just couldn’t part with it, and the thought of not having it there when i needed it was truely horrifying…I’m aware that i’m now coming across like a crazy Liz Earle addict. Is there a rehab center for this? I don’t think I ever want to use another moisturiser and I dont ever feel like need to keep buying and trying. I literally scraped the jar clean. There is nothing left, nada. Have I ever done this before? No. Normally, I won’t even finish a moisturiser because I haven’t gotten on with it.

I do appologise for my quite rambly, long review, but I really think it deserves all the praise it’s getting. Not only do I love Liz Earle for creating these products but my skin also love love loves her, and I know that I won’t be able to use anything else now. I am terribly terribly sad my products have now run out, and I will definitely be saving to buy more. Not that Liz Earle is expensive, in fact it’s very reasonably priced. I do urge any of you who are stuck in a rut with your skincare to pop along to any of the stockists or get yourself online (here) or even just to talk to one of the consultants and see what it can do for your skin type. Obviously it won’t be for everyone & some of you may have already tried it and not liked it, but personally I don’t ever want to use anything else if i can help it.

  1. Tat

    mm liz earle.. great post :) xx

  2. This sounds fab!! I have always wanted to try the hot cloth cleanser but now thanks to your review, I want to try everything haha!! :)

  3. Sarah

    Argh I want to try Liz Earle so bad! I have to wait until my Clarins stuff runs out though, booo! Well I at least found this useful as I have quite similar skin to you. :)


  4. Oh and would you look at that…. I just went and ordered it!! Damn you Zoe hehe!

    They are doing a good spring time gift at the min… £41 for 3 steps and you get a free cleanse and polish and a bag :)

  5. Beccy

    Ooo i want to try all of this!
    My skincare system just isnt cutting it anymore! :) x

  6. Phoebe

    The review was perfect! I've actually ordered the cleanser online and cannot wait for it to arrive after reading this, I can definitely relate to scarring/redness after a breakout which is the most annoying thing! Thanks for writing this :D x x

  7. Nicola

    oh Zoe Zoe, even though my face has recently become amazing thanks to some stuff i got sent, i want to be sent this & i never get sent the stuff i want!! I may have to buy it which would be very naughty! xxx I love you & miss you greatly!

  8. Aru

    I LOVE CLeanse&Polish and I can't wait to try out the other skincare products! Great review! =

  9. I love Liz Earle nearly as much as me and Baby Glitter love you. When we have our London day, we shall Liz Earle it up! LONDON BAABBBBBBYY! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. I really want to try this now, it sounds amazing! Really useful review, thanks:D

  11. Lydia

    I've used Liz Earle skin care on and off over the past 2 years but I've never been 'wowed' by it. It works well but it isn't amazing for me. Now that you've posted this I am tempted to go back to it though! Ahh naughty!

  12. This is so strange that you blogged about this today… I just received my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish through the post this morning (first time) and tried it out straight away! I like it so far, and if all goes well I'm considering trying out the other products!
    Lovely review, I hope it works this well for me :)

  13. I've used those three products and I loved them too. I don't have enough money to buy them again at the moment, but when the next student loan installment comes through then they'll be top of my shopping list!
    You should try the energising body lotion too. It's really light and absorbs quickly but is super moisturising, it's amazing!

  14. LC

    Zoe, I have to admit.. I am exactly the same. I buy the cleanser in packets of three, because I am scared to run out. I used to suffer from spots and I think it was stress/hormone related. However this skincare regime has calmed all of that down. I am more confident as a result of it. I would recommend it to anyone.

  15. Excellent review, thanks for sharing! Sigh, if only Liz Earle as available in my country… Eh well, the muslim cloths from the Body Shop should suffice ;)

  16. Thanks, great review. Can't wait to try out their skin care products, I heard people raving about them for a while.

  17. thanks for your honest and thorough review, i enjoyed this post a lot :) x

  18. I've never tried it but it definitely sounds like it's worth the money – thanks for the review, and it wasn't rambly at all!xxx

  19. Fabulous review, will definately try this! xx

  20. Anna

    I love Liz Earle, I've been using it as a face routine for just over 5 years, I wouldn't use anything else. And I have oily/combination skin! I think it's great that the only thing that's different depending on everyone's skin type is the moisturiser.

  21. Great reviews. I've never tried any Liz Earle products but I definitely will do next time I change my skincare routine. x

  22. Daisy

    I feel like every post I write about Liz Earle products is ridiculously gushing! I just love the brand SO much. x

  23. Gooood reviews! :>

  24. Anna

    The review made it sound amazing..I just bought it!

  25. wish i could try out such products but my skin is BEYOND sensitive that anything other than baby products would be tempting fate. Great review though

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  26. this sounds so good, and my skin is the exact same…i may have to splash out on the whole set! x

  27. G

    i would love to try ALL of these products :) i also noticed you can get the cleanser and shampoo free when you subscribe to look magazine! bargain :) xx

  28. Lulu B

    I willl put my hands up I'm a Liz Earl Virgin! I have never used their products but after reading your great review I'm literally going to be buying some as soon as I get paid! Really love your blog, so glad your back :o) xx


  29. I love it too. I use Cleanse & Polish everyday now and have just recieved the skin tonic and moisturizer.

    On her website you can get a try me sample size kit for £22 which has mini ones of cleanse and polish, skin tonic and 2 moisturizers in a little bag. They also sent me a moisturizer for free with it! Such a bargain.

