Last photo left in for comedic value. I wasnt even aware I could make that shape with my mouth.
♥ BLEURGH. This is how I am currently feeling. Just bleurgh. January is just so depressing. It’s always the worst time of the year for me. No real reason, I just hate the weather, the lack of money etc etc. Even when the sun breaks through a dark horrible cloud on a very rare occasion I am instantly cheered up. I guess i’m one of those who’s mood is greatly affected by weather, and because of this I have decided that I definitely need to either hibernate through the crappy first few months of the year OR move somewhere warm every winter. ;) This week has just been a pile of poop. Everything is going wrong. I need something good to happen before I self destruct.
♥ Anyone else think that Wednesday nights are the worst for good tv. Whilst doing my every-10-minutes-channel flicking in order to find something half decent to watch, I came across “Never Been Kissed“on E4. Great film. Gotta love those 90’s chick flicks. What’s your favourite?
♥ Excited for Adele’s new album. Very excited in fact.
♥ I now have a tripod, so I can start attempting to do some half decent-ish outfit posts. Hoorah!
♥ Currently reading Stephanie Dreams and Sophia’s Journal

  1. Nicola

    zoe i am very much missing you & that pretty little face of yours!! I need to pop down your way very soon!! xx

  2. Couldn't agree more about the whole January situation, with Summer would hurry up now!.. Even March would do me just fine..

    Currently also watching (…& loving) Never been Kissed.. Love it!


  3. I agree with you about January… worst month of the year in my opinion. But we're already half-way through :) x

  4. I love your blog heaps! You are so inspriring :)
    I'm a new follower!

    xo leah

  5. I hate January too, so sick of the gloomy weather, exams, being broke, boredom, etc its just awful! Roll on Spring/Summer xox

  6. hannah

    your stunning! and 90's chick flicks are the best (:


  7. Eliza

    uhh january
    i wonder if suicides are at a height around now :S


  8. Phoebe

    You still manage to look pretty even when pulling faces :-) Couldn't agree more about January, the New Year is meant to be "positive" but it's really not, hope your week gets better! x

  9. Winny.

    'im not Josie Grossie anymore!'

  10. I agree about January, it's like post Christmas downer! You spend all this money, time & effort & now it's just over *pooof* gone! I like having something to look forward too, keeps me going- but I'm feeling a bit blurgh at the moment too.
    Looking forward to seeing some outfit posts :)
    I also can not thank you enough for the little mention, means so much

    Keep smiling Mrs

  11. Cheer up love!! I know January is horrid, but make the most of it, life goes buy so fast, you don't wanna be wishing it away! (This is what my flatmates told me on them same 'bleurgh' day I had not long ago! :) xxx

  12. chin up lovely january will soon be over :)


  13. Abby

    Feel the same! The weather is getting me down, just want spring/summer to hurry up! oh and payday so i no longer have 5 pounds to my name :) xx

  14. Gotta love Never Been Kissed, love 80s/90s films!
    Looking forward to your outfit posts.

  15. your soo pretty, also 90's chick think early 90's PRETTY WOMAN!! haha X

  16. Oh no!! I read another blog t'other day [can't remember which, sorry!] describing a 'case of the january's' – definitely think this is what we're all feelin' at the moment – it's horrible!
    Glad to see you're embracing 90's chick flicks :) My films of choice when I'm down tend to be kids movies…Matilda is a guilty pleasure!


  17. Kay

    Wednesday nights really are the worst for tv.
    Tough competition with 90210's Liam on tuesday nights now.. nothing quite compares ha.

  18. Clueless is my fave for surrre.I even had the Clueless phone that had sayings programmed on it so you could press a button and it would say 'Whatever', 'Totally', and 'As If' and it had a feature that if someone else picked up the line while you were on it, it would say 'Someone is listening'. The batteries or something died in it so it doesn't work anymore = [ but I loved that phone lol.

  19. I feel the same way lately! :(
    I am SO excited for Adele's new album too! I've downloaded the single on my ipod but can't wait for the full album! I love her!
    Looking forward to the outfit posts using your tripod!