  30. Sami

    I've heard so many wonderful things about the Liz Earle collection… really want to try the cleanser xx

  31. Ally

    I have been wanting to try the cleanser for ages now! This makes me want even more! ) x x x

  32. love it!!!
    great post!!!!
    amazing!follow u now!!=D

  33. im the same with this product i started using it when i was 17 and 8 years on i havent changed brand – i love these products and seriously couldnt live without any of them xxxxxxxx

  34. Vida

    Ooh I really want to get this whole set now! It sounds like it would really work for my skin. Thanks for the great review =)

  35. I have the C&P and the toner, I'd love to try the moisturiser, especially after your review! Thanks for sharing Zo xx

  36. Charls

    I am in a desparado need of a new skincare system!
    Thanks for this post! ^_^ muchos appreciated


  37. Love your blog, I'm gonna folow! :)Ciao from Italy!

  38. Ooh, really great review – these products sound seriously amazing! In the midst of a skincare routine rut, definitely going to check these out! xo

  39. wow, nice review. we need more of these, really useful with a lot of details, thank you .!

  40. Sally.

    i want this so much now! When i get spots they scar really easily and are so noticable. I might treat myself next month.

  41. Sounds pretty good, please do some more of those reviews :)

  42. I have the same skin problem! My forehead is dry and scaly but any product on it will make it very oily. I can't wait to try this when I have money lol.

  43. i add you to my following list ;)
    nice blog!

  44. Awesome blog! nicely organized which makes for
    easy reading! will def. be subscribing!

    BTW, check out my blog! Its still young & growing, so keep checking back for more updates! :D


  45. Zoe

    Thank you for the review! I have been pondering over the Liz Earle range for ages and I may get one of the smaller sets to have a try of.

    I use all animal friendly cosmetics and Liz Earle is BUAV approved meaning that her whole range isn't tested on animals, nor are the ingredients used to make the product. The only thing that puts me off is I like a moisturiser that has sunscreen in which Liz Earle doesn't have xx

  46. Always have a consideration before purchasing a skin lotion as these comes in varieties and their results differ.

    Skin Care

  47. i LOVE liz earl products, its improved my skin loads! but sadly i've ran out and can't afford to buy it anymore! :(

  48. Be so careful, while many rave over this brand, if you get a reaction, oh boy do you get a reaction! Partner had one despite following all the patch test rules and instructions, was in dark glasses for nearly a year due to severe allergic dermatitis and could not study for a year due to constant hellish eye pain.

  49. Great unless you are one of the allergic victims of this product, was a year long nightmare for my partner who got allergic dermatitis of eyes face and hands from using this and wore darkened glasses for 12 months!

  50. HSG

    Bought the cleanse and polish to try out as I just ran out of the product I was using previously (Dermaquest Creamy Glyco Cleanser). Can't wait to see how I like a more natural product. Thanks!

  51. Great post. I really want to try the Liz Earle try-me kits for combination skin as i have heard such great things about Liz Earle skincare – however, reading this post has made me want to buy it even more!!

    Claire x

  52. I'm tempted to purchase the cleanser – how long did it last? xxxxxx

  53. I am tempted to purchase the cleanser as I have combination/oily skin but how long would you say the 100ml pump lasts? xxxxxx

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  56. I just did a blog post about these!

    I'm absolutely in love with Liz Earle's skincare products, I couldn't think of using anything else! The Cleanse and Polish is my favourite cleanser that I've ever tried by far…


  57. Katu S

    This seems such a good product. My skin is really changing all the time and I read thiss it seems to be a good product. I think I may buy this :) thanks for the review!!

  58. Rickey

    Love Liz Earley. those are really Good skin care products

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  61. H

    I love Liz Earle too! It's improved my skin soooo much it's crazy! It smells so nice and fresh too! x

  62. I've heard good things about the hot cloth cleanser before, but after reading this I'm gonna bite the bullet and get it!


  63. This product is good but natural treatment is the best.I found a website where you can find natural treatment for your skin .Anyone can try skin treatment studio city.

  64. I love Liz Earle this product is good .thanks for sharing .

  65. This sounds fab!! I have always wanted to try the hot cloth cleanser but now thanks to your review, I want to try everything haha!! :)

    Natural Facial Cleansers

  66. She said above – the 100ml lasted about 7 months…

  67. Lovely review! As I work for Liz Earle, it's always nice to hear people say such lovely things about the products. I defiantly agree with you I'm addicted to the products too. Save those pennies and get yourself some more! Enjoy :) x

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  75. nicola

    Thank you for this review! I have been wanting to try this cleansing regimen, but needed a solid review to get me to purchase. I appreciate your time trying this & writing about it! Going to order it right now! xox

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  77. Liz Wild

    Liz Earle is not an ethical brand

    • Kirsty Anne Weaver


      • Liz Wild

        Nasty ingredients.

    i purchased the liz earle daily essentials kit
    which contains cleanse and polish moisturiser and an instant boost skin
    tonic also comes with 2 amazing muslin cloths and also when you buy the
    set it comes with a free exfoliator, all for £45.00 its amazing for the

    i have acne prone spotty skin which is also very oily
    and these products work wonders on my skin keeps spots and breakouts AT
    BAY, which to me i cant put a price on.

    even within the first
    few days of using liz earle i noticed my skin looked fresher younger and
    brighter, Liz earle has nothing but natural ingredients all work
    wonders on the skin. Packaging is also stunning! Very impressed would
    DEFINTLEY Repurchase!


  79. vera

    I wanted to get this product ever since you mentioned it on youtube and in this blogpost and I now am finally able to get it in the Netherlands!!! I’m so excited to try this out because my skin is very similair to yours. 😊😊😊

  80. Reagan Davies

    I bought the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish at Christmas after seeing you use it in one of your YouTube videos, and I do have to say you’re right, it is amazing! Took all of my make up off and left my skin so smooth and feeling really clean and fresh! xxx