  20. I definitely feel you on the January front – no money, lousy weather and a mountain of revision and dissertation work ahead of me..I truly am counting down the days to Spring!

  21. You are insanely gorgeous! I envy you! And cheer up! Your days will get better soon, no worries :)

  22. Nnenna

    I am sooo excited for Adele's new album and I love her single Rolling in the Deep!!!! :)

  23. Melanie

    Major hair envy! You have a beautiful little blog x

  24. Aimee

    I really need a tripod, badly! I totally am affected by the dreary weather, when I see the sun peaking out I try my best to stand there and face the sun, pretending it's 80 degrees and I'm on the beach… if only, right?!

  25. ebonni

    YOUR SOOO cute
    i agree with you about january, its so annoying having no money when its sale time!!
    please visit my blog (and even tumblr, the link is on my blog) and follow if possible
    thanx so much <3

  26. I always reach for the 80's movies when I'm stuck inside during the winter. 16 Candles and Pretty in Pink :)

  27. Becky

    I know the feeling! Januarys are so boring:(

    On the plus side – you look stunning!


  28. Rachel

    I know how you feel… but good luck with the tripod!

  29. Vicky

    I know exactly what you mean about January being depressing. I couldn't be more bleurgh x

  30. Rosie

    Ha, brilliant pictures. Never Been Kissed is definitely one of the best, and Adele's album should be so so good!

    Rosie x

  31. haha I was thinking the exact same thing as that second picture yesterday, unfortunately I couldn't do that. hate January too btw

  32. Never been kissed is my go to feel good movie, I bloody love that film. I am itching to get Adele's new album, I really love her xx

  33. I'll tell you something good- You're spending the day with ME and BUMP soon for the IMATS!! Makeup, Me and massive Bump- what more do you want?!?! xxxxxxxxxx

  34. Fiona

    January is usually a grumpy month, but today the sun is shining brightly through my flat & making it seem like a spring day, it's unusual :P
    I also watched Never Been Kissed last night, it took me back to the first time I watched it, ages ago now :)

    Fiona x

  35. Yep Wednesdays are crap for TV. I was thinking this just last night. And btw, you may have S.A.D like me. I get so depressed in winter.


  36. Haha…good call & sorry to hear about your bumming.

    I really like Romy & Michele. HAHAH!

  37. Raquel

    awe, i totally feel the same way:(
    i will be back on my feet by february so i am ready for it. keep your head up this month is halfway done!

    love roc

  38. January sucks cos I've run dry on funds and can't afford half of the ish I want in the sales, plus its exam season which means social life is on hold.

    Love the use of my blog's name….I agree! BLEURGH

  39. kirstyb

    tell me about it! my moods are seriously affected by the weather! i hate winter and would really like to move to LA! did the same thing monday night and ended up watching mars attaks! not so good now that we have better effects n stuff xxxx

  40. Kelly

    January cannot be over soon enough. Long month.

    Loving Adele's new single so sure I'll love the album.


  41. Jess

    Me and my boyfriend spent most of yesterday evening trying to find something to watch, it's awful. Hope you feel more cheery soon. :)


  42. Can't wait to see your outfit posts im sure they will be great x

  43. love the last picture :Dcant wait till the OOTD's,im terrible for putting clothes together :/


  44. lucy

    january is suchhhh a bleurgh month! im pretty sure it's only there to make and break new years resolutions:)

    love love love your blog zoe ♥

  45. I love your hair and your fun expressions :) xo.

  46. I've always been partial to Clueless, Heathers, and Can't Hardly Wait. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

  47. I know this was posted ages ago, but I LOVE Reality Bites for a good 90s chick flick. Ethan Hawke is TO DIE FOR and it's so cute and romantic and passionate and a bit angsty at the same time! It's one of the few movies I can repeat watch on whim. love your blog!
    Genevieve x

  48. Arshi

    I love these posts.

    Arshi